This Session Kain't Be Interrupted This Many Times

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  1. [12:08:40] <@Kain> Yawn, what a kawaii morni- oh wait, no it's not. It's the middle of the night and Amaryllis still hasn't returned. It's not like her to be late without prior notice. Just as you're all starting to get settled anyway, though, there's a knock at your doors.
  2. [12:08:51] * Theta is now known as Thetina
  3. [12:09:10] * Natalie came back SUPERLATE, by the way, and probably curled up on top of Lenore or something.
  4. [12:09:22] <Natalie> ... In humanform.
  5. [12:09:42] <@Kain> Knock, knock, knock.
  6. [12:09:44] * Lenore yawns at the kawaii morning and gets up in her jammies to answer the door.
  7. [12:09:55] * Natalie gets pushed off and rolls to the floor. Au.
  8. [12:11:35] <@Kain> As you open the door, someone you don't recognize is standing there. She's a peahen lady with very brightly colored feathers (in during Kain failed zoology) and wearing a suit of armor. She's knocked on Theta's door as well.
  9. [12:11:58] <Natalie> 1,1>implying we didn't stay in the same room
  10. [12:12:00] <Lenore> (All right Kay-nie is it all right if I have Magic Sword as my new AP ability?)
  11. [12:12:10] * Lenore blinkblinks. "Hi!"
  12. [12:12:10] * Thetina gets up slowly at the knock and wanders out after putting on a coat real quick. "Hm?"
  13. [12:12:10] <@Kain> (squint)
  14. [12:12:19] <Thetina> "Did someone order breakfast in bed or something?"
  15. [12:12:33] <@Kain> (I don't remember approving any of cast's stuff yet why are you just now asking me during game)
  16. [12:12:36] <Natalie> "Nnnn."  Nat lazes up and hangs over Lenore.  "Hi."
  17. [12:12:43] <Lenore> (Ooookaaaay)
  18. [12:12:49] <Lenore> (I'll just leave it blank for now then)
  19. [12:13:06] <@Kain> You notice it's definitely not morning yet. Like I said, middle of the night still.
  20. [12:13:08] * Kain is now known as Officer_Pea
  21. [12:13:33] <Lenore> "Is there something you need, Miss~?"
  22. [12:13:50] <@Officer_Pea> "Excuse me, sorry for interrupting your sleep. I'm Officer Pea, with the Madain Sari Peacekeepers... Are you companions of Amaryllis Middleton?"
  23. [12:14:28] <Lenore> "Ah, yeah, um..."  She blinks a few times, a little sleepy.  "We're her friends, yeah."
  24. [12:14:28] <Natalie> "Ammy?"  Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn.  "Nnnnyeah, pretty sure."
  25. [12:14:47] <Thetina> "Yes..." this can't be good, these visits are never good
  26. [12:16:22] <@Officer_Pea> She looks a bit uneasy, and sighs. "I've come to inform you that your friend has been incarcerated under the suspicion of murder."
  27. [12:16:31] <Natalie> "WHAT"
  28. [12:16:40] <Natalie> "I meannn... what."
  29. [12:17:29] <Thetina> "Murder? Could you...tell us more of the charge?"
  30. [12:17:40] <@Officer_Pea> She nods. "Can I come in?"
  31. [12:19:20] <@Officer_Pea> Presumably you let Officer Pea in, and she has a seat inside.
  32. [12:19:21] * Natalie steps back, pulling her hair back, making sure her ruby's all shiny, etc etc.
  33. [12:19:50] * Thetina bows as well. "By all means..."
  34. [12:20:09] <Lenore> "Uh, sure!"
  35. [12:20:39] <@Officer_Pea> "This morning, or I suppose yesterday at this rate, a number of businessmen in town were murdered in broad daylight. Witnesses said the woman had green hair, yellow eyes, brown robes, and a lantern, and performed the deed with a knife. Understandably, locals have started buzzing about 'the Tonberry killer'."
  36. [12:21:18] <@Officer_Pea> "Miss Middleton matches the description given quite well, so when she was spotted we moved to bring her in for investigation."
  37. [12:21:52] <@Officer_Pea> "However... according to her testimony she wasn't in Madain Sari at the time of the murders, but instead in Lindblum. We're trying to verify her story with Regent Cid at the moment."
  38. [12:21:56] * Lenore nods. "Oh...I see..."
  39. [12:22:14] * Natalie flips through her diary and plops on the bed, squinting. Someway through she gets an invisible lightbulb but keeps it inside. "Green hair.... nn, she DOES have that. Buuut..."
  40. [12:22:32] * Thetina pauses.
  41. [12:22:39] <Natalie> "Yeah, she was, 'cause I brought here there!"
  42. [12:22:45] <Thetina> "Erm, have you contacted the law enforcement in Treno at all?"
  43. [12:22:58] <Thetina> "This sounds strangely familiar to a manhunt there before we left..."
  44. [12:23:40] <@Officer_Pea> "That's the odd thing, yes. It gets more complicated. I thought this would be a simple matter of proving her innocence, but..."
  45. [12:26:34] <@Officer_Pea> "We've had Brigadier Rymes of Alexandria stop in with an enormous case file on similar incidents. And it isn't just limited to Treno. Murders of this type have happened all over the world over the past several years, and Brigadier Rymes seems certain your friend is to blame for all of them. I wouldn't have paid much mind, but... she's also brought in key witnesses that seem to testify the
  46. [12:26:34] <@Officer_Pea> same. I don't really understand how she learned about the situation here, or gathered these witnesses up so quickly, it seems awfully suspicious to me."
  47. [12:27:11] <Lenore> "Uh, hey Nat."
  48. [12:27:22] <Natalie> "Well, that's dumb!"  Nat crosses her arms and :<s.  "Ammy wouldn't do that."
  49. [12:27:28] <Lenore> "Has Ammy ever actually ever been to Alexandria?"
  50. [12:27:41] * Thetina points at the notebook.
  51. [12:27:51] <Thetina> "You best hope you were taking notes early on cause if not hahahahaha ohmanshe'sscrewed."
  52. [12:27:58] <Natalie> "Um... well, not that I remember, Lenny, but..."  She looks at her diary and frowns.
  53. [12:28:26] <Lenore> "Um, Nat here has a notebook that says a lot about her travels with Ammy over the last...was it ten?  Years."
  54. [12:28:45] <@Officer_Pea> "I don't think Miss Middleton is guilty, but I have little in the way of proving it at the moment. I do have some of the cases that Rymes brought forth, though."
  55. [12:29:03] * Natalie shrinks down and gives Lenny one of those [screams internally] looks. Or a 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING' one of that fits better.
  56. [12:30:01] <@Officer_Pea> Pea pulls out a folder of a sort. "These 'witnesses' are staying in town, you may wish to talk to them. They're not going to tell ME anything, that's for sure."
  57. [12:30:15] * Lenore nods. "Okay."
  58. [12:30:30] * Thetina looks to Nat and shrugs. What, does it actually say 'Today we cut up a woman and ate her babies and sold her house for travel fair.' or something?
  59. [12:30:30] <Natalie> "Um well... okay.  Maybe they just saw someone they thought was her.  Or..."
  60. [12:30:32] <@Officer_Pea> "Perhaps in the morning, though, I do realize it's late... I'm sorry."
  61. [12:30:34] * Natalie trembles a little.
  62. [12:30:50] <@Officer_Pea> "That's a bit morbid..." she says to Theta.
  63. [12:30:57] <Thetina> He didn't actually say that!
  64. [12:30:58] <@Officer_Pea> (Oh wait)
  65. [12:30:59] <Natalie> Nah, it says 'Hey I'm a magical cat in disguise and this is how we fucked with human society for 10 years.'
  66. [12:31:00] <Lenore> ^
  67. [12:31:01] <@Officer_Pea> Nevermind!
  68. [12:32:02] * Thetina takes the folder and looks over it. "You seem to lack confidence in the claims of these witnesses."
  69. [12:32:22] <Thetina> "What are his witnesses for past accusations doing here anyway?"
  70. [12:32:35] * Natalie hops up and peers over Theta's shoulder at the folder.
  71. [12:32:54] <@Officer_Pea> "They showed up too quickly. The murders only happened less than 24 hours ago, and we're quite a long way from Alexandria geographically. Even with the convenience of teleportation, this doesn't feel right. Something is going on here, and I'm not sure what."
  72. [12:33:31] * Lenore nods. "I agree with you."
  73. [12:33:34] <@Officer_Pea> "Rymes is a lady, actually. Most Alexandrian military are."
  74. [12:33:35] * Natalie looks up and muses a bit, before nodding. "... Nn. Yeah."
  75. [12:33:54] <@Officer_Pea> Anyway, the folder.
  76. [12:33:57] <Thetina> "Ah." awkward.
  77. [12:38:10] <@Officer_Pea> There's a collection of old legal documents detailing closed cases around several places, mostly the Mist Continent. The death of a theater worker in Lindblum, homicide against a farmer in Dali, a case in Treno that was abandoned after the killer supposedly escaped in the chaos of a large heist, the murder of a noble within a library in Alexandria, and the flight of two suspects on an airship
  78. [12:38:10] <@Officer_Pea> from Burmecia who stole a traveling magician's 'fizzy lifting drinks' to sail off the ship safely.
  79. [12:38:53] <Lenore> (>fizzy lifting drinks)
  80. [12:39:00] <Natalie> (^)
  81. [12:39:04] <Lenore> (kain I wish I was a woman so I could bear your children)
  82. [12:39:17] <Thetina> (what)
  83. [12:39:34] <@Officer_Pea> (:3)
  84. [12:40:19] * Natalie just hangs on Thetina's shoulder, reading them all and "uh-huh"ing. Looks a bit relieved, as she flips through her diary simultaneously.
  85. [12:40:24] <@Officer_Pea> There's also that recent matter in Treno, where a wealthy Burmecian architecht was attacked in a dark alleyway by a hooded magician with glowing eyes.
  86. [12:40:52] <@Officer_Pea> "The brigadier claims Miss Middleton is responsible for each and every one of the events. It's... ludicrous, really."
  87. [12:41:01] <Thetina> How long ago were most of these?
  88. [12:41:08] <Natalie> "More like 'dumb.'"  Nat pouts.
  89. [12:41:13] <Thetina> Or better put
  90. [12:41:13] <@Officer_Pea> They're spread out over a period of about eight years.
  91. [12:41:35] <Thetina> Since we have started the campaign, how many of these have happened while we were off somewhere else?
  92. [12:42:08] <@Officer_Pea> The one in Treno seems to be the only one in recent months.
  93. [12:42:24] <@Officer_Pea> The latter of the ones in Treno, rather
  94. [12:43:03] * Thetina looks to Nat and shrugs.
  95. [12:43:26] <Natalie> "And this one..."  She points at the last one, hopping off Theta's back or whatever.  "Pretty sure I've never seen Ammy with a hood on before."  And of course Nat conveniently leaves out the fact that it's due to amnesia.  "So HMPH."
  96. [12:43:44] <Thetina> "What basis did this Rymes come to suspect her on? Fairly odd, she was a teenager when this all started."
  97. [12:43:52] <@Officer_Pea> It should be noted, in the more recent case, the charge is assault, as the man himself managed to escape.
  98. [12:44:13] <Lenore> "Oh yeah...I don't think her hair was always green."
  99. [12:44:39] <@Officer_Pea> "According to her account, she recognized Miss Middleton from a brief stint of military service in Alexandria, and again when she... returned to the city and worked as a librarian."
  100. [12:44:57] <Lenore> "Well!"
  101. [12:45:08] <Lenore> "I think we know the first person we're talking to!"
  102. [12:45:10] * Natalie keeps flipping through the diary, and tries to keep her look of horror to where nobody can see it. Well, nobody but Lenore maybe.
  103. [12:45:13] <Lenore> "Or maybe the last, hmmm..."
  104. [12:45:16] <Thetina> "First I've heard of that I think." Another look to Nat.  
  105. [12:47:18] <Thetina> "Thank you for this information, though, Officer Pea.  If there's something fishy going on..."
  106. [12:47:21] <Natalie> "W-Well," she flips the diary closed.  "Okay, fine.  So who're we talking to?"
  107. [12:47:47] <Lenore> "Okay, so, do you have a list of addresses where everyone is staying, miss~?"
  108. [12:47:48] <Thetina> "...well I'm sure we can think of something." Funny enough Ammy was the expert on these things. OOPS
  109. [12:47:58] <@Officer_Pea> She nods, with a bit of a sigh. "I wish I could get my comrades to look into this more, but they don't seem as concerned as I do."
  110. [12:48:18] <Lenore> "By the way, I really like how you have your feathers groomed~"
  111. [12:48:23] <@Officer_Pea> "In any case, I should probably take my leave. Sorry again for interrupting your sleep..."
  112. [12:48:32] <@Officer_Pea> "Oh?" she perks up. "Why, thank you."
  113. [12:48:42] <Lenore> (which is the closest thing you can say to "I like your hair" to a peahen lady)
  114. [12:49:01] * Natalie handhips. "Well, Ammy's my best friend! So I'm gonna get her back no matter what!"
  115. [12:49:05] <@Officer_Pea> "And yes, the addresses should be in there. The witnesses are staying in a different inn across town."
  116. [12:51:39] <@Officer_Pea> "I'll be going, now, then. It should be on -my- head to continue this investigation, but I've hit a dead end... And I apologize for that."
  117. [12:52:01] * Lenore nods. "We'll do our best to help, Miss, so don't worry, just keep on trying!"
  118. [12:52:03] * Natalie falls backward on a bed.
  119. [12:52:22] <@Officer_Pea> "I hope you can manage to prove her innocence... The peacekeeper system exists to keep the town safe."
  120. [12:52:30] <@Officer_Pea> She stands up and goes to leave.
  121. [12:52:57] * Thetina nods and waves her off, looking to Nat
  122. [12:53:29] <@Officer_Pea> And she's gone~
  123. [12:53:34] <Natalie> "This is stupid," Nat flails.
  124. [12:53:37] <Thetina> Once Officer Pea leaves, "Gee, Nat, why did you and Ammy have to kill all those poor innocent people for fizzy lifting drinks?"
  125. [12:53:51] <Natalie> "..."
  126. [12:53:54] <Thetina> "...But no really how the heck are we going to approach this she's the one who was good at this thing."
  127. [12:53:54] <Natalie> "Fizzy whatting whats?"
  128. [12:54:13] * Natalie sits up. "Well."
  129. [12:54:22] <Natalie> "I'm her best friend so OBVIOUSLY it's up to me!"
  130. [12:54:50] <Natalie> Nat's dumb smile fades.  Like it's saying 'yeah, we're screwed.'
  131. [12:55:17] <Lenore> "I'm sure if we talk it out we can get something"
  132. [12:55:23] <Lenore> "Or, there's another way to go about this!"
  133. [12:55:53] <Thetina> "We should lay some ground rules. Like no burning down the town or firing lasers at them."
  134. [12:56:04] <Thetina> "Unless they get frisky."
  135. [12:56:19] <Natalie> "Ooh, that last one might be tough."
  136. [12:56:33] * Lenore nods. "Yeah, we have to only fight them if they start something, no instigating fights..."
  137. [12:56:44] <Lenore> "But, uh, I had an idea, it probably won't work, though."
  138. [12:56:46] <Natalie> "But.... nnng, Lenny, what were you DOING anyway?  W-What if they read my whole diary after you said that?"
  139. [12:57:11] <Lenore> "We could try to draw out the real killer, maybe!  But that's very luck dependent, hmmmm..."
  140. [12:57:26] <Lenore> "W-well it was more like I was saying we had a sort of backup, really!"
  141. [12:58:10] <Thetina> "Why do you need to hide you're Carbuncle anyway?"
  142. [12:58:11] * Natalie headshakes. "Nuh-uh. That's a dumb idea. But my diary... uh, it says something about guards...? And that's 'military,' right? So this might've been my fault..."
  143. [12:58:24] <Thetina> "You don't see any of the other Eidolons being all 'oh no you found out my secret now I can't get married' "
  144. [12:58:31] <Natalie> "Well, I dunno.  I don't wanna like, SHOW OFF."
  145. [12:58:40] <Natalie> "..."
  146. [12:58:45] <Natalie> "Okay so sometimes I do but still!"
  147. [12:59:02] <Thetina> "I would give you a noogie but not in the mood for it.  There IS another route."
  148. [12:59:05] <Natalie> "I should probably pretend to be human during this, anyway."
  149. [12:59:23] <Thetina> "We find this other tonberrry fanatic and turn them in."
  150. [13:01:00] * Natalie headshakes again. "Nuh-uh. That wouldn't work. I thought something like that too, but..."
  151. [13:01:15] <Lenore> "Right, right!  But to do that...hmmm..."
  152. [13:01:26] <Thetina> "Why wouldn't it?"
  153. [13:01:27] <Natalie> "W-Well, let's just do everything ELSE before trying something like that, 'kay?"
  154. [13:01:37] <Lenore> "I guess we'd have to just like, study the cases listed here, and figure out what they prefer to target!"
  155. [13:01:53] <Thetina> "But this is the thing we're BAD at, why wouldn't we want to you know, just find this jerkwad?"
  156. [13:01:54] <Lenore> "Or find my mom, maybe she knows about this?  She said she met a tonberry that she turned into a girl, once!"
  157. [13:02:07] <Natalie> "'Cause how're we going to?"
  158. [13:02:15] * Natalie pauses in her tracks. "She... what."
  159. [13:02:24] <Thetina> "I don't know stand around looking rich and wait for them to kill us."
  160. [13:02:30] <Thetina> "And. Well."
  161. [13:02:39] <Thetina> "Lenore your mother concerns me."
  162. [13:02:51] <Lenore> "Yeah, when we were at Mt. Gulug, she mentioned she'd met a Tonberry before and turned her into a little girl with cute green hair!"
  163. [13:02:53] <Natalie> "Rich..."  Nat muses and flips the diary some more, before headshaking again.  "Nope.  Dumb idea."
  164. [13:02:57] <Lenore> " mom concerns me a bit too!":
  165. [13:03:03] <Natalie> "I think she's fun!"
  166. [13:03:24] <Natalie> "So that's the best thing we can do right now.  Go see her and... um... find this tonberryperson."
  167. [13:03:33] <Lenore> "But not for how she acts, it's more like...what happens around her and what she's capable of!"
