I have to choose a title...

Aug 14th, 2012
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  1. Disclaimer: MLP is property of Hasbro & L. Faust. Sundae based on OC.
  3. The gentle touch of morning. The illustrious rays of the early sun, constantly streaming through the curtains. I hate this. Unfortunately, my mobile phone is quite fond of this time and keeps nagging me with music. So I get up, morning routine, get to work. Fire up the computers, like everyday, check mail, chans, news.
  5. After recieving another phonecall about a project stuck in the mills of public authorities I notice something odd.
  7. Between the mail galore advertising the participation in various botnets one email sticks out.
  11. From celestia@equestria.gov Thu Aug 9 08:02:02 2012
  13. From: celestia@equestria.gov
  15. Message-ID: <201208090025.FAA06012@equestria.gov>
  17. Subject: Offer
  19. Reply-To: anon.ymous@biggncy.tinycountry.org
  21. Comments: Authenticated sender is <celestia@equestria.gov>
  25. Hello anon
  27. I would like to make you an offer you can't refuse. If you want to leave your worries behind, just start the attached file. Make your choice.
  31. Celestia
  35. Nice forgery. How the ... do they know i like ponies?
  37. A minute of dig, tracing and console magic later, I'm not any wiser. The last valid IP address is from somewhere in Australia.
  39. Ok, so lets look at the binary. Windows packed executable, straightforward. Who on earth would fall for that. Save, copy, fire up Immunity, watch some code. Hey, nice packing, never seen THAT before. Someone really doesn't want me to know. Challenge accepted, "princess".
  41. At the end of that day I know my limit. I know I suck at cryptography, but where the hell does this program get its keys from? You can't just take a random memory location and use it as key.
  43. Oh for Pete's sake, an hour to beer o'clock, so lets just start it in a virtual or disconnected environment.
  45. Attach debugger, start up, watch it happen. But nothing happens.
  47. It's late, my enthusiasm is fading. I just want to have SOME satisfaction, so I run it in a disconnected network with standard surveillance systems, sniffer, gateway and server simulations.
  49. Aaaand....
  53. Screen flickers, nice pattern.
  57. It does...
  61. nothing. No open ports, no access to DNS, addresses, not even network, windows artifacts.
  63. Screw you phisher, A'm going home.
  65. I expect the evening to be as calm as ever, a little gaming, having some fast food and cheap alcohol. First thing to come home is starting my gaming system, doing that the server shows there's mail. Yes, next weekend could be nice spent with friends.
  67. But... how in the world does this freakin phisher know my private email address?!
  71. From celestia@equestria.gov Thu Aug 9 18:35:14 2012
  73. From: celestia@equestria.gov
  75. Message-ID: <201208093041.QTR03498@equestria.gov>
  77. Subject: Thank you
  79. Reply-To: private.anon@globalmailexchange.net
  81. Comments: Authenticated sender is <celestia@equestria.gov>
  85. Hello anon
  87. I am pleased you accepted my offer.
  91. Celestia
  95. This is enough. Someone has been spying on me. I feel chilly panic creeping up my spine. I open the closet and get my gun, an old 1911 left behind by american troops, load it and comfort myself by believing I am ready to defend myself. Laying it onto my table, i trace the IP address. Australia, as before. Do I know anyone from there? Or is there a common proxy someone I know uses there?
  97. Think!
  99. Nothing.
  101. As a first response, I inform my friends of changing my email address (again), get a new but decide against deleting the old one. Constantly I think about how the phisher could have known I executed this binary. Using alternative OSes it could not have been started even by an 0-day at my internet workstation, as it could not be decoded as an ELF-binary. I did not copy data from the analyzation network to the internet network, so obviously it must be just guessed just to scare me.
  103. That calms me down a bit. He knows some personal data about me, so perhaps he hacked some router near me, fiddled with my DNS or something. Capable guy, I have to admit. I switch off my wifi router just in case and decide to play something to put my mind at ease.
  107. A couple of hours later I feel a strange tingling in my hands. Not again. Too much gaming?
  109. Half an hour later server informs me about new mail.
  111. Yes, the phisher again.
  113. What a creep.
  117. >Hello anon
  119. >
  121. >meet me here at 23:00
  123. >
  125. >Celestia
  129. Attached is a maps file with a marker. Not far away from here, I think. If I go by car, I could meet him and be back around 1. The place is a little bit unsettling, as it is at a lay-by on a near highway.
  131. It's a trap. But I don't have money, a family or someone who could be pressed for money if I get kidnapped.
  133. [spoiler]Time to find out more. Russian business network v2 to the rescue, I activate my botnet proxy access i bought at a small carding forum. Citadel can be a good thing too, at least for me. Cowardly hiding behind hacked "proxies" I trace the IP address, finding the gateway and the border router. Gateway seems to be some NAT thingie presenting a web page and access to ssh and a database. I like databases. We all know the tools, we all know the deal, a couple of bumpy metasploit-automated sql injections later I get hold of the local database user. What a pity I do this so rarely, the adrenaline rush after being successful is unmatched even by sex. Windows system, fiddle around a little bit just to see that the web page does actually contain a hidden forum for seemingly a closed user group. Thankfully for me as merely being scriptkiddie+ the meterpreter shell allows me to download the database. This will be interesting once it is downloaded. [/spoiler]
  135. But what to do about the invitation? I have to seize control.
  137. More as a joke, I answer that email, after connecting to my anonymizing VPN:
  141. >Hello Celestia
  143. >
  145. >meet me here at 20:30
  147. >
  149. >anon
  153. and attach a map marker of a parking at a country road near me. What can I do? Place surveillance cameras in my home? Perhaps contact the police - bad idea. Contact a friend at my ISP? Damn, typing gets painful. My head aches like someone stings it with millions of small needles. Have to take an aspirine and go on.
  155. [spoiler]I could sniff the network traffic at the remote site if I find a privilege escalation exploit. Did my download finish? Yep, to the database. Fastest method: strings piped to file. Takes a while, I cannot analyze this much text this evening... so let's just scroll through al little bit. Hey, I know THAT string, these are posts about ponies! Roleplay apparently. I quick scan through people discussing pony life, pony accessories, pony merchandise (dolls or something like that) and actual pony care for horse fans. Celestia (my phisher) seems to be the admin, just as in ponychan. Pity I disconnected, it would be fun to actually be able to follow the threads. Oh, Celestia also wants to have pony dolls. What's the time again?[/spoiler]
  157. A couple of minutes later I am baffled: he accepted. Ok, this gets really creepy, but now I am in advantage. I know this place well, can be there way before him and scan the area for signs of an ambush. I grab my colt, some magazines, pepper spray and binoculars. Feels like real-life Deus Ex!
  159. This is exciting! Arriving at the scene I position myself at a little lift, deciding to call this the grassy knoll. The woods begin here so I can hide just well in the brushwood.
  161. Play the waiting game. Look for movement. The road is fairly off the main routes, so from time to time someone passes by.
  163. Nothing happens.
  165. My headace intensifies and from the boredom, i feel my gaming hands and my legs prickle.
  167. From time to time I turn around, expecting someone to have sneaked up upon me.
  169. This is exciting!
  171. Although I seem to have some trouble remembering things to keep me entertained.
  173. At about 20:25 a grey limousine appears and stops at the parking. I note the license plate and leave the note in a nearby treehole. Oh, and a photo of the car should be nicely uploaded to my server. Good thing even the rural areas around here are connected with UMTS.
  175. The door opens and to my very surprise, a beautiful lady in seemingly her early 30s steps out, looking around. Interesting hairstyle - almost waist-long and dyed. Photo->server. Went better than I expected. Quietly I sneak around my grassy knoll and exit the woods scanning for other people or cars, but nothing is there. I approach her and she smiles genuinely.
  177. "Hi, I suppose you are anon?"
  179. "Actually."
  181. Her car seems to be empty. Her clothing is nicely close-fitting, a simple summer dress with a subtle flower print and lacy borders. (Wait, what did I just think?) Cute for a criminal.
  183. Anyway, I reach for my Colt, just to be sure it is there when I need it.
  185. "And you are the phisher. Nice code. You know me from My Little Malware or from Carding is Magic?"
  187. "The description of you was applicable." she said, smiling, "So are you ready to enter your new life? At least you are here. "
  189. Her openness astouns, no, amazes me. I feel the tingling in my hands come back, most probably a reaction to this strange situation.
  191. "What do you mean?" I ask, "Who sent you? How did you know I executed this file? How do you know my private email address? And-" Pain! In my arms! And my head! F***ing good timing, body.
  193. "Relax, anon, you are safe now. I am you new owner, you know? I will take good care of you. You just have to let go."
  195. "You are what?!" The pain numbs my fingers.
  197. "Sit down," she opens the back doors of the limousine "this might be a little uncomfortable."
  199. "What the hell did you do to me?!" I scream, reaching for my gun. Luckily, I get it out. Routine kicks in, front sight, rear sight, her center of mass. Reluctantly. She looks so unearthly calming...
  201. "What- ? No! Oh come on, we both know you will not hurt me."
  203. I cock the hammer and back up as the pain allows me.
  205. "Ssshh. Everything is fine. Put the gun down, lay down and -" How can she be so calm?! And her dress, perfectly chosen for a first meet- what?
  207. -Keep!it!together!
  209. "Back off!" I shout "I will leave NOW!" Slowly I stumble in the direction of my car. The pain is intense!
