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Worlds fanfiction: Calissa/Cassgrave

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Jun 19th, 2012
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  3. “MaidGunner, do that one more time and you're booted!” Melissa was yelling at MaidGunner for a while now as she kept talking about fox holes dressed as a furry. Maid was on thin ice now.
  5. “That's not what I meant when I said fox hole though.” Said Maid who was running around still dressed as a furry. From the corner watching this was Cassian, who was hoping that Maid would stop making Melissa mad. She knew better not to get on Melissa's bad side and that she would get booted. For a while she was quiet, but all a sudden Maid did the unthinkable.
  7. “Cassian...” Said Maid. “How tight is your fox hole?” 'Oh no.' Cass thought.
  9. “THAT'S IT.” Melissa yelled. “BOOTED”.
  11. “Wait no!” Cassian said as she ran up to Melissa. “Don't boot her please!”
  13. “I'm sorry Cassian but Maid has disobeyed me when I have told her to stop-...”
  15. “Look, I know she's on thin ice now!-...”
  17. “SHE'S ON SLUSH!” Cassian got on her knees in front of Melissa and begged.
  19. “Look, I'll do anything! Please don't boot her!” From afar MaidGunner was just spinning around not seeming to care. She knew she wouldn't get banned anyway since SirGemini was just too moe to ban her. While Cassian begged, Melissa looked down and was checking out Cassians body. She liked what she saw.
  21. “You'll do anything?” Asked Melissa.
  23. “Anything!” Cassian answered. Melissa smiled.
  25. “Alright.” She said. “Come by tomorrow and I wont boot Maid.” Cassian sighed as she nodded and got back on her feet. Melissa then went back to sleep.
  27. Next day
  29. Cassian was on Worlds the next day waiting for Melissa as she promised. No one was around except for the occasional sleeping regulars. Suddenly Cass felt a sharp pain on her head and fell to the ground with a thump. She moaned and felt as if she was being dragged away on the ground. Her eyes fluttered and closed, and she then passed out.
  31. A few hours later
  33. Cassian woke up with a raging head ache. She fluttered her eyes opened and looked around. She was in some sort of dungeon that was red everywhere. She realized she was tied up to the wall with ropes around her wrists. She struggled to get away and suddenly saw a figure she recognized.
  35. “Oh, you're finally awake.” They said. 'pork chop sandwiches!' Cass thought. She saw Melissa dressed bondage suit with a whip in her hand. She held the end of the whip and was spinning it around.
  37. “You know what, you can just ban MaidGunner!” Cassian said. Melissa chuckled and grabbed a gag from the table. She then walked up to Cassian and wrapped the chain around her neck, putting the gag in her mouth. Cassian muffled and struggled. Suddenly she saw Melissa take off the bottom half of her bondage suit...and she saw what was not a vagina. Melissa was a trap.
  39. Cassian was muffling louder now and tried to scream. Melissa whipped her 5 times though. She untied Cassian and without and warning shoved her beak in her. Cassians life flashed before eyes right then and there.
  41. After a minute or two, a figure suddenly appeared and pushed Melissa off of Cassian.
  43. “KEEP AWAY FROM MY WAIFU!” They yelled. Cassian didn't know what was going on anymore. She closed her eyes and passed out to the sound of Melissa screaming.
  45. The next fucking day
  47. Cassian fluttered her eyes, this time waking up in a comfortable bed. She tried to sit up but felt a raging pain in side her. She lied back down and looked around her surroundings.
  49. “Oh, you're awake!” She heard. She looked over and saw Waldegrave coming through the door with a plate of pork chop sandwiches. Cassian smiled, happy to see her waifu. Waldegrave sat down on the bed by Cassian.
  51. “What happened to you?” She asked. Cassian sighed and looked at her waifu.
  53. “I told Melissa I'd do anything for her so she wouldn't ban Maid.” She said. Waldegrave hugged Cass.
  55. “Cass, you know how dangerous Melissa is!” She yelled.
  57. “I know.” Said Cass. “I'm stupid.”
  59. “No!” Waldgrave yelled. “Listen to me. You are flawless. You are flawless and I love you.” Waldegrave and Cassian started to make out on the bed. Suddenly the beautiful pink bird thing Ichthyan walked through the door.
  61. “Mama Kiwi.” She said. “I'm hungryyy.”
  63. “I'm busy!” Waldegrave said. Waldy and Cass continued to make out and got under the bed covers together.
  65. Too moe.
  67. The end~
  68. Copyright © 2012
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