  168. [13:03:48] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, something something sneezing..."
  169. [13:04:13] <Thetina> "Fiiiiinnnne miss party pooper -you- can make the plan of attack here."
  170. [13:04:22] <Thetina> "No pressure, not like they won't seek the death penalty or anything."
  171. [13:04:33] <Natalie> "The what whatalty?"
  172. [13:05:00] <Natalie> "I DO have another idea..."
  173. [13:05:03] * Lenore blinks and shakes herself a little to get composure. "They could kill Ammy if they decide she did those things."
  174. [13:05:20] * Natalie trembles a bit, but clears her throat. "Well, why don't we..."
  175. [13:05:28] <Natalie> "... Find the person who hates Ammy so much and beat her up!"
  176. [13:05:37] * Thetina noogies Nat
  177. [13:05:41] <Natalie> "Au!"
  178. [13:05:44] <Natalie> "I mean, nn!"
  179. [13:05:45] * Lenore also noogies Nat!
  180. [13:05:50] <Natalie> "Nnnn."
  181. [13:05:56] <@Officer_Pea> Mr. Prickles also also noogies Nat.
  182. [13:05:58] <Natalie> "Well I like that plan."
  183. [13:05:58] <@Officer_Pea> ...
  184. [13:06:01] <@Officer_Pea> or her leg.
  185. [13:06:03] <Natalie> Hnng.
  186. [13:06:06] * Officer_Pea is now known as Kain
  187. [13:06:13] <Thetina> Weakspot aquired.
  188. [13:06:20] * Natalie reaches down and pats him.
  189. [13:06:30] <@Kain> By the way, you're not sure what happened but Prickles returned with a sack of gil earlier.
  190. [13:06:40] <Natalie> Our hero.
  191. [13:06:45] <@Kain> Prickles just 8O's back up
  192. [13:07:13] <Natalie> "C'mon, just ONE laser."
  193. [13:07:14] <@Kain> Prickles: "Are we... going out this late? Hm, I'm worried, but..."
  194. [13:07:20] <Thetina> "Oh, look, Ammy is totally guilty and Mr. Prickles found her payment."
  195. [13:07:40] <Natalie> Sniffle.  "S-Stop that."
  196. [13:07:42] <@Kain> "S-stop that!" Prickles frowns.
  197. [13:07:45] <@Kain> ...
  198. [13:07:46] <Natalie> God damn.
  199. [13:07:47] <Lenore> "Whoa, Prickly, how'd you get that?"
  200. [13:08:06] <@Kain> Prickles: "Oh, erm... I happened... to win a game of wagers."
  201. [13:08:12] <Natalie> "... A game of whatters?"
  202. [13:08:20] <@Kain> Prickle: "Poker?"
  203. [13:08:26] * Natalie pokes Prickles.
  204. [13:08:28] <Natalie> "Like that?"
  205. [13:08:29] * Lenore nods. "Not bad!"
  206. [13:08:33] * Natalie pokes again.
  207. [13:08:35] <@Kain> Prickles: ;-;
  208. [13:08:39] <Natalie> Poke poke poke poke poke.
  209. [13:08:39] * Thetina squints at Natalie.
  210. [13:08:46] <Natalie> Pokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepokepoke.
  211. [13:08:52] <@Kain> Prickles gently pokes Nat back. With a needle.
  212. [13:08:54] * Thetina bonks Nat on the head.
  213. [13:08:59] <Natalie> "Ow!"
  214. [13:09:08] <@Kain> Prickles: "Please don't do that." :<
  215. [13:09:12] <Thetina> "Why would we be worried about going out this late anyway?"
  216. [13:09:12] * Natalie sits back on the bed. "... 'Kay."
  217. [13:09:25] <Natalie> "Well I can't sleep when Ammy's like this."
  218. [13:09:29] <Natalie> "So I'm gonna go out RIGHT NOW!"
  219. [13:09:37] <Natalie> "Once we... um... find out what we're doing and all."
  220. [13:09:40] <@Kain> Prickles: "I was just concerned you all haven't had enough rest..."
  221. [13:09:40] <Lenore> "I'll go with you!"
  222. [13:09:51] <Natalie> "It's okay, I had a nap!"
  223. [13:10:36] <@Kain> Prickles: "But if you're ready to go, then we will perservere! For Miss Amaryllis's sake."
  224. [13:11:04] <Thetina> "I think we've faced greater demons than naps by now."
  225. [13:11:05] <Natalie> "Right!  Let's GOOO!"  The catgirl fistpumps.
  226. [13:11:07] <Thetina> (or have we)
  227. [13:11:22] * Natalie kicks the door open and leads to way to fuck where ARE we going
  228. [13:11:32] <Thetina> "..."
  229. [13:11:40] * Thetina sighs and just follows.
  230. [13:12:05] * Natalie checks the minimap for exclamation points.
  231. [13:12:12] <@Kain> 1d100
  232. [13:12:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 59 [1d100=59]
  233. [13:12:16] <@Kain> 1d100
  234. [13:12:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 57 [1d100=57]
  235. [13:12:19] <@Kain> 1d100
  236. [13:12:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 24 [1d100=24]
  237. [13:12:20] <@Kain> !
  238. [13:12:24] <Natalie> !
  239. [13:12:27] <Lenore> !
  240. [13:12:47] <@Kain> You find 24 gil behind a lamppost. what is it with people just leaving shit everywhere
  241. [13:12:54] <@Kain> Moving on
  242. [13:13:01] <@Kain> ...where the fuck ARE you going
  243. [13:13:09] * Natalie gives it all to Prickles.
  244. [13:13:16] <Lenore> ^
  245. [13:13:16] <Natalie> The thing we got had addresses, right?
  246. [13:13:25] <Thetina> FUCK THAT STRIP CLUB
  247. [13:13:37] <Natalie> Nat uh... lets Prickles read it because he's probably better with directions.
  248. [13:13:40] <@Kain> The moon shines down in the midst of the night, the address you were given leads to an inn on the east side of town.
  249. [13:13:43] <Thetina> (or maybe the strip club IS one of the addresses)
  250. [13:13:52] <Natalie> (nah they were all at an inn you silly)
  251. [13:13:59] <Thetina> (I don't see the problem)
  252. [13:14:12] <Natalie> (if we're lucky one of the witnesses will be a stripper)
  253. [13:14:36] * Natalie heads to the inn and kicks the front door inokay I'm kidding she knocks lightly.
  254. [13:14:39] <Natalie> With a foot.
  255. [13:14:43] <Natalie> ...
  256. [13:14:46] <Natalie> THEN kicks the door in.
  257. [13:15:14] * Lenore makes sure to get dressed properly before she leaves of course, she's not going in her jammies.
  258. [13:15:18] <Thetina> "One day we're going to get fined for that."
  259. [13:15:24] <Natalie> ... Oh yeah, did Ammy leave her clothes behind?
  260. [13:15:30] <Natalie> Or does she have ALL her stuff with her?
  261. [13:15:45] <@Kain> Ammy has her things.
  262. [13:15:48] <Natalie> Damnit.
  263. [13:15:51] <Natalie> So much for cute ideas.
  264. [13:16:29] * Thetina makes sure to put on her cutest p1,1ants before leaving.
  265. [13:16:29] <Natalie> "Whaddaya mean?  Of course it's fine!"
  266. [13:16:53] * Natalie doesn't change clothes; she was GOING to steal one of ammy's coats to go for the 'overdressed detective' look but noooooo.
  267. [13:17:23] <@Kain> Nah, you can have one of those on hand then
  268. [13:17:29] <Natalie> oh sure awesome
  269. [13:17:32] <Natalie> 1,1drawing it later
  270. [13:18:07] <@Kain> The front door of the inn seems to be unlocked and open! ...No one's tending the desk, though, but you do see a couple of people downstairs. Two specific people, in fact. Alexandrian military. One of them is around 27, with long, blonde hair and an armored tunic that resembles General Beatrix's.  She has a claw mark scarred across her face, and is holding a shot glass of whiskey. Next to her
  271. [13:18:07] <@Kain> is a woman in the typical Alexandrian bikini mail, with deeply tanned skin and fiery red hair, with brown eyes.
  272. [13:18:49] * Lenore !'s. "Those two are Alexandrian military, which means one of them is probably Rymes...Nat, please restrain yourself."
  273. [13:19:04] * Natalie shrinks down and grumbles a bit. "Fiiiiiiiine..."
  274. [13:19:25] <@Kain> The tanned woman is a bit younger, maybe 23.
  275. [13:19:30] <Natalie> "But if I find out she hates my best friend for some dumb pointless reason I'm gonna laser her FACE in," she says at the same volume as Lenny.
  276. [13:19:41] <@Kain> They look over as you enter.
  277. [13:20:04] * Natalie spearheads the group, presumably in a gigantic outfit like a fuckton of sizes too big for her.
  278. [13:20:10] <Natalie> Because Ammy is FAT.
  279. [13:20:14] * Thetina continues to walk by having no idea what this uniform is.
  280. [13:20:26] <Thetina> ;D
  281. [13:20:47] * Natalie raises a hand as they enter, and takes a deep breath first.
  282. [13:20:49] <Natalie> ...
  283. [13:20:50] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  284. [13:21:33] * Lenore walks over to the two Alexandrian soldiers, sitting down at the table. "Hi! I'm Lena Renegade, but you can call me Lenore, and I wanted to talk to you about The Tonberry Murderer!" She extends a hand.
  285. [13:21:40] <@Kain> Blonde Woman: "Good evening. Bit late to reserve a room, isn't it? ...Oh, oh I see."
  286. [13:22:03] <@Kain> She extends a hand, shaking Lenore's. "Brigadier General Rymes of the Alexandrian army."
  287. [13:22:38] <@Kain> The tanned woman salutes. "Lieutenant Myrina. I'm Brigadier Rymes' personal assistant."
  288. [13:22:46] <Natalie> "Yeah, I'm C-" COUGH "I mean my name's Natalie.  And you jailed my friend."  :<
  289. [13:23:09] * Lenore gives her two good shakes and lets go. "Nice to meet you two~! And yes, we're here to look into things more, because we think our friend has been framed for this."
  290. [13:23:41] <@Kain> Rymes: "Oh, don't worry. I remember you." she says to Natalie. "You were the one in my squad that looked like she was always about to burst into laughter."
  291. [13:24:08] <@Kain> Rymes: "How many years has it been...? Not that it matters, you and your friend were only in the force for two days."
  292. [13:24:12] <Natalie> "... Oh... so that really was..."  She flushes red a bit.  Also there's NO way her name was 'Natalie' then.
  293. [13:24:26] <Thetina> "..." Well this is awkward.  She decides to scope out this other inn a bit since she doesn't have much to add to this, so ducks out.
  294. [13:24:33] <Lenore> "However~!  I don't blame you at all for jailing her, as this is a very serious matter!  It's important that the real killer be found, and with the way you have it set up, even if you don't have the right woman, I think it's quite possible we'll find our killer anyway!"
  295. [13:24:36] <Natalie> "Ahaha... sorry... about... that...."
  296. [13:24:50] <Natalie> "Well I guess I DID laugh on paper," she looks over to the diary.
  297. [13:24:50] <Lenore> Er
  298. [13:24:50] <@Kain> Myrina watches Theta go, and decides to get up, following her.
  299. [13:24:55] <Lenore> *implicating, not jailing
  300. [13:25:27] <Lenore> Inspector Pea was the one who jailed her.
  301. [13:26:24] <Natalie> "Yeah, well blaming her is STUPID.  Ammy wouldn't do something like that!"  Natty handhips despite it looking really silly in what she's wearing.
  302. [13:26:59] <Lenore> "Nat here's pretty fired up about this, as you can see~"
  303. [13:27:02] <@Kain> Rymes: "Shame, isn't it? I'm sorry that you've been traveling with a serial murderer, but sometimes you just don't know a person's true colors. I disagree with the notion that she's been framed. I've been following crimes for years since an incident in my city, looking for any traces of the 'tonberry'... and at last, I've finally found her."
  304. [13:27:47] <Lenore> "If I may, could I hear about all the evidence you have?"
  305. [13:27:49] * Natalie stomps the ground. "But that's dumb! Why do you think it was HER who did it?"
  306. [13:27:56] <Thetina> (Oh I misunderstood, we're AT the other inn.  I was wondering 'why the hell would they be asking us about renting a room in our own inn' )
  307. [13:28:03] <Natalie> (goof)
  308. [13:28:23] * Thetina turns to Myrina after a bit. "Erm, can I help you?"
  309. [13:28:25] <@Kain> The inn is quiet, since the patrons are presumably in their rooms, Theta. You explore a bit, heading upstairs. It's a rather nice place, cushy. Some of the lanterns in rooms are lit, you can see the light from under the doors. Myrina has followed you. "So, what's your story?"
  310. [13:28:26] <Lenore> "Natalie, please don't lose your temper!"
  311. [13:28:46] <Natalie> "Nnnnng."
  312. [13:28:55] <Lenore> "Now is not the time for high emotions, we have to be cool and slick and keep calm!  Sit down with me, okay?"
  313. [13:30:02] <Thetina> Head tilt. "I'm sorry?"
  314. [13:30:13] <@Kain> Rymes: "Because the two of you came back to Alexandria eventually. Middleton even began work as a librarian. And then someone was killed, in her very own establishment. And she fled. That in itself is inadmissible. And still now, years later, she keeps up this 'tonberry' appearance. She's not fooling anyone."
  315. [13:30:53] * Lenore turns slightly to Nat. "Do you have a record of that, Nat?"
  316. [13:30:53] <@Kain> Myrina: "Well, what brings you into town?" she crosses her arms.
  317. [13:32:03] * Natalie diaries and then flips it closed. "... I'll tell you later, Lenny." Her head shakes and volume increases. "So it's her fault because... she has green hair? Is that it?"
  318. [13:32:47] <@Kain> Rymes: "Her hair color alone isn't much of a deal. But she wears an entire motif."
  319. [13:33:12] <Natalie> "So she has green hair and yellow eyes.  Big deaaaaal."
  320. [13:33:22] <Lenore> "That's not the only case Miss Rymes has against Ammy, Nat.  There's also the fact that she left town, or at least we believe it was her that left town, right after one of the killing shappened."
  321. [13:33:27] <Natalie> "That's just who she is!"
  322. [13:33:41] * Lenore takes in a deep breath.
  323. [13:33:41] * Thetina thinks quickly on what story to go with for this.  "I'm just looking for a sizable plot of land to purchase here.  Trouble seems to follow me though.  Who're you anyway?"
  324. [13:33:44] <Lenore> "Nat."
  325. [13:33:54] <Lenore> "I'm going to have to nicely ask you to shut up."
  326. [13:34:02] * Natalie shuts up. Whoa.
  327. [13:34:17] <@Kain> Myrina: "Lieutenant Myrina. And I dunno, I think you already have pretty nice plots of land, myself..."
  328. [13:34:50] <Lenore> "We are not here to get into a fight with someone who has a good reason to lock up Ammy and kill her, because that will give her an even better reason to lock her up and kill her."
  329. [13:34:52] <Thetina> Blink blink.
  330. [13:35:07] <Natalie> "O... Okay."
  331. [13:35:35] <@Kain> Myrina: "I don't have much comment on the case the Brigadier is overseeing, I'm just here to offer assistance in the matter, since it  involves a crime committed in Alexandria. So no hard feelings, right? You maybe want to grab dinner or something after this investigation is over?"
  332. [13:36:02] <Lenore> (lesbians)
  333. [13:36:16] <Natalie> (amazing, these are real BB-tier pickups lines too)
  334. [13:36:28] <Lenore> (^)
  335. [13:37:40] * Natalie gets up and squeaks out "Lenny, come see me when you're done, 'kay?"
  336. [13:37:42] <@Kain> Rymes: "I can't really blame you for being upset."
  337. [13:37:50] <@Kain> She shakes her head.
  338. [13:37:57] <Natalie> Then gives the quickest polite gesture she can and backsteps out of the room.
  339. [13:38:01] * Lenore keeps her hands on the table, folded over each other. "Okay Nat, I will."
  340. [13:38:46] <Thetina> (I'm thinking of how to word this reply real quick)
  341. [13:38:57] <Natalie> (Are you sure it isn't "NO GET AWAY FROM ME?")
  342. [13:39:20] <@Kain> In the meantime Mryina leans against the wall, slightly forward and emphasizing her cleavage.
  343. [13:39:37] <@Kain> Rymes: "Now then, what's your case for believing Middleton was framed?"
  344. [13:39:38] * Lenore shakes her head as well. "She's a bunch of fun to have around, but I don't think she quite grasped the weight of this, and I'm worried she'll dig Ammy in an even deeper hole than she already was. So, with that in mind, Miss Brigadier, tell me more about your case against Amaryllis Middleton."
  345. [13:39:47] <@Kain> Rymes: "...Hm."
  346. [13:39:52] * Thetina is completely perplexed by this for a second, and comes up with a potential plan. "I don't know if I can really trust someone who can get a whole inn worth of people to testify against my friends."
  347. [13:40:14] <@Kain> Rymes: "Well, of course, if it were just the one case, it wouldn't hold much ground, would it?"
  348. [13:40:26] <Lenore> "You have more, right?"
  349. [13:40:26] <@Kain> Rymes: "But like I've said, I've spent years investigating similar cases."
  350. [13:40:48] <@Kain> Rymes: "And now, everything's come together. I have several witnesses that can identify Middleton on sight."
  351. [13:41:42] * Lenore nods.
  352. [13:41:50] <@Kain> Myrina: "But... but that's totally just the Brigadier." ;-; "Come on, I'm a nice girl, when you get to know me. I... kinda have anger issues but they're not that bad!"
  353. [13:42:31] <@Kain> Myrina: "What can I do to convince you?"
  354. [13:43:58] <@Kain> Rymes: "Even in the cases where the murder wasn't seen directly, witnesses have spied both Middleton AND 'Natalie' nearby in many of the cases."
  355. [13:45:12] <Thetina> "But you work for her!  The same day she gets arrested you all already have them ready to be here like *poof!*  That's fishy as a Hypello thief!  I've been burned bad before by girls who pretend to be one thing when they really aren't.  Annnnd this isn't exactly the best impression otherwise!"
  356. [13:46:17] <@Kain> Rymes: "So what is -your- case?"
