Session 3H - Oran Rocks

Mar 31st, 2012
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  1. [18:41:30] <@Botherer> It’s the evening of Summer 29! Word from the mainland that a meteor shower was incoming has reached the residents of Oran Valley. Turns out the idea of watching rocks burst into flames in a display of pretty colors is nowhere near the most horrifying prospect entertained by the Oranites lately, as the idea of having a late night barbecue and camp-out was not only entertained, but carried
  2. [18:41:30] <@Botherer> out!
  3. [18:41:30] <@Botherer> Torchlights have been set up around and within the permiter of Mt. Iris, which is now more or less “littered” with picnic blankets, sleeping bags, pitched up tents, and the like. A large flame, from which several people are crafting s’mores and other campfire treats, burns from atop the apex of the massive hill, smoke billowing out from atop it. All in all, it’s proven to be a great
  4. [18:41:31] <@Botherer> night thus far to just kick back, relax, and enjoy one’s self.
  5. [18:44:30] <Nike> Nike is in the crowd, as Surt is out keeping the fire going and burning brightly, while her Suicune pup is at her side; his job is to help douse the fires when it's time for the meteor shower.
  6. [18:44:35] * Joanna is sitting down, on a blanket by herself, clenching her knees together as she watches the sky. "...I wish Tom was here to see this..." she said to herself, alone...
  7. [18:45:12] <Nike> Nike herself is casually pacing around without any real goal, her parents and her brother already in the crowd yacking it up.
  8. [18:48:46] * Nephene is manning several grills, as is little Jeanne, who is feeding the flames for each.
  9. [18:49:15] <Nephene> Jeanne's sibling run off to bother Joanna, cheeping excitedly all the while.
  10. [18:49:19] <Nephene> *siblings
  11. [18:50:38] * Joanna almost starts sobbing, before a CHEEP interrupted her thoughts. "Ah, it's the Torchic family. How are you?" Joanna patted the Torchic before looking for Nephene. "Where's your guardian, little one?"
  12. [18:53:32] <@Botherer> It's a good thing Nephene's manning the grills, 'cause God damn, there's a good bunch of folk here! It seems there's others helping out with the "problem" of food, Lorelei ambling about with a plate of cookies, but it doesn't seem remotely likely that she alone would be enough to allay the rumbling stomachs of the Oranites present.
  13. [18:55:09] <Nephene> All of them are wearing simple necklaces with names - Victoria, Oreb, Klava, and Kenichi.
  14. [18:55:47] * Joanna notices the necklace and looks for the name.
  15. [18:55:52] <@Botherer> She first makes her way over to Nike, her plate of Pokemon-shaped cookies held up high for the girl to see. "Good evening~" she says to her with a warm smile.
  16. [18:56:04] * Nephene isn't so far away - she's just near the tables, readying the barbecue to be served.
  17. [18:56:37] <Nike> "Ah, good evening, Lorelei." Nike helps herself to a cookie, and breaks off a piece for her Suicune pup to nibble on. "Turn out is surprisingly high. You alright?"
  18. [18:56:53] * Submission has brought Dostoyevsky to get out to see the meteor shower. The Slowpoke sits lazily on a stone wall as Submission idles amongst the crowds. A pint is in his hand as he leans against a wooden post near Nephene's food station.
  19. [18:56:55] <Nephene> If you kinda squint at the names, they look like - or share a meaning with - people who live within the Valley.
  20. [18:57:30] <Nephene> The Torchics happily swarm Joanna for attention. They probably miss her a bit.
  21. [18:58:44] <Joanna> "Ah!" Joanna moves into a knelling position, facing all the Torchics. "Ah. Where's Nephene when you need her." Joanna sighs and pats them all. "I guess I could look over you guys while we wait... what do you all want to do?"
  22. [18:59:30] <Nephene> The siblings exchange confused looks before running circles around Joanna, flapping their stubby wings all the while.
  23. [19:00:18] <Sky> Out of nowhere, a grinning Shinx hops onto Dos' back after a great feat of a leap, careful not to dig his claws into the poor slowpoke's back on accident but soon after curling up next to him and watching the stars excitedly, almost as if conversing with him to any onlookers.
  24. [19:00:36] <@Botherer> "I'm quite alright! I thought some people would enjoy a snack, so I baked a fresh batch of cookies to share with everyone here~" She holds out her plate, taking on the forms of Mawiles, Shinx, Vulpix, Trapinch, Aron... Hell, even Grimer shaped cookies are amongst them. Funny how that works.
  25. [19:01:23] * Joanna chasing the Torchics around, barely catching up... now, wait, that's a lie too. Run, Joanna, run!
  26. [19:03:20] <BigTentacruel> The Slowpoke... is asleep! The hop didn't even do anything to him at all.
  27. [19:03:24] <Nike> "Well, they certainly look good." She chews into the one she picked up; Aron, she thinks. "Although everyone here is still a lot of people, hopefully no one gets left out." She gives an odd look at the Grimer cookie
  28. [19:03:33] <Nephene> It doesn't take much to divert the birds' collective attention - Amon's arrival to pick them up. Kenichi and Victoria immediately pounce on the Lucario, while Klava and Oreb are content to chase Joanna.
  29. [19:04:21] <Nephene> Two Torchic leap on the Lucario's shoulders, demanding playtime with loud cheeps and the occasional playful peck. Amon's reaction is unflinchingly neutral.
  30. [19:04:29] * Sky acknowledges this as being the norm and just taps the 'poke lightly with his somewhat-glowing tail every now and then.
  31. [19:04:30] <Joanna> And so, Joanna keeps chasing them... or wait, it's the other way around? Hard to tell, really.
  32. [19:04:58] <Nephene> <At least they're all together. Nephene had been worried that they'd all run off every which way.>
  33. [19:05:04] <Nephene> <Seem they're inseparable.>
  34. [19:05:59] <Nephene> Eventually, the last sibling, having finished with barbecue duty, joins in with the others, tagging in Oreb to take over.
  35. [19:06:28] <@Botherer> "I tried my best to make enough for everyone~ That way, maybe one day when they're in the mood for a treat, they'll think of me and my bakery~"
  36. [19:06:32] <Nephene> This one is Jeanne, Joanna's namesake. She's just as animated as the others, and sneezes out a burst of embers.
  37. [19:06:40] * Joanna follows the sibling leaving... to... Nephene?
  38. [19:07:17] <Submission> ZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzZZZzz. Dos isn't going to wake up that easily. Though, he seems to stir as the evening goes on. Maybe the coming shower is affecting him?
  39. [19:07:46] <Nephene> Oreb's path leads you to her quite easily. Amon follows as well, still dealing with two Torchic with far more energy than they have any right to possess.
  40. [19:08:17] <@Botherer> Meanwhile, Ricki waddles his way over to Submission and Nephene, hauling around a buncha blankets in his hand. Seems the only impairment is his inability to see past the stack, bumping into and bowling a couple people over with 'em as he walks towards 'em. "Hai lady~ Hai mister~"
  41. [19:08:47] * Joanna nods and bows a little to Nephene. "Oh, hello Nephene. I see you're helping with cooking. Would you like some help?"
  42. [19:09:01] <Nephene> "Hello, Ricki," she says as she flips a skewer over. "Are you staying safe?"
  43. [19:09:33] <Nephene> "Oh!" She turns to Joanna. "If you would. Keeping up with demand means I need to use multiple grills, and they're difficult to keep an eye on."
  44. [19:10:03] <Nike> Nike has to smirk a little. "Clever girl."
  45. [19:11:23] <Joanna> "Got it. I'll help out with those ones." Joanna makes a sweeping motion to about a quarter of the grills and turns them over when they're ready.
  46. [19:11:24] <@Botherer> "Yup~ I'm being REAL safe," Ricki chimes. "Just got told by Aunt Mina to give people these blankets in case they didn't have any...She said it might get real cold out~"
  47. [19:11:46] <Nephene> "Probably not a bad idea, Ricki. Some might be for sitting on, though."
  48. [19:13:28] <@Botherer> Lorelei gives a smile that, while it might be cute and angelic, may very well be revealing the devil of a little businesswoman hidden away within her. "Yup~ If you share a few cookies, they just might wanna buy a cake~"
  49. [19:14:14] <@Botherer> <Ricki> "That's okay~ We got plenty of those warm, fuzzy sheep friends that make you feel all tingly inside when you poke 'em. We can always make more if we need 'em~"
  50. [19:14:37] * Nike would argue that, but the sound of a nice cake was pretty good... "Don't suppose you need help getting those served out? Been pretty bored just milling about."
  51. [19:14:51] * Submission is silent, watching the exchange carefully. Occasionally, his eyes flick to the sky before returning to scanning the crowds.
  52. [19:14:59] <Sky> The sky or the Sky?
  53. [19:15:16] <Submission> The former.
  54. [19:15:58] <Sky> They're both up there! But the latter eventually rolls over and stretches out, anyway.
  55. [19:16:51] <@Botherer> "That would be delightful!" She passes the plate over to Nike. "There's another batch I should be checking on, anyways. Your help is greatly appreciated, Miss Fyron~"
  56. [19:19:38] * Nike shrugs, nods, and wishes Lorelei good luck with the second batch. She heads out to hand out these new cookies. "...Albatross!"
  57. [19:19:40] <Nephene> Karkata gives Sky a greeting pinch.
  58. [19:20:09] * Sky ELECTRIFIES- only barely, before scrambling up and bowing an apologetic greeting.
  59. [19:20:38] <Nephene> Karkata busily shakes Sky's front paws in a rather animated greeting.
  60. [19:21:27] <@Botherer> Ricki drops a blanket next to Nephene before hopping over towards Submission, his visibility improved by the lack of a blanket enough so that he's able to actually see his figure ... Before bumping into him and falling over anyways.
  61. [19:23:13] <@Botherer> <Lorelei> "No, thank you! I almost forgot about the other batch... If I'm fast enough I might be able to save them from burning!" And with that, she's off!
