Women's Intergalactic Super Max Prison

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  1. Lisa was terrified to find herself kidnapped by a Super Villainess. She was even more shocked and confused when she offered Lisa a magical makeover! She accepted of course, but hardly had time to thank her new villainous bff before she took off like a lightning bolt. Lisa was standing where she was left dumfounded when she was suddenly surrounded by what appeared to be heavily armed intergalactic police. They arrested her and accused her of all sorts of terrible crimes! She cried and pleaded in court, insisting that she had been framed. But she no longer looked like her former self and the court refused to believe that the mesmerizing seductress before them was the shy Lisa from the Midwest. No. She must be the wanted super villainess! They gave her an immortality serum, fitted her with a super power suppressing collar (even though she didn’t have any), and sent her off to women’s intergalactic supermax prison for a thousand years!
  3. Prison life was difficult to adjust to. Being an intergalactic prison, the entire place was incredibly alien. It seemed to be made from living wood or bone instead of artificial materials like metal or plastics. And the guards were even more bizarre. Vaguely insectoid creatures of a variety of shapes and sizes featuring spines, tentacles and all manner of strange protrusions. But the Warden appeared to be human. The tyrannical Sister Purity. She ruled with an iron fist and was quick to punish any deviancy from her draconian rules. The other women there were rogue assassins and spies, and the occasional space pirate. And though their basic needs were taken care of, they all found the harsh rule of Sister Purity to be unbearable.
  5. Whenever a prisoner saw her they had to stop what they were doing, stand with back straight, heels together, hands folded in front of them, head bowed and say, “Good morning/afternoon/evening etc. Sister Purity”. And from then on did not speak unless spoken to or move a muscle until dismissed. And each morning she would hang an updated list of rules on the wall with changes to the daily greeting or new standards for how rooms should be arranged or bunks made. Failure to stay caught up with the rules meant certain punishment. As could looking at Sister Purity the wrong way or doing anything that annoyed her in the slightest. But the strangest of these rules was the no orgasm rule. There would be no masturbation or inter-prisoner liaisons leading to orgasm as Sister Purity considered this dirty and impure, living up to her name. Between the prison’s surveillance system and mind probe, it would be discovered. At first the punishment for breaking the rules was just hard spankings that left Lisa’s bottom red and sore. But in time she would learn the true depths of Sister Purity’s perverse lust to punish.
  7. The warning signs that all was not well in this prison were there from the start. The new prisoners were issued skimpy Princess (Slave) Leia-ish outfits for their prison uniforms. And before they hardly had time to familiarize themselves with their environment, the “classes” to “rehabilitate” them began. Lisa was sent along with other prisoners to classes where she was taught to look as sexy and behave as seductively as possible always. She must walk and do all mundane things such as picking things up as alluringly as she could manage. And always draw attention to the charms of her body’s new look. Failure to use what she was taught led to spankings or shocks through her collar. Lisa didn’t understand the purpose of these strange classes, but was happy for the distraction from prison life of sleeping, going to the gym, and being punished. Her fellow prisoners were as in the dark as she was.
  9. Though Lisa mastered an adorable pout, always walking with a tempting sway and constantly posing to accentuate her curves, it still wasn’t enough to gain the Warden’s praise. One day she was spirited away by the alien guards to the prison’s medical facility to begin what would become her regular “treatment”. She was made to drink an elixir that instantly brought a near unbearable heat to her nether regions followed by a sopping wetness. And as if that wasn’t enough, she was given a stinging shot in her arm. Her breasts, which had already received a cup size boost thanks to the villainess’s “makeover”, began to feel tingly and over the next couple of days swelled two more sizes! Now in addition to Lisa’s regular classes, she reported to the medical facility every two weeks for her “treatment”. Prison life which had never been easy now became nearly unbearable. Lisa’s treatments made her almost constantly hot and bothered, but there was no relaxing of Sister Purity’s no orgasm rule! And in her distracted state, Lisa could hardly even keep up with the normal rules. She often found herself going about her daily business with her bottom bruised and tender. And as if all this wasn’t enough, soon she discovered other side effects of her treatments as her now uncomfortably large breasts not only got in the way of things but also leaked! Sister Purity did not seem to think this was a problem at all, in fact she seemed quite pleased, and arranged to have Lisa milked daily. Lisa began spending most of her waking hours in the medical facility being milked or in classes being taught via spankings and electric shocks to be as tempting as possible. It didn’t seem like things could get any worse… Then the riot happened.