  357. [13:47:32] <@Kain> Myrina: "I dunno! Moogles came in at like, noon with news about the whole thing and the General got together every mage she could find, and she just went nuts digging up old files and visiting people... By four we were in Madain Sari with a full case against the lady."
  358. [13:47:56] <Lenore> "Now, my side of the case...probably doesn't have as good grounds as yours, I didn't find out that Miss Middleton was being implicated in this until a few minutes ago, however, I have a few things.  1: I've been traveling with her for over a month, and know her.  Which is probably the flimsiest thing I have, all things considered, but it's there, and I trust Ammy to not use her knife willy
  359. [13:47:57] <Lenore> nilly.  She's very much about restraint and only getting into fights with people who deserve it, and 'being rich' isn't on what qualifies for 'deserving' it.  2: I recently had a talk with someone I know, my mother, who admitted to meeting someone who looked a lot like Ammy and attacked her, and she didn't mistake Ammy on sight for that person.  This is also a bit flimsy, but it's a start.  
  360. [13:47:57] <Lenore> And lastly, 3:  Natalie wouldn't let her pull something like that, and those two are nearly attached at the hip.  However, this is also pretty bad, since you saw how much blood Natalie was just out for, so I'm going to need to do some investigation of my own and cross my fingers in hopes that I can find something more concrete.  Even if you're implicating one of my close friends, I respect
  361. [13:48:02] <Lenore> your diligence in trying to apprehend a criminal who has hurt so many people.  However, I'd like to know more about how you found Miss Middleton so fast, if you please."
  362. [13:48:06] <Lenore> (hello I am words)
  363. [13:48:08] <@Kain> Myrina: "And yeah, I'm sorry... I kinda tend to burn people too if I'm not careful... but..."
  364. [13:48:11] <Natalie> (hi shuku!)
  365. [13:49:58] <Thetina> "So you work for a lady who keeps eight years worth of records and witnesses on hand cause she quit?"
  366. [13:50:04] <Thetina> "That's sketch as hell!"
  367. [13:50:37] <Lenore> (Today on Kainland:  Goofy lightning lesbo seriouses the fuck up and everyone else starts yelling at people for answers)
  368. [13:51:01] <@Kain> Myrina: "No, it was actually a bit more involved than that! I was looking through the stuff too, and not only did the girl quit, she sweet-talked the local guard into letting her through the gate and then fled town!"
  369. [13:51:27] <@Kain> Rymes: "When you say they're attached at the hip... are you saying they're lovers? ...I'm not entirely sure how old Natalie is, she doesn't look much older than I remember, anyway... But that does bring up an interesting case if so. Could she be covering things up for her lover...?"
  370. [13:52:29] <Thetina> Head tilt. "Why's that important though?"
  371. [13:52:35] <Lenore> "They're not lovers, Miss Amaryllis is interested in someone else that I've only met once, they're really putzing around the whole thing, it's really cute~."  She breaks her serious act by accident.  "Er, ahem.  Amaryllis is straight."
  372. [13:53:40] <Lenore> "Natalie and Amaryllis' relationship is more like that of sisters or of a mother and child."
  373. [13:53:55] <@Kain> Myrina: "Oh come on, that doesn't sound suspicious? She talks her way past the investigators locking down the library, then heads straight to a side gate and charms her way through on a lax shift?"
  374. [13:54:05] <@Kain> "And then just... bolts for Treno or wherever?"
  375. [13:54:15] <@Kain> Rymes: "I see. My mistake."
  376. [13:55:38] <@Kain> Myrina: "I dunno, if she didn't have anything to hide it sounds like she would have stayed in town."
  377. [13:55:54] <@Kain> Myrina: "I don't have anything against your friend but it really doesn't look good for her."
  378. [13:57:10] <@Kain> Rymes finally takes that shot of whiskey she was holding.
  379. [13:57:32] <Thetina> :<
  380. [13:57:53] <@Kain> Myrina: :<
  381. [13:57:59] <Natalie> :>
  382. [13:58:14] <Lenore> "It's easy to make if you don't know them all that well.  Anyway, I think I've got all I could out of you, at least knowing what I'd have to find counter-evidence against, so I'll go ask your witnesses for more information, if that's all right with you.
  383. [13:58:16] <Lenore> "
  384. [13:58:46] <@Kain> Rymes: "That's your discretion, though it's rather late and they may not take well to being disturbed."
  385. [13:59:05] <@Kain> Rymes: "You may also want to visit the scene of the more recent crimes, if you seek to uncover the truth."
  386. [13:59:35] * Lenore nods. "Inspector Pea gave us a copy of the case file, I assume the location of that is in there?"
  387. [14:00:01] <Thetina> "You guys are gonna get my friend executed for quitting her job baaaaaaaw!" she starts blooblooing the best she can force herself and runs away.
  388. [14:00:03] <Lenore> "I'll check that out and ask your witnesses in the morning, since that would probably work best."
  389. [14:00:13] <@Kain> Rymes: "Should be. But just in case it isn't, you're looking for a series of merchant stalls on the east side of town. They should be blocked off, but..." she considers.
  390. [14:00:44] <@Kain> Rymes: "I know what it's like to believe in a friend. You think the world of them and don't want to see any ill in them. But sometimes it takes seeing to believe."
  391. [14:00:57] * Lenore nods. "I understand."
  392. [14:01:18] <@Kain> Myrina: "W-wait! Agh..."
  393. [14:01:28] <@Kain> Myrina: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaugh, why."
  394. [14:02:05] <@Kain> She spins and punches the wall, which... leaves a sizable hole in it and burn marks as fire flares up from her fist a bit. "Just... fuck it. Fuck everything..." She heads back to her room.
  395. [14:02:18] * Lenore gets up. "It was good talking to you, Brigadier General Rymes. Hopefully, we find a satisfying conclusion to this~!"
  396. [14:02:49] <@Kain> Rymes: "I doubt there will be one. Either you lose your friend, or all my work is proven to be fruitless."
  397. [14:03:34] <Lenore> "We can only hope there's a better one, huh?  Well, later."  She leaves now~, going to find Nat.
  398. [14:03:40] <Natalie> Nat went outside.
  399. [14:03:47] <Natalie> IN THE COOOOOOOOOOOLD
  400. [14:04:01] * Thetina eventually heads back outside as well.
  401. [14:04:10] <Thetina> "...Did you find anything out?"
  402. [14:04:41] <Natalie> "Lenny can be really scary," Nat answers right away.
  403. [14:05:13] <Thetina> "I think that red head tried to ask me to be her girlfriend," shudders.
  404. [14:05:27] <Natalie> "Huh."
  405. [14:05:28] <Thetina> "...And I didn't get to spy on the witnesses."
  406. [14:05:36] * Lenore comes outside now. "Hi~! Sorry I had to be mean to you, Nat!" :/
  407. [14:05:45] * Natalie handhips. "Nn. Well. Neither of you actually learned anything then, right?"
  408. [14:06:23] <Thetina> "All I got was they had these witnesses ready in a matter of hours, and Ammy snuck out of the murder scene in the library or something by sweet talking a guard?"
  409. [14:06:28] <Thetina> "And then poofed off to Treno."
  410. [14:07:05] <Natalie> "I didn't write anything about something like THAT..."  Nat pouts kinda.  "But we were at a library and left, yeah.  We were kinda all over the place then, apparently."
  411. [14:07:37] <Lenore> "Hmmm, I got the location of the most recent murder scene from Rymes."
  412. [14:08:12] * Natalie shiftyeyes left and right. "'Kay..."
  413. [14:08:27] <Natalie> "But she really just thought it was Ammy because of what she looked like, right?"
  414. [14:08:36] <Thetina> "This is gonna get really awkward if that girl keeps following me..." looks around.  "So what the heck CAN we do then?"
  415. [14:09:14] <Lenore> "Check out the murder scene, and then wait until morning to talk to the witnesses!"
  416. [14:09:17] <Natalie> "All we gotta do," she nods proudly, "is find Lenny's mom and that tonberry-person if THAT'S all it is."
  417. [14:09:21] <Natalie> "Because um."
  418. [14:09:33] <Lenore> "Yeah, that would definitely help!"
  419. [14:09:35] <Natalie> "Well, because I KNOW Ammy didn't do it."
  420. [14:09:42] <Lenore> "But finding my mom is hard, usually."
  421. [14:10:02] <Lenore> "I mean, she's probably still at Dad's house, but if she left, well...we don't have much chance of finding her."
  422. [14:10:08] <Thetina> "..."
  423. [14:10:09] * Natalie shuffles around, poking her index fingers together.
  424. [14:10:20] <Thetina> "Wasn't the murder scene, just, like."
  425. [14:10:30] <Thetina> "Going all doinkdoink in the market street or something?"
  426. [14:10:48] <Lenore> "Something like that. Let's check it out."  She starts heading off over there!
  427. [14:10:52] <Natalie> "Iunno, let's go see."
  428. [14:11:01] <Natalie> Nat trails at the back, something on her mind.
  429. [14:13:02] * Thetina scurries after, not wanting to be left alone around Myrina again ;o;
  430. [14:13:42] <@Kain> You hurry off to the scene of the crime. There's wooden roadblocks around the place, manned by late shift peacekeepers, but they let you on through, saying Pea gave them prior notice. They tell you to hurry up, though, and not to tamper with evidence.
  431. [14:14:51] * Lenore nods, pulling a pair of gloves out of her hat to put on if she didn't have any on, and handing gloves to Nat and Theta. "Gonna' have to be careful what we do with everything here."
  432. [14:14:55] * Natalie shines her forehead on DEAD BODIES.
  433. [14:15:15] <@Kain> As you close in, you find yourself on a rather dark intersection. Four lamposts are nearby, but they're unlit. Some abandoned stalls linger around the area, and there are corpse-shaped lumps kept fresh under some sort of enchanted fabric. Bloodstains absolutely cover the place, murder is a bit of an understatement. Whatever occured here was a massacre.
  434. [14:15:30] <@Kain> One of the stalls seemes to be scorched something awful.
  435. [14:15:57] * Lenore first walks over to the stall and checks it out. Can I Lore:Magic on this?
  436. [14:16:01] <Natalie> "Nnnng..."
  437. [14:16:04] <@Kain> Go for it!
  438. [14:16:05] * Natalie mumbles something to herself.
  439. [14:16:08] <Lenore> 2d6+5
  440. [14:16:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+5: 13 [2d6=3,5]
  441. [14:16:11] <@Kain> Hmm...
  442. [14:16:37] <@Kain> Looks like the area was burned by a Melt spell.... There's a corpse nearby as well.
  443. [14:16:53] <Lenore> "...this was Melt...which Ammy does use...."
  444. [14:17:19] <Thetina> "Looks like we're..."
  445. [14:17:22] * Natalie folds her arms and shiftyeyes some more.
  446. [14:17:27] * Thetina takes off her hat.
  447. [14:17:36] <Thetina> "Out of the frying pan, and into the fire."
  448. [14:17:54] <Natalie> And then facepalms.
  449. [14:18:07] <@Kain> The cloths covering the bodies are intended to keep corpses from decomposing, by the way. You can safely lift them up and examine bodies without tampering.
  450. [14:19:15] <Lenore> She goes over to one of the corpses, pulling up the fabric if that's allowed, and checking to see the stab wounds, or anything, and checks any pockets or anything on the corpse.  She pulls a noseplug out of her hat and plugs up her nose in case it's gross and to make sure she doesn't gag or anything.
  451. [14:19:38] <Natalie> Nat just stands around looking distracted, waiting for the others to finish.
  452. [14:19:39] * Thetina seems a bit squeemish about that part of the business.
  453. [14:19:58] <@Kain> The one near the stall bears severe scorch marks... there's one with unnaturally green-tinted skin that Lenore is sure was killed with poison. A Bio spell, maybe. A third body is dessicated and pale, zombified. All of them have one thing in common, multiple stab wounds to the chest with a small bladed weapon.
  454. [14:20:26] <@Kain> There are also numerous slashes at very specific parts of their anatomy. Throats, wrists... anywhere where major veins were.
  455. [14:20:37] <Lenore> "Bio, Zombie...and lots of slashes...nnngh..."
  456. [14:20:51] * Natalie taps her foot.
  457. [14:21:53] <Thetina> "You know, we know she wasn't in town for this."
  458. [14:21:56] * Lenore checks for any kind of thing in common with the victims! And also if there's any pressing belongings that they have.
  459. [14:22:02] <Thetina> "But I can sorta see how hilariously screwed she is for the other like 8 years worth."
  460. [14:22:47] <@Kain> They're all well-dressed from what you can make out. The folder you were given mentions that each of the victims were merchants who had open business dealings with Quosis Quar of Durandal in common.
  461. [14:23:28] <@Kain> Prickles points this out, since he was given the folder.
  462. [14:23:36] <@Kain> ...I think, anyway
  463. [14:23:42] <@Kain> You handed him -something-
  464. [14:23:51] * Natalie did remember the other part, by the way. HALF of the time she'd been sitting around doing nothing had been trying that mindworld stuff Mary taught her but ultimately she's probably too lazy to get all the way there.
  465. [14:23:56] <Natalie> Also yes, Nat did hand him the folder.
  466. [14:23:57] <Thetina> PRICKLES HOLD MY EVERYTHING
  467. [14:24:11] <Natalie> So unless someone took it FROM him he'd have it, and who would do that?
  468. [14:24:13] <Lenore> "So, what you're saying, Prickles, is that these are all people Ammy would have something sort of personal against, too."
  469. [14:24:13] <Thetina> "Hrmm....this is...weird."
  470. [14:24:18] <Lenore> "...this is bad."
  471. [14:24:23] <@Kain> Prickles: "It... seems like it." :<
  472. [14:24:33] * Natalie foottaps HARDER.
  473. [14:24:51] <@Kain> Now then, Awareness, everyone.
  474. [14:24:56] <Lenore> 2d6+5
  475. [14:24:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+5: 7 [2d6=1,1]
  476. [14:24:58] <Natalie> "So, you done?"
  477. [14:25:00] <Natalie> 2d6 lol
  478. [14:25:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, lol: 7 [2d6=3,4]
  479. [14:25:16] <Thetina> 2d6+8
  480. [14:25:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, 2d6+8: 13 [2d6=1,4]
  481. [14:25:49] <@Kain> Theta notices it. A sound like a few strained gurgles... and then movement out of the corner of his eye on one of the buildings.
  482. [14:26:22] * Thetina raises an eyebrow."Did you..." he walks off in that direction
  483. [14:26:29] <Natalie> 1,1>he
  484. [14:26:36] * Lenore blinks. "Huh?" She follows after Theta.
  485. [14:26:41] <@Kain> You follow the gurgling noise...
  486. [14:26:46] * Natalie starts to say something but just follows instead.
  487. [14:27:04] <@Kain> and find both guards at the roadblock you pass, in a pool of their own blood.
  488. [14:27:08] <@Kain> *passed
  489. [14:27:41] <Natalie> "... Okay, now that's just weird."
  490. [14:27:42] <Lenore> "Oh, that..."
  491. [14:27:51] * Natalie foottaps the bodies.
  492. [14:27:52] <@Kain> They're... definitely dead. Fresh stab wounds atill leak blood...
  493. [14:28:03] <Thetina> "Aaaaaaaaaaaa they are gonna think we did this."
  494. [14:28:12] * Natalie waves a hand. "Nah."
  495. [14:28:19] <Lenore> "Aaaa!  We need to look for them now"
  496. [14:28:46] <Lenore> "Um...Nat, you're the fastest, get to Rymes and tell her this happened, Theta and I can go look to see if they're still there!"
  497. [14:28:46] <@Kain> "Heehee... do you like my handiwork, everyone...?"
  498. [14:28:48] <Natalie> "I... well... no, Lenny's right."
  499. [14:28:53] * Lenore stops dead
  500. [14:29:04] <@Kain> A whispery voice calls out from behind you.
  501. [14:29:10] * Lenore flips.
  502. [14:29:13] * Natalie gives a nod and gets ready, but then sloooowly begins to turn.
  503. [14:29:15] <Lenore> To see who's behind.
  504. [14:29:43] * Thetina slowwwwwly turns.
  505. [14:30:24] <@Kain> Standing in the middle of the intersection is... a figure dressed in ornately designed brown robes, carrying a softly glowing lantern, and a freshly-dripping knife. It's definitely a woman's shape, but her face is covered by a somewhat familiar carved mask, the same one Ammy was wearing when she Tranced.
  506. [14:30:51] <@Kain> She's hunching over slightly, from what you can tell.
  507. [14:31:13] <Natalie> "Oh, that's easier than I thought it'd be," Nat bends over backwards and waves, apparently way more clam than Lenore is about it.  "Hi!"
  508. [14:31:21] <Natalie> ... Calm too.
  509. [14:31:32] <Lenore> "You...this...this isn't right, you can't do this...stop now!  You've gone and ruined Amaryllis' name, you know that?"
  510. [14:31:57] <@Kain> "Hm...? And why sssshould I care about that?" the figure asks, tilting her head inquisitively.
  511. [14:32:40] * Natalie unlimbos and bends down, frowning at the bodies. "Have a safe trip back to the Crystal, you guys..."
  512. [14:32:41] <Thetina> "I dunno, Ammy tosses dragons, this chick just stabs merchants..."
  513. [14:33:10] <@Kain> "Theta, Lenore, Natalie...."
  514. [14:33:13] <Natalie> Then stands up and spins around on one leg, yawning a little.  "Anyway Lenny, that's not gonna work."
  515. [14:33:25] <Natalie> "You sure did it now though, you big jerk."  :<
  516. [14:33:52] * Thetina head tilt.
  517. [14:33:53] <Lenore> She ponders a second, and then lightbulb.  "You're having someone else take the blame for your crime, that isn't fair.  You're making someone else suffer for your own bad Karma!"
  518. [14:34:01] <Thetina> "Who do you know that."
  519. [14:34:16] <Thetina> (er, why*)
  521. [15:00:24] <Kain> The figure simply hisses a laugh. "What ssssort of tale ssssshall we ssspin today? Will it be one of ssssimple idealssss, triumph of good over evil, or perhapsssss a dark myssstery..."
  522. [15:02:01] <Shawyun_Sariri> "What."
  523. [15:02:12] * Shawyun_Sariri is now known as T0
  524. [15:02:28] <Kain> The figure stands up straight and gestures grandly. "You wisssssh to know the truth? Then you musssst not merely lisssten, you mussst embody my sssstory." The entire area suddenly goes dark as shadows fall, obscuring the surrounding bits of Madain Sari with Twilight.
