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  1. [16:44:32] <Mikaela> It's late morning the day after the karaoke incident, not long after Mika had her chat with Rica. She makes her way to the Prince's dorm and knocks on the door.
  2. [16:46:48] * Ali opens the door! He's... A bit disheveled, which is jarring since he takes EXTREME CARE OF HIMSALF all the time!
  3. [16:47:37] <Mikaela> "Hey Prince, we've gotta chat. Mind if I come in?"
  4. [16:48:23] <Ali> Hair unkempt, non-shaved chin, smelling like sweat... "H...Huh. Yeah..." He motions her to get inside his room!
  5. [16:51:02] * Mikaela walks in along with a line of Mawiles, the usual for her. She takes a seat. "So."
  6. [16:51:21] <Mikaela> "I got the gist of what happened, but I think I've gotta hear whatcha made of it yourself, y'know?"
  7. [16:52:42] <Ali> "..." He approaches one of the tables and grabs a cup of water from it, drinking in one gulp. "Well, that is... Your right i guess."
  8. [16:54:23] <Mikaela> "I've already had a chat with Rica 'bout it, so ya don't really gotta hide anything."
  9. [16:55:03] <Mikaela> "You've gotta realize though Prince, just how conflicted and fuckin' complicated her feelings are, an' I want to have a good idea o' what happened, y'know?"
  10. [16:57:32] <Ali> "You don't think i know what her feelings are?" He mumbles while staring up at her. "I... I had made a mistake. I defiled her, before she even married me..." He takes another shot.
  11. [16:58:51] <Mikaela> "Oh Arceus...well, least you've gotta straightforward thought on this one." Mika sighs.
  12. [16:59:58] <Mikaela> "She told me ya said a buncha pretty grandiose things, 'bout helpin' her fix her problems, that she told ya 'bout the masochism thing, all the self-loathing, y'know, that kinda thing. Y'mean it? And more to the point, do ya think you can do it?"
  13. [17:02:37] <Ali> "I... Yes. I am doing that, there is no doubt. I promised her that, just as she promised to take care of herself more. And she didn't broke that promise as far as i know." He looks at Mika's eyes.
  14. [17:03:59] * Mikaela sighs. "For fuck's sake..."
  15. [17:04:14] <Mikaela> "Alright, well."
  16. [17:05:28] <Mikaela> "Look, s'not that I doubt your intentions here. I'll admit I spent a good half of my chat with Rica thinkin' you took advantage o' her emotional state an' said what she wanted to hear, but I'm not thinkin' that's the case here."
  17. [17:06:22] <Mikaela> "I will say that I think you're bein' pretty fuckin' naive if ya don't know what you're walkin' into here. The reason I don't think ya know her feelings is cause, fuck, I don't think she does, y'know? Are ya ready to deal with this sorta thing?"
  18. [17:06:56] <Ali> "Oh you did." Ali looks a bit spiteful while mentioning that. "And so you think i'm a fool, not a rapist. Am i supposed to be grateful at your change of heart?"
  19. [17:07:19] <Ali> "And you... What makes you think YOU know her feelings?" He gets up and approaches Mika.
  20. [17:08:53] <Mikaela> "I don't, but I don't think she does either, an' I don't think it's good practice to be buildin' a relationship offa somethin' like the self-loathing she feels. Half of her thinks she only set up herself with ya 'cause her subconscious thinks somethin' horrible's gonna come of it and she'll get another kick outta that, did she tell ya that part?"
  21. [17:10:33] <Ali> "...No she didn't." Ali looks down, really dejected. "But the other half... It believes she can become happy with me, no? That is what i'm counting... No, what i am SURE i'll make." He chuckles a bit. "But to think i... I thought of her only a few days before... It's an unclean thought."
  22. [17:12:00] <Mikaela> "Fuck, see, this is the sorta thing...I'm just sayin' if these sorts of complicated thoughts of hers don't get worked out, you're both gonna be fuckin' miserable, you can see that, right?"
  23. [17:12:49] <Mikaela> "Half of me thinks she's just lookin' for a rebound after gettin' rejected by Alexandre, half of me thinks she really is still fuckin' driven by her masochism and lettin' that run her whole life, and if the latter's true she's gonna end up runnin' more than her own feelings into the ground, y'know?"