  11. All the prisoners were tired of Sister Purity’s oppression and abuse. Most had suffered similarly to Lisa and all were sick of it. One day, the aforementioned rough and tough rogue assassins and pirates who made up much of the prison population rose up in a violent riot. They killed many of the strange alien guards, but were eventually overwhelmed by the massive numbers that came pouring from every corner of the prison. With difficulty, the rioters were overpowered and sealed away in secure vaults until they were exhausted and could calm down. When things had settled down a bit, Lisa who was not a real criminal and far too timid to participate in something like a riot, sauntered out of her hiding place in her cell to learn what she could about what was happening.
  13. As she enquired from whomever she could about what was going to happen next, she noticed to late Purity Rose in the thick of the mess looking at Lisa, her face slowly shifting from flustered to a devilish grin. She noticed to late that despite the seriousness of the situation, she thoughtlessly followed her training and leaned nonchalantly on some railing. She noticed to late how she stood with a sultry look in her big brown eyes, her sensual mouth just a touch open, her prodigious breasts partially draped in her jet black hair squeezed between her arms emphasizing her enticing cleavage, and her firm bottom sticking out, with a slight inviting sway. She noticed to late how the guards had ceased bustling about and now stood motionless, staring at her hungrily. She noticed to late the dozen or so different types of guards, each stranger and more alien than the last with their erect and pulsing phalluses, each stranger and more alien than the last. As it finally dawned on her what her training and “treatments” had been for she quickly stood up straight, an expression of shock and horror upon her face, and tried to run away. Though she didn’t know where. But she was instantly and roughly grabbed by the nearest guards who, likely driven by an urge to replace their depleted numbers, dragged her down a dark corridor she had never been down…
  15. Lisa struggled in vain as she was dragged by her arms to a mysterious cell in this seemingly empty corridor. Her frustration turned to terror as the guards stopped and opened the cell door. The cell was hardly a room at all, as the entire space seemed to be taken up by a creature whose whole body appeared to be a mass of writhing tentacles and odd apparatuses. Tears filled Lisa’s eyes as she recoiled and dug her heals into the floor. But she was forcefully pushed by the larger and stronger guards and fell forward into the monster’s grasp. Once it was upon her, the creature’s green tentacles each as thick as her forearm and stronger than they appeared coiled around every part of her they met. Her arms and legs, held close to her body defensively were pulled straight and immobilized. Her cumbersome breasts were squeezed roughly, milk running out and streaming down her abdomen and the tentacles holding her. The creature, who’s eyes nose and mouth were not obvious to her, somehow seemed to sense this and began almost frantically exploring her body, massaging and prodding her all over. Her scant clothing provided very little protection against this. As the uncomfortable pressure was released from her breasts and the firm tentacles rubbed, squeezed and gently poked their away across her body, Lisa who had been locked up in fear felt her muscles relax. She felt a brief wave of calm fall over her as a familiar heat deep within her core returned. How could she be calm in this predicament? She knew this was the work of the drugs from her “treatments”, but this realization did little to quell the affects on her body. As various tentacles and appendages worked their way up her thighs, down her somewhat ticklish tummy, and around her bottom, the drug induced wetness returned with a vengeance, soaking her translucent pink “harem girl” skirt and running freely down her legs. Her orgasm denied nether region was almost aching. The creature sensed that it found the right spot, but unfortunately it seemed to know little about foreplay or female anatomy beyond, “find the entrance”.
