Crybaby Dragon (series) [20160220]

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  1. Contents                                        line    comments                            date
  2. Dragon's First Cavernu                          21      she cries                           1273, Summer
  3. Dragon looks at some coins                      68      aggressive blushing, she cries      1273, Summer
  4. Dragon's Lewd Adventure                         114     she cries                           1273, Fall
  5. Dragon has a guest overnight                    173     aggressive blushing                 1274, Winter
  6. Loli-Oni bullies Dragon at the Waterpark        240     crossover with Loli-Oni, she cries  1274, Summer
  7. Dragon's Valentine                              315     crossover with Loli-Oni, tickling   1275, Winter
  8. Dragon's New Plushie                            352     he becomes a deranged cuddlepump    1275, Winter
  9. Dragon Attacks                                  388     she cries, gets lewd                1275, Spring
  10. Dragon Consummates her Love                     418     safe sex [arc end]                  1275, Summer
  12. Dragon organises some coins                     456     dry humping                         1276, Summer
  14. Dragon's Summer                                 510     tickling, crossover Summer Special  1277, Summer    NEW
  16. Dragon gets Pregnant                            550     he cries                            1294, Fall
  17. Dragon Prepares for Incubation                  588     return of the cuddlepump            1294, Fall
  19.    ***   ***   ***
  21.     Dragon's First Cavernu
  23. There was a light in the woods. I could see it flicker from my window. The hillside was rocky, and I had often played there, up to a week weeks before, actually. It felt a bit too childish for a middle-schooler-to-be. There shouldn't be any lights. No buildings, and it was too dark for any kids to playing around.
  25. I couldn't sleep, anyway. I put some clothes on and went to take a look. There was something wrong - some of the rocks were out of place. Missing. I knew each and every one of them by heart. The light had come from a bit higher, so I kept climbing. Quietly, mind you - something was obviously up. Some of those boulders  were huge, and there wasn't any legit construction going on.
  27. As I approached the top, I found the missing boulders. Someone had fashioned them into a roof of some sort - like a tent made out of stone. It wasn't pretty, and it sure wouldn't keep the rain out. I sneaked in closer to take a look. A fire flickered in the entrace, and I could see someone moving inside. I climbed to a gap in the rocks for a closer look.
  31. The movement was a little girl. About my age...? Actually - it took me a while to realize - it was a classmate of mine. A proud girl. A dragon. She smashed a piggy bank on the rock. A few dozen coins fell to the sandy floor - gold? She seemed sadder than I'd ever seen her. Usually she just bossed everyone around with glee.
  33. I watched her spread the coins on the floor. She sniffed quietly. She rummaged around her backpack for a while and produced a home-made plushie. It was a prince? At least it had a little plush cape and crown. She sat on her coins, held it tight to her chest, and stared into the fire at the mouth of the cavern.
  35. Her sniffs slowly became sobs. Tears welled in her eyes. It sounded like hiccups - she was obviously holding herself back, even if she didn't know I was watching. The tears glistened on her face as she wrapped a blanket around herself. The reflections highlighter her amber eyes framed by her golden hair.
  39. I couldn't forget her. I thought about her all night. I barely slept. I wondered if she had - did she sit there, crying, through the night? Did she finally fall asleep on that pitiful pile of coins? For all her boisterous elegance, she was obviously alone and fragile. I should have talked to her. Maybe it wasn't too late. I hoped she'd be in my class again. I'd find out soon enough.
  41. There was a sad girl in the classroom. She sat at the back, all alone with her elegant ringlets, while the other girls found new friends. I knew I had to act. I sat next to her and gave her a smile. She puffed and turned away. I wrote her a note. "I noticed you moved in next door. Please join me for lunch."
  45. She did. She stared at me from under her brows as she plopped her tray down across from me.
  46. >If you think you can blackmail me, you lit-
  47. >That's not it, Sara.
  48. >-going to burn you to ash-
  49. >I've actually sorta liked you for a while now.
  50. >-until you're a little black pile of-
  51. >Please come to the coin cabinet with me after school!
  52. >-getting blown away by the wind- ...Wait? What did you say?
  54. >Please go out with me, Sara!
  55. She turned red and gold. Her beautiful, amber eyes darted all over the room. I could see the air rippling around her beautiful, delicate lips.
  56. >A-are you messing with me?! Is this some sick revenge for bossing you a little back in grade school?
  57. >No, Sara. I bought you the extra cocoa because I wanted to. Not because I was afraid of you.
  58. She puffed a small plume of black smoke from between her sharp teeth with every breath.
  59. >I'm going to burn you to a crisp if you're playing around with me!
  60. She fidgeted under the table. Her golden, reflective ringlets swayed in the air as she turned her face to me. The smoke was coming out of her nose by now.
  61. >B-but... You wanna walk together to the castle?
  67.    ***   ***   ***
  69.     Dragon looks at some coins
  71. Sara beamed at the picture of a faceless fat man.
  72. >-this is a Louis d'or from 989, look how cute he is-
  73. Coming here with her was a mistake. You ever heard what they say about women and shopping for clothes? It's kinda like that, just worse. She won't - can't - buy anything.
  75. >Oh, oh! Here's a daric! Come look! It's 2500 years old! There's a guy with a bow and an arrow on-
  76. Yeah. It's another gold coin with some kind of a king or emperor on it. She went nuts about all these coins. I just hoped she could keep herself from stealing anything. She'd had a scary glint in her eye ever since we got here.
  78. >Come on! Here's a 8th century copperplate coin! Look how big it is! I wish they made gold coins this big~ Ahn, I'd love a pillow like that~!
  79. Her cute expressions made it all worth it. Maybe she thought I was smiling at the coins? She was just so excited about all this. The hot air that she snorted all over blew ripples into her beautiful ringlets.
  83. My heart fluttered as she twirled around in the hoard exhibit. Her hair gleamed in the dim light like the gold around her. Her amber eyes shone from below golden brows - almost like the ruby-studded chalice behind her. I wished I could wrap her gently flowing ringlets all over my hands and face.
  85. I was almost lost in fantasies of nuzzling her hair all over when she grabbed my hands.
  86. >Come on! I get that the jewels are super cool, but let's get moving already!
  87. She led me off by my hand. Or rather, by the arm. Her claw is far too big for me to interlock fingers with.
  89. The next section was medals. She looked disappointed. Her grip on my arm loosened enough for me to grab her by the claw with both hands. I spun her around to face me. I felt her hair swing to brush my shoulder as her hot breath washed over my lips. I shuffled in closer to her.
  90. >Listen, Sara... Would you like to come over to my place next?
  94. >I-i'm sorry I singed your eyebrows...
  95. She fidgeted under the table once again. She'd barely touched her cocoa.
  96. >It's alright, Sara. It's really nothing, it doesn't really hurt or anything-
  97. >It's not alright! I'll make it up to you, I promise! C-come to my place r-right now!
  99. She sniffled all the way to her little cavern. She wouldn't listen to me, she just kept saying she had to do it. She led me to her bed of coins and burst into tears. She sat down as her tears fell on the tiny pile.
  100. >Come... I-i'll give it to you...
  102. She gathered up her coins and split the pile in two. She pushed the other half toward me, crying profusely.
  103. >J-j-just take it already! Please forgive me...!
  104. I kneeled in front of her and looked in her eyes. Her eyes were red from the tears. I hugged her as hard as I could. I could feel the heat as she blew a plume of fire behind me.
  105. >Can't I have a kiss or something instead?
  106. I stroked her hair behind her back. Her breath blackened the wall behind my back.
  112.    ***   ***   ***
  114.     Dragon's Lewd Adventure
  116. >Caw!
  117. >Come down at once!
  118. Sara sneezed into a small rock in her hand and threw it at the Magpie Harpy circling overhead with a gotlet in her claws. Soot fell off of it in an arc, finally striking the cup part of the goblet. It dented.
  119. >That's my treasure! I'll grill and eat you! Bird-brain!
  120. >Caw! Fuuuck youuuu~
  124. That afternoon we dropped our bags at my house and went off to play at the ruins. Well, I called it playing. She got all indignant and insisted that we were executing an excavation. She wouldn't even hold my hand before I apologized to her. I obviously did. I could feel the cool fall air ripple with her hot breath immediately afterwards.
