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Mar 4th, 2020
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  2. Issues and bugs (1.15.1 as well as 1.15.2)
  3. *All bellow issues occurred while using latest versions of paper, while most have been confirmed to occur on spigot as well.
  5. 1 - This occurs when server is started (error with class name)
  6. Also
  7. Potentially related "Unable to find spawn biome"
  8. When creating a new world
  10. 1.5 - When running fill command with WB (Attempted on 10k x 10k) and
  11. EWG Crashes here and (Run on my personal server, many plugins here. Tried on 1.15.2)
  13. 2 - Dessert towers have problems
  14. 3 - Deserializing issues.
  15. 4 - Loot tables from MC-generated structures can crash the server or makes it stop responding.
  16. Edit : Also occurs in EWG generated structures.
  17. Edit 2: Fixed after most recent patch?
  19. 5 - Pregenerating the world is impossible. The server typically crashes after 3 - 4 hours of runtime, allocated ram doesn't seem to affect the result.
  20. 6 - Phantoms don't spawn, neither do bees or their nests.
  21. 7 - Coral reefs cannot spawn, and kelp only appears in the deep ocean where EWG doesn't touch it.
  22. 8 - Certain hills, usually very tall, empty ones, spawn hundreds of animals in a very small space (I have images of this occurring if needed)
  23. 9 - Structures (EWG ones) spawn inside of one another/on top of one another, or don't clear the land around them, spawning in the ground. Aquatic ones spawn on land. Photo:
  25. 10 - Something is wrong with Pine Forest
  26. 11 - Corrupted Chunks Less common issue
  27. 12 - Rivers aren't river biomes, making squids impossible to find, as well as river life such as fish.
  28. 13 - Multiple people have reported that leaves don't decay at all, from trees or on the ground decor ones.
  29. 14. Custom structures don't follow density rules
  32. That's a lot of problems. Well, lets try and create a world using EWG, shall we?
  34. Trying pregen on a clean server, nothing but required plugins.
  35. Issues so far (after a few minutes of running)
  37. On 1.15.2, Paper 62
  39. EWG Crashes after 4 hours. Its because of "Scots pine forestSentryClient"
  40. Many errors occurred during this time. Here's a collection (errors only here)
  42. Entire log is here
  43. Please ask if you need more info on anything.
  45. ================================
  47. Now trying to Pregen world on **Spigot 1.15.2**
  48. The point of this is to see if it's specifically paper has issues with EWG
  49. Extra info: Running 10gbs of RAM, on a RX 2600 on an N.vme drive (MX 500)
  51. This issues occurs in both paper and spigot (tested)
  52. This message also appears (in both spig and pap) Failed to fetch mob spawner entity at (-376, 17, 1239) as does Block entity invalid: minecraft:chest @ BlockPosition{x=-376, y=17, z=1239}
  55. No crashes or errors other than the cannot pass info to chest (may be because of WorldEdit not officially supporting 1.15.2 yet)
  56. This leads me to believe EWG is crashing because of paper when pregenerating the world.
  58. After finishing generation on spigot, we can conclude that Paper has issues with generating the world, but Spigot was more EWG friendly.
  59. HOWEVER there are still many issues, such as the ones listed above occurring (Underwater ruins on land, shipwrecks on land, loot generation crashing, etc)
  63. I hope I helped you out some, since you clearly don't understand how to use and view the pinned messages system in your discord (#support, Jake has pinned this writing there too!) I'm sure that you'll get around to doing this someday! Until then, just make sure to keep the $35 purchases coming in to get rid of those student loans, no matter if what you're selling works or not.
  65. Hope school is going great, I know it's a lot of pressure by itself, and having frustrated community and the inability to write simple discord updates really gets to you.
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