  211. My legs also start tingling , and with a piercing pain in the foot I'm going down.
  213. "Careful anon, don't hurt yourself!" The worried tone of her voice seems genuine as she moves towards me. The numb feeling in my hands looses the grip on the gun. It turns in my hand needlessly and finally comes off my finger, hitting the ground. The drawback of old guns: it actually does not have drop safety. With a loud bang my mind explodes in pain and fades in darkness.
  217. Fading back in, I ask myself how long I've been out. Then I remember. Around me there is only darkness. So actually she didn't kill me. But I should have killed her! How could I have been so... weak?! Why did I bring a gun in the first place?
  219. A fine trace of light crystallizes, i reckon my sight as blurred. But...I cant move! My arms seem tied, my legs too, in a weird angle. The ground seems soft, like a cushion. The previously experienced agony is just a slight ache, but the feel in my hands and feet didn't really return yet.
  221. So I keep thinking. How long...? How far could she have taken me? How to flee? What could she want? My knowledge? She could have just hired someone from the board, as she looked wealthy.
  223. After what seems like eternity, my vision clears a little bit. In spite of the low-light condition I manage to see pretty well. The room I am in is pretty big, although I cannot spot details. I am lying on the floor, so it is safe to try to crawl around without something to catch me (like bad puns?). THe weird angle my limbs are at makes it difficult, but I manage to see the source of light, a door. Spinning further, I feel a strange pain in my lower back, as if something is pulling at my spine!
  225. I must be pretty messed up.
  227. Some time later I decice to look around a little bit more. One of the things I see are my limbs, that is when it struck me: It is not some numbness in the hands and feet, there is some weird feeling of disbalance between the toes and fingers! In the darkness I realize that she tempered with my BODY! The legs appear to be folded like birds, nah, horses! And my arms resemble - hooves!
  231. I panic!
  233. A scream escapes my throat.
  235. This is NOT my voice. I know my voice, and it sounds awful. I hum. This sounds more like... a girl!
  237. Nononono, this can't be.
  239. I am trapped in a nightmare and became lucid, yea, that's it.
  241. Nicely play the waiting game until my brain decides to wake up out of boredom. (But it is different!)
  245. The waiting game usually takes a while. A while in which certain tests with my newly altered, bound limbs are undergoing certain test cases. For example being hit against the floor, learning about their operational radius, hardness.
  247. I figure out it is possible to move them to my face, which leads to thoughts about partial freedom. So I feel the bounds with my mouth. Hey, this feels different. What the...
  249. As it appears to be some sort of rope I gnaw at it.
  251. Some minutes later me hands are free. Or hooves. Whatever.
  253. I've got to focus. No time for panic, panic can be experienced to the max later.
  255. I try to get up. No catch, my legs are bound together, but I manage to stand on all fours.
  257. I am small, I reckon, compared to the estimated size of the room and the door. Somehow this feels familiar, the room, my body, it feels... wrongly right.
  259. I crawl to the door. Light switches always are near doors. I jab up at the estimated position of light switches and stomp against them. Yay, light!
  261. I know this room!
  263. It is MY room, except it seems to be bigger, supposingly appearing like this because of me being smaller!
  265. YES! Home advantage!
  267. The spot where I awakened is a luxuriously looking cushion in white with a golden braid. Nice seams, and a very well done stitchery are decorating it. The stitchery is a sun pictogram. (Why am I thinking this?)
  269. Back to action! Focus!
  271. Gotta get a look on myself. I must know what she did to me. A mirror is at the inside of a cabinet, as I usually do not like to see myself. I pull myself there, panic rising as I try to open it with hooves. Not easy, but what is watching me from the mirror is shocking!
  273. I am..
  275. ...a cute little pony, pale light grey skin, blue mane and tail with streaks of a pale pink! The freaking only thing that remains me of me are my blue eyes! Her (i think it's a she, from the looks of it) expression looks kind of funny, mixed severe shock and disbelief, almost letting me forget it is me staring at me.
  277. This.is.me?!
  279. I'm a 'she'?!?
  281. I'm a pony?!?!
  283. Nonono...
  285. She looks at me, anxiously.
  287. I am NOT a pony! I have to get to work! Today is project meeting for network migration planning! At least if I haven't been blank for more than 8 hours. How should I drive a car? How to make myself credible looking like THIS?!
  289. Nonononono!
  291. She looks really shaken, I cannot help but laugh at her. (But she looks cute laughing. Really cute.)
  293. She has a horn, in the tv shows unicorns can do magic, perhaps I can...?
  295. Focus!
  297. (Wow she looks cute trying to look serious. Wait, that must mean I AM CUTE?! F***!)
  299. But A GIRL?! What on earth did she think of?! I mean, I can't even handle being a pony, how in the universe am I to handle with being a GIRL?!
  301. Deal with it later, man. Ok, this is my room, I hid things here, perhaps I can use them. But first I have to learn how to.
  303. First thing: something sharp for my feet, ahem, hind hooves. (Everytime i think this, my panic level rises)
  305. Good thing I broke my desk some months ago, so a sharp edge of the drawer box sticks out.
  307. But I hear something.
  309. Steps.
  311. Nearing. One person.
  313. To the cushion, play helpless! The light!
  315. Jump, jump! I hope she doesn't hear this. I almost stumble upon my own long mane.
  317. Light goes out, but on the way to the cusion the door opens. Lights on. It is her.
  319. "Well look at someone being awake yet. Hello, my little filly, how are you feeling? I wanted to be there for you when you wake, but I seem to have overestimated the sleeping spell"
  321. Spell-what?
  323. "You look so cute!" She steps towards me. From down here she doesn't look so uncombative... frightened I back up, stumbling over my bound f- hind hooves.
  325. "Hey, cutesie, there is nothing to be afraid of." she whispers, "I know this must be very confusing for you. Please trust me, I mean you no harm."
  327. That is - "No harm?! I - " this voice! I can't even... "I am...you made me into a pony!!"
  329. "Yes, but this doesn't count as harmful, does it?"
  331. "I do NOT want to be a pony!" (Wow, girly voice can be really pissed!)
  333. "Actually, I would have thought you'd be happy, dear. You see, the meeting at the parking was not the first encounter."
  335. "Do not distract, I want the fact! Why?! Why me! I will hold you responsible for this! How to reverse?!" I certainly am able to get angry even as a pony.
  337. "Sssh. Deary, I WILL give you answers. But firstly, you have to accept...this...and you have to accept me as your owner."
  339. "My - what?!"
  341. "Owner. I wanted to have a cute little pet, and now I've got you. D'awww, you turned out really adorable."
  343. "Grr!" My anger is CUTE?!
  345. "Normally one doesn't get to see his pony before transformation, but in my case, an exception was made."
  347. "Was it catched?" Wrong question. Brain works normally. Damn.
  349. "What? - Yes, that is another reason I chose you, yes. I was told you have a knack for these electronic boxes. And you are not too good at it so noone will really notice."
  351. That hurts. Bad. I feel my ears flapping down slowly.
  353. "Cheer up, I also wanted you because of your attitude."
  355. "Attitude..."
  357. "I am convinced you can adapt to new situations fast, you in all likelihood have the humour to accept your new life."
  359. "I am flattered" She must be really convinced of this. I notice her eyes, interesting colour, is it red? Perhaps more pink. "Could you tell me the time?"
  361. I confused her. "Umm, " she pulls a watch out of a handbag "9 o'clock."
  363. "My God, already THAT late? I have to go, project meeting! Quick, my feet."
  365. She is so baffled that she really reaches for my feet/hind hooves. But quickly her mind catches up, she laughs out loudly.
  367. "Oh sweetie pie, you amaze me! I am really glad I chose you. For a second, I believed you. A sweet little filly convinces me she has to attend a meeting. This is delicious!" She pets me on the head, caressing my mane (Oh my god, I have a mane! Panic!). Strangely, this feels so good, I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling. Oh no, this is not something I used to have. What's wrong? I hated being touched!
  369. Panicking I pull back.
  371. "Relax, my filly. I know you like it. "
  373. *whimper*
  375. "You have no reason to be afraid of me. Well except what you think I did to you, obviously. Please forgive me." I cannot help but be kind of hypnotized by her eyes. "Anyway", she continues, "we'll get used to each other. I assure you, I mean you no harm, rather the opposite!"
  377. Something in my brain floods my thoughts with joy. I have to believe her. Wait, what she did to me does not need to leave my brain as it was. Whoever has the technology to alter my appearance like this must be able to tinker with my brain, too. Are these feelings mine?
  379. "But from what I know you should be a little bit more...adapted to your new body and situation. I fear you have to learn many things, such as walking, accepting me and accepting yourself." She smiles joyfully. "I really look forward to see you making your first walkies" *giggle*
  381. Very funny.
  383. "Deary, I have an idea to help you. I'll leave you alone for a while. Please be a good pony and let me tie your hoovesies together. I don't want you to hurt yourself, and wandering around without supervision is dangerous for you."
  385. She takes something from the table and ties my front hooves. That nasty lovely bitch, this time she used these police cable ties! But no problem, sharp-edge™ on broken-desk™ should take care of that. I try my best to look faithful and submissive, already planning nasty things. But somehow, it's not that bad. Somehow, I feel comforted by just her attention. It doesn't even matter what she does. This is wrong! (But soo right)
  387. Her beautiful eyes seem to look right inside my soul, she smiles calmingly and turns to go.
  389. "Take some rest, my little unicorn. Do you want me to turn on the TV for you?" I nod. "There you are. Be a good filly." I nod.