  17. Lisa let out a surprised shout as the creatures forearm sized appendage drove into her with little regard for her experience (or lack thereof) or comfort level. The sound caused more tentacles to begin rubbing and prodding awkwardly at her face. Lisa hardly minded that as she was trying to fully recover her senses from the shock of being so suddenly, roughly, and completely filled up. It had hurt, but the pain was drowned out almost beyond noticing as a wave of pleasure washed over her. This is why she’d been denied orgasms, so that she would be more receptive to this rather harsh treatment. That thought floated vaguely across her mind, but was hardly registered as her senses were nearly overloaded. She instinctively tried to reach down to her nether region, as certain parts had been rudely ignored, but her arms were held fast. The appendage did not pump or pulse or try to “fuck” her. It stayed still for what seemed like an eternity. Lisa became frantic as she sat on the edge, her stomach tied up in knots. Her eyes darted about worriedly and she struggled what little she was able. The tentacles tightened around her, and then as though sensing her need, she felt the embedded tentacle expand at her entrance. She had thought that she’d been stretched to the limit but now learned that was not the case. She noticed that the tentacle was not as smooth as she’d imagined as something large was pushed up through the tentacle into her, pressing it’s bumpy surface against her walls and finally stimulating just the right spot. Her body shook as she reached the finish line…
  19. Except she didn’t. As the tentacle’s object (an egg perhaps?) reached the end of the apparatus and was pushed up deep inside her, her body shook. But the long awaited orgasm didn’t come! Had the Warden put something in her “treatments” to deny her this? Why? How could she do this to her?! Her whole body trembled in this strange sensual agony as the next egg moved up. Another appendage prodding at her entrance as though it wanted a turn found another one as it searched. Tears streamed down her face as the tentacle slowly pushed into her virgin entrance bringing the increasingly familiar combination slight pain and intense pleasure as she felt the satisfaction of being so completely full. Thankfully the tentacles’ bumps seemed to ooze some sort of lubricant easing the penetration, at least a little. She whimpered as the eggs gently pushing into both her front and rear continually pushed her to the edge, but never over. She was already soaked in sweat and trembling exhaustively when her whimper drew the tentacle that had been massaging her face to its target. With all that had been going on down below she’d somehow managed to nearly block out the odd presence right in front of her. Her large brown eyes grew even larger in surprise as it suddenly pushed between her parted lips and own into her throat. The faintly minty and plantlike lubricant of the appendage seemed to relax her muscles so she didn’t choke. As the eggs stretched her jaw and throat out wide as they could go she continued to cry and shiver. Her consciousness drifted through bizarre sensations that were somehow both hellish suffering and divine ecstasy.
  21. Lisa had lost all sense of time and didn’t know how long she’d been in that state or how many eggs she’d received when the tentacles unceremoniously removed themselves and she was dropped upon the floor of the cell, not to roughly but not exactly gently either. Her hands immediately rushed down past her heavy, bloated stomach and she masturbated furiously, giving special attention to those areas that had been ungraciously ignored. She had nearly cried herself out of tears as she realized nothing she did would end the torment except waiting it out. She wrung her hands in front of her trying to think of something else when a shadow moved over her. She looked up terrified thinking that the tentacle beast wasn’t through with her as the spiny limbs of the guards hooked under her arms and dragged her across the hall to another cell. The sudden and forceful movement snapped her back to reality.
  23. Lisa sat up on the floor, one leg straight out in front of her and the other bent with her foot underneath her. She was basically nude now as her scant clothing was little more than soaked, stretched out rags. Her olive skin was shiny from sweat and other fluids. She was cognizant of her surroundings now and surveyed the scene. Her fears from hours before were confirmed as she saw a veritable horde of alien prison guards gathering in the cell and at its door. Their varied and peculiar phalluses erect and twitching excitedly, some already dripping fluids from the tips. The eggs she received must not have come already fertilized. The thought fell onto her brain dully. She was so exhausted. But as she looked about at the ravenous eyes of the creatures around her and saw the only furnishing in the room, a worn out mattress on an elevated slab, the full weight of the situation dawned on her. She feebly attempted to crawl away, as she didn’t trust the stability of her legs, when she was abruptly grabbed from behind and flung onto the “bed” like a ragdoll.
