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  1. You have just entered room "A Place To Start - TheCrashPad."
  2. OnlineHost: See what's hot on AIM!
  3. Charliee99999 has entered the room.
  4. Charliee99999: hi all
  5. CourtneyS3xy has entered the room.
  6. CourtneyS3xy: 21/fem/ca.
  7. Charliee99999: hi courtney
  8. CourtneyS3xy: hello everyone
  9. Be Happy 83 has entered the room.
  10. Paz03nbw has entered the room.
  11. Nomind108 has left the room.
  12. Charliee99999 has left the room.
  13. Paz03nbw has left the room.
  14. CourtneyS3xy has left the room.
  15. koensmom03 has entered the room.
  16. apricots has entered the room.
  17. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome annie :-)
  18. DoctorJ97 has entered the room.
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  20. o2 euph has entered the room.
  21. Be Happy 83: :-)
  22. DoctorJ97 has left the room.
  23. Be Happy 83: did you tell them thats what the program was for?
  24. Be Happy 83: "dude shut up"
  25. Be Happy 83 has left the room.
  26. i BatheAtCarWash has entered the room.
  27. Imjonnytoo has entered the room.
  28. Imjonnytoo: evening everyone!  6'3"/Male Wash DC
  29. foxyone80 has entered the room.
  30. foxyone80 has left the room.
  31. DWL Sin has entered the room.
  32. firesturgon has entered the room.
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  34. i BatheAtCarWash has left the room.
  35. pro vs con has entered the room.
  36. GreenAuroraSky has entered the room.
  37. Herdadlovesalotl has entered the room.
  38. DWL Sin: damn
  39. DWL Sin: that notify aol button
  40. DWL Sin: is srs stuff
  41. DWL Sin: :-)
  42. i pwnt text: yeah i got tosed
  43. DWL Sin: sns only last 2 weeks
  44. DWL Sin: :-(
  45. i pwnt text: had to start over
  46. DWL Sin: Poor Todd
  47. DWL Sin: That fuck face faggot
  48. i pwnt text: man mad faggots
  49. i pwnt text: on aol
  50. i pwnt text: bro
  51. DWL Sin: Always pressing Notify AOL
  52. lady: =-O
  53. i pwnt text: they can keep tosing me
  54. LS2TONY has entered the room.
  55. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome Lista :-)
  56. i pwnt text: i got 2 million aols
  57. DWL Sin: Tos that
  58. LS2TONY: blow me
  59. DWL Sin: Bitchass
  60. i pwnt text: on my serverts
  61. mento:
  62. i pwnt text: servers*
  63. rosalindal1 has entered the room.
  64. LS2TONY: your servers run windows 95
  65. i pwnt text: windows 2003
  66. i pwnt text: and 08
  67. i pwnt text: sup?
  68. swag trish has entered the room.
  69. LS2TONY: eat my shorts
  70. Herdadlovesalotl has left the room.
  71. DWL Sin: Tony servers run WinME
  72. aznjessiz: hi tony
  73. DWL Sin: l
  74. DWL Sin: o
  75. DWL Sin: l
  76. mento: no one runs 95 servers anymore
  77. i pwnt text: had my same servers for over a year
  78. i pwnt text: sup?
  79. swag trish: eat my pus
  80. MooseGTFO: disguisting
  81. LS2TONY: im joking nerds
  82. LS2TONY: jesus.
  83. mento: damn
  84. MooseGTFO: Big Pun - Capital - Twinz (deep Cover '98) (feat. Fat Joe) [3:48]
  85. swag trish: it has  fishy smell
  86. aznjessiz: >:o
  87. apricots: lol
  88. LS2TONY: whale wars is a bad ass show...
  89. swag trish: i am a bad girl
  90. LS2TONY: cool
  91. MooseGTFO: dead in the middle of little italy little did we know we riddled some middle man who didnt do diddly
  92. MooseGTFO: 8-)
  93. MooseGTFO: coolface
  94. skgcala has entered the room.