  391. Some malevolently altered parts of my brain condemn me for simultaneously planning my escape. Shove it aside.
  393. She leaves, locks the door and a minute later I hear my main door. Surprisingly well, are my ears more sensitive now?
  395. Action!
  397. I wobble to the Desk. (What are you doing?!)
  399. Not that it is easy to get my hooves into the right angle to cut into the cable ties, but I manage. (But SHE did this to protect you! How can you disobey her?) Not very clear thoughts, but nagging in a corner. (She will be mad at you!)
  401. Whoever did this must be WAY ahead of todays science in biology and tech. And what did this prog do? Perhaps I can save a copy on USB drive before flight and analyze it later. The splints of the desk are not ideally shaped for cutting, but sufficing. Not necessary. (Bad pun?)
  403. I am free! At least partly. The legs are next.
  405. After freeing myself, I try to stand up. Instinctively, I get up on my hind hooves, which works pretty well. Eeeh- until I try to move.
  407. Some tries later I know ponies can have back aches, too. Okay, then I have to be a good pony and walk on all fours.
  409. This is hard! How the hell am I supposed to escape like this? Slowly, I walk around in the room. No, more than 4-5 meters without stumbling is too hard. The motions feels a little bit natural, as if there is some hardcoded program in my brain for using my new legs, but it has to be activated properly. But I can improvise. I do have those neat little rollers for furniture, I can use these to move around.
  411. This is so degrading. Once I was proud of my independency! SHE did this! (But she only wants best for you. You're cute, remember?) This.is.not.me!
  413. Using these I scoot around in the room to check my things. She did no good job in making this room my prison. My dagger and swords are taken off the walls and the drawers searched for weapons, blades and communication gear. What she didn' get is an old 6mm "Le Protector", a palm revolving gun looking like some sort of powder dispenser. It doesn't pack a punch, but, as .22 rimfire, is not to be underestimated.
  415. Now I have a gun!
  417. Broad pony smile.
  419. The letdown: I can't operate it. My god is this embarrassing. Panic strikes again, I am not even able to defend myself with a gun! I am just a pet... (Yes you are.)
  421. I restrain myself, time may be short.
  423. It is better than the gun hidden on top of my cabinet (if she didn't find it), as the trigger is palm-operated, but I need to find something to actually use it. Until then I kick it under a pile of computer junk under the bed.
  425. What a pity I keep the knives in drawers (as I usually use them to cut food or cables), so they are gone. Perhaps a kitchen knife will be enough, if I can open the door.
  427. I look around for my smartphone. Not here, but if I would be able to type (hmm, horn? Tounge?), I could use my server, whose hard disk I hear buzzing peacefully.
  429. I hop on the chair and start typing the login password with my tounge. Success ater 4 tries. Luckily, my hooves are soft enough to use the mouse, as console would be too hard. Whom should I contact? Who would be crazy enough to believe me being kidnapped and held captive in his own home? Yea, an old friend from university would at least check whats going on.
  433. From: You* (I hate that!)
  435. To: jean.dupont@agency.gov
  439. Reply-To: help@me.now
  443. hi jean
  445. help me! i am held captive at home made photos from car are at myserver.dyndns.ru:65532 ssh user my#guest pass "I*rl'401FG_$$" please do not shoot at animals. I will say the name of our law prof as recog phrase.
  447. anon
  451. That should do it. Took a time. (You should not have done this. She will be disappointed in you.) Then I save the malware to a plugged-in USB drive and add a copy of Immunity debugger for rudimentarily analysis, just in case. I smile at the memory of her first email, although it doomed me. Why?
  453. Back to flight. Turning around, I see the reflection of my cute self in the mirror. Hey, the horn! I focus on doing magic, first thought of a fire lance. Whoa, I had no idea this actually works! A strange blueish glow appears and -
  455. nothing.
  457. I am impressed. I actually can do magic?? Ok, without effect, but - cool! I concentrate on a nearby network interface card. Mooove! No, it doesn't. A few tries later I notice something. The DUST does move a slight bit.
  459. Whatever. Cool, but whatever, it will not aid in my escape anyhow. (You are not SUPPOSED to excape! What do you want to escape to?) I think this is a point. Chances of finding allies while being a pony are near zero. I could just hide in the woods, unable to supply myself even if I were able to make full use of this body. Maybe with magic, but even if, learning it will take some time.
  461. Or is it perhaps because I want to see HER again?
  463. No, it's a rational decision. I will stay for now and improve skills and gear until I can flee. (Good pony. She will be pleased.) Till then, I will collect information and hide weapons. Yes. I pull myself to the door and try opening it by jumping and slamming my hoof at the latch. I heard right, it is locked. The windows are covered with a reflecting foil, but I can reach the handles. I turn them, but when it comes to pulling them open, I fail badly. This is embarrassing, I can't even open a window. I mean - a PHYSICAL window.
  465. Disappointed I decide to spend the rest of the time trying to move dust flakes around and watching TV. Lucky humans with their hands! I want some, too!
  467. Oh, I have to put on my restraints. Quickly I hide the cut cable bind under the carpet and get new ones. Hopefully she didn't count them, must be about 15-20 pcs. I manage to put one on my legs and the other one on my ar- front legs, right. (Nice pony!) I gaze at myself in the mirror. She looks almost lascivious, the cognitive dissonance alienating me even more.
  469. My mind catches up on the repressed panic, and in spite of bludgeoning down my feelings, I start so sniffle, then cry silently over my lost life. I lost control over my feelings. Not that, too!
  471. What have I become just after a couple of hours being a pony?! A sobbing mass wallowing in self-pity! I can't even THINK straight without that faint process of self decomposition in the back of my mind. What if in a couple of days, if Jean comes for me, I am brainwashed, especially if SHE spends plenty of time with me? She will force me to love her! Have to cling to my hate. (Yea, keep telling THAT to yourself.)
  473. Caaalm down! Rationalize! If I can't trust my own mind, I have to write down my story for investigation. Hide proof, make this whole story legally valid and backed up with facts. Next time I am alone I will write a full report, yes. And I'll get a camera and record me stating facts only I could know to prove my identity. Upload everything, hash, subscribe with my GPG-key, distribute. If she takes me somewhere else, I could sneak my smartphone into her stuff, for means of communication and network access.
  475. Wow, my reflection looks serious. I giggle at the view. This is too sweet. Mood swings?
  477. About half an hour later the phisher (No, SHE.) returns. I reckon my tail flicking in excitement while my ego keeps suppressing the anticipation.
  479. She obviously brought someone else, there are more steps.
  481. The door opens, undramatic entry, there she is. Beautiful. Soothing. I can't help but smile at her.
  483. "Hello deary."
  485. She kneels beside me and pets my head.
  487. "You have been a very good pony, I see. I just visited my sister, she owns a pony for quite some time. So I thought, perhaps you would appreciate having someone alike around."
  489. I am dumbfolded. "There are more like me? You did this to other men?!" I yell.
  491. "Did you think you are SO unique?" she teases, "And yes, there are other men. And women. Actually, little Sundae here has been a woman."
  493. Shyly a pair of eyes (Golden? Wtf?) framed by a yellow-brownish-striped mane peeks around the corner.
  495. "May I introduce Sundae, she wants to help you adjust and be there for you when I'm not around."
  497. F***! There goes my careful planning!
  499. "Sundae," she continues, "this is Anon. She's very shy and she is a little bit shaken at the moment. I think before she can grow accustomed to me, she will want to have a friend. Oh, and 'Anon' does not seem to fit for such a lovely filly, perhaps you could assist her in finding a new name?"
  501. She wants me to give up on my NAME? My IDENTITY?! The last thing what is ME? Well, except for the eyes, but...
  503. The other pony enters my(!) room. Her fur is light brown and her hooves look like she's wearing yellow boots. Her cutie mark is some kind of cocktail or ice cream dessert. Do I have a cutie mark?
  505. She eyeballs me and smiles.
  507. "Hello you," she nudges me carefully on the snout, "Celestia told me about you. I don't know what you already know, but there are many benefits of being a pony, especially a unicorn. Don't worry, I will show you."
  509. Yea, right. But she seems likeable. Perhaps I can trick her somehow or convince her to flee together.
  511. "This is your leisure room?" she asks, "Not really comfortable. Are you a gamer?"
  513. I nod.
  515. Celestia (so she really calls herself that) grabs a pair of scissors from my desk and cuts my hooves free.
  517. "There you are, sweetheart. Perhaps you and Sundae can play a little bit, and I got something better to protect you. I 'll fix us something to eat and later on, I have some business to attend to."
  519. Celestia sweeps casually over my mane and disappears into the kitchen. I hope she will find something adequate in my fridge, as I don't do shopping until it's completely emptied. Sundae nudges me playfully as I rub my legs.
  521. "Can you walk? Come on, get up, walking on all fours is fun!"
  523. She really is a bundle of energy, bouncing around me. I would have liked her, if she wasn't placed to compromise my mental integrity. (Don't you DARE to think that! She's here to comfort you, to HELP you!)
  525. I shoot her a glare of distrust.
  527. "You are right, this IS disturbing. But it is for your best, believe me. And it's fun!"
