BL2 Reborn Change/Modlist

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  1. Version 1.4.1 Features
  3. As of version 1.4.1, 160+ mods and over 800 changes in total are included in BL2 Reborn.
  5. For extended descriptions etc., check out the modpack with BLCMM.
  7. This list DOESN'T contain every single change and every single number, that would require me to write dozens of pages.
  9. Items tables of changed items:
  12. -----BL2 REBORN CHANGES-------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. - Added 3 selectable UVHM difficulties (accessible with BLCMM).
  14. - Automatically pick up currencies like Eridium, Torgue Token and Seraph Crystal.
  15. - The Golden Chest in Sanctuary now costs 25 Eridium to open (can be disabled with BLCMM).
  16. - Disabled all cutscenes (can be re-enabled with BLCMM).
  17. - Gear skills (eg. Grog drunk effect) is now tracked in the buffs bar with a bubble icon.
  18. - Slightly reduced game scaling.
  19.    -> This means numbers are overall smaller, but their relative strength is the same.
  20. - Removed "Permaslag"
  21. - Improved Vendors, their stock, quantity and usefullness going into UVHM.
  23. - Overhauled gun types, manufacturers and weapon parts. Some more, some less.
  24.    -> Bandit weapons for example now have a chance to fire twice.
  25.    -> Tediore now regenerates ammo / grenades.
  26.    -> etc.
  27. - Jakobs and Torgue can now spawn as E-Tech weapons.
  28. - Gemstone weapons can now spawn as E-Tech weapons.
  29. - Unique weapons now always spawn with an Accessory.
  31. - Tons of replacers for existing unique weapons, shields etc. Have fun re-experiencing everything!
  32. - Tons of new skins for gear.
  34. - Major reworks for Gaige and Maya. Refer to the included changelogs for more.
  35. - Minor reworks for Krieg and Salvador.
  36. - Minor skill changes for Axton and Zer0.
  38. - Overhauled rarity system.
  39.    -> Removed "blue" uniques. They're all legendary now.
  40.    -> Added "unique legendaries" (dark orange), which only drop from one specific enemy each. No world drop for them.
  41.    -> Added "Moxxi" rarity.
  42.    -> Rarities now sort accordingly in the inventory.
  44. - Almost all quests now have random, tiered rewards.
  45.    -> This means a harder quest will for example only reward items above blue rarity.
  46.    -> Quests in UVHM in general only reward blue items or higher.
  47.    -> Yes, this also goes for legendaries and pearlescents. You could even get a legendary from your very first mission, although VERY unlikely. Praise RNGesus!
  48. - Made Arena Slaughters and a few more side quests repeatable.
  49. - Adjusted some quest objectives to make them less tedious.
  51. - Moved almost all loot pools around.
  52.    -> For the new loot sources, check the table linked at the top.
  53. - Specific bosses and raid bosses now drop specific pearlescents, starting in UVHM.
  54. - Removed the limits for "Gen 2" Pearlescents and Legendary Class Mods. They now drop the same way like "Gen 1" Pearlescents and Legendary Class Mods.
  55. - Loot Midgets now also drop Legendary Shields.
  56. - Increased assigned Legendary drop chance from 10% to 15%.
  57. - Gemstones now appear as World Drops everywhere.
  58. - Removed the random level offset on gear drops and vendors. Your OP8 gear will always drop on OP8.
  59. - The Golden Chest in Sanctuary has now a low chance to contain legendaries.
  60. - Improved world drops going into UVHM.
  62. - Enemies are now more dangerous and can spawn with stronger gear, even unique weapons and shields.
  63. - Made Black Queen, Pimon & Tumbaa and Muscles guaranteed spawns.
  64. - Increased Omnd-Omnd-Ohk's spawn chance.
  65. - Terramorphous is now level 40 in NVHM. Ready for a challenge?
  66. - Chubbies / Tubbies are a bit more common now.
  67. - Saturn actually has Critical Hit spots now.
  68. - Varkids mutate much faster now and can skip evolution steps.
  70. - Unlocked some previously broken Fast Travels. Bunker here I come!
  71. - Added lots of hidden chest in the world.
  73. -... and around 700 more changes.
  75. ----------------Optional Modules----------------
  77. - Arena Slaugher Overhauls (only enable these after completing Round 1 of the respective arena).
  78. - Auto Trash / Favorite picked up items.
  79. - Item Part Notifier shows you which parts you have on your weapon and what they do.
  80. - Refill all ammo with a single purchase.
  81. - Change the view offset on held guns.
  82. - And more!
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