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Apr 22nd, 2015
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  1. Sly Cooper Jump v0.3
  2. By TopHatAlthalus
  4. Welcome to a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, advanced science, and just a splash of magic. A world filled with thieves, criminals, and the long arm of the law that doesn’t quite manage to catch all of them. For your time here you’re going to need these,
  6. +1000CP
  8. But don’t go telling people where you got them, they’re hot property!
  10. You arrive when Sly is 18, a year before he and his gang go after the Fiendish Five. They’re still new at the game, but they’re making a name for themselves as excellent thieves, so much so that they’ve got an Interpol inspector assigned to them full time. The second game takes place a year or two later, and the third when Sly is 21. The fourth game? Well, assuming Le Paradox finds someone smart enough to build a time machine for him, that’ll start in your seventh or eighth year here.
  12. Pick an animal. You are now an anthropomorphised version of that critter. Unfortunately this is mostly cosmetic; you don’t get any of their traits although it might hurt if someone grabs your tail.
  14. Roll 1d8+17 for your age, and your gender remains the same. You may change either for 100CP.
  16. Origins
  18. Drop In: Appearing on the street one day, you may not even be an anthropomorphic animal, if you want to stay human. Somehow, no one will think this odd.
  20. The Thief (50CP): Whether descended from a long line of thieves or the first in your family, you’re a cunning burglar with an eye for other people’s wealth.
  22. The Muscle (50CP): You’re bigger, tougher, and stronger too, you’re the heavy lifter of your criminal crew.
  24. The Brains (50CP): Robbing a bank isn’t something you do on a whim. Fortunately you’ve got the knowhow and intelligence to design plans to get in - and out - of almost anywhere.
  26. The Cop (50CP): Wait, what? You Jump to a world of anthropomorphic master thieves and want to be on the side of the law? Alright then. You are now an Inspector with Interpol, tasked with investigating criminals around the world. Who knows, maybe you’ll be paired up with, or sent to track down some familiar characters.
  28. Location
  30. Roll 1d8 or pay 50CP to choose.
  32. 1. Venice, Italy. Ruled by the old families, currently dominated by the mob boss Don Octavio.
  34. 2. Paris, France. Interpol HQ resides in the city of love, and so too does the main hideout of the infamous Cooper Gang.
  36. 3. Prague, Czech Republic. Dark and entirely gothic themed, Prague is home to an exceptionally effective correctional facility, overseen by The Contessa, an Interpol agent who maintains a private army of bats, werewolves, vultures and more in her heavily defended castle.
  38. 4. Kaine Island. A small tropical island located somewhere between Hawaii and the South Pacific Ocean, it’s main claim to fame is the impenetrable Cooper Vault hidden atop the mountain. It is now home to Dr. M., a mad monkey scientist who has made built a fortress more durable than Fort Knox, and protected by mutant guards.
  40. 5. Haitian Jungle, Haiti. A murky swamp filled with undead and the people that raised them… And maybe something a little… bigger. The mystical member of the Fiendish Five, Mz. Ruby, is brewing up an army of ghosts somewhere in here for her plan to take over Mexico.
  42. 6. Mesa City, USA. Muggshot’s casino dominates the skyline, and his forces patrol the streets extorting the locals and keeping out any competition. Casino’s and fire hydrants are everywhere, and the building that combines the two is home to the muscled menace of the Fiendish Five.
  44. 7. Free Choice. The world’s your oyster, and you can pick any of the starting locations, or any other real-world location to begin.
  46. 8. Krack-Karov Volcano. Lair of the menacing master of the Fiendish Five, Clockwerk, a cyborg owl that has hunted the Cooper family for centuries. A massive fortress dominates the landscape, and you can expect a harsh welcome if you’re discovered.
  48. Drop-In
  50. Roll (100CP, Free Drop-in): You can curl up into a ball and roll around, picking up speed on flat or downhill slopes, and slowing on uphill slopes. You take no damage from rolling under normal conditions, although rolling over something dangerous may still hurt. You also do not take fall damage while rolling.
  52. + Electrical Roll (100CP, Requires Roll, Discount Drop-In): By quickly building up a static charge in your fur, hair, or even on your skin, you are able to electrify yourself while curled up like a ball. This electricity only conducts through living beings or things they are holding or wearing, but does considerable damage and knocks them away from you.