  529. She pokes my flank with her hoof.
  531. Not wanting her to be disappointed, I lift myself and try a few steps. She watches me giggling and complimenting me forward. Celestia stops by from time to time and appears to have fun watching me stumble upon my own hooves. After a while I sit down exhausted. Sundae approaches me with a sly grin on her face.
  533. "You know what's icky?"
  535. What is it now?!
  537. "Wet ears!"
  539. She licks me over the face, sticking her tounge into my ear. Eeewwwww! I jump up and speed away into the kitchen, finding her chasing me with her tounge sticking out.
  541. "I'll get the other one, too!" she teases and chases me around in the kitchen. As I am not the best at running on all fours, she finally pins me down and takes care of the other ear. Wet, wet, wet! Eww! But actually funny as hell! I struggle a little bit, trying to 'scare' her away by licking her face, neck or nibbling at her mane.
  543. After our little fight, she whispers: "Hey, you're not too bad at running now, are you?"
  545. Whoops, she's smarter than I thought. Thankfully, I nudge her on the snout, turn around and run into my room, almost bumping into Celestia. Sundae comes after me. We spend the afternoon playing chase using my furniture and bedsheets and watching some TV later.
  547. At the late afternoon, Celestia joins us bringing dinner. The meal she fixed consists of vegetables (Bah!) and fruit.
  549. Eating turns out to be harder than it looks. How do animals even...? I toss my stuff around the plate not really being able to get it into my mouth. Celestia and Sundae appear to amuse themselves quite well, until Celestia mercyfully picks me up and feeds me like a child. This! is! so! degrading!
  551. I blush at the shame, but accept to be fed. (This is nice, don't you think? Look how she cares about you even though she only knows you for a day. You're ungrateful!)
  553. We talk about casual things, mainly what my interests were, what I did for a living and just smalltalk. It feels just as being with a family I never really had, especially the process in my mind feeding me with positive emotions about them. I somehow get the impression that Celestia already knows a lot about me.
  555. After dinner, Celestia announces it should be bedtime for me, as I have to relax and recover from 'the process'. She then approaches me with her handbag. Uh-oh...
  557. "Please don't take it the wrong way, deary, but as I have to sleep, too, I don't want you to hurt yourself. I know those ropes and cable thingies are uncomfortable, so my sister gave me these for you. She had them made for Sundae."
  559. She then shows me some small handcuffs held together by fine-looking chains. Oooh no! (Oh yes, you WILL comply! I will make you; SHE will make you!)
  561. I glare defiantly and retreat under my desk. She just approaches me slowly, appeasingly, not losing eye contact. She is so soothing, so warm! It is as if she emits a faint aura of light and warmth. I completely get lost in her eyes. And before I know it, I let her lift me up into her arms and cuff my hooves.
  563. The feel of utter helplessness and dependence is only slightly dampened by Celestias sweet caress.
  565. She coos: "That's a good pony. I promise these will be more cushy than these plastic strips. Now calm down, relax, everything is okay now."
  567. I forget about the world around me. This is wrong on so many levels... (Quiet!) I get dizzy as if falling asleep. She continues to comfort me; strokes my mane and lays me down on my bed. I briefly notice Sundae hop beside me and curl herself into a blanket. The only thing I can focus on is Celestia's voice getting more and more quiet. And her eyes.
  569. "Sshh. Just sleep tight, let your mind fade away, sweetie." Her incredibly beautiful rosy eyes... it seems as if the air around her flickers. I can't look away even as the remains of my concience are wiped out by the emotions she induces. This cannot be! (Shut up and enjoy it!) She bestows a last warm smile upon me before she whispers tenderly "Now sleep." Blank.
  573. I never slept better in my life. Usually I wake during night, think in circles for hours about my shitty life and fall asleep again shortly before my telephone wakes me. But not now, surprisingly. Even if the situation is worse.
  575. The sweet moments after waking, where there are no problems, until the brain pulls them back out of the corners of my memory.
  577. I am helpless.
  579. And chained.
  581. Panic!
  583. I sense something warm on my back. (Sundae, remember?)
  585. Turning around I see her sleeping, innocently hugging me. She looks so cute. I gently touch her mane, a tender, silky feel. Until I stop. Right, chains. (SHE put them on you. Do not again start questioning her motives!)
  587. Sundae wakes some time later, in the meantime I watch her sleeping. I would never have done that, being bored easily. But now? I am a pet, a pony. What do I have to do, anyway?
  589. "Good morning, Anon. Did you sleep well?" Sundae asks, then she nudges my snout playfully. "Why so sad? You don't have to work today! We can play for as long as we want."
  591. She plays with my chains. "We could play cops and robbers." She grins slyly before continuing. "Or do you have board games?"
  593. Although her enthusiasm is infectious, the thought of being a chained pet is still actively denying other processes on my main cpu.
  595. "I, umm, thought about...", I reply.
  597. She cuts me off. "Don't think so much, filly. You're better off without giving too much thought on everything. Live the moment!" She pauses, obviously examining me. "Let me show you something." she states flatly.
  599. Then she kisses me smoothly. On my lips. I freeze.
  601. "No more sad thoughts now."
  603. Perhaps I'll be safe if I don't move at all? (When will you realize they really LIKE you? Moron.)
  605. "Celestia told me you would appreciate a little bit of love. You already know FRIENDSHIP is magic, but did you know love is, too?"
  607. Eep!
  609. She whispers: "My mistress showed me that, too. When we were transformed, they made sure we would be capable of giving much, much more love. I think, they want to make this world a little better, you know?"
  611. Another peck on the ear. Don't! Move! (Mo-ron!)
  613. "Celestia thinks you have problems handling it. I can show you how." she whispers. "All you have to do is ask. You don't even have to use words." Her hoof tenderly caresses my neck, slowly sliding down, more and more.
  615. Her words are barely audible. "Do you want to know the pros of being a pony?" (YES YOU WANT! Don't make ME take over!)
  617. "You can't run right now." As if to emphasize my helplessness, she wraps one of my chains around her hind hoof. Just millimetres between our snouts, I sense her warm breath. "Are my hoofcuffs comfortable? I proposed them to Celestia so we could play with them. And, you know, I think you're - cute being so shy." Oh my god, her hoof touches my... she retreats. "Just ask, just move. I'll be there for you."
  619. This is heaven! And hell! Together! I stare at her, perplexed and insanely aroused. She notices and smiles.
  621. "I - I d-", I stutter.
  623. This where the opening door cuts me off. Celestia peeks in.
  625. "Good morning, my little ponies. Did you sleep well?", she sings, "I guess you're hungry." She comes in, picks me from the bed and turns me on my back.
  627. "And I guess I'll have the honor to feed you, deary."
  629. Couldn't she just release me? (When will you STOP that!)
  631. Breakfast is nice being fed by Celestia. I can look in her eyes and she takes care of me. I even get the impression of a faint aura surrounding her. Not right!
  633. Sundae looks amused and happily munches her cereal.
  635. Celestia turns to Sundae. "Could you perhaps show Anon a little bit of magic? It will be easier for her handling things, and she'll be able to use her computer." Turning to me, she cheers: "I know how much fun you have playing with it."
  637. I'm astounded. She really lets me use my tools of trade? She must know I will use every bit of technology in my reach to destroy her. What is she -
  639. "But please understand that I have to ask Sundae to disconnect it from the internet."
  641. Riiight.
  643. I moan. "But I would really much like to play Diablo or WoT!"
  645. Celestia giggles. "No no, deary, whatever that is, it is too violent for little ponies. Yes, I know you like it, but you changed for the better. And I don't want you to do something stupid." She winks.
  647. But hey, she lets me use my most beloved computer! This is almost as if she hands me an unloaded gun. (See?! She's NOT your enemy. Accept her! Or I will MAKE YOU!)
  649. That's disturbing...
  651. After breakfast, she cleans me with a napkin and sets me free. She looks as if she has fun treating me like a baby. Damn her!
  653. Sundae hustles me into my room and sets up a couple of paper shavings.
  655. "Move them." she orders. I concentrate and my horn begins to glow. Overly confident I summon the powers of the universe into my grip and unleash them on the poor little snippets.
  657. Guess what happens. Near to nothing.
  659. "You have been human once. Try moving them with your hands!"
  661. I casually reach out with an imaginary arm and - YAY! IT OBEYS MY COMMAND! Adrenaline rush!
  663. "I can do MAGIC!!! MAGIC! MAGIC!" I chant with glee.
  665. "Then try moving these screws. Come on, filly!" she cheers.
  667. The next hours, she gradually increases difficulty of the tasks. Even though I fail at some, I'm very proud of actually doing magic!
  669. She points to a power supply unit under my bed. "Get this out."
  671. I doubt I'm able to move it at all, that thing weighs more than 2 kg. But I focus. Something is different. It absorbs some of my lifting energy. I examine. My 'thumb' is on the plug and my 'index finger' is on the protective earth. Hmm...
  673. I switch fingers. Zap! Ow, that hurts. In a good way! I can create a current... a mischievous smile graces my face.
  675. I turn around, taking a broad stance. Sundae looks unsettled, backing up a bit.
  677. The disassembled flashlight on my desk. Target, fire!
  679. Anon make light! Anon do magic! Yay Anon!
  681. "I think that's enough for a day, Anon..." Sundae says timidly.
  683. Looking tremendously confident, I focus her. A slight grip, aaand...
  685. ...gone is her hairstyle!