  126. The old castle was a good fifteen minutes' walk from the new one. While the new one was immaculately restored and used as a museum, this one was, well... It was destroyed in battle like 1500 years ago and just left like that. Most of the above-surface features had become piles of stone and ash centuries ago, but many of the cellars and tunnels were still more-or-less intact.
  128. Those tunnels were exactly where we were going. They weren't exactly safe, and we weren't exactly supposed to go there. We still did, or she did and dragged me along. I figured we were going to just poke around a little - it turns out she knew exactly what she was doing. She led me down tunnels and stairs until we reached some kind of an ancient cellar.
  132. >Listen, Sara, are you sure it's safe down here? The walls won't collapse on us or anything?
  133. I suddenly felt her scaly hands around my waist. I felt hot air blow out of her nose and onto my nape.
  134. >The walls will not collapse. But... You're not safe down here. I will eat you up~
  135. She spun me around and kissed me right on the lips.
  136. >I have the upper hand this time~ You can't embarrass me now!
  137. She pushed me onto the floor and crawled on top of me.
  138. >You're going to be the one crying this time!
  140. Her claws climbed up and down my sides. After five minutes, I was laughing. After ten - gasping for breath. After fifteen - crying. She cackled as she tickled and tickled me, her golden hair gently brushing my face. I had to beg her to stop before the torture ended. As I lay there, on my back on the ancient gravel under her, she brushed her hair behind her ear.
  142. She bent down to kiss me. I inhaled her hot breath. It almost burned my nostrils. I could tell she was a little more embarrassed than her face or words let on. Her hands were firmly planted to the sides of my face. I took the chance to go for a little revenge. I lifted my hands to her armpits and traced her gentle curves down her sides all the way down to her knees. Her face didn't even budge. My face must have sank.
  146. After what must have been an hour of frenzied cuddling, she finally let me rise. My lips were parched from the hot air blowing into me the whole time. I noticed a glint in her eye as she rose.
  147. >Look! LOOK! A new goblet!
  148. She dug into the pile with her claws. She unearthed a copper goblet and gleefully rubbed it against her cheek.
  149. >It's my first find! I'm so happy!
  151. She twirled and danced her way up the corridors, only stopping every once in a while to kiss me on the cheek. I had to shield my eyes from the sun as she made it to the light. Her beautiful golden hair twinkled like gold and fire in the evening sun. Suddenly there was a flash of black, white, and blue.
  153. I ran into the open air. A Magpie Harpy had stolen her goblet and sat perched on one of the few standing walls.
  154. >Caw!
  158. And there we were. The harpy was screeching in the air, being pelted with hot stones. Sara was getting more and more angry and frustrated with each stone. Soon I heard her sniffle and ran over to hug her. It didn't help. She sobbed, then cried silently, and then cried aloud.
  159. >No...! That's my goblet! My first find... That shit-bird took it from me...!
  161. The harpy landed in front of me as Sara cried into my shoulder.
  162. >Listen, I... I'm sorry. I didn't think it was that important...
  163. She handed the goblet to me. I could barely make out her words over Sara's wails.
  164. >Please tell her I'm sorry, okay?
  166. She flapped off on her way as Sara's tears slowly died down. Once she was down to sobbing, I showed her the goblet. Her red eyes gleamed again. Then she looked embarrassed, and furrowed her brow.
  167. >If you tell anyone about this, I'm going to burn you. Not a word, you hear!?
  168. She hugged me with bone-crushing force and sighed. I wiped away her tears and we set off home.
  171.    ***   ***   ***
  173.     Dragon has a guest overnight
  175. The doorbell rang. I opened it to find a pair of amber eyes staring at me from under golden blonde bangs. Sara fidgeted as she stepped in and failed to remove her crimson woolen overcoat. She was obviously up to something.
  176. >Listen... I... W-would you like to come over to my place? A-a-and could you pack your toothbrush...
  178. >Should I bring my own blankets? I mean, your place was a bit plain the last time I came...
  179. I packed up my toiletries in a few moments. Sara kept on fidgeting at the door.
  180. >N-no... Just bring the brush. I-it should be fine.
  181. She was up to something out of the ordinary.
  183. I quickly dressed for the winter cold. Christmas break had barely begun, and it was a nice, sunny Saturday afternoon. The dying light of the sun painted the snowpacked forest a burning amber to match her palette. My heart pounded as I followed that vision of beauty along the path.
  187. We finally made it to her cave. She had left a raging inferno of a fire at the mouth. There had been some changes. The cavern was stronger, better insulated - yet still just as plain. More rocks, perhaps, but no human amenities. Her treasure had grown a tiny bit, even beyond the copper chalice we had found in the fall.
  189. There was absolutely nothing to do and no human bed. Only blankets. I felt the butterflies invade my stomach. Could she really intend to...?
  190. >Come on, sit down.
  191. She sat on the coins, next to a blanket she was patting with a shaking hand. I sat down next to her and stared into the flames.
  193. She took another blanket and threw it across our shoulders. I felt her arm worm its way around me as she pulled my head in to hers. The roar of the flames in front of me, her ever so deliberaly calm breaths to my left, the heat from both on my face. I was far too self-conscious to say anything for what must have been hours as we sat, arms around each other.
  197. Finally she broke the silence. The fire at the mouth of the cave was finally dying down.
  198. >I-i-i-i'm going to put more wood on the fire! A-are you t-t-tired?
  199. Before I could answer, she flashed to the fuel pile. She quickly built a new stockade outside the one that was about to burn out.
  201. She tiptoed her way back to me against a growing backdrop of fire. It was already pitch black outside. She sat back next to me. She breathed a lungful of steam at me and looked at me from below her brows.
  202. >Let's t-t-t-turn in for the night...
  203. She pulled a plushie and some pillows from the treasure.
  205. She laid down on the treasure with the copper chalice for a pillow. She gave me a pillow and placed another one between us. She stuttered, like she had all night.
  206. >I-i-i'm sorry, but please keep to your side for tonight...
  207. We laid across each other, separated by the pillow and her plushie.
  211. I couldn't sleep. It must have been hours. She was obviously asleep. I could tell from the cute noises and contented smile as she clutched her plushie. I could feel the urge inside me. She was so beautiful, wrapped in her really rather conservative nightgown. I had to do it. I tossed the pillow and got to serious work.
  213. Her arms were wrapped tight around the plushie. I tried to pull them apart, but there was just no way. She was too strong. I wiggled lower and pushed my arms under the plushie. I slowly made my way higher and higher, slowly replacing the doll. It was working. I considered stopping when my head reached her arms. She rolled in place and kneaded my face to her modest bust in her sleep.
  215. I didn't I slowly forced my way up until she hugged me and my arms were free above hers. I could feel her top leg wrapping around me as I stroked her lovely hair. I kissed her hair as her hot breath warmed my chest. She sighed happily as she kneaded me into her. I ignored the hard surface under me as we wrapped ourselves around each other. I finally fell into a content sleep.
  219. >W-what!? Why are you?! What did you do to me...?
  220. She almost breathed fire into my face. I felt the heat dry out my eyes. I had to close my eyes as she stuttered and sputtered in my arms.
  221. >I... I couldn't sleep like that. So close, but so far...
  222. She almost broke my back as she squished me against her.
  224. >You should have asked me first. That wasn't very nice.
  225. She kept my head pressed to her shoulder. I felt her hot breath blacken the wall behind me. Now the paint job was nice and symmetrical - I was looking at the scorch mark from our first encounter here.
  226. >I'm sorry.
  228. >Well, as long as you understand what you did wrong...
  229. She pushed me slightly away and looked in my eyes. Her rosy cheeks accented her amber eyes.
  230. >If you want to... Would-would you like to do it again tonight? I-i mean, we could try that spooning thing I keep hearing about...?
  231. I kissed her right on the nose.
  232. >Only if you hold me.
