Smut-Off 1: Dragon and Mage (v2.1)

Feb 15th, 2014
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  1. Version 2.1
  2. This was written for the /tg/ weekend smut thread challenge in early February of ‘14 when an anon suggested a prompt that a lot of people wanted to write. It was originally “An ancient "evil" red dragon permanently polymorphed into a cute girl and the wild mage who polymorphed her when he attempted to kill her. Story must have more focus on characters and stuff like kissing and hugging than on sexual activities.” I took some liberties changing a few things. Mostly, I made the wild mage more of an outdoorsy wizard who likes farm work and I made the ancient dragon just a juvenile--still older than the human character by quite a lot. Cheers, /tg/, I love you all. EDIT: An anon asked for a mini sequel involving sex and marriage due to blue balls, so I wrote it really fast and tacked it on at the end under the heading "STORY 2: YOU'RE WELCOME ANONYMOUS"
  6. Davin wondered if she’d been keeping track of which day today was. She probably did. He knew her short lifespan weighed heavily on her sometimes. He scratched his scalp under his short blonde hair and looked out the window for a moment at the dusty plains that extended east for miles.
  8. And west, south, and north. There was a plateau a ways off, but as far as he knew there was no way to scale it outside of spiderclimbing his way up.
  10. He heard her pitter-patter of bare feet on the roof as she climbed up and ran to the chimney to scale it. Davin wasn’t sure what made her do this, but had to guess that she missed seeing the world from above.
  12. It had been three years, and she hadn’t given up hope that she might spread her wings again. It was almost enough to make him feel guilty for trapping the vicious female in a human body.
  14. It wasn’t that she had been a particularly dangerous threat. A juvenile red dragon could have been slain or trapped by many people, Davin wasn’t special and neither was she. But the town that had seen her flying and looping in the sky didn’t take kindly to red dragons of any age (who did?) and Davin had been called in as the only somewhat experienced magic-user to try to fix the problem.
  16. He had fixed the problem, but his mercy of letting her live had forced him into reclusion in the company of the life he had spared. The dragon was human now, but couldn’t be trusted not to flee. He’d taken her so far away from everything that she wouldn’t be able to make it anywhere else if she ran.
  18. They coexisted. Usually peacefully with a sense of quiet resignation. In the first year she had frequently broken his possessions to try to anger him, but he could fix those with ease. She tried insulting him, but he was too level-headed. She tried to make him feel guilty, but what he had done to her was what he considered to be morally right.
  20. He’d turned her human, and made it stick. And only recently had she stopped fighting him viciously at every turn. It was either a ploy or being human had softened her reptilian heart.
  22. Davin was still musing when Kylazasta bolted into his study, breathless. “Did I miscount?” she asked.
  24. He knew what she was talking about, and shook his head at her. Kyla was now a slender (not as skinny as she had been for the first year when she had refused to eat all but a few very specific dragon foods) red-head with explosive curls. He wasn’t quite sure how her dragon age had translated to human age, but he supposed she was a ways into her teens in her human body. It was hard to know because she was quite short. Her eyes, once slitted like a cat’s, were now human and green.
  26. Davin said, “Three years to the day, today.”
  28. She pouted, and went to the sofa to collapse face-down in miserable indignation. Davin got up from his desk, because he knew that although she was moody, she liked to be comforted like a human girl. It was Davin’s fondest wish that she would someday be able to leave her villainous dragon instincts behind. Dragons seemed to fall into their niches even without guidance, but humans in his experience were shaped by those around them when they were young.
  30. He sat down on the couch and patted her back. “Kyla,” he said.
  32. “I hate you, wizard,” she said.
  34. “I know you don’t mean that,” he replied softly.
  36. She rolled over. “Why is it so hard to piss you off? I just want you to feel as shitty as I do!”
  38. He sighed and shrugged. It was very dragon of her, very immature. “I’ve got a lot of practice dealing with shitty things, Kyla.”
  40. ---
  42. She woke him up in the middle of the night by coming into his room. “What does it mean that I keep seeing things when I sleep? That’s magic?”
  44. Davin sat up in his bed, wearing only shorts. The blanket fell from his torso and he wiped his eyes and thought about what Kyla was asking. “Do you mean dreams?”