  24. [17:17:15] * Ali sighs. "You. I tried to reach you... I tried to make you happy just as i want to make her happy. But you only responded that with scorn, didn't you?"
  25. [17:17:25] <Mikaela> "You're takin' it all for granted that her feelings are simple, like straight outta some romantic anime or somethin', aren'tcha? I'm tryin' to tell ya how fuckin' complicated this might get if she can't deal with her self-loathing, y'know."
  26. [17:17:44] <Ali> "I'm starting to think you want to keep her away from me, to take her for yourself! To spite me for not going after you!"
  27. [17:17:54] <Mikaela> "I'm not in the sorta place where I even have any mind for gettin' into a relationship, Prince."
  28. [17:18:01] <Mikaela> "Fuck, will ya listen to yourself?"
  29. [17:19:05] <Ali> "And you believe her to be weak? To not try to improve herself?"
  30. [17:20:11] <Ali> "And you didn't answered what i said earlier."
  31. [17:20:42] <Mikaela> "I told her to see a therapist, an' she seems like she's gonna. She doesn't know how the fuck she's gonna try to change herself is the thing, y'know?"
  32. [17:20:45] <Mikaela> "What?"
  33. [17:22:58] <Ali> "About the reasons you are interested on setting us apart."
  34. [17:23:53] <Mikaela> "For fuck's sake that's not what I've been sayin'. I'm askin' if you're prepared to deal with a whole fuckin' truckload of emotional baggage if you're gonna try to go through with this 'cause that's what you're gonna fuckin' get."
  35. [17:25:09] <Mikaela> "Y'know what she told me? She's fuckin' scared, of what your family will think if ya bring back home a girl whose legs don't work, of you still hittin' on other girls after this, but y'know what else? Part of her wants all of that, part of her wants ya to go flirtin' with other chicks just so she can get that rush of bein' rejected. Can ya deal with that?"
  36. [17:26:42] <Ali> "I am! Because i love her! That is something you won't understand!" He throws the cup, which passes a few centimeters left of Mika's head. "I love her! And i love you as well! But... I won't be treated like that! She was the only one who treated me nicely! Don't you think i am not scared of what father will think when i bring her with me? Don't you think i still don't crave for more...
  37. [17:26:42] <Ali> For more people to stay with me? If i... If i 'flirt', it will not a reason to reject her, but it's to increase the family i want to make!"
  38. [17:28:35] <Mikaela> "That's not how she's gonna see it. Like it or not, your culture's kinda different an' where Rica's from couples are expected t'be exclusive. Y'can't go 'round with other girls once you've decided on one, that sorta thing. So either way, if ya do...well, I'm just sayin' half of her is gonna take it terribly cause of that, half of her is gonna want it an' crave it."
  39. [17:29:47] <Mikaela> "She said to me she's not sure what she thinks, what she wants."
  40. [17:30:26] <Mikaela> "An' she doesn't trust herself 'cause she can't get over her self-loathing."
  41. [17:30:34] <Ali> "Why didn't she took it to me then?" Ali clutches his head, looking really sullen. "Why do i have to listen this from you?"
  42. [17:31:13] <Mikaela> "'Cause I think you're capable of doin' something she ain't right now, makin' a decision, sayin' whatcha want and meanin' it."
  43. [17:32:06] <Mikaela> "But I sure as fuck wasn't gonna let you make that sorta decision without ya knowin' the full magnitude of what you're gettin' yourself into, y'know?"
  44. [17:35:20] <Ali> "I know my decision." He approaches Mika and suddenly hugs her. "I... I will stay with Frederica on my side. I shall make her my Queen. I will help her overcome her... Her tendencies she fears." Squeeze. "And i need help for that. From you at least. You might hate me, you might never accept to become mine or for me to become yours, but... I want your help at that."
  45. [17:36:50] * Mikaela returns the hug. "Go talk to her then. She told me to send ya her way once I was sure you were clear on whatcha wanted to do after knowin' everything."
  46. [17:37:30] <Mikaela> "She'll be sober, but I'm gonna tell ya now she sure as fuck doesn't know what she's thinkin' or what she wants. She'll say she does one moment then get caught up in her self-loathing and indecision the next. Be ready, y'know?"