  25. Lisa lay with her stomach on the mattress. Her skin still shiny with sweat and who knows what else, her hair a tangled mess. As she struggled to gather her thoughts, she saw that she was dripping her milk, which seemed so arousing to the creatures of this prison, down the side of the concrete slab which made up the bed. She then became acutely aware of her legs spread-eagled behind her, her toes just touching the floor. She felt terribly vulnerable being so exposed and quickly slammed her legs shut, only to have them violently yanked apart again! She slowly and nervously turned her head back and raised her eyes to see a monster easily three times the size of any person with a large armored head, spiky limbs, and slug like lower body looming behind her. It gave her a couple licks up the middle of her back, and she hoped that the guards at least might have some concept of foreplay, but she was disappointed in this once again as the alien mounted her and decided to go all the way just as quickly as the tentacle beast. It’s member was sized to fit this creature which seemed almost too big to fit through the cell doorway. She whipped her head forward and cried out as the beast forcefully struck the back of her orifice. Unlike the tentacle monster, this one thrusted quickly and violently, pummeling her already used and sore body. Thankfully her “treatment” ensured that she’d at least been wet down there at the start.
  27. She opened her eyes and found herself focused on another large, but very differently shaped phallus. This one was spiraled and a bluish shade, something truly alien. It was very long but thankfully less wide and more flexible than the one currently bringing tears to her eyes from behind. She still wanted nothing to do with it and fought hard to keep her mouth closed. The member was jammed unceremoniously against her mouth and face. But when a clawed hand yanked hard on her hair, she relented and allowed it to enter. This thing did not come pre-lubricated like the tentacles and so she choked and gagged as the guard used her mouth and throat almost as hard as the one behind. It seemed to have little concern for her suffering. The guards did not last long and soon she felt their sporadic twitching and then forceful pumping as they filled her up even more than she had been. She doubted her tummy could distend much more than it was now.
  29. More aliens followed, all with their own unusual brand of genitalia. Some came around front to use her mouth, while more went around back. Those that went behind mostly found the correct entrance, though some chose intentionally or by pure accident to batter her rear end. At some point, though she couldn’t possibly point out exactly when, Lisa’s sexual denial and drugs overcame her pain, discomfort, and pure sickness and without thinking about it, she reached her arms beneath her and struggled to achieve the illusive orgasm. Lost in a fever of pain and the phantom of unachievable ecstasy she finally passed out of consciousness. The guards who were left finished their business with her unconscious body and she was finally left to rest with her eggs thoroughly fertilized and with copious amounts of seed spilling out of all her entrances.
  31. Soon the very pregnant looking Lisa was back to her daily milking, though it was decided that she wasn’t in need of any more classes and could mostly relax with her eggs. After a month, she was able to deposit the slightly larger and harder eggs, which soon after hatched into new guards for the prison who were raised on her milk, which had been stored just for this occasion. She didn’t feel any motherly attachment to the spawn, but still never felt so relieved in her life. Until she realized that Sister Purity planned to do it all to her again. Lisa was distraught, but once again could not overpower the guards. But this time as the guards her holding her, terrified in front of the tentacle monster’s cell, Sister Purity made a last-minute appearance. She offered Lisa an antidote that would allow her to orgasm again. Lisa fell onto her knees frantically begging her for it, going on almost crazy with desperation. Sister Purity smiled deviously and told Lisa she had to promise to do something for her. “Anything!”, Lisa cried.
  33. The Warden had a “Monster Menagerie” underneath the prison where she bred all sorts of bizarre alien creatures which were sold or hired out across the universe for an immense variety of uses. Out of the latest batch of prisoners, Lisa had proven to be the best one for the task of being an egg incubator and breeder for this secret project. She could orgasm again, except for when she did something which displeased the Warden. And she carried hundreds of eggs during her time in the prison. Finally, after two years it was discovered that she’d been framed and was released and given a huge sum of money as compensation. Though she was never able to do anything about her uncomfortably large and leaky breasts, and funny sensations when around alien beings and strange creatures.
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