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  1. public with sharing class Welcome {
  2.     //Welcome!  I'm a comment and I'm here to tell you what this particular class file is for.  The developer who created this class added
  3.     //me so that future developers, like yourself, would have a quick little introduction to what this class does.
  5.     //The two little slashes tell the compiler* that everything following on this line is a note
  6.     //for humans and not code that needs to be executed
  7.     // (* A compiler is the computer program that translates this code into executable computer instructions)
  9.     //But you know what?  This set of comments is already several lines long and getting longer.  I'm tired of typing two slashes every time
  11.     /*There.  That's better.  the '/*' tells the compiler that there are multiple lines of comments coming.  It knows everything on this line
  12.     and any following lines
  13.     and lines
  14.     and lines
  15.     and lines will continue to be comments
  16.     until it sees a */
  18.     //Ok, let's get started!
  20.     public static void youDoThisPart() {
  21.         /*Your assignment is to write two comments below this one.  They can say whatever you like.  
  22.         Make one as a single line comment using the // notation.  Make the other one a multi line comment using the /* notation.
  23.         When you're done, save this file so that it is compiled and stored in Salesforce.  */
  25.      //My wish is that all SFDC developers include comments into their code work
  26.     /* Hello everyone,
  27.          I'm very excited to be part of this group.
  28.          I wonder what's the record for the longest comment
  29.        ever written by coder? */
  31.     }
  32. }
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