  47. [17:40:39] * Ali nods and lets her go before undressing himself! And THEN he turns his back on Mika. "Can't go to her looking like that... Leave me a few minutes so i can clean and ready to go to her side."
  48. [17:42:01] <Mikaela> "I'm just gonna go, y'do whatcha need to 'fore that. Best of skill to ya." And with that Mika exits Ali's room.
  50. -
  53. [17:45:35] <DamienLunas> (it's one hour later?)
  54. [17:45:40] <Frederica> HOLD IT
  55. [17:45:44] <Ali> *knock knock*
  56. [17:46:15] <Frederica> Her dorm isn't like other dorms, it's actually in the middle of the grasslands.  Or at least the classroom is, something like that.  She'd been outside the room, sitting in her chair on the grass.
  57. [17:46:24] <DamienLunas> Yeah, hold it.
  58. [17:46:30] <DamienLunas> I think celebi might be getting upset here
  59. [17:46:56] <Frederica> It should be fine?
  60. [17:47:08] <Ali> mons?
  61. [17:47:12] <~Mons> what
  62. [17:47:13] <DamienLunas> yes except Mika is heading directly to talk to alexandre
  63. [17:47:25] <DamienLunas> right after she talks to Ali
  64. [17:47:37] <Frederica> oh man I was really hoping that was just some okowa thing you two were doing
  65. [17:47:44] <DamienLunas> nnnope.
  66. [17:47:51] <Ali> then it's just Ali and Rica
  67. [17:48:00] <DamienLunas> but you said it was one hour later
  68. [17:48:01] <Frederica> Does anything HAPPEN to Rica within that hour then?
  69. [17:48:03] <Ali> have at it
  70. [17:48:03] <DamienLunas> because he had to clean himself up
  71. [17:48:14] <Frederica> Because if something does, have it happen now.
  72. [17:48:34] <DamienLunas> Possibly! Mons what do you think
  73. [17:48:43] <~Mons> I don't even know what's going on.
  74. [17:48:45] <Frederica> EITHER WAY THE WHOLE TIME after Mika leaves her room she's sitting outside, singing.
  75. [17:48:49] <~Mons> I've been answering questions from zoof and cast
  76. [17:48:53] <DamienLunas> Would it take longer than an hour for Mikaela to get from Ali's room to the committee room
  77. [17:48:55] <~Mons> and planning for my third game that I run
  78. [17:48:58] <Ali> (Singing what)
  79. [17:48:59] <zoofman> I don't
  80. [17:49:01] <zoofman> even know what's going on here
  81. [17:49:09] <Frederica> "Shine, bright morning light, now in the air the spring is coming..."
  82. [17:49:11] <~Mons> make it up
  83. [17:49:12] <zoofman> if you guys DID do something in PM's that fudges this up well
  84. [17:49:15] <zoofman> lol I dunno
  85. [17:49:18] <DamienLunas> then have a talk, then for alexandre to possibly go to see rica
  88. [17:49:40] <DamienLunas> IT DIRECTLY PRECEDED IT
  89. [17:49:45] <Mikaela> ^
  90. [17:49:45] * Ali approaches Rica meekly, looking a bit flustered.
  91. [17:49:51] <Mikaela> The order of events here was
  92. [17:49:55] <Mikaela> Mika and Rica chat
  93. [17:49:57] <Frederica> (Hold on, I have a solution)
  94. [17:50:04] <Frederica> (they both end up going to see her at the same time)
  95. [17:50:06] <Mikaela> Mika goes to her room and Alexandre finds her to chat
  96. [17:50:14] <Mikaela> Ali and Mika chat
  97. [17:50:15] <DamienLunas> Arrive at the same ti- :3
  98. [17:50:22] <DamienLunas> plut?
  99. [17:50:45] <Frederica> you guys and the things you do to teenage girl emotions are just horrible
  100. [17:51:06] * Frederica sings softly with her eyes closed anyway. Seems she'd been practicing.
  101. [17:52:25] <Frederica> "Sweet, blowing wind, singing down the hills and valleys..."
  102. [17:53:02] <Ali> She can feel a familiar patpat on her head. "Sorry for comming unannounced."
  103. [17:53:07] <Ali> *coming
  104. [17:53:29] <Frederica> "Keep your..."  She stops and looks straight up.
