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May 9th, 2018
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  1. >It was a particularly warm summer day, the kind where a thick, choking heat blanketed the scorched grass of the empty soccer fields behind Canterlot Elementary
  2. >As one would expect, the school was empty from summer break, and the intense heat meant that even the kickballs fields were empty
  3. >Well, almost empty
  4. >Had you looked closely, you'd have noticed a single child kneeling in the dirt next to the school walls, crying softly as she washed dirt stains from her skin with lukewarm water from a garden hole
  5. >Rarity kept her head low, hoping they wouldn't come back
  6. >They'd hurt her, they'd ruined the new dress she was so proud of...
  7. >But worst of all, the insults kept chasing each other in circles through her head
  8. >Various synonyms for gross, or ugly, they were all absolutely childish, Rarity knew, and they shouldn't hurt her
  9. >But they did, and trying to ignore them only made them louder
  10. >She squeezed her eyes shut, scrubbing miserably at the dirt that the boys had rubbed into her face, more tears slipping down her cheeks
  11. >When she heard footsteps behind her, Rarity flinched
  12. "P-please, just leave me alone!"
  13. >"Huh?"
  14. >The voice that answered her wasn't that of the boys who had tormented her earlier
  15. >Rarity opened one eye, turning to find someone unfamiliar watching her
  16. >For a moment, she wasn't sure if this stranger was a boy or a girl; they were dressed in shorts and an ill-fitting jersey, with a soccer ball under one arm
  17. >"I've never seen you before in my life, dude. You alright?"
  18. "I'm p-perfectly fine," Rarity answered, trying to keep her voice composed despite the sobs
  19. >"You don't look fine."
  20. >Rarity turned away
  21. "Well, I'm n-not particularly c-concerned with what you t-think! So please, just... just l-leave me alone."
  22. >She splashed more hose-water onto her face, trying to hide the fresh wave of tears
  23. >Dirt crunched as the other kid knelt down behind her
  24. >"Did someone do this to you? Was it Hoops?"
  25. >Rarity paused for a moment, then nodded
  26. "And a f-few others."
  27. >The other kid pounded their fists together
  28. >"Agh! I hate those two! What did they do to you?"
  29. "Called me names. Pushed me. T-tore my new dress..."
  30. >Rarity choked out another sob
  31. >"That's messed up!" the kid said, jumping to their feet. "They pick fights with me all the time, but hurting a pretty girl like you, that... that just pisses me off!"
  32. >Sunlight reflected in this kid's rainbow-patterned hair, silhouetting them in seven different hues
  33. >Rarity blinked twice, awestruck
  34. "P-pretty?"
  35. >The other kid pointed a finger towards Rarity
  36. >"I promise you, I'm not gonna let that happen again! C'mere!"
  37. >The pointed finger turned into an open hand, which Rarity took
  38. >She let this stranger pull her to her feet
  39. "You p-promise?"
  40. >"Yeah! No matter what, lemme protect you, alright? I can't let those creeps get away with this."
  41. >Rarity could feel herself blushing, probably visible even through the dirt
  42. "O-okay. You, um... wow..."
  43. >She let out a breathy laugh, the humiliation from earlier suddenly fading away
  44. "I would be honored," she managed to choke out
  45. >"Awesome!"
  46. >The other kid reached out, almost casually, touching Rarity's face with a hand that was surprisingly delicate
  47. >A girl's hand
  48. >"You, uh... got a little dirt here, still."
  49. "Yes. I do."
  50. >The other girl gently wiped Rarity's cheek
  51. >And, in that moment, Rarity could have sworn that this girl was the most beautiful thing she would ever set her eyes on
  53. >She'd never been so wrong in all her life
  54. "Darling, would you *please* try and keep it down? I'd like to get at least a single hour of sleep before the wedding!"
  55. >Dash, of course, didn't say anything
  56. >She was already passed out, and her snoring could be compared to several dozen particularly ornery chainsaws
  57. >Rarity crossed her arms over her chest, scooting as far away from the other girl as the queen-sized bed they shared would allow
  58. "I can't believe I let you talk me into getting a one-bed room. No amount of savings is worth this."
  59. >Dash grunted in her sleep
  60. "The arrangement was that you'd sleep on the floor, you know! The floor! I was supposed to get the bed."
  61. >Dash rolled onto her back, her limbs sprawling out
  62. >Her arm ended up laying across Rarity's chest, palm resting just an inch below the fashionista's right breast
  63. "Agh! Even in your sleep, you have absolutely no manners!"
  64. >Dash's eyes fluttered open
  65. >"Yo, Rare, could you keep it down? You're kinda messing up my sleep, senpai..."
  66. "You... no! That's not all what's going on here! You're the one messing up *my* sleep! I've been listening to your snoring for an hour and it's driving me bonkers!"
  67. >"Bruh. I can't help it. You're the one who wanted to share a room so bad."
  68. >Rarity hoped Dash couldn't see her blushing in the darkened motel room
  69. "I... I most certainly did not! I merely knew it would be more convenient."
  70. >"Riiiight."
  71. >Dash yawned, rolling onto her side
  72. >"We can cuddle if ya want, Rara. I ain't gonna judge."
  73. "Hmph. I told you not to call me that."
  74. >"So is that a no to cuddles?"
  75. "Of course it's a no!"
  76. >"Suit yourself. Might help ya relax a bit."
  77. "I'm perfectly relaxed already, for your information."