  525. [15:02:34] * Natalie sighs. "I know I haven't MET you-met you but geez, could you be trying any harder? You've been sending, like, way too many people back to the planet, you should really take a break."
  526. [15:02:51] * Natalie shines her ruby.
  527. [15:03:30] * Lenore clenches her fists and grabs her Lightning Rod out of her hat, readying for a fight. "Maybe we could just knock you out instead!"
  528. [15:03:31] * T0 looks to Nat. "What."
  529. [15:04:00] <Kain> "Haven't met me? Nat, I'm hurt..." the figure suddenly says, in a perfect mimicry of Ammy's voice, before grinning and pointing her knife at the group.
  530. [15:04:03] <Natalie> "Well, I was GONNA tell you that I knew who the real killer was but I just... didn't get to.  Oops!"
  531. [15:04:34] <Kain> The figure's arm shakes a bit as she points the knife, though... and suddenly, it drops out of her hand.
  532. [15:05:05] * T0 glares at Natalie. "Oh, so you wasted our time and got two guards killed."
  533. [15:05:10] * Natalie anime-stumbles back a step. "You... nnng. You know EXACTLY what I mean! Shut UP!"
  534. [15:05:13] <T0> "Thanks Nat," shakes her head.
  535. [15:05:14] <Kain> "...The knife issss no good here, your threadssss are proof againsssst it. Ssstilll... there are other waysss of ending your ssstory."
  536. [15:05:43] * Lenore starts up a chant.
  537. [15:05:43] * Natalie :<s and turns a bit. "You too. I was trying to say something, you just... wouldn't listen!"
  538. [15:07:26] <Kain> "Oh, sssshe'ss quite missstaken. I'm cccccertain sssshe hasss no idea who I actually am... but you will learn, won't you?"
  539. [15:07:37] <Natalie> "... Anyway, I won't fight."  She crosses her arms.  "I know YOU remember what I said."
  540. [15:07:45] * Kain is now known as The_Tonberry
  541. [15:07:49] <Natalie> "Well... not you.  But... aagh!"
  542. [15:07:58] <Natalie> "You're not gonna win, Tonberry!  I WON'T let you."
  543. [15:08:02] <The_Tonberry> Combat! 4Pre-emptive strike!
  544. [15:08:09] <The_Tonberry> Enemy's turn!
  545. [15:08:46] <T0> "She's an Eidolon too or something? God you Eidolons are dumb WHY DOES NO ONE EV-oh crap."
  546. [15:09:12] <The_Tonberry> "Now then.... sssshall we lay down sssssome ground rulesss before ssssstarting? Firsssst off. No healing..." A shower of green light erupts from the figure and you all suddenly feel sick to your stomach.
  547. [15:09:30] <The_Tonberry> 3The Aura of Pestilence. No healing may occur against the Tonberry's attacks.
  548. [15:09:34] <The_Tonberry>
  549. [15:09:42] <The_Tonberry> Player Phase
  550. [15:10:16] <Natalie> "Almost."  Nat groans and begins focusing, a lot like Lenore is.  Also Impatient stance!
  551. [15:10:33] * Lenore okay, now she begins really chanting, I guess~
  552. [15:11:38] <T0> (What are my biomes in this enviornment? Still Desert/Water/Town/Plains?)
  553. [15:12:09] <The_Tonberry> Mhm.
  554. [15:13:27] <T0> Theta conjures up an bolt of Lightning, and takes aim...
  555. [15:13:36] <T0> 2d6+7
  556. [15:13:37] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, 2d6+7: 16 [2d6=6,3]
  557. [15:13:41] <The_Tonberry> Hit!
  558. [15:13:43] <T0> Geotrance!
  559. [15:14:20] <T0> A Stone prison leaps up from the Earth and constricts this tonberry woman! Imprison! "And no fleeing."
  560. [15:14:40] <T0> Stopped, and Opposed Force for Degenerator
  561. [15:14:54] <T0> 2d6+5
  562. [15:14:55] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, 2d6+5: 14 [2d6=3,6]
  563. [15:15:04] <The_Tonberry> She simply laughs.
  564. [15:15:06] <The_Tonberry> Enemy Phase
  565. [15:16:16] <The_Tonberry> She holds her lantern up, and fire rises from it, entering the four lamposts around the intersection and brightly lighting the area within the dome of shadows. The creature's shadow seems to extend in four directions... and then each shadow rises up, morphing into a duplicate.
  566. [15:16:55] <The_Tonberry> ( sec, brb)
  567. [15:21:04] <Natalie> (Oh shit when we get back do we get MP back from staying at the inn?)
  568. [15:21:26] <Natalie> (I mean when you get back, thanks aori)
  569. [15:43:37] <The_Tonberry> ("Hey Kain, I don't think your sunday has been shitty enough, move this tree out of the back yard")
  570. [15:43:57] <Lenore> (...poor kain ;_;)
  571. [15:44:07] <The_Tonberry> (You do get MP back)
  572. [15:44:14] <Natalie> (k cool thx)
  573. [15:44:15] <The_Tonberry> Five of the things now exist, anc she giggles to herself, before launching a spell at Theta.
  574. [15:44:45] <Lenore> (Goodie)
  575. [15:44:50] <The_Tonberry> 2d6+50 Melt
  576. [15:44:50] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Tonberry, Melt: 54 [2d6=2,2]
  577. [15:45:02] <T0> (imprison was the wrong choice :C)
  578. [15:45:31] <The_Tonberry> Player Phase
  579. [15:45:36] <Natalie> "Nuh-uh."
  580. [15:45:51] * Natalie BLASTS A BLINK and drops a Reflect on that fuck you
  581. [15:46:25] <Natalie> "I TOLD you I wasn't gonna fight!  The only one you're fighting here is yourself!  4Ruby Light!!"
  582. [15:46:46] <Natalie> Then preps another one to drop on Lenore next turn.
  583. [15:46:54] <T0> "What does that even -mean-?"
  584. [15:46:59] <Natalie> "Ruby Light?"
  585. [15:47:12] <T0> "Fighting yourself? Are you drunk?"
  586. [15:47:22] <Natalie> "No, I mean, I'm reflecting her spells... so they hit herself."
  587. [15:47:23] <The_Tonberry> "Your presssssumption isssss cute. Very well then, Natalie..."
  588. [15:47:52] <Natalie> "If you want to fight me," she turns to the 'berry, "Go right ahead!"
  589. [15:48:17] <Lenore> "We don't have time for your tricks!  Ferocious Fiend leaving mud in their wake, realize your folly!  Know the harm that you bring, and prepare yourself for the Judgment that shall be coming to you!  Stop dirtying my friend's name, 8Triple Thundara!"
  590. [15:48:18] * T0 shakes her head and shoots a sandy bolt at the closest of the clones.
  591. [15:48:21] <The_Tonberry> The melt spell bounces back, scorching her!
  592. [15:49:23] <The_Tonberry> Roll them!
  593. [15:49:25] <T0> 2d6+7 accuracy
  594. [15:49:26] * Natalie Reflects Lenore too, anyway, and then goes back to cast again.
  595. [15:49:26] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, accuracy: 12 [2d6=1,4]
  596. [15:50:11] <Lenore> A seal appears on the ground, big enough to appear beneath the feet of The Tonberry and all of her copies, and then the lamps from above start sending out three rains of sparks onto the group of Tonberries!
  597. [15:50:15] <The_Tonberry> The arrow simply passes through the creature's form, doing no harm as it seems to be made of darkness.
  598. [15:50:34] <The_Tonberry> You're attacking the street lamps?
  599. [15:50:46] <Lenore> Naw, it's just fluff
  600. [15:50:58] <T0> That's actually relevant cause it's a short ranged area attack!
  601. [15:51:24] <Lenore> I'm attacking the whole group of Tonberries~
  602. [15:51:44] <The_Tonberry> The bolts of lightning rain down, then, and tne robed figures simply poof out of existance, seeming to jaunt all over the battle field with bursts of darkness. The true one is still rooted in place, but seems unharmed.
  603. [15:52:00] <Lenore> 3#2d6+160 on all of them, shell/Reflect removed
  604. [15:52:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, on all of them, shell/Reflect removed: 167 [2d6=1,6], 170 [2d6=5,5], 169 [2d6=4,5]
  605. [15:52:16] <The_Tonberry> "Blind, even in the light... Your spells are useless."
  606. [15:52:25] <The_Tonberry> +hissing
  607. [15:52:38] <Lenore> (...actually, it doesn't get rid of Reflect, my bad)
  608. [15:52:45] <The_Tonberry> Enemy Phase
  609. [15:52:47] <Lenore> "Oh, I see, huh..."
  610. [15:52:59] <Lenore> "Nat, this is your specialty.
  611. [15:53:00] <Lenore> "
  612. [15:53:02] <The_Tonberry> "There isssss a ssssstory I know..." she says, energy swirling around her.
  613. [15:53:12] <Natalie> "... Yeah, I know what to do, Lenny."
  614. [15:53:34] <The_Tonberry> She aims a Bio spell at Nat!
  615. [15:53:58] <The_Tonberry> 2d6+75 damage and
  616. [15:53:58] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Tonberry, damage and: 78 [2d6=1,2]
  617. [15:54:16] <The_Tonberry> 2d6+9 Opposed Force
  618. [15:54:16] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Tonberry, Opposed Force: 15 [2d6=5,1]
  619. [15:54:32] * Natalie holds stance, and...
  620. [15:54:55] <Natalie> ... After some consideration goes ahead and activates her forehead.  "No way!"
  621. [15:55:35] <Natalie> Divert Overwhelm etc!  "Even if I won't fight... 4Ruby Overload!!"
  622. [15:56:02] <The_Tonberry> "Do you expect the sssssame trick to keep on working forever?
  623. [15:56:27] <Natalie> "Well, yeah..."
  624. [15:56:37] <The_Tonberry> The spell changes directions mid flight, heading towards one of the body doubles, who tosses it back and forth between the other clones, then back at Nat from behind!
  625. [15:56:46] <Natalie> "... Ah!"
  626. [15:57:02] <T0> (wait huh?)
  627. [15:57:09] <Natalie> (she's a cheater)
  628. [15:57:18] <Natalie> 2d6+2 well let's see if I can crit this then!
  629. [15:57:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, well let's see if I can crit this then!: 10 [2d6=4,4]
  630. [15:57:19] <Lenore> (Oh, I thought I'd gotten rid of them with my spell, but they actually just bullshit dodged.)
  631. [15:57:36] <The_Tonberry> 78 unhealable damage and Poisoned!
  632. [15:57:47] <The_Tonberry> 20% HP drain a round!
  633. [15:58:09] <Natalie> "Ahnnnng..."
  634. [15:58:28] <The_Tonberry> The bio spell bursts into Nat's body and infects her with a wasting sickness!
  635. [15:58:40] <The_Tonberry> Player Phase
  636. [15:59:05] <The_Tonberry> (Keep your Overwhelm, by the way, but not the divert spell)
  637. [15:59:08] * Lenore concentrates. "I have an idea too, you do your thing and I'll do my thing." She begins chanting
  638. [15:59:24] <Natalie> "So that's how it's gonna happen..."  Wincing, she gives Lenore a nod.
  639. [15:59:46] * T0 sighs, and concentrates as a spirit bear appears over Nat and licks the poison away.
  640. [16:00:04] * Natalie gives it a tiny little giggle of thanks. ... But not much, this is srstime
  641. [16:01:09] <The_Tonberry> The poison is cured, at least. Not so much for the damage.
  642. [16:01:39] <Natalie> "... This isn't my fight to win."  She stands up and shakes her head.  "But there IS one thing I can do.  Maaaaybe the only thing..."
  643. [16:02:18] <The_Tonberry> The creature snickers, and reaches up for her mask.
  644. [16:02:20] <Natalie> A finger pokes her Ruby and pulls back, a ball of light attached to it.  "Then the rest is all you, 'kay?"
  645. [16:02:45] <The_Tonberry> She slowly pulls it off...
  646. [16:02:55] <The_Tonberry> Revealing...
  647. [16:03:13] <The_Tonberry> A young woman, slightly older than Natalie, with short green hair in pigtails, and glowing yellow eyes.
  648. [16:03:35] <The_Tonberry> "All who?" she asks, curious.
  649. [16:03:42] <Natalie> "All..."
  650. [16:03:46] <Natalie> "Not..."
  651. [16:03:46] * Lenore 's eyes widen. She mumbles something in her chant along the lines of "I knew mom was right..."
  652. [16:03:48] <Natalie> "You."
  653. [16:04:03] <T0> "Who the hell did you THINK this was?"
  654. [16:04:17] * T0 punts Nat into the fight.
  655. [16:04:18] <Natalie> "Oh, screw it!  Lenny!"  Nat drops the Dia and KICKS it upward 1,1at the darkness
  656. [16:04:31] <The_Tonberry> Roll it!
  657. [16:04:48] <Natalie> 2d6+18 I believe the damage is somewhere around 'fucking nothing'
  658. [16:04:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, I believe the damage is somewhere around 'fucking nothing': 23 [2d6=4,1]
  659. [16:05:08] <Natalie> But!  It has its fluff effect of 'being light!'
  660. [16:05:10] <The_Tonberry> The Twilight covering the area dissipates, and the street lights flare up brightly before snuffing out!
  661. [16:05:15] <Natalie> YESSS.
  662. [16:05:18] <The_Tonberry> Each of the phantoms vanishes, one by one.
  663. [16:05:25] <Lenore> (Oh, and HERE I WAS GONNA' WATERAGA THE LAMPS)
  664. [16:05:34] <Natalie> "You!  You were trying to trick me, weren't you?"
  665. [16:05:42] <The_Tonberry> (Either way, messing with the light was the correct choice)
  666. [16:05:47] <Natalie> "... Ohcrap I think shealreadydid."
  667. [16:05:59] <Lenore> (I figured Dia was just gonna' be a quick-fix~)
  668. [16:06:08] <The_Tonberry> She just grins. "Not bad, but I don't believed I was finissshed."
  669. [16:06:23] <The_Tonberry> "There issss a sssstory I know...."
  670. [16:06:26] <The_Tonberry> Enemy Phase
  671. [16:06:34] <Natalie> 1,1Nat still has a standard action actually
  672. [16:06:45] <The_Tonberry> Go for it
  673. [16:06:45] <Natalie> 1,1... But it gets used on another slow action, sure
  674. [16:07:12] <The_Tonberry> "There is a lost traveler within a jungle. sssssSeeking only hissss home, he followsss a guiding light..."
  675. [16:08:05] <The_Tonberry> "The wissssssp leadsssss him to and fro, through the darknesssss... but in the end.... it vanishessss, leaving him hopelesssssly ssstranded."
  676. [16:08:13] <The_Tonberry> The entire area around you begins to twist and bend.
  677. [16:08:45] <The_Tonberry> And with a warping sound effect, you're suddenly in the midst of a humid forest with a tall, tropical canopy.
  678. [16:09:07] <The_Tonberry> She backs into the shadows, fading except for a pair of yellow eyes... which begin to open everywhere in the darkness around you.
  679. [16:09:30] * Natalie closes her own eyes, starting to double over a bit. "Stories that end that way are the worst."
  680. [16:09:35] <The_Tonberry> "The beassssts are hungry..."
  681. [16:09:50] <T0> "This is the weirdest thing."
  682. [16:10:02] * T0 takes out the fire storm stone. "Shall I?"
  683. [16:10:03] <The_Tonberry> A leopard made of spiritual energy, not unlike Theta's bear, leaps out from the sidelines, slashing and growling at Lenore!
  684. [16:10:06] <The_Tonberry> 2d6+6
  685. [16:10:07] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Tonberry, 2d6+6: 9 [2d6=2,1]
  686. [16:10:15] <Natalie> "I'll tell you about it later- just defend yourself, 'kay?"
  687. [16:10:27] <Lenore> what am evade
  688. [16:10:45] <The_Tonberry> 93 unhealing damage! The leopard fades back into the jungle.
  689. [16:10:48] <The_Tonberry> Player phase
  690. [16:10:53] * Lenore winces.
  691. [16:11:14] * T0 tosses the fire storm stone into the brush.
  692. [16:11:24] <Natalie> The player hits select, what IS the target here anyway?
  693. [16:12:05] <The_Tonberry> As Theta throws the fire stone...
  694. [16:12:28] <The_Tonberry> the jungle begins to ignite, sending fire and light everywhere. The myriad of eyes vanish and your assailant is plainly revealed in the brush.
  695. [16:13:19] <Natalie> "So are you done playing with us yet?"
  696. [16:13:27] <The_Tonberry> Another giggle.
  697. [16:13:41] <The_Tonberry> "Do I look finissshed?"
  698. [16:13:51] <Natalie> "Hehe... guess I gotta say thanks, though.  You sure made it easy for me."
  699. [16:14:44] <T0> "How'd she get out of...ah sod it."
  700. [16:15:06] * Lenore grins. "I have a story to tell you as well. Once there was a little girl who played with fire, and she got burned. She burned her parents house down, so she didn't get any cookies for a whole year! And so she was punished, just like you! Here's yours! 8Thundaga!" She plants her Lightning Rod down, concentrating,a nd then a torrent of crackling lightning discharges from the top
  701. [16:15:06] * Lenore of it, going straight for The Tonberry!
  702. [16:15:11] <The_Tonberry> It seems your Imprison faded when the terrain changed, Theta.
  703. [16:15:16] <The_Tonberry> You... don't feel the same biomes anymore.
  704. [16:15:21] <The_Tonberry> It's just Forest now.
  705. [16:15:44] <Lenore> 2d6+200 Group, is she bullshitting this one?
  706. [16:15:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Group, is she bullshitting this one?: 209 [2d6=3,6]
  707. [16:16:21] <The_Tonberry> "Oh no, not the cookiesssss... the presssciousss cookiessss...." she mocks.
  708. [16:16:30] <The_Tonberry> Still, the Thundaga spell seems to have an effect!
  709. [16:16:37] * Natalie cracks an eye open to see if- oh, so there was damage, huh.
  710. [16:17:20] <Natalie> "I guess putting up a little bit of a fight wouldn't hurt.  Gotta say thanks for tricking me!"  Nat winces and curls up, before standing up straight, ruby gleaming.
