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aFm - Instruction to include the XML-File

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May 12th, 2011
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  1. 1) Export Data XML File from aFM: In loaddialog press Menue, then Export XML. Make sure you have a sd-card inserted.
  2. 2) On root of sdcard (/sdcard/) should now be a file called afm_data.xml .
  3. XML File is well documentated.
  4. 3) Transfer File to PC and edit this file with an Editor (notepad++ or similar).
  5. 4) Copy back edited file to root of sdcard.
  6. 5) relaunch afm, start new game and content of afm_data.xml is used for new created game
  8. German Bundesliga finished ...
  9. Any help is welcomed.
  10. game descrpition:
  11. A Football (Soccer) Manager simulation for Android.
  12. Be the manager of a football club.
  14. Features:
  15. - Choose of 8 countries to play (England,Germany,France,Italy,Spain,Portugal,Turkije, Nederlands)
  16. - Play in three competitions (championship, cup and european cup)
  17. - Full lineup control
  18. - Train your squad to worldclass
  19. - Finance aspects
  20. - Sell/Buy players
  21. - watch games in textmode and change teamorders depending on game result
  22. - editable data, so you can create your favorite team to play
  24. Become part of a full simulated world full of football!
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