  105. [17:53:54] * Ali smiles at her! "Hi."
  106. [17:54:11] <Frederica> "Eyes on me... now we..."  She looks back down, guiltily.  "... are on the edge of hell."
  107. [17:54:29] <Frederica> "... I'm glad you came."
  108. [17:54:58] <Ali> "Yes. After what i heard i couldn't help but come here myself."
  109. [17:55:57] * Frederica shuffles a little. "That really means a lot. All I could do was... worry."
  110. [17:56:34] <Frederica> "But can you really still stand me?  Can you really deal with all of the... everything?  All of the truth?"
  111. [17:56:34] * Ali kneels and gives her a quick cheek kiss. "I... Why didn't you said those worries of yours yesterday? To hear it from Mikaela of all people..."
  112. [17:57:16] * Frederica looks straight up, and then back down. "Because... she's my best friend. I just can't keep things from her."
  113. [17:57:41] <Frederica> "How she can still manage to deal with me is a miracle, too."
  114. [17:57:56] * Alexandre comes up, running, not really having the time to faff about with ninja entrances.
  115. [17:58:10] <Alexandre> "Rica!"
  116. [17:58:32] * Frederica peps up, and then her pupils totally shrink until they're practically invisible.
  117. [17:58:45] <Frederica> "C... Chairman?"
  118. [17:59:14] * Ali stares at Alexandre. "You."
  119. [17:59:31] <Alexandre> "I..." he starts, but then looks over at Ali "Yeah. Me."
  120. [17:59:53] <Frederica> "No... please don't.  P-Please don't start something."
  121. [17:59:57] <Ali> "Leave her." Ali whispers softly. "Now."
  122. [18:00:16] * Frederica just looks straight to the ground with eyes that are completely soulless. "Stop it, stop it, stop it..."
  123. [18:00:25] <Alexandre> "I'm not here to start something. I'm here to talk to Rica."
  124. [18:00:47] * Frederica grabs Ali's sleeve. "It's okay."
  125. [18:01:18] * Ali apologetically nods to Rica and tries to hug her. "Sorry. I-it's just that..." He snaps back at Alex. "Haven't you done enough harm to her?"
  126. [18:01:41] * Frederica takes a deep breath and looks up to face the Chairman, eyes nervously averting themselves. "Ali, stop it. I want to hear what he has to say."
  127. [18:02:08] <Frederica> "If he came all this way, what if it's important?  What if it's them?"
  128. [18:02:38] <Alexandre> "If... I have done harm to her."
  129. [18:03:13] <Alexandre> "Then I want to apologize to you properly, Rica."
  130. [18:03:41] * Frederica only half-accepts the hug, and pushes the prince away while floating to a position that's in-between both of them. "I..."
  131. [18:03:54] <Frederica> "You haven't.  You haven't done anything.  The only one who's hurt me is myself."
  132. [18:04:43] <Alexandre> "That's not true, Rica."
  133. [18:04:49] <Alexandre> "The reasons I rejected you for..."
  134. [18:04:54] * Frederica gulps.
  135. [18:05:11] <Alexandre> "They're selfish reasons."
  136. [18:05:19] <Frederica> "..."
  137. [18:05:27] * Frederica looks back between the both of them and gulps again.
  138. [18:05:37] <Frederica> "I'm the one who was selfish."
  139. [18:06:29] <Alexandre> "We all had our reasons I suppose."
  140. [18:06:41] * Ali is still looking at Alex with a look that could curdle milk, but refrains from talking.
  141. [18:06:45] <Frederica> "I... always have been.  I'm sure everything I've done since I've came here, even helping others, was petty and self-important.  And I just wanted to... to use somebody.  To help diffuse the things I've been feeling."
  142. [18:07:15] * Frederica blushes a little. "I... I'm glad you were spared from that, Chairman. But... that doesn't mean it's okay for me to do the same thing to anybody else."
  143. [18:07:30] <Ali> "Rica... Don't say that, you are the kindest person i ever met!"
  144. [18:07:47] <Frederica> "I've been kind so I could love other people instead of myself!"
  145. [18:08:08] <Frederica> "That's what it's ALWAYS been.  The best for everybody else.  The worst for me."
