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group-xp credit cards update

group-xp Jan 5th, 2012 25,002 Never
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  1. Hi
  3. It's 0xOmar from group-xp, greatest Saudi Arabian hacker team.
  5. We have leaked 400,000+ Israeli people details, including credit cards, but we have seen some stuff which needs attention:
  7. - An Israeli stupid student says it was only 14,000 cards, while only A SIGNLE FILE we uploaded contains 27000 working credit cards, right now I'm sending this data from VPS
  9. server I have purchased with those cards. It was so bad media failure. Fake Jewish and Zionist lobby media started writing what a stupid student says. This made me a little
  11. unhappy. So I've started thinking of sending all Israeli credit cards I own which reaches 1M data. I'll do it soon!
  13. - Some other Jewish lobby fake media sites wrote that it was only One.co.il which is hacked, who says that? Another stupid Israeli student? No, it's wrong. I've hacked more
  15. than 80 Israeli servers to gather those data. Each of them are so big and high profile, just some of them is One.co.il, bizmakebiz (Israeli business site), ezpay, Judaism,
  17. etc.
  19. - Israeli online lobby was able to delete all my pages from Pastebin, Pastebay, Multiupload, Hotfile, etc. etc. This time you'll not be able to do so. Pastebay says it's
  21. uncensored text hosting, but it seems censoring have different meaning for Zionist lobby
  24. Because of the above issues, I'll send Israeli details some often, for now I have added another 11,000 credit cards which contains IsraCards and DinnerDash cards. This
  26. database contains 60,000 credit cards which also has MasterCard and Visa cards, but I'll send them later among with a lot of others.
  28. I've hacked much more than you can imagine, but I hate fake media and Zionist lobby in media and internet.
  29. If needed maybe in next time I start sharing all data I have downloaded from Israeli military contractor companies and let the world have their all documents, I'm thinking to
  31. start doing it from an Israeli company which creates jammers and eavesdropping devices.
  33. For now, you can download Israeli credit cards from below URLs which includes torrent, just search Credit Cards.rar.torrent in torrent sharing sites.
  35. Torrent file download from
  36. http://www.multiupload.com/RL3RBK8WHJ
  37. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VUIYRWXV
  38. http://www.uploadking.com/4OYTVPEGLG
  39. http://www.uploadhere.com/NIMNCQB9R2
  40. http://depositfiles.com/files/msgdschax
  41. http://hotfile.com/dl/140057064/86f1ede/Credit_Cards.rar.torrent.html
  42. http://www.zshare.net/download/98286391e93c91aa/
  43. http://www.filesonic.com/file/GjoGhVD
  44. http://www.wupload.co.uk/file/2635887107/Credit_Cards.rar.torrent
  45. http://www.fileserve.com/file/u2vx4yK/Credit%20Cards.rar.torrent
  47. Search in most of torrent search engines also
  49. Zionist lobby media, pay attention to what I sent to internet and what is reality, not what a stupid child says.
  51. Enjoy it world! Purchase stuff for yourself online, buy anything you want, buy servers, VPSes, VPNs, domains, software licenses, etc. Which I do daily
  53. Have anything to say, contact me: 0xOmar@mail.ru
  55. Wait for me, this has become my daily business, I'll keep sending Israeli details to reach that 1M, but I want to share it step by step, not all of them at once!
  57. Saudi Arabia for ever! Saudi Arabia rules, long life King Abdullah!
  58. assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
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