  62. [19:23:24] <Sky> The Shinx gives a lion smile and sits down atop the wall, thumping the slowpoke behind him with his glowing tail repeatedly. While he's at it he wonders how a crab could get that high up to begin with, but that doesn't stop him from being pleasant.
  63. [19:24:12] <Nephene> Karkata simply skitters on top of Sky to create a Poketower. It's practically impossible to find a hint of malice in him.
  64. [19:24:58] * Sky gets a bit pouty but eventually lies down with a yawn and just lets it happen.
  65. [19:25:07] <@Botherer> Karkata climbs atop just in time that one of the blankets Ricki dropped, caught in a gust of wind, blows right over him and the rest of the tower. He doesn't seem to notice. "Oops, sorry mister~"
  66. [19:26:36] <Nephene> "Cooo-sheeee~" And down the Candycrab topples, landing upside down. His legs flail a bit before stopping - this probably wasn't so bad.
  67. [19:27:31] * Sky squints and flips the crab over with a paw. Curiously, he licks said paw after doing so and looks at it with a 'huh' before going back to watching the stars.
  68. [19:27:45] <Nephene> He's like a cherry lollipop!
  69. [19:28:04] <Nephene> Karkata tappity-tappity-taps to take his place back on the lion.
  70. [19:29:12] <Sky> The shinx leans to the side and tries to get him to scuttle over onto the slowpoke instead.
  71. [19:30:11] <Nephene> "Cooo-sheeee." Karkata slides off the Shinx, and lands on Dos.
  72. [19:31:11] <Sky> Triumphantly, Sky stops the tail-beatings and returns to looking straight up. He hides the fact that he was actually drooling over the cookies incredibly well.
  73. [19:32:11] <Nike> As Nike continues handing out cookies in Lorelei's stead, the Suicune pup starts to pace around underfoot, until it comes close to Karkata, Sky, and Dos.
  74. [19:33:21] <Sky> On top of the wall or below it?
  75. [19:33:49] * Sky pretty much waves with a paw regardless. Curiously, though his trademark yellow scarf's still on, the same can't be said of the omanyte hat.
  76. [19:33:50] <Nike> Below
  77. [19:34:20] <Submission> Dos wakes up as the Suicune approaches. He peers at the Krabby and just kind of shrugs and stares off into the distance.
  78. [19:34:48] <Sky> Wave wave~ The little lion's eyes light up at his friend's life-signs, but he basically just purrs while watching the night sky.
  79. [19:35:00] <Nephene> Karkata transfers over to the Suicune pup's head.
  80. [19:35:51] <Submission> After several moments, a lazy tail waves at the Shinx.
  81. [19:35:58] <@Botherer> Lorelei returns not too long after with her cookies, helping her in greetings and cookie distribution before making her way over to Joanna. "Good evening, Aunt Joanna~"
  82. [19:36:51] <@Botherer> The pile of adorable 'mons can't help but notice that one particular rock seems to outshine all of the others, a white and blue tail of flames bursting out from its rear as it makes its descent. It burns brightly as it falls, its white grow glowing brighter and brighter as the atmosphere begins to slowly chip away at it.
  83. [19:36:51] <Nike> The Suicune whimpers a little and shrinks back shyly, before it waves up right back.
  84. [19:37:13] * Joanna nods. "Oh, good morning Lorelei. How are you today?" She quickly flips one of the grills right after she says this.
  85. [19:37:22] <Submission> Meanwhile, Submission takes a swig of his beer and sniffs the air a bit. "Good night, tonight," he says.
  86. 19:37:41] <@Botherer> There's still plenty of other pretty balls of fiery death flinging themselves down at the earth around it, but all are severely outshone by it.
  87. [19:37:43] * Nephene starts transferring some skewers over to the trays. That's one batch that's ready to eat!
  88. [19:37:55] * Joanna nods. "Oh, good morning Lorelei. How are you today?" She quickly flips one of the grills right after she says this.
  89. [19:38:37] * Sky thumps his tail against Dos' side a couple times, excitedly pointing to the BIG shooting star with a catlike smile.
  90. [19:38:58] <@Botherer> Ricki pulls himself up off the ground. "Hai mister~ Aunt Mina told me to give blankets to people so they wouldn't get cold. You wanna blanket? It's made of real warm, fuzzy sheep stuff~"
  91. [19:38:59] * Nike finds herself stopping in her serving as she looks up at the meteor shower. While her Suicune pup and Surt are both rather enthralled, Nike is amazed in a more quiet, understated fashion.
  92. [19:40:00] <@Botherer> <Lorelei> "I'm doing quite well~ Just thought maybe my favorite aunt would enjoy a cookie for her hard work in helping make sure everyone's well fed tonight?"
  93. [19:40:05] <Nephene> "That.....that's new."
  94. [19:41:07] <Joanna> "Oh. Of course." Joanna took a cookie and chomped on it. "Wow, this is delicious, Lorerei. Where did you learn to make this?"
  95. [19:43:51] <@Botherer> "It's a secret~" She takes a hand out from beneath the bottom of the plate to waggle it, though she stumbles with it a bit.
  96. [19:44:09] <Nike> 1d20 Nike Wisdom
  97. [19:44:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, Nike Wisdom: 14 [1d20=14]
  98. [19:44:13] <Sky> 1d20+3 smartcat
  99. [19:44:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Sky, smartcat: 9 [1d20=6]
  100. [19:44:18] <Sky> dumbcat
  101. [19:43:51] <@Botherer> "It's a secret~" She takes a hand out from beneath the bottom of the plate to waggle it, though she stumbles with it a bit.
  102. [19:44:09] <Nike> 1d20 Nike Wisdom
  103. [19:44:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, Nike Wisdom: 14 [1d20=14]
  104. [19:44:13] <Sky> 1d20+3 smartcat
  105. [19:44:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Sky, smartcat: 9 [1d20=6]
  106. [19:44:18] <Sky> dumbcat
  107. [19:44:52] <Nike> 1d20+4 Surt IntC
  108. [19:44:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, Surt IntC: 19 [1d20=15]
  109. [19:45:07] <Nike> 1d20+3 Baby Suicune's first INT check
  110. [19:45:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, Baby Suicune's first INT check: 18 [1d20=15]
  111. [19:45:32] <Joanna> 1d20+5 WIS
  112. [19:45:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Joanna, WIS: 24 [1d20=19]
  113. [19:46:30] <Nephene> 1d20-2 WIS
  114. [19:46:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, WIS: 5 [1d20=7]
  115. [19:46:49] <Nephene> Amon would probably know something.
  116. [19:46:54] <Nephene> 1d20+4 smartcario
  117. [19:46:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, smartcario: 20 [1d20=16]
  118. [19:47:17] <@Botherer> Amon stares at the rock in disbelief.
  119. [19:47:38] <@Botherer> Surt and babbycune are also visibly disturbed as well.
  120. [19:47:57] <Joanna> "...uh, Nephene, I'm going to go for a bit. Gotta check up on Tom. See you later!" Joanna gets ready to leave before turning back. "Oh, and there MIGHT be a meteor something down near here. Goodbye!"
  121. [19:48:33] <Nephene> Karkata just dances on the Suicune's head, clearly without a care in the world.
  122. [19:48:39] <Nephene> Meteors! Free spotlights!
  123. [19:49:17] <Nephene> <....a voice beckons from above. That rock -speaks-,> Amon notes, puzzled.
  124. [19:49:52] <Nephene> <Something to the effect of, "LOOK OUT, LITTLE DUDES." Clearly uncivilized, but we should move.>
  125. [19:49:52] <Nephene> <Something to the effect of, "LOOK OUT, LITTLE DUDES." Clearly uncivilized, but we should move.>
  126. [19:50:21] <Nike> However, the Suicune is in a bit of distress. Surt rears back and lets out a whiny of alarm. Nike is noticing something very wrong in the sky as well. She sets down the cookies, and tries to find her family and her Pokemon.
  127. [19:50:22] <Nephene> He immediately mobilizes, scooping up as many of the Torchic siblings as he can. Neph takes care of the remainder plus Karkata, and bolts.
  128. [19:50:38] * Joanna gets going back to the day care center, running for AHHH
  129. [19:51:02] <Nephene> The siblings cheep worriedly.
  130. [19:51:02] * Sky gets a little more attentive, sitting instead of lying for starters.
  131. [19:52:34] <@Botherer> Noticing Joanna's panic and Amon's sudden mobilization, the hill gradually begins to erupt into panic.
  132. [19:53:06] <Nike> Soon, the Fyron family are being shuffled out by the daughter of the house, as Surt is being dragged along by the reins. The Suicune pup buries its face in its paws, before being scooped up by Horace.
  133. [19:54:40] <Submission> 1d20-2 WIS CHECK MY BAD
  134. [19:54:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, WIS CHECK MY BAD: 18 [1d20=20]
  135. [19:55:01] <Sky> The shinx' tail-whapping becomes more furious on the slowpoke. After a bit of pondering he realized the OVERWHELMING SAFENESS of the location a certain wacky teenager and her friends are in, nodding at every 'mon around with an 'I'm going to check it out' look. And a great leap sends him off the wall and onto the ground.
  136. [19:56:38] <Submission> (Not bothering to roll wis for Dos. He doesn't notice shit.)
  137. [19:57:31] <Sky> (not to mention Sky TOLD him after seeing everybody run off, anyway... that and Amon saying it out loud I think)
  138. [19:57:41] <@Botherer> With the advanced notice granted by Joanna's panic, it's safe to say that the hill was evacuated with plenty time to spare. The meteor, oddly enough, though, simply flies overhead the summit of the hill in a near straight line, snuffing the flame as it launches through it, a wailing noise coming from it as sails into the Alizarin Forest! The sound of an explosion and a trembling of the earth
  139. [19:57:41] <@Botherer> heralds the impact. What comes next is a burst from where it seems the meteor struck, a small chunk of the forest slowly becoming encompassed by a dome of light, white with varying shades of blue strewn throughout before fading.