  46. “Explain,” she demanded in her most commanding tone.
  48. “Are you seeing things that don’t make a lot of sense when you sleep? Stories, maybe? Sometimes just flickers of things?”
  50. She nodded.
  52. “That’s a dream. All humans have them.”
  54. “I hate them,” she told him, and climbed into his bed without asking permission. This was the first time she had ever done such a thing, and it caught him by surprise. He had provided her her own room (complete with a jar of gold coins and gems for her to play with that he had salvaged from her budding hoard when he had changed her) with a perfectly good bed and plenty of books and a lantern to read them by.
  56. “You never had them before?” he asked. “I assumed you dreamed, all this time.”
  58. “No,” she snarled, climbing under his covers, which continued to bewilder him. He wondered if he should tell her to go back to her room, or if he should put on more clothes, but he knew what to do when she spoke next and he heard her voice crack. “I dreamed you killed me.”
  60. He lay down again and reached out to her and pulled her into his arms without even thinking about it. Kyla grabbed at his body and held him tightly in a hug. Davin said, “I would never kill you.”
  62. “I like being alive,” she said. She wasn’t quite crying, but her voice was rough and edgy like she might start. “Even if I don’t have wings. I don’t want to die.”
  64. He tried in vain to smoothe out her red curls. This was never a conversation he had expected. “Everyone dies someday. But not for a long, long time, Kyla.” Davin had to remind himself that in years, she was already older than he was.
  66. Awkwardly, he lay down again at her side, scooting away from the center of the bed to try to give her space to sleep. She didn’t allow it, and followed after him with grabbing hands.
  68. ---
  70. Kyla had left him when he woke up and lay in bed scratching his head. After a few minutes he heard soft steps on the roof and relaxed.
  72. She left him be after that. Though his ways often annoyed her, his rules (“no starting fires outside of the fireplace, you know that”) infuriated her, she stopped telling him she hated him. It was pleasant, and he had more time to work on his craft and tend to the small herd of prairie dogs he had polymorphed into very confused burrow-attempting cattle. So far they had only managed a shallow pit that they liked to crowd around.
  74. The girl followed him around while he cast spells around the pen. “What are you doing?”
  76. “There’s a giant eagle that’s been picking off antelope that lives somewhere on the plateau,” he said. “I heard it crying the other day. It sounds like flutes, almost. And I don’t want it taking the prairie dogs.”
  78. “The cows,” she corrected him, indicating the brown grazers.
  80. He nodded, lifting an arm to solidify the final invisible barrier over the beasts. Working outside he’d gotten rid of his shirt. “So do you believe now that when something is changed into something else, it truly is that new thing?” He looked at her pointedly.
  82. Kyla harrumphed.
  84. ---
  86. She had more bad dreams, but never described them. Some nights Davin just woke up when she climbed onto his bed and tore the covers off of him to climb in next to him. After a while he stopped waking up all the way when she did it and made a habit of simply rolling to face her, throwing a lazy arm over her shoulder.
  88. ---
  90. One night she jumped on top of him in the bed, the covers separating them. “What are you doing?” he asked, looking out the window. The stars were still perfectly visible to him, it was definitely night and the wizard needed his rest or he knew it would throw off his magic.
  92. “Davin,” she said. “Humans are awful. I had a dream about you.”
  94. “Kyla, I told you I will never hurt you. Everyone has nightmares, you will just have to learn that they are part of life sometimes.”
  96. “No,” she said. “It wasn’t a nightmare. It was a good dream.”
  98. He rolled over to face away from her when she got into the bed, but she climbed over him to face him.
  100. “Hear me out, wizard!” she said, annoyed. “You have to explain this to me, I’m not the one who made this happen!”
  102. She grabbed his hand and pressed it between her legs. Davin was slow to realize what she had done with his hand, but after a few moments of feeling her warm, very wet panties, he yelped softly and withdrew his hand like he had touched a stove. “Oh gods! Kyla do not do that!”
  104. “Don’t get mad!” she whined furiously. “Just tell me what the Hell is happening with the dreams.”
  106. Davin lay still, staring at the ceiling uncomfortably.
  108. “Well?” she demanded.
