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  1. "Aw jeeze seriously?" Yang let out a shocked little gasp to the crimson faced Scarlatina. Velvet was blushing, panting, sweating up a storm like she'd just ran a marathon. The auburn haired girl nodded her head furiously, letting out a weak pant of affirmation.
  2. "Fine." Yang wraps her arm around her friends body and tugs her to her dorm room. "But only one, and only because I'm such a good friend, got it?" The busty blonde beams at the Faunus.
  4. Velvet was in heat, and she needed desperate release. Yang knew she was serious, because the Scarlatina would pounce on any number of girls before asking Yang for help. The shy rabbit was soon sat on the edge of Yang's bunk, the muscular blonde hoisting up her skirt to reveal...
  5. Whap.
  6. "Woah." Yang's jaw dropped, Velvet's jet black panties stretched around the churning cumtanks at the base of her overly worked up cock. She was rock fucking solid, harder than she'd been all month. Her glorious pillar of fuckmeat nigh strikes between her own clothed tits as Yang fishes free that steamy girldick. "I didn't know you were this big." the Xiao-Long blinks a good few times as her firm fingers wrap around the base.
  7. She squeezes once, and Velvet bucks her hips straight into that palm, a near automatic response from the bunnygirls body. "Please..." Velvets eyes glaze over with sin, "More." her prick shudders, and a gush of girlish preslime streaks towards Yang's exposed cleavage. Bucking her hips into that slow rolling palm to encourage Yang to speed up.
  8. Yang's wrist flicked as she stroked along that shaft, leaning her face down towards that gargantuan pillar. "Just how big are you anyw-MHMFFFF?!" Yang's eyes shot wide open, faster than she could react, the shy, sweet and oh so timid girl grabbed her shoulders and crammed her face down onto that shaft. Her lips stretched, gagging from shock. Her gullet made to swallow an injection of creamy rabbit pre. Mhmfff.. Her loins began to burn, and her protests quickly turned into muffled moans of desperation. Yang's eyes fell half lidded when a second gush of addictive precum bursts into her face.
  9. She drops her palm from the base of that shaft and instead rips open her tiny outfit. He rounded, glistening melons spill free like an avalanche of titmeat. The pale udders cascade along Velvet's lap, swallowing the base of that furiously pumping spire. Velvet's chin lifts towards the air, letting out a weak moan. "Moooooore~" she grew more determined, more possessive. The beast within her taking over for the shy little bunnygirl. Her fingers grab tighter at Yang's shoulders and she SLAMS the busty blonde down onto her shaft.
  11. The more Yang sucked, the more she craved. Her nostrils flare as she huffs down the dick's steamy stench. The air around the base of that spire so heavenly that thin silver wisps of addictive musk could be seen, curling into Yang's nostrils like tentacles. Her face was stretched out, and her palms plant flag against her teats. A slippery wet tittyfuck blowjob, sending her saliva flying everywhere. Shliiiiick, shluuuurp . That spitsoaked shaft rubbed her own saliva into her chest, making her bounding udders shine with arousal. Ghlp. Ghlp. Her throat bulges with every mouthful, her pussy swaying in her shorts beneath her.
  12. Yang felt so hot. So very needy! Infested with faunus heat, she could finally understand why Velvet begged her for a handjob. Ghlp, shlrp. Her lips bobbed wildly along that shaft, Velvet's powerful thrusts drilling deep into her tits and hollowing out her face. Yang was forced to release one of her tits, desperately shoving her palm into her jeans, and her fingers straight into her cunt.
  13. She sucks wildly, crouching by the edge of her own bed. Velvet gripping at her own outfit and tearing it to shreds. Her skirt torn, discarded. Her dress met the same fate. Leaving that lithe, nubile bunnygirl butt naked in Team RWBY's dorm room. Oh and of course, rapidly facefucking the muscular blonde. Yang shimmies her own shorts down without managing to pull her fingers free from her slit. "Mhmmm~!" Yang drools along that shaft.
