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  1. Nick    groans. Pain.
  3. Gemma   checks to see if there is a nurse bulldog stationed outside Nick's door.
  5. Nick    he's feeling not so okay. But he should be fine.
  7. Gemma   rolls a dice and gets 1 out of 20.
  8.     there is a nurse, and she is angry.
  10. Nick    thinks that nurse is always angry.
  11.     heard her boyfriend was cheating on her. Or something.
  13. Gemma   tries to scoot a box of Godvia chocolates at the nurse to gain entrance.
  14.     rolls a dice and gets 12 out of 20.
  15.     success but she still looks disgruntled, so probably not a lot of time. Rapt knuckles on his door before entering, "Nick?" Just making sure he was even in the mood for company before barging past the doorway.
  17. Nick    groaned and raised his head. It still hurt. Everything did. It sucked, but Nick tried to wear his signature smile. All the while he was suited in the lab gown. "Hey, Gemma." A weak note was released.
  19. Gemma   took that as good of an invitation as any to enter his private room, closing the door gently behind her. Approached with a snuggly, soft brightly colored teddy bear holding the strings of several helium balloons with silly faces on them. "Hey Sunshine," pausing at his bedside, to set the gift on his bedside table.
  21. Nick    chuckled at the sight of the teddy bear, as well as the balloons. But as it turns out, it was painful to even laugh. Teeth quickly gnashed against one another, but a quick release of breath seemed to have calmed him down. "Hey, Gemmy Bear."
  23. Flick   was probably asleep in the room.
  25. Gemma   cast a glance at the sleeping Flick, who managed to contort herself into a ball in a nearby chair. At least she still had the fluffy blanket Gemma had brought her from the gift shop before. Looking back to Nick, fingers sought a safe (and not indecent) spot on his person to touch that wouldn't cause him discomfort. "It's good to see your face," volume dropping so not to wake the other Bennett.
  27. Nick    "It's good to see your face." He retorted, as if saying so was a competition between the two of them. Winced slightly, turning head to face his-- sister? Flick was there? He didn't even know. He was too out of it the past few days that he didn't even have the time to know how much Flick cared. Frowned, but turned head to Gemma. "Hey." It was whispered this time, "How's it going?"
  29. Gemma   even with the amount of pain that Nick was in, he made the effort to make Gemma feel seen and wanted. "It's going okay," fingers rising to lightly brush through his blonde locks. He was being well tended between the nurses and Flick. Gemma just wished there was more she could do for the Bennetts. "Seeing you? It's Asdammuba," hoping it'd only make him smile and not laugh. His laughter was a beautiful thing, but it hurt him too much to do so at present.
  31. Nick    Grunted. What was the annoying pain in his chest? Like something thick, and heavy had been stuck in it. Almost like phlegm taking over the vast space of Nick's upper torso. Closed fist smacked against it a few times, causing him to cough. But he was able to nod. "That's good. That's--" Snorted upon hearing the word the two of them made up. Well, really, Nick made it up. A deep breath was taken. "How's-- How's the library? Did anyone die?"
  33. Gemma   brows furrowed with notable worry as a pained expression marred handsome features temporarily, the coughing sound was near guttural and it made her feel a bit queasy with the implication. Yet within moments he seemed distracted by the word he had conjured to lift her spirits weeks ago, and now she was attempting to return the favor. "The Library? It's.. well.. you did an amazing job getting everyone out," eyes beginning to water, "You're a real hero Nick Bennett." It was all over the news and campus feeds about his heroism, alongside others actions to pull together when faced with such horrific tragedy.
  35. Flick   felt her phone buzz and very nearly fell out of the chair when she was awaken by it. Noticing Gemma there with Nick, she smiled raggedly and gazed down to her cracked phone. Connor. She quickly sent a message back before trying to make her presence known, but her voice was incredibly hoarse. [Not great, you?]
  37. Nick    tossed his head back, until he was resting it upon the pillow. It was soft, comforting, but the sight of the white ceiling of the hospital room wasn't doing him any favors of providing comfort. Without moving, without tearing his gaze away from the ceiling, he'd respond. "I hope I did." It was his honest response. Especially with the way things were going about. He could still remember the fire, and how much it stung, how much it suffocated him. All they yelling, the screaming, the burning it was all just-- "I'm not a hero, Gemma." A laugh trickled from lips. "I'm the quarterback." The shuffling of feet finally made his head turn, facing his sister this time. "Flick. Hi." Tried his best to smile.
  39. Gemma   if Gemma could trade places with Nick? There would be no hesitation to take on the burden of his pain and uncertainty about what was to come next. It was awful to see him laying there, and worse to know that things were never going to be the same for him. No one was going to be able to give him the life he had been living back. But he had saved so many from not having a life at all. A light chuckle of her was given at his insistence that a quarterback meant more than a hero, and she wouldn't correct him at the moment. She didn't have the heart to. Anything else she might have said, was put on pause as Flick stirred to life. "Hey hun," flashing a soft smile. "How are you feeling? Do you need a drink? Something to eat?"
  41. Flick   couldn't bring herself to smile, but she shuffled closer to the two. "Hey, big brother." Gave a hug to Gemma for all she had done for them the last few days. "Drink, mostly." But she could get it herself. Looked down at her phone. [Nick was.. he.. in hospital] Couldn't even bring herself to say it all. "Proud of ya bro, but you're not allowed to leave us."
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