  238.    ***   ***   ***
  240.     Loli-Oni bullies Dragon at the Waterpark
  242. The bucketful of cold water splashed all over me. Starting from the horns, the chill ran down my spine. Literally. Time seemed to slow and I almost squealed as the water ran down my butt and thighs. It felt so cold, and yet so good~
  243. >Is that really cold...?
  245. A young Dragon stood in front of me, clutching a red towel. Her long hair was tied up over her head and she held a scrunched-up paper towel in her claw. She must have come from the sauna, but there was absolutely no sweat on her. The sauna must be like home for them, I guess?
  246. >Want to try? Just wait until the water starts spilling over the edge again, and then pull on the rope!
  248. >Kyaargh!
  249. A conflagration of flame shot out of the blonde girl as she spilled the bucket on herself. I giggled to myself as she ran back into the sauna. I figured this would happen. Luckily the ceramics around here were chosen to take a bit of monster girl action. I sauntered off towards the pools. I wondered if she'd ever leave the sauna again as I climbed into the first jacuzzi I found.
  253. That blondie came out of the shower rooms after like half an hour. She wore a white one-piece - white and gold, she obviously had a nice eye for color. It was sort of lewd, though. She was so pale in midwinter that she almost looked naked. I just had to keep on teasing her.
  254. >Hey, Dragon! Come here, the jacuzzi is great!
  256. >Hmph!
  257. She crossed her arms and looked away as she walked past. Did she hear me giggling after the splash?
  258. >I'm sorry~ I didn't think it would be too cold. Come on, this one's really hot! You'll love it~
  259. She stopped to think, but then slowly stepped in to the hot water. I slimed as her grouchy face melted.
  260. >D-don't think we're friends or anything, you Oni! I-i'm just coming for the heat!
  262. She gave out a slight hiss as her breath rippled in the air. She had her arms spread on the edges of the tub, completely satisfied. She looked like she was about to fall asleep. I had another nice idea~ I slowly sank myself into the tub, until only my face and horns were above the surface. It was time to strike.
  266. Her muted hysterical laughter became much more clear as my ears were lifted above the surface. I kept my fingers wiggling at her sides as she lifted me in the air by the horns. Between giggling breaths she finally managed to cough out:
  267. >W-what are you doing?! Stop it already...!
  269. I joined her laughter as I kept tickling her. She didn't seem to find any place to put me down far enough to clear my fingers from her sides. Some passing grannies giggled and gossiped out loud at us.
  270. >Oh, look at those cute little girls! They're such good friends, aren't they?
  271. I was used to being mistaken for a grade or middle schooler, but hearing that gave me an idea.
  273. >Let's go to the water slide next!
  274. I grabbed the Dragon girl's claw and dragged her out of the jacuzzi.
  275. >But I don't... We don't know each other...
  276. >Come on! It'll be fun!
  277. She did follow me up the stairs. So, the shy, impressionable type.
  281. I stood in wait for her as she came down the water slide. I tackled her as soon as she left the landing area. Her largish hips and thighs were soft, but there was obviously something to work with here. Maybe I could get her to come to my gym...? She was kind of fun to be around, too, even if she was a little girl.
  283. >Come on, the water massage is next, um...?
  284. >Uh, Sara... Wait, what's water massage?
  285. I pushed her towards the bubbling tile beds. She was obviously warming up to me. I told her to just float above the sprays. I enjoyed watching her embarrassed face as she struggled to relax in the tickling bubble spray.
  287. We reclined in the massage area for an hour. Sara was actually pretty talkative once she opened up to me. She was a smart kid, no need to do any sort of baby talk at her. I enjoyed spending a couple of hours with her before it was time to head home. Coincidentally, she had the same schedule. We left together.
  291. >W-would you like to play with me again?
  292. She fidgeted under the table. What a cute little girl~ I wondered if she didn't have too many friends. How long could I keep her in the dark...? I'd have to keep this up as long as possible~
  293. >Sure, maybe you'd like to come to my house next weekend?
  295. >Y-yes! I'd love to!
  296. She beamed and steamed as she sipped at her cocoa. So cute, I just want to bully her all day long~ I finally spotted Darling walking outside the windows. The jig was up. Oh well, it's not like it was the end of the world. I waved to him through the door.
  298. I was twirled in the air.
  299. >I-is this your father...? He looks really young...
  300. >Oh, Darling? No, no, he's my husband~
  301. She turned red.
  302. >I-i-is that legal!? I mean... How... What...?
  303. I laughed as she stuttered and blushed at us.
  304. >Oh, dearie, I'm 27~!
  305. Her face sank. She looked like she was about to cry as I climbed down from Darling.
  306. >Would you still like to come visit next week?
  307. >Yes!
  313.    ***   ***   ***
  315.     Dragon's Valentine
  317. The doorbell rang. A young girl stood anxiously at the door. She fidgeted her clawed hands as she stood in the corridor. Finally the door opened. A slightly smaller girl leapt out at her, hanging herself by the neck. “Sara! You’re finally here,” the smaller girl cooed. “Y-yes! I’m happy to be here!” The smaller girl’s horn dug into Sara’s cheek. “Come on inside! We’ve got the house all to ourselves~” She led Sara inside by the hand – or rather claw.
  319. “I’ve got everything all ready for you. See? There’s three sorts of chocolate and all sorts of molds!” She pointed to a pile of cookie cutters. Some of them were appropriate – circles, stars, hearts, but a few somewhat less so. A pig? That wasn’t in keeping with the Valentine spirit. She had obviously just taken out a pile of gingerbread cutters. Sara looked nervous. “So, umm, how hard is this going to be? I mean, I’ve never made any chocolates before…” The smaller girl almost grinned at her. “Oh, don’t worry~ We’re just going to melt it, maybe mix it up a little, and then just pour it. It’s going to be a breeze~!”
  321. “Mina! It’s starting to melt, what do I do?!” Sara watched the boiling water break up a pile of milk chocolates in a glass bowl suspended above it. “Turn the stove down. We can always heat it up again if it solidifies, but too much heat will ruin it.” She did. The water settled, but the steam kept the chocolates melting. Sara was too distracted to notice the shadow of a pair of horns creeping up on her. It was already too late. Tiny hands climbed up her sides like a pair of enraged centipedes.
  323. Soon Mina had tickle-wrestled a laughing Sara to the floor. “You’d better tell me everything~,” she giggled in the tortured Dragon’s ear. “A cute little girl like you wants to make chocolates for Valentines? I know what you’re up to, you little cutie!  Is he your first boyfriend~?” Sara could barely breathe, much less speak. “M-mina! S-stop! The chocolates will…!” Mina didn’t stop. She drove her tiny fingers deeper into Sara’s pearl-white armpits. “If you want the chocolates to survive, you have to spill the beans!”
  325. “…And that’s about all of it.” Mina beamed, her jaw nestled in her hands. “Ooh~ Wiggling into your arms in the night~? What a beast!” Sara blushed from across the slowly cooling chocolates. “And now you want to make him all yours~ Well, it sounds like you don’t really need the chocolates, do you? He’s already head over heels for you.” Mina stretched herself in the chair. “Just take it easy with him, okay? He’s going to love the gesture.” Sara glanced at the stovetop. All of the milk and white chocolates had been used up, but there was still a pile of broken-up darks on the table. “What about those ones? We already ate way too much of them…” Mina grinned at her. “Oh, don’t you worry~ You know I have an use for them~!”
  328.    *   *   *
  330. My arms were pinned above my head by powerful claws. I watched Sara loom over me. A long strip of chocolate hung from her beautiful lips above my face. "What is this? I thought you said we were gonna have chocolates together!?" I swallowed hard as I saw her blow hot air from her nostrils into the chocolate. She didn't respond. "Come on, Sara! You aren't normally like this!" The chocolate slowly began to deform. I could see her half smile, half leer as she snorted more heat onto the chocolate. It began to drip.
  332. A droplet of chocolate ran down the shaft agonizingly slowly. Sara's tiny chest trembled with quick breaths as she aimed it right at my lips. Finally the hot chocolate fell. It splashed right onto my lips. It was warm, but not scalding by any means. I licked up the delicious ooze. "What is this? Are you playing some sort of game?" She didn't. She dripped more and more chocolate onto my lips, until her breath no longer reached the stub in her mouth. It must have taken half an hour. I was in a trance, teased by her silence and the taste on my lips. Finally she bent down to kiss me with the chocolate still held between her teeth.
