10th District Field Report

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  1. To: Captain Zarok
  2. Wednesday  15th of Griev, 10076
  4. After repelling the Gruul attack by clan Scorched Rock on 13th of Griev, the decision was made to assist the team from the Azorius with their mission into the Red Wastes; pursuant to their agreement with the Izzt, that retrieving metallic wyvern scale would expedite the resolution of our current supply chain issues.
  6. We set out at first light on 14th of Griev, and after passing the first mile marker we continued north directly for approximately three hours. It was evident by the animal remains in the area and scattered marks that we had entered the Wyvern's domain and larger hunting grounds.
  8. Veering north-by-north-east approximately 5km we encountered the defiled corpse of a Gruul berserker that had been overtaken by a plant based contagion that the Azorius recognized from their encounters in the Forge district's lower levels. The Gruul had been beaten to death for some time, indications pointing towards being set upon by other Gruul.
  10. From there, another 5km North-North-East, encountered a Macha/Arnyx it was quickly dispatched. We brought the single creature down, and move onward.
  12. I continued forward, hoping to see if anything was attracted by our scuffle with the cat. I picked out a gleam from the shadows of one of the larger ruins in the area, a building pushed over on it's side, mostly buried, with almost a cave like entrance where the floors had partially collapsed.
  13. This turned out to be the nest of a Metallic Wyvern. The very same type of creature we'd been tasked to get scales from.
  16. Unfortunately due to maneuvering for a better view, I failed to notice the Wyvern's shadow as it dove from the sky, biting into me, and tossing me back away. I'm really glad I took it upon myself to sacrifice a little sleep the previous night for the new armor.
  18. The creature's screech brought the Azorius as I clambered to get into a firing position. The next few minutes were intense, the Wyvern intent on defending her nest, and the four of us intent on relieving her of the eggs, which are quite large, as large as the Kobold himself, though he did try valiantly to carry one off.
  20. With a bit of luck we managed to get away with our lives, and one of the eggs. There are four more. And judging from the state of the Wyvern, she's been staying  close to them to make sure they hatch.
  22. I'll pass on the information as best I can lay out here as to where the nest is to the cartography team; We'd need a bit more planning to take that creature out, but perhaps some Skyknights are interested in retrieving the remainder of the eggs to try raising mounts?
  24. We regrouped, and focused the remainder of the day getting our bearings and working on smuggling the egg out of the Wastes.  
  26. Just about dusk, in some ruins we encountered a creature that seemed to have possessed the body of a Gruul Berserker, only the body was now in a state of decomposition and the mass of vines had taken to spreading out. The Azorius had encountered this kind of creature before, apparently in the Goblin areas of the Foundry district?
  28. Initial observation, it's not too hard to kill. It seems to attack by sending clusters of vines through the earth to entangle potential prey, or possibly it's next host. There doesn't quite seem to be a central nervous system, more an instinctual move towards living creatures.
  29. Arrows are not that effective.
  31. Being worried by the Azorius comments about the contagious nature of the vines  and In an effort to sanitize the area, I tried setting the corpse on fire with lamp oil. Normal fire doesn't seem to burn the creature's body with any effectiveness, as you might expect for vegetation to burn when doused and lit on fire. It did catch and burn eventually. Please convey to Brigadier Nolan that I'm -still- trying to do that trick with magical fire bolts he showed me, but it doesn't have the range or impact it should just yet. I'll keep practicing as time allows.
  33. We scouted for a place to make camp as night had set in fully, and we would have been at a further disadvantage to press on.
  35. Resting proved beneficial, albeit short lived, in the very early hours of pre-dawn a pack of three of the cats attacked us.  We managed to slay two and the third ran off, wounded.
  37. Moving carefully through mid morning we picked our way back onto the main route to the Legion Gatehouse, stopping when we heard Wurmsign.
  39. The secondary target for this mission presented itself, as we drew up on the remnants of clan Scorched Rock, being berated by their would be warchief, 'Ruric'.  
  40. Mostly women and children, though there was one very aged individual leaning on what couldn't have been a normal waking staff, my guess a Shaman or some kind of spiritual leader.
  42. Among those present was one of the large troll Berserkers who had been driven off by the failed assault on the 13th. If memory serves, his name is Ugoki.
  44. "Ruric" demanded to fight all of us, and the rest of the Gruul stayed back. Not being the brightest, he didn't last very long in combat, and the Paladin was able to concuss him and knock him out, but I'm pretty sure the Warlock had some kind of clamp on his brain towards the end.
  46. He bellowed to Ugoki to take the clan and go. There is no justice in slaughtering those who are fleeing without combat, even if they are Gruul, so we let them go. With luck clan Scorched Rock will take decades to rebuild itself, if it doesn't fall prey to the other clans, or become absorbed  by them.
  48. We bound Ruric and brought him in for questioning, along the walk back, managing to get the reason for his clan's near suicidal repeat of assaults on our Bastion.  They're worried about something the Golgari are up to, and the Azorius are convinced the plant creatures were also part of that.   I leave the pulling of secrets from his feeble mind to those who are better at it than I;  I don't have the talent nor the patience to avoid killing him.
  50. I advise to put him on a suicide watch and or restrain him to prevent him from taking his own life.
  54. --Rhasivalya
  55. P.s. Captain, if you're at liberto to say; I'd appreciate knowing more about what the Azorius have been up to on the way back from the Izzet foundries, I want the supply chains opened up as much as the next guy; but I think there's something bigger here that needs investigation and intervention.
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