Anonymare and Dude's Wholesome(?) Relationship (WIP)

Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. [PROMPT]
  2. Imagine bullying a thick, newly transformed mare about her weight and giving her brand new image issues when transformation was supposed to save her.
  4. Heaven.
  7. >signing her up for a dog-walking service so she can get more exercise
  8. >with her on the leash
  10. [STORY]
  11. "You'd better pick that tubby butt up, Missy, I'm warning you."
  12. >Anonymous, your roommate-cum-mare, is digging her hooves into the rug and leaning back from your hold on the leash with an adorably pouchy scrunch on her snootle.
  13. >"M'not goin'."
  14. "Don't you want to lose weight?"
  15. >"Well, yeah, bu-"
  16. "Then pick up your rump and let's get a move-on!"
  17. >You pull on the leash again with one hand, the other on the handle of the door going out of your home.
  18. >"N-No!"
  19. >The rug and her plump posterior fold up as she refuses to stand.
  20. >"I'm not going out like /this!/"
  21. "You know we have leash laws. This is for your own (and my wallet's) good."
  22. >"Those are for pets! I'm not a pet!"
  23. >You crouch down and frown at the green grouch, grabbing a thumb-full of her pinch-able cheeks.
  24. "Legally speaking, you are for the time being. Unless you want to go explain to City Hall why a cute little pony can talk, walk, and sing her ABCs?"
  25. >Her face flushes as you tug one side of it wide.
  26. >She twists her scrunched snout sideways to nip at your fingers, but you're faster.
  27. >You watch her face snap back into shape, the corners of your frown creasing in irritation.
  28. >"D-Don't think you can just do what you like to me because I'm a m-m-mare now!"
  29. "A cute mare."
  30. >Her blush deepens. You relax your features and give her mussy black mane a rough rustle.
  31. >"Hey! What'd I jus-!"
  32. >A quick spread of your hand to tactically scratch behind both of her ears at once kills any protest she had.
  33. >Just when her eyelids began to droop and the little tip of her tongue poke its way past her lips, you stand back up and tug on the leash.
  34. "There's plenty more where that came from for good girls. Now, are you going to be a good girl and go on your walk?"
  35. >Her ears flick in annoyance as she stands, tail tucked tight against herself and half-wrapped around one leg.
  36. >"Mmmmnnnrrrgh..."
  37. >You pull on the leash and she follows without resistance.
  38. "Good girl!"
  39. >...
  40. >"You asshole! You didn't say anything about going to the vet!"
  41. "First of all, good girls don't swear. Second of all, lower your voice. We're in public. And, third-"
  42. >You bend at the knees and scoop up Anon, getting a firm hand around her flabby barrel and squishing her tight to your hip.
  43. "It's the law."
  44. >"Nobody's going to ask you for my fucking papers, dude. Don't make me go through this!"
  45. >You ring her snootle with your thumb and forefinger, keeping that dirty mouth of hers shut. For her own sake.
  46. >She swings her head to try and shake you off, but you're stronger than a smol, pretty, pudgy pony, and she gives up as you patiently explain the situation.
  47. "Nobody is going to stop and ask about my brand new, /green/ miniature pony? No cop is going to harass us on our walkies about my exotic pet? A-"
  48. >She renews her struggle when called a pet, but you wear her out and continue.
  49. "And, no offense, but there's a reason you conserved mass after becoming a pony. You ate nothing but junk and sat on your big, fat flanks all day. I've never heard you talk about going to the doctor. This is for your own good."
  50. >She pulls her snout free from your grasp with a combination of scrunching and yanking backwards, "That doesn't mean I need to be micro-chipped! That's some 1984 stuff!"
  51. "It's the law. And it proves my ownership-*hush*-it proves my ownership of you in case you get lost or stolen. You don't want to become some criminal's breeding stock, do you?"
  52. >She stiffens and goes pale in the face.
  53. "Exactly."
  54. >You walk into the vet's office. Anon begins to whine, distressed, and you stroke her head to comfort her.
  55. "I'll let you have some ice cream if you be a brave girl and tough this out for me, okay?"
  56. >... the whine dies down.
  57. "Good girl."
  58. >...
  59. >You watch Anonymous as she stands on a stool at the kitchen island, her forelegs on the granite counter and her snout deep in a waffle bowl of dark chocolate and cherry ice cream, extra walnuts.
  60. >You have your own bowl, but honestly, watching her lap at the ice cream is filling enough for you.
  61. >That curling tongue carving out swathes of the frozen treat, the run of the little tip to savor what she left on her lips.
  62. >Happy, closed eyes. A swishing tail that jiggled her swaying hindquarters.
  63. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"
  64. >Nonny pulls her head out of the bowl and scowls, "Easy for -plplp- you to say. You didn't have to get half a -mlem- dozen shots!"
  65. "And you don't have to pay for 'em. Unless you're telling me a little pony is going to be able to afford her own medical bills?"
  66. >"..." She sticks her snout back into her ice cream.
  67. "Thought so."
  68. >She's already chowing down on her bowl. You need to finish yours up, too, before it's completely melted.
  69. >...
  70. >You sit on the couch, Anonymous cuddled up at your side and zonked out from your master-class scalp massage.