  334. "I'm going to make you all mine..." She grinned, her gently curving ringlets framing her barely lit face. "W-what do you mean? Aren't we lovers already? This is really weird, and not like you at all! Did someone put you up to this?" She didn't say a word. Rather, she reached for her bag of chocolates. She pulled out a small, heart-shaped chocolate with a white center. She carefully placed it on my lips and placed her claws on either side of my head. She gently held my head in place as she straddled me.
  336. Finally the chocolate had dissolved between our lips. Her lips had stayed glued to mine for the whole time. The hard chocolate had slowly softened and disappeared, and slowly the chocolate pressing on my lips had turned into a chocolate-flavored kiss. As soon as it was all gone, she rose again, her golden hair caressing my neck. "There's only six to go. You see, a little bird taught me that girls have to be aggressive to keep boys interested. I can't have you making all the moves~" A blush could barely be seen on her face. It was impressive how cool she kept her voice, but she was obviously still nervous.
  338. One after another, she destroyed the chocolate shapes. I could swear one of them was a pig. I can't be sure. My concentration was shot to hell by the changing tastes, her hot breath on my face and the short, sweet, soft kisses between the chocolate. I barely noticed her pull the blanket on top on us. She held my head to one cheek and her plushie to the other as we fell asleep. As my consciousness faded, I wished I could stay like that forever.
  340.    *   *   *
  342. "Darling?! Darling, help!" Her anguished cries greeted me as I opened the door. "What's wrong? Where are you?!" I heard her voice call out from the bedroom. "Darling, I'm cold and I can't move! Come help me!" I ran to her. As I opened the door, I saw my wife lying on the bed, motionless, her abdomen covered in brown and red. "I'm so cold..." Next to her were empty bowls, one with traces of dark chocolate, and one with traces of strawberry jam. Her abs were covered in a criss-cross pattern of chocolate and jam. "Why are you so late? You should have been home half an hour ago...!" She moaned at me. "Hurry, Darling! Lick it all up so we can take a hot bath~!"
  344. I didn't hurry. I took my sweet time licking her firm, beautiful abdomen clean. For once I was the one bullying her body.
  350.    ***   ***   ***
  352.     Dragon's New Plushie
  354. The plush doll's head had been ripped off suspiciously cleanly. "S-so! As you can see, y-you'll have to... You know... Stay over tonight..." Sara's left eyebrow twitched on her blood-flushed face as she averted her eyes from me. She fidgeted in her lap, as always, but the really suspicious part were her perfect hips swaying back and forth rather seductively. I took the opportunity to stare at the beautiful drapes of her skirt as she looked away.
  356. I, of course, agreed to sleep over. I would have even without the bizarre game she was playing. She was a tiny bit more relaxed than the first time I had been over, particularly early in the night. Technically we played cards, but I was more interested in watching the roaring inferno at the mouth of the cavern dance in her beautiful eyes as the heat scorched my back. Finally the dark fell. I expected her to pull out and extra pillow to keep us apart again. She didn't.
  358. Instead, she laid out a single blanket and a single pillow on the pile of gold. As she stopped, in my mind midway, I looked at the bed and her in turn. What was going on? "W-w-w-well...!", she stuttered, "I told you I can't s-sleep without my p-plushie, right?! And it's broken! S-so..." Her voice died out as black smoke began to stream from her nostrils. She let out a little flame when she finally continued: "S-s-s-s-o y-you're gonna be m-my p-p-p-plushie for tonight!"
  362. She stripped down to her underwear, a camisole and panties, before sitting on the coins. I did the same and sat next to her. Sara's assault was furious - she pulled me into her lap in an instant. She made me sit in her lap and pulled me into a tight hug from behind as she fell onto the gold. The shock of the hard metal was barely cushioned by her slender body. I was dazed by her sudden aggression - her new Oni friend must be rubbing on her.
  364. The blanket was pulled over my body, leaving me pleasantly sandwiched by the soft fabric and her somewhat hard body. She ran her powerful claws all around my chest and face while simultaneously blowing hot steam into my nape and under my shirt. I blushed with pleasure, thankfully out of her sight. I could barely reciprocate, wrapped in her arms as I was. The only thing I could do, and did, was to grab one of her claws with both hands and pull it up to my cheek. Instantly, her hot breath ran down my spine.
  366. Sara was not satisfied with just that, oh no. She spun me in her arms with ease, turning me to face her. I had to endure a barrage of soft, fleeting kisses all over my upper body as her claws pressed our hips together. Her powerful, endless hug was punctuated with the staccato of her hot lips and her hotter breath warming every part of me in turn: one moment her breath ran down my neck as she kissed my jaw, the next my eyes were dryed by the desert breeze as she nuzzled my nose.
  370. Suddenly I was spun again, this time finding myself under her. Her claws pinned my arms onto the gold as she smiled at me. I shivered with pleasure at the contrast of her warm body and hot breath on my chest and the cold gold at my back. She lowered her head to mt chest, letting her gleaming hair flow onto and over my shoulders. I was at her mercy, my arms still pinned above my head. I could only squirm in pleasure as she stretched herself and settled onto me.
  372. Slowly her arms descended, pulling my body into her face with even greater pressure than her weight alone. I took the chance to strike back - I grabbed fistfuls of her gently curving ringlets, glinting in the firelight, and rubbed them all over my face. It had a gentle fragrance of smoke, as well as that mysterious scent of a girl's hair. I breathed through it, lightly brushed my face with it, and finally looked down. She had noticed.
  374. Sara steamed and fumed as she watched me play with her hair. As she did nothing, I craned down to reach her bangs. I pulled her head towards me and planted a kiss on her forehead. Her tiny nose exploded into another plume of black smoke as she grabbed me again, spinning me back to on top of her. She grinned as she kneaded me into her slender form without a word. I felt her modest chest brushing up to me, and in return she must have felt my engorged penis press against her burning-hot thighs.
  378. She wrapped her slender, powerful, beautiful legs around mine, and I felt the heat of the almost boiling blood inside her through her skin. Her warm, exaggeratedly calm breath lulled me into a daze. The heat was almost unbearable, and yet a vision of heaven at the same time. It was almost as if the raging inferno inside her was the power of love.
  380. As I drifted to sleep in her arms, my eye caught her prince plush doll calmly smiling at me. If I had to say, I'd think he smiled in approval.
  386.    ***   ***   ***
  388.     Dragon Attacks
  390. Uncharacteristically warm wind caressed my face on that early spring afternoon. My hand was held in her claw, kept warm even in the cool air. The melting snow twinkled in the sun - almost as bright as her hair did. It was a monday, the first day after our last encounter. I was lost in thought, remembering her soft warmth all over me, smothering me, intoxicating me, warming me to my bones. So we walked, silently, towards our respective homes. I turned to look at her - her majestic profile was flushed, blushing, snorting steam like an old locomotive. She fiddled her long, golden hair with her free claw. She turned to face me for an instant before blushing, if possible, even more - and she turned away in a cloud of steam.
  392. Finally it was time for us to separate. Only - she didn't let go of me. I looked at her, obviously puzzled. "Y-y-you're... You're coming home with me, r-right...?" She turned to face me, but avoided my eyes. I stood in stunned silence as she stammered and stuttered in front of me. "Y-you will, right...?" She lifted her left claw to our chests, bringing my hand with it, and grasped it with the other one. "Please- Please answer me!" I took her claws in my other hand as she stared me in the eye, hers glistening with imminent tears. "Sara..." She squeezed my hand even harder as she swallowed. "Are you asking me to marry you?" Tiny flames shot out of her nostrils. "N-n-no! T-that's not what I mean!" She turned her face away again, steaming. "Not something like m-m-marriage...!" The steam turned black. "A marriage would have to be..." The flames, again. "Have to be..." Her voice died down. "Con..." I could feel the heat on my face. "Consummated," she almost whispered, blowing rather large flames.
