I love it when they do that

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  1. Sam and Anya were up in a hotel room celebrating with some wine. They were in their civilian clothes and were happy. Sam then said she wanted to do something with Anya that she hadn't done for a long time. Anya asked what it was and Sam said to have a girly pillow fight. Anya laughed at the idea, but then realized that it sounded kind of nice. She agreed and she and Sam put the wine aside and went to the bed. They each took a pillow and raised them up in the air.
  3. They both said "Pillow fight!" and they started hitting eachother. The two women laughed as they hit eachother with the pillows. It'd been too long since they had fun like this. They both stood up and started jumping on the bed as they kept swinging. Sam hit Anya in the leg causing her to lose her balance for a second. Anya swung her pillow at Sam and hit her in the head.  Sam was knocked down laughing and Anya came down on top of her. Sam was on her back giggling hysterically as she tried to keep fighting Anya. Sam sat back up and hit Anya in the back with her pillow. Anya then swung at Sams hips, but the pillow went around and spanked Sams big round ass causing it to jiggle within her black leggings. Sam giggled with delight at this and kept swinging her pillow at Anya. The blonde woman blocked a swing from Sam and then pushed her down on the bed where she spanked Sams big butt again making it bounce. Sam got back up and hit Anya in the face with her pillow making it burst open with feathers flying out. They both giggled hysterically as feathers flew from the torn pillow. Anya then swung her pillow at Sams bubble butt again, but this time her pillow stretched too far along the large butt and it ripped open. Feathers landed on Sams jiggling ass and she giggled with delight again.
  5. "Oh yeah! I love it when they do that!" Sam said as her ass cheeks jiggled.
  7. Both women then stood up and hit eachother with the torn pillows with feathers flying everywhere. They laughed and hollered as they sent feathers flying with each swing. Occasionally, Sam would turn around and crouch a little to let Anya spank her enormous ass which would send feathers flying.
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