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  1. Zed is a hard-headed country Zangoose who more or less avoided most of the complications of civilization and the apocalypse in favor of a simple life close-to-home. Having never left his Tri-County area of territory, Zed was raised without any influence from trainers or technology. Sure, he saw them from time to time - it's hard not to in this day and age - but they were just another funny-looking Pokemon to him. What he didn't know was that his territory was secretly a Safari Zone/preservation habitat, which was also established to protect the Seviper habitat acres away. To Zed's family however, this was a generational feud between the two species that had been ingrained into their very DNA. Always fighting with the Sevipers over territory, food, and the best berry juice fermenting holes, this classic rivalry was more like Hatfields and McCoys than racial warfare. When the apocalypse hit, the Rangers responsible for secretly maintaining the habitat vanished, and Zed noticed other species cropping up on his land and the decline of some resources he had always taken for granted. This drove him to venture out past the borders of the tri-counties for the first time in search of answers and something to provide for his family as the oldest son before the Sevipers and other more dangerous species encroached and ended their way of life for good.
  3. Powers:
  5. - Natural Weapons
  6. - Squeeze Through
  7. - Acute Olfactory
  8. - Survival Sense
  9. - Cat Fall
  10. - Flurry
  11. - Acquired Immunity
  12. - Perfect Balance
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