  146. [18:08:18] <Ali> "And if you want to use someone, you can use me! And if you can't love yourself, let me do it for you!"
  147. [18:08:55] <Frederica> "I'm not... I'm not going to use you.  I'm going to change.  But the decisions I've already made..."
  148. [18:08:58] <Alexandre> "That's the opposite, Rica. That's not selfish. It's self-sacrificing."
  149. [18:09:08] * Frederica is visibly trying extremely hard to resist tears.
  150. [18:09:46] <Frederica> "Does being self-sacrificing automatically make it a good thing?"
  151. [18:10:05] <Alexandre> "No, it doesn't."
  152. [18:10:08] <Frederica> "It's selfish because I KNOW I've made people worry from it.  I kept it from them - from all of you - on purpose."
  153. [18:12:12] <Ali> "I don't care for that... You can still change if you want to!"
  154. [18:12:16] <Alexandre> "Rica, listen..."
  155. [18:12:38] * Frederica looks up. "I... I'm happy with how it happened. I think."
  156. [18:12:52] <Frederica> "I've gotten my chance to be self-sacrificing AND to actively help students here."
  157. [18:13:47] <Frederica> "I'm glad to work under you."
  158. [18:13:57] <Alexandre> "Because of what I did... I chose to put safety above happiness."
  159. [18:14:06] <Alexandre> "And... that's not what I truly believe in."
  160. [18:14:36] * Frederica holds a hand up, out flat. "But you're correct."
  161. [18:14:40] <Alexandre> "But I let it happen, because I wanted to stay true to my job, and to my family's morals."
  162. [18:15:01] <Frederica> "It's the committee's duty TO ensure safety.  When we first met, you told me that I was likely to be ostracized by my peers because of how I'd uphold that duty."
  163. [18:15:29] * Frederica pulls the hand back, wipes her pseudo-tears, and folds her arms. "I said I didn't care. And I still don't."
  164. [18:16:27] <Alexandre> "But... I was wrong, Rica."
  165. [18:16:45] <Alexandre> "Happiness shouldn't always have to be sacrificed."
  166. [18:17:00] <Alexandre> "That's what I believe in... and that's what I'm doing now."
  167. [18:17:03] <Frederica> "..."  Sniff.  "... I know.  I know how you felt, that day."
  168. [18:17:17] <Alexandre> "I know what happened. Between you two."
  169. [18:17:23] <Frederica> "It was stupid of me not to act on it, but I thought YOU'D be able to be happy if..."
  170. [18:17:25] <Frederica> "If..."
  171. [18:17:31] * Frederica shuts the fuck up.
  172. [18:17:50] <Alexandre> "Under normal circumstances... this would be severe punishment. For both of you."
  173. [18:17:53] * Ali looks at the side. Wait, did he PEEP on us?
  174. [18:18:31] <Alexandre> "But... that wouldn't help anyone."
  175. [18:18:40] <Frederica> "... You know I don't like exceptions."
  176. [18:18:55] <Alexandre> "I know."
  177. [18:18:58] <Alexandre> "That's why I'm making it the rule."
  178. [18:19:07] <Ali> "...One question."
  179. [18:19:16] * Frederica looks up, puzzled. "The... what?"
  180. [18:19:28] <Ali> "Why did you reject her."
  181. [18:19:41] <Ali> "Could you... Please tell me why?"
  182. [18:20:19] <Alexandre> "Do you remember the secrets during politics and negotiation?"
  183. [18:20:44] * Frederica goes back to silence now, casting a guilty look at the grass.
  184. [18:22:28] <Alexandre> "At that time... I was the one who said that I wished to marry my sister."
  185. [18:23:12] * Frederica turns to Ali, speaking up in a whisper. "I asked because I knew that... because I knew it was impossible."
  186. [18:24:00] <Frederica> And then back to both of them.  "It was stupid and selfish of me to bring it up.  Everybody would've been happier if I kept those feelings to myself and moved on."
  187. [18:24:04] <Alexandre> "The Paixian noble society is matriarchal. The first born daughter is the heir. Not the son."
  188. [18:24:27] * Ali pats Frederica. "You... You told me that. That is why i am glad you accepted me. Because i am sure it's possible for us."