  95. GreenAuroraSky: Hi.
  96. DWL Sin: whale wars suck ass
  97. DWL Sin: river monsters is a better show
  98. swag trish: who want to go down on me
  99. LS2TONY: wow sin
  100. LS2TONY: no...just no
  101. LS2TONY: and trish, i wouldnt go down on you with mooses mouth
  102. swag trish: yes you would
  103. swag trish: you're bad
  104. mento:
  105. GreenAuroraSky: That's messed up.
  106. mento: hahahah
  107. mento: xD
  108. swag trish has left the room.
  109. LS2TONY: nope
  110. mento: not being derped
  111. tam5257 has entered the room.
  112. Shush has left the room.
  113. MooseGTFO:
  114. i pwnt text: -BROKEST DUDE ON AOL
  115. i pwnt text: MOOSE
  116. i pwnt text: IN SECOND PLACE
  117. i pwnt text: AFTER ME
  118. MooseGTFO: STFU NGA
  119. i pwnt text: WE SOME BROKE ASS NIGGAS
  121. i pwnt text: NIGGA
  122. i pwnt text: IM BROKE SON
  123. DGN1006 has entered the room.
  124. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome DGN :-)
  125. i pwnt text: I MADE 90 BUCKS YESTERDAY
  126. DGN1006: how
  127. LS2TONY: balllllllin
  128. i pwnt text: WOW
  129. i pwnt text: MY PAYPAL
  130. i pwnt text: HAS 4K THO
  131. i pwnt text: SUP?
  132. DGN1006: lar  ... do you still see amanda?
  133. LS2TONY: damn 4k
  134. i pwnt text: AND MY SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX
  135. DWL Sin: nooka
  136. DWL Sin: how many girls on here
  137. i pwnt text: HAS 30KJ
  138. DWL Sin: you sent money to
  139. i pwnt text: 30K*
  140. i pwnt text: SUP
  141. i pwnt text: ANG
  142. i pwnt text: BOUT IT
  143. skgcala has left the room.
  144. i pwnt text: BOUGHT
  145. i pwnt text: LAR
  146. i pwnt text: LAR
  147. i pwnt text: AND SENT ANG SOME MONEY
  148. Imjonnytoo has left the room.
  149. DGN1006: nooka  why u send ang money dude
  150. nicolea36 has entered the room.
  151. DWL Sin: llol
  152. DWL Sin: pulling an euph jr?
  153. mento:
  154. i pwnt text: cause i like her
  155. i pwnt text: and she needed it
  156. nicolea36 has left the room.
  157. DGN1006: ok
  158. lady: :-D
  159. i pwnt text: shes cool
  160. DGN1006: lar  id send to but not ang
  161. i pwnt text: ima send lar
  162. DWL Sin: DGN stfu son
  163. i pwnt text: some paper too
  164. i pwnt text: soon
  165. lady: thats cause i think ur a desperate faggot
  166. i pwnt text: dgn
  167. GreenAuroraSky: Whoa.
  168. DGN1006: yeh
  169. i pwnt text: why you dont like ang?
  170. DWL Sin: Talk again and you'll leave
  171. GreenAuroraSky: Chill.
  172. GrandmaB38 has entered the room.
  173. GrandmaB38 has left the room.
  174. GrandmaB38 has entered the room.
  175. i pwnt text: ang cool peeps
  176. DGN1006: cause shes nasty\
  177. i pwnt text: she will get real with you
  178. lady: lol he dont like me
  179. lady: cause he tried to holla
  180. lady: and i told him to stop being desperate
  181. i pwnt text: lol
  182. DWL Sin: nooka just tried to get with hr
  183. DWL Sin: her*
  184. DWL Sin: she was like
  185. DWL Sin: send 1k
  186. DWL Sin: and ill send you pix
  187. DWL Sin: and he sent the money
  188. DWL Sin: :-)
  189. lady: that was krsa
  190. i pwnt text: ang put me on blast
  191. lady: dummy
  192. DWL Sin: ROFL
  193. i pwnt text: on the phone
  194. i pwnt text: the other night
  195. i pwnt text: i hung up
  196. i pwnt text: lol
  197. DWL Sin: lol nooka
  198. britty lauren: LOL.
