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  1. Greeting Google Employees, I am Anonymous2269. Do Not Panic. In 72 hours Anonymous Operation Blackout will "Storm" Youtube servers for 24 hours in the fight, along with Wikipedia, Occupy and other, against SOPA. Do Not Panic. Anonymous salutes Googles dedication to Ethical business & Creative problem solving (unfortunate but ingenious Motolora-Patent maneuver). In fact, your success has given Anonymous hope for the future, tools to fight for human rights, and inspiration we need tol continue standing beside you. The archaic and abusive tactics of the 1% have no business in our global future. Authority is endangered and its imminent extinction has caused this hapless mis-step. We approve of this. By attempting to censor the free internet, the US government has admitted that it's population control tactics are failing. The military has been grasping at "Terrorism" straws for a decade now. By violating United Nation saction, the United States Military has disrepsected our planet, disrespected our Fore father, disrespected our citizens. We have been waiting for these assholes to direspect us directly, and we Thank them for giving us the SOPA excuse to euthanize them. Anonymous has long grown tired of their charade and we are now going to kill their Authority. Anonymous Operation Blackout has stormed the consciousness of the People. We have ignited the fire in long cold hearts. We have allowed the Authority to abuse Occupiers with simply to record every single second, in high defintion, slow motion detail. This is simply for evidenciary purposes. Authorities crimes against humanity will no longer go undocumented. Corruption can never hide from Anonymous. We are EVERYWHERE. Look at your family and co-workers. Look at your employees and bosses. Look at your enemies and friends. Thats what Anonymous looks like. Look in a mirror. Thats what Anonymous looks like. At work we wear this mask because we have to, because Authority is Evil and we must fight fire with fire. At home, we look like you. We have children. We have dreams. We suffer like you suffer. We hope like you hope, and we Love like you love. On Janurary 4th, we are your loyal partners, fans, family but on Janurary 5th, OperationBlackout-YoutubeStorm we transform the global hive mind so that we may deliver what needs to be delivered. Once our game-faces on, there is no stopping. Once Operation begins, We are not your friend. We are no ones friend. Please understand this before Janurary 5th. Please tell your co-workers, employees, supervisors. No matter what happens for 24 hours, DO NOT INTERFERE. stay your hand as much as legally possible. For the future of mankind, please do not take ANY unneccessary action against Anonymous. We are not targeting you and we never will unless we are forced to. I am asking you this as anon2269, not Anonymous. Please do not stand against us.
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