Shieldbro Ch:171

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  1.                                                         Portable Shield
  3. Naofumi: "I knew that Bitch grew up being spoiled, but what about Melty?"
  4. Queen: "That child was brought up with a dedicated teacher. But I don't want to be associate with that person if possible."
  6. Oh, it's was a comparison to the older sister?
  7. Even if the older sister is compared to last.
  8. Whenever Melty speaking she gets very emotional.
  9. She was also angry the first time we met, and the trouble it caused last time.
  11. Queen: "Oh, It seems Iwatani changed the name of this child somehow, so I changed it's name officially."
  12. Naofumi: "Even though it almost the same, I understand."
  13. Queen: "I had heard the report from a shadow."
  14. Naofumi: "Do you wish to know the origin of the name?"
  15. Queen: "Probably, there is element likely in Iwatani world. Perhaps a evil spirit, demon or witch inspired theme for the name?"
  16. Naofumi: "No, It's correct."
  18. However, when i'm reminded of one's daughter, the only word that comes to mind is Bitch.
  20. Queen: "What shall I do about the tax rate for your territory?, should I entrust it to Melty."
  22. Tax rates...
  23. What nobles originally did nothing by managing their territory by virtue.
  24. But I don't know if it is the same in this world.
  26. Naofumi: "I would like them not to be high, due to my territory still being under reconstruction."
  28. Only in such times, can the power of people be influenced.
  29. There was a bad feeling when tax is required when life doesn't go way we want.
  30. In Japan vicinity where I lived it was always painful.
  32. As high taxes only tend to make matters worse in a recession.
  33. In bad times, taxes should be lowered if you were to consult history.
  34. But it's an effort if income is expectable, as it's the only knowledge that I happen to know.
  36. Naofumi: "In the meantime for reconstruction and life of luxury goods, they are still little high."
  37. Queen: "Iwatani, why don't you show me your abilities?"
  38. Naofumi: "I wanted to inform you but I couldn't."
  40. I'm not that great is what I wanted to say, but it was a reason for doing something with the power of my shield.
  41. If I think clearly, I could eventually produce medicine and herbs from the plants I was growing soon.
  42. The acquisition would be strengthened and my property management is likely to come out right.
  43. Still the medicine sells steadily.
  45. Queen: "Wasn't there a interesting building in the report, about how a plant easily becomes a building?"
  47. I didn't hear a thing from Rat indirectly,
  48. I wanted to be cautious for the country as I am keeping watch over it.
  50. Naofumi: "It was made by combination of me and that alchemist, what caused a problem in Fauvist."
  52. I gave a camping plant seed to the Queen.
  54. Naofumi: "This one is a prototype for now."
  55. Queen: "Will this also be used for trade?"
  56. Naofumi: "It is dangerous if distributed too much because of it variability which is a problem."
  58. There is no problem for now, but who knows what might happen in the future.
  59. Since it could become a danger if strange crossbreeding happen.
  61. Naofumi "I was using it in a demonstration for business control."
  63. By business, I intend to let sales of medicine be shown off by using such a technique on me.
  65. Queen: "How about selling it to the nobles then?, though it's likely to become good value if sold, but it's disposable then if magic can't prevent it from crossbreeding."
  67. Naofumi: "Well that is a option".
  69. It is possible if I do it by plant remodeling, if the fertility is modified to the lowest value.
  70. It would good anywhere at a noble party.
  72. Naofumi: "Although I don't hear complaints, but is it good?"
  73. Queen: "There is currently no complaints for the hero of the shield yet."
  74. Naofumi: "It is uneasy but about what you said, I wonder.... "
  76. The territory management won't be too difficult since Melty will be there, but Melty is a pain being so quick-tempered.
  78. Naofumi: "How is the internal nobel affairs if I think about it? Isn't it that the queen gives me preferential treatment as the hero of the shield."