  54. + Aboriginal Ball Form (100CP, Requires Roll, Discount Drop-In): While curled into a ball you can launch yourself up to your height into the air from a standing start, then by tensing as you hit the ground bounce slightly higher. As you continue to bounce you build up considerable force which manifests in an aura around you that stops you from shattering the ground, or rooftops as you go. You can use this aura to do massive damage to things you bounce on, but it dissipates once you stop bouncing. If you start bouncing from ground level you can reach up to a dozen or so stories high, if you start from higher up you may be able to maintain that height.
  56. Animalia (200, Discount Drop-In): Remember how your animal was a purely cosmetic choice? Now that’s no longer the case. You can take on up to three traits of your animal form as a natural ability, such as flight for winged creatures or spitting ink for squids and octopi. Speaking of octopi, extra arms or legs count as traits in regards to this perk, otherwise they may act as hair or something. You may use your features in ways the actual animal could not, such as a spider shooting a net-web, or a frog using its extended tongue as a whip.
  58. Guru (300CP, Discount Drop-In): Using the mystical teachings of Aboriginal Australians you can transform yourself into a bit of debris, a rock, a small bush, or any other small object that will cause people to overlook you. You can also jump onto someone’s back and control them, initially causing them to run as fast as they can in the direction of your choice, but with practice you may be able to dominate all but the strongest minds, making them little more than your puppet… as long as you’re still holding on to them, of course. It's mind control via piggyback ride, what's not to love?
  60. Voodoo (600CP, Discount Drop-In): You can do voodoo. Raising chicken skeletons, zombies, and binding ghosts are all within your capabilities. Zombie turtles that throw exploding fiery skulls? Why not? Tombstones that continuously reform the ghosts of those buried there to attack nearby enemies? Of course. Skull flashlights, haunted tree golems, candle powered bad mojo force fields, all of these are made possible with this perk.
  63. Thief
  65. Light Footed (100CP, Free Thief): You’re capable of moving extremely quietly, and are even able to sneak up on people with superhuman hearing. By carefully distributing weight you won’t make floorboards creak, but you can still set off pressure plates. You can also more easily crawl through any space big enough to fit in, from under desks to air vents.
  67. Ninja Spire Jump (100CP, Discount Thief): To land on narrow rails, wires, or even the points of swords all you have to do is jump and hit the circle button - uh, by which I mean spin in mid air to angle yourself towards it. Landing on a point is easy with this technique, which even increases your balance to the point that you could run along a wire with no problems. As an extra bonus you can climb up drainpipes, flagpoles or other similar things with ease. Oddly enough all uses of this perk somehow can be performed regardless of your weight, without risk of causing any supports to collapse. Oh, you can double jump as well. Yeah, I don’t know how it works either.
  69. Pickpocket (200CP, Discount Thief,): You’ve got some quick fingers capable of lifting someones wallet out of their pocket without them noticing. Your nimble digits can also help cracking safes and filching watches right off people’s wrists.
  71. Shadow Slide (300CP, Discount Thief): If you can walk on it, you can slide on it, regardless of light levels. Using this technique you can slide on your shadow across the ground, with a boost of speed that builds up going downhill, but tapers off on flat surfaces or when going uphill.
  73. + Rocket Boots (100CP, Requires Shadow Slide, Discount Thief): Allows you to greatly accelerate your slide regardless of slopes by propelling yourself along with fire. Although it starts at only slightly faster than Shadow Slide, with practice you may slide slightly faster than your maximum sprinting speed with this perk. These flames do not ignite traversed surfaces.
  75. Master Thief (600CP, Discount Thief): These sparkly lights come in a colour of your choice, and seem to indicate places you can hide, sneak, or otherwise perform stealthy deeds. Comes with free thief-sense, letting you instinctively tell which pockets people have their valuables in (though not what’s in each pocket) as well as helping you find hidden doors, safes, uncover hidden secrets, and see laser tripwires. You also get a massive increase to your sneaking skills, able to fade from sight as long as you are standing still. With practice you can maintain your invisibility while moving, though it’ll be some time before you move much faster than a slow walk.
  77. Muscle
  79. Guts (100CP, Free Muscle): Well you’re a biggun’ aren’t you? Whether through an enlarged appetite or working out you’re larger than the average of your current species, in girth and height.