  711. [16:17:27] <The_Tonberry> If it's any consolation, the creature still seems to be afflicted with Degenerator.
  712. [16:17:31] * Lenore begins starting up another spell, of course!
  713. [16:18:14] <T0> (? you never rolled opposed force for that, but k)
  714. [16:18:29] <Lenore> (Yeah, I thought that meant she didn't get affected by it at all.)
  715. [16:18:40] <The_Tonberry> (Oh, whoops)
  716. [16:18:49] <The_Tonberry> (Eh, let's say you got Degenerator on her)
  717. [16:19:04] <The_Tonberry> (I misread which part of imprison didn't get an opposed roll)
  718. [16:19:28] <The_Tonberry> Okay, everyone done?
  719. [16:19:31] <Natalie> "I know a story too... I don't wanna tell it though.  It's pretty long, and kinda mushy, and full of a bunch of missing plages and weird plotholes.. but it's still my favorite!  And I never get tired of hearing it!"  She spins around and stomps the ground, facing the 'Berry down.  "... But that's enough of that.  I'll tell you my own story right now!  I'll... Exceed my own Limit!  4RUBY DISASTER!!"  The background flashes a bright white and an ENORMOUS LASER fires out of Nat's forehead.
  720. [16:19:39] <Natalie> 2d6+396 LIKE FUCK I'M DONE, HOLY M.ARM
  721. [16:19:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, LIKE FUCK I'M DONE, HOLY M.ARM: 406 [2d6=4,6]
  722. [16:20:07] <The_Tonberry> The woman's eyes bulge open as the laser heads straight for her!
  723. [16:20:18] * Natalie blinks out of sight and follows the laser, appearing right behind her. "And....!"
  724. [16:20:23] <Natalie> 2d6+5 a slash-kick!
  725. [16:20:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, a slash-kick!: 9 [2d6=1,3]
  726. [16:20:27] <T0> "What. The fuck."
  727. [16:20:29] <The_Tonberry> "A-aaaaaaagh!" she hisses, her entire being is on fire for a moment.
  728. [16:20:36] * Lenore nods in approval~
  729. [16:20:40] <Natalie> that was execution btw, maybe not
  730. [16:20:40] <The_Tonberry> Hits!
  731. [16:20:43] <Natalie> .. HUH.
  732. [16:20:56] <The_Tonberry> Implying any evasion
  733. [16:21:08] <Natalie> Rrrright.  85 ARM then!
  734. [16:21:25] <The_Tonberry> She seems to be shivering a moment, staggering backwards.
  735. [16:21:38] <Natalie> And.. oh wow it's -11 to both defenses now.  Anyway, Nat glows with ruby light now.
  736. [16:21:46] <Natalie> "I told you- if I did fight, I wouldn't lose!"
  737. [16:21:50] <Natalie> "... I think I said that, didn't I?"
  738. [16:21:55] <The_Tonberry> The inferno jungle fades away, replaced by Madain Sari again. This time there's a newcomer, watching the debacle. A severely confused Burmecian.
  739. [16:22:04] <Lenore> "We're not done, if you wish to surrender, you can do so now, otherwise, we'll just keep this going!"
  740. [16:22:09] <T0> (nooooooo ;o;)
  741. [16:22:29] * T0 looks over to the new comer, and realizes she's lost her damn stone. "Er. Crap."
  742. [16:22:30] <The_Tonberry> "I'm not done here quite yet."
  743. [16:22:44] <Natalie> "Good, neither are we."
  744. [16:22:52] <The_Tonberry> "Arissssse!"
  745. [16:23:09] <The_Tonberry> The corpses in the street begin to shamble to their feet.
  746. [16:23:25] <T0> "..."
  747. [16:23:33] <T0> "How the hell are we going to explain this :<"
  748. [16:23:35] <The_Tonberry> "There issss a ssstory I know..." she intones quickly.
  749. [16:23:59] <Lenore> "Of a loser who desecrates dead bodies!"
  750. [16:24:28] <The_Tonberry> "Of an age of exploration, in a world without a ground. A time of airsssshipssss, a time of adventure.... a time of battle between thosssse who call themsssselves... ssssky piratessss. And the grand airship battlesss thereof."
  751. [16:24:38] <The_Tonberry> The area begins to twist and warp again.
  752. [16:24:40] <Lenore> She glares.
  753. [16:25:02] <The_Tonberry> You're suddenly on the deck of an airship, beneath an alien sky filled with six moons.
  754. [16:25:08] <Natalie> (Daisuki)
  755. [16:25:15] <Lenore> (ohboy)
  756. [16:26:01] <T0> "I don't understand this at allll what the hell is this."
  757. [16:26:18] <Lenore> (Hey, Kain, you said Nat's still got an Overwhelm, right?)
  758. [16:26:19] <Natalie> "(I dunno if we're supposed to, really)"
  759. [16:26:37] <The_Tonberry> Deafening cannon fire nearly throws you off balance, you see an enormous blue and grey metal airship circling around above the endless sea of sky below.
  760. [16:26:49] <The_Tonberry>  This ship appears to be turning towards the one you're on.
  761. [16:27:04] <Natalie> (too bad you can't hear us skyping, we totes called it)
  762. [16:27:28] <The_Tonberry> The corpses begin to shamble at Nat and Theta.
  763. [16:27:44] <The_Tonberry> 3#2d6+7 Theta; 2#2d6+7 Nat
  764. [16:27:45] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Tonberry, Theta: 11 [2d6=1,3], 14 [2d6=5,2], 13 [2d6=1,5]; Nat: 17 [2d6=5,5], 14 [2d6=2,5]
  765. [16:28:09] <Natalie> WELP Nat is not in dodgetank stance right now so those bot hhit.
  766. [16:28:21] <T0> All hit!
  767. [16:28:49] <The_Tonberry> To Theta - 74, 77, and 76 arm damage each.
  768. [16:28:56] <The_Tonberry> To Nat, 80 and 87 arm.
  769. [16:29:20] <The_Tonberry> Biome is Plains
  770. [16:29:25] <The_Tonberry> Player Phase
  771. [16:29:46] <Lenore> (We've got an Overwhelm, right?  This is important~)
  772. [16:29:54] <The_Tonberry> Yep!
  773. [16:29:59] <Lenore> Okay.
  774. [16:30:04] * Natalie has 5 HP left, ow.
  775. [16:30:53] <castfromhp> (:O back again for a bit. I thought it was called Divert Spell now, not Overwhelm)
  776. [16:31:01] <Natalie> (Yeah, they ARE both the same thing)
  777. [16:31:19] <The_Tonberry> (Oh, whoops)
  778. [16:31:25] <The_Tonberry> (Well yeah you got to keep it then)
  779. [16:31:30] <Natalie> (Oh cool)
  780. [16:31:30] <Lenore> (The whole thing?)
  781. [16:31:37] <The_Tonberry> (mhm)
  782. [16:31:37] <Lenore> (good)
  783. [16:31:48] <Lenore> (Because we need a Reflect on Nat for this)
  784. [16:32:00] <Natalie> (Just have Lenny give the cue for it!)
  785. [16:34:07] <Lenore> "I know of a tale of an early commercial ship, that everyone said would revolutionize the world!  Many people went on, hopeful and assured of their safe voyage, but despite the rumor that it would never break, it broke in two and killed many!  And so shall you!  8Thundaga!"  She sets down her staff and it begins crackling, the lightning about at the group?  "Nat, set up a
  786. [16:34:07] <Lenore> mirror!"
  787. [16:34:38] <Natalie> "Gotcha, I'm on it!"  Nat focuses, bursting with ruby light, and encases herself!  "This one's for real!"
  788. [16:35:11] <Lenore> 2d6+2d6+6 Force Check to have the lightning bounce off of them into the ship and have it crash into our enemies, burning two destiny
  789. [16:35:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Force Check to have the lightning bounce off of them into the ship and have it crash into our enemies, burning two destiny: 18 [2d6=4,6; 2d6=1,1]
  790. [16:35:41] <castfromhp> (>1,1 on destiny rolls)
  791. [16:35:45] <castfromhp> (*dicemaid*)
  792. [16:35:50] <The_Tonberry> you know what
  793. [16:35:51] <Natalie> (dicemaid is a cruel goddess)
  794. [16:35:51] <The_Tonberry> I'm just
  795. [16:35:52] <Lenore> (Good thing those don't count for complications!)
  796. [16:35:54] <T0> (>using destiny)
  797. [16:35:57] <T0> (>ffd6)
  798. [16:36:01] <T0> (>destiny)
  799. [16:36:03] <The_Tonberry> going to let you keep those destiny since they were both ones
  800. [16:36:10] <Lenore> (cool)
  801. [16:36:22] <Lenore> (S-so do I break the Delphinus?)
  802. [16:36:43] <castfromhp> (don't forget to activate hot-blooded. Er. Well does she still get that?)
  803. [16:36:52] <The_Tonberry> The ship you're on isn't the delphinus, to reiterate
  804. [16:36:54] <Lenore> (Oh yeah, she does, but WE ALL HAVE VIRUS YOU DERP)
  805. [16:36:55] <Lenore> (I know)
  806. [16:36:57] <Natalie> (1,1Hey Vyse!  My cannon's bigger than yours!)
  807. [16:37:05] <castfromhp> (hey I haven't been here for the whole thing :<)
  808. [16:37:05] <Lenore> (I'm crashing the Delphinus because it's the OTHER ship)
  809. [16:37:34] <Lenore> A-and maybe if I'm lucky using the overwhelm gives me some kind of circumstantial bonus ;_;
  810. [16:37:47] <The_Tonberry> So wait let me get this stragiht
  811. [16:37:55] <The_Tonberry> you're bouncing your lightning at the Delphinus itself
  812. [16:38:00] <Lenore> Yes.
  813. [16:38:02] <The_Tonberry> Okay then, here we go
  814. [16:38:03] <Natalie> Yep!
  815. [16:38:22] <T0> "..."
  816. [16:38:37] <castfromhp> (shameless references are still go I see)
  817. [16:38:51] <Lenore> (I could ask for my AP feat to be Obliterate to help but that'd be metagaming ;_;)
  818. [16:38:52] * T0 vows to retire from this adventuring business forever because obviously only magicians are decent at it.
  819. [16:39:03] <The_Tonberry> The lightning ripples across the enemy ship, doing what probably looks like an obscene amount of damage, but it's still quite functional. As it approaches you hear someone from that direction yell, "Return fire!"
  820. [16:39:35] <The_Tonberry> The front of the other ship seems to just... flip down and reveal a massive cannon aimed at all of you.
  821. [16:39:36] <Lenore> (...this is either really good, or we're about to get blown up)
  822. [16:39:58] <The_Tonberry> It begins charging up... anyone else got bright ideas?
  823. [16:40:08] <castfromhp> (it's gonna blow itself up from overload duh)
  824. [16:40:09] <The_Tonberry> The Tonberry actually begins panicking a bit, though.
  825. [16:40:13] <Lenore> (1,1We still have reflect shields)
  826. [16:40:17] <Natalie> Yep!  1,1The Auto-Reflect doesn't go away until the beginning of Nat's next turn.
  827. [16:40:25] <Lenore> LIKE WE GIVE A SHIT
  828. [16:40:37] <castfromhp> (inb4 non-magical artillery)
  829. [16:40:44] <Natalie> (no man we all know what this is)
  830. [16:40:47] <T0> (yeah I don't get why you'd assume it's magical)
  831. [16:40:58] <castfromhp> (oh it's probably a reference)
  832. [16:40:59] <Natalie> (1,1because we know the reference)
  833. [16:41:01] * T0 just stares at the cannon. "I hate everything."
  834. [16:41:14] <Lenore> (As did I)
  835. [16:41:16] <Natalie> "If it helps, it's probably not real..."
  836. [16:41:30] <Natalie> "Uh... it IS an illusion, right?"
  837. [16:41:30] <The_Tonberry> Was that the whole player phase?
  838. [16:41:41] <Natalie> Nah, Nat's turns are still there.
  839. [16:42:03] <Lenore> That was just my slow action going off 8D
  840. [16:42:04] <Natalie> But if nothing happens IMMEDIATELY sure we can get that sovereign fist shockwave out of the way.
  841. [16:42:07] <The_Tonberry> Judging from the panic on her face, you think you know the answer.
  842. [16:42:14] <T0> (I'm not sure what I can add to this that would be useful at all hah.)
  843. [16:42:17] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  844. [16:43:05] * Natalie stomps the ground to get the zombies out of the way.
  845. [16:43:13] <Natalie> 2d6+5 and I can dw reroll this kyaa
  846. [16:43:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, and I can dw reroll this kyaa: 15 [2d6=4,6]
  847. [16:43:19] <Natalie> Hmmm
  848. [16:43:28] <Natalie> 1d6 yeah let's reroll the 4 to fish
  849. [16:43:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, yeah let's reroll the 4 to fish: 2 [1d6=2]
  850. [16:43:31] <castfromhp> (go for the crit faggot)
  851. [16:43:34] <The_Tonberry> POW
  852. [16:43:34] <Natalie> OH WELL
  853. [16:43:47] <Natalie> 206 Earth ARM to all of them anyway!
  854. [16:44:03] <Lenore> And Lenore Absorbs Earth (not like she heals) and Theta's immune to Earth~
  855. [16:44:03] <Natalie> That's ALL targets, including allies who both don't take damage from it.  Treehee!
  856. [16:44:23] <castfromhp> (if it's sovereign fist it pierces too)
  857. [16:44:28] <Natalie> Oh, AND piercing, thanks
  858. [16:44:30] <Lenore> (ohboy)
  859. [16:44:31] <The_Tonberry> The ship cracks a bit from the impact, and the zombies are destroyed outright, falling to the ground in bits.
  860. [16:44:50] <The_Tonberry> Theta...?
  861. [16:45:01] <T0> "You just...obliterated the corpses."
  862. [16:45:22] <T0> (I really don't think I can do anything but fire off an arrow, tbh. soooo)
  863. [16:45:25] <castfromhp> (god can you imagine being Theta right now?)
  864. [16:45:37] <The_Tonberry> Okay, then...
  865. [16:45:41] <The_Tonberry> We'll just do this, then~
  866. [16:45:43] <The_Tonberry> Enemy Phase
  867. [16:45:51] <The_Tonberry> You hear another shout from the enemy ship.
  868. [16:45:55] <The_Tonberry>
  869. [16:46:09] <castfromhp> (genderbent, past bedtime, world is just changing to everything all around him, and the two other chicks in the party are just making everything blow up around him as he's confused)
  870. [16:46:18] * Lenore fuck it, is just doing the Guard action
  871. [16:46:47] <T0> (Ifrit lesbian hit on him too)
  872. [16:46:48] <The_Tonberry> The other ship lets out a huge ray of energy at the group!
  873. [16:46:52] * Natalie just holds pose after stomping the ground and laser beaming everything.
  874. [16:46:55] <T0> (It's not been a good night)
  875. [16:46:55] <The_Tonberry> "No, no, no, no!"
  876. [16:47:02] <castfromhp> (>Ifrit lesbian)
  877. [16:47:06] <The_Tonberry> The area warps again just as the beam obliterates the ship you were standing on.
  878. [16:47:13] <Natalie> (yeah angry ifrit lesbian showed up)
  879. [16:47:14] <The_Tonberry> You're back in Madain Sari, and...
  880. [16:47:20] <The_Tonberry> they have to flip the breaker again so brb
  881. [16:47:23] <Lenore> "Stories aren't just your domain, miss."
  882. [16:57:29] <The_Tonberry> Alright then, where were we.
  883. [16:57:47] <The_Tonberry> The scene fades back into Madain Sari, where you just avoid getting blasted by the fuckoff huge Moonstone Cannon.
  884. [16:57:52] <The_Tonberry> "...."
  885. [16:58:14] <The_Tonberry> "I think we're done for now... interesssting at the very leassst."
  886. [16:58:16] <Lenore> "What's your next story?"
  887. [16:58:27] <Lenore> "Theta.  Imprison." :/
  888. [16:58:34] <Lenore> "You're not leaving!"
  889. [16:58:38] <T0> (>she thinks I can do that at will)
  890. [16:58:44] <Natalie> "Yeah... even if you're... I don't think we're..."  Nat wobbles.
  891. [16:59:00] <The_Tonberry> She laughs and tosses her lantern down to the ground, and it shatters into a column of fire, concealing her.
  892. [16:59:19] * Natalie flops over and leans on Lenny.
  893. [16:59:30] <T0> Well, being as Theta can see in the dar...
  894. [16:59:33] <T0> dark* even
  895. [16:59:39] * Natalie is also a flashlight.
  896. [16:59:44] <Lenore> "But Nat, if we don't catch her, Ammy will be punished in her place!"  She's trying to run after, even if it means going through the fire and flames
  897. [16:59:49] <The_Tonberry> "I give no apologiesssss... but I do not intend to leave you with no reward. Amaryllisss doesss not even know the truth."
  898. [17:00:00] <The_Tonberry> "But I will give you thisssss hint."
  899. [17:00:03] * T0 raiss the crossbow, summons up a sandy arrow and fires it at what she hopes is Tonberry's leg.
  900. [17:00:14] <The_Tonberry> "It isssss rare in nature, but..."
  901. [17:00:14] <T0> Quicksand, Opposed Finesse
  902. [17:00:16] <T0> 2d6+5
  903. [17:00:17] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, 2d6+5: 15 [2d6=4,6]
  904. [17:00:18] <Natalie> "The truth... but it's..."  Nodding, Nat unleans and bends down.
  905. [17:00:35] <The_Tonberry> "Sssssometimes an egg may be fertilizzzed twiccce."
  906. [17:00:55] <Lenore> "What."
  907. [17:00:58] <Natalie> "... You thief."
  908. [17:01:21] <The_Tonberry> 2d6+2d6+4 Destiny
  909. [17:01:22] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Tonberry, Destiny: 14 [2d6=2,4; 2d6=1,3]
  910. [17:01:25] <The_Tonberry> 1d6
  911. [17:01:25] <DiceMaid-9001> The_Tonberry, 1d6: 2 [1d6=2]
  912. [17:01:45] <Lenore> (theta you gonna' take that shit)
  913. [17:01:51] <Natalie> (COUNTERDESTINY FUCKER)
  914. [17:02:39] <T0> (I got a feeling it's going to fail miserably if I can, but I could try I guess)
  915. [17:02:57] <The_Tonberry> Roll it!
