Arrest of Darling Banner BC 4242019

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  1. [18:28] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "walking up to the Lady" Darling Banner?
  2. [18:28] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex) looks up "Yes?"
  3. [18:29] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Do you know a woman Named Donna Carlson?
  4. [18:29] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex) thinks for a moment and says "the name sounds familiar, why?"
  5. [18:30] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): We have Information that led us to you. She was Murdered Just before the Storm. Tell me Have you ever been to Roadies?
  6. [18:31] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex) looks at him "I mean its a bar, so yea."
  7. [18:31] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "nods" Does Reily Thomson Ring a Bell?
  8. [18:32] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex): "probably. Officer why do these questions apply to me"
  9. [18:34] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): We Think you know who killed her. Some of your friends Mentioned you name. when we found them in the mine shaft.
  10. [18:35] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex) rolls her eyes "Well then I guess they cant be called my friends now can they"
  11. [18:37] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Look I know your past Darling your no angel. We have enough to Bring you in.
  12. [18:39] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex): "then why havent you"
  13. [18:39] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Who says I'm not right now were just talking. "looks over to Evie"
  14. [18:41] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): nods agreeing "we could, but we're giving you a chance"
  15. [18:43] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex) looks at the two officers " i mean something tells me your mind is pretty much made up and I dont think anything I say is going to change that. Why would you want to give me a chance if believe you already have the nails for my coffin?"
  16. [18:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "nods" Ok if thats how you feel. Then I see no other option. "Reaching behind him" Donna Banner.
  17. [18:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): You are under arrest.
  18. [18:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): You have the right to remain silent.
  19. [18:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law.
  20. [18:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): You have the right to an attorney.
  21. [18:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
  22. [18:45] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?
  23. [18:46] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex) looks up bored "Sure"
  24. [18:47] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "walks over to her Taking the cuffs from his back pocket" Please turn around with your hands on top of your head. Interlocking your fingers.
  25. [18:47] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex) complies, resisting the urge to give him the finger, figuring it would probably help her in the long run
  26. [18:48] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "/me takes her right hand down Placing the cuffs on and locking them down then taking the left hand down and doing the same. then double locking the cuffs.
  27. [18:48] Nexus Handcuff HUD (RLV): @setrot:1.246927=force
  28. [18:50] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "looking over to the Lieutenant " She is Secure would you search her. "taking his phone out and recording it."
  29. [18:51] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): nods and moves closer walking towards her stops in front "do you have anything on you that could poke, hurt or stab me" ((OOC: anything on you?))
  30. [18:52] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex): ((pack of smokes in my back pocket and a lighter in my shoe, and a knife thing that looks like a pen tucked into my ponytail))
  31. [18:55] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): places on gloves then proceeds to pat her down finding a pack of cigs, in her pocket she moves to check her hair finding a pen after checking it she realizes it is a knife and places them in a bag "alright she's good to go"
  32. [18:56] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "nods" will you walk her back to truck.
  33. [18:56] Evie Faye Neox (1mylittlesecret1): reaches for her cuffs to grab them if she doesn't push away she would grab them and guide her towards the truck
  34. [18:57] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex) follows the officer to the truck quietly, and pauses for a moment to look at the pool before continuing after the officer
  35. [18:58] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): "walking over to the Truck then opens the back door helping her up into it."
  36. [18:58] D.J Taylor (smith.pawpad): Up you go.
  37. [18:59] Darling (xfracturedfairytalex): ((im trying its only putting me here))
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