  394. "What do you want then, Sara?" She looked me in the eye with her big, reddened eyes. "You're..." She searched for words. "You're a part of my hoard!" I almost felt betrayed. "Are you saying that I'm like an object?!" My jaw trembled with what was, in retrospect, childish insecurity. "N-no! W-what are you...?!" She lunged at me, pushing me over into the snow. "No! You're not an object! I love you! Please believe me...!" Her tears fell onto my face, hot, almost burning my cheeks. She screamed in anguish on top of me, melting the snow under us with her hot breath. The heat was overbearing, slowly making its way through my winter clothes. I grasped her slender body with both arms without words. Slowly her sobs died down as I stroked her silky, golden hair and the head and back underneath it.
  398. Thick, black smoke rose from underneath the baths made of rock and made its way into holes in the ceiling. The water was almost uncomfortably warm, as were the rocks below. The inferno at the mouth of the cave cast a stark amber light into the entire space. One of the forms lit by the fire was shaped more softly than the rock all around me - Sara sat across from me in the bath, hugging her knees. Her nose was barely above the water, blowing bubbles into the water. The mass of her hair floated on the water, gold lit by amber flames, just as the flickering fire danced in her eyes. Suddenly she stood up, revealing a slender form lit by the fire - the contours of her enticing hips underscored by the flickering light.She seemed almost naked, a pale girl in a white swimsuit. I felt mine tighten as she waded toward me in silence. Sara sat next to me and wrapped her claw around my shoulder.
  400. "Would you like to... You know... Would you like me to touch you...?" Her face was in shadow - I could barely make out her features against the flames behind her - but I was certain she was blushing. I did. I said nothing - she must have known it from my ragged breath. "You have to promise me something first." She leaned forward, pressing her nose to my ear. Her words flowed into my ear, warm and dry like a desert wind. "Do you want to become my groom? I mean, in the future?" I could only nod. "I will marry you, darling. Until then, well..." She kissed me, cutting her own sentence off. Her lips probed my cheek, then my jaw, before finally working towards my own lips. I turned to receive her tongue. Still kissing me, Sara climbed on top of me. I could feel her clawed feet touch my knees, her abdomen on mine, her claws grasping my head, her clavicles on my lips. It was very close to a dream come true.
  404. Sara pushed her hips forward, pressing my erect penis between my stomach and her pubic mound, only two thin swimsuits separating them. Sara's face was lit from the side, the stark light turning her smile into an almost grotesque leer. I shuddered even as I admired her beauty. She leaned back, supported by her grasp on my shoulders. I swallowed and seized my chance - I touched her chest. She blinked in surprise before her smile grew even wider, the dimple on her lit cheek drawing a pitch-black shadow. Her modest breasts barely filled my hands. I was afraid to knead them, so I softly ran my hands on and around her chest. Her small chest, her sides, her luscious wide hips, her tight belly, her back and spine... Sara enjoyed the attention, moaning as she ground her hips to mine. Finally my hands made their way up to her neck. I pulled her back in to kiss her neck and jaw all over. Sara craned her neck back to allow me unrestricted access to her delicate skin and veins.
  406. The sensation of her swimsuit grinding on mine was, truthfully, underwhelming. The lust I felt for her perfect body, on the other hand...? My desire for her burnt almost as hot as the fire inside her, and it was that which allowed me to reach completion under her slender form. As I felt it approach, I grabbed her buttocks. Sara giggled as I grasped her soft, firm flesh. My hands grasped and probed her ass as if attempting to directly pull other sensations than mere touch from her body. I caressed her powerful muscles as my own hips lifted both of us up in the water, as if attempting to penetrate her - penetrate, consummate, impregnate. With two swimsuits in the way, that was simply not possible. I couldn't enter her, I couldn't make her mine - yet. Instead, my sperm shot out of me, uselessly drifting to the surface. I collapsed under her body, gasping for air in her sweet embrace.
  410. I relaxed, my hair still slightly wet, on a new mattress. An actual one, a bed for humans. It was right next to her pile of coins, sure, but still somehow separate. A bit sad, perhaps, but I couldn't spend every night on top of her - the gold was just too hard for a human to sleep on. Sara finished draining the bath and stepped to me, now in her underwear. I yawned, barely awake, as she sat down next to me and climbed under the blanket. I felt her claws wrap around me - all of them - as I drifted to sleep. The last thing from that night that I remembered was her licking her lips and swallowing behind me.
  416.    ***   ***   ***
  418.     Dragon Consummates her Love
  420. Dazzling sunlight filtered through a canopy of leaves as Sara and I walked home - our home. It was the last day of school of our second year. Sara was uncharacteristically quiet, had been for the whole week. Maybe she was anxious about spending the summer holidays with me, alone in that small cave. I held her claw, which seemed somehow moist - as if clammy with sweat. Suddenly she piped up. "L-listen! I-i-i need to, y-you know, get some sh-shopping done! See you at home...!" She broke away from my hand mid-sentence, awkwardly explaining herself even as she ran off to a side street.
  424. An hour later, I lounged at the mouth of the cavern, the warm summer air wafting around me, the brilliant sunlight pleasantly warm on my face. I lay on my back on the rocks, enjoying the first moments of the holidays, when I heard the groan of soles grinding on the gravel path leading up to the cave. I opened my eyes and turned my face to see Sara making her way towards me. A small plastic bag hung from her right claw. She seemed happy, even excited, more so than she had all week.
  426. Sara sat next to me on the rocks. She rummaged the bag for a pair of ice cream bars. She almost seemed to blush as she wordlessly handed one to me. She was never the type that could be pushed for answers, so I took the treat and started to eat it, shoulder to her shoulder. Soon I felt hot air floating my way and smelt a faint, sulfurous note in the air. I turned my head to her, and noticed that she had barely touched her ice cream. Instead, she sat hunched over, blushing furiously, billowing hot, black smoke at it. Half of it had already fallen onto the rocks between her legs.
  428. "I-i-i-i'm sorry..." She stuttered as she finally spoke up, for the first time that day. "I'm a b-bad girl... I don't blame you i-if you don't w-w-want to..." She fell silent for a moment as her smoke rose to the canopy above. "I-i understand if you h-h-hate me now...!" My pulse quickened. What was going on? "I c-couldn't wait anymore! I know it's wrong, but I-i-i... I wanted to h-have s-s-sex!" She almost screamed the words at me, tears welling in her eyes. I sat in silent surprise, my ice cream beginning to drip, as she dug her claw back into the bag. She pulled out a packet of condoms. "I know we're too young to m-marry, but... I want to take you! I can't wait a second longer!" I lunged at her to hug her tight.
  432. Sara set me down on the bed, still passionately kissing me as she lowered my head to the mattress. Her rough claws didn't seem safe to handle something as delicate as a condom with, so I had to roll it down myself as she licked my neck and upper chest, her warm tongue and hot breath making me shiver in pleasure. Finally my engorged, pulsating penis was clad in thin latex, twitching with my pulse, begging to finally enter her. She pulled away from my chest and straddled my hips, standing on her knees. Her mustard-colored, scaly, slender claws pulled at the mouth of her cloaca, teasing me with it. Her soft, lovely hair hung down, caressing my thighs as she thrust her lewd hips in the air. Her face was pulled into a lewd grin as I begged her to take me, enjoying the moment. She delighted in how she could use her body to turn the tables on me, turning from a shy girl, awkward with her words, into a seductress I could not oppose. Her body could easily communicate what her tongue had always found difficult.
  434. Sara finally lowered herself onto me, slowly enveloping me with her cloaca. Her lewd all-purpose hole descended upon me with a deliberate, sadistic certainty. Finally she had sat all the way down on me. Her harsh claws pressed down on my chest. Her face was flushed with her boiling blood, even if a Dragon like her couldn't technically be deflowered. I brought my hands up to hers, snaking them below hers before lifting her claws into the air. Her fingers intertwined with mine as she begun to amateurishly rock back and forth on top of me, her reproductive canal grinding up and down my member. Small jets of flame shot out of her nostrils with each thrust, visible in the cool gloom of the cavern. It wasn't long before I lost my virginity into the pouch of rubber between us.