  916. [17:03:03] <T0> 1d6
  917. [17:03:04] <DiceMaid-9001> T0, 1d6: 6 [1d6=6]
  918. [17:03:08] <The_Tonberry> !
  919. [17:03:09] <Lenore> !
  920. [17:03:12] <Natalie> !
  921. [17:03:23] <T0> ?
  922. [17:03:32] <The_Tonberry> The flames die away, and in the midst of the ground, struggling to free herself from Quicksand, is the young woman.
  923. [17:03:36] <The_Tonberry> She glares up at Theta.
  924. [17:04:13] * Natalie collapses facefirst, making a thumbs-up on the ground next to her.
  925. [17:04:17] * T0 stomps over. "Please, continue."
  926. [17:04:38] <The_Tonberry> The Burmecian that came out of nowhere to spectate a moment ago steps forward. He's a rather well-dressed man. "Excuse me, if I may? This should concern me as well."
  927. [17:04:55] * Lenore walks up along with Theta. "Yes, please do. And sir, you may come along, if you wish!"
  928. [17:04:55] <T0> "Anyone got handcuffs or rope or something..?"
  929. [17:05:02] * Lenore rummages in her hat
  930. [17:05:05] * Lenore pulls out a rope
  931. [17:05:07] * Natalie has ribbons- oh.
  932. [17:05:11] <Lenore> Shall we?
  933. [17:05:16] <Lenore> "Shall we?"
  934. [17:05:20] <The_Tonberry> Burmecian: "I was a bit worried I was too late to save your friend, but it seems you did just fine."
  935. [17:05:41] * Natalie barely crawls up, robbing her forehead. "Ooooh... who're you?"
  936. [17:05:49] <Natalie> ... Rubbing.
  937. [17:06:00] <The_Tonberry> You manage to restrain the girl. The burmecian simply watches.
  938. [17:06:43] <Natalie> "I guess I kinda ruined it too... eheheh."
  939. [17:07:04] <The_Tonberry> Burmecian: "You may call me Ralul. I am the Architecht of 12GIL, as much as that means nowadays. I was the one your friend was accused of attacking in Treno, and I came as soon as I could to testify to the contrary."
  940. [17:07:26] * The_Tonberry is now known as Ralul
  941. [17:07:56] <Lenore> "Oh!  Oh!'re one of 12GIL?  That really helps!"  She's back to being giddy now that they have the perpetrator Quicksand'd and roped.
  942. [17:08:00] <Ralul> "...But it seems you weren't even in need of my aid."
  943. [17:08:01] <Natalie> "12-" ... Nat beams a bit at 'Architect' too, giving a sigh of relief.  "Oh..."
  944. [17:08:07] <Ralul> Tonberry: "Let me go!"
  945. [17:08:08] <Natalie> "Hee.  I'm glad."
  946. [17:08:33] * T0 just works the sand to bind both her legs as they listen.
  947. [17:08:33] <Ralul> "There is... something strange afoot still, sometime I've been trying to piece together."
  948. [17:08:45] <Lenore> "So you can go stab more people?  No thanks! ☆"
  949. [17:08:49] <Ralul> "And I believe your friend, Amaryllis, and this young woman here, are the key to that mystery."
  950. [17:08:53] <T0> "Nope.  You're coming with us little miss stabbity."
  951. [17:09:05] <Ralul> "Shall we wake the Peacekeepers?"
  952. [17:09:14] <Natalie> "I'm Ammy's friend... yeah," Nat sighs in relief again, "I'll help if I can."
  953. [17:09:29] <Ralul> "Mhm. I'm aware of who you are, Carbuncle."
  954. [17:09:31] <Lenore> "Great idea!  Nat, you wanna' teleport all of us over?  Or are you too tapped for that?"
  955. [17:09:37] * Natalie walks over and bonks the 'berry on the head.
  956. [17:09:45] <Ralul> She just glares at you.
  957. [17:09:58] <Ralul> The aura of pestilence has faded, by the way, and your wounds may heal again.
  958. [17:10:19] <Natalie> "Your fault for tricking me, you big jerk."  :<
  959. [17:10:24] <T0> "Something or another like that..."
  960. [17:10:49] <Ralul> She simply hmphs. "I suppose this is the twist the muses intend to give. Very well, then."
  961. [17:10:49] <Natalie> "And... yeah.  It definitely wasn't Ammy who did it.  Like I said, I knew who it REALLY was!  ... But um, sure, Lenny, I think I can... where're we going?"
  962. [17:10:56] <T0> "I just want answers.  This is making absolutely no sense."
  963. [17:11:07] <Ralul> "And answers we will get. Let's go."
  964. [17:11:27] <Lenore> "Where we met Brigadier General Rymes before.  I want to go there immediately so that we have a door in the way to this woman escaping!"
  965. [17:11:32] <Natalie> "'Course."  She gives the ratman an understanding nod and starts the teleportation circle.
  966. [17:12:37] <Ralul> You teleport over to the inn where Rymes is.
  967. [17:12:52] <Ralul> She's polishing her sword in the commons room. She looks up as you enter and stares in disbelief.
  968. [17:13:00] * Natalie has to hang onto someone's back after warping, still being totally exhausted.
  969. [17:13:08] <Natalie> "Uh... hi."
  970. [17:13:11] <Ralul> The burmecian obliges.
  971. [17:13:16] <Natalie> <3
  972. [17:13:19] <Lenore> "We found another suspect."
  973. [17:13:36] <Ralul> Rymes stands up and approaches the tonberry girl, looking her over.
  974. [17:13:42] <Ralul> "She... does match the description, doesn't she?"
  975. [17:13:49] <Ralul> Rymes: "Who is this?"
  976. [17:13:57] <T0> "hell if we know!"
  977. [17:14:07] <T0> "She killed the two guards at the murder scene before trying to kill us though."
  978. [17:14:24] <Natalie> "Nnnn... we never did ask, did we?"
  979. [17:14:38] * Natalie groans at Theta, considering she laserstomped the corpses into dust. WHOOPS.
  980. [17:14:55] <Lenore> "She didn't seem like she'd give a name.  Could you speak, miss?  After all, all you have to defend yourself is words, now."
  981. [17:14:59] <T0> Nat can explain that to the families of the departed herself.
  982. [17:15:04] <Natalie> Meanie.
  983. [17:15:26] <Ralul> "Brigadier Rymes? If I may introduce myself, I am Ralul Ducat. I've come to testify to the current suspect's innocence. I hope we can cooperate with each other well in the coming hours."
  984. [17:15:51] <Ralul> The tonberry laughs.
  985. [17:16:03] <Ralul> "I did it. I killed all of them... Hahaha... hahahaa..."
  986. [17:16:16] <Ralul> "What doesssss it matter?"
  987. [17:16:17] <Natalie> "Yeah and I... um, sorry for getting mad earlier."
  988. [17:16:27] * Lenore rolls her eyes. "You actually got my hopes up that you were going to tell a story, you know."
  989. [17:16:32] <T0> "She's got some powerful illusion spells by the way, I dunno how you keep folks like that locked up but uuuuh..."
  990. [17:17:00] <Ralul> "There is only one sssstory worth hearing now, and it isss not here."
  991. [17:17:18] <Lenore> "Yeah, do you have anyone who's good at Sealing up magic around?  She's got some really freaky magic."
  992. [17:17:45] <Ralul> Rymes: "I... see. I'll send a missive back to Alexandria and see if we can't bring an Antimage down to oversee the new suspect."
  993. [17:18:04] <Ralul> Rymes: "We should probably bring this woman to the Peacekeepers."
  994. [17:18:44] <Ralul> Rymes places a hand on Nat's shoulder.
  995. [17:18:52] * Natalie looks up~
  996. [17:18:53] <Ralul> Rymes: "And... I apologize I didn't believe in your friend."
  997. [17:19:06] <Natalie> "It's okay... she really DID look like it!"
  998. [17:19:15] <Natalie> "But, I'll always believe in her."
  999. [17:19:20] <Ralul> "Time's wasting." Ralul says, idly.
  1000. [17:19:24] <Lenore> "The resemblence is uncanny, and she implied there was a good reason for that."
  1001. [17:19:24] <Natalie> "Er, sorry."
  1002. [17:21:02] * Lenore tosses Nat a Hi-Ether, that would refill 50% of her MP, plus 60 HP and MP on top of that~
  1003. [17:21:13] * Natalie EATS THE ENTIRE BOTTLE no just kidding she drinks it.
  1004. [17:21:15] <T0> "I wonder if I planted her in the ground, she'd grow into a malboro.  About as nasty as one."
  1005. [17:21:17] <Ralul> You hurry on down to PKHQ, where Officer Pea has been sleeping in a cot in one of the offices. You explain the situation to her, what you know of it, and soon she's got the whole station on alert, making sure this new suspect doesn't get away. Pea also permits you to visit Amaryllis, and will allow you temporary custody of the suspect if you wish.
  1006. [17:21:43] * Lenore would only want this custody for the sake of INTERROGATION
  1007. [17:21:44] <Ralul> Pea and Ralul exchange some words about his testifying, as well, before he follows.
  1008. [17:21:57] <Ralul> Cast? You around for nicking?
  1009. [17:22:04] <castfromhp> (uh, for like...20 minutes)
  1010. [17:22:06] * Natalie has already dashed in as soon as she was around to visit!
  1011. [17:22:10] <castfromhp> (as I said, later tonight would work for me)
  1012. [17:22:24] <Natalie> (Yeah I don't mind waiting until the late pms, I could walk the dog or something)
  1013. [17:22:27] <castfromhp> (I -do- want in on the interrogation though, for obvious reasons)
  1014. [17:22:33] <Lenore> (Mmmmm)
  1015. [17:22:45] <Ralul> Alright then... I suppose we're going to hold off until then.
  1017. ---
  1019. [20:26:40] <Kain> Ammy, your sleep is woken rather suddenly as the door to your cell is thrown open. And all at once half of everyone ever pours in. Natalie, Lenore, Theta, the Burmecian from before, your old Alexandrian guard captain that you knew for preicsely two days, and some green haired, yellow-eyed chick with pigtails wearing what look to be your clothes.
  1020. [20:27:06] <Kain> To everyone else, Ammy seems to have been put in a nice sort of private cell with a cot, a blanket, pillows... and most of her things are here.
  1021. [20:27:43] <Lenore> "Hi.  Sorry about the rude awakening, but we found the real culprit!"  She indicates notammy
  1022. [20:27:46] * Amaryllis looks rather exhausted as she's woken up, and she groans and stretches as she blearily opens her eyes - then sits bolt upright at the sight of the green-haired chick. "...Who are you?"
  1023. [20:27:51] <Carbuncle> Oh, the normies come too?  Well m- ... no this isn't somebody who would care about something like that, Natbuncle is SO HAPPY that she tackles Ammy in cat-form first thing.
  1024. [20:28:09] <Lenore> "Ammy, do you remember that story about a tonberry that my mom told?  Wellllllll..."
  1025. [20:28:37] * Amaryllis hugs Nat appreciatively though somewhat wearily too.
  1026. [20:28:45] <Carbuncle> "3Ammyyyyy!"  The cat sniffles a little as her tails happily twitch around.
  1027. [20:28:59] <Kain> Oh, I suppose you probably left Rymes outside, actually
  1028. [20:29:16] <Kain> The tonberry chick chuckles quietly to herself.
  1029. [20:29:19] * Kain is now known as Tonberry
  1030. [20:29:27] <Carbuncle> Nat WAS going in first just to catform at Ammy but she doesn't really care who gets left out or not, really.  Just TOO OVERWHELMINGLY HAPPY.
  1031. [20:29:42] <T0> "Well it's etheir that or your twin sister! Yaaay."
  1032. [20:29:44] * T0 claps sarcastically
  1033. [20:29:45] <Lenore> Lenore would be fine bringing Rymes, since if we're finding out shit, Rymes PROBABLY WANTS ANSWERS
  1034. [20:30:18] * Amaryllis looks between everyone as she rubs her eyes. Any guards around or anyone aside from party, Tonberry chick and the Architect?
  1035. [20:30:44] <Carbuncle> "3Um... yeah, it's a long story, I kinda got tricked and... oh, whatever!  There's someone here you'd probably wanna meet!"  Her tails point at the ratman.
  1036. [20:30:46] <Tonberry> Nawp they've given you some room though they bar off the exit.
  1037. [20:31:15] <Tonberry> "Me? I'm the one you were never ssssupposed to meet. A coin never sssseesss itsssss other ssssside... My name isss Kalissssa. I am not you, and you are not me. But betwixt usss, where we meet..." only a grin follows.
  1038. [20:31:25] <Amaryllis> (man I wanted Opus so I could fling open the door myself :3 but this works)
  1039. [20:32:16] * Carbuncle hops up to Ammy's shoulder, nuzzling against her face a little.
  1040. [20:32:26] <Tonberry> Ralul: "Miss Middleton, forgive me for not stopping to speak with you longer earlier. You'll know me as the Architecht. And... this situation is one I've taken an interest in."
  1041. [20:33:05] * Carbuncle stops nuzzling and lets her tails down, sitting up straight.
  1042. [20:33:29] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath, trying to get herself situated. She's just been woken up suddenly, she's aching all over, and everyone is trying to talk to her at once. "Give me, just a moment, will you?"
  1043. [20:33:45] * Lenore nods.
  1044. [20:33:52] * Carbuncle hands her a Regen. Duh.
  1045. [20:34:24] * Amaryllis slowly reaches down and grabs her bag, her eyes fixated on Kalissa. She fumbles inside it for a moment and closes her eyes.
  1046. [20:36:14] * Amaryllis opens her eyes and looks puzzled for a moment, scrutinizing Kalissa. "What are you?" Ammy emphasizes the change of word this time.
  1047. [20:36:53] <Amaryllis> "Sorry," She mutters to everyone else with a glance between them, "I really appreciate this, but I am a little confused." She returns her gaze to the new woman.
  1048. [20:37:10] <Tonberry> "The other candidate. The angel of death. We curssssed twinssss, competing for the same end..."
  1049. [20:37:25] <Tonberry> "Your fate hasss been tied to mine for sssome time."
  1050. [20:37:37] <Tonberry> "I wasss once a true tonberry."
  1051. [20:37:55] * Amaryllis mutters under her breath. It looks like 'bloody hell' if you read her lips.
  1052. [20:38:16] <Tonberry> "Now then, why don't you tell them? Hmmm? I will asssk you the same quessstion, inquisssitor..."
  1053. [20:38:21] <Tonberry> "What are you?"
  1054. [20:38:32] * T0 seems confused. "Your mother was a tonberry?"
  1055. [20:38:35] * Carbuncle looks around to the others in the room, tails drooping. And thumping against Ammy's back lightly. "3Sorry, Ammy. I got mixed up and kinda blurted some stuff too, but..."
  1056. [20:38:38] <T0> to Amaryllis
  1057. [20:39:21] * Amaryllis looks to Nat and takes a deep breath. "It's alright, Nat. What did you say?"
  1058. [20:40:04] <Carbuncle> "3She attacked us, wearing a mask.  And I thought we were fighting..." Her catmouth :<s a little.  "3You know..."
  1059. [20:40:28] <Amaryllis> "Tonberry." Ammy finishes Nat's sentence.
  1060. [20:40:34] * Carbuncle nods slowly.
  1061. [20:40:37] <Tonberry> "There isss no hiding thisss any longer. The mussses ordained we would meet thisss day. If you will not tell them, I will gladly disscard my riddlesss..." There's a sick amusement in her face.
  1062. [20:41:17] <Carbuncle> "3And I guess I wasn't wrong, huh?  But... eheh, I guess it's kinda embarrassing.  ... Sorry."
  1063. [20:41:32] <Amaryllis> "I am in charge of the truth of my own tale, thank you very much." Ammy stands up straight to face Kalissa.
  1064. [20:41:40] * Carbuncle hops off.
  1065. [20:42:34] * Amaryllis takes a moment to run through what Kalissa just said in her head. It's a bit to take in just as she's waking up.
  1066. [20:43:39] <Amaryllis> "We are both eggs of the Tonberry tale. One day, one of us shall hatch into legend, into Eidolon, and the other...shall fade?"
  1067. [20:43:54] * Carbuncle attempts to use Ralul as her next mount during this. Or at LEAST to sit next to him. Y'know, to learn more from his smell or something like that. ... Oh wait it's dogs that do that. Oh well.
  1068. [20:44:20] <Tonberry> "Very clossse, very clossse..."
  1069. [20:44:28] <T0> "Eh?"
  1070. [20:44:52] <Tonberry> To Theta, she simply asks. "Have you heard of the eggsss of talesss?"
  1071. [20:44:56] <Carbuncle> "3Sorry I kept quiet..."
  1072. [20:45:09] <T0> "Do I look Gaian to you? Of course not."
  1073. [20:45:33] * Lenore tilts her head. "Like...Raijin?"
  1074. [20:45:54] * Carbuncle looks up, tails forking in place.
  1075. [20:46:16] <Tonberry> "When a sssstory becomesss a sssentinel, when a legend becomesss a legionnaire, when the world issss ready to forge a new guardian for itsssself, with the moniker Eidolon..."
  1076. [20:46:42] <Tonberry> "A candidate must assscend to that height."
  1077. [20:47:04] <Amaryllis> "Very close? Pray tell then, what piece am I missing?"
  1078. [20:47:22] <Tonberry> "Neither of usss will fade, one will simply become part of the other."
  1079. [20:47:42] <Carbuncle> Both tails point straight up.  "3Isn't that the same thing?!"
  1080. [20:47:45] <Amaryllis> "Near enough."
  1081. [20:47:54] <Tonberry> There is a chuckle.
  1082. [20:48:23] * T0 looks to Natalie. "This hardly explains why half of you are silly, silly creatures."
  1083. [20:48:36] <Carbuncle> "3Oh, I don't think WE even know that one."
  1084. [20:49:27] * Amaryllis speaks up suddenly, with a squint on her face. "Did you kill me? Was this bloody planned from the start?"
  1085. [20:49:40] <Amaryllis> And then to everyone else. "I am sorry, this will all make sense in a minute."
  1086. [20:49:42] <T0> "Eh?"
  1087. [20:49:42] <Tonberry> There's only a laugh.