  71. >You look down from whatever junk Netflix original you're watching and confirm your power over her.
  72. >Eyes closed, her tongue involuntarily poking out, and deep, quiet, contented whinneys when you get her ears to flick /just/ right.
  73. "And you called me a fag for taking care of my nails."
  74. >"Still are."
  75. "You'd better watch yourself, Missy. These scritchies are provisional."
  76. >"Whnnnrghgh."
  77. "That's better."
  78. >You curl your hand around her outside cheek and lightly scuff your index finger along her chin.
  79. >Any signs of protest she had from the cessation of head scratches were temporary.
  80. >...
  81. >"Night, dude."
  82. "Night, Nonny."
  83. >Your rooms are across the hall from each other. You pause, watching her stand and lean against the door, hoof fumbling with the knob.
  84. >You're about to help as she clasps both hooves around it and twists, getting it open.
  85. >Good, she can take care of herself. Sort of.
  86. >"Hey, uh, dude?"
  87. "Mmm?"
  88. >You turn around in the doorway and look down at Anon. She scuffs a hoof on the floor and looks away.
  89. >"Um... you're really chill for someone who woke up to his roommate becoming a pony."
  90. >She looks up and meets your eyes.
  91. >Her ears flick, nervous.
  92. >You look into hers for a moment, deciding on what to say.
  93. >As the moment draws out, she shuffles on her hooves, "Du-"
  94. >Your eyes go wide.
  96. >"BWAH!"
  97. >Nonny jumps a foot in the air and does not stick the landing. You think you hear her say, "Not funny, asshole!," but your laughter is too loud to be sure.
  98. >She headbutts you in the knee and you fall back on your ass, still laughing.
  99. >Quick as lightning, you lock your legs around the blubberpone and yank her in.
  100. >She's too surprised to react before you can flick her on the nose. She yelps.
  101. "Don't think you're gonna get away with that sort of behavior just because you're a pretty pony."
  102. >You wrap your arms around her and hold her upper half up, lifting her so you can cross your legs to make a seat. She rubs her blushing snout with her hooves.
  103. >Note to self: horsie snoots are sensitive. Good for discipline.
  104. "So, is that what I should have done? Freaked out on you?"
  105. >"Nnn... Iunno, but-"
  106. "Well, if you weren't such a cutie pie, I might have. But since I woke up to the most adorable little horse in the world knocking at my door, I feel blessed instead."
  107. >"B-Blessed?"
  108. "For getting such a cute pet!"
  109. >"S-Stop treating me like a pet! And calling me cute!"
  110. "But you are my pet. And you are So. Gosh. Darn. Cute!"
  111. >"I am NOT a pet!"
  112. >Uh oh, pony's pouting. Emergency scratches!
  113. >But she shakes your hand off. Inconceivable. She can resist the power of headpats?
  114. >"I'm my own person."
  115. "Who pays the bills?"
  116. >"I-I pay rent!"
  117. "A third of it. I pay for everything else."
  118. "And I clean up your messes. I cook for the both of us. I write down your schedule on the calendar *and* make you stick to it. I tutor you!"
  119. >Nonny's ears flatten. You palm the top of her head and rub, hugging her close with your free arm.
  120. "Despite you saying it as a joke, I basically /am/ your mom, Nonny."
  121. >"That's... that's not..."
  122. >You bring your headpatting hand around and lift her head up by the chin, idly scratching it. Her big eyes are moist, as if she's coming to terms with just how pathetic she was.
  123. "I *was* thinking of telling you to get your act together or I'd kick you out."
  124. >"Y-You can't-!"
  125. >You pinch her snout.
  126. "But... I mind that a heck of a lot less now that you're a pony. I can't take care of a fat, obnoxious manchild, best friend or not, forever. But an /adorable/ mare of my own? That's a different story."
  127. >You release her snout and let her collect her thoughts. She keeps her ears low and rubs her eyes into her fetlocks, drying tears in her fur.
  128. >"I'm not... I... I'm sorry, dude..."
  129. >You stroke her mane, stopping her shaking, but not her tears.
  130. "Shhhh. Don't be sorry, Nonnny. Be better."
  131. >"But..."
  132. "You just got a new lease on life. you don't want to waste it, do you?"
  133. >"..."
  134. "It's a chance to make amends, turn over a new leaf. I'm not asking you to change overnight, as nice as that would be. I am asking that you work with me on this."
  135. >"Are you serious, dude?"
  136. >You give her a squeeze, fingers sinking into her flabby barrel.
  137. "Dead serious."
  138. >"E-even about me being... cute?"
  139. "You're the cutest lil' thing that I ever did see."
  140. >Damn, that blush is cute. You don't know what it is about this pony, but everything she does is diabetes-inducing levels of cute.
  141. >She wriggles free from your hug in your lapse in attention and hops out of your lap, retreating to her room.
  142. >"D-Don't think you can just call me cute and get me to roll over! I'm not a goddamn pet!"
  143. >She bucks the door closed. You frown. And you felt like you were doing so well, too.
  144. "Well, I'm sure you'll come around sooner or later. Not like you have much of a choice."
  145. >And at that, you turn in yourself.
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