  140. [19:59:27] * Nephene looks in the direction of impact, utterly dumbstruck.
  141. [19:59:40] <Nephene> "What....should....should we check it out?"
  142. [19:59:46] * Submission strides heavily that direction. "I'm going to."
  143. [20:00:00] * Sky brushes against Neffy's leg, looking up with DETERMINATION and nodding.
  144. [20:00:21] * Joanna hears the loud BOOM near the forest and goes to look at the place where the meteor impacted. "...ooh... I kind of want to go check it out..." Without warning, her feet start moving to the impact site.
  145. [20:00:48] <Nephene> "He said something -spoke- on it, though."
  146. [20:01:06] <Nephene> "Something might have been on it, or the meteor was alive, or....oh, this is not good. None of these are good."
  147. [20:01:29] <Nephene> Four of the Torchic siblings hide behind Dos, terrified. Jeanne seems up for the challenge, though.
  148. [20:02:45] <Nike> Making sure her family head home safely, Nike immediately mounts up. Her Suicune pup hops onto the saddle, and Surt takes off for the crash site at full gallop
  149. [20:03:24] * Sky gives another nod to Submission - and Dos in the same gesture - before also running off at full speed, not even bothering to go back for a certain somebody. How mean!
  150. [20:06:38] <@Botherer> You approach the edge of the Alizarin Forest. The only sounds you hear during your relavitely short walk, save an occasional howling wind, are those of your own creation. As you arrive, a particularly strong and chilling gust of wind blows past, sending shivers down your spines. Either way, you're probably better off than what lay immediately before you.
  151. [20:06:58] <Emily> A young woman with long, braided brown hair and wearing a one-piece short dress with a vest over it took stock of her situation. It seemed that she fell to the ground somehow and her leg was now coated over in a thin sheet of ice.
  152. [20:08:15] <@Botherer> Insert Music!
  153. [20:09:05] <@Botherer> In addition to her condition, it seems that some of the surrounding trees had become coated in frost.
  154. [20:09:13] <Sky> An energetic shinx spearheads the group, or at least makes his best effort to, growling at how particularly strong the wind is and rushing over to the first life-sign. Of course, that means he bites at the ice trying to chip it away, giving her a worried look.
  155. [20:09:17] * Submission leads the pack headed for the forest. As they come upon the woman, there's a look of... "what." on Submission's face. Then again, living with Maka has taught him that Oran can be pretty strange.
  156. [20:09:24] * Joanna turns to the girl. "h, miss, are you alright? You look in no position to be here, where it's dangerous."
  157. [20:09:29] * Nephene approaches the girl. "Oh, dear. Don't tell me you were hit. Or on the meteor..."
  158. [20:09:33] <Nephene> "Either way, this isn't good."
  159. [20:09:43] <Nike> As Nike is astride Surt, she is able to obtain some warmth. She shared Submission's confusion, and nodded, urging Surt to get closer.
  160. [20:10:19] <Nike> The girl seemed frozen over in places, so Nike dismounted, and tried to bring Surt a little closer, letting his fiery mane heat the poor girl.
  161. [20:11:06] * Submission looks around the surrounding area, letting the females tend to the girl. Best to make sure there's nothing about to spring out on them.
  162. [20:11:25] <Emily> "Maybe I should have taken that advice then..." the girl remarked, thankful at least that someone was nearby. Heaven knows what could happen if she was stuck here for the night, "What was that thing!?"
  163. [20:11:39] * Sky steps back and gives a small bow to Surt, requesting assistance. That leads to him following Submission and surveying the area.
  164. [20:11:39] <@Botherer> Between the warmth of Surt's fiery mane and Sky's nibbling upon the ice, it doesn't take more than a short moment or two to break the girl free from her icy shackle.
  165. [20:11:50] <Nephene> "A meteor, or something. We saw it coming, but we didn't think it would strike here...."
  166. [20:12:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, Wisdom: 12 [1d20=14]
  167. [20:12:41] * Nike nods, and tries helping the girl to her feet. "Here, try riding Surt for a while. Get off those legs."
  168. [20:13:23] <Sky> 1d20+3 what's over here~
  169. [20:13:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Sky, what's over here~: 15 [1d20=12]
  170. [20:14:21] <Emily> "Ah, thank you~" the girl replied, still a little wobbly on the colder leg as one of the women in armor helped her up the fiery horse pokemon, "Is something like this common around these parts?"
  171. [20:14:55] <Nike> "Well, this specifically, not the least. Although Oran Valley is a bit of a weirdness magnet..."
  172. [20:15:27] * Sky tilts his head quizzically, approaching a nearby tree trunk and looking inside, sniffing. After a few seconds he just starts ramming it, apparently trying to free something.
  173. [20:16:39] * Submission gestures for Sky to move before he gives the tree a solid thunk.
  174. [20:17:01] <Nephene> Amon approaches the trunk quizzically, and points to it, gazing at Sky. If he needed something dislodged, he would certainly be better at it.
  175. [20:17:02] * Sky finishes one headbutt before shaking his head and leaping to the side with a nod.
  176. [20:17:34] <Emily> "Ummm.... I see..." the girl nodded, looking to the others who seemed to be looking for something, "The name's Emily Hoshizawa, by the way, I was making my way to Oran in the hopes of finding new pokemon."
  177. [20:17:43] <Submission> "I have it," Submission says, aiming such that he won't actually hit what's inside but rather just punch part of the trunk off.
  178. [20:18:06] <Sky> 1d20+1 power capability anyway because I just want to see how this will turn out
  179. [20:18:07] <Nephene> <Be careful. A Pokemon is inside.>
  180. [20:18:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Sky, power capability anyway because I just want to see how this will turn out: 5 [1d20=4]
  181. [20:18:15] <Sky> Being tinylion is suffering.
  182. [20:18:21] * Joanna nods and smiles. "Oh, I have a bunch of Pokemon over at my day care center. I'll show you around later on."
  183. [20:18:23] <@Botherer> Sky's one headbutt earns him a tiny little bump on the head.
  184. [20:18:27] <Submission> 1d20+12 STR CHECK ARGH
  185. [20:18:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, STR CHECK ARGH: 29 [1d20=17]
  186. [20:18:48] <Submission> 1d20+10 to avoid hitting the poor thing inside
  187. [20:18:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, to avoid hitting the poor thing inside: 18 [1d20=8]
  188. [20:18:53] <Submission> (Dex check)
  189. [20:19:07] <Nike> "Nike Fyron. I'll show you around the valley once things have calmed down," she promised.
  190. [20:19:15] <Nike> "For now...why are you attacking the tree?"
  191. [20:19:32] <Joanna> "Ah. I'm Joanna Baker. It's nice to meet you, Emily."
  192. [20:19:32] <Submission> "Something's inside. Can Amon see what it is?"
  193. [20:19:40] <Nephene> <Pachirisu.>
  194. [20:19:40] <@Botherer> Submission punches the tree with such a precisely planted and powerful strike that the tree, rendered brittle from the frost, snaps! The ice shatters, and the Pachirisu escapes with time to spare, but the tree falls back, a loud crash and the shattering of ice echoing through the hollows of the forest.
  195. [20:19:40] * Emily nods as she watches what the others are doing.
  196. [20:20:01] <@Botherer> and the Pokemon inside, a Pachirisu, escapes **
  197. [20:20:15] * Sky winces but quickly snaps out of it, following the Pachirisu to ascertain its health. Unless it's just THAT fast.
  198. [20:22:12] * Submission is silent as the Pachirisu leaves. It's wild. At least it's safe.
  199. [20:22:14] <@Botherer> Oh, it's plenty fast, but after a scare like that, it needs to take a moment to stop and catch its breath... And the seed it dropped.
  200. [20:22:40] * Submission scouts about just to make sure there really is nothing nearby. Paranoia saves lives.
  201. [20:22:46] <Submission> 1d20-2 WIS check nigga
  202. [20:22:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, WIS check nigga: 2 [1d20=4]
  203. [20:22:49] <Sky> Well, the shinx at least pats it on the back and has some mon-talk with it to make sure everything's alright. In fact, he doesn't even seem to notice the seed.
  204. [20:22:50] <Submission> (NOPE.)
  205. [20:23:39] * Emily remembers those that have introduced themselves to her so far... Nike and Joanna... nods
  206. [20:24:43] <@Botherer> The Pachirisu takes its seed and offers it up to the big, strong, burly man, chattering a bit. To the pokemon, it comes out as <Oh, thank you so much, mister! I thought I was gonna freeze to death in that tree ;_;>
  207. [20:25:26] <@Botherer> She also gives Sky a peck on its bruise, as if it would make it hurt less. <I thought it was sweet you tried to help, too~>
  208. [20:25:30] * Joanna stays with Emily. "Are you sure you'll be alright out here, Emily?"
  209. [20:25:59] * Submission nods taciturnly. A hand pushes the seed back towards the Pachirisu. "S'yours. Just looking out for good neighbors."
  210. [20:26:23] <Sky> The shinx nods dutifully as his eyes turn a bit to the side, slightly blushing. <O-Oh, it was nothing, really...>
  211. [20:26:54] <Emily> "Of course I would!" Emily assured Joanna with a very confident smile, "I've been catching pokemon in the wild for some time now, this shouldn't be the worst that has happened!" ;3c
  212. [20:27:51] <Nike> "Alright.. Well, stay on Surt until your legs are all better. We'll have to get you to a doctor once this is all done. Not to mention discuss where you came from, maybe over some drinks."
  213. [20:27:52] <Nephene> "You've been through worse than a meteor impact? Really?"
  214. [20:28:11] * Sky gives everybody a small nod before heading off deeper into the forest to scout, now filled with COURAGE.