  438. Sara pulled herself off me before pulling the condom off my dick. I guessed, even if I could not see, that she took the chance not to waste it. Soon she stretched herself onto my whole body, like a cat preparing for sleep. Her silky, perfect hair fanned over her slender back, falling to caress my sides even as she gently brought her claws to my temples. I wrapped my arms around her, pressing her soft, small bust into me, stroking her lovely hair all over. In minutes, I was again in condition to work on her frustration. "W-would you like to try something a l-little d-d-different...?!" As soon as she spoke, she returned to form. I nodded as she stared into my eyes with glistening amber eyes drawn into almonds. "Of of the girls at school told me about this."
  440. She took my place on the mattress. I took up a position at her feet, her legs slung onto my shoulders. I looked her in the eye, another condom already wrapped around me. She nodded slightly, and with her go-ahead I pushed myself into her. She gasped as I pushed myself inside as deep as I could. She felt divine, her warm, fleshy thighs pressing against my stomach, her hard, scaly shins scraping against my shoulders. I had a perfect view of her beautiful face and modest, elegant bust - her golden hair framing her perfect body like a precious fan. Her body rocked slightly with each thrust, her small breasts, pulled flat by the gravity, bouncing up and down on her chest, her hair coiling and turning on the floor like some ancient clockwork.
  442. Sara's expressioned flowed like a mountain stream - shifting from ecstacy to embarassment, from sharp gasps to undulating moans. It was the first time I had seen her like this. Every other time she had touched me it had been in the dark, or she had sat with me in her lap. Her beautiful face was now somehow even more alluring, flushed red and twisting under my touch. As I continued to violate her in a weird role reversal, her nostrils flared to let out more and more smoke, until finally her whole body tensed under me. Her neck craned back, her mouth opening to shoot a flare of hellfire out towards the mouth of the cavern. I felt the sudden burst of heat from her roaring inferno all over my face and shoulders, turning the cool cavern, for a fleeting moment, into a boiling sauna. Sara was still gasping, trying to catch her breath, when I released another batch of semen towards her depths, only to be stopped in their tracks by the rubber. I collapsed on top of her, shivering with the sudden return of cool cave air.
  446. The next morning Sara presented me with her plans to expand the 'house'. The Anubis class president had helped her design a modular plan that could be built one piece at a time, most likely over decades. She held me in her lap as she spoke - "I hope you'll be there to see it finished."
  452.    ***   ***   ***
  454.    ***   ***   ***
  456.     Dragon organises some coins
  458. Sara hummed loudly as she rummaged through her pile of coins in the middle of the floor. One wall of vitrines was already filled with coins, indexed first by period, then by region, then by theme. I watched her pull out an Early Modern, Desert coin with a bust of an Anubis struck to it. She carefully placed it next to the one with a scorpion stinger, below one with only calligraphy. She beamed to herself as another row was finished. Lost in her own world, she fell face-first into the pile of precious and semi-precious metal and rubbed her face all over the hard metal.
  460. The external construction had proceeded well - the mouth of our old cavern now led into a wooden corridor south and a living-room-turned-hub, where an old-fashioned open fireplace in the middle was circled by wooden benches and a pair of sofas at the walls. To the east stood the living quarters, with both a bed and a pile of coins - mostly duplicate pieces - side by side. To the north lay the old cavern, now a dedicated bathhouse with a somewhat more modern heating system. Finally, to the west, stood the collection - not yet quite finished.
  462. I sat at a chair next to an unfilled vitrine, leafing through Sara's notes. Every coin had a place, and she had spent hours cutting and writing placeholder cards for the ones she didn't yet have. She wanted to have everything done before school started, and it looked like she would just barely make it. There were perhaps a hundred coins still on the floor, sliding around under her nose and cheeks. The gleam of gold and bronze mixed with the glimmer of her golden hair, whirling around as she turned her head. I smiled at the sight before I turned to place the last few dozen placeholders.
  466. That Saturday evening everything was finally done. All the coins were in place, all the duplicates carted off into her bed. I walked through the exhibit one more time. Sara had ordered me to double-check everything with the plans with a blush - I knew something was up. I did a thorough job to let her finish whatever she wanted me away for, meandering between the dimly lit vitrines until I heard her voice calling for me.
  468. Sara stood in the bedroom, waiting. She was dressed in her new high school uniform, a charcoal grey blazer and knee-length skirt. A mustard-brown ribbon hung from her white collar, a similar yet darker color to her eyes and hair. Her long, beautiful hair was tied into a thick braid draped over her shoulder. She smiled as I entered, and twirled across the room. The blazer accentuated the beautiful curve of her back perfectly, running smoothly into the skirt covering her gently curving, now quite wide hips.
  470. She spun to a halt, the pleats on her skirt falling into place around her enticing form. "So you like it?" She grinned under her golden bangs, her eyes wrinkling as she did - I realized my cheeks were hot with blood. I did. Of course, she was beautiful in any clothes. She stepped to me and wrapped her slender arms around my waist, pulling me into her. I responded by lifting my hands to her jaw and planting a soft kiss on her elegant nose. "Of course I do. I'm glad we're in the same class again." She blew out a long, lingering, burning breath onto my chin and neck.
  474. She broke the hug, led me to the edge of the bed, and sat me down. She breathed deliberately and slowly as she withdrew, undoing her ribbon at the same time. She pulled it free with a slow, gentle hand, her clawed hand tracing a curve across her breast and down across her abdomen. Finally the long strip of fabric was fully loose, and she wrapped it around a clotheshanger, already beginning to remove the blazer. She opened the buttons and pushed her chest forward, extending her arms like wings behind and below - the blazer slid off with only an almost imperceptible tug from her fingers.
  476. Sara stood at the closet, now only clad in black kneesocks that covered her scaly shins, the dark grey skirt, pleats straining to contain her hips and thighs, and the white dress shirt that followed the slight contour of her tiny bust with precision-tailored accuracy. Even when her hips had grown over the last three years into a magnificent mass, painfully obviously ready to lay eggs, her chest had remained almost constant from the day we had first met. Her braid swung behind her, swinging from side to side with each exaggerated step she took.
  478. She loomed over me, her face straddling the line between self-assured and embarassed. She bent over slightly to whisper in my ear: "There's still something to go, isn't there..." As she straightened her back, her elegant claws fished under her skirt, pulling her panties down before she stepped out of them. She produced a condom from her pocket, but to my surprise did not hand it over to me. Instead, she pulled my trousers and pants down and off - and took the condom from the package with her lips.
  482. Sara carefully lowered the condom onto my throbbing erection and began to unroll it with her lips. Her warm, soft lips grazed my head again and again as she pushed down on it to no avail. With every thrust of her mouth, the rubber descended little if at all. I felt her breath grow warmer and warmer until finally her nostrils bellowed a faint black smoke even as her cheeks had turned bright red. "Listen, Sara, do you mind if I unroll it myself...?" She looked up at me with trembling eyes. "No! I'm going to do it!" I didn't want to upset her any further.
  484. I found myself enjoying her clumsy attempt to unroll it more and more. Her lips caressed my head all over, her tongue rubbed my frenulum for support, her hot breath caressed my base. The condom had barely covered my glans when I felt my hips twitch. I groaned as I filled the half-worn condom inside her mouth. "W-what...?! D-did you c-come...!?" Sara pulled her head away to reveal the tip filled with white. "What the hell?! Now it's all ruined! That was our only condom!" I didn't dare to tell her it was her own fault.
  486. "What a waste..." She pulled the condom off and drained it into her mouth. "Let's go to sleep, it's not like we can do it raw..." She seemed dejected, and I suppose for good reason. She stood up and unceremoniously stripped herself naked. I couldn't help but notice how shapely, and frankly, large, her buttocks had grown as she undid her braid. I pushed the thoughts aside as she returned to the bed and pile of coins. She slammed herself down on the coins, almost pouting. I noticed her thighs and butt jiggle with the shock as I had never before. My head filled with lewd thoughts as she turned off the lights.