  14. "Mhmmm, yeah!" her bunnymate cheers above her. Velvet's imposing pillar lifts free from those tits and she lodges every, last, inch into Yang's gullet. GHLOOORK. Yang gags, of course she does, her throat visibly stretched around that incredible cock. She twitches with need, eyes watering, makeup running as she feels every single vein of that pulsating breedspire scrape along her throathole. Her brilliant lilac eyes are so big and round, and they're begging, begging for some cum.
  15. Velvet locks eyes with Yang, and the sight of the toned, busty beauty choking on her oversized rod shoves her over the edge. She starts to cum, immediately. Her entire pillar lifts within that stretched out face. Velvet forced to stand up to free her shaft from those insatiable titties, her brilliant thick load surged from the end of her shaft and poured straight down into Yang's well plugged stomach.
  16. The blonde girl couldn't breathe, her windpipe crushed by that shaft. Huffing down her Mistress's mindrotting stench, she wasn't even given a chance to swallow. The prick lodged so deep down her face it poured straight into her stomach. Her throat clenches on automatic, Yang's not even sure if she's swallowing or just gagging. Her belly begins to bloat, the rush of pleasure from getting her body filled has Yang squirting on faunus's toes. Her outfit still mostly on, just shoved to the side, shirt open, shorts down, they were obviously getting soaked as she gulps and ghulps and.
  18. Bhooooork~ Cum sprays from her clogged full face, a snotty bubble of cum pouring from her nostrils. Yang squirts the last of her brains out from the obscene pleasure of her belly getting bloated, even as she wastes so much cum by letting it burst right back out around that cock. Her ass wags behind her, humping her hips down onto an invisible cock. Her body writhing in pleasure. "I need to mate you." Velvets voice pierced the sloppy wet sounds of her hard earned bloating, the command brands Yang's brain and she instinctively shoves her ass out behind her, falling to her knees. If velvet wasn't balls deep in her face, she'd be doggystyle already. But she's not. She's still swallowing cum from her mewling bunny. Her thighs feel thicker, plumper, her asscheeks swell behind her. Yang's eyes twitch for a second as she felt something strange boring through the top of her hair.
  19. Pom~ Ingesting that addictive load had left some changes on Yang's now slightly doughier body. Two long, floppy golden blonde bunnyears twitch atop her head. Her sweet lil' pomball tail lifts behind her, nestled between her asscheeks. The same colour as her hair.
  20. Inch after inch of that shaft begins to sliiiide free from her face. Several ropey lines of saliva pooling from her lips to that shaft, making such an obscene mess. The ropes of cum and throatslop splatter down onto her even fatter titties, splattering onto the ground by the foot of her bunk bed. Yang's hands drop to the ground, her stretched apart lips left drooling cum onto the floor. Velvet trots around her, and ruts her shaft between her asscheeks.
  21. Velvet was in heat. Yang was too. The blonde bunnyslut begs for her cunt to get skewered, her tail lifted alllll the way up as the lithe, nude Scarlatina sheathes into her pussy.
  22. Yang's powerful thighs thrust her rear down onto that shaft, "What's happening to me." she moans, her body bouncing in time with every thrust, "Is this.. Temporary?" she gave a pleading look over her shoulder, toes curling as her walls were filled.
  23. "No.. Hah." Velvet reaches forwards, the hung bun curls her fingers into Yang's chest and breathes into her newly sensitive ears. "It's permanent. Sorry!" Even mid mating-rut, Velvet was still so sweet.
  24. "D-Don't be.." Yang's face flushed with pleasure, "Being a rabbit is hot as hell!" and, even with a stomach full of cum, Yang was still her fiery self.  
  26. Yang's body was on fire, her pussy burning with need. The second hand load that coated that shaft placated her burning need to be bred somewhat, but she still couldn't scratch that itch. Only draining Velvet's balls dry would satisfy her. She braces herself against the solid wooden floor, her  palms flat on the smooth surface, CRAMMING her ass down onto that rod. She lifts her tail higher, and Velvet rears up behind her. "Do me!" Yang begged, her pretty pink cunt speared by Velvet's glorious rod. "Fuck me!" the blonde bunnyslut begs.