  215. [20:28:29] <@Botherer> The Pachirisu insists once more on trying to give Submission the seed. <No, really... This is nothing. It's the least I can do to thank you for saving me!>
  216. [20:28:45] * Joanna nods. "Oh, I see." She nods before looking around. "Huh? Where's Submission? And Sky for that matter..."
  217. [20:29:48] <@Botherer> Submission and Sky are tending to the Pachirisu. Amon is present as well, hearing every word of the conversation.
  218. [20:30:05] <Sky> Sky actually ran off deeper into the forest AFTER making sure she was tended to.
  219. [20:30:10] <Nephene> Amon frowns.
  220. [20:30:30] <Nephene> <He's going to get himself killed at this rate.>
  221. [20:30:43] <@Botherer> Oh, whoopsy~. Roll 1d20, Sky.
  222. [20:30:54] <Sky> 1d20 k~
  223. [20:30:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Sky, k~: 9 [1d20=9]
  224. [20:31:16] * Submission sighs and smiles. "You need it far more than I. Keep it, friend." It's a rare mood to see Submission in. "Just stay safe and I'll be satisfied."
  225. [20:31:53] <Emily> "Well, the meteor impact is new to me. But at least it wasn't like getting hit by it head-on?" Emily replied, having second thoughts about that statement earlier. It is good that it wasn't a big rock out of nowhere.
  226. [20:32:15] <@Botherer> The Pachirisu gives an appreciative nod before scurrying off. But not before climbing atop and giving Sub a quick peck on the cheek as well.
  227. [20:33:11] <Nike> "The unseasonable freezing over is unsettling. Everyone stay on the alert."
  228. [20:33:28] * Submission makes note of the Pachirisu's markings. Best to keep track of the local wildlife.
  229. [20:33:45] * Nephene slips on some black gloves, and nods.
  230. [20:33:58] <Nephene> Amon scans the impact site for any signs of auras.
  231. [20:35:09] <Submission> Suddenly, a Slowpoke wanders up the trail behind the group. He was just taking his sweet time getting there.
  232. [20:35:15] * Joanna nods. "Oh, my, it's getting late. I should go right now." Joanna says goodbye to everyone before leaving to head back to the daycare.
  233. [20:35:54] <Nephene> Amon's eyes suddenly snap open. "He went that way. He found something."
  234. [20:36:25] <Nephene> Amon runs off to follow Sky. Neph does the same, with Karkata and Jeanne following closely behind.
  235. [20:37:50] <@Botherer> As you approach, roll 1d20, adding your CON modifier if you're a human.
  236. [20:38:21] <Sky> (I'm included in this too, yeah?)
  237. [20:38:21] <Nephene> 1d20 Amon
  238. [20:38:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Amon: 16 [1d20=16]
  239. [20:38:22] * Emily makes mental note of things she had to attend to afterwards, like that daycare center and balls...
  240. [20:38:38] <Nephene> 1d20+1 Neph
  241. [20:38:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Neph: 2 [1d20=1]
  242. [20:38:55] <Nike> 1d20+1 Nike
  243. [20:38:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, Nike: 4 [1d20=3]
  244. [20:38:58] * Submission waves for Dos to follow him over to follow the rest.
  245. [20:39:14] <Sky> 1d20 if so
  246. [20:39:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Sky, if so: 14 [1d20=14]
  247. [20:39:21] <Emily> 1d20
  248. [20:39:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Emily, 1d20: 17 [1d20=17]
  249. [20:39:23] <Submission> 1d20+2 Submission
  250. [20:39:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, Submission: 18 [1d20=16]
  251. [20:39:26] <Submission> 1d20 Dos
  252. [20:39:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, Dos: 9 [1d20=9]
  253. [20:41:52] <@Botherer> Yet another icy gust of wind rushes past! Poor Neph and Nike are caught completely off guard by it, and they can feel a powerful icy numbing fill up their body. Poor girls.
  254. [20:42:19] * Nike is really shivering, and huddles closer to Surt, still allowing Emily the ride.
  255. [20:42:32] * Nephene has no such source of warmth.
  256. [20:42:56] <@Botherer> ( Whoops, wrong thingy. ) The two of you are wrapped in the cold’s embrace, a numbing sensation rapidly coming over your body. You feel as if every breath you take is in slow motion.
  257. [20:44:17] <@Botherer> Your venture into the forest soon brings you upon a rather disturbing sight; despite it having been a relatively warm summer evening, you can see frost coating the edges of the trees, at first just small bits that seem to be in the midst of melting, but as you progress deeper into the forest, all of the grass and whole sides of the trees are slathered in frost, and the temperature falls
  258. [20:44:17] <@Botherer> in accord.
  259. [20:46:27] <Submission> "Careful." Submission warns.
  260. [20:46:48] * Emily sticks close to Surt, glad she was offered a ride. This forest is suddenly all sorts of strange that does not begin to describe what is going on right now... Maybe she could figure out what is it that's bugging the forest?
  261. [20:46:55] <@Botherer> Before long, you reach the point where whole Pokémon have been completely encased in ice, the emotion of sheer terror upon one Deerling’s face captured quite well as it fled for its life before being encased in its icy coffin.
  262. [20:47:38] * Nephene shivers.
  263. [20:47:58] <Nephene> "S-S-Sky? Wh-where are you?"
  264. [20:48:23] <Nike> Nike is horrified, and now that her senses are returning, and her hands aren't as numb, she steps away from Surt to draw her sword. She urges Surt forward, see if he could start dispelling some of the frost.
  265. [20:49:45] * Emily checks her equipment. She has a few makeshift pokeballs and capturing equipment... which she feels she will need to use soon enough.
  266. [20:50:22] <Nephene> ( and i just realize i haven't updated neph's sheet )
  267. [20:50:50] <Emily> (refer to wiki for now? :3)
  268. [20:51:04] * Sky prances back from deeper in the forest, fur a bit blackened as he doesn't seem to be shivering much. His scarf's oddly enough in perfect condition... mostly.
  269. [20:51:05] <Nephene> ( Yep. )
  270. [20:51:54] <Nephene> Jeanne, noting Nike and Neph's shivering, puffs out a steady cloud of embers.
  271. [20:53:23] <@Botherer> The adorable little Torchic babby's puffs of embers are really quite warming! A perfect counter to this dreadful cold.
  272. [20:54:36] <Sky> A little shinx-paw, following a bow to the group, points on a slight side-route off the way he came in, as if asking them to go around something.
  273. [20:54:49] <Sky> Though, still heading deeper in.
  274. [20:55:00] <Nephene> <What lies there?>
  275. [20:55:10] <Emily> "Any idea what could be causing this freezing?" Emily asked, trying to get a better look of whatever's further ahead of them from horseback, "I don't think any other pokemon could do something like this so easily..."
  276. [20:56:04] <Submission> "Can Amon pick anything up?"
  277. [20:56:43] <Nephene> Nephene reads the auras ahead, if any.
  278. [20:56:47] <Sky> To Amon: <Don't go that way, if you don't mind. It's definitely deeper in but you can still get there by going this way, alright?>
  279. [20:58:28] <Nephene> <...unspecific, but fine. Lead the way.>
  280. [20:58:46] <Sky> Nodding, he does, heaving a little sigh of relief.
  281. [20:58:53] <Nephene> "Whatever's ahead, they're in trouble," Neph notes.
  282. [20:59:52] * Submission sticks close to the front of the group to be the first into trouble.
  283. [21:02:26] <Nephene> "I think we'll have to hurry."
  284. [21:03:02] <@Botherer> It seems some Pokémon were far more fortunate than others… Though fortunate doesn’t necessarily translate to “in a good position”; proceeding down the tracks, you can see that quite a few Pokémon have been visibly and adversely affected by the sudden icy influx.
  285. [21:03:03] <@Botherer> A Caterpie can be seen visibly flailing about as it struggles to break free of the thin layer of ice that holds it captive. A Pidgey, wings covered in frost, is dangling from a somewhat high up tree branch by its talon, its positioning looking HIGHLY uncomfortable as it cries out for help.
  286. [21:03:03] <@Botherer> A small lake has also been frozen over by the cold blast; a Lotad has found itself stuck atop an icy stalagmite by its lily pad, seemingly having attempted to jump out right before the wave of frigid air swept past it. A Dratini can be seen squirming about atop the sheet of ice coating the lake, accomplishing little more than giving off the appearance of a wacky inflatable flailing arm
  287. [21:03:05] <@Botherer> tube man.
  288. [21:03:07] <@Botherer> … Not that anyone would know what those are since they don’t exist yet, but that’s besides the point.
  289. [21:04:05] <@Botherer> <<< Some sad music for their sad plight ;_;
  290. [21:04:25] <Sky> ( bisonyes.mp4 )
  291. [21:04:55] * Nephene motions to each. "Karkata, think you can break the ice around the Dratini and swim back? Jeanne, try to melt the ice surrounding that Caterpie."
  292. [21:04:59] * Nike looks absolutely horrified by what's going on, and sheaths her sword to approach the tree with the precariously hanging Pidgey, trying to coo and encourage it to let go and fall into her hands.
  293. [21:05:34] <@Botherer> The Pidgey is trapped, its talon frozen over as it dangles upside down helplessly.
  294. [21:05:43] <Nephene> "Try to get the Lotad, too."
  295. [21:05:44] <Sky> ACTUALLY spearheading the group this time, the shinx occasionally rams into an iceblock or two if the ice looks thin but mostly keeps trudging ahead, shaking off the cold as best he can and heading in a straight line after curving the group for a short while, heading straight toward what's probably the center of the forest.
  296. [21:05:56] * Submission stares on stalwartly. This is the kind of thing that makes him glad Maka's not here.
  297. [21:06:12] <Nephene> Karkata taps at the ice around the Dratini with his pincer, gradually applying more force until it cracks.
  298. [21:06:29] * Emily has sufficiently warmed up by now, deciding to get to her feet and calling upon her pokemon- a Scyther, "Hayabusa, let's help these guys out in freeing those pokemon!"