  81. Guns (100CP, Discount Muscle): Look at those muscles, you muscular Muscle you! You are now a fair bit stronger than the average bear (literally), and can flex to show off your ‘guns’, impressing allies and intimidating enemies.
  83. Real Guns (200CP, Discounte Muscle): Put a weapon in your hands, not necessarily a gun, and your fighting skills increase considerably. You’re just a bit defter with a blade, more accurate with a rifle, and skilled with whatever biomagitech monstrosity you use. You can hit a little harder, and faster than others would using the same weapon.
  85. Flame Fu (300CP, Discount Muscle): Have you ever wanted to punch someone? Have you ever wanted to punch someone so much you wished your hand was on fire while you punched them? Well now you can! The Panda King might be unhappy with you having learned his personal fighting style, but who cares about that when you can launch waves of fire or fireballs at will? As an added bonus you now know how to make some very good (re: deadly) fireworks, given the right materials.
  87. THE JUMPER! (600CP, Discount Muscle): Stand tall and proud for you are now THE JUMPER! Armed with naught but your will you can take on dozens, nay, hundreds of foes and you will always emerge triumphant! So long as you can keep your confidence up that is. With this perk you gain a boost to your strength, durability, and endurance that waxes and wanes with your surety of victory. A bit of a self fulfilling prophecy maybe, but so long as you stand tall in the face of adversity you will be an extremely tough nut to crack. Comes with free Thunder Flop, a deadly belly flop that channels the energy of your fall into a powerful shockwave. Somehow you are not hurt by this, even if you really should be. With practice you can generate shockwaves by stomping the ground or slamming your hands together to knockback enemies. Extreme skill may let you bounce nearby items or people in a controlled manner.
  89. Brains
  91. Plan A (100CP, Free Brains): A stupid criminal isn’t going to get very far, fortunately you’ve got enough grey matter rattling around in your noggin to put together a plan using a few pictures of the local scene. That barrel, the water tower, and the wagon out front are all part of your plan. Now you just need someone who can pull it off. Barring completely out of the blue complications your well thought out plans seem to go off a lot smoother than they otherwise might, and on-the-fly plans are more thoroughly designed than
  93. Rocket Powered Wheelchair (100CP, Discount Brains): What would make this wheelchair go faster? Rockets! Rollerblades? Rockets! A van? Rockets again. You gain the skills needed to produce boosters and attach them to almost anything. The boosters you can create with this perk allow a few meters of vertical flight, twice as far a horizontal boost, or slowing a descent to safely fall from any height. Time, practice, and a lot of spare parts will eventually allow you to improve drastically these thrusters. .
  95. Hungry Hungry Hacker (200CP, Discount Brains): Hacking is hard, no matter what Hollywood tells you, but with this perk you gain the technical know-how to simplify the whole process by representing all of the code involved as an arcade style video game. Over time you can develop better viruses and programs to help you hack into almost anywhere, represented by powerups and new weapons in the game. You may choose which game to use as your hacking interface, and can adapt it later into any other game with only an hour or two’s work. Note that the difficulty of the hack is based on the firewalls and other such defensive methods of the target system, not the original game.
  97. Fantastic Forger (300CP, Discount Brains): You possess an uncanny skill at forgeries, able to produce anything from replica paintings to fake ID’s that will fool all but the most stringent security checks. Note that although you may copy a masterpiece exactly, your skill at producing original works is unaffected.
  99. Inventor Extraordinaire (600CP, Discount Brains): You are an incredible inventor, capable of developing robots with basic AI, building advanced flying machines, upgrading vehicles in numerous ways (such as making a van fly, or adding turrets), and making RC toys armed with surprisingly large quantities of explosives. An RC helicopter dropping bombs on those below, an RC car with a turret that can take down an elephant, an enormous mess of zeppelins and air baloons supporting a village worth of walkways and buildings, these are all within your range with this perk. You can also maintain and repair most machines.
  101. Cop
  103. Nose to the Ground (100CP, Free Cop): You’ve got a nose for trouble, and can sniff out bad guys by patrolling a city or locale. Note: This doesn’t literally let you smell crime, rather, you excel at picking up all the little clues that indicate unlawful activity is going on, and can track criminals surprisingly well regardless of the environment.
  105. Leap (100CP, Discount Cop): You can leap several stories straight up, and a similar distance straight forwards. While in the air you may alter your course by a few meters by leaning in that direction. Practice may help you increase the height of your jumps, though you won’t be leaping skyscrapers with this perk.