  687. "Anon you meanie! My mane! How could you!"
  689. This is hilarious! Her mane looks like she's a lion, the hair standing in all directions.
  691. She shoots me a gaze of death as I start laughing aloud. Celestia enters the room, sees her and suppresses a laugh. "Oh Sundae, what happend to you? Stuck a hoof in the power outlet?"
  693. Sundae moans: "Anon! She shocked me with magic! Oh, how could you?!" I dodge a buck.
  695. "I'm sorry, Sundae", I say, "this was just a scientific experiment. I HAD to test this!"
  697. Sundae snorts. "Could you PLS restrain your scientific curiousity to dust clouds or ...furniture or cables?!"
  699. I grin. "Will do, cutesie." Wat? (Good, good.)
  701. Celestia leaves, giggling: "Don't kill each other, girls. I'll fix your hairdo later."
  703. Sundae's expression changes. "Wait till I get you!" she murmurs and jumps at me. I laugh and jump away. She chases me through the flat for some time until I tumble over a shoe in my living room. My punishment is essentially me being licked to death. I scream and whine, but she shows no mercy. My usual anxiety caused by physical closeness is like... replaced by a feel of pleasance, even intimacy. But it is not overwhelming. While we play, I observe my emotional status and surrounding. (What are you doing?)
  705. The lack of control is disturbing, my usual retentiveness almost gone. Somewhat like autopilot.
  707. Then Celestia enters the living room. Sundae just finished licking my my belly button (icky!) and pins my front hooves down with her weight and some magic. Celestia smirks and approaches us.
  709. "Let me play with you, Sundae?"
  711. "Take her hind legs, she has to suffer now!" Sundae mocks.
  713. Oh no! This can't be good! (For once, you're right...)
  715. Damn Celestias fingers! She starts to tickle me ferociously. Although being not very ticklish before the transformation, I am now. The horror!
  717. "This servers you right, Anon!", Sundae grins.
  719. They tickle me until I can't laugh anymore because of breath. But as they stop tickling, I sense something disturbing.
  721. "What crosses my mind, Sundae, did I disturb you this morning? You looked surprised." Celestia asks. I realize my rather ...unflattering... position, lying on my back, hind legs spread and pinned down.
  723. "Umm, now that you mention it, I WAS teaching Miss Anon a small lesson, yes.", Sundae teases, slyly smirking. Activate last line of defense! Don't fall for it! (Tsk, tsk.) I try to break free, but Celestia is too strong and manages to hold me down without hurting me even slightly.
  725. She starts to stroke my mane. "What did you want to show her?"
  727. Fear rises in me. I know what effect Celestia does have on me. Just a touch of her and my resistance is broken. How does she do that?
  729. "I wanted to explain the relationship between her new life and you. As it is between my mistress and me." Sundae tells her.
  731. Celestia's eyes are glued on me, as if fixating prey.
  733. "Anon, perhaps I should explain the situation a little bit." Her fingers run through my mane, continuing at my back and tenderly brushing my tail.
  735. "What I told you about being my pet is true. But know, that being my pet is not being my slave, as I don't want no slave. I would like you to be my ...friend. Perhaps you noticed I do know more about you than you thought at first."
  737. The brushing gets more and more tenderly.
  739. "Nothing I do to you is intended to harm or torture you, and nothing I say is to intimidate you. I chose you because of many reasons, and I know you will love me. I will make you. Before your ...transformation, I saw a fair amount of hate in you, you even managed to point a weapon at me. What I presented to you in my email is the gift of love and friendship, and although you did not know a spell planted in your mind by me made you being able to choose. And with a little help of, um, acquaintances, I was able to track you down and, ...asked you."
  741. "But I was just curious!" I insist. (Guess.)
  743. She laughs. "No, not only nosey, deary. You chose. And I am thankful you chose this life as I chose you."
  745. Her hand wanders to my waist. Uh-oh.
  747. "And now you're mine."
  749. "I did NOT choose to be made into a pony, let alone a filly!" I exclaim. (Ah, and that's where you're wrong.)
  751. The strange feeling rises, as Celestia smiles silently. The aura. So calming, soothing. Like the wings of an angel. Even the form of her aura implies her having wings...? Sundae gently pets my head while Celestia fondles me going slower and deeper. Oh yes, I an a filly now, so I have... oh my, this is good! But wrong! I try to roll away half-heartedly summoning every ounce of defiance I have in my mind. (No.)
  753. "Ssh, little sweetheart, don't look away. You're going to like this veeery much." Celestia whispers. I- have- to- ... oh her eyes... she's so divine, so beautiful, so assuasive. Focus-
  755. (You want it the hard way? Fine. We'll do this the hard way! You're out!)
  757. I sense a twitch flowing through my mind and I am pushed aside. Rushes of adrenaline take over and I go limp, leaning into Celestias touch. Her smile changes to a seductive, alluring look and she begins to caress my nethers. A part of me wants to flee, but my body disobeys me. (Told you so.) I could not even look away because of her enchaining, loving eyes.
  759. The innocence in them does not disappear even when she shows me how love is felt as a filly.
  763. "Wake up, sweetie pie..." I hear HER voice. What happene- of, yes. I blanked out after she... my god is this embarrassing! (Yes, but you enjoyed yourself, didn't you?) Actually- yes. No, yes, in some weird way. So warm... Celestia made me enjoy it! (No. this is YOUR body. Anyway, do I have your undivided attention NOW?) This is just a process in my mind, just a thread of me. (Yes. I share your heap, but my stack is different. THAT solves it...) But I think I have to take it seriously, being a part of me. A scaring part. (Thank you. A fact to begin with: you love her. As your mistress and, umm, more. Deal with it.)
  765. Nope! She just messed with my brain. Perhaps I can hack it somehow? (Oh boy, here we go...)
  767. I open my eyes and see Celestia petting me and Sundae on my sofa. The TV is turned on, they are watching the news. Sundae notices me having regained conciousness and looks at me with glee.
  769. "How do you feel?" Celestia asks.
  771. "G-, um, I dont know? How should I?"
  773. "I guess you should feel good. At least, that's what I intended to archieve." She looks as if that was the wrong answer.
  775. She continues: "But you will come around, I promise." Her hand brushes my tail. "Now that we know what pleases you..."
  777. Hearing her talking in THAT tone, I feel a slight hint of arousal again. Right, fillies can do that consecutively and more often. Perhaps being with Celestia is not that bad at all. (See? I told you.) No responsibilities except being there for her, no meetings, no pressure, no incidents, no loneliness, just the good feeling of her being there for me, cuddling me and ...more? Perhaps I could sleep in her bed eventually, being caressed to sleep, nestled into her wings... wings? I do not really think she is...THAT Celestia?
  779. My eyes go wide. She DID do magic. She DOES look like... but the hair MUST be dyed. But her eyes, how could a woman have rosy eyes, and how could someone be THAT hypnotizing just by watching me? (These are almost the right questions to ask. Here, let me show you something.)
  781. I hear my voice asking Celestia: "Mistress, please, I would like to kiss you. May I?"
  783. That surprised her. Although I am displeased about what the process did, the surprise in her expression is delightful!
  785. Slowly she leans over me, I sense her aura starting and entangling me. My emotions go crazy. Magic?
  787. "Of course, my darling, why would I deny you THAT?" Celestia coos. I feel her mane, er, hair flow over me, tickling me. It feels almost weightless, silky, very cuddly. Those beautiful eyes hypnotize me, making sure I will not move until SHE wants me to. The moment her lips touch mine sends a surge of divine desire through my body, a need never felt before. A need to obey her, love her, protect and serve her forever. And something more dirty. Tenderly she presses her lips at mine, slightly opening her mouth. Her arms embrace me and pull me deeper into her kiss. My adrenaline levels reach an all-time high when she passionately closes her eyes and lets her tounge slowly feel my lips. Now this is heaven, and I am dead. (No, silly. Relish your decision.)
  789. This moment just overwhelms me with emotions I can't control, calmness, security, utter arousal, helplessness, I don't even manage to pass out. (Thank me later.)
  791. Calmly she retreats, opening her eyes seducingly, just right to push me over the edge. When this means being a filly, then I WANT to be her filly! I love her so much I could cry. (Told you so.)
  793. She sits up, watching me pant for air and smiles temptingly. She knows EXACTLY what she just did to me! My struggle for dignity is futile, for almost a minute I am petrified by her angelic looks.
  795. As I regain control, my doubts re-emerge. I have become a love-hungry pet! Please make it stop! (...and I thought we were over this.)
  797. Sundae breaks the silence: "Wow. That was weird. Why suddenly so forward, Anon?"
  799. "I - I don't know," I reply, "something made me."
  801. "Then make sure you continue to obey this something, deary.", Celestia mocks.
  803. "But, but, it wasn't me!", I object.
  805. Celestia sighs. "I am pretty sure that pretty mare I kissed recently DID ask for it very kindly. And that particular little pony will be rewarded greatly for her trust and affection."
  807. I am stupid, but not THAT stupid to contradict her now. Perhaps she lets me use the internet in some time. But after this experience, I am not sure I would call for help or try to get her killed by some thug. Hell, I even ponder to give her my 6mm Protector, just to prove my depencence on her. And it IS worth a small fortune these days. Just to see her smile. What is wrong with me? But if Celestia approves, it can't be wrong, I know that. She wants me to be like that. I can't be a cool guy anymore. And I don't want to. Living as a mare appears to be attractive. I get cared for, get fed, perhaps regular pleasures from and perhaps with that beautiful, soothing being, even a cute pony friend who likes to play with me, even like THAT. How can this be wrong? I can be her loving pet who is always there for her, that would make me happy.
