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Loss: A Shakespearean Tragedy

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  1. Scene 1: Setting: Hospital reception.
  2. (Ethan bursts in the door, frantic)
  4. Ethan: Open, foul door! Impede not my haste, for my wife has fallen ill. Nay, I fear even the babe what groweth inside her womb has felt the grip of sickness itself. Dread dosth grow upon me, for I feel a great shadow descend o'er us, greater than the devil himself.
  5. (approaches receptionist)
  6. Receptionist: Halt! What causes thee to make such haste?
  7. Ethan: Silence, wench! Thou should know thine place under me. For I am Ethan MacManus, purveyor of fine electronic entertainment, and thinker of monkey-cheese thoughts. No woman shall command me in my moment of peril.
  8. Receptionist: Your words strikes true, good sir. I hath forgotten my station in society under the bootheels of men such as yourself. But pray, what draws thee to the hospital?
  9. Ethan: My wife has fallen ill, and called me to her side. The infant that sleeps inside her may yet be lost to the world. Where can I find such visage of beauty and sorrow?
  10. Receptionist: I hath heard of such a tail, of such tragedy and pity. I shall point thee to the doctor, who can tell thyself what ails your wife. (Receptionist points in vague, random direction).
  12. Scene 2: Setting: Hospital hallway
  13. (Ethan approaches the Doctor.)
  15. Doctor: Good sir, how can I help thee? Thine place is not within these walls. Take flight, and leave now.
  16. Ethan: Foul knave, how darest thou press to question me! I am the great Ethan MacManus, king of Wintereenmas.
  17. Doctor: Bite thy tongue, sir, for none care for thine heathen holidays.
  18. Ethan: Dost thou question my manhood!?
  19. Doctor: Nay, and save it for underaged girls. For I am no Jackie.
  20. Ethan: Thou strike true, good sir. Thy wit is as sharp as mine is blunt.
  21. Doctor: Yes, and thy wit is indeed blunt. Now, what bringeth you to the hospital?
  22. Ethan: My wife has fallen ill, and the message was vague. I fear that her womb hath turned venomous against our child.
  23. Doctor: I fear that thou art correct. For I have just come from such a woman, sick in her bed and fading fast. We were able to tend to her in time, though I fear we know not yet what ails her.
  24. Ethan: I know not what to do... Hath thou any advice or kind words?
  25. Doctor: Nay, for I have been drawn without a speech bubble. How I have been able to communicate with you thus far is a mystery to me now.
  26. Ethan: Then I shall go to her now, for I fear I may not have the courage later.
  28. Scene 3: Setting: Hospital bedroom
  29. (Ethan stands a distance from Lilah, and addresses the audience)
  31. Ethan: Can it be true, that my wife layeth before me, a shadow of her former beauty? Has my child left the world before even entering it? I cannot fathom it, for I never felt this to be true until this moment. For nine months past, I could not comprehend the magnanimity of fatherhood, but now, for it to be swept away from me before I could taste it! It is as thou a foul spirit has guided my life, determining that nothing shall break the status quo. As if an amateur of an artist felt that creating a child would be too much work and he swept it away from me without care. I feel empty, as if I were but a caricature. Cursed spirit, how darest thou create me in thine image, only to make me hollow and incapable of action. Here layeth my wife, whose womb has turned on my child, and I can hardly move to comfort her.
  33. Lilah: Ethan?
  35. Ethan: She stirs, yet I remain rooted to my spot. My life has been spent only in pursuit of my happiness, my vanity trumping all other needs. Even she is no stranger to my apathy, my lack of effort in every endeavor I undertake. Perhaps today shall be the day that I strive towards the comfort of another, and I shall live to aid others? Nay, for I know now without further probing that I shall tire of her incessant crying and pursue drink once I have quieted her.
  37. Lilah: Are you there?
  39. Ethan: Yes, dear, I have arrived.
  41. Lilah: Ethan, I have failed you as a wife, for my womb has turned venomous to thy seed.
  43. Ethan: Yes, thou cannot bear my children any more. But worry not of that for now. Let us tend to thy needs. What dost thou require?
  45. Lilah: Only the comfort of you near me. Forgive me, husband, for I have failed you as your wife.
  47. Ethan: Silence, let not such thoughts trouble you further, for the doctor shall return soon, and thou should be ready for what news he brings.  Sleep now and rest, for I am with you.
  49. Lilah: I fear I may not be able to bear you another child.
  51. Ethan: Nay, thine womb is venomous, but once we are ready, we shall try once more to have children. And I promise thee, I shalt not wet myself henceforth.
  52. (close curtains)
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