  189. [18:24:33] <Alexandre> "We aren't traditionally allowed to make the decisions about who we marry."
  190. [18:25:04] <Ali> "...How ironic, isn't it." Says the one who is sort of shagging his (formerly only in affection) sister.
  191. [18:25:17] <Alexandre> "Isn't it just."
  192. [18:25:30] <Alexandre> "But... nothing's impossible."
  193. [18:25:36] <Alexandre> "We're only limited by what we're willing to do."
  194. [18:25:38] * Frederica looks between them.
  195. [18:26:00] <Frederica> "It's... too late.  I..."
  196. [18:26:04] <Alexandre> "That's why I said I'm changing the rule."
  197. [18:26:08] <Frederica> Sniff.  "I don't deserve either of you, though."
  198. [18:27:45] <Ali> "And you let yourself be held by that?" He stares at Alex, looking really stern. "You rejected the kindest, the sweetest, the most wonderful women in this island for your society's rules?"
  199. [18:27:53] <Alexandre> "Yes. I didn't want her to be part of that society. I thought I could protect her by doing it. But it wasn't right."
  200. [18:27:59] <Ali> "Mikaela told me that you fear that my family won't accept you, Rica. Mother, Sisters, Brothers... They would all be happy to take you as one of them. But my father... I can't help but think he would disagree with that." Ali shrugs. "Yet this hasn't ever stopped me."
  201. [18:28:05] <Alexandre> "I sent a letter to Professor Fff... the contests and coordinators professor."
  202. [18:29:03] <Alexandre> "I don't dream that he'd reject the proposal."
  203. [18:29:25] * Rica stops hesitating and looks back up. "What... What's being proposed?"
  204. [18:30:11] <Alexandre> "To relax the rules against student relations."
  205. [18:30:18] <Rica> "..."
  206. [18:30:23] <Alexandre> "In leiu of your punishment..."
  207. [18:30:30] * Rica looks back down. "For one person? ... For me?"
  208. [18:30:38] <Rica> "... No.  I don't accept that."
  209. [18:31:06] <Alexandre> "You would be to see him. He's the school counselor."
  210. [18:31:12] <Alexandre> "Not just for you, Rica."
  211. [18:31:16] <Alexandre> "For everyone from now on."
  212. [18:32:08] <Rica> "But... the rules were there for a reason.  Even as important as... well.. um... as love can be to some people's lives, the school SHOULD be prioritizing students' education.  And on top of that, even though I knew the rules I still broke them."
  213. [18:32:29] <Rica> "Not only that, I broke the rules when I was in a position to be enforcing them."
  214. [18:32:35] <Alexandre> "The rules were there for a reason, yes."
  215. [18:32:40] <Alexandre> "But it was a stupid reason."
  216. [18:32:44] <Alexandre> "This is a place of learning."
  217. [18:32:48] <Ali> "If you want to punish someone, do it with me."
  218. [18:32:51] <Alexandre> "And you ought to be educated instead of punished."
  219. [18:33:02] <Alexandre> "Both of you."
  220. [18:33:18] <Rica> "But I des..."  Suddenly a SPARK.
  221. [18:33:20] <Ali> "I was the one who proposed it in first place, just like i done... Unsuccessfully... On other occasions."
  222. [18:33:41] <Rica> "... Would others be made happy because of it, you think?"
  223. [18:33:49] <castfromhp> (wait what. Rica said she initiated the spoink springing)
  224. [18:33:59] <Rica> (She did, too)
  225. [18:34:26] <Alexandre> "Mr. Ali, would you be happier in jail for potential rape charges, or would you rather go see Mr... the counselor."
  226. [18:34:29] * Rica grabs Ali's wrist, digging her fingernails in. "Don't tell a lie. Not now."
  227. [18:34:37] <Ali> (there is something called taking the bullet)
  228. [18:34:52] <Alexandre> (or wait who was she talking to there)
  229. [18:35:05] <Rica> (to the one who's being wrist-dug)
  230. [18:35:24] <Alexandre> (no I mean with the "would others be made happy because of it")
  231. [18:35:33] <Rica> (oh, that's to the chairman)
  232. [18:35:33] <Ali> "Do you call me a rapist, you wret-!" He's about to punch Alex in the face, but the sudden WRISTSCRATCH stops him. "Hrrgh."