  809. But that is not me! (Would you believe me if I told you it IS?) Perhaps- ? But my purpose in life can't be so - trivial as to make someone happy, even if she is some kind of magical angel! (It's okay to think 'godess'. Noone will hear but me. And why don't you talk to HER about it? She did nothing but help until now.)
  811. There HAS to be a catch! (Yes, you lose your freedom. That's all.) THAT'S ALL?! What do you even- ! Freedom is (nothing, if you're unhappy. Face it.) You're nothing but a thread... (No. I am you.)
  813. That's the biggest catch, but there have to be more. Focus, calm down, think. Avoid looking at her, that is how she controls you.
  815. Sundae looks at me scrutinizingly while I struggle for control.
  817. "If there's anything wrong, you can tell us." She runs her hoof gently through my mane. "But what you did was not wrong."
  819. Be a rock! You already told them too much. There must be something else, noone does THIS just to make me feel better. (You don't get it, do you? You get ALL THIS, and the only thing she asks in return is that you have to do is be nice to her. And all you are thinking about is flight. Ungrateful. You are ungrateful. Think about it. )
  821. That's it. Play along, think about it, search for clues. (Oh please!)
  823. "No, I'm just exhausted, Sundae." I say, "Thank you." I avoid looking in Celestias eyes. But it is sooo tempting, I know I will feel good if I do!
  825. We continue to watch TV, Celestia casually stroking Sundae and me from time to time. Yes, it is heaven. Some kind of weird madness, but feeling wonderful. The only problems I have now are self-made. I could just sit back and relish this experience of being cared for. I don' know why, but it is easy to trust her. As if every mental defense I ever had is there, but the one object tunnels through and is treated as inside. Just as if her eyes can look directly into my soul. Which does not exist but whatever.
  827. Also I happen to realize I never liked TV very much, but lying here with them just watching TV casually and being cuddled is - nice. (Be honest.) Yes, it is wonderful.
  829. Why does she do this? Is there nothing more important to do than watching TV with me?
  831. Later Celestia decides it would be enough TV for little ponies, so we use the couch as a pony trampoline. Because if I'm going to stay that way, why not have fun with my old stuff.
  833. At bedtime, Celestia picks us up and puts us in my bed together. Sundae asks if I could sleep without being enchained.
  835. "Sadly no, Sundae. I don't know if she'll hurt herself, and I don't want her to be locked up in a cage. That would be too disturbing for her."
  837. She fetches my chains and asks me: "May I? You know it is meant well." The magic of her affectionate look surrounds me. Then she turns me on my back and cuffs my hooves together. She had been so kind, so loving, I don't really care. Because I love her and she may do anything to me. I hear me ask: "Could we sleep together, mistress? We're so alone in here."
  839. "Soon we will, deary. You are not alone. Sundae is there for you." She looks at Sundae, who melts away under her loving glance. "Thank you for everything, Sundae." She leans in to a passionate kiss. I see Celestias aura enwrap Sundae, just like the wings of an angel. Celestia seems to literally eradiate love, affecting me to long for her touch. Sundae turns on her back like a wilful prey and embraces Celestias affection. Their lips touch tenderly and their mouths open slightly. Sundae looks experienced as her tounge caresses Celestias lips. The moment they break their kiss overwhelms me with a wave of desire. The view of Sundae lying on her back with her forehooves cutely drawn-in against her chest, smiling upward at Celestia is the sweetest picture I ever saw.
  841. Celestia then kisses us goodnight, dims the light and leaves. Leaves me longing for her touch... how cruel!
  843. "Sundae?"
  845. "Yea?"
  847. "Does she always kiss like that?"
  849. "Yea."
  851. "This is divine!"
  853. "Yea."
  855. "Can you say something else?!"
  857. "Yea?"
  859. "Hey!"
  861. She giggles.
  863. "Anon?"
  865. "Hmh?"
  867. "You know she is special, don't you?"
  869. "I figured out. How does she do this?"
  871. "I told you. Love is magic. And she can do strong magic."
  873. "Sundae? I'm scared."
  875. "Oh, why? Come here, darling." She pulls me closer.
  877. "Every time I look in her eyes I lose control. Completely."
  879. "But that is not something to fear, silly. Do you feel good when it happens?"
  881. "Yea, kind of..."
  883. "Don't lie to me. I'm not dumb."
  885. "Ok, it feels amazing. Like I'm dead and in heaven. Like she's a godess!"
  887. "Hehe"
  889. "And that is not right, something messes with my brain."
  891. "You don't really believe that?!"
  893. "Umm, yes?"
  895. "You silly... but I think Celestia will tell you when you're ready. Don't be scared." I feel her breath agains my snout.
  897. "Anon, can you sleep right now?"
  899. "Ummm, no? Not really."
  901. Her voice is just a whisper. "Want to make out a little bit? She left me pretty turned on."
  903. "Eep!"
  905. "I take that as a 'yes'. Not that you've had a choice anyway." She pulls on the chain between my forehooves.
  907. She continues: "I like fillies in distress. Tomorrow you may cuff me, okay?"
  909. Her first kiss goes onto my forehead, I retreat a little bit.
  911. "Playing hard-to-get, mh? I like that." A hard pull on the chain.
  913. She kisses my nose. A muffled squeak fom me. Then she turns me over to the side and cuddles against me. A small peck on the ear. Then I give in to the unevitable french kiss, which she seems to have mastered thoroughly.
  915. We cuddle for some time. Her and my own fur and mane are so very soft and silky, I could loose myself in touching her.
  917. "You are supposed to, um, release some of my tension, Anon." she whispers.
  919. "Huh? I- um..."
  921. "You know what I mean. Like Celestia did to you." she nudges me playfully.
  923. "I, uhm, isn't that a little bit - inappropiate?"
  925. She laughs. "Hey, silly, wake up! I watched you get pleased by Celestia (which was really hot!), we kissed, we cuddle, so what's the matter? Also it is fun, so why not?"
  927. "I, I can try..." I let my hoof wander to the base of her tail. She seems to realize.
  929. "Oh, you've been a boy before, don't you?"
  931. "Actually."
  933. "Didn't you - do that to a girlfriend before?"
  935. The shame is endless, so embarrassing.
  937. "Yea, but, I kinda - had fingers."
  939. She smiles. "You're cute when you're ashamed." She licks my snout. "But you're a filly now, so dont you know how to...clop?"
  941. "Um, not really, my, um, 'flower' didn't really come with a manual, you know?"
  943. "Ts ts, come on, let me show you."
  945. She puts her hoof on mine and we start caressing her, kissing, until she releases herself with a cute sigh. Then we kiss goodnight.
  947. Finally she curls herself into my legs so I can't retreat and we drift off into sleep.
  951. The next morning I am waked by Sundae trying to free() herself from the chains, as she slept snuggled closely to me.
  953. "Morning, darling. Can't let me go, huh?" she sings.
  955. Drowsily I untangle her. She sits up.
  957. "I hope we'll move to Celestia soon. This flat here is a bit small, and I would love to play outside with you. And my mistress would be there."
  959. "Move?" Uh-oh, I forgot! I have to plan for this! And get the gun, the phone, everything!
  961. "Yea, Celestia brought you here because she thought you would appreciate your own surrounding. To dampen the anxiety of being her pet now."
  963. "Yea, how nice of her..."
  965. The telephone rings in the corridor. We hear Celestia pick up the phone.
  967. "Hello?"
  969. ---
  971. "Um, yes, ah, no, unfortunately not. He is terribly ill, catched a bad flu."
  973. ---
  975. "Me? I'm his girlfriend."
  977. ---
  979. "He didn't? Oh, my." --- "About 3 months ago?"
  981. ---
  983. "Yes, we'll call a doctor. May I send it to you?"
  985. ---
  987. "Ok, I'll stop by when I get his medication."
  989. ---
  991. "Bye!"
  993. Ok. Now she has a problem. I have to be taken to a medic to excuse me from work. System: 1, Celestia: 0!
  995. She enters our room.
  997. "Good morning, girls, I hope I don't disturb you."
  999. We look at each other, then at her, shaking heads.
  1001. "Ok, Anon. Oh we have to give you a name, that sounds awful! Anyway, your work called, a Mr. Lefevre, and I excused you as being ill. And now -"
  1003. "I have to see a doctor for a sickness certificate.", I finish.
  1005. "Yes, exactly. What do I do now?"
  1007. I am flabbergasted. "What what do you do now?!"
  1009. Sundae facehoofs.
  1011. "Do I have to call a doctor now?" Celestia asks disarmingly.
  1013. Sundae takes initiative: "Let me explain, Mistress. Her employer needs this to accept her illness absence. We have to call a doctor and get him to write an excuse. Or we have to call the employer and she 'takes vacation'."
  1015. "Sundae, could you handle this for me? Please?" This beyond belief! She did not plan for such trivialities?!
  1017. "Of course. I'll write you something, you just have to read it at the phone. You're his girlfriend now."