  1088. [20:50:07] * Carbuncle swishes her tails sadly.
  1089. [20:50:33] * Lenore blinkblink.
  1090. [20:50:56] <Tonberry> "The knife wasss sssharp only for a moment, wassssn't it? And then sssspiraled down into darknesssss you went, your life sssaved at the lassst moment by Aitchissson, binding you to thisss tale..."
  1091. [20:50:57] <Carbuncle> "3It's not my story to tell or anything.  That's why I didn't."
  1092. [20:52:18] <Tonberry> "And my involvement wasss not forgotten, either. It is a curioussss thing, our pair. You have influenced me in waysss I have not been able to control..."
  1093. [20:52:30] <Tonberry> "Jussst assss I have done the same to you."
  1094. [20:52:44] <Tonberry> "For Tonberry issss the ssssum of usss both."
  1095. [20:52:59] * Carbuncle 's tails flail about impatiently.
  1096. [20:53:12] <Amaryllis> "And what of the presence within me then? I yet feel it. It has not left my realm."
  1097. [20:53:21] * T0 keeps looking between this Kalissa and Amarllis, totally not getting this.
  1098. [20:53:38] * Carbuncle leaps over to Thetina's shoulder instead, kyaa~
  1099. [20:53:41] <Tonberry> "The sssssume of usss both. It isss you, and it isss I. And within me asss well."
  1100. [20:53:44] <Tonberry> *sum
  1101. [20:54:29] * T0 seems only annoyed being this isn't making a lick of sense.
  1102. [20:54:32] <Tonberry> She turns to look at Ralul. "I will desssstroy your filthy little ssssecret club one day, and lick your warm blood off of my knife.... there will be no ssssecond missstake."
  1103. [20:54:46] <Tonberry> The Burmecian looks thoughtful, and attempts to explain.
  1104. [20:54:49] <Amaryllis> "You shall not."
  1105. [20:54:49] * Tonberry is now known as Ralul
  1106. [20:55:01] <Amaryllis> "Hold on." Ammy looks to Ralul.
  1107. [20:55:03] <Carbuncle> "3It's like me and Mary," the cat says softly to the Genome, tappins (his/her) back with her tails.
  1108. [20:55:11] <Amaryllis> "It is at least my right to tell this tale, is it not?"
  1109. [20:55:12] <Carbuncle> -s +g
  1110. [20:55:17] <Ralul> "...Very well." he nods, and lets you handle it.
  1111. [20:55:34] <Ralul> Kalissa: "Ah yesss, sssweeet Mary..."
  1112. [20:55:38] <T0> "You're both Eidolons?"
  1113. [20:55:54] <Carbuncle> "3Welllll.... she did say she was gonna explain it," thumpthump.
  1114. [20:56:14] * Carbuncle tilts her cathead with interest, but for the most part keeps listening.
  1115. [20:56:23] <Carbuncle> After all there sure are a lot of Maries.
  1116. [20:56:26] <Carbuncle> Marys?
  1117. [20:56:28] <Carbuncle> Plural of Mary.
  1118. [20:56:34] * Lenore tilts her head again. "So uh, Celly had a twin, and Mary had a twin, and Ammy had a twin, Theta and I have twins?" Tilt other way. "Or maybe you could say Theta's 'twin' is Ayane..."
  1119. [20:56:42] * Amaryllis looks once more to Kalissa first, her gaze running up and down her clothing. "We are too alike, you and I. I bet even our knives appear similar. I shall have to change that, I see."
  1120. [20:57:17] <Carbuncle> "3Well Lenny, I'm pretty sure that's a coinc... kwink... queenc... what was that word?"
  1121. [20:57:20] * Amaryllis then takes a deep breath as she begins pacing her cell. Her lantern appears in her hand with a glimmer of light. "There is a story I know..."
  1122. [20:57:23] <T0> "My entire race is twins, to be fair."
  1123. [20:57:41] * T0 SIGHS.  Too much of that line for one day.
  1124. [20:57:55] <Carbuncle> Thump thump.
  1125. [20:58:44] <T0> (the hell is thumpthump)
  1126. [20:58:51] <Carbuncle> (The bunc's tails on Theta's back.)
  1127. [20:58:54] <Amaryllis> "It is a story of a legacy of death, and a girl who was mercifully delivered from it. Or so she thought."
  1128. [21:00:15] <Ralul> Kalissa leans back and listens.
  1129. [21:00:27] <Lenore> "Well, y'know, it might be good to plan ahead in case there is an evil me!  Because if she caught us all by surprise she'd probably blow us all up before we could do anything!"  D:
  1130. [21:00:49] <Carbuncle> "3Wouldn't she just cast the opposite kind of spell you do?"
  1131. [21:01:02] <Amaryllis> "There lived once a woman named Daisy Middleton, servant to the Aitchison House. In life and day she was treated fairly by the House and its masters, but every night she returned home to the torment of her husband, an alcoholic and a brute."
  1132. [21:01:02] <Ralul> Kalissa: "Shush!"
  1133. [21:01:18] * Carbuncle goes back to attention. ... Thump. Thump.
  1134. [21:02:11] <Lenore> "...sorry."  she shuts up.
  1135. [21:02:27] <Amaryllis> "Unbeknownst to the husband, Daisy was with child, yet it was not his, but that of the head of the House - Lord Alwyn Aitchison. For even the most noble of hearts has their moments of weakness and sin."
  1136. [21:03:43] <Amaryllis> "So doomed this child seemed to be, consigned to grow up amongst broken bottles and shattered dreams. Until one night, an angel descended upon the home and brought to Daisy and her unborn child a gift."
  1137. [21:04:03] * Amaryllis looks to Kalissa. "That gift was death."
  1138. [21:04:16] <Ralul> The woman grins.
  1139. [21:04:18] <Amaryllis> "No one ever peered into the murder of the husband. I doubt anyone ever cared for the man."
  1140. [21:04:20] <Carbuncle> The tails slow waaaaaaay down.
  1141. [21:05:03] <Amaryllis> "Despite this, Death soon found its way to Daisy Middleton herself as well, and she gave her that I could have mine."
  1142. [21:05:39] * Lenore nods slowly as this story goes, going slower and slower...
  1143. [21:05:48] * Carbuncle hops to Lenore's shoulder instead.
  1144. [21:07:43] <Amaryllis> "I was raised as a servant in the House, never knowing my true lineage until...well, it was quite recently in fact." Ammy pauses, then turns to face the hallway. She glances down either side to make sure no guards are looking.
  1145. [21:08:17] <Amaryllis> "Not until soon after I found this," She calls up her knife to her free hand, "a knife my father left to me."
  1146. [21:09:54] <Ralul> Doesn't seem anyone's looking.
  1147. [21:10:09] <Amaryllis> "In any case," the knife disappears. "I was raised in the House and treated, well, as if I were a daughter. It all makes sense in retrospect, but one is not always privvy to the secrets of their tale."
  1148. [21:10:21] <Ralul> Kalissa looks envious of the knife.
  1149. [21:12:09] <Amaryllis> "And then, at the age of 15, I was visited again by this legacy of death, the 'angel' that delivered my mother from her abusive relationship. This time, it was I who found myself at the end of the executioner's blade." Ammy gives Kalissa a look that plainly indicates she's still not quite sure of the whys of this, but she continues.
  1150. [21:13:32] <Amaryllis> "It was actually...Noah who found me that day." Ammy goes back to her bag and pulls out a tome. By the cover, you can tell it's about Tonberries.
  1151. [21:14:59] <Carbuncle> "3Ammy..."  Buncle's tails swish around again.
  1152. [21:15:25] * Amaryllis begins flipping through the pages. "Yes, Nat?"
  1153. [21:15:32] <Ralul> More specifically, it's the book on Tonberries that was in the Cursed Repository.
  1154. [21:15:42] <Carbuncle> "3N-Nothing, sorry."  Now they start thumping on Lenny's back.
  1155. [21:16:20] * Lenore watches Ammy's story intently, ignoring the tails thumping on her back to the best of her ability.
  1156. [21:17:02] <Carbuncle> They're very light thumps.
  1157. [21:17:04] * Amaryllis stops on a particular page and opens up the book to face everyone, revealing large scrawled text written in human blood.
  1158. [21:17:11] <Amaryllis> 4"I charge thee, as life is taken so shall it be given. As long as there is balance in the world then karma shall be. Amaranthe Middleton shall find new life in death, and death shall be in her life. Take this blood of her blood as an offering. So shall it be. The legend is born. Come forth, Tonberry."
  1159. [21:17:57] <Ralul> Kalissa opens her mouth and drools a little bit at the old, stained blood.
  1160. [21:18:12] <Amaryllis> "I believe, you saw me before my hair was like this, did you not?" Ammy looks to Lenore as she tugs on a strand of green hair.
  1161. [21:18:33] * Lenore lightly baps Kalissa before responding. "Yeah, I did! I was wondering about that!"
  1162. [21:18:53] <Ralul> "Ow!"
  1163. [21:19:02] * Carbuncle sticks a cat-tongue out.
  1164. [21:19:16] <T0> "It's not natural?"
  1165. [21:19:21] <Ralul> She grits her teeth, crosses her arms, and looks away.
  1166. [21:19:26] <Amaryllis> "There is a particular ritual, even I do not know it now. In fact I know nothing of my life before my death other than that which has been conveyed to me through the stories of others."
  1167. [21:19:55] * Carbuncle looks away from Ammy, guiltily.
  1168. [21:20:21] <Lenore> "So you were like Fenna or Nat..."
  1169. [21:20:24] <Amaryllis> "The ritual may turn someone, even one recently deceased such as I was, into an egg of tales so long as their own tales resonate with those of the Eidolon to be."
  1170. [21:21:06] <Ralul> "A ritual that saved her life..." Ralul says, "At the cost of binding her to this fate. It was a desperate measure, but one that worked."
  1171. [21:21:14] <Amaryllis> "Followed by a legacy of death and delivered from this life by the means of a Tonberry knife. It appears I was the perfect candidate."
  1172. [21:22:37] <Amaryllis> "Or so I thought." Ammy looks to Kalissa. She seems on the verge of asking her more questions, but continues instead. "Not quite like Nat or Fenna. I believe it may have been sheer trauma that rendered my memories asunder. Perhaps not. I know the presence within me has some of those memories."
  1173. [21:23:49] <T0> "...I seeee."
  1174. [21:23:52] <Carbuncle> "3I always wondered if 'being Eidolons' had anything to do with us meeting..."  The tails go back to thumping Lenore sadly again.  "3But that's right, I guess it was just me who KEPT losing memories.  Still... this was the only thing I never wrote down in my diary."
  1175. [21:23:59] <Ralul> Kalissa is content to listen for now.
  1176. [21:24:03] <Carbuncle> "3Well, the only really important thing."
  1177. [21:24:24] * Lenore continues listening silently.
  1178. [21:24:26] <Amaryllis> "As I understand I was quite insane in the first days after my revival." She says quietly. "It is Noah who I owe a debt of gratitude toward for bringing me back from those depths, even after I...tried to kill him. It was the very first inner beast surfaced to attempt murder."
  1179. [21:25:06] <Carbuncle> Carbuncle's tails thump Lenny a couple more times before falling flat on the mage's back and resting there.  They kind of tremble a little.
  1180. [21:25:48] * Amaryllis pauses again here and takes a deep breath, then looks to Kalissa. "It was certainly not me in the markets this morning. I was in Lindblum. It was you, then? Why so...blatant? Did you mean to force this chapter of our tale?"
  1181. [21:25:51] <Ralul> Kalissa: "You should have given in! They don't bite, too hard... and it would have saved myself from burning quite a few embarassing letters after... well, nevermind."
  1182. [21:26:00] <Ralul> +hissing
  1183. [21:27:03] * Amaryllis looks confused for a second, then turns a little red. "We will not speak of that bloody tripe you call poetry!"
  1184. [21:27:15] <Carbuncle> Thump thump.
  1185. [21:27:22] <Ralul> "THAT wasss your fault."
  1186. [21:27:43] * Carbuncle stifles a giggle.
  1187. [21:27:45] <Amaryllis> "Piss off."
  1188. [21:27:46] <Ralul> "I have alwaysss done my own thing.  But you've gotten far more active lately, you've attempted to change the nature of the being we will become. I wassss forced to  presssserve our bloodthirssst... and my dominance."
  1189. [21:28:29] <T0> "This is getting way over my head."
  1190. [21:28:52] <Ralul> "No." she insists. "The poetry wasss your deal. The murdersss were mine, don't you dare try to pin that garbage on me."
  1191. [21:29:04] <Carbuncle> "3No, really," the cat turns to Theta again.  "3Just think of them like... sisters who really don't like each other very much."
  1192. [21:29:17] <T0> "But they aren't."
  1193. [21:29:31] <Carbuncle> "3I dunno how to explain it any better!"
  1194. [21:30:48] * Amaryllis shakes her head, then returns to pacing. "Within each Tonberry..." She dismisses her lantern, and then waves her hands in front of herself, spreading them out. Opus! Four stone tablets form themselves out of thin air, replete with the text from Mt. Gulug on them. "there lies an inner beast."
  1195. [21:32:24] <Amaryllis> "It is the duty of every Tonberry," Ammy gives Kalissa a stern look as she speaks, "to balance themselves with that beast. To keep it reigned, to work with it and yet prevent it from acting out its bloodlust." And then she takes a breath and sighs with a frown. "It was not a task I was up to when I was reborn."
  1196. [21:33:00] <Carbuncle> Tails swish arouns some more.
  1197. [21:33:07] <Carbuncle> -s +d
  1198. [21:33:12] <Ralul> "Usssselesss teachingsss. There can be no balance in that which issss inherently filled with darknessss."
  1199. [21:33:59] <Carbuncle> "3That sounds pretty dumb."
  1200. [21:34:06] <Carbuncle> "3Duh, anything can be balanced."
  1201. [21:34:09] <Amaryllis> "And yet darkness has no meaning without light to provide its contrast. Pure light or pure darkness, both paths lead to nothingness. Only in balance is there existence."
  1202. [21:34:25] * Carbuncle nods along with a felinesmile.
  1203. [21:34:30] <T0> (EXCEPT DUST SYSTEMS)
  1204. [21:34:32] <T0> (DOHOHOHOH)
  1205. [21:34:35] <Carbuncle> (HO HO HO HO HO)
  1206. [21:34:45] <Ralul> "Bah. Anyway, get to the point, I want to ssssee their facesss."
  1207. [21:34:57] <Amaryllis> "Tragedy and triumph, two sides of the same coin."
  1208. [21:35:22] * Carbuncle sits up straight and crosses her front paws. Maybe a real cat would have trouble with that but this is a magical cat.
  1209. [21:35:28] <Amaryllis> "You are enjoying this?"
  1210. [21:35:44] <Ralul> "Issss there sssomething wrong with that?"
  1211. [21:35:53] <Ralul> She simply leans back and relaxes.
  1212. [21:36:02] <Carbuncle> "3Well, it's a little creepy."
  1213. [21:37:36] <Amaryllis> "If you are, then why don't you take responsibility for it all? It is, as you say, you are responsible for the murders. And I'll take charge of the bloody...poetry if that is what the trade must be." Her eyebrow twitches a little.
  1214. [21:37:59] <Ralul> Kalissa grins.
  1215. [21:38:34] <Ralul> "I am assss her inner beassst. Asss I have ssaaaid, we have unwillingly influenced each other'sssss behaviorsssss, connected asss we are."
  1216. [21:38:55] * Lenore baps Kalissa again, her face blank.
  1217. [21:39:09] * Carbuncle sticks a tongue out again, still on 'nore's shoulder.
  1218. [21:39:52] <Ralul> "And under the weight of my darknesssss, little Amaryllis here hasss claimed the livessss of quite a few people. All thingssss I would have gladly done, but if they mussst have been done in proxy, then sssso be it. I am death."
  1219. [21:39:54] <Amaryllis> "She didn't -hurt- you all when you brought you in, did she?" Ammy makes a quick realization and looks to everyone. "She should not have been able to, after what was done."
  1220. [21:40:06] <Amaryllis> *brought her
  1221. [21:40:48] <Carbuncle> "3Well... my human form was really beat up," the Bunc looks to the side in embarrassment, "3That's why I'm staying in this one for now..."
  1222. [21:41:09] <Ralul> Ralul: "I see, so that's why..."
  1223. [21:41:36] <Carbuncle> Her tails perk up and make a heart shape.
  1224. [21:42:28] <Ralul> Ralul: "I should kill you after the rest have departed." he says to Kalissa.
  1225. [21:42:38] <Amaryllis> "Yes, it is true." Ammy says quietly with a glare at Kalissa. "On a great many occasions since my rebirth, too many for me to remember, I have been possessed by a will not my own and made to commit the most heinous acts of murder. My companions in 12GIL, my father..."
  1226. [21:42:40] <Ralul> "But you won't.... " she grins.
  1227. [21:42:51] <T0> "Forget us, she killed two more people, guards, when she showed up."
  1228. [21:42:55] <Carbuncle> "3Um..." The tails drop.  "3Why is that, anyway?"
  1229. [21:43:33] <Carbuncle> "3I mean, I get that she's bad... And what she's done to Ammy isn't okay... but can they not EVER get along?"
  1230. [21:44:21] * T0 is having a terribly hard time digesting all of this in a sensible manner
  1231. [21:44:35] <Amaryllis> "Allow me to guess. If one of us perishes, the other shall too. That is how these tales go, is it not? Only in the victory of one side can the other have rest." Ammy says tiredly. "Or maybe not. I would hope not, but it would probably be too great a hope."
  1232. [21:44:39] <Ralul> "It was only through Noah'ssss interference that they did not join the pile of corpsssess." she admits to Ammy.
  1233. [21:44:47] <Ralul> Kalissa grins.
  1234. [21:44:56] <Ralul> "Now you get it."
  1235. [21:45:50] <Carbuncle> "3I don't wanna interrupt or anything," the tails jolt back up, "3but speaking of stuff like this, how DO you know Mary anyway?  You weren't gonna hurt her, were you?"  The cat glares as best as a cat can glare.  Which isn't very well for this particular cat.
  1236. [21:45:52] <Amaryllis> "You do a disservice to the tales of your people, Kalissa."
  1237. [21:46:29] * Lenore jitters just a little bit.
  1238. [21:46:45] <Ralul> "If thosssse talesss were worth retelling, the cryssstal would have chossssen the original work over the retelling."