  233. [18:36:10] <Rica> "Please don't overreact.  But... I don't know where that idea came from, either.  I'd stand up for him if he were accused of that."
  234. [18:36:32] <Alexandre> "You do have to understand though, it looks VERY bad for him."
  235. [18:37:21] <Rica> "He hasn't done anything wrong.  He's a good person, and... I trust him.  As I've said, I'm the only one who's made mistakes."
  236. [18:37:32] * Rica droops back down. "I'm the one who's broken people's trust."
  237. [18:37:34] <Alexandre> "And I simply want to know if he'd be happier recieving some counseling, or being punished like that."
  238. [18:37:56] <Ali> "Rica..."
  239. [18:38:08] <Rica> "I'll talk to Mr. Freed too, then."
  240. [18:38:16] <Alexandre> "Of course."
  241. [18:38:22] <Alexandre> "I sent the letter already."
  242. [18:38:24] * Ali pats. "Punished for what? I never forced her to do anything against her will!"
  243. [18:38:38] * Rica digs the nails in deeper. They're really fucking long nails.
  244. [18:38:44] <Alexandre> "But students having relations is against the rules."
  245. [18:39:10] <Rica> "But Chairman... I have a request."
  246. [18:39:18] <Alexandre> "Precisely because it causes complicated situations like this which can impede learning. In addition to a whole host of other problems. Pregnancy, disease..."
  247. [18:39:20] <Alexandre> "Yes?"
  248. [18:39:22] * Ali winces in pain! "...Yes. And i recognize that, despite never liking the idea."
  249. [18:39:29] <Rica> "Please don't forgive me right away.  If ever."
  250. [18:39:43] <Rica> "For breaking the rules... for ignoring how you felt."
  251. [18:40:09] <Rica> "I'm the one who was stupid, manipulative, untrustworthy."
  252. [18:40:22] * Rica loosens the grip. "... But it's because of all that that I'm going to change."
  253. [18:40:48] <Ali> "Rica... I..."
  254. [18:41:08] <Alexandre> "I have a request for you as well."
  255. [18:41:15] <Rica> "Even if I really am at fault, I want to go beyond beating myself up for it.  I broke the rules, I want to work to make up for that.  I hurt your feelings, I want to..."
  256. [18:41:22] * Rica shuts up and listens.
  257. [18:41:38] <Alexandre> "Wait before you make any stupid decisions."
  258. [18:41:58] <Alexandre> "You're in no rush. Talk to the counselor. Talk to your friends. Think it over, and give it time."
  259. [18:42:16] * Rica lets go. "But... it's already too late. I already... we already..."
  260. [18:42:36] <Alexandre> "You had sex."
  261. [18:42:41] <Rica> GULP.
  262. [18:42:56] <Alexandre> "It's natural. Common. Beautiful in most cases."
  263. [18:43:05] <Alexandre> "And it's certainly not the end of the world."
  264. [18:43:08] <Alexandre> "Nor should it be."
  265. [18:43:27] <Rica> "... But you should hate me.  I tried to use your feelings, then ran off and..."
  266. [18:43:50] <Rica> The hands come out and bandage Ali's wrist by the way.
  267. [18:43:55] <Rica> Goddamn those are some sharp claws.
  268. [18:44:03] <Ali> "Let him finish." He looks back at Alex, strangely a bit more placated. "Go on."
  269. [18:44:59] <Alexandre> "Too bad."
  270. [18:45:25] <Alexandre> "I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of indulging your desire to be hated."
  271. [18:45:50] <Alexandre> "I'm going to forgive you. Both of you. And hope that you forgive me in turn for my mistakes."
  272. [18:45:53] * Rica almost looks shocked for a second, but slowly smiles. "... It's really spreading fast, isn't it?"
  273. [18:46:18] <Alexandre> "That is one of the morals of my family I will never betray."
  274. [18:46:18] <~Mons> Spreading like the rashes on their genitals
  275. [18:46:25] <Rica> "Then... I apologize."
  276. [18:46:27] <Rica> SHUT UP.
  277. [18:46:30] <Rica> THIS IS A SERIOUS MOMENT.
  278. [18:46:46] <~Mons> you can edit it out :3
  279. [18:46:49] <Alexandre> "I accept your apology, and apologize in turn to both you and Ali."