  299. [21:06:36] <@Botherer> Karkata "Koo"s at Nephene's first request, and smashes the ice once. It causes the ice to crack quite a bit more, and the Dratini panics.
  300. [21:06:53] <@Botherer> A single line of cracking goes beneath it as it panickedly flays about.
  301. [21:06:55] <Nephene> "Hey, careful! We'll....we'll get you out of there!"
  302. [21:07:39] * Nephene thinks, and reaches for a spare ball at her belt. "Look, I'll pull you out of there! Just calm down a bit!"
  303. [21:07:58] * Nephene rolls the ball over to Karkata.
  304. [21:08:25] <Nephene> Candycrab skitters to pick it up.
  305. [21:09:05] <Emily> Hayabusa works on striking the ice that traps the caterpie with precision to avoid hurting the caterpillar pokemon while knocking off the ice.
  306. [21:09:22] <@Botherer> Hayabusa, roll a POW check!
  307. [21:10:10] <Nephene> With an apricorn ball firmly in his pincer, Karkata taps the button of the ball against the Dratini.
  308. [21:10:32] <@Botherer> Karkata makes grabby claws at the ball. It takes a while, but he gets it eventually. And the Dratini, still panicking a bit, goes into the ball, and...
  309. [21:10:41] <Emily> 1d20+3 Hayabusa
  310. [21:10:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Emily, Hayabusa: 17 [1d20=14]
  311. [21:11:24] <@Botherer> A strike! It comes a bit close to accidentally striking the Caterpie, but it breaks free regardless. The little thing wriggles its way up to Emily, a berry held up to her as gratitude.
  312. [21:12:05] * Nephene waits expectantly for the results of the crabcapture.
  313. [21:12:10] <Nike> Nike hums a little, wondering what to do, before she draws her sword, and tries to left it up to try striking the branch the Pidgey was frozen to
  314. [21:13:02] * Submission is standing around, seeing if people need any help. He doesn't want to get in the way.
  315. [21:13:30] <Emily> "Ryokatta desu~~~" Emily happily remarked as she comforts the caterpie and gratefully receives the berry, "You should find some place safe to hide for now, okay?" :3c
  316. [21:13:48] <@Botherer> *Boing boing* A couple of hops, but she can't QUITE reach the Pidgey. There's a an almost staircase of icicles branching out from the tree, though... Although not the safest thing in the world, if you could get up even a those without 'em breaking, you'd be able to break it free easily.
  317. [21:14:51] <@Botherer> ( Capture roll, Nephene? )
  318. [21:15:10] * Submission goes to assist in the pidgey rescue.
  319. [21:15:18] <@Botherer> The Caterpie, eyes closed and with the cheesiest grin it can muster, scuttles off.
  320. [21:15:19] * Submission is a towering behemoth.
  321. [21:15:45] <Nephene> 1d100 Dratini crabrescue
  322. [21:15:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, Dratini crabrescue: 46 [1d100=46]
  323. [21:16:12] <Nike> Nike hands Submission her sword. "If you can just tap the branch, I can catch the Pidgey as the ice shackling it comes loose."
  324. [21:16:47] * Submission checks to see if he's close enough, gesturing delicately at the branch.
  325. [21:18:00] <@Botherer> The Dratini slurps into the ball, and it wriggles about a moment, highly panicked before popping back out.
  326. [21:18:59] * Sky shoots the others a curious glance to make sure everything's going well for them, before becoming batshinx and clutching his scarf tighter, speeding off. Gone.
  327. [21:19:19] <Nephene> ( But it's no longer trapped, right? )
  328. [21:19:26] <@Botherer> Submission is indeed a towering behemoth. Using him as a stand, Nike cuts down the Pidgey effortlessly, which plops into his hands.
  329. [21:19:28] <Nephene> "Hey! Calm down! Calm down!"
  330. [21:19:39] <@Botherer> It's not trapped, but it's wriggling about on the ice, terrified still.
  331. [21:20:03] <Nephene> "Karkata, can you just kinda push it off the ice? Be gentle."
  332. [21:20:15] <Nike> Nike sshes the Pidgey, and gently holds it to her breast to warm it.
  333. [21:20:30] <Nephene> She tries to think of a way to reassure the Dratini. "Ssssh, shhh, you're safe now. That ice isn't going to trap you anymore."
  334. [21:20:37] <Nephene> "You're free, see?"
  335. [21:21:13] * Nephene waits at the edge of the pond for Karkata and the Dratini. As soon as it was close, she knew of one way to calm it down.
  336. [21:22:27] <@Botherer> The Pidgey very much enjoys the warmth of Nike's breast (though he'd enjoy any warmth regardless of the organ associated with it) and cuddles with her.
  337. [21:23:46] <@Botherer> Roll 1d20 Neph.
  338. [21:24:12] * Nike continues to comfort the small bird, before gently looking at its leg and its wings to see if there were any residual frost.
  339. [21:24:39] * Emily pockets the berry that the caterpie has given her into one of the pockets of her belt, turning to her new companions to see how else she could help out.
  340. [21:24:40] <Nephene> 1d20
  341. [21:24:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20: 20 [1d20=20]
  342. [21:24:56] <Emily> (nice :D)
  343. [21:25:02] <@Botherer> Just a little bit on the talon that was coated in ice, but it's slowly melting.
  344. [21:26:06] <@Botherer> Karkata grabs onto the Dratini by the tail and drags it along excitedly. It "koo's" as it flies past, ice cracking behind it as it drags the Dratini along. It doesn't fall in, thankfully, but it does expose a Magikarp beneath that was bashing its head against the ice, now free to actually breathe...
  345. [21:26:38] <@Botherer> Err, wait, it's a fish. It could already breathe underwater.
  346. [21:27:41] * Emily notices the Lotad's plight, and calls upon Hayabusa to help in freeing the lotus pad pokemon!
  347. [21:28:10] <@Botherer> The Pidgey offers a berry that seems to be frozen over as well to Nike. It's not, but the visual texture suggests otherwise.
  348. [21:28:52] <Emily> Hayabusa flies over the lake, approaching to cut off the icy stalagmite the Lotad is stuck to.
  349. [21:29:37] <Nephene> As soon as the Dratini reaches shore, Neph gives it a comforting "shhhh" and attempts to massage it to calm it down.
  350. [21:30:27] * Nike gladly accepts the Berry, and approaches Surt to get the Pidgey and the berry just that one last bit of extra warmth
  351. [21:32:41] <@Botherer> The Dratini's squirming changes from panic and fear to "Ooh, that feels good~" squirming... It wriggles happily.
  352. [21:34:15] <Nephene> "See, you're alright. Glad we got you out of there in time."
  353. [21:35:07] <@Botherer> Hayabusa begins hacking at the Lotad.
  354. [21:35:09] <@Botherer> 1d360
  355. [21:35:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Botherer, 1d360: 310 [1d360=310]
  356. [21:37:19] <@Botherer> It's a thick bunch of icicles over there. Hayabusa COULD get 'em down easy, but it'd take quite a while. The Lotad doesn't seem too comfortable around a bug, either.
  357. [21:39:01] <@Botherer> It's around now that a Geodude pops up from the direction opposite you came, walking on its arms and sporting an icy coating of sorts.
  358. [21:39:16] <@Botherer> It stumbles and falls over on its side.
  359. [21:39:17] <Emily> "Daijobu, daijobu~~" Emily tries to assure the Lotad while Hayabusa is working to free the former from the icicles, "Hayabusa won't hurt you~!"
  360. [21:39:46] <Emily> 1d20 CHA
  361. [21:39:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Emily, CHA: 20 [1d20=20]
  362. [21:40:30] <@Botherer> The Dratini seems quite relaxed now and much calmed down. It gives Nephene what appears to be a... Band of sorts made out of its flaked skin?
  363. [21:41:11] <@Botherer> And Emily manages to calm the Lotad down quite a bit. The Scyther is able to hack away without much trouble, and before long the Lotad is free as well.
  364. [21:41:53] <@Botherer> It nuzzles with Emily a bit before imparting upon her a pretty flower.
  365. [21:41:57] <Nike> "Damn, this isn't helping." Nike frowned. "Well, it helps them quite a bit, getting them free, but it doesn't deal with the permafrost issue as is."
  366. [21:42:06] <Nephene> "Are you going to be alright? It might be safer back in town."
  367. [21:42:06] <@Botherer> Also, I totally fucked up. That Magikarp in the lake is actually a Goldeen.
  368. [21:42:21] <Nephene> (man it has a horn then, headbutt that ice )
  369. [21:42:28] * Emily strikes a pose, making a V-sign with her fingers once the lotad is free, and lets it go on its way after being grateful of the flower 8D
  370. [21:43:10] <@Botherer> The Goldeen is just visible and floating in the lake now. The Geodude lets out a moan. "Duuude..." That's exactly what person and Pokemon alike hear.
  371. [21:43:18] <@Botherer> Including Sky, who pops out behind him.
  372. [21:44:42] * Emily checks how they can help the Geodude out, maybe let it warm up to Nike's ponyta?
  373. [21:44:45] * Sky does so grumpily, glaring as if he just wasted a lot of time. Of course his scarf is still clutched tightly and all cool-looking... just kidding, it actually looks TOUGH.
  374. [21:45:27] <Emily> "If we can find whatever's causing all this, we might be able to get rid of all this ice quickly," Emily suggested, noticing the shinx returning.
  375. [21:45:31] <@Botherer> The Pidgey warms up with the Ponyta~ And nestles upon Nike's head a moment afterwards once it's warmed up.
  376. [21:46:08] <Nephene> Karkata just feels like smashing the ice on his own to make sure the Goldeen's doing okay.
  377. [21:46:27] <@Botherer> Karkata Smash!
  378. [21:46:29] * Nike doesn't seem to at all mind. Or even really notice. She does join Emily in getting Surt and Geodue together so the rock Pokemon can recover.