  110. “It’s called a wet dream,” he sputtered, sitting up in bed while his awkward heart pounded in his chest and he blushed profusely. He took a deep breath and did his best to explain to her, in barest detail, human sexualilty and desire.
  112. “Oh Tiamat,” she swore with an eyeroll. “That’s the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever heard. Tell me what’s really going on going on, Davin!”
  114. ---
  116. The wizard grappled with his embarrassment by filling in the cows’ attempted burrow, much to their disappointment. He saw the eagle in the distance and gave it a smug smile. It wouldn’t be smart enough to have understood the expression, but given its eyesight it would definitely be capable of seeing it.
  118. Kyla watched him from the roof, sitting perched on the chimney while she dealt with memory of her dream. She wished she didn’t enjoy seeing Davin shirtless as much as she did.
  120. ---
  122. He didn’t want to sleep because he feared that Kyla would come to him in the night. Instead she came into his study.
  124. “I wasn’t trying to freak you out last night,” she said.
  126. “I know,” he said.
  128. “Why are you so bothered by this?” she asked. “If it’s so normal?”
  130. “I don’t really have a good answer for that,” he said, scooting his chair back from his desk. “But, you said you dreamed about me.”
  132. She walked around his desk, touching some of the jars there lightly with a fingertip until she had brought herself to stand between his legs. “Well. In a way you saved my life. I guess.”
  134. He eyed her. “Do you mean that?”
  136. “I’m not a dragon anymore,” she said, and her voice cracked while she resisted the urge to cry. “I’m not a... I can’t scheme like I used to. I try to plan and think about getting out of here and I can never plan more than a few decades ahead. And I don’t think lying is fun anymore, it makes me feel bad.”
  138. She leaned in and fell into him where he sat on the chair. He hugged her tightly and she clambered up to sit on his lap.
  140. “I’m just a stupid human,” she said. “With all the stupid human problems.”
  142. “You’ll get used to them.” He said. “They’re better than dragon problems. When was the last time you were scared that someone was going to take your gold? When was the last time you were afraid of those elf archers in your forest?”
  144. “It’s been a while,” she said with a heavy sigh on his chest. Davin felt her chest pressing at him.
  146. He asked, “What do you worry about now?”
  148. “Dreams.”
  150. “You’ll get used to them.”
  152. “Yeah but,” she looked up at him. “I kind of really liked that last one. I want to have it again.”
  154. He was quiet.
  156. “Hey!” she said. “Wizard! Don’t ignore me.”
  158. “I’m not, I’m just… thinking. I don’t know what to tell you, Kyla. It’s…”
  160. She got up and stamped one of her bare feet on the wooden floor. “You’re so stupid! Why don’t you understand, Wizard? Why are humans like this! If I were a dragon, I could go out and fly and fly and find a male and he would help me!.”
  162. He shook his head no. “I think you’re forgetting what other dragons are like,” he said. “Most mature reds would kill you right away because they’d think you were trying to steal from them. Besides, you’d be just a kid to them.”
  164. She gestured to her human body. “Is that what you think too? That I’m just a kid? I’m older than you, wizard! This isn’t even my body, you made me like this! Don’t you think that if I’m old enough to feel this way that I’m old enough to sex? I’m not a kid!” Kyla stormed out to her room, and Davin put his head in his hands and thought about how he may have handled that poorly.
  166. He got up after an hour of trying to work and went to her room to speak to her, but she wasn’t there. He went outside and looked at the roof, but she wasn’t there either. Nor was she in the stables. Davin feared the worst, that she had fled him, but when he went to his bedroom to get his coat and gear to go searching for her, he found her lying in the middle of his bed.
  168. “Oh thank the gods,” he said under his breath. When she lifted her head to eye him, he said, “You’re not a kid, Kyla. You’re just young.”
  170. “It’s awful,” she whined.
  172. Davin sighed and took off his tunic and pants for bed, climbing in under the covers. He wrapped strong arms around the girl and pulled her back against his chest.
  174. “Can we compromise?” he whispered in her ear.
  176. “What’s your offer?” she asked.
  178. “I’ll help you have some nice dreams,” he told her. “But you have got to stop calling me stupid.”