  199. DWL Sin: you pay to talk to girls?
  200. DWL Sin: sad son
  201. DWL Sin: its aol
  202. i pwnt text: nah man
  203. DWL Sin: these chicks will talk to you for free
  204. DWL Sin: don't need to pay son
  205. i pwnt text: yeah son
  206. i pwnt text: i know u
  207. i pwnt text: the big aol pimp daddy
  208. DWL Sin: yeah what
  209. i pwnt text: on hurr
  210. i pwnt text: right?
  211. DWL Sin: lol I don't call people from AOL
  212. DWL Sin: tf is wrong with you
  213. i pwnt text: elle?
  214. DWL Sin: I hardly talk to these people in chat
  215. LS2TONY: rio
  216. LS2TONY: his gf
  217. DWL Sin: let alone im
  218. lady: lol ya he hung up on me cause he didnt like what i was saying
  219. DWL Sin: or phone
  220. i pwnt text: rio
  221. lady: and nooka didnt pay me to talk to him...
  222. i pwnt text: pbed daz
  223. DGN1006: yeh  the only thing sin says to me even is stfu
  224. DWL Sin: yeah dgn stfu
  225. DWL Sin: you moron
  226. DGN1006: see
  227. i pwnt text: sin
  228. i pwnt text: rio
  229. i pwnt text: is your girl?
  230. DWL Sin: No
  231. DWL Sin: LMAO
  232. DWL Sin: wtf
  233. i pwnt text: ooo
  234. i pwnt text: ight
  235. PUTTER2125 has left the room.
  236. DWL Sin: rio is really euph sister
  237. DGN1006: yeh
  238. DWL Sin: he just never wanted anyone to know
  239. DWL Sin: dgn shut the fuck up
  240. DWL Sin: saying yeh
  241. DGN1006: we knew tho
  242. DWL Sin: like you know what anyone
  243. DWL Sin: is talking about
  244. DGN1006: ok
  245. DWL Sin: leave the chat now son
  246. DGN1006: i didnt kno
  247. DWL Sin: asap
  248. DGN1006: ok
  249. DWL Sin: get the fuck out
  250. DGN1006 has left the room.
  251. lady: dgn is stupid as fuck
  252. DWL Sin: he's gone
  253. lady: dude used to beg me to talk to him
  254. DWL Sin: :-)
  255. lady: i know i saw
  256. lady: :-)
  257. lady: he got butt hurt. not my fault hes desperate.
  258. i pwnt text: rofl
  259. i pwnt text: sin
  260. DWL Sin: wot
  261. i pwnt text: nigga said leave
  262. GreenAuroraSky has left the room.
  263. DWL Sin: yeah
  264. lady: sin u the one been bootin niggas
  265. i pwnt text: and nigga dipped
  266. lady: you boot that stupid skeemr kid
  267. DWL Sin: nah I didn't boot him
  268. lady: trav?
  269. DWL Sin: he left
  270. lady: oh too bad you should
  271. RIngle8565 has entered the room.
  272. DWL Sin: but yeah
  273. DWL Sin: I found that booting thing
  274. RIngle8565 has left the room.
  275. Latricamartin has left the room.
  276. i pwnt text: r
  277. i pwnt text: o
  278. i pwnt text: f
  279. i pwnt text: l
  280. i pwnt text: l
  281. i pwnt text: m
  282. i pwnt text: a
  283. michelle F obama has entered the room.
  284. i pwnt text: o
  285. DWL Sin: lol
  286. lady: nooka you wanna buy me an ipad?
  287. michelle F obama: any hot white guys
  288. DWL Sin: Whats wrong with travis?
  289. i pwnt text: ang
  290. i pwnt text: stop
  291. i pwnt text: k
  292. lady: LOL
  293. michelle F obama: lady im me
  294. lady: im not srs dude stfu
  295. i pwnt text: i know
  296. aquire has entered the room.