  1019. My heart skips a beat. SHE's my girlfriend!
  1021. Celestia interjects: "Just tell me, I'll call them now." They go into the living room and call my employer.
  1023. My chance! I roll myself from the bed, landing on 4 hooves. I try to reach the pile of e-junk under my bed for the palm pistol, but my chains are too short. Desperately I crawl under the bed and search. Found it. I pick it up with my mouth and carry it to a backpack. Put in, hide under a book. Phew. But I have to get the smartphone. Now where could it be? Walking around would be a pain being hoofcuffed. Celestia has to unlock my chains first. So I wait for them to finish calling work and return.
  1025. "Look who wanders around here." Celestia approaches me. "You're not supposed to walk with your hoofcuffs on, deary. Here, I'll take them off."
  1027. I smile at her thankfully and gallopp through the flat to search for my smartphone. I hear Sundae say: "Can I have the cuffs? Perhaps we want to play with them later."
  1029. Uh-oh. She really means it. I sense arousal. Focus!
  1031. Celestia mumbles something to Sundae, then adressing me: "Anon, the gentleman at your office told me to tell you something about someone named Dumont or so asked for you. Not that it is important, but who is this?"
  1033. My phone is in the sleeping room, loading. After the 2 days it should be fully loaded. With my mouth, I unplug it and turn it off.
  1035. I reply: "Oh, just an old friend of mine. Nothing to worry about."
  1037. How to get it into my room? I decide to hide it in my mouth. Back in my sleeping room, I spit it out into the backpack. They didn't notice. Sundae stores the hoofcuffs under a cushion on the bed.
  1039. Celestia seems to be satisfied with my excuse.
  1041. But I have no plan for if we go anywhere. Perhaps I can call Jean or make something up on the way there.
  1043. Sundae trots away into the living room brushing her tail against me. She seems so happy, perhaps someday I can be as happy as her, I would like that. With them. (It is not so bad, is it?) But what if - (Yes, that is your problem. Talk to Celestia about it, she will help you come around. You trust her anyway.) I do - not?
  1045. Celestia is going through my keys.
  1047. "Hey Anon? Did you think of a name for you yet?" she asks.
  1049. "Dunno. What do you think is appropiate for a pony?" I reply. She really wants me to give up on my name?! I am Anon, information technology technician. Not some cutesie-wutesie cuddly pony! (Oh boy, here we go.)
  1051. "How about 'Shocking Surprise'? Or 'Tia Taser'?" Sundae mutters from the living room.
  1053. Celestia cheers. "I like Tia Taser! What's a taser?"
  1055. "It's exactly what you need to kidnap people." I grumble.
  1057. "That's nice. But I don't need to kidnap more. I've got you."
  1059. She appears to have found what she was looking for and dances lightfootedly into the living room.
  1061. Thats when the cavalry arrives.
  1063. A knock on the door.
  1065. "Co-ming!" Celestia floats to the door and opens it. Sundae peeks around the corner.
  1067. Celestias face drops.
  1069. "Bonjour madame. Commissaire Dupont, police fédérale. Would you kindly show your hands, back against the wall?"
  1071. JEAN!
  1073. Celestia steps backwards against the wall, visibly surprised.
  1075. I see Jean entering, holding a suppressed P90 SMG. Jean always had a faible for the products of our beloved FN. Securing the kitchen he advances, then spotting Sundae, who backpedals fearfully. Then he sees me briefly with an annoyed "WTF is this?", scans my computer/sleeping chamber and advances to the living room. I see him letting the gun peek the corner, obviously a camera with head-mounted display. Where the f*** did he get this?! And why did he come alone?! Federal police my ass, if this isn't something official, what do we do about Celestia? Kill her? Oh no...
  1077. "Antoin? You there?" he calls. I approach him: "Professor Delacroix, year 2002, cryptography. You failed the first test."
  1079. He flies around, aiming at me. "PAS POSSIBLE! WHAT IS THIS SH...! A TALKING - THINGY??!"
  1081. "Pony" Celestia helps out, "She's a pony"
  1083. Jean flies around again, sighting (obviously) a spot between her feet. A series of muffled bangs and my laminate floor is ruined. "STAY RIGHT THERE!" he shouts. Celestia sinks down a bit, obviously intimidated.
  1085. "Jean! Yes it IS me!" I say, "that is, what the distress mail was about. Someone changed me to - this!"
  1087. "Antoin? Nope. Hey, little thing, come here. Let me see the speaker. Antoin! Quit playing games, I scared your -" he musters Celestia, "friend-?- to death!"
  1089. I approach him. "Jean Dupont, graduated 2003, EADS 2004-06, police féderale since 2007. Contacted me for the analysis of the compromised honeynet in Liège 2008. Need moar facts?"
  1091. "Um, don't think so, no. Merde!" He lowers the gun. "And what is going on here?", more to himself, "that can't be real..."
  1095. "She did something to me and turned me into this!" I point a hoof at Celestia.
  1097. "Oh please, what is she, a witch? An alien? Come here, pony. Let me have a look..."
  1099. I come closer. He pokes my snout with the silencer. I back up. "Hey! No pointing guns at ponies!"
  1101. "There is no mike..." He scans the rooms another time.
  1103. "I don't know what she is or what she did, but I need HELP NOW!"
  1105. "Ok. Let's do something. Madame, as much as I regret it, please turn around". She complies. He grabs her arms and cuffs her. "Sit down at the couch, madame." His gun loosely pointed at her he follows.
  1107. I trot into the living room. Celestia arrested? Was that what I wanted? She surely looks cute in handcuffs, but...
  1109. We sit around the table, Jean messaging someone from his phone. Celestia looks disappointed, perhaps a little bit frigghtened. Sundae is peeking from behind the couch.
  1111. "There's another one. Is she like you, Anon?"
  1113. "Yes. Sundae, come out, don't fear him. He's with the police. He'll help us."
  1115. Sundae slowly leaves her hide-out and sits down next to Celestia.
  1117. "She didn't do anything wrong! She is our friend! Tell him, Tia!" Oh no, the name sticks.
  1119. "Tia. Really. Anon, what the fcuk?" Jean is confused.
  1121. I start by telling him the story of the interesting malware and my last days, leaving out the saucy and emotional things (which I WILL tell him after a few beers!). He listens.
  1123. "You know you want me to believe some kind of fairy-tale scifi story? An exploit code carrying something to alter your appearance? And mind? Are you crazy? Oh, and am I crazy listening to a pastel pony telling me this."
  1125. "Obviously."
  1127. Celestia slowly regains her composure. Even being a prisoner in handcuffs doesn't soil her perfect beauty. I could swear she looks amused somehow.
  1129. "This is crazy." Jean proclaims flatly.
  1131. "What would YOU have done, Jean? Just sit there and be a pet? Or pull youself together and try to be the man you have been?"
  1133. Celestia interrupts: "Anon, you have never really been that a macho."
  1135. "Yes, if a girl lays eyes on him he cowers behind screens or books.", Jean adds, laughing.
  1137. "Hey, you do NOT know me, Celestia!", I insist.
  1139. "Ah, and that's where you're wrong, deary. I spent quite a time observing you. My sister and I had some interesting occasions to watch you doing your job, spending freetime, name it. Not continuously, but on some occassions. Not that you would have recognized us, for that we have our means."
  1141. Celestia watched me at work?! But - how?? This is virtually impossible! She must have read that in my face.
  1143. "You didn't get suspicious at mid-20 girls who spend her internship for university at an IT departement, do you."
  1145. I remember. I had to explain basic network technology to her and she didn't seem to get it. Grr.
  1147. Jean looks puzzled: "So, madame, you don't deny that story?! This is ridiculous. You magicked Antoin into a - pony, enslaved him and confess?! On the other hand, it doesn't matter. Nobody will believe a word of this. I shouldn't have come here, sorry Antoin."
  1149. "But you DID come and I'm grateful for that. I owe you one! By the way, why did you come alone? Do standard procedures for house search not apply to you? What if there were -" Jean cuts me off: "You had the time to write an email and didn't tell anything about the tactical situation, so it couldn't be too bad. And I know you, if I had brought colleagues, you would have faced worse than, um, being a pony. Not every gendarm disobeys disclosure duty. Besides, it sounded more like a joke."
  1151. "A joke for my beautiful laminate it is."
  1153. "Sorry, I was startled. And I like firing guns, you know that."
  1155. Sundae appears to warm up a bit and shoots me a glance of disapproval.
  1157. "So, Antoin. What's the plan? Mine has somewhat failed the moment you started talking. Your phisheress is secured, and besides that she doesn't look as if she means harm to anyone. You want her killed? What you gonna do afterwards? Run?"
  1159. I sigh deeply. This is hard, now that I've got a choice. No real choice as long as I'm a pony, but anyway, it IS a choice. I sense my love for Celestia trying to overpower me, but as long asa I don't look at her, I might manage to control myself. "I don't know either. Hand me some money, a gun and an internet connection and I'll be fine."
  1161. Celestia interjects: "You won't be, sweetie. Your magic isn't strong, at least not here, and you are not a man with a job and - hands anymore. You are not fit to take control of your life, even if you won't be claimed as a pet everywhere you go. Please, you'll make yourself unhappy, maybe kill yourself!"
  1163. I look at her, she looks sad, almost pleading. But divinely beautiful. Fail! I looked. Suppress! (It is not me making those feelings. It is us. And 'you' are in 'us'.)
  1165. She continues, her alluring aura expanding through the room: "You know I can make you feel happy. Calm down, relax and take your time. You don't need to decide now. This is too much pressure for a cute little filly like you." She had me on 'relax'.
