one chick x other chick A but more important: preg knights

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  1. [13:32:39] <Vena> paying attention now, tree ping
  2. [13:40:31] <Vena> Since it's a non-descript town, that means everywhere to hide is non-descript. Therefore, the stalking resumes in earnest, because non-descript hiding places are usually high quality. Is Sylvera actually doing anything, or is she looking bored out of her mind?
  3. [13:42:39] <Bigwood> ok i also wasn't paying attention thanks to taking a massive diarrhea dump
  4. [13:42:48] <ScarletFlame> lip
  5. [13:43:15] <Bigwood> Considering my knowledge of the characters and situation, I am willing to answer that question by saying it's 100%, doubtlessly the latter.
  6. [13:51:37] <Vena> Nice, nice. Or rather, not nice, not doing anything in particular isn't exactly the most swell way to pass the time. At least relentlessly start the target of your protection. So, she drops down from a building rooftop as nondiscreetly as she can possibly manage, but still within a few feet (or as close as Sylvera allows her to get, either or). She's currently got the '
  7. [13:51:37] <Vena> Sylvera' mask on, which she moves to the side after coming down. It'd probably scare the living daylights out of anyone else, of course. "Business as usual then?"
  8. [13:52:33] <Vena> >start
  9. [13:52:34] <Vena> Stalk.
  10. [13:53:25] <Bigwood> Exactly, Sylvie isn't even fazed.  Or bothered by the mask anymore, still thinks it's pretty hilarious.  That all said, the response you get is mostly a long sigh.  "That it is," she replies boredly.  "So close to finishing my task, yet so far."
  11. [13:57:29] <Vena> Being able to do what would intentionally scare people as a standard greeting is honestly something she can't pass up. Definitely appreciates that, even if she doesn't say so. "Do you actually have plans to get a hobby when you're done with this top-secret mysterious task, or are you going to rot in a place far from any signs of life when you're done?"
  12. [14:01:14] <Bigwood> "Well, that's none of your business, but as your employer I have a right to decide whether to tell you these things or not."  By the way she's still wearing the sleveless dress and shows no signs of being affected by the weather.  As usual.  "So I guess I might as well.  Most likely I'll get where I want to be, find out nothing's wrong, give you some pocket change, and then go back home without a care in the world.  Of course if there IS something wrong that'll be part of your job too, and fate hasn't been smiling on us much lately."
  13. [14:13:56] <Vena> Well after the dancers, the whole 'not being affected by the weather' thing is honestly looking like it's possible to do. ...But for a self-professed noble, naturally it's unlikely. "I suppose not, though it'd probably help when it comes to doing my job. That said, I literally shot down a giant demon earlier, so I've got a feeling that fate would rather not smile upon us
  14. [14:13:56] <Vena> for the last stretch. More importantly though, have you actually considered being a critic? Like, not just wrecking things with your sick burns, but actually taking the time to experience things so you can write about how bad they are, get it published somewhere, so on? You've got the eye for detail it needs, and you're pretty good at taking people apart. Seems to be a
  15. [14:13:56] <Vena> match, really."
  16. [14:17:14] <Bigwood> "You act like I have any reason to involve myself with plebeians.  Why do I care enough to show them what I think about what they do?"  Now she wears a smug grin.  "Not that I'm not flattered that you think it's a skill of mine, but it just so happens that I observe others and have a decent eye for character.  Besides, you should worry more about yourself, Vivi.  What are you going to do after this?  Go home and be a family woman?"
  17. [14:17:29] <Bigwood> "I'm sure you of all people have something more interesting than that in mind."
  18. [14:25:53] <Vena> "Maybe those plebeians need a good tearing down if they hope to even so much as hold your interest. If they can manage that, why, they'd draw crowds! It'd be an attraction! The house of someone that Sylpi called 'OK, I guess'." She chuckles at the very idea of Sylvera being satisfied with anything. "...That said, I imagine I'm going to continue with my own line of work
  19. [14:25:53] <Vena> until I stop having fun with...the trials of bodyguarding--is that thinly veiled enough--and I actually have the money to retire, both at once. And there's no way I'm going to simply settle down, that's for sure. ...But I've little idea on what I'll do in between scaring the living daylights out of people, sadly."
  20. [14:28:33] <Vena> "I mean, it'd be high time I saw places of the world that are less bitterly cold. And full of less rich people in need of bodyguarding. So I could do with being driven out of a few towns." Shrug!
  21. [14:29:06] <Bigwood> "Hmm."  Sylvera responds to your laugh with a dignified giggle, but gives a pause of silence before dropping a bombshell.  "Well, we've gotten this far, at least, I can thank you for that much.  So now I've no qualms with asking: How has Nix been?  Or rather, what do you think of him, hmm?"
  22. [14:41:44] <Vena> Vena takes the bombshell with an almost surprising stride. The shock on her face is small, more like a 'oh, she said something' rather than a 'shit, she knows'. "Like he's got horrible choice in pets. I nearly shot that thing, and I'd nearly shoot it again. ...That said, he's been doing well since the last time I checked on him...and he's certainly got the proper sort of
  23. [14:41:44] <Vena> charisma to keep his position...but his position makes it harder than it ought be to get to spend time with him, to know much for sure." Shrug! "Of course, I like the air of mystery he's got about him, too. And he's certainly a good looker."