  297. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome Patrick :-)
  298. i pwnt text: nigget
  299. i pwnt text: chill
  300. lady: michelle obama no thanks
  301. aquire: hola
  302. LS2TONY: ?n?\???/?n
  303. lady: i done told you i dont want you buying me nuffin or givin me no more money so w/e
  304. LS2TONY: rofl moose
  305. michelle F obama: phone
  306. i pwnt text: me?
  307. DWL Sin: nooka son
  308. lady: yah
  309. DWL Sin: you need to save your money
  310. i pwnt text: i gots u
  311. lady: im no gold digger
  312. lady: wtf
  313. Hardbod12 has entered the room.
  314. Hardbod12 has left the room.
  315. Hardbod12 has entered the room.
  316. i pwnt text: gold digga nigga
  317. lady: michelle obama wanna aol date?
  318. lady: i love black lesbians
  319. i pwnt text: she prolly
  320. i pwnt text: a
  321. DWL Sin: save the money
  322. i pwnt text: gold digger nigger
  323. DWL Sin: put yourself through school
  324. DWL Sin: and start your own business
  325. DWL Sin: and bam
  326. Latricamartin has entered the room.
  327. DWL Sin: not spamming
  328. DWL Sin: a legit business
  329. KpLovegirls has entered the room.
  330. i pwnt text: i got my own biz
  331. aquire has left the room.
  332. i pwnt text: its called 2dt
  333. i pwnt text: llc
  334. i pwnt text: not yet an LLC
  335. Hardbod12 has left the room.
  336. i pwnt text: but soon to be
  337. DWL Sin: instead of buying people sn so they will be nice to you
  338. DWL Sin: lol
  339. lady: lol @ gold digger nigger
  340. i pwnt text: gonna go to vegas
  341. i pwnt text: and start it up
  342. i pwnt text: with eric
  343. michelle F obama: u white people suck
  344. i pwnt text: my partna
  345. i pwnt text: niggers
  346. i pwnt text: make this country
  347. i pwnt text: shit
  348. i pwnt text: obama
  349. i pwnt text: is fucking up my dads
  350. i pwnt text: income
  351. i pwnt text: stfu
  352. i pwnt text: nigger
  353. i pwnt text: gtfo
  354. i pwnt text: real fucking talk
  355. michelle F obama: my husband will be here 4 more years
  356. i pwnt text: lol
  357. i pwnt text: rolf
  358. i pwnt text: i will murder
  359. i pwnt text: your husband
  360. i pwnt text: his health care
  361. i pwnt text: shit
  362. i pwnt text: is bullshit
  363. michelle F obama: no its good
  364. i pwnt text: what you got to say on that bitch nigger?
  365. i pwnt text: its good
  366. i pwnt text: ?
  367. i pwnt text: come one
  368. i pwnt text: on*
  369. i pwnt text: lil more than that
  370. i pwnt text: please
  371. firesturgon has entered the room.
  372. i pwnt text: :-X
  373. i pwnt text: 8-)
  374. michelle F obama: the supreme court shot down that arizona law
  375. michelle F obama: hahahahaha
  376. DGN1006 has entered the room.
  377. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome DGN :-)
  378. i pwnt text: dgn
  379. cellblock334 has left the room.
  380. DGN1006: yeh
  381. i pwnt text: has better text than u
  382. i pwnt text: nigger
  383. cellblock334 has entered the room.
  384. i pwnt text: bitch
  385. DGN1006: lol
  386. i pwnt text: come at me bitch
  387. reread: sup
  388. reread: :]
  389. i pwnt text: come at me
  390. DGN1006 has left the room.
  391. i pwnt text: i will blow obama
  392. i pwnt text: the fuck up
  393. firesturgon has left the room.