  79. Queen:"There aren't any problems, even though its rather quiet and uncanny."
  80. Naofumi: "Does there seem to be anything? "
  81. Queen: "I being unable to accomplish a place is regrettable."
  83. Though it is conclusive evidence, but a feeling that there seems to be somthing?
  84. Although I manage a village in a country where the principle is of humans being superior, it is the queen who holds the hero of the shield worship as a god.
  86. Queen: "The problem the alchemist caused from the report, seems to be familiar to Iwatani place."
  87. Naofumi: "It was Fohl who seemed surprised with what occurred in Fauvist"
  88. Queen: "According to testimony, because one of the seven star heroes of Fauvist had been researching there, It seemed to be banished as I suspect it's a religious problem."
  90. There was that guy with the technology, so you did you expel him?
  91. I don't know what Fauvist Ray studies.
  92. I thought of certain trade war back in Japan when it competed against a certain country for import of cars, which is similar to how I was thrown by power.
  93. Well the new weapon by Fauvist may come out soon, and it's good to take it easy when not dealing with life and the waves.
  95. Queen: "Is the report right about such a place?"
  96. Naofumi: "It sure looks like it, better wait for my next visit."
  98. The queen lowers her head and was about to leave.
  100. Queen: "It seems to be true, also please put any of the ore excavated from the spirit turtle carapace by the castle warehouse."
  102. Naofumi: "Like that, don't forget to pass the material onto my favorite weapon shop."
  103. Queen: "Sure"
  105. I would like to be the father of such forces. As I finished talking with the queen, I had Sadina and Fohl get their level reset using the hourglass of dragon. At that time I had on hand sand of the Carved Dragon hourglass, which I let the shield absorb.
  107. The condition for the Carved dragon sand shield was released.
  109. - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – — – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
  110. Carved dragon sand shield 0/60 C
  112. Ability Unsealed
  114. Equipment Bonus: Portal Shield.
  116. Proficiency 0
  117. - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – — – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - -
  119. I checked for any additional skills but there was none, plus it's performance wasn't to high.
  121. Naofumi: "Portal shield!"
  123. A icon appeared in my view, Transfer ←.
  124. I used a transition memory point but the early stage of transfer position was?
  125. Melromarc the place where I was first summoned to this world, there seemed to be no one around as well.
  126. I just transferred for trial which the range I became conscious of, can a ally be teleported by it intentionally?
  127. It quite wide, is there no need involved in it since it would make a good emergency escape skill.
  129. Naofumi: "I can use the transfer skill for an experiment."
  131. All right lets try it out.
  133. Naofumi: "It seems to be comfortable whether it's a fault or not"
  134. Fohl: "Did you just do that?"
  136. Fohl became frightened and was caught by Sadina.
  137. Firo....
  139. "Firo let me try it a little more."
  140. "I was"
  142. Firo moved slowly away from me, it was such a thing that I am conscious of transfer.
  143. The scenery changed and I saw humid alter which smelled of soil.
  144. That reminds me that such a place was here, while there was no one around since no ceremony was being held here.
  146. Naofumi: "Haha...I really transferred".
  148. It figures Sadina was laughing, but she does not need to do all the time.
  149. Fohl eyes were left bulging., Though it was far Firo stood near me.
  150. It is such a convenient skill, but what is the cooldown on it.
  152. Naofumi: "Portal shield!"
  154. A cooldown counter appeared showing a time of one hour.
  155. It was unexpectedly long, if I was fighting short and I could use it.
  157. Naofumi: "By the way, you can return?"
  159. We finished the experiment and returned to the village this way.
  160. The transition point of the portal shield seems to unable to be used in a cave or building.
  161. It is impossible to teleport to places you have no distinct memory of, besides I can transfer by just saying a word.
  162. A icon would come out by pressing down on it and calling it portal shield.
  163. It's possible to transfer any party member or ally in the surroundings.
  165. Even if an ally is held captive by an enemy, the hostile party can not spurt.
  166. Since neither is a hero, monster or Bitch they can't be taken by force.
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