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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. Baldoora: botside
  4. Baldoora: why is aatrox 2/1
  5. Baldoora: =
  6. Baldoora: in 1v1
  7. Baldoora: ah
  8. Baldoora: autofilled
  9. Baldoora: .-..
  10. Baldoora: unlucky
  11. Baldoora: I got 2 kills?XD
  12. Baldoora: are you legit trying to provoke me
  13. Baldoora: by acting stupid
  14. Baldoora: or as they say
  15. Baldoora: "trolling"
  16. Baldoora: pre 10 min 5 deaths :D
  17. Baldoora: the ?? was that bot lost 2v2 vs pyke with no ignite
  18. Baldoora: can you report him after game, not only for legit griefing but constantly provoking me with pings and harrasing me :D
  19. Baldoora: Like I understand if you're toxic if your team is losing  but idk why someone is toxic WHILE losing 1v1
  20. Baldoora: no way that aint intentional
  21. Baldoora: I REFUSE to believe that people in same game as me are this bad
  22. Baldoora: solokilled
  23. Baldoora: btw
  24. Baldoora: ;:D
  25. Baldoora: I refuse to believe sion isnt doing this on pupose
  26. Baldoora: constantly harrasing me
  27. Baldoora: while I am 2v8 with syndra
  28. Baldoora: we saw the tp
  29. Baldoora: :D
  30. Baldoora: go finish mid
  31. Baldoora: syndra rq :D
  32. Baldoora: he didnt flame anyone :;D;:D
  33. Baldoora: you did
  34. Baldoora: :D:D:D
  35. Baldoora: she quit
  36. Baldoora: jesus christ
  37. Baldoora: youre toxic but cant even tell difference between DISCONNECTED and afk
  38. Baldoora: why are you 0/4
  39. Baldoora: I rather have you guys report sion for griefing and harrasing me than reporting syndra :D
  40. Baldoora: rather havbe good toxic player than someone who´s toxic and losing :D
  41. Baldoora: syndra back
  42. Baldoora: wait
  43. Baldoora: youre
  44. Baldoora: from TR
  45. Baldoora: right
  46. Baldoora: thats why you got negative winrate
  47. Baldoora: but on d5
  48. Baldoora: with 30games
  49. Baldoora: LOL
  50. Baldoora: XDDDDD
  51. Baldoora: sion is servber swapper
  52. Baldoora: was wondering why Opgg
  53. Baldoora: said he had like 30 games
  54. Baldoora: but negative winratio
  55. Baldoora: on clean account
  56. Baldoora: but the live game says 500 games
  57. Baldoora: HE SWAPPED FROM TR xDDDD
  59. Baldoora: DDDDX
  60. Baldoora: X
  61. Baldoora: X
  62. Baldoora: I just realized
  63. Baldoora: ive been flamed the whople game
  64. Baldoora: by a guy who´s from TR, has negative winrate on EUW
  65. Baldoora: the only positive thing about this game is
  66. Baldoora: we wont get to see sion in our game
  67. Baldoora: :D
  68. Baldoora: his MMR going to tank
  69. Post-Game
  70. Baldoora: Imagine being 3-0 and get flamed by this guy:  http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=deligibibisioldm
  71. Baldoora: Nami sion are turkish duoq who flamed me since start
  72. Baldoora: and then swapped to syndra
  73. Baldoora: when syndra said that why are bot and top losing solo
  74. Baldoora: ":D"
  75. Baldoora: http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=deligibibisioldm
  76. Baldoora: look at that account
  77. Baldoora: thats like
  78. Baldoora: I am disqusted that this guy
  79. Baldoora: flamed me
  80. Baldoora: and I didnt flame back
  81. Baldoora: i feel like it shouldve been my duty
  82. Baldoora: as a player
  83. Baldoora: to tell this guy what a pos he is
  84. Baldoora: server swapper that flames everyone while being 0-3 on solo lane
  85. Baldoora: after getting ganks
  86. Baldoora: from own jungler
  87. Baldoora: I was 2-0 and he was constantly pinging me
  88. Baldoora: "why are u so bad
  89. Baldoora: "why aree u behind in cs"
  90. Baldoora: well you know
  91. Baldoora: you get high mmr
  92. Baldoora: in TR
  93. Baldoora: and then swapo
  94. Baldoora: and stuck in d5 with 43% winrate total
  95. Baldoora: his mmr will tank a lot
  96. Baldoora: I swapped a d3 smurf in tr in like season  5
  97. Baldoora: and got to play vs 600lp challengers while being in plat 1
  98. Baldoora: server swapper MMR
  99. Baldoora: is fucked up
  100. Baldoora: its equal to our mmr on west
  101. Baldoora: even if the skill level is whiole  different
  102. Baldoora: he prob was master + in tr
  103. Baldoora: because he has negative winrate but still d3 mmr
  104. Baldoora: yeah
  105. Baldoora: really
  106. Baldoora: fucked up
  107. Baldoora: same reason why forgiven raged in twitter
  108. Baldoora: because latin america etc. pros came with riot accoutns
  109. Baldoora: that have d1 mmr
  110. Baldoora: and then they all dropped down to plat
  111. Baldoora: ":D"
  112. Baldoora: worst thing is
  113. Baldoora: he WINS more than loses
  114. Baldoora: like he gets 30+
  115. Baldoora: because the game says he should be higher than his rank
  116. Baldoora: and loses like -15
  117. Baldoora: so he needs to lose like 20 more games
  118. Baldoora: before his mmr reaches d5
  119. Baldoora: where he is currently
  120. Baldoora: yeah
  121. Baldoora: this sucks
  122. Baldoora: dick
  123. Baldoora: I get -18
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