  394. i pwnt text: out the white house
  395. i pwnt text: nigger is fucking my dads line of work up
  396. i pwnt text: my dad sells health and life insurance
  397. i pwnt text: for over 20 years
  398. i pwnt text: damn near close to 30
  399. Shush has entered the room.
  400. i pwnt text: and hes wanting to retire
  401. Loe70 has entered the room.
  402. MooseGTFO:
  403. MooseGTFO: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  404. i pwnt text: and that damd nigger obama
  405. i pwnt text: fucking up his money
  406. michelle F obama: good
  407. i pwnt text: lol
  408. i pwnt text: intelligent
  409. i pwnt text: stupid fucking  nigger response
  410. i pwnt text: get the fuck out
  411. i pwnt text: nigger
  412. i pwnt text: bitch
  413. i pwnt text: sup
  414. i pwnt text: say something
  415. Loe70: hello AH
  416. i pwnt text: :-X
  417. i pwnt text: 8-)
  418. Loe70: lol...he's speechless
  419. michelle F obama: you do know rommney dont have a chance
  420. Loe70 has left the room.
  421. i pwnt text: i dont keep up with bullshit
  422. reread: blah
  423. i pwnt text: obama
  424. i pwnt text: is fucking up
  425. i pwnt text: the nation
  426. i pwnt text: nigger bitch
  427. lady: bbL
  428. michelle F obama: no he is making it better bush screwed it all up for 8 years
  429. i pwnt text: i dont care about polotics
  430. rockstar8FL has entered the room.
  431. i pwnt text: all i care about
  432. i pwnt text: is my dad
  433. i pwnt text: making bank
  434. tam5257: if ayone wanna chat witha got blond like just send ma instand mesage
  435. i pwnt text: and retiring
  436. michelle F obama: your dad is a meat head
  437. i pwnt text: you dont know my dad
  438. i pwnt text: youre an idiot
  439. i pwnt text: :-X
  440. michelle F obama: no i am the first lady
  441. i pwnt text: youre some stupid nigger
  442. michelle F obama: 4 more years of the obamas
  443. britty lauren: Hmm.
  444. i pwnt text: that should be a fucking slave
  445. JasmineTour has left the room.
  446. i pwnt text: still
  447. michelle F obama: :-D
  448. pinehicno has entered the room.
  449. i pwnt text: all of you should be
  450. britty lauren: Wo.
  451. britty lauren: Wow.
  452. britty lauren: Really?
  453. britty lauren: Ignorant as fuck.
  454. i pwnt text: id have a nigger slave
  455. i pwnt text: running my bots
  456. michelle F obama: this is 2012
  457. britty lauren: You spend all your time trying to act black and then drop the N word.
  458. i pwnt text: and if he/she bitched
  459. britty lauren: That's really cute.
  460. i pwnt text: id whip them
  461. pinehicno has left the room.
  462. pinehicno has entered the room.
  463. KpLovegirls: 17/m/nc
  464. pinehicno: anyone love chatting
  465. pinehicno: im me
  466. MooseGTFO:
  467. MooseGTFO: /)_-
  468. Latricamartin has left the room.
  469. mento: ,
  470. mento: lol
  471. EmilyMRockstar has left the room.
  472. tam5257 has left the room.
  473. pinehicno has left the room.
  474. michelle F obama has left the room.
  475. CitrF has entered the room.
  476. CitrF: 22m       hey everybody        whats up
  477. CitrF: hey hey hey
  478. CoralReef10304 has entered the room.
  479. CitrF has left the room.
  480. ed1 has entered the room.
  481. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome leif :-)
  482. ed1: xad
  483. bad girl swag has entered the room.
  484. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome jaime :-)
  485. ed1: yo yo ma
  486. CoralReef10304: congress knows where the most monry comes from, so they start robbing the people's health cares money. that can be easy to stop
  487. ed1: nothing is easy
  488. i pwnt text: britty lauren:  You spend all your time trying to act black and then drop the N word.
  489. i pwnt text: lol
  490. jml0722123456 has entered the room.
  491. DebbieBSNMS has entered the room.
  492. DebbieBSNMS has left the room.
  493. TAURUS486 has entered the room.
  494. ed1: is it true?
  495. jml0722123456 has left the room.
  496. KpLovegirls has left the room.
  497. TAURUS486 has left the room.
  498. CoralReef10304: is so. even a dunce can figure that one out
  499. firesturgon has entered the room.
