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May 18th, 2017
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  1. (GWC AND GOLFING SOCIETY HOTEL POOL) x:-1335,282 y:351,361 z:62,307
  2. (GWX AND GOLFING SOCIETY) x:-1144,078 y:437,220 z:84,830
  3. (RICHMAN LUXURY) x:-1468,422 y:171,184 z:54,600
  4. (RICHMAN SMALL) x:-1531,941 y:-3,580 z:54,817
  5. (RICHMAN) x:-1476,806 y:15,931 z:52,428
  6. (LUXURY POOL RICHMAN) x:-1538,715 y:-110,178 z:52,462
  7. (RICHMAN SMALL) x:-1776,889 y:319,953 z:87,613
  8. (RICHMAN) x:-1852,484 y:283,784 z:87,206
  9. (PACIFIC BLUFFS) x:-3033,055 y:41,399 z:8,622
  10. (PACIFIC BLUFFS) x:-2032,518 y:358,317 z:92,894
  11. (PACIFIC BLUFFS) x:-2018,130 y:418,799 z:100,779
  12. (PACIFIC BLUFFS) x:-2041,029 y:512,612 z:105,236
  13. (PACIFIC BLUFFS) x:-1921,415 y:443,601 z:101,225
  14. (PACIFIC BLUFFS) x:-2018,818 y:606,352 z:115,955
  15. (PACIFIC BLUFFS LARGE) x:-2001,914 y:645,205 z:120,827
  16. (PACIFIC BLUFFS) x:-1906,677 y:595,259 z:121,098
  17. (RICHMAN GLEN) x:-1871,001 y:663,936 z:128,762
  18. (RICHMAN) x:-1521,325 y:389,830 z:106,254
  19. (RICHMAN) x:-1473,103 y:429,801 z:110,933
  20. (ROCKFORD HILLS) x:-1023,624 y:429,490 z:70,993
  21. (ROCKFORD HILLS) x:-1054,303 y:362,528 z:68,393
  22. (ROCKFORD HILLS) x:-1031,635 y:292,585 z:65,144
  23. (ROCKFORD HILLS) x:-995,042 y:440,683 z:78,324
  24. (ROCKFORD HILLS) x:-984,329 y:464,314 z:79,751
  25. (WEST VINEWOOD LARGE) x:-706,128 y:431,643 z:105,401
  26. (WEST VINEWOOD) x:-309,766 y:404,351 z:108,004
  27. (WEST VINEWOOD LARGE) x:-317,921 y:342,015 z:108,299
  28. (WEST VINEWOOD LARGE) x:-249,435 y:352,958 z:108,616
  29. (WEST VINEWOOD) x:-195,955 y:372,103 z:107,716
  30. (WEST VINEWOOD) x:-153,955 y:396,823 z:109,392
  31. (WEST VINEWOOD HOTEL POOL LARGE) x:-17,230 y:342,818 z:111,501
  32. (WEST VINEWOOD LARGE) x:26,099 y:430,266 z:141,319
  33. (DOWNTOWN VINEWOOD) x:98,824 y:439,064 z:140,604
  34. (DOWNTOWN VINEWOOD) x:149,155 y:455,481 z:139,497
  35. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1462,186 y:479,157 z:114,632
  36. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1331,306 y:537,164 z:122,595
  37. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1296,900 y:578,076 z:128,328
  38. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1270,185 y:595,818 z:137,441
  39. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1233,150 y:618,394 z:137,027
  40. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1175,618 y:604,703 z:101,677
  41. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1127,632 y:607,779 z:102,818
  42. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1063,457 y:570,399 z:101,069
  43. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1158,321 y:508,012 z:84,449
  44. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1189,659 y:493,157 z:96,790
  45. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1156,239 y:508,247 z:84,508
  46. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1113,243 y:510,391 z:80,494
  47. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-1002,148 y:461,853 z:77,183
  48. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-927,493 y:484,924 z:83,038
  49. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-907,901 y:507,553 z:91,199
  50. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-900,981 y:478,172 z:87,150
  51. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-833,129 y:494,078 z:88,915
  52. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-814,744 y:456,911 z:88,953
  53. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-791,369 y:489,111 z:98,760
  54. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-756,420 y:490,891 z:105,636
  55. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-653,490 y:448,894 z:108,878
  56. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-625,203 y:458,501 z:107,013
  57. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-584,562 y:454,569 z:107,289
  58. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-624,743 y:555,051 z:110,672
  59. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-574,800 y:577,742 z:113,131
  60. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-506,033 y:487,059 z:106,145
  61. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-468,260 y:507,606 z:120,179
  62. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-445,135 y:507,453 z:118,083
  63. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-398,252 y:477,785 z:118,370
  64. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-348,929 y:557,296 z:125,143
  65. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-314,151 y:521,791 z:120,160
  66. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-279,231 y:453,868 z:109,299
  67. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-117,150 y:484,011 z:135,296
  68. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-179,343 y:478,248 z:132,036
  69. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-241,690 y:463,384 z:125,084
  70. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-313,088 y:521,587 z:120,154
  71. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-115,110 y:483,394 z:135,148
  72. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-74,374 y:467,956 z:136,061
  73. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-7,246 y:450,181 z:144,622
  74. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:24,786 y:431,354 z:141,222
  75. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:158,000 y:477,959 z:140,917
  76. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:223,116 y:480,705 z:139,248
  77. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:285,915 y:499,066 z:146,341
  78. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:299,708 y:461,156 z:141,274
  79. (VINEWOOD HILLS SMALL) x:259,764 y:766,764 z:198,087
  80. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:241,110 y:638,339 z:184,279
  81. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-445,995 y:623,873 z:141,505
  82. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-410,374 y:626,991 z:157,018
  83. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-324,643 y:598,202 z:171,051
  84. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-279,957 y:566,948 z:172,566
  85. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-238,369 y:564,418 z:184,026
  86. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-124,721 y:569,738 z:194,679
  87. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-202,337 y:657,801 z:199,044
  88. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-247,838 y:661,255 z:187,077
  89. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-545,043 y:788,688 z:195,810
  90. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-620,756 y:832,558 z:204,245
  91. (VINEWOOD HILLS LARGE) x:-672,615 y:871,351 z:223,679
  92. (VINEWOOD HILLS ) x:-682,982 y:794,824 z:197,103
  93. (VINEWOOD HILLS) x:-753,649 y:779,753 z:211,962
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