  24. [14:42:46] <Vena> "I mean, you've got an air of mystery behind you and you're a pretty good looker, but I know better than to even fantasize."
  25. [14:44:25] <Bigwood> "I see," Sylvera smirks.  "That doesn't surprise me in the least.  I'd asked him to accompany me personally, so imagine my surprise when he sent one of his underlings instead.  Though I suppose you've been pleasant company, so I can't say he didn't have the right idea.  At first I thought he was purposely taunting me, but... things are beginning to make a bit more sense."  And rolls her eyes.  "And I'd much appreciate that you didn't.  How do the commoners put it?  'I don't swing that way?'"
  26. [14:53:28] <Vena> "Most don't." I would say 'except peg knights', but the blue NPC peg knights have been predominantly...not raging lesbians. "After all, you'd wanted a hunking man when we'd initially went off, right~?"
  27. [14:56:32] <Bigwood> "W-Well, that's right."  She looks away, hiding whatever expression she's making.  If only she had a mask of her own.  "So I guess you know what I had in mind now, don't you?  Although you were right then as well: with some bindings and some of your disguise tactics, you could pass as a man and a somewhat handsome one at that.  In fact, you should consider yourself fortunate, because most in your line of work are covered in horrible, disfiguring scars."
  28. [15:09:35] <Vena> Massive luck growth, reporting in. "...Yes, I do suppose I'm fortunate in all sorts of ways. I suppose I'll have to take his plans into consideration as well. Perhaps he's got something more fun for the long term, though it won't stop me from considering things. ...Might be hard to find someone that suits your tastes more, but you should have time for that sort of thing
  29. [15:09:35] <Vena> if you actually go outside, ya know? There's neat people amongst the plebs."
  30. [15:10:34] <RedXVIII> i'll just mention
  31. [15:10:48] <RedXVIII> that i read "peg knights" as "pregnant knights"
  32. [15:10:49] <RedXVIII> peace
  33. [15:10:53] <ScarletFlame> amazing
  34. [15:11:12] <Vena> it'll be accurate in a few IC months
  35. [15:11:45] <ScarletFlame> pls
  36. [15:13:42] <Bigwood> confirming aryll will defs be preg knight
  37. [15:13:54] <ScarletFlame> heh
  38. [15:16:08] <Ramiel> >implying she isn't already
  39. [15:16:23] <Bigwood> "Oh, I see what you're saying."  Sylvera's smirk could destroy planets.  And in fact, some distant planet might be blowing up right now.  "Well, don't you worry.  I don't discount the lowborn's existence just because of who they are- rather, I only want to dissociate myself from them.  I very much appreciate those who've been helping our cause - especially the little girl who killed almost every single enemy all by herself - but in terms of personal involvement, well."
  40. [15:17:20] * mako ( has joined #WhenYouNeedYourEmblemsToFire
  41. [15:23:45] <Vena> "She threw a fit earlier about what I assume was not being able to kill things. You're lucky you weren't there to see that, it was kind of sad. What kind of person complains that they can't kill things when they're wielding something they can barely use? It'd be difficult for me to kill an armed and ready soldier with my bare hands and no proper training." Shrug. "Glad
  42. [15:23:45] <Vena> that's over. ...But yeah, I think I get it. Mostly. ...Too different? Lifespan? Can't handle you?"
  43. [15:29:27] <Bigwood> "All of the above."  She speaks deadpan with no emotion whatsoever in her voice.  "Well, soon enough you'll have a better idea of what exactly you're involved in.  And believe me, that's just as ominous as it sounds.  You're right though- I would've been disgusted to see such a thing, with how elegant it sounds.  So maybe I'm fortunate too, hmm?"
  44. [15:36:17] <Vena> "Good answer. And it's quite ominous, but it's exactly what I signed up for. After all, I have to end on a high note. The higher, the better. So this is practically a dream job."
  45. [15:37:28] <Vena> "That said, I'll try not to get scratched up right before the end here. You'd like that, right~?"
  46. [15:38:48] <Bigwood> "I don't particularly care.  After all, if you did get a scarred face, you'd just wear my face over it, wouldn't you?"  She grins so hard you're now certain that a distant planet somewhere has exploded.
  47. [15:46:09] <Vena> Now that definitely prompts a laugh. "Heheheheh, yeah, I suppose I would!" She's laughing, but she just might do it. She's seriously considering it. Yeah, that planet is GONE. RIPperooni.
  48. [15:58:54] <Bigwood> You know, after all this time I really can't come up with a way to continue this but 'You feel your bonds with Sylvera have reached their limit' and then the arcana popping up and social link bonuses and etc, so suffice it to say you've gained the trust of a haughty noble who is actually a dragon, which may have some significance in the future to come.
  50. [16:07:08] <ScarletFlame> PLS
  51. [16:13:20] <ScarletFlame> Though, it's true... in making these bonds, the truth was revealed to us. And maybe, just maybe, we can stop fate.
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