Treating a Lich King 'problem'

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  1. Entering the place, the undeads were already waiting for both. The place as always was clean, impeccable! All according to the will of the necromancer.
  3. "Please, take a seat, feel at home.." Aldrah nods to Arthur, "I'll prepare things. You said the 'injury' is in your circuits, right?"
  4. (Aldrah)
  6. Taking a seat, he would only nod; even from the observation alone it would be pretty obvious what sort of injury that is. Still, upon settling down, he decided to speak.
  8. "Yes. I believe that was caused by the Mimic on that cursed island... I've felt fairly weakened ever since."
  9. (Arthur Rowan)
  11. "I see, I believe I can handle this by refilling your energy for a new one, mine in the case. And taking care of the 'decay'." Aldrah nodded.
  13. Aldrah then snapped his fingers and undeads began to circulate them, some of them bring a few things. Crystals and the staff of the necromancer, simple things that Aldrah could use to take care of the injury.
  15. The crystal would server to keep the energy 'spoiled', while the staff would be the focus that Aldrah would use to transfer the energies.
  17. "Let's start." Aldrah spoke, using his magic to build a small pillar of ice, in front of Arthur, where he placed the crystal.
  19. He would need to first remove the 'damaged' energy from the body, then replace it with his own. So there he did it. Picking up his staff, he positioned the top of it on Arthur's chest, more specifically where the heart was supposed to stay.
  21. In the next few minutes, Aldrah had closed his eyes and started the process. He was totally focused on removing the 'decay' of the circuits, passing it to the target crystal. Arthur could feel some of his strength fading as the process continued.
  23. After a few minutes, Aldrah had managed to remove much of the 'decay' that had previously been on the circuits. The crystal in question that had been used had been full and no longer useful for the time being, maybe could be useful for another thing?
  25. "Right.. Now I'm going to replace your mana with mine, this should also strengthen your circuits." He spoke, smiling at the Lich.
  27. Shortly after he spoke, he focused again on the process, still with the staff positioned on Arthur's chest. This seemed to be the process of reviving a being or sending energy into the ritual of the statue. Aldrah already had some 'skill' with it.
  29. As the process started, Aldrah's forces faded. Arthur could alreadyfeel a little more 'strengthened', after all Aldrah was giving his energy to the lich... After a few minutes, the process had been complete, where Aldrha leaned on his staff. Almost totally without strength.
  31. "Done.." He spoke, "I think that should take care of the problem." Aldrah nods to Arthur.
  33. He then picked up that crystal that contained some of Arthur's energy and placed it in his satchel.
  35. "How do you feel?" He spoke, staring at the lich.
  36. (Aldrah)
  38. The Lich King allowed Aldrah to operate upon him without any obstacle; though, it wasn't exactly something he was used to do, and as such, he'd simply shut himself down for the most part- the blue fires in his eyes were more or less simmered down, and only compliant with the requests given by another Necromancer.
  40. Usually, after all, he's the one treating others.
  42. But this injury could not be left aside for the incoming battle. There's a sense of urgency and need for the cases such as this, and there's no doubt that it would be greatly required for this effort - as such, it was necessary. Minutes were passing, fleeting past the Lich King's mind, and...
  44. Eventually, it was done.
  46. When it was, the full body control was resumed; two fires sparked up in his eyes again, and at that point he took a proper stance and straightened himself. A single nod followed, and he spoke.
  48. "Appreciated. Thank you."
  49. (Arthur Rowan)
  51. Aldrah nods to Arthur, and then spoke, "No problem. If you need me again, you know where I live!" He smiled.
  52. (Aldrah)
  54. Rowan says, "Of course."
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