  27. Velvet obliged~.
  28. WHAP. The brownhaired girls pelvis crashes into Yang's toned, doughy ass. Kneading the blondes teats, her cocktip meshes against the others cervix. Velvet was so disgustingly hung that she fucked the very shape of her hyper potent breedspire into that snatch, molding Yang's body into her subservient fuckdoll.
  29. Yang's eyes shot wide open as her womb was speared, cervix stretched around just the tip of that shaft. "Cumming.." Velvet let out a weak moan as her body began to seed Yang's perfect frame.
  30. Yang whites out immediately, the pleasure her twisted body felt as that intensely thick load surged into her womb shoved her over the edge. Her bitch pussy clamps, and her hips start to trash and jerk, shoving her cunt down y barely an inch onto that dick, and milking Velvet's spasming spire. The reaction was autonomous, her body screamed "BREED ME~" as she milks that shaft straight into her womb. "Ohhhh...~" the doe eyed girl drools as she cums, and cums, and cums!
  31. Tight pussy gushing cream against that throbbing stallion shaming spire. Her womb was drowned in cum, even her insides had been bunnified, because her womb was made to take this load, pumping her eggs into Velvet's fertile cumbath, Yang shudders as she was seeded, Velvets size all but guaranteed her inevitable fate. Splrt. A slimy strand of cum splurts from her pussy, forced from her twat by the shallow pumping of their conjoint bodies. Yang's belly bloats further, and further, growing bigger and rounder, her ovaries clogged with tar, seeded like a real bitch.
  33. Soon, Velvet pulls free from Yang's cunt. "Ride me, I want your tits in my face." she gnaws on her lip as she climbs onto the bed.
  34. "Yes miss." Yang obeys immediately, the bunnyslut unable to deny her broodmate. She straddles Velvet's lap, and thrusts her incredible tits into her lovers waiting lips. Her pussy pressed down on that shaft, oozing cum along it as she began to bounce.
  36. --
  38. "Ruby~!" Weiss whines, pulling her lips free from the others face. The shorter girls fangs nipped on her lower lip, keeping hold of it till Weiss managed to tug free from the embrace, "Save it for the bedroom, sheesh. You're insatiable." Weiss smoothed down her dress, Rubies fingers pulling free from between her thighs.
  39. "Heeheh. I'll race you?" Ruby salivates openly, clearly loved up  on her bratty princess's body.
  40. "It's.. Right there." Weiss gave an indignant huff, her eyes rolling, neither f the girls noticed how steam was softly pumping out from beneath the doorframe.
  41. "I win!" Ruby cheers as she grabs at the handle of the door and swings it open. Sploooort. The timing couldn't have been any better, Yang's long floppy ears flopped back over herself, her naked body lifted, full nelson, facing the doorway, her bloated belly pumped full of another immense, thick load. She was fuckdrunk, a utterly humiliating look on her drooling face. A truly inspirationally dopey complexion racked her features as she was seeded.
  42. "Eep!" Ruby gasps, her face splattered with a rope of cum that gushed from Yang's pussy across her petite frame, she licks her lips clean, and her skirt starts to ride up behind her. "Yang what are you.."
  43. "Oh my god!" Weiss gasps at the sight of the hardcore bareback breeding, their bedroom was a mess,m every inch of the room doused with sweat and cum. The window steamed over, a damp patch where Yang's tits had been shoved into them visible, nipple marks and all.
  44. Ruby licked some more cum from her face, two cute  nubs start to protrude from the top of her head. "H-Hey guys!" Velvet moans mid orgasm, holding Yang's thighs to keep her ankles aloft.
  45. "Weiss.." Ruby's mind was spinning, her tail twitching just above her asscheeks, she grabs at her skirt and lifts it up, to relieve some pressure on her sensitive lil' appendage. "I feel funny.." The rapidly converted girl gasps. "I feel funny here..." She hikes her skirt allll the way up and runs her fingers across her leggings clad cunt. The sheer black fabric bulging slightly across her panties.
  46. "Ruby if this is you trying to convince me to have an orgy I'm... Not interested!" Weiss stamps her heel as her girlfriend starts to hump at her hand.