  490. In the night I found myself unable to sleep - that ass was so near to me. I found myself fantasizing about human-like anal sex with Sara, even though I knew her anus was inside her cloaca. Still, something like that couldn't possibly exist only to turn her legs. My thoughts raced as I imagined applying my penis to her buttocks in different ways. Dry humping? Why not? We had done it from the front, anyway. My erection felt like it had lasted for hours, desperate for her beautiful body. I reached over to whisper to her: "Sara, are you awake?"
  492. She nodded in response, with no delay. "I want to..." I hesitated to say it. She turned onto her back and spun her head to face me. "B-but we can't, I can't get pregnant yet...!" I swallowed hard. "I want to... Hotdog you." Her brow furrowed in confusion. "It means putting my dick between your buttocks and dry humpi-" She cut me off. "Yes, I know what it means! Geeze! I mean, why...? There's nothing there..." She blushed as she continued. "It's just smooth, it's not like a human butt..."
  494. "I don't want to hump a human butt, I want yours!" The sudden candor made her blush. "I-i-i... I mean..." She spun away from me, eventually landing on her stomach on the coins. "G-go ahead..." I scampered over to her side like a monkey. I straddled the pile so as to position myself between her perfectly formed muscles, my hands pressed onto her shoulderblades, my face pressed into her nape. Her long, golden hair lay folded over to one side, having slightly fanned before she had spun to her stomach. I nuzzled my nose into her freely flowing hair.
  496. Slowly I began to thrust between her buttocks. I felt her tense up with every thrust and every hot breath I let out into her neck. My thrusts grew more rapid between her flexed muscles with every passing moment. My precum-slick head was barely lubricated enough to not snag every time it was uncovered as I thrust myself into her crack. I panted like an animal as I humped myself into her, pressed between my weight and the unyielding hoard. Slowly black smoke began to rise from her. It drove me even wilder, for her to be turned on by something like this. Finally I reached a shuddering orgasm, spurting semen all over her lower back. It felt amazing, better than it had any right to.
  500. I climbed off her, trying to avoid making a mess, and fell onto my bed. Instead of waiting for me to clean it up, she lifted herself up with one arm, letting the semen dribble onto the coins. "O-oh, you! You're s-so in love with me you'd even come from my a-armpits, r-r-r-right!?" Her chest was imprinted with the shapes of the coin she had laid upon, and her face was red where it wasn't covered in soot. "M-maybe I'll even let you put it between m-my shoulderblades...! Y-you'd like that, wouldn't you, you p-p-pervert!" I leaned over to kiss her flustered lips. "Only if you admit you liked it too." A flame singed my nose hairs.
  506.    ***   ***   ***
  508.    ***   ***   ***
  510.     Dragon's Summer
  512. What appeared to be a massive bronze cauldron loomed before me in the dark cavern. Floodlights snapped on as Sara flicked the switch. "This is it. It's big enough to keep the whole thing running through the night, if need be." She was downright proud of it, even if the plans had come from that friend of hers. I liked the idea, too - I loved having a big, warm bath in the house. Something naggled at me, though. The cauldron just sat there in the cavern. How did it get warm?
  514. "We don't have the heating installed yet," she said, matter-of-factly without breaking her adoring look at the thing. So how would it be warm for tonight? "I'm going to blow on it." Sara still stared up at the metal wall, her back gracefully arched and her fists at her hips. Her cheeks drew back to a grin, revealing slight dimples, usually barely visible, in the dramatic light. "It'll make everything that much more personal, won't it?"
  516. I followed Sara around as she hauled her so-called equipment to the cavern. A pile of pillows, a nice book, some performance-enhancing pepper powder in case it turned out more difficult than she had anticipated. She sat down like a guru, cross-legged, dressed down, and ready to sit in an oven of her own making. She took a deep breath and singed the cauldron, charring a black ring onto the curving wall. She gave me a self-assured grin. I kissed her hair before I started up the stairs.
  520. When I went to check on her progress, Sara had spent an hour huffing and puffing at the cauldron. She seemed to be on the verge of tears - every breath was more shallow than the last. I glanced at the thermometre on the wall. Barely lukewarm. The party was only a couple of hours away now, and there was no way she's get enough hot water for the entire night at this rate. I briefly considered that it might be nice for it to fail - she always liked being hugged for hours at a time when she was pouting - but I couldn't let it go.
  522. I snuck up on her and knelt behind her. A barely-audible whimper escaped with yet another half-hearted plume of flame. I extended my arms, my fingers wide, and made contact. Sara's fire shot out like napalm when my wriggling fingers struck her armpits. I lunged on top of her, tickling away even as I drove my nose into the hair at the base of her neck. She yelped with embarassment, and with each burst of air from her lungs a new conflagration singed the bronze.
  524. Slowly sweat begun to roll down by brows. With every passing moment the hellfire ejected from her lips heated the room more and more. I felt her sides grow clammy even as she continued to roar flames. In one moment she gasped for air, in the next she overpowered the floodlights with her breath. Soon the air grew far too hot to stay in. I pulled away and left the Dragon panting on her pillows, gasping for air.
  528. I wasn't long before she stormed up the stairs, face glistening with sweat, shirt dark and damp. "Now you've done it!" She lunged at me, wrapping her arms around my body. Her modest chest pressed against mine as her soft thighs clamped around me on the sofa. The weight of her body pinned me to the soft fabric. Her mustard claws pressed against me like a vice even as her golden, slightly damp hair settled onto my face.
  530. Rapid, shallow bursts of hot air teased my neck until her nose finally touched me. Sara pushed out her tongue, even as she billowed a thin wisp of smoke, and softly touched it to my skin. The contrast of her warm, wet tongue and the dry heat of her breath was almost unbrearable. I struggled against the long, elegant arms that were the bars of my prison, but to no effect. I shuddered, helpless, as she began to move her head.
  532. Sara's assault on my neck and shoulder went on an on. When she was bored with teasing one part, she snapped her head to the other side. As if her tongue and breath weren't enough, her silky hair caressed me with every jerk of her head. My erection had come into contact with her thigh only for a fleeting moment at the beginning - as soon as she felt it she wriggled away. Since then, she had held me fast, unable to stop her teasing and unable to reciprocate. This went of for quite a while as my brain seemed to turn into mush.
  536. I slowly regained my consciousness to find her already changing into into her swimsuit. The tight, stretchy fabric hugged her small breasts like a film. It was downright painful to watch. In the state that she had left me in, throbbing and straining against my clothes, every glimpse of her body was torture. She knew it. She made sure to show off her thighs as she adjusted the butt. My pained reaction only amused her - she stuck out her tongue at me as she caught me staring.
  538. Sara stepped over to me and bent over to kiss my forehead. I was too transfixed by the white and gold heaven before my eyes to react before she drew away. Her hair shimmered in the light as she spun around. I had barely stood up when she winked at me and said: "Oh my, look at the time! You've slept through the afternoon!" I did, and I had. It was about time for the guests to arrive. She giggled at my dejected face.
  540. "Don't worry, your help with the water has not been forgotten," she cooed as I followed her through the corridor, far enough behind to stare at her hips, "I'm sure you'll love what I have in store for you..." Finally we arrived at the pool section and it was time to part ways. "Let's see if you can wait for tonight!" She laughed as she leant out of the changing room door. I was left in the corridor, desperate, as she slammed the door shut behind her. It would be a long evening ahead of me.
  546.    ***   ***   ***
  548.    ***   ***   ***
  550.     Dragon gets pregnant
  552. A young-ish Gold Dragon sat at the window table with a rather young double-horned Oni. Both of them absent-mindedly pawed at their parfaits, lit mostly by an amber autumn sun low in the sky. The Dragon piped up: "Listen, Mina, you were my age when you had Erin, right?" She spoke softly, filled with a mix of saudade and anxiety even as her long, elegant hair glimmered in the light, staring into the distance. Some faraway trees swayed in the cool wind. The tiny Oni grinned as she came to focus and turned to her. "Aww~ That's so cute! I know exactly what you're thinking, darling~"
  554. "You'll be a bit older though. What an auntie you've become~" The Dragon laughed and smiled softly as she returned her gaze. "Look who's talking, Mrs. Age 46!" Mina scoffed in feigned disgust. "I'll have you know I'm eternally 29, you scaly little thing!" Sara puffed her chest - not all that much larger than when they had first met - and chirped back: "That's right! Eternal! Do you mean to get reported to the missing children desk at 80?!" Both laughed, but only one's parfait was inexorably melted down by ripple after ripple of hot air.