  280. [18:46:50] <Rica> NOPE
  281. [18:47:59] <Rica> "Then... I promise something like this will never have to happen again.  I'll be honest with my feelings, and..."  A beat.  "Maybe the rest of the students will be able to now, too."
  282. [18:48:17] * Ali scratches his head. "I... Don't know what to say to you for the moment. But... I need some time to think on that." *sigh* "I am not to carry a grudge, even against you, though."
  283. [18:49:15] <Rica> "..."
  284. [18:49:31] <Rica> "Ali, you might want to cover your ears for a second."
  285. [18:49:45] <Alexandre> "It's a promise then. I shall endeavor to put my virtue of honesty above that of temperance."
  286. [18:51:16] <Rica> "Ahem.  Chairman... no, Alexandre.  My feelings were selfish, but I want to be honest that you're very attractive and I'd be surprised if there were any girls in the academy who haven't fallen for you.  But... I still want to be close.  If you can truly forgive me, then I want to be your friend.  To help you with wild pokémon, with everything.  It's the least I can do to make up for what I've done, if I can't stay in love with you."
  287. [18:52:13] <Rica> "And most of all, I want to stay as your co-worker.  Just... with less stuffiness and worry."
  288. [18:53:01] <Rica> "... I would have accepted if my breaking the rules changed that.  What I did WAS stupid.  But I want to make the best of what I have, and learn from my mistakes."
  289. [18:53:04] * Ali doesn't cover his ears. He gets a bit jealous but... Well, i guess it can't be helped. She does like him after all. Hopefully no more than she likes the Prince himself...
  290. [18:53:49] <Rica> "Will you accept me as that?"
  291. [18:55:30] <Alexandre> "Rica, of course I will continue to be close to you. I love you, and shall return your feelings however you like."
  292. [18:56:08] <Ali> Ggggh. More jealousy.
  293. [18:56:28] <Rica> "I don't THINK I deserve to be forgiven for being so selfish.  But..."  Her arms cross.  "I don't deserve any more indulgence either.  I think I've had more than enough for a while."
  294. [18:57:19] * Alexandre gives her a hug. "Thank you. It makes me happy to know that you'll be taking care of yourself from now on."
  295. [18:57:45] * Rica returns it. "So... thank you for putting up with me. I'll work as slowly... as carefully as I have to, so as to not make any more mistakes."
  296. [18:58:22] <Alexandre> "With yourself, of course."
  297. [18:58:37] <Alexandre> "I still expect your committee work to be prompt and dilligent as ever."
  298. [18:59:01] <Rica> "It will.  It just so happens..."  She smiles, for real this time.  "That helping the other students helps me too, in this case."
  299. [18:59:21] <Rica> "Is the professor busy?  I think I'll... w'ell go see him as soon as possible."
  300. [18:59:34] * Alexandre grins, "That's more like it."
  301. [19:00:03] * Ali hmphs. "I guess i have no choice as well."
  302. [19:00:14] <Ali> *umus
  303. [19:00:15] <Alexandre> "And... I don't know. I'll actually have to wait a bit to make sure the change goes through."
  304. [19:00:38] <Alexandre> "If the headmaster rejects it you're both fucked."
  305. [19:00:54] * Rica grabs the prince's wrist again, no nails this time. "Don't worry.... I'm not worried."
  306. [19:00:58] <castfromhp> (in more ways than one dohoho)
  307. [19:01:06] <Rica> "Let's go."
  308. [19:01:06] <Ali> "Wh-whoa, calm down on that!"
  309. [19:01:14] <Alexandre> "One more thing, Ali."
  310. [19:01:18] * Alexandre leans in.
  311. [19:01:37] * Ali nods and pats Rica before going to wh-aaat?
  312. [19:01:43] <Alexandre> *whisper whisper*
  313. [19:02:44] * Ali can't help but laugh! "Hahahaha! But... That is definetely not a competition. So no need to count that." And with that, he leaves with Rica. Fade to black
  314. [19:03:04] <Alexandre> like fucking hell.
  315. [19:03:11] <Rica> That seems more like a "THEY HAPPILY PRANCE OFF INTO THE SUNRISE" TO ME
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