  47. SchloooorPWAP~ Yang was lifted off of Velvet's cock, sending yet more sprays of virile bunnyseed across the ground. She was dropped graciously onto her knees, panting, gasping, her hair clings to her toned body from how hot and heavy she was. "Don't.. Hah.. Wait up.." Yang claws at the ground, clearly delirious and exhausted. Velvet steps towards the pair.
  48. "C-Close the door." Velvet stammers, Ruby rubs her palm along her clitty through her clothes. She obeys immediately, trapping herself and Weiss in the room with velvet. Her long black ears only grow bigger.
  49. "Ruby.." Weiss's s kin crawls from the noxious stench around them, "I want this to stop." she speaks calmly, firmly. Yang slumps onto her side, watching with a dumb smile as Velvet approaches Ruby.
  50. "S-Suck." she spoke with some certainty, but she couldn't stop her shy voice from cracking.
  51. "Yes...~" Ruby's eyelashes flutter and she drops her knees down low. Her lips latch onto the tip of that shaft, nursing and suckling onto it.
  52. "Ruby!" Weiss squeals as her girlfriend starts to fellate the tip of that shaft, "Stop it!" she glares, Velvet grabs the base of her cock, rolling her fingers from the thickest part towards its tip. She ooozes a gooey mouthful of backed up cream into Ruby's face.
  53. "Don't swallow." Velvet pumps one single mouthful of cream into the obedient girls face. "Weiss looks like she needs you."
  54. "Mhmmm..." Ruby nods her head, her cheeks bulging and her lips pursed. A single droplet of cum creeps from between her lips as she stumbles to her feet and trots towards Weiss.
  55. "Stop looking at me like that Ruby! We're through! I can't..." Weiss was backing up, step by step before she found herself pinned back against a wall. Ruby totters towards her, giggling with her mouth full. "I don't want any-mhmffff!"
  56. Just like how Yang was caught off guard. Weiss's lips lock with Ruby's own, the shorter girl thrusts against the Heiress, locking lips with her and forcing that mouthful of cream into her face.
  57. "NHNFFFH! NHOOO!" Weiss detested the thought. It was disgusting, it was so far below her! She lunges her tongue into the kiss, trying to force more of Velvet's cum back out of her mouth, and pack it back into Ruby's face. It was no use, the wad of cream spills along her tongue, she managed to force some of it back, causing a sloppy mixture to spill from their lips, but a hot wad of white goo pooled in her maw, and sooner rather than later, a little sliver dribbles down her throat.
  59. That was all it took~ Weiss's whole body jolted upright, her womb felt like it had just been jolted to life. "SO... Hot... Why am I so hot.." Weiss struggles free from ruby's deep tonguelock, she wipes some sweat from her forehead, pushing her hair back up towards her scalp. He head was spinning, dizzied, lost in the fog. Her panties start to twitch, pushed down beneath the sprouting white ball of fur. "I feel.. I feel..."
  60. "So goooooood~" Ruby interjects pushing her hand into those lacy white panties and pumping her fingers into her girlfriends cunt.
  61. "So goood!" Weiss squeals as she bucks her hips forwards and lets Ruby shove her onto her back on a jizzsoaked bed. Their fingers nestled into each others cunts.  Weiss rips Rubies panties down. Ruby's fingers trapped between silky white lace and hairless addicting pink. Velvets eyes drift along her newest bunnies curves. She grabs at Ruby's ass, and pumps her shaft between their cunts. Dragging her cumcoated shaft along their curves.
  62. Both girls moan, their bodies beg to be impregnated. They were after all, bunnies in heat. "Do me first." Weiss lets out a haughty huff.
  63. "No, me! I lived the taste of your cum!" Ruby pushes her ass down firmly, dragging her plump wet pussyfolds along the curvature of that dick, pinning and sandwiching it against her bare snatch and Weiss's clothed folds. The snow white heiress starts to kick her legs, squirming her panties down until there were two juicy, gooey cunts, burning with need sandwiching either side of that dick. Weiss spreads her thighs and lifts her hips, smearing her pussy flawlessly along that cock, right down towards Velvets sack.
  64. "Ah.. Hnhhh~ Yeah.." Ruby huffs, drooling her juices against that rod, she tilts her face down and locks lips with the snow white rabbit. Her ass lifts, shaking and swaying in an enticing, chubby show. Weiss moans into the kiss, she was penetrated first~.