  180. “Fine,” she sighed. It was a hard bargain. “You’re not that stupid anyway. You’re pretty sharp for a human. With the wizardry.”
  182. “Thank you,” Davin said, and he blushed slightly. His hand wrapped around her front slid up her torso over her shirt to gently touch and fondle one of her breasts. Kyla arched her back to press her chest into his palm. “And if you ever decide you want me to stop, tell me right away and I promise I will.”
  184. “Okay,” she said in a whisper. “B-but don’t stop touching, I like it.”
  186. “I can tell,” he chuckled. It was strange to remember when Kyla had been a vicious creature trying to incinerate him. Now she was a human in his bed. He kissed the back of her soft neck and then rolled her over to face him.
  188. “Is this sex?” she asked, and he fought hard not to laugh.
  190. “This is just heavy petting,” he told her, and pushed one of his thighs between her legs so she could rub herself against him all she wanted. He grabbed her hips to show her what she should try. She was a quick study, and wasted no time in grinding against him. He hugged her tight and stroked her back down to her rear, leaving the rest of the guilty pleasure seeking to her. Davin was exhausted, and only stayed awake until Kyla fell asleep, still pressing gently against him.
  192. “You better have good dreams,” he murmured softly, and kissed her forehead.
  194. ---
  196. Kyla was clingier after that, but he watched her always fighting her instinct to follow him around. She tried to touch him often, and he tolerated it with little response until evening found him reading a book in front of the fireplace and she took the book from his hands.
  198. “Kyla!” he scolded, and before he could speak further she had settled into his lap and grabbed his arms to wrap them around her waist. Davin gave a disgruntled noise and cleared his throat. “Excuse me.”
  200. “You are excused,” she said, nodding sagaciously. She sat facing him and leaned against his chest in the reclining chair, wedging her face in the crook of his neck.
  202. “Is there a reason for this?” he asked with a sigh, but accepted his fate and squeezed her waist.
  204. She shrugged. “You looked really comfy. And I was jealous of the book.”
  206. “Jealous of a book?” he asked.
  208. “Yes, it was taking your attention.”
  210. Davin supposed there was still more dragon to her than he had realized. He was forced to carry her to bed after she fell asleep when the fire died down.
  212. ---
  214. He chopped wood the next day. It was easy enough to turn a tumbleweed into a tree, but harder to chop it up. It would have been easy to work out a spell to do it for him, but part of Davin occasionally craved physical labor to break the monotony of reading and writing and mathematics.
  216. Kyla fed the prairie dogs, and he watched her repeatedly try to climb their backs and ride them. She was largely unsuccessful and provided near constant comic relief for Davin to look up to from the logs that he was splitting. They kept making eye contact when they looked up at each other.
  218. ---
  220. “Oh Tiamat,” she swore when she came inside from riding, covered in dirt and dust as if she herself had been digging burrows. Davin was glad it was a habitual exclamation for her rather than an actual affirmation of religious belief. “Those are the stupidest animals in the world, wizard!”
  222. He nodded. There could be very little debate on this topic, but he was willing to contest her entering the house. “You are filthy, go outside.”
  224. “Agh!” she threw up her hands and turned around and was back out the door. The sun was setting the same color as her hair under the dirt. “I can’t help that it clings! We should live in a cave, then we could have all the dirt we wanted!”
  226. “No,” he said, following her outside and leading her around the back of their house to the enormous tin tub that was used for bathing. The wizard snapped his fingers to fill it with hot water, and handed her a bar of soap that he pulled into existence from his sleeve. “Get clean, then you can come in and eat.”
  228. He was already back around the corner of the house when her howls of “Wait! Wizard! Davin!” followed him.
  230. He poked his head back around the corner. “Yes?”
  232. “You should take one with me,” she said, grinning at him, red-cheeked and hopeful.
  234. He sighed heavily, but smiled. “Why is that?”
  236. “I like seeing you without a shirt a lot,” she said, stripping out of her own clothes like she was ready to go streaking. “I wanna see you without the rest of your clothes.”
  238. Now that she’d made a demand he knew the only way he’d be able to get her in the tub without conceding would be to physically toss her in. Davin shrugged and pulled off his tunic. “Fine. But if you just want to learn I could give you some books instead. Would you like to take a look at them?”