  107. Suspiciously Convenient Clues (200CP, Discount Cop): You can appraise a scene at a glance, getting a rough, though not perfectly accurate idea of what has happened. You also tend to find clues to whatever mystery you are trying to solve. This can be as varied as spotting a thread caught on a broken window that is the same colour as a well known master thief’s outfit, or easily followable footprints in reasonably well traveled areas.
  109. Undercover Cop (300CP, Discount Cop): Your acting skills are on par with the esteemed Constable Neyla, who gained the trust of Interpol, the Claww Gang, and the Cooper Gang, before betraying them all. You don’t gain her propensity for treachery, but you do gain the skills to pull of such a convoluted web of lies. You could infiltrate a group and gain the trust of it’s members with ease. The more paranoid among them may feel something is a bit fishy, but unless they’re keeping their noses to the ground they’ll eventually come around. Be careful though, this doesn’t stop any of their investigations from turning up your true loyalties, or lack thereof.
  111. Authority (600CP, Discount Cop): You wouldn’t think an Inspector with Interpol would have the kind of pull needed to call in heavily armed jetpack wielding mercenaries to catch a thief, or a Constable to call in a small army of tanks and aircraft to bring in one renegade operative, but you can. As long as you’re in a position of authority you can call upon far greater resources of the group you belong to with only the most cursory explanations. Note that if some of your organization's resources can only be deployed on the authority of certain people this perk won’t grant you access to them. If you’re in a position to command them though, even under extraordinary circumstances, they’ll be at your disposal when you need them. Should you not be part of an organization with such resources to call upon, you’ll find mercenaries and the like offer sizeable discounts for the most inane reasons.
  113. Items:
  115. Iconic Item (Free): Congratulations! You now own a very durable item that’s extremely easy to repair. This item is also exceptionally modifiable, in fact there are a whole host of things you can enhance it with. This item may be a cane, a whip, a pistol, or any other handheld piece of mundane equipment. If you lose this item, or it is completely destroyed, it reappears near you at sunset. It will come to be associated with you, your group, or your legacy, and can be used as a mark of identification.
  117. + Import (Free/100CP): You may import a (mostly) mundane item you already have for free, or whatever crazy item you have for 100CP. This grants it a bit of enhanced durability, and lets you customise it with some of the following options.
  119. + Magnet on a Fishing Rod (50CP): You can use your item to pick people’s pockets. How does this work with ranged weapons? I don’t know, maybe it has a short range tractor beam or something. It does however rely on your own skill.
  121. + I Took the Liberty of Modifying Your Priceless Family Heirloom (50CP, Free Drop-in): Your item can split into two identical smaller items, each with half the power of the whole thing. They can recombine freely, and have the same lost and destroyed safeguards as the whole thing.
  123. + Smoke Bomb (50CP, Free Thief): By tapping or shooting the ground with your item you can create a cloud of obscuring smoke that lingers for about ten seconds, before fading away completely. Enemies within the cloud when you use the smoke bomb will cough and gag until the cloud fades, those outside will just hold their breaths should they decide to venture in. Should the regular activation of this item be unfeasable, such as with a watch or other worn accessory, you may have the trigger be either a small hidden button, voice activation, or a peculiar twist or tap-based code.
  125. + Armed and Dangerous (50CP, Free Muscle): It may look like novelty a weapon but this tool of death is fully functional and extremely dangerous. It would take someone of exceptional strength to wield it properly, simply due to your items increased size. This increased size may make a mace hit harder, or a blaster fire bigger lasers.
  127. + Sleep Darts (50CP, Free Brain): Your item can now shoot sleep darts, which somehow always contain the right dosage to safely knock someone out. Note that particularly large beings or those with unusual biologies may take multiple darts to subdue, and sufficient adrenaline or other stimulants may also require multiple doses to overcome. You have unlimited darts, but they don’t shoot very fast.
  129. + Shock Pistol (50CP, Free Cop): Your item can become electrified at will, either dealing electrical melee damage or firing electrical blasts/charged ammunition.
  131. + Key (100CP): You can devise and create locks that use this item as a key and that won’t be fooled by duplicates. You may also choose to use this item to access your warehouse as if it were your warehouse key. Fair warning though, if someone else steals it from you they may be able to get into your warehouse… until it reappears by your side of course.
