Suicidal Dumbass x Meme Machine EX

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  1. [17:51:15] <Giantree> Oh, the medical tent?
  2. [17:51:22] <Kiuru> same thing
  3. [17:51:29] <Giantree> There is DEFINITELY a medical tent, because you have a fucking NUTSO # of healers rn
  4. [17:52:38] <Giantree> Discounting Edwin, there's Elly, Sluggo, Rin, Varos, and- ... oh damn that's it actually, i guess without eily and wizeman there aren't all that many
  5. [17:52:39] <Giantree> nm i lied
  6. [17:52:41] <Giantree> continue
  7. [17:57:17] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Edwin, being Edwin, is actually sitting on the side of his bed, with a fuckton of burns, and also bandages wrapped around his head, particularly on the right side. Something like Apollo in Dual Destinies. Also, Phantom☆ is in his hands, as is a pure white ring on his left ring finger. "I'm sorry, Phantom. I suppose... I really wasn't that great a partner
  8. [17:57:17] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> to you after all." A slight chuckle. Then a wince. He really should be lying down. "Maybe you'll... find a better friend after me. One who won't rush into danger, or... be so weak."
  9. [18:03:41] <Kiuru> After negotiating her way past Elly, Kiuru bursted into the tent! "Ed..! T-Thank god!" As horrible all those bandages looked, if he could sit up, that was probably a good sign. The archer strode towards Edwin, and pulled him into a gentle hug, avoiding all the bandage spots. Her obviously red and swollen eyes were starting to tear up again. " idiot! What were you thinking..?"
  10. [18:07:28] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Kiuru's shouting nearly causes the knife to be dropped, but thankfully, Edwin doesn't hold Phantom by the blade. "Ah, Ki-" And then he was hugged. "He... That man was working for those God-Generals. Who knows what he would have done, if we let him be?" Has Edwin considered non-combat options? Because it sure sounds like he's never.
  11. [18:11:44] <Kiuru> Kiuru pulled out of the hug, and tearily looked the thief straight in the eyes! "That's no excuse..! It'd be pointless anyway if...if he'd killed you! W-What's wrong, Ed..? You've...never just ran straight at mortal danger like that..."
  12. [18:17:19] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Edwin avoided that hawklike gaze, looking to his left. "I should have been able to avoid it, but..." A long, deep sigh. "I'm sorry, Ki. I tried to make myself helpful, and all I was to everyone else was... useless."
  13. [18:24:52] <Kiuru> "You..." Kiuru moodily socked Edwin in the side! Whichever side the bandages weren't. A-And softly like at -10 mgt or something. "Don't throw your life away for stupid crap like that! That guy was probably not even that important! And besides, e-even if it's a God-General, I-I'd rather they go free than let you kill yourself like that! Do you understand..?"
  14. [18:32:31] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> Still hurts. Ouch. "Guess I deserved that one. I think it hurts more when it's from you. But... I think I get it now. Sorry, Ki." Placing Phantom☆ on his lap for now, Edwin hugs the archer back. Well, with only his left arm, that is. Right arm wasn't so okay for hugging with. "Don't do anything stupid either, alright?"
  15. [18:34:08] <Kiuru> Sniff! "R-Right...We're both strong! Let's...Let's get through this together..!"
  16. [18:37:52] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> "Yeah, together," The trickster nods, a smile returning to him. "Together... nothing's impossible for us!" Except "make peace between humans". And like, a bunch of other things.
  17. [18:38:12] * Kille_Lund is now known as Ellamae
  18. [18:40:15] <Kiuru> itt we realize kiuru and edwin have only ever been in support range for like, 3 turns total not counting deployment
  19. [18:40:18] <Kiuru> ever since c-rank
  20. [18:40:53] <Phantom_Thief_Edwin> amazing
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