  379. [21:46:38] <@Botherer> And the Goldeen approaches the lakebed.
  380. [21:46:42] * Nephene pats the Dratini. "You'll be okay on your own, or do you want to head back with me?"
  381. [21:46:47] <Nephene> "It might be safer in town."
  382. [21:47:03] <@Botherer> The Dratini is indifferent. Whatever Nephene suggests, it'll follow.
  383. [21:47:40] <Nephene> "If nothing else, you should probably stick with me until this ice is cleared up."
  384. [21:48:04] * Nephene picks up another Apricorn ball. "You'll be safe here for the time being. What do you say?"
  385. [21:48:56] <@Botherer> The Geodude is startled as Nike approaches. "Whoa, dude! You're, like, one of the weirdest Pokemon I ever SEEN!"
  386. [21:49:04] <@Botherer> Dratini clambors into the ball this time.
  387. [21:49:10] <@Botherer> And is quite content to stay.
  388. [21:49:20] <Nike> "...I'm sorry did you just speak in my language?"
  389. [21:49:50] <Nephene> "....."
  390. [21:49:58] <Emily> "Wa!? The geodude talks...!?" o.O!
  391. [21:49:59] * Sky eyerolls.
  392. [21:50:03] <Nephene> "That's odd. Most Pokemon that speak use...well, Aura."
  393. [21:50:55] <@Botherer> "WHOA!" It rolls backwards! "You guys, like, understand me and stuff! THis is, like... WHOA, dude!"
  394. [21:51:12] <@Botherer> It turns to Sky. "You didn't tell me these ugly Pokemon could understand me!"
  395. [21:51:42] <Sky> A shrug. That's all he's getting, since he's still being glared at a little.
  396. [21:55:17] <Emily> "We're not pokemon..." Emily pouts as she gives the calls Hayabusa over to her side.
  397. [21:56:04] <@Botherer> The dude stares at Emily, then at Sky. "So these things are, like, ALIENS or something?"
  398. [21:56:43] * Sky points a paw at the geodude himself. Even to those who can't understand 'mon it's obvious what he's implying.
  399. [21:57:13] <Nephene> "See, from where we're standing, you're the alien. Being from space, and all."
  400. [21:57:28] <Emily> "We're not aliens either!?" Emily remarks, obviously offended at being called an alien, "We're humans! Humans!"
  401. [21:57:30] <Sky> Nodnod. The same sentence was actually said in two different languages. How convenient!
  402. [21:58:40] <@Botherer> "Whoa... You dudes should, like, totally come meet my bros and stuff!"
  403. [21:58:49] <Sky> EYE. ROLL.
  404. [21:59:07] <Emily> It took awhile for Emily to put one and one together.... -____-..... o.o!
  405. [21:59:14] <Nephene> "...your bros? Wait, first, tell us who came with you."
  406. [21:59:40] <Emily> "Does that mean you came from that thing that started shooting ice all over the place!?" D:
  407. [22:00:42] * Nike remains quiet, but folds her arms and has her sword at her side. This was fascinating, to be sure, but she was cautious.
  408. [22:00:49] <@Botherer> "I should, like, totally show you to my big bro and stuff! I kinda had a bit too much Everstone earlier, so I'm totally out of it and stuff... But I'm sure he could tell ya."
  409. [22:01:21] <@Botherer> He motions towards the way he and Sky came.
  410. [22:01:31] <Nephene> "..."
  411. [22:01:36] <Nephene> "What is going -on-?"
  412. [22:02:01] <@Botherer> And starts walking on his arms that way, possibly unlike normal Earth Geodude that just float.
  413. [22:02:13] <Sky> There's actually an everstone wrapped in Sky's scarf, too! He doubles up the effort to keep it secret, beckoning the others to follow the way they came from. He's still obviously frustrated at the dude for something.
  414. [22:02:33] <Emily> "I guess we should just go along and see for ourselves?" Emily said, resigning herself to whatever the strange geodude explained. -.-;;
  415. [22:02:50] <@Botherer> Right into a tree the first time, but correct himself and continues walking.
  416. [22:04:35] * Emily follows, but avoids walking into trees
  417. [22:05:10] * Nike shakes her head, and follows along
  418. [22:06:27] <Nephene> Amon grumbles, carrying along Jeanne so she doesn't get hurt. The latter sneezes out a puff of embers with a high-pitched "FWEE~".
  419. [22:06:37] <@Botherer> Before too long, following the Geodude, you stumble upon a clearing; downed trees, a smoldering crater, and a rock roughly the size of the smallest of you make it pretty obvious that this is where the meteor crashed. You can see a group of more Geodude coated in any icy casing attempting to pull the meteor out from the crater, all the meanwhile engaging in some idle banter… Banter
  420. [22:06:37] <@Botherer> that, much like the inebriated one that led you here, you guys can understand!
  421. [22:06:37] <@Botherer> “Dude, you gotta put your back into it!”
  422. [22:06:37] <@Botherer> “I don’t need you bossing me around, Dude!”
  423. [22:06:37] <@Botherer> “Dude, just shut up and heave!”
  424. [22:06:38] <@Botherer> “Dude, don’t think I won’t drag myself over there and pound your gravel into dust!”
  425. [22:06:38] <@Botherer> “Dude, that’s NASTY!”
  426. [22:06:39] <Nephene> Karkata does a crabjig, then follows the Lucario.
  427. [22:06:39] <@Botherer> “Pull your head out of the gutter, Dude!”
  428. [22:06:41] <@Botherer> “Aww, come on, Dudes! Do we really gotta do this now?!?”
  429. [22:06:43] <@Botherer> “Fuck off, Dude!”
  430. [22:08:05] <Sky> A shinxpaw points at the big meteor when they arrive, as Sky's eyes turn to the 'dude that led them there quizzically.
  431. [22:10:39] <Emily> "So...." Emily wanted to ask something, but couldn't think of anything up at the moment and decides it would be better if the others do the asking for now. -.-
  432. [22:12:18] <@Botherer> "Hey, Dudes!" Your inebriated Geodude waves to the others before falling over. "Look what I found, man! I got some ALIENS to help us get Big Bro outta there!"
  433. [22:12:26] <Nephene> "Are -all- of you like this?" Nephene asks the Geodude.
  434. [22:12:30] <Emily> Hayabusa simply scratches himself on the head. The sight of strangely behaving geodudes...
  435. [22:13:10] <Sky> Letting out an enormous groan, the tinylion just approaches the thing that looks like a meteor and surveys it in greater detail.
  436. [22:13:23] <Emily> "B-big Bro...? You don't mean that...!" Emily's eyes widened when it slowly dawns to her what could be something unbelievable.
  437. [22:13:36] <@Botherer> Sky approaches the big meteor, and... <Roll 1d20, Sky!>
  438. [22:15:47] <Sky> 1d20 oh right sorry
  439. [22:15:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Sky, oh right sorry: 7 [1d20=7]
  440. [22:16:33] <@Botherer> Well, the floor is REALLY icy! Sky manages to keep his balance, but ends up skidding outta control and into the hole, coming face-to-eyeball with a human-sized Geodude!
  441. [22:17:19] <@Botherer> It, too, shares the icy casing, and seems to be billowing ice with every breath it takes. "Whoa... Hey there, little dude!" He wriggles an arm out with intent to grab Sky with it.
  442. [22:18:21] * Sky snaps at it instinctively before leaping back a bit. His expression immediately softens with a flurry of apologetic bows at the creature.
  443. [22:18:57] <@Botherer> Everyone outside can see the arm moving, but not much else in there.
  444. [22:18:57] <Emily> "So... Do we have any way of pulling it out?" Emily asks the others upon realizing there's no point in overreacting at the moment.
  445. [22:19:43] <Sky> Since most can't understand monspeak, Sky's actions just look like headtilting at the bigdude and starting to push.
  446. [22:20:59] * Emily shakes head, remembering her equipment and pulling out her lasso, "Maybe we can pull him out easier this way?"
  447. [22:21:50] <Nephene> "Is that even long enough? Even if it were, it might not hold."
  448. [22:22:36] * Sky walks around mulling over it, before scratching at the ground with a paw. And some more.
  449. [22:22:48] <@Botherer> "Come on, Dudes!" One of the other Geodude shouts out at the others. "You alien dudes got brought here to help, didn't you all?"
  450. [22:23:12] <@Botherer> The big dude looks down at Sky. "Hey, you tryin'a help me out? You're pretty awesome, y'know that, dude?"
  451. [22:23:20] <Emily> "Caught a good number of pokemon with it, and the material's actually good..." Emily assured as she readies the lasso, "So there's nothing much to do but give it a try!"
  452. [22:23:57] * Sky looks up and eyerolls, before making more-or-less passive attempts to dig and push. Dig and push. Of course, with his size there's pretty much no way it'll get anywhere without taking hours, days maybe.
  453. [22:24:12] * Emily attempts to lasso icydude!
  454. [22:24:36] <@Botherer> Heave, Emily! HEAVE!
  455. [22:25:50] <Emily> 5d20+12-2 heaving D:
  456. [22:25:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Emily, heaving D:: 59 [5d20=7,10,6,19,7]
  457. [22:26:56] <Emily> "Uuu.... Come on..." Emily grunted as she pulls at her lasso to get the icydude out
  458. [22:28:34] <@Botherer> Emily pulls at the Geodude, and the other little dudes help out. It seems their effort, tacked onto Sky's, seems to get the Geodude quite a bit up, but not quite enough that it'd be all the way free.
  459. [22:28:54] * Nike steps up behind Emily, and grabs hold of the rope, offering her own strength in the pull, gritting her teeth as she does.
  460. [22:29:14] <Nike> 5d20+15
  461. [22:29:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Nike, 5d20+15: 55 [5d20=2,12,1,5,20]
  462. [22:29:27] <@Botherer> 1d5
  463. [22:29:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Botherer, 1d5: 4 [1d5=4]
  464. [22:31:10] * Emily gives another pull with the others helping out.