  240. “No, no!” she said. “I don’t care about learning, I just want to see you naked.”
  242. “You’re the most forward girl in the world,” he said as he unbuckled his belt and gestured for her to get into the tub. She tumbled in, and lifted her eyes and nose out of the water to watch him undress. Her green eyes blazed with intensity, and Davin smiled to see them.
  244. Circular pupils. So human. Because she was one. Davin suddenly wanted to get into the tub much more than before. and he pulled his pants and underpants down in one pass and stepped out of them. It brought him a certain guilty pride to see Kyla’s eyes widen further as he walked to the tub and climbed in with her.
  246. At first she gave him space so that she could look him over, and then she crowded him and ran her hands over his legs, sliding her hands up the insides of his thighs to his genitalia. He blushed, but didn’t stop her as long as she was just exploring… until he started to get hard. Davin gently redirected her attentions, grabbing her hands and giving her the bar of soap.
  248. “Get clean,” he said, and leaned back in the tub trying to ignore his semi. Kyla smeared herself with the soap here and there ineffectually, getting barely any of the grime off of her. He stroked his jaw and his fingers covered his mouth to hide his smile as he watched her and took her in.
  250. She was strong and lithe. She wasn’t particularly shapely, but Davin thought that she was the most perfect specimen of a healthy young lady that he had ever seen--except that he noted a lack of a belly button. Oops. He’d forgotten he had never bothered to fix that with magic after he had first polymorphed her. He made a mental note to tweak the polymorph spell, but for the time being he couldn’t stop himself from leaning in to grab the soap from her hands.
  252. “You’re not very efficient at this, are you?” he asked playfully, waggling the soap in her face. He wrapped one arm around her middle and pulled her in close, then covered her with suds while Kyla laughed and flailed. Her skin was softer than scales.
  254. Human. So human in his arms, laughing with him instead of at him. Laughing gleefully instead of derisively. She relaxed after a while and simply relaxed again while he cleaned her.
  256. “I was only pretending to be bad at it,” she confessed when he pushed her off to scrub himself.
  258. He frowned, and she took the soap from him. Davin said, “That was rather devious.”
  260. “I just wanted you to touch me more. Now I get to touch you.”
  262. The wizard smiled and swallowed, doing his best to keep his body under control while she clambered over him and cleaned the sweat off of him. The sun was going down, so he tapped the soap in her hand and made it glow. She grinned and kept soaping him up while he wrapped her arms around her waist. Before he knew it he was completely hard, feeling her soapy form rubbing on his. He felt guilty and irresponsible, but justified it to himself: she’s human and she loves me too.
  264. He kissed her on the lips and dunked them both underwater to rinse. Davin knew that he’d have to get dressed soon or he might give in to less-than prudent urges.
  266. ---
  268. It took coaxing to make Kyla wear clothes again. After the polymorph spell had been cast it had been hard enough to tell her that she needed to wear clothes (only exposure to cold had finally convinced her the first time), but this time she only put clothes back on when Davin told her he wouldn’t let her sit at the table to eat if she wasn’t decent.
  270. So she ate in her clothes and stripped them away the moment she was done. Davin could only roll his eyes at that and try to focus on his work.
  272. ---
  274. She slept in his bed again that night, but came to it naked. Davin did his best to ignore it threw a tired arm over her side while they lay facing each other.
  276. “Hey,” she said, speaking with uncertain quietness. “You uh… we’re friends, right?”
  278. He kissed the top of her head. “Maybe a little more than that now,” he suggested softly.
  280. “That’s… I like that a lot. That’s good.”
  282. “I think so too. I care about you… a lot. You know that. Get some sleep Kyla.”
  288. Davin slid the ring on her finger, watching Kyla’s eyes focus on the golden shine with the draconic intensity that she reserved for especially valuable objects. “It’s good,” she judged, and nodded her head once to make her curls bounce.
  290. “What, were you going to tell me it wasn’t a good ring?” Davin asked, and pulled Kyla against him for a very tight hug.