  134. Binocucom (Free): A set of high tech binoculars, with zoom feature, internal video communications and instant dictation software, camera, facial recognition software, and can even interface with ranged weapons to display a targeting reticle. A band can hold it to your head tightly enough only physical force will dislodge it, regardless of whatever acrobatic feats you perform, although it would look rather silly walking around with these on normally.
  136. Calling Cards (Free): You can pull 10cmx5cm folded cards out of anywhere, pockets, inside the glove on your other hand, behind your ear etc. These cards are thematically styled on either you, your anthropomorphic form, your Iconic Item, or some other identifying iconography. Should you want to leave a message in one you’ll find you knew ahead of time and have already written it out… even though you don’t remember doing so.
  138. Thievieus Jumpus (400CP, Discount Thief): Maybe it’s an ancestral heirloom, or maybe you ‘found’ it somewhere you shouldn’t have been. Regardless of how you got it, you now hold in your hands a book detailing thieving techniques that have kept a family of master thieves at the top of the game for centuries. If only you could read the code it was written in… The earlier pages are easy enough to decipher with hints on how to stay light on your feet, slowing time to think things through and speeding time up for stakeouts but skills like Time Stop (which lasts five seconds on tough enemies, slightly longer on weaker foes) might take decades to decode. I wonder if there’s a secret technique to reading it? The book updates each jump to contain the basic techniques needed to be a thief in that jump, if applicable.
  140. Jetpack (200CP, Discount Cop): With hours of self regenerating fuel and an unlimited supply of rockets, this is the vehicle of choice for hunting down ne’erdowells and miscreants. It takes about three hours to recharge, and it can switch between flight mode and hover mode. The former can travel at just below the speed of sound but may have trouble with sharp turns and cannot use the rocket launcher, the other is more maneuverable and can fire rockets
  142. Thief Net (100, Discount Brain): This computer lets you appraise and sell stolen goods. Just point the camera at the item and decide if you accept the price. You’ll usually get good deals, but some items are just too hot to find a buyer for. Once you’ve accepted you’ll be directed to a nearby dead drop to hide the merchandise, and from there to the cash. Payment is also possible via electronic money transfer. Don’t try tracking down whoever’s bought it or taken the item from the dead drop, you won’t find anything. You can’t get these things back so be sure that you’re fine selling it. Depending on the setting you may be able to purchase things through the local black market, which will be delivered with the same dead drop system once payment has been made.
  144. Gang Van (200, Discount Muscle)): A small van that is much more roomy on the inside than it should be. Surprisingly fast and manoeuvrable this vehicle is capable of escaping police pursuers with ease… as long as you’ve got a good getaway driver that is. Despite the big logo representing you or your gang on the front, people only seem to realise this is your van if they see you using it.
  146. + Mission Control (+50, Free Brains, requires Gang Van): Wireframe holographic projectors, three flatscreens, a table with room for three chairs, some spacious cupboards, and a small workshop. Everything you’ll need to plan your capers, criminal or otherwise.
  148. + Getaway Van (+50, Free Thief, requires Gang Van): If you ever need to leave a place in a hurry just look around and you’ll find your getaway van parked nearby. May not work if there are people in the van when you need it.
  150. + Battering Van (+50, Free Muscle, requires Gang Van): If you’ve ever wanted to engage in a bit of road rage, now you can! Your van has been upgraded to be as durable as a tank, maybe even more so, and the logo on the front can extend to smash things out of the way.
  152. + Police Car (+50, Free Cop, requires Gang Van): These retractable lights and siren give you an easy way to clear the streets when you’re in a rush. Of course, if you’re not a cop and start using these the real deal may come to investigate. Comes with holding cell and police radio/scanner installed into your van, and a free radar gun so you can tell just how fast other people are going.
  154. + Otto Van Cooper’s Seal of Approval (+100, requires Gang Van): Now your van has wings and engines capable of retracting and emerging from the roof in a few seconds. Despite it’s distinct lack of aeronautical design your van can now take to the skies, reaching up to mach 2. Your wheels are now capable of absorbing the shock from a very rough landing, but… don’t try landing while you’re still breaking the sound barrier, it won’t end well.