  65. Her flawless walls envelope that shaft, stretching and contouring to its shape. A few short pumps later, and her cervix was sloppily making out with Velvet's crown, just like her lips did with Ruby. Weiss grabs each of Ruby's chubby asscheeks, panting and moaning, she crams her twat up onto that shaft and lets it nestle into her, before feeling so very empty as it began to withdraw from her cunt, and spear her girlfriend instead.
  66. Weiss gnawed her lip in jealousy, but Ruby's breathless moans of pure pleasure had her own pussy growing wet. Weiss squirmed, pinned beneath Ruby as her girlfriend was utterly skewered. The way Ruby's face scrunched up, one eye squishing shut tighter than the other. The way her tongue wags in the air, like bait for Weiss's lips. The Schnee Heiress instantly developed a complex, she really, really liked watching Ruby get rawed. She gropes Ruby's ass hard and shoves that ass down onto that dick. Ruby squeals in pleasure as Weiss made her ass BOUNCE onto that shaft!
  67. Velvet focused her bulk of efforts on Ruby, hilting into her body again and again, the moans from the slutty pair driving her wild. She of course pulled free to give Weiss a pump or two, before immediately withdrawing from the Schnee Heiress's velveteen walls and coring our Ruby once more.
  69. Splrt~
  70. Weiss was sucking on Ruby's tongue, pinned down beneath her lover as Velvet began to cum. Weiss's own body kissing along those nuts as they tensed up and unloaded into her girlfriends cunt. Ruby writhes in pleasure, her heat satisfied, the burning longing in her loins doused with Velvet's endless creamload. Her pussy was pumped so full to the brim, bloated belly rubbing into Weiss's own. The thick white cream began to ooze from around Velvet's cock, those extra puffy cuntlips painted white as the bubbling cumload drizzles from her walls and begins to roll down onto Weiss's exposed cunt in rivulets.
  71. SchlooorPWAP~ Velvet pulls free, the dam unplugged, the flow of seed uncapped. It pours from her slit and douses Weiss's crotch. Velvet angles her tip downwards, and pushes some of that cum straight into Weiss's body, straight down into her practically untouched womb. "Get pregnant~" Velvet commands.
  72. Weiss obeyed.
  74. --
  76. "Uhmmm.. What are you doing?" Blake glances down at Nora. The Vakyrie jolting upright immediately, pulling her eye free from the keyhole of Team RWBY's door!
  77. "Oh uhmmm.. I dropped some.. Cookies?" Nora's mind began to race, she'd been spying on the show within. "And I was going to pick them up for you! Yeah!" The ginger girl rubs bashfully at the back of her head.
  78. "I don't see any cookies."
  79. "They must have rolled away, that's why I was looking for them! It's ok, I'll make you new ones! You don't want floor cookies do you? Hahah!" the laugh was strained and forced, Nora was embarrassed to be caught with her hand beneath her skirt. But she couldn't stop watching the hardcore breeding within. She holds her hands behind her back, Blake probably couldn't tell her panties were left slinging across her thighs.
  80. "Thank you, would you mind if I.. Went into my room now?" Blake siddles past Nora, pushing the door to her dorms open.
  81. "No I wouldn't really it's probably for the-" Nora began to prattle on, Blake swings the door open and the rush of steam hits her like a backdraft. Her ears fold atop her head, her thighs push together, faunus dick bulging.
  82. "Oh. Blake." Velvet pulls her lips away from Ruby's. She was sat. Ruby and Weiss on her lap. Ruby straddling her thigh, Weiss bouncing on that cock, the girls alternated kissing their bunny broodqueen. Yang slobbers on Velvet's sack. "Bend over~?" Velvet pants out, pushing into Weiss's slit from below.
  83. Blake, being a faunus, had an incredible sense of smell. Her body burning with lust, her nipples peeking through her shirt. "Yes miss." Blake leaves Nora in the doorframe, the Valkyrie's heart beating with anticipation. The raven haired catgirls mind frazzled by the addictive, steamy stench. Velvet was their alpha. They were made to be bred.
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