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  1. welcome#welcome,pil
  2. grim,to the great jou
  3. rney toward the end of
  4. all things.it is not an easy trip
  5. ,but for those who find their way
  6. here it is a necessary one.a
  7. long the way you will find an en
  8. d to all struggle and suffe
  9. ring,your innocence,your illu
  10. sions,your certainty,and you
  11. r reality.ultimately,you w
  12. will discover an end to self
  13. -----
  14. .it is through this pilgrim
  15. age that the shape ourselve
  16. s and our realities.journey d
  17. eep within and you will arriv
  18. e outside.like the instar,it i
  19. s only through going within tha
  20. t the may emerge#
  22. widsom#you are a being un
  23. to yourself.you are a
  24. law unto yourself.each
  25. intelligence is holy.fo
  26. r all that lives is holy#
  28. #an instruction#command your own self#
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