  556. As the laughter died down, a certain sadness descended back upon the Dragon. "Think this though, Sara. A child will change everything, sure, but it won't help with everything."
  558.    *   *   *
  560. I lowered myself into the old indoor hot springs. Most of the cavern had been renovated and re-renovated over the years, but this one part remained. Almost twenty years now...? The nostalgia washed over me, almost bringing tears to my eyes. The ceiling was still scorched black - soot from the wood fires that used to roar under the cistern and at the mouth of the cave. This was now the deepest part of the cavern-turned-house, a wall of cut stone standing where once was open air.
  562. The contrast of her hot breath and body with the cold coins and air... That sort of simple pleasures seemed so far away. I was lost in thought, sitting where she had "touched" me for the first time. Suddenly I felt a hot breeze on my shoulders. Clawed hands touched down onto my shoulders and slid down my chest. "Nice timing, darling." Her modest chest pressed on my back. "This is exactly where I wanted to meet you." Sara cooed in my ear as she climbed over the wall and stepped into the water. Even in the gloom I could see her beautiful, wet form glistening in the little light there was, almost entirely divided into black shadows and glimmering highlights.
  564. She straddled me, pressing my erect member between my stomach and her pubic mound. It was exactly as all those years ago - only there was nothing to separate us. I felt my heart beating more and more rapidly as the memories flooded back to me. Sara craned her neck to me and whispered something softly enough to be barely audible: "This is a... Very... Dangerous day~" I remembered exactly how desperate I was to impregnate her on that day. I had not felt this excitement in years - the danger, the anticipation, the unknown.
  568. She leaned back and I was suddenly inside her. That familiar cloaca felt so different this time - the excitement was almost overwhelming. Sara ground her hips into mine, slowly, rolling back and forth, teasing me. Her shallow movements rubbed my tip at the mouth of each of her holes. I moaned and gasped under her wide, mature, ready, hips. Sara's mouth drew into a grin as she refused me the pleasure of a whole thrust. "Ahaha~ Darling, how badly do you want it? How badly do you need it?" It was as if that shy, naïve young girl I had embraced here all those years was long dead, replaced piece by piece by this adult woman - sadistically aggressive rather than fumbling. That was just it. What did remain of what once was?
  570. Still, I was desperate for it. My animal instincts overruled my worries and conscious feelings. I screamed out to her, begging her to admit me. She grinned and bent down again to kiss me. Still locked at the lips, she slammed herself forward, enveloping my body with her powerful hug as she enveloped the rest of me with her reproductive canal. I gasped with pleasure as I entered her depths. Her chest pressed on mine, her lips pressed on mine, her hands clasped to my skull and mine to her hips, she slowly ground against me with almost imperceptible movements. As she did, my words were muffled time and time again by her hot tongue.
  574. Finally she broke the kiss. Finally she could make out my words. I muttered it to her again and again - that I wanted her as much as I had 19 years ago. The nostalgia that had gripped earlier seemed to infect her in an instant, as if she had felt the same pain for years. She blushed, fumbling for my hands. She wormed her scaled claws under my hands, pulling them up and intertwining her fingers with mine. She touched her forehead to mine as she picked up the pace, finally taking me from the mouth to the deepest reaches of her cavern. "I-I... Don't t-t-tease me like that...!" I squeezed her hands with all my might. "E-everything is so different..."
  576. I finally realized it. Everything might have been different, but we were still the same. Damn that old boat to hell! As I screamed it out loud, I felt tears roll down my cheeks. I loved her the same as I always had. She craned down to look me in the eye from below. "Do you... Do you r-really mean that...?" I wriggled my hands free to embrace her. She turned her head down and to the side. I could barely make out her words: "Would you... Sleep with me where the coins used to be?" A soft black plume drifted away from her flushed face. The distance between us seemed to melt away as I let out my seed inside her. As if all these years had never happened.
  578.    *   *   *
  580. Everything was in place. That dinged old cup, the coins - all of small denominations, a blanket... I buried my face in her modest chest, my eyes flowing in silence. Happiness? Nostalgia? Whatever it was, things seemed right again, for once, finally. Sara cupped her jaw over my head and flipped her long, golden, slightly wet hair onto my cheek. "It looks like I finally won, darling~"
  586.    ***   ***   ***
  588.     Dragon Prepares for Incubation
  590. "L-listen!" My newly pregnant wife burst through the door to the new baths, already stuttering, still in her business clothes. "As you know, I'm g-going to lay the egg soon!" I turned my head to watch her nostrils breathe a barely-perceptible plume of smoke between her red cheeks. It was amazing how the hardened businesslady built over the last decade or so had crumbled to reveal the old Sara below. "And! Y-you're going to take turns i-i-i-incubating her!"
  592. Alright then. I had no problem with that. Although, I already knew she had something else on her mind. Why else would she have barged into the baths while I was still in the pool? She stepped closer as I enjoyed the sight of her, her soft amber features contrasting with the white-and-almost-black of her clothes. Her stomach barely betrayed the egg being slowly formed inside her. I relished every sight of it, a part of me so deep inside her.
  594. "F-fine!" She sat down on a somewhat dry stool. "You have no idea how to do it, do you?!" Her voice was almost panicked in start contrast to the unfriendly words. "S-so I shall have to teach you, alright!" So her agenda began to be revealed. "Keep that in mind! Come to the old bedroom when you're done with your bath." She snorted a plume of black smoke as she rose and walked away. I finished my bath and found her sitting on the floor, where the hoard had been when it was much smaller.
  598. She stood up and took my hand. "We're going to practise together!" She swung my arm to almost throw me onto the bed. "Listen, the egg needs as much heat as you can give her." She sat on the edge, facing away from me. The contour of her waist and hips was perfectly accented by the transition from white dress shirt to charcoal-gray pencil skirt. "So... Make sure you wrap your arms and thighs around it, okay?" She twisted her waist to look at me - the perfecty fitted shirt strained over even her modest bust.
  600. "W-what I mean is..." She fiddled with her long, straight, golden hair behind her ear with her claw. "T-try it out with my h-head..." She slowly crawled toward me on the bed, billowing smoke more and more profusely with every moment as she approached. Finally she lay her head in my lap. I coiled around her as best I could, pressing my forearms to her temples. As I gently wrapped my fingers around her jaw, I faintly heard her whisper: "...Waited so long for..."
  602. Slowly Sara's smoke died down, becoming first a wisp and then disappearing entirely. As I stroked her beautiful jaw, her rapid, embarrassed breath gave way to to a more calm rumbling - she fell asleep. I took the chance to reposition myself, from the rather uncomfortable enveloping lap pillow to a more natural hug. I pressed the side of her head to my cheek, rubbing my nose in her silky hair as I felt her warm breath on my forearm.
  606. The sleeping woman tossed and turned, as if seeking to reciprocate. I helped turn her to face me, and wriggled myself under her arms. She tightened her grip around me as if I was a plush toy, rubbing my face into her upper chest. Her delicate jaw settled on top of my head, mine pressed into the cloth between her breasts. Her warm breath ran down the back of my shirt, sending shivers of pleasure down my spine with her every breath.
  608. Sara's leg hiked up her own skirt as it worked to wind around mine. Soon her skirt barely covered her buttocks, giving me an almost perfect view of the powerful thigh below. The soft skin above her mustard-scaled shins almost seemed to glow from within as I wrapped my arms around her slim waist and powerful lower back. The tips of her hair lay sprawled on the sheets, brushing my wrist as she rocked in her sleep. I was in paradise.
  610. Suddenly I felt the grip around me tighten and the heat down my back burn hot. Sara squaled, but continued to hug me. Her hands wrapped around my head and began to stroke my hair even as she continued to press my head into her bust. She sighed in my ear and began to speak: "Listen..." Her breath became more rapid as she struggled to overcome her perpetual shyness. "Even if I haven't always shown it..." She sounded on the verge of tears. "I've... I've always loved you."
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