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  1. [2019/03/25 19:03]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): Alright, but I'mma start with how I feel about this whole situation
  2. [2019/03/25 19:05]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): It's like I said before I've been in L3 since the beginning. I've been involved with them for a really long time, seeing all that just crumble tears me apart.
  3. [2019/03/25 19:06]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): I don't want to leave because then I absolutely know there is no future for L3, that and I have nothing to really replace it with.
  4. [2019/03/25 19:06]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): Being asked multiple times to just abandon that without even being so much as asked how I felt about the whole thing really irks me.
  5. [2019/03/25 19:07]  Chaos SecretSpy: done?
  6. [2019/03/25 19:07]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): idk
  7. [2019/03/25 19:08]  Chaos SecretSpy: well
  8. [2019/03/25 19:08]  Chaos SecretSpy: imma butt in anyway and say that i hate having to be forced to basically be "friendly" with ppl i really despise.
  9. [2019/03/25 19:08]  Chaos SecretSpy: I hate that you have to be bugged day in day out to "make" something that'll eventually get abandoned in the scripting phase
  10. [2019/03/25 19:09]  Chaos SecretSpy: I hate that theres nothing to do except shoot one another
  11. [2019/03/25 19:09]  Chaos SecretSpy: on our home turf
  12. [2019/03/25 19:09]  Chaos SecretSpy: I hate that you are only restricted to infantry only combat when everybody else is doing other shit
  13. [2019/03/25 19:09]  Chaos SecretSpy: I hate how secondary doesn't listen to you or anybody else
  14. [2019/03/25 19:09]  Chaos SecretSpy: I hate that it came to this
  15. [2019/03/25 19:10]  Chaos SecretSpy: I hate that this bullshit has driven a big ass wedge between u and me
  16. [2019/03/25 19:10]  Chaos SecretSpy: I hate how I gotta fucking get depressed as all hell while u get depressed as all hell aswell
  17. [2019/03/25 19:10]  Chaos SecretSpy: I hate losing people that I actually liked
  18. [2019/03/25 19:10]  Chaos SecretSpy: I hate fucking having to deal with this constant fucking attitude from you that you cant just fucking tell me str8 up how u think
  19. [2019/03/25 19:11]  Chaos SecretSpy: welp, im done
  20. [2019/03/25 19:12]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): man
  21. [2019/03/25 19:13]  Chaos SecretSpy: shits fucked
  22. [2019/03/25 19:13]  Chaos SecretSpy: and its probably not going to chance
  23. [2019/03/25 19:13]  Chaos SecretSpy: change*
  24. [2019/03/25 19:14]  Chaos SecretSpy: well wat'd ya know
  25. [2019/03/25 19:14]  Chaos SecretSpy: something good comes out of buying those hooves
  26. [2019/03/25 19:14]  Chaos SecretSpy: u got leg thingos now
  27. [2019/03/25 19:15]  Chaos SecretSpy: ohh also, just on that other subject
  28. [2019/03/25 19:15]  Chaos SecretSpy: I fucking despise that I had to actually come to this point of having to basically just tell u to leave the group.
  29. [2019/03/25 19:15]  Chaos SecretSpy: that pisses me off the most, that it actually had to come to this point at all
  30. [2019/03/25 19:17]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): alright then, come friday I'll leave.
  31. [2019/03/25 19:17]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): no buts no iffs, regardless of whether I want to or not
  32. [2019/03/25 19:18]  Chaos SecretSpy: eugh
  33. [2019/03/25 19:18]  Chaos SecretSpy: i want u to do what u want to do
  34. [2019/03/25 19:18]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): but here's the dea, I don't want to have anything to do with them at all
  35. [2019/03/25 19:18]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): I don't want to hear the name
  36. [2019/03/25 19:19]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): I thought what I wanted was a pipe dream, and is pointless.
  37. [2019/03/25 19:19]  Chaos SecretSpy: eugh, thats my thought atleast
  38. [2019/03/25 19:19]  Chaos SecretSpy: whats ur thought?
  39. [2019/03/25 19:19]  Chaos SecretSpy: or are u gonna guilt trip me again?
  40. [2019/03/25 19:19]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): my honest thoughts
  41. [2019/03/25 19:20]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): I don't know
  42. [2019/03/25 19:20]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): I see your point
  43. [2019/03/25 19:20]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): I see the problems.
  44. [2019/03/25 19:20]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): I don't know what to do about them
  45. [2019/03/25 19:20]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): but I know for a fact that once I'm gone, things are guaranteed done
  46. [2019/03/25 19:21]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): does that make sense?
  47. [2019/03/25 19:21]  Chaos SecretSpy: well, i know that
  48. [2019/03/25 19:21]  Chaos SecretSpy: i told u that from the start
  49. [2019/03/25 19:21]  Chaos SecretSpy: of all this drama
  50. [2019/03/25 19:21]  Chaos SecretSpy: if u went, the group is basically down, its just a domino effect then
  51. [2019/03/25 19:22]  Skunkworth Badger (skunkworth): and I don't want that
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