  156. + Turret (+100, requires Gang Van): Exactly what it says on the tin, this retractable one person mounted turret comes with twin barrels of explosive ordnance dispensing goodness. Can be easily modified to use other weapons you possess, and interfaces with your Binocucom for targeting and communications.
  158. Note: Companions free van upgrades are only provided if they purchased the van, you or your companions can purchase upgrades to the van regardless of the owner however. Purchasing multiple van’s is possible, and each will have all purchased upgrades.
  160. Lucky Horseshoe (100CP): A lucky horseshoe that prevents the damage taken from the first hit you take each day. You can still be pushed around, but the attack itself does no damage to you.
  161. Lucky Golden Horseshoe (+100CP, Requires Lucky Horseshoe): If you don’t use your Lucky Horseshoe for a day it will turn golden and will protect you from an extra hit, reverting to the silver Lucky Horseshoe upon doing so.
  164. Clockwerk Components (400CP Each, Discount Drop-In):
  166. Tail Feathers: A set of three 60cm (2ft) long feathers that can be shaped into molds through a secret process (secret tail feather shaping process included free of charge). This method is the only known way to change the shape of these feathers, as they are otherwise ridiculously durable and experience no wear and tear.
  168. Wings: A set of wings, each spanning several meters, and nigh-invulnerable. An electric charge followed by a kinetic impact may be able to dislodge plates on them however. These can somehow provide enough lift to keep even a large metal owl airborne with only casual flapping.
  170. Heart: A little smaller than an average adults torso, this heart pumps continuously, even when separated into two parts. Just as durable as the other Clockwerk parts, the heart can even charge up to release electrical blasts, and create rings of electricity.
  172. Eyes: Each orb is as big as a normal person’s head, and comes set in a spiffy socket complete with metal eyebrows. These eyes posses hypnotic capabilities, and can freeze people in place when used together, emit beams that cause confusion and dizziness separately, or can be attached to machines to enhance any hypnotic or brainwashing capabilities significantly.
  174. Lungs and Stomach: Three extremely powerful pumps, each capable of acting as a bellows and running a train indefinitely with an inefficient steam engine, with potentially far greater uses. Each piece is larger than an average adults torso.
  176. Talons: These metal bird feet end in three six inch claws, the only biological part of Clockwerk. The talons can effortlessly slice through steel, and will never wear down. They can be used as is, or unscrewed and attached to something else.
  178. Brain: A supercomputer shaped, oddly enough, like a head sized brain, this mechanical component could run almost any system and provide enormous amounts of processing power.
  180. The Hate Chip (1000): So long as your hate remains insurmountable, having this chip installed in you will indefinitely power any mechanical components you have, and extend incredible durability to them, to the point most would consider them invulnerable. Since it contains your consciousness, should your body somehow be dismantled, as long as this chip remains it can be inserted into a new body to restore you to whatever passes for your life.
  182. Mask of Dark Earth (800): This mask is the physical embodiment of an ancient evil spirit. Only the strongest willed people would stand a chance of resisting its dark influence, those that do however could gain access to it’s abilities; toggleable growth to up to two dozen times your height, as well as drastically increased durability and strength. The mask is slightly sentient, and once dominated will return, however unwillingly, to its master, even if lost or destroyed. Expect it to take a sightseeing tour first though, it may be a day or two of possession-filled hijinks before it returns to you.
  184. Companions:
  186. As a Thief, Muscle, or Brain, you gain two companions for free filling the other roles. They gain the free skills for their role, but not the free Van enhancements, and 500CP to spend on items and abilities. You may freely import two Companions into these roles.
  188. As a Cop, you receive two Detectives, both considered to have the Cop background and with 500CP to spend on skills or gear. You may freely import two Companions into these roles.
  190. Jumper Gang/Police Squad (200CP): You may import another 6 (eight for drop-in) Companions, in whichever role you want, even as inside agents, or undercover cops (any of the other origins). Imported companions gain 500CP to spend on skills or gear, but do not gain the free van upgrades.
  192. Cooper Clan/Inspector Fox (400CP): Instead of forming your own gang or being assigned cases by yourself, you may be an extra member of the Cooper Gang, or dispatched alongside Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox. Any companions have either been brought in as new hires to help with the current caper and happen to stick around, or were assigned to the squad under your authority.