  465. [22:31:14] <@Botherer> Nike tugs on the rope, and with their powers combined, they manage to get the 'dude rolling! He rolls up ahead, him stopping himself with his arms being the only thing that stopped him from making forest pizza out of a now returning Joanna!
  466. [22:32:53] <Emily> "There we go!" Emily remarked as they finally pull the geodude out, "So what's next?" <.<?
  467. [22:33:45] * Joanna is now wearing a nice coat, with a Combusken beside her. "Ah! Oh, dear, thank goodness it stopped." She quickly walked ahead. "So, did you find out where the jmeteor was?"
  468. [22:34:45] <@Botherer> "Sorry 'bout that, dude lady!" The Geodude waves to Joanna apologetically.
  469. [22:35:16] * Sky heaves a sigh of relief and sits down, exhausted.
  470. [22:35:57] <@Botherer> "Didn't mean to almost turn you into road pizza."
  471. [22:36:13] * Joanna waves at the Geodude before realizing who she's waving at. "Uh... so, this is the meteor?"
  472. [22:36:50] <Nike> "Apparently..."
  473. [22:37:13] * Nephene contributes a bit of lifting, herself.
  474. [22:37:18] <Nephene> 1d20+5
  475. [22:37:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, 1d20+5: 11 [1d20=6]
  476. [22:37:28] <Nephene> "Sub, think you can give me a hand, here?"
  477. [22:37:48] <@Botherer> Neph lifts Sky out of the crater since the 'dude was already hauled out.
  478. [22:38:05] * Sky stares in Neffy's face.
  479. [22:38:17] <Sky> And waves with a paw.
  480. [22:40:19] <@Botherer> "Well, kinda..." The dude begins. "Y'see, dude ladies, me and my little bros and my cousins, we got this rock band. Sure you probably heard of us, 'Dude, That's My Sister!'. We were flyin' in our meteor spaceship on the way to our next place on tour when we managed to sideswipe this little rock all the way out on the edge a' your solar system and stuff..."
  481. [22:40:57] <Joanna> "...huh
  482. [22:41:02] <Joanna> ?"*
  483. [22:41:51] <Nike> "Welp, they lost me. They're getting up and riding off without me..."
  484. [22:42:18] <Nephene> "Rock band? Why are you tying together stones?"
  485. [22:42:31] <Nephene> "And what's this about a sister?"
  486. [22:43:43] <@Botherer> "Y'know... Get a buncha dudes and dudettes together and play awesome music for people?"
  487. [22:44:17] <@Botherer> "And that's just what we call ourselves as a group when we're performing, dude lady!"
  488. [22:44:25] <Joanna> "Ah... so... wait, kthen what do Pokemon like you play?"
  489. [22:44:57] <Sky> The shinx has had enough of this and lands on solid ground, giving no fucks and heading into what's left of the crater the bigdude was in to check it out. Possibly digging and/or sniffing.
  490. [22:46:33] <Sky> 1d20+3 wat i find
  491. [22:46:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Sky, wat i find: 4 [1d20=1]
  492. [22:46:59] <@Botherer> "Us? We just make a buncha noise with our instruments... If it sounds cool, we play it for other people!"
  493. [22:48:02] <@Botherer> Sky finds a shiny piece of frozen ice that glistens in the starlight... But then realizes that just might be a part of the Geodude's butt.
  494. [22:48:20] <@Botherer> Frozen, icy rock**
  495. [22:49:06] <Sky> Nope, it's gotta be some sort of stone with special properties like the everstone. Scarf'd.
  496. [22:51:48] <Joanna> "So, uh, can you play us something now?"
  497. [22:54:48] <@Botherer> "I can totally play something for you little dude ladies and stuff... Kinda got separated from my cousins when we flew through that block 'a floatin' rocks and stuff, though, so dunno if it'll be as good as it'd be with them, though... Sorry 'bout that, dude lady..."
  498. [22:56:52] * Emily is sort of grasping the concept of a space-traveling rock band... or not o.o;
  499. [22:58:35] <@Botherer> He pulls out a guitar and slaps on some cool looking sunglasses. "Come on, dudes! We got a gig here!" They pull out some instruments as well and start playing all together. It's a bit... Unrefined and coarse at first, but after they get themselves together, it actually sounds (hopefully) pretty good... At least, good enough to attract the attention of those forest critters you rescued
  500. [22:58:36] <@Botherer> as they slowly emerge from the forest in curiosity.
  501. [22:59:50] <@Botherer> The Pachirisu, the Lotad, the Pidgey and Caterpie... Hell, even the Goldeen flopped its way over outta the lake to see what the hell was going on, and before they know it, they can't help but bob their heads to the beat.
  502. [23:00:04] * Emily is actually impressed at how well these geodudes are playing. While not the best, it is actually good. o.o
  503. [23:01:05] <Joanna> "Wow. That's pretty good, Mr. Dude." Joanna is really liking the music they are playing, swaying a bit to the rhythm, but it's barely noticeable.
  504. [23:01:45] * Sky gets a chance to relax, but instead of sitting in place approaches the totally high 'dude and repeats a question from earlier in monspeak, pointing a paw at the 'boss' and nodding. He of course plans to wait until the song's over.
  505. [23:05:28] * Nike finds herself grooving in spite of herself, although she still has a neutral, flat expression on her face.
  506. [23:06:30] <@Botherer> The big dude plays for a moment, then looks over at the humans that aren't caught in the rhythm and makes a frowny face. "What, have you dudes never been to a show like this before? You gotta dance with the music an' stuff! Like those other dudes," pointing to the other Pokemon that are dancing all cute and stuff :3
  507. [23:08:11] <Sky> Headtiltingly, Sky tries to start swaying despite being a bit uneasy with the topic, before freezing solid in a very non-ice-related-way at a loud "Sky, you idiot!"
  508. [23:08:22] * Sky is now known as Clarity
  509. [23:08:54] * Clarity shouts over the music with an angryface, wearing a scarf that looks almost identical to the shinx', and is APPARENTLY not alone. Her arms are crossed, too.
  510. [23:09:05] <Clarity> "Some of us wanna sleep here, y'know!"
  511. [23:09:21] * Nike immediately stops grooving, and looks to Clarity. "When did you...?"
  512. [23:10:38] <@Botherer> This causes the music to stop as the 'dude looks at angry Clarity, who is also accompanied by an equally disgruntled Flareon. "WHOA, little dude lady! What's your problem, bro?"
  513. [23:11:41] <Clarity> "I uh..." She points with a glare and swirls the finger around a bit, "think I came here to do something or find someone or... uhhh, I forgot because I found this GREAT napping spot." The arms recross. "And then NOISE!"
  514. [23:12:42] <Clarity> "And you!" PIERCING GLARE to poor Sky, who just blinks back in disbelief. "You got me all worried n' stuff, you big jerk! But now you're PARTYING?"
  515. [23:12:44] <@Botherer> The Flareon blows some flames as well. 'mons hear it as < Yeah, some of us actually go to SLEEP at night >:/ >
  516. [23:13:09] <Break> "Where did that Flareon come from?"
  517. [23:13:27] <Clarity> "Saaaame place I did. Dreamworld."
  518. [23:13:51] * Nike turns towards Clarity, and gives a respectful bow with a hand over her heart. "I apologize, Clarity. I should've sent Sky home when the meteor hit."
  519. [23:14:02] <Break> "Wait, what?"
  520. [23:15:16] * Clarity unrages and realizes she's actually not all that tough after all. "Uh... er... well... I mean if he's, y'know, with you guys..." She can't help but scratch her head before pointing at the 'dudes again. "It's THEM that make napping so hard! So I have to do the only thing I can..."
  521. [23:15:19] <@Botherer> The Geodude whispers to Sky. "Alien or not, she's one chick I would NOT bring home from the afterparty..."
  522. [23:15:29] <Clarity> Sky nods like a motherfucker.
  523. [23:15:35] <@Botherer> Jumbo Icy Geodude.
  524. [23:15:55] <@Botherer> Who I'm gonna arbitrarily refer to as Chill Dude from here on out.
  525. [23:16:12] <Clarity> With a loud throat-clear, Clarity points straight at Chill Dude. "I challenge you... TO A NAP-OFF!"
  526. [23:16:28] * Clarity instantly dozes off while standing up.
  527. [23:16:36] * Nike facepalms
  528. [23:16:54] <Joanna> "Uh..."
  529. [23:17:10] <@Botherer> "... Whatever, dude. Mama Dude always told me not to stick it in the crazy, anyways."
  530. [23:19:13] <Clarity> Sky approaches the flareon and bows an apology... with a shinxy giggle attached.
  531. [23:19:18] <@Botherer> "So, you guys wanna try partying a little bit?" He starts strumming up once more, and the band goes back to musicking. The Flareon facepalms as best as it can with its stubs of hands before putting some cottony thingies in its ears and clamboring atop Clarity to go to sleep as well.
  532. [23:20:15] <@Botherer> He knocked her down to use her as a pillow. The Flareon gives no fucks.
  533. [23:20:43] * Clarity snuggles up and shows no sign of awakening. Funny how that works, isn't it?
  534. [23:22:55] <@Botherer> "Anyways... You wanna party it up with your Pokemon friends, dudes? :D" He seems psyched about this.
  535. [23:24:25] * Nike frowns. Partying might be fun, but...surely the Geodudes weren't staying. And the whole matter of the forest freezing over...
  536. [23:25:50] <Nephene> "As calming as the music is, there is the matter of the forest...."
  537. [23:26:07] <Clarity> Sky calms down and nods along.
  538. [23:26:17] <Nephene> "It's been freezing over since the impact, and we've had to free a few Pokemon from the ice. I'm sure at least a few have died, too."
  539. [23:26:54] <Joanna> "...oh, yeah. I guess we should solve that problem first..." Joanna turns to Chill Dude. "Do you know why it's so cold here?"
