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  1. From outside, the clinic looks like any other place you might bring a pet for a bath and nail trim, maybe some minor veterinary procedures. As you walk in, you notice the room is quite clean, with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  3. Moving further inside, though, you begin to notice differences from what might normally be expected: The main area is big and open, with many comfortable-looking chairs, recliners, and couches, and pet beds in various sizes spread about the walls. Magazines and catalogs litter the tables, though on closer inspection you find that they are decidedly not the usual kid- and conservative-parent-friendly fare most waiting rooms would have. Another oddity is that aside from the private operating rooms just visible through some swinging doors at the back, there appear to be a few operating tables set up right in the main area. Various tools and equipment are neatly arranged around the room, along with some odds and ends lying on tables near the couches; everything from surgically clean and precise medical equipment to hardware that looks straight out of a mechanic's shop to festive, holiday-themed nutcrackers.
  5. A sign on the desk reads, "Welcome! Please, feel free to browse or make yourself comfortable, but we must ask that you give respect to all customers equally. Clinic Staff may not be held responsible for lost or stolen goods - even if they are.*"
  7. * Public play is more than welcome, but abide by other players' wishes, and remember that just because some people are playing publically doesn't mean you're welcome to jump in - make sure before you get directly involved.
  9. ++ Please feel free to hang out and RP, chat, or lurk ++
  11. Minimum character age is 18 to play, 14 to hang out (if you're just chatting / looking for partners to play with in PM). If I have to look at pictures that creep me out and make a judgment call on your char's age based on that because you couldn't list one or couldn't list an honest one, I will not be inclined to give the benefit of the doubt.
  13. Feel free to note or PM Mister Morgan if you have any questions about the room.
  15. If you're interested in ballbusting and more as well, please take a peek into The Clinic's Back Room, newly opened for the public!
  17. Clinic Staff: Moderators: Mister Morgan - Clinic Pet and all-around administrator Naeda - Our friendly gadget guru (Click the link for a list of fun things she's made available for the Clinic) Torrey - Glutton-for-punishment wolf Sylvara - Back room supervisor and healer Kir Morozov Clinic Founder
  19. Other Staff: Varien - Clinic 'lucky charm'
  26. You enter Kir's Ballbusting Clinic, and can't help but notice a small, unobtrusive sign, pointing to a door and simply stating, "Back Room - Come Have A Look!"
  28. Stepping through the door, you find a room not unlike the main lobby, though some differences slowly become apparent. For one, the floor is waxed and polished concrete, with a slight slope to it, leading to a large drain in the center of the room. A hose hangs coiled on one side of the room, with a spray nozzle attached. The pungent smells of cleaning agents nearly assault the nose - iodine, maybe a hint of ammonia and bleach - despite the 'plug-in' incense dispensers on nearly every visible outlet. Over it hangs the barest hint of something more - a little bloody, a little musky - perhaps best described as the scent of depravity. This room is clearly intended for more...exotic sorts of play than the main area of the clinic.
  30. There is a small assortment of the usual furniture, though no longer any pet beds; the furniture is upholstered in synthetic material, non-absorbent and easily hosed down. There is a scattering of magazines on tables near the furniture, some advertising tools and equipment, others more pornographic in nature, with smiling cover models posing - most neutered, or simply smoothed over where genitals might be expected. There are a couple operating tables, one in stainless steel, the other padded leather, and also an odd recliner, almost like a dentist's chair, with straps for hands and feet, though the seat, while comfortable-looking, is very shallow - just enough room to sit, while leaving a person's more precious bits dangling in open air. Stacked in a corner are a few pads which might be laid out on the floor to be laid upon. Against a back wall are a few specialty items made just for the Clinic by its resident gadget guru, Naeda. Click the link and see the 'Kir's BB Clinic Inventions' dropdown for the current list.
  32. Along the back wall is a trophy case where the remains of certain previously serviced clients are displayed, magically kept in exactly the state they were in just prior to removal. Current trophies: Gorbash (Package), joel feila (Package, Claws) , Leon Bluestreak (Sheath + Cock)
  34. (Note to previous trophy members: I'm going to periodically 'cycle out' those who haven't lost bits recently or have been inactive in the room for some time, and also beginning to keep track of exactly what was lost. It is the duty of the Dom to let me know of 'Lost Bits'; I will not take subs at their word. Do so via note to Mister Morgan)
  36. This room is for 'messier' play. I'm initially creating it with an eye towards more 'brutal' castrations and emasculations, watersports, gender TF, more heavy-handed humiliation and degradation, general physical abuse, and other such things that might not be so appealing to visitors in the 'main' clinic, but OTOH I've noticed an awful lot of visitors seem to be into. CBT, castration / emasculation, gender TF, etc., are obviously popular with the people who hang out here, but they're not required for public RP in this room. If you don't feel like busting the balls of your favorite sub from the room today but do want to play with them, feel free to make it a public RP.
  38. This room is for people with common interests to play in without needing to go full 'No Limits'.
  40. All characters must be and appear at least 16
  41. OOC 'no' means NO
  42. Respect ongoing RP's, etc.
  43. Keep drama to a minimum. PM a chanop or note Morgan if there's an issue.
  45. I'll be decidedly lax on the rules until I've sorted out how far I (and any visitors who make it regular) are willing to let things go, so I just ask that you try not to go bounding off into 'no limits' crazy extreme territory, but OTOH, have fun and don't hold back much; no way to know where the lines need to be drawn until they've been crossed, after all.
  47. PLEASE PM / send a Note to Mister Morgan if you have any suggestions along those lines, and I'll make sure to give them due consideration.
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