  194. Note: As a criminal, Bentley, Murray, and Sly can come with you as Companions, though they’re unlikely to come if you don’t take all three. As a cop Carmelita may come with you as a Companion. If you choose this option you do not get the two free companions, instead you may import 8 companions with Jumper Gang/Police Squad.
  196. Extra Note: By purchasing Cooper Clan or Inspector Fox, you may, through impressing those on the other side of the law, end up with the counterpart companions as well at the end of the Jump.
  198. Drawbacks - You can take up to two drawbacks.
  200. You Look A Lot Better In the Dark Jumper (+100): Truly, you are an ugly, ugly being. So ugly in fact that you’ll have a very hard time in social situations, as people try to get rid of you as fast as possible so as not to have to look at you any more. Strangely, even other forms you take become hideous.
  202. Tink. Tink. Tink. (+100): Those goddamn clues, hidden all around the level making that ‘tink’ing sound to let you know you’re close, but then you start hearing it all the time, even when you’ve gotten them all and there can’t possibly be another one… Oh, right. If you take this drawback all the good loot will be locked up in safes that you can only opened by collecting the clues hidden in glass bottles that are hidden in obscure nearby places. If you’re a cop then the thieves hide their evidence in these safes instead. And yes, ‘only be opened by collecting the clues’ means that somehow not even your jumper powers can get through these indestructible metal boxes. No matter how smart or diligent you are the combination to the safe will only work if you figured it out from the clues.
  204. Clumsy (+200): It sure is hard to sneak around when you keep bumping into things, knocking things over, and somehow find every creaky floorboard wherever you go. Expect to attract a lot of unwanted attention while committing crimes, or irritation as you mess up crime scenes.
  206. Shell Shocked Heart (+200): You know those trusted companions or those great new friends you just made? Yeah, one of them is going to betray you and cause you no end of grief. Somehow they even manage to hide this from you right up until the betrayal. Oh, and if you don’t have any trusted friends or companions… Uh, everything is harder or something?
  208. GIANT ATTACK ROBOTS! (+200): You are absolutely certain that a number of inanimate objects in any locale you visit are giant attack robots. You will compulsively investigate them, often diverting resources that could have been better used elsewhere, only to find that they are in fact innocuous objects… Most of the time. If you don’t check thoroughly, or let your guard down you’ll suddenly be attacked by that water tower, or memorial, or oddly shaped tree!
  210. + I TOLD YOU SO! (+300, Requires GIANT ATTACK ROBOTS!, does not count towards drawback limit): Those robots you thought you could deal with? Now they’re challenging regardless of how powerful you are. It is still possible to defeat them, but expect each one to put up a fight regardless of your skills, powers, and abilities. Who’s making all these super powerful robots and leaving them where you’ll find them? Maybe you’ll find out in the last year of this jump.
  212. Fiendish Five (+200): A powerful gang is out for you, and has taken something important of yours. It will take excellent cunning to get back what’s been stolen, and a gang of world class thieves. Or a well equipped task force undertaking a very difficult investigation.
  214. + Clockwerk Jumper (+300, Requires Fiendish Five, does not count towards drawback limit): Leader of the Fiendish Five, this being has lived on hatred for centuries, maybe even millennia, and all of that hatred is directed at you. Maybe it was snubbed by your ancestor, maybe it learned of you in a prophecy, whatever the case this being has powers surpassing yours and will be an incredible challenge requiring all the help you can get.
  217. Finale
  219. Those ten years went fast, didn’t they? Now you face a familiar choice:
  221. Hang Up Your Mask: It’s been fun, but your time in a world full of people shaped talking animals has made you realise you’d like to go home now.
  223. Thieves In Time: There’s so much left to do here, and with Time Travel under your belt you’ll have all of history do it in.
  225. Next Mission: You can’t stop here, there are other worlds to go to and things to steal… borrow… You head on to your next jump bright eyed and, perhaps literally, bushy tailed.
  227. Regardless of your choice your drawbacks are revoked and you can store your van (if you have one) in your warehouse. How does it get there, and how does it wind up in a nearby parking lot or similar space overnight in each new Jump? Who knows, maybe your benefactor takes it for a spin when you’re not looking.
  229. Some examples of Animalia; General Tsao would be considered to have used one thing from this - flight. Contessa took all three; spider legs, web spinning, and hatchlings.
  231. Also, the time machines developed in jump? They only work due to this world's unique laws of physics and can't be made to work in other jumps. Sorry about that.
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