  540. [23:29:42] <@Botherer> "..." Chill Dude goes silent for a moment. "Whoops. Sorry 'bout that, dudes... Our ship kinda broke. We can try and fix this, I swear we can."
  541. [23:30:25] <Joanna> "Alright. Can you fix it as soon as possible, then. It'd be bad if the whole forest froze over."
  542. [23:31:52] <@Botherer> "We can do that... And then after we can totally have an awesome party, right dudes? :D"
  543. [23:32:43] <Clarity> Sky sparks with hype!
  544. [23:32:51] <Joanna> "Right! Maybe I'll be able to convince Tom to come over as well..." Joanna tries to think of a plan to have him out of the house for once.
  545. [23:32:54] * Nike smirks, and nods. "The faster you fix it up, the faster we can party."
  546. [23:33:03] <Emily> "Sounds about right..." Emily said as she raised her arms over her head to streeeetch, "I think I need some rest soon enough, having traveled really far..."
  547. [23:33:21] <Nephene> "Well, my family owns an inn. You can use a room there."
  548. [23:35:11] <Emily> "That sounds wonderful~" Emily remarked as she approached the one who offered to let her stay at the inn, "I'm Emily, by the way, pleased to meet you...?"
  549. [23:35:12] <Clarity> The shinx, satisfied, approaches Emily and bows her an apology while glancing back at the wacky sleeping teen curled up on the freezing ground.
  550. [23:35:19] <@Botherer> "You dudes got an inn?" The Chill Dude's got an idea whirring in his head.
  551. [23:36:21] <Joanna> "Uh, I don't think it's big enough for you... wait! I got my day care center! You can stay over there while you wait for your siblings!"
  552. [23:36:24] <Nephene> "Nephene. Nephene--" and a howling wind briefly blows through the area as she says the rest of her name.
  553. [23:36:48] <Nephene> "Most just call me Neph or Neffy, though."
  554. [23:37:14] <Clarity> "mmmnnmmrrrngnaprighthere"
  555. [23:37:19] * Emily returns Hayabusa to his pokeball, starting to feel drowsy after the long day's worth of action for her... "Pleased to meet you, Neph~" Emily offers a hand to shake with.
  556. [23:38:24] * Nephene accept the shake. "You can't miss it once you're in town. The Lazing Slaking is the wide building in the town square. We're also a pub."
  557. [23:38:25] <@Botherer> The Geodude's only the size of the smallest amongst you, Joanna. "Doesn't matter... Us dudes need a place to crash since our ride crashed and burned here... We could totally play gigs at your places in exchange for a place to stay, if that'd be cool with you guys."
  558. [23:38:55] <Emily> "... and can anyone point out the way to the village? I think I'll pass out as soon as I get to a bed soon enough..."
  559. [23:39:49] * Joanna has a figurative lightbulb on top of her head. "Oh, of course, of course. You can play at our place anytime you want."
  560. [23:40:01] <Clarity> Sky approaches Clareon's resting spot and considers dragging them out, but seeing the heat emanating from the latter half's body only sighs and curls up himself, yawning and closing his eyes.
  561. [23:42:52] <@Botherer> "Awesome, dude lady! We'll fix this place up as good as new, and then it'll be PARTY TIME :D"
  563. ---
  565. BONUS:
  566. [20:33:19] <Botherer> Sky freezes up a moment as a chilling blast of wind rushes past him. Terribly cold, even moreso than the last one... He has to stop a moment to warm himself up, but he can still trudge on.
  567. [20:33:48] <Sky> He's wearing a scarf, so he does! Until he sees something, that is, then probably comes running back depending on what it is.
  568. [20:34:09] <Botherer> Your venture into the forest soon brings you upon a rather disturbing sight; despite it having been a relatively warm summer evening, you can see frost coating the edges of the trees, at first just small bits that seem to be in the midst of melting, but as you progress deeper into the forest, all of the grass and whole sides of the trees are slathered in frost, and the temperature falls in accord.
  569. [20:34:09] <Botherer> Before long, you reach the point where whole Pokémon have been completely encased in ice, the emotion of sheer terror upon one Deerling’s face captured quite well as it fled for its life before being encased in its icy coffin.
  570. [20:34:54] <Sky> Stiiiill trudging on and soloing until something's moving.
  571. [20:36:46] <Botherer> As you proceed inwards, you notice a small patch of grass that, unlike the rest of the damned forest you’re standing in, isn’t frozen over. Captured by curiosity, Sky can't help but draw near. Approaching this anamoly within an anamoly, you find a Flareon that seems as if it just couldn’t give a fuck about the rest of the forest’s condition; its ears are stuffed with some kind of cottony
  572. [20:36:46] <Botherer> residue, drowning out the sounds of the surrounding chaos. As you draw near, it opens but a single eye, which looks up to you. It flicks you off with its paw before closing its eye and attempting to go back to sleep.
  573. [20:37:55] <Sky> Sky, trembling, pushes it to question what's happening and keeps nagging on and on.
  574. [20:40:17] <Botherer> The Flareon opens its eye once more. <Yeah, yeah... What do you want, short stuff?>
  575. [20:40:58] <Sky> <Hey, can't you tell something's WRONG here? This isn't okay! Think you could spare a second to tell me what happened? ... Brrr.>
  576. [20:44:07] <Botherer> <Listen, I'm just tryin'a take a nap here. Couldn't give any less of a fuck if some stupid meteor blew up the forest. Just wanna get. Some. SLEEP! >:E >
  577. [20:45:09] <Sky> <Uh-huh. Sure heard that one before. Sheesh, can'tcha tell lives are in DANGER here? And you look like you have that... you know, that fire stuff! If you're not gonna help them what's gonna happen, huh?>
  578. [20:45:30] <Botherer> <Do I LOOK like I care?>
  579. [20:46:03] * Sky stomps the ground, covered in a static spark. <No! And that's exactly what pisses me off! How do you think it feels watching them all suffer like this?>
  580. [20:47:48] <Sky> <At LEAST point me out to whoever's responsible, then you can have your nap for all I care. I'll stop it myself.>
  581. [20:47:58] <Botherer> The Flareon breathes a short burst of flames at the Shinx. <You're warm now. Happy?>
  582. [20:48:13] <Botherer> You can hear Nephene's cry.
  583. [20:49:02] * Sky covers the scarf but shivers a bit less. <... It's only going to get louder if you stay here. Those people are my friends and they're coming to help. You might even get captured if they're feeling mean, so this isn't a good napping spot.>
  584. [20:49:23] <Sky> <And believe me, I know a THING or two about good napping spots.>
  585. [20:49:37] <Botherer> <Couldn't care less... But tell ya the truth, don't really know. Just heard some guy screaming, a bang and some shaking... Not the kinda thing I like 'cause it DISTRUPTED MY DAMNED NAP.>
  586. [20:50:27] <Sky> <Y'know, I think you and a certain someone could be fast friends.> Sky pauses for a second, before nodding. <But... thanks. I'll leave you be now.>
  588. [21:18:40] <Botherer> Sky heads onwards past the others. He comes across a Geodude with a crystal sheen to it, smoking... SOMETHING.
  589. [21:19:14] <Sky> Is it frozen like the rest, or actually alive-looking?
  590. [21:19:21] <Botherer> It's actually alive-looking.
  591. [21:19:35] <Sky> Then here we go. <'Scuse me.>
  592. [21:19:47] <Botherer> <'Sup, dude?>
  593. [21:20:06] <Sky> <Uh... this isn't your doing, is it? You know, all the freezing and stuff.>
  594. [21:20:46] <Botherer> <Whoa, whoa, hold up, dude... Y'mean this shit ain't normal 'round here?>
  595. [21:21:34] <Sky> <Uh, no?> Sky gives a 'what the fuck are you smoking' look... and then actually makes an effort to try to recognize what it IS he's smoking. <A lot of innocents are getting hurt and freaking out. And it's disrupting some naps too, apparently.>
  596. [21:23:35] <Botherer> <Whoa, man... That, like, totally blew my mind, dude! We, like, were travelling through space on our ride, but baaad things happened, man! We hit this other rock, and our controls got shot... Like, we almost got pulled into this giant ball of SMOKE, man! And not the kinda smoke I got, either! This is the shit, dude!> He offers to Sky.
  597. [21:24:26] <Sky> <What... IS it?> Sky takes it in a paw anyway, but just looks it over. <I... know a Smoke myself but I really don't think it's the same thing.>
  598. [21:24:49] <Sky> <Hey hey whoa wait, that's not the point! Do you think you could stop the freezing?>
  599. [21:27:20] <Botherer> <Oh, that? Gotta talk to the boss man, dude... Though, well... He kinda got stuck in this HUUUGE hole in the ground. Shit is NOT cool, dude.>
  600. [21:28:25] <Sky> <I'll look at the... smoke later, thanks. Show me where the 'boss' is then, wouldjya? Long as he's not super-heavy I'll do what I can to help... a couple friends back thattaway might be able to provide a bit too.>
  601. [21:30:40] <Botherer> <Sure thing, dude... Just, umm... Oh, you got some buds that could help out! That'd be AWESOME, dude!>
  602. [21:30:59] <Botherer> He hobbles in the wrongest of wrong directions, attempting to use his arms to walk along but slipping and falling along as an uncoordinated mess.
  603. [21:31:41] * Sky sighs and prances aside. <Can't you... you know, fly or something?>
  604. [21:33:09] <Botherer> <Flying? Whoa, man... I can't do that shit! You'd gotta talk to the boss's sis about that! Gravity's, like, too strong here and stuff...>
  605. [21:34:11] <Sky> <You sure are a weird one. Tell you what, just point me out to the 'hole' and tell the others Sky asked 'em to help you, alright? Who knows, maybe they'll be into the smoke too.>
  606. [21:35:04] <Botherer> <Err, right... You got it, dude!> He points Sky in the...
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