  292. It was her sixth year as a human and her first day as his wife. It was a bit unorthodox--she’d been the one to propose to him and had asked him a few times. The wizard’s initial resistance was in her best interest; he'd reminded her that he was the only man she knew, how could she be sure they’d fit when she had no one to compare him to? She was still young for a human, was she ready for marriage, something red dragons never even thought about? He was pretty young too and didn’t know about himself either.
  294. But, like so many things, Kyla wheedled her way into it. “I’m sure,” she told him every time. The final time she’d had to propose she told him, “Any other man would have killed me. If they didn’t kill me when I tried to set them on fire they’d have killed me in the years since for calling them stupid as many times as I did.”
  296. So they married each other at sunset in the middle of nowhere where they lived, and it was good.
  298. “Now we can have sex, right?” she demanded.
  300. Davin had only been able to keep her from molesting him every chance she got by insisting that they not have sex because they weren’t married. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to. She was gorgeous--her red hair had grown out, she had a lovely white smile, and though she wasn’t exceptionally tall or well-endowed in the way of curves, Kyla made up for it with the way she moved and carried herself.
  302. “We will,” he said, and scooped her up off of her feet to carry her back into the house.
  304. “What are you doing?” Kyla asked, but didn’t flail. The white dress that Davin had made for her slid up her thighs, and he squeezed the soft flesh there playfully while he carried her.
  306. “Taking you to bed,” he responded. “And then, I’ll show you how it’s done.”
  308. “Yesss,” she hissed, wrapping an arm around his shoulder before she kissed his cheek. “But are you sure you remember? It must have been years since you’ve done this.”
  310. “Oh Kyla,” he said as he turned sideways to enter his bedroom. He rocked her twice before tossing her onto the bed so she landed in the middle with a giggle. “It’s not a thing you forget how to do and believe me: I know how long it’s been.”
  312. He pulled off his clothes. Davin was painfully hard by now, knowing that today he would be able to give in to the temptation that had played and danced in front of him every day for years, a temptation that had many times begged him for sex and rubbed her soft hands against the front of his pants.
  314. Keeping his penis to himself, he thought, was more of an accomplishment than turning a red dragon to the side of Good.
  316. Kyla pulled off her wedding dress. It was such a simple thing that she could just pull it over her head and toss it to the floor. She wore nothing underneath but sparse freckles and sat back with her legs spread. Davin pulled off his underwear and hopped up to the bed to crawl on hands and knees over her. There was a slight tremble in his fingers as he grabbed her hips and kissed up her front from her navel, to between her breasts, to her lips.
  318. She nipped and caught his lips and tongue, but he was slightly distracted, his hands sliding over and caressing her vulva and clitoris, parting her lower lips to line his cock up properly. When the parted to catch their breath, he pushed into her and saw stars as her wet tunnel embraced him.
  320. Kyla’s nails sank into his back and she crooned his name into his ear four of five times with amazement. “There’s a spot, there’s a spot,” she said. “Do that again, there’s, you have to keep moving and pressing it inside, Davin--”
  322. “Shh,” he said, and kissed her on the lips as he moved his hips to withdraw from her. “I’ve done this before, I know what I’m doing. You don’t have to boss me around here. I’ve got this.”
  324. With a guilty smile, she blushed and nodded. He thrust again, and started to pick up the pace with his hands holding her soft thighs.
  326. One of the best things about living in the middle of nowhere was that they could be as loud as they wanted. They moaned, yelled, wailed, gasped, cried out, grunted and groaned. The bed joined in the fun and creaked with every thrust as Davin became rougher and rougher with her and she egged him on by wrapping her legs around his waist and begging him always, “More, harder, Davin, please, more, more…”
  328. He kissed at her neck and nibbled at the pale skin. One hand cupped and squeezed at one of her breasts. She held him with a hand woven into his hair and another scratching red lines into his bare back.
  330. Davin wasn’t sure how he kept himself from cumming. Always his cock felt ready to explode, always being surrounded and clenched by Kyla, being drenched in her excitement. Somehow she came first and reeled, pulling him down against her chest while she tightened around his erection so ferociously that he was finally coaxed into his own orgasm that left him twitching on top of her.
  332. The room smelled like sweat and sex and it was the first time Davin could ever remember Kyla being speechless.
  334. Then she said, "I love you."
  336. "I love you too."
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