Rowley re: SL age verification

SiennaTrina May 21st, 2019 78 Never
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  1. FS/SL chat about age verification:  I IMed Rowley:  
  2. [14:56] Coral Sharpshire: I don't like to discuss this publicly for fear kids will start up a new account and fib about age.  They simply go by birthdate given when joining now.
  3. [14:57] Rowley Darkstone: Well they seem to get in. They ain't dumb. lol
  4. [14:58] Rowley Darkstone: Looked up the age ranges on Google. 18+, 16 - 17 and 14 -16?
  5. [14:58] Coral Sharpshire: No, they're not, but not going to encourage it by sharing that info.
  6. [14:59] Coral Sharpshire: Age ranges for what?
  7. [14:59] Rowley Darkstone: So when I ask I don't know what to do with them
  8. [15:00] Rowley Darkstone: Adults are everything, next down are PG, the lowest has a special group that I never heard of
  9. [15:00] Coral Sharpshire: 18+ for Mature and Adult regions.
  10. [15:00] Coral Sharpshire: Moderate and Adult rather
  11. [15:01] Rowley Darkstone: Yeah alwaays changing. Like a Kolidascope
  12. [15:01] Coral Sharpshire: It has been that way for years
  13. [15:01] Rowley Darkstone: \
  14. [15:01] Coral Sharpshire:
  15. [15:02] Coral Sharpshire: The change is that kids can lie about their birthdate and enter Mature and Adult regions
  16. [15:02] Coral Sharpshire: Sooo, do not assume everyone on a M or A region is actually 18+.
  17. [15:02] Rowley Darkstone: Well in your spare time..... Google it and see if it coinsides with your belief
  18. [15:03] Coral Sharpshire: I do not need to Google!  This is SL info.  See the link above.
  19. [15:03] Rowley Darkstone: It has changed so many times over the years. Used to require a credit card.
  20. [15:03] Coral Sharpshire:
  21. [15:03] Rowley Darkstone: (Kids would use mommy's credit card)
  22. [15:04] Coral Sharpshire: No, used to require driver license or something similar to confirm DOB.
  23. [15:04] Rowley Darkstone: Don't know what the Lindens do if some kid gets in and is "Danaged".
  24. [15:05] Rowley Darkstone: Probably "self Insured".
  25. [15:05] Rowley Darkstone: brb out of ice
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