  1239. [21:46:53] <Ralul> *reimagining
  1240. [21:47:22] <Ralul> She looks at Nat and just grins.
  1241. [21:47:31] <Ralul> "No, you have my word."
  1242. [21:48:19] <Carbuncle> "3Well even if you're a murderer, that doesn't automatically make you a liar.  Sure, that's good to hear," the cat nods a couple times.
  1243. [21:48:26] <Amaryllis> "The Crystal does not choose. People choose. Society chooses. And you have held your dominance only due to my own ignorance all these years. You have no edge now, and you shall lose."
  1244. [21:49:17] <T0> "You know this seems sorta important to just let slide until she tries to doink us too, but eh."
  1245. [21:49:30] <Amaryllis> "She cannot."
  1246. [21:49:34] <Ralul> "We ssshall sseee."
  1247. [21:49:40] <T0> "Why not?"
  1248. [21:49:43] <Ralul> She comments on losing.
  1249. [21:49:49] <T0> "And why not you if not her?"
  1250. [21:50:07] <Amaryllis> "I had Noah place a charm upon me. Us. My knife cannot strike at you or anyone else I consider friend or companion."
  1251. [21:50:08] <Carbuncle> "3Well," Carbuncle tilts her head toward Theta, "3Even IF she tried something like that, we beat her once and we could do it again, yeah?"
  1252. [21:50:28] <Ralul> "Magic worked just fine, I sssshould add." she says with glee.
  1253. [21:50:42] <Amaryllis> "Sod your bloody loopholes." Ammy glares.
  1254. [21:50:47] <Carbuncle> "3Yeah, the one time I didn't reflect it," she scowls.
  1255. [21:51:47] <Amaryllis> "I apologize. This...was an issue I had hoped to resolve of my own power before it came to anyone else's attention." Ammy shakes her head and sighs. "I suppose I have acted too slowly for that."
  1256. [21:51:51] * Lenore nods. "So that's why she had to drop it..."
  1257. [21:52:12] <Carbuncle> "3Ammy," the tails whumpwhumpwhump the poor lightning lesbo.
  1258. [21:52:17] <T0> "That seems to be a trend with these things."
  1259. [21:52:29] <T0> "Though I can't imagine what the next one will be to top this."
  1260. [21:52:43] <Carbuncle> "3It's not your fault!  I'm your friend, and I have your back with this kinda stuff!  None of us were seriously hurt or anything, it's okay.  I promised I'd help you through this, didn't I?"
  1261. [21:53:41] <Amaryllis> "Theta, I have lived almost all of my life since this has happened to me nearly alone. Nat...Nat was my only companion for most of my travels. Noah and Cait were my only other confidants, but the muses conspired to keep us apart for weeks or months at a time."
  1262. [21:53:56] <Amaryllis> "Over those years, I have had many adventuring companions, much like we are now. And invariably."
  1263. [21:54:00] <Amaryllis> "Every time."
  1264. [21:54:10] <Carbuncle> The tails slow down again.
  1265. [21:54:12] <Amaryllis> "I have had to leave them. Because of this. Why was I to think this would be any different?"
  1266. [21:54:54] <Carbuncle> "3Obviously I don't remember all those times... but memories or not, I KNOW I believed in her this whole time."
  1267. [21:56:01] <Amaryllis> "You must understand. Imagine if one of the Black Mages of your village would slip back every once in a while, into the bloodlust and violence that defined them when they served as Kuja's warriors. Imagine if they could not know when or where this would happen, only that it was inevitable. They would not be particularly open about this, and they would prefer to travel alone and keep this to themselves, would they not?"
  1268. [21:56:38] <T0> "I dunno maybe cause of the glowly rocks that keep telling us we have to work together?  Or the fact we all have shared interest in this?  I get why you wouldn't -want- to tell us but not doing so just cost two other innocents their life."
  1269. [21:57:04] <T0> "Granted I guess with no remaining corpses that gets a bit easier to explain."
  1270. [21:58:35] <Ralul> Ralul looks thoughtful.
  1271. [21:58:37] * T0 nods to Nat.  "Portable Crystal Cannon, right there."
  1272. [21:59:23] <Carbuncle> "3Hee."  Cat's tails swish some more.
  1273. [22:00:09] <Ralul> Kalissa mutters something.
  1274. [22:00:24] <Carbuncle> "3Anyway," She leaps off the 'nore and spirals back to Ammy's shoulder.  "3Even now I still believe in Ammy.  And that'll never change!"
  1275. [22:00:48] <T0> "Well I'm happy you have each other," shrugs.
  1276. [22:01:44] <Carbuncle> "3We can't do anything about what's already been done, but those 'innocents' just returned to the planet a little sooner than they should've.  That's all."
  1277. [22:01:52] <Amaryllis> "You really think that would have stopped the killings? If I had told you sooner? No, they shall only end when I have claimed the stories of Tonberry."
  1278. [22:02:15] <Ralul> "There's no need for you to quarrel with yourselves."
  1279. [22:02:31] <Carbuncle> The Buncle's tails pat Ammy happily on the back.
  1280. [22:02:34] <Lenore> "C-can't you two"
  1281. [22:02:42] <T0> "Yes I think if we had known there's another you who probably did this we coulda stopped two guards from getting doinked, but fine."
  1282. [22:02:49] <Lenore> She pauses, and then exhales and stops completely.
  1283. [22:03:08] <Carbuncle> "3Well that one WAS my fault.  I was trying to say something, but Ammy told me not to..."
  1284. [22:03:10] <Amaryllis> "I did not know there was physically another me. Bloody hell, I thought it only existed in my mind."
  1285. [22:03:31] <Ralul> Kalissa: "Sssurprissse!"
  1286. [22:03:39] <Carbuncle> "3Soooo I kinda hesitated.  Sorry."
  1287. [22:04:11] <T0> "No, no I get it.  They were just another page in this dumb story.  Pawns on the page." Shrugs.  "So what the hell do we do with her?  There a spell to banish her back to double tonberry hell or something?"
  1288. [22:05:07] <Ralul> "I don't think in good conscience I can leave her alone with the local guard. I should probably take some responsibility myself and stay in the area to keep an eye on things."
  1289. [22:05:34] <Carbuncle> "3Thanks, Mr. Rally~"
  1290. [22:05:36] <Amaryllis> "You shall have to turn someone in for the murders this morning."
  1291. [22:05:38] <Ralul> "X-Zone -could- do that but it doesn't work until they're actually an Eidolon, which she's not."
  1292. [22:05:55] * Carbuncle retreats halfway behind Ammy's head. Just a little.
  1293. [22:06:00] <Carbuncle> Shivershiver.
  1294. [22:06:06] <Ralul> "Yes, I will."
  1295. [22:06:29] <Ralul> "I said alone with the local guard. I intend to stay in Madain Sari and keep her here."
  1296. [22:06:33] <Amaryllis> "But if that someone is executed, we both die."
  1297. [22:06:55] <Ralul> "I won't let it come to that, either."
  1298. [22:06:59] <Carbuncle> "3Even though she's a little different... I guess she pretty much is the same thing Mary is, right?  Like, how she's so many of the things Ammy isn't, but isn't the things she is..."
  1299. [22:07:15] <Amaryllis> "No, not quite, Nat."
  1300. [22:07:20] <Amaryllis> "She existed before I was even born."
  1301. [22:07:28] <Ralul> "I'll see what I can do... in the meantime, even I didn't think these would be the circumstances in which we'd finally meet."
  1302. [22:07:31] <Carbuncle> "3So... you're the Mary?"
  1303. [22:07:39] <Amaryllis> "Not quite correct either."
  1304. [22:07:52] <Ralul> "You and Carbuncle and I have a long, belated chat to catch up on soon."
  1305. [22:08:07] <Carbuncle> "3Well, whatever!  You know what I mean!  You're both yourselves."
  1306. [22:08:31] * Carbuncle happily brushes Ammy's back with both tails and turns to the ratman, catnodding. "3Right."
  1307. [22:08:33] <Amaryllis> "Between you and Mary, she is a reflection created of your image. Her origin is entirely you. As for me, I am my own being whose fate has been tied to that of another. It is quite different."
  1308. [22:08:54] * Lenore nod, nod.
  1309. [22:09:02] <Ralul> Ralul glances at Theta and Lenore.
  1310. [22:09:06] <Amaryllis> "We do. Bloody hell, why did you not pick Nat up whilst you were in Treno? I have been trying to deliver her to you for ten sodding years."
  1311. [22:09:15] <Carbuncle> "3How you were created and how you were, yeah... but isn't how we each are not sorta similar?  I mean, the 'being connected to each other' kind of stuff."
  1312. [22:09:41] <Carbuncle> -not +now
  1313. [22:09:44] <Carbuncle> wow that was a confusing typo
  1314. [22:10:07] <Ralul> "I had unfinished business to take care of, and I didn't know where she was." he says to Ammy. "I knew we would cross paths again before too long."
  1315. [22:10:36] <Carbuncle> "3But that doesn't really matter, anyway.  Nice to meetcha, Mr. Rally!  I only know the teeeeeeeniest bit about who you are, but it's good to finally meet."
  1316. [22:10:46] <Ralul> He nods.
  1317. [22:11:55] * Amaryllis turns again to Kalissa. "How much of this has been planned all along? Did my father mean to prepare me for this ever since your first appearance at my mother's doorstep all those years ago? Or was it merely, as it seemed, an act of desperation? Why did he -choose- to die at hand?"
  1318. [22:13:04] <Ralul> "Aitchisssson? He never knew." she smirks. "Assss for that, your guessss isss asss good ass mine."
  1319. [22:14:05] <Ralul> "Maybe he just couldn't bring himssself to raissse an arm againssst his preciousss daughter."
  1320. [22:15:28] <Ralul> "Time Magessss might think they're clever, that they can ssseee all the threadsss of the web. But they're fliesss sssstuck within itsss grip asss much ass any other."
  1321. [22:15:38] * Amaryllis just glares in response, staring into Kalissa's eyes. Golden Gaze - is she telling the truth there about not knowing?
  1322. [22:15:41] * Carbuncle looks down and, testing Ammy's shoulder a bit, leaps off, spinning once and landing on her ass in girlmode. And in one of Ammy's coats which is pretty huge on her, at that.
  1323. [22:15:46] * Carbuncle is now known as Natalie
  1324. [22:15:59] <Ralul> She doesn't even try to oppose your attempt. She lets you stare into her soul.
  1325. [22:16:03] <Natalie> "Owww... still kinda stings."
  1326. [22:16:45] * Amaryllis patpats Nat and draws her in closer.
  1327. [22:16:47] <Ralul> The result... is a dark abyss, a horrifying, swirling vortex. But one open for you to see fully. She's telling the truth, Aitchison didn't plan this.
  1328. [22:16:51] * T0 gets what Ralul is suggesting but doesn't seem to particularly care at this point.  "Right.  Secret treefort group huddle.  Got it.  I'll go build a collection of sand statue of Garland in compromising positions around town."  
  1329. [22:17:10] * T0 starts on her way out.
  1330. [22:17:13] * Natalie sits up and leans in.
  1331. [22:17:17] <Ralul> Ralul: "Wait a moment."
  1332. [22:17:30] <Ralul> Ralul follows Theta.
  1333. [22:17:46] * Natalie looks up to Ammy in a 'huh, what's going on' sort of way.
  1334. [22:18:05] <Ralul> "If there was a time for being secretive about our plans, it is long past. If you have questions, I'll explain as clearly as I may."
  1335. [22:18:35] * Lenore was about to follow Theta out, but HEY, she didn't have to move an inch. How convenient!
  1336. [22:18:36] * Amaryllis blinks. "So now, we are truly on even grounds. You know nothing I do not."
  1337. [22:19:22] <Ralul> "In fact, allow me to start with the most pressing matter."
  1338. [22:19:31] <Natalie> "Hey!"  Wincing, Nat stands up and takes a few steps toward the door too.  "It was thanks to YOUR geomagix that we stopped Ammy from getting exe-killed, anyway.  So uh.. thanks."
  1339. [22:20:59] * Amaryllis moves back to her bed and sits down, looking over Lenore and Theta if he/she hasn't left completely yet. "I am truly sorry for all architecting this tragedy. I have only myself to blame for not having resolved the issue of my apotheosis before it came to this."
  1340. [22:21:15] <Ralul> "Ten years ago, the eidolon Carbuncle went missing. Amaryllis was sent to recover her, and when it was discovered that her memories were lost and her inner world fractured, she was instructed to bring Carbuncle to me, because I am the foremost expert of an eidolon's inner world. Extenuating circumstances, including a five year interrment in the prisons of Treno, have prevented me from contacting
  1341. [22:21:15] <Ralul> them in person."
  1342. [22:22:02] <Amaryllis> *-all
  1343. [22:22:17] <Ralul> "Fate crossed her and my paths not long ago in Treno, while she was under the influence of this one, it would seem." he looks at Kalissa.
  1344. [22:22:43] * Natalie stands over, giving Ammy a weird face, before reaching over and patpatting her on the head with a smile, much as she herself is used to.
  1345. [22:22:48] <Ralul> "She tried to kill me, but I defeated her hid her away so she wouldn't be discovered after I realized who she was."
  1346. [22:22:49] * Lenore nods. "I see, I see!"
  1347. [22:23:00] <Ralul> "Or rather, 'Tonberry' tried to kill me."
  1348. [22:23:32] <Ralul> *her, then hid her away
  1349. [22:24:03] <Ralul> "And that was the entirety of the context you took offense to."
  1350. [22:24:08] * Amaryllis thumbs through the pages of the Tonbery book as Ralul talks. Anyone looking can plainly see it is absolutely filled with scribbles all over the margins and between lines, all in Ammy's distinctive curvy handwriting.
  1351. [22:24:10] <Ralul> "Is that any better?"
  1352. [22:25:01] <Natalie> "Yeah, it turns out I'm not the only one that happened to either..."  Pausing, Nat whips out her diary and flips a few pages in, looking up to Theta and back down a few times.  "Oh... crap, I never mentioned that I found Phoenix, did I?"
  1353. [22:25:11] * T0 raises an eyebrow. "That's a bit like telling a blind person you'll describe any color they want for em without any frame of what the hell a color is.  You know what I am.  I barely knew jack about my home world before ending up on this one, let alone the inner workings of whatever you guys do," woulda said before that started, at least.
  1354. [22:26:59] <Ralul> "I just want it to be clear that there needn't be secrets between us on account of 12GIL. It may be because of those practices that we eventually became ruined."
  1355. [22:27:34] <Amaryllis> "Leave him to whatever choice he wishes for now, Ralul." Ammy says quietly. "I disagree that secrecy has been our downfall, but regardless, you are asking quite a lot of someone who just discovered their traveling companion has been an instrument of murder for years and years."
  1356. [22:27:49] <Ralul> "...Hm. I suppose you have a point."
  1357. [22:27:56] * Lenore thinks a bit. "So...uh...Mr. Ralul...why were you in prison?"
  1358. [22:29:02] * Natalie sits down on Ammy's bed too, still beat up and shit since she never bothered healing.
  1359. [22:29:11] <Ralul> "Ironically enough? I was framed for murder."
  1360. [22:29:40] <Amaryllis> "If it were not for our secrecy, we may have been crushed in our entirety when Madain Sari fell, instead of merely broken and scattered to the winds. My companions do all know of 12GIL already, but please, as your Inquisitor, may I ask you not make my job of safeguarding us from our enemies any more difficult?" Ammy tries to smile in a jocular way. "It is hard enough a job stopping me from killing us without the world knowing."
  1361. [22:29:42] <Ralul> "...perhaps we can go over the full story tomorrow. A lot has been said tonight and everyone might just need a bit of rest."
  1362. [22:29:59] <Ralul> He chuckles a bit. "Very well, Inquisitor."
  1363. [22:31:34] <Natalie> "I don't think we're in TOO much of a hurry," Nat leans against Ammy with a bit of a yawn.  "'Sides, we have a lot to talk about... too..."
  1364. [22:31:57] * Natalie slides down to her lap.
  1365. [22:32:15] <Ralul> "I'll handle things with the Peacekeepers. You should feel free to return to your inn for now, I daresay you've all earned the rest."
  1366. [22:33:05] <Amaryllis> "There is no real rush, no, Nat. I, personally, am not going much of anywhere anytime soon." Ammy winces a bit. "Your brother's damned exercise book is bloody brutal, Lenore. I think everything hurts."
  1367. [22:33:07] * Lenore nods. "Well, okay!" She gets up and... "Aaaaah, my legs fell asleep!" falls over, stretching her legs a bit to try to wake them up
  1368. [22:35:42] * Natalie zzzz.
  1369. [22:36:06] <Lenore> She eventually straightens herself out and can actually walk.  "Okay, we can go now, sorry!"
  1370. [22:36:15] <Ralul> Ralul goes to drag Kalissa to the peacekeepers, who go to put her in a different cell. She looks back towards Amaryllis, smiling softly, and singing to herself.
  1371. [22:36:27] <Natalie> Freak.
  1372. [22:36:44] <Ralul> "Lost in darkest blue, endless labyrinths weaving through..."
  1373. [22:36:44] * T0 simply seems exasperated with this whole ordeal by now.  "Just find me when it's kosher to be around then or something then.  Lewd statues ahoy."  and leaves
  1374. [22:37:04] <Ralul> "Will you stagger on with no star to light your way?"
  1375. [22:37:16] <Ralul> Sssshunk, she's put into a cell.
  1376. [22:37:59] * Natalie pops into catmode for convenient carrying when Ammy gets up. If ever.
  1377. [22:38:17] <Ralul> And you go your separate ways for now.
  1378. [22:38:30] <T0> LEWD GARLANDS. EVERYWHERE.
  1379. [22:38:32] <Ralul> Alliances are tested, and patience is tried.
  1380. [22:38:37] <T0> ONE OUTSIDE IFRIT LESBO'S ROOM TOO.
  1381. [22:38:44] <Ralul> A last truth comes to light...
  1382. [22:38:50] <Natalie> date minigame with ifrit lesbo pls
  1383. [22:39:06] <Ralul> What shall be the future of these heroes? Will their friendship stand strong?
  1384. [22:39:19] <Ralul> Or will their ties dissolve in a sea of distrust...?
  1385. [22:39:23] <Ralul> </>
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