  1167. "Monsieur Dupont, I take full responsibility for everything I have done. I do not pose a thread to you, I don't know how to fight and I defy the thought of using weapons against living beings." Not a doubt in my mind she's honest. "So I plead you to lay down that - awful thing, as we both know you're not going to kill me."
  1169. Jean just stares at her loosely holding the SMG.
  1171. "If you feel a little bit dizzy, I could fix you some tea, monsieur. You must be very tired. All this tension in your job," she coos, getting quieter and more confident, "your feelings supressed and locked away, fears gnawing at you at night. Ssshh!"
  1173. I see my cavalry being totally knocked out by an angel of peace! She literally lulled Jean into sleep as she did with me!
  1175. Jean looks relaxed, almost sleeping, the SMG slowly sliding down out of his hands. But as his hand looses grip, he rudely wakes from Celestias spell (it has to be magic!). Celestia is startled by his sudden movement and Jean switches into combat mode and pulls up the gun. Celestia! He MUST NOT hurt her! (DO SOMETHING!) Both of me drive my body to move.
  1177. I react quickly, jumping at him in the second his finger hits the trigger. A stream of muffled cracks rips apart the silence while my head collides with the silencer. Jean shouts "WHAT THE -!" and is tipped over by me. We both tumble on the floor Jean shoving me aside and trying to get the situation under control.
  1179. From the corner of the eye I see Celestia standing up. She has an aura glowing brightly like THE flashbang itself. Everything fades to white and a strong wave of soothing heat hits us. I pass out.
  1183. "Wake up, sweetie pie..." I hear HER voice. Again. Déjà vu? I open my eyes and find myself lying on the couch. Sundae sits on my left, Celestia on my right. I duck instinctively. What will they do to me? Am I a traitor, um, traitress? I see a trail of bullet holes in my ceiling, the air tastes like gunpowder. How long -
  1185. "Just about 5 minutes. I laid a sleeping spell on your friend, he won't awake until tomorrow." Her voice is tender, loving. I smile shyly.
  1187. I look at her, now more confident of her approval, and she smiles back at me.
  1189. "Sundae towed your friend into your sleeping room. I will look after him while we decide how to go on. After I had a rest, doing this was - exhausting. Please excuse me for not comforting you, but I wasn't able to unlock these handcuffs. I guess my magic is not as good on matter than it is on the mind."
  1191. Sundae licks my face affectionately. Ew.
  1193. "That was sooo brave of you! You DO love us!" She nudges me against Celestia, who pulls me closer somewhat clumsily with her hands bound behind the back. Then she whispers:"You know I have to punish you for causing that much trouble, but you also earned rewards. Would you like your kiss with magic or without?"
  1195. Instant excitement. In a can.
  1197. "Choose wisely..." she adds, her look tempting as a godess can be.
  1199. "I guess with you, it can't be without.", I respond.
  1201. "Right, deary."
  1203. I sit up and she leans closer to me, hypnotizing me with her beautiful rosy eyes. Her lips open slightly, invitationally. Our lips touch. My mind instantly gets overwhelmed with joy, and her being restrained and not able to hold me arouses me even further, as I know she would like to do so. Our tounges play around, hers caressing my snout, exploring and teasing. Much too soon she breaks the kiss. This is so good, I don't want to miss this for ANYTHING. I feel wrapped in ethereal wings, surrounded by warmth and pure light. Yes, not many days ago I hated light, but now...!
  1205. I open my eyes and look into hers. The feel of unconditional love is intense. She just watches me, her wings holding me tight. I can't move! The constant nagging in the back of my mind, it stopped! (...)
  1207. Am I now a pet? HER pet?
  1209. The thought doesn't scare me anymore. It's slightly disturbing if any. I ponder. Will life with her be like? She'll be the dominant one, that I know. Perhaps I can be more than a pet to her, but I'll never be 'me' again. I can't ever be strong, cool or determinant again. But do I have to? With her, perhaps I don't need to. She loves me, and I - love her. I thought it. I love her. Is that wrong?
  1211. Suavely she whispers: "Just say it when you're ready. I'll be waiting." Can she read thoughts?
  1213. "I- I can't." I stutter.
  1215. "That's okay, sweetie. You don't need to. I can feel it."
  1217. Sundae breaks the tender moment: "Sorry to interrupt, but we have a problem here, and, um..."
  1219. I stand up and search my desk for a handcuff key. Always have some of these close, police can strike anywhere, anytime. I find it and return to Celestia, gleaming at her.
  1221. "Good pony, nice Anon sweetie." She turns around and I unlock her using the key my snout. Good thing handcuffs all share the same key. She gladly shakes her arms and pulls me into an embrace.
  1223. Why did I do this? I would want her as helpless as she can be! Oh, yea, for her smile. And maybe some affectionateness later. Condemn me! But what now? After just 3 days she made me into a pony, a girl, loving her madly, accepting me being a pet now and attack one of my best friends in her favour. So tell me, myself, what do I have to expect from the future? I'm confused, no, scared of myself.
  1225. Celestia strokes my mane and fetches a phone. Mine, actually. Ok, the contract is paid for, so she may as well use it. I look around in my ex-livingroom estimating the damage Jean caused. Good luck the gun was suppressed thoroughly, so the neighbours didn't get anything but 'some things crashing' in here. Gun! YEA!
  1229. I always wanted to say that. I burst to the P90 lying on the floor. ~10 rounds fired, I guess he packed at least 2 spare clips. 240 rounds of pure fun, just for me! Happily I pick the SMG up with my snout and trot away bearing my bedroom.
  1231. Sundae watches me wonderingly. "Hey! Tia! What do you think you're doing?!" She chases after me. I speed into my room, sliding under the bed protecting my Precious.
  1233. I fling 2 cushions to my sides for protection and wait for her with a determined look.
  1235. "It's MINE!" I exclaim. She sees me in my little fort under the bed and laughs.
  1237. "You wil regret laughing! I am now a force to reckon with!" I declare, "You won't get my Precious! I'll SHOCK you!"
  1239. "That is sooo adorable! I would really like to leave it to you, but I fear its too dangerous having a pony fiddling with that thing. Celestia will surely take it." she giggles.
  1241. "I'll learn how to use it." I start my dragging it with my magic. Unfortunately it is way too heavy. I have to keep it somehow!
  1243. "Oh please, Tia."
  1245. "Don't call me that!"
  1247. "Then pick a name. A CUTE one."
  1249. "Grrr!"
  1251. "Come on. I'll give it back, I promise. You can play with it, but Celestia has to decide. And she could make it secure for us."
  1253. Right. Why didn't I think of it? Quickly I turn the SMG in a safe direction. Then I examine it with my hooves. Funfact is, I never got hold of a P90 before, just knew it from movies. Mag release... I touch the switch at the grip. *clic* That wasn't it.
  1255. "Whatcha doing?" Sundae asks. Nosy filly.
  1257. Hmm. There's a lid at the feeding system. But not for hooves. Pony-proof. I moan. Sundae circles the bed, trying to find a safe way into my fort. I use a slot aperture as a lever. *click-pop* Ha!
  1259. "It's not supposed to do that, is it?" Sundae asks overcautiously.
  1261. "Yes it is."
  1263. "The upper part is loose. Did you break it?"
  1265. "No I didn't."
  1267. I fixate the gun with my hoof and pull the (supposed) breechlock lever. *snap* A round rolls out of the gun base. I grin at her.
  1269. "Did it. It's unloaded now. So safe I can keep it!" I frolic.
  1271. She eyes me suspiciously. I hear Celestia finish her phone call and looking after us. Then she enters the room.
  1273. "Anon, what are you doing under the bed?" she asks.
  1275. Sundae replies in my place: "She's playing with that gun. I think she unloaded it."
  1277. "That's not what little ponies are supposed to play with. Anon, give it to me, please. I will get rid of it."
  1279. "No!"
  1281. "This is dangerous. You're not supposed to have those things. Don't make me come and get it."
  1283. "It's mine! Actually it's from Jean, but as his best friend I have to keep an eye on it."
  1285. She sighs and sticks her hand in my fort. Bad idea. My horn starts to glow and I zap her hand.
  1287. "Ow! That hurts! Bad pony!" But she seems to be more amused than hurt. Suddenly the matrace begins to lift. My fort!
  1289. I crawl backwards, pulling the gun with my mouth and duck, but it doesn't help. She grabs me, lifts me up and turns me on my back.
  1291. "Now THEEERE's my cutesie pony. Bad pony zapping people."
  1293. I glare at her defyingly, holding on to the lanyard.
  1295. "Zapping people is bad!"
  1297. She takes the gun and lays it down on the desk.
  1299. "I know you like those. But you aren't human anymore, so you have to stick using other toys. These are dangerous for you and for others. You could have hurt Sundae!"
  1301. "If you observed me before, you should have known I know what I'm doing.", I insist.
  1303. "Yes, but with your hoovesies, you first have to learn how to manipulate such delicate devices. If you are a good pony, perhaps someday I'll let you play with those things again."
  1305. "What?" Really?!
  1307. "As I said, I mean you no harm. If you like those 'guns', you may play with them if I know I can trust you and your skills. But I have to make sure you are perfectly obedient for that."
  1309. That leaves me speechless. She's going to let me use guns once I'm ready?!
  1311. "I don't know what you see in them, but as long as you don't hurt someone..."
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