  78. >"Yeah, I can tell. Anyway, I'mma finish getting my z's. You just, uh, keep doing your thing."
  79. "I intend to. Maybe try getting your z's a little more peacefully, hmm?"
  80. >"Sure thing, sure thing..." Dash mumbled, passing out almost immediately
  81. >Rarity slumped in bed, fuming
  82. >She seriously didn't know why she put up with this girl
  83. >For the last ten years they'd been inseparable, ever since that summer...
  84. >Rarity glanced over at Dash, who lay sprawled out and tangled in the sheets, and she sighed
  85. >She scooted a bit closer to the other girl
  86. >Not because she secretly hoped Dash would grab for her again, or anything, that would be preposterous
  87. >She simply wanted to ensure she wouldn't roll off this bed in the middle of the night; it was just for practical reasons
  88. >Rarity settled down into the bed, her shoulder just a few inches from Rainbow's, and stared at the ceiling
  89. >It was quite a while before she slept
  91. >When she woke up, the bed was empty
  92. "Rainbow?"
  93. >Rarity's voice was hoarse from a night of poor sleep, and she blinked groggily as she set up in bed
  94. >To her surprise, the room was empty
  95. "Rainbow Dash? You there?"
  96. >A minute later, the door to the shower opened, and a towel-clad Rainbow stepped out
  97. >She flashed Rarity a smug smile
  98. >"Did you miss me?"
  99. "Was just concerned, that's all," Rarity replied, hugging her knees to her chest
  100. >"Aww. You don't gotta worry about me, I made it past the roaches."
  101. >Rarity went pale
  102. "R-roaches?"
  103. >"Yeah, man. Big ones too. Not *that* big though. Just like baseball-sized ones. Anything bigger and I might have had to get serious."
  104. >She flexed at Rarity
  105. "I know perfectly well you're joking."
  106. >"Course I am. They're actually barely golfball size."
  107. "You... there's not really any roaches, right?"
  108. >Rainbow raised an eyebrow
  109. >"Where do you think we are? Of course there's roaches. They ain't gonna hurt you."
  110. "Rainbow, this isn't funny!"
  111. >"It's a little bit funny."
  112. "I need you to promise me there's no roaches."
  113. >Dash rolled her eyes, then glanced into the bathroom
  114. >"There's no roaches. Now hurry up and take your long-as-fuck shower. I don't wanna be late to Twi and Sunset's rehearsal brunch!"
  115. "I have a full beauty routine to attend to. I'm not about to compromise it on such an important day."
  116. >"Whatever. I'll be changing if you need me," Dash said, and immediately dropped her towel
  117. >Rarity averted her eyes after a split-second, her face flushed
  118. "You really don't have to be so cavalier with your naked body, you know."
  119. >"Why not? Pretty sure you know what a vag looks like."
  120. "Yes, but..."
  121. >"Relax, Rara. Go take your epic-length shower."
  122. "Hmph. Maybe I will. And I'm going to make it extra long, just for you!"
  123. >Rainbow raised an eyebrow
  124. "You... you know that's not what I meant! Sometimes, you just drive me so... so... agh!"
  125. >Rarity huffed and stomped into the shower and slammed the door
  127. >She'd never disrobed so angrily in her life, pulling her pajamas off and hurling them at the wall
  128. "Stupid Dash. Stupid uncomfortable bed. Stupid everything."
  129. >She kicked her pile of clothes into the corner and pulled back the plastic shower curtain, revealing three bulbous, chittering roaches perched right on the shower wall
  130. >The resulting scream could be heard two floors away
  131. "Rainbow!" she cried out. "Roaches!"
  132. >"Huh?"
  133. >Rainbow opened the shower door and poked her head in
  134. >"Oh. Musta missed those."
  135. "Don't just stand there. Kill it! Kill it!"
  136. >"Fine, fine."
  137. >Dash walked in, wearing only a pair of athletic under-shorts, and casually grabbed at the roaches as they tried to scurry away
  138. >She tossed them into the toilet, where the bugs disappeared in a rush of water
  139. >"All better?"
  140. "Most certainly not! That scared me half to death!"
  141. >"Shit, I can tell. Your nipples look like they could cut diamonds," Rainbow said, casting a casual glance at Rarity's nude form
  142. "Gah! Stop it, you weirdo!"
  143. >She covered herself, backing up against the wall
  144. >"You gotta lighten up, Rara."
  145. >Rainbow took a casual step towards Rarity, leaning on the wall just inches from the fashionista
  146. >Rarity's face burned with embarrassment, and she could feel a stray bead of perspiration trailing its way down the back of her neck
  147. "I am quite lightened-up right now, I'll have you know. You need to learn some personal boundaries."
  148. >"Psh. We've been closer than this."
  149. "That doesn't count! It was seven minutes in heaven! And it was Pinkie Pie's party, you know how those get. And I was acting purely out of obligation to the party spirit, as you know!"
  150. >"Is that why you asked Pinkie to double our time together?"
  151. "I have n-no recollection of that happening."
  152. >Rarity tried to back away from Rainbow, but a force that felt almost magnetic held her in place
  153. >"Huh? Weird. The rest of us sure do."
  154. >Dash winked, then pulled away, casually strolling out of the bathroom and shutting the door behind her
  155. >"I'll be out here when you need me, Rara."
  156. >Rarity slid down to the floor, not surprised to find her heart hammering in her chest
  157. >When she finally got up the nerve to shower, she made sure to the run the water as cold as it would go
  158. >That didn't help much
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