  500. Hayshaker1800 has entered the room.
  501. firesturgon has left the room.
  502. ed1: black at heart
  503. Hayshaker1800 has left the room.
  504. IWiLlNoTdIE689 has entered the room.
  505. Shrtstuf 17 has entered the room.
  506. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kn0w, you have 10 messages.
  507. ed1: if a dunce could wouldnt it have been corrected by now though?
  508. deloreansrule81 has entered the room.
  509. CoralReef10304: people need to be healthy, we even have drs. that are money hungry
  510. Checkscars has left the room.
  511. bpiazza731 has entered the room.
  512. ed1: the higher ups are all for their self gain, they dont care
  513. Sonic6412 has left the room.
  514. Shrtstuf 17 has left the room.
  515. bpiazza731 has left the room.
  516. Nine3452 has entered the room.
  517. michelle F obama has entered the room.
  518. deloreansrule81 has left the room.
  519. TheyCallmeKIMO has entered the room.
  520. CoralReef10304: besides housing being over charged to live somewhere, our health is being overchared to the people
  521. TheyCallmeKIMO:
  522. TheyCallmeKIMO has left the room.
  523. michelle F obama: wrong
  524. Billybadass69 has entered the room.
  525. ed1: ohhh no, an obama!
  526. michelle F obama: oh yes
  527. Nine3452 has left the room.
  528. Nine3452 has entered the room.
  529. bad girl swag has left the room.
  530. Billybadass69: anyone from south carolina here?
  531. michelle F obama: 4 more years of me
  532. cellblock334 has left the room.
  533. ed1: well, what is your stand on healthcare mrs obama
  534. Nine3452: at least obama  doesnt have an affair on his wife in the oval office
  535. ed1: bill is a man, he saw some booty and went after it, least he was honest
  536. michelle F obama: health care for all
  537. michelle F obama: tax the rich to pay for it
  538. SuperBluesBoiX4u has entered the room.
  539. Nine3452: healthcare for homeless too?
  540. michelle F obama: yes
  541. CoralReef10304: congress sends all the jobs to europe,  so the usa doesn't have jobs for the usa
  542. ed1: dream world
  543. Billybadass69 has left the room.
  544. michelle F obama: no mitt romney will do that
  545. Nine3452: so working people pay for druggies who get injured?
  546. Kela Edan: hi leify bear
  547. firesturgon has entered the room.
  548. JilliannD11D has entered the room.
  549. ed1: yo z
  550. michelle F obama: he did already
  551. SuperBluesBoiX4u has left the room.
  552. Kela Edan: how are you leif
  553. Sjjj1994 has entered the room.
  554. Nine3452 has left the room.
  555. Winniej1 has entered the room.
  556. Winniej1 has left the room.
  557. ed1: surviving, you?
  558. Smoke Bomb has entered the room.
  559. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome ReTODD, you have 05 messages.
  560. CoralReef10304: the only solution is to, dump the congress we have now
  561. Kela Edan: being sick
  562. Sjjj1994 has left the room.
  563. Hayshaker1800 has entered the room.
  564. Smoke Bomb: katie -tips hat-
  565. playful6929 has entered the room.
  566. Smoke Bomb has left the room.
  567. ed1: isnt obama trying to make health care required
  568. michelle F obama: no
  569. vYv RooT vYv: hc
  570. vYv RooT vYv: ` AOL Channels: Hidden
  571. TAURUS486 has entered the room.
  572. playful6929 has left the room.
  573. TAURUS486 has left the room.
  574. CoralReef10304: people need to be healthy. should have the correct medicine to do that. tired of going back and forth for the correct medicine. that runs up a hughe bill
  575. Beachbumm4 has entered the room.
  576. CitrF has entered the room.
  577. firesturgon has left the room.
  578. ISTGROUP has entered the room.
  579. CitrF: 22m     hello
  580. JilliannD11D has left the room.
  581. ed1: just move to canada
  582. Beachbumm4 has left the room.
  583. Sonic6412 has entered the room.
  584. ISTGROUP has left the room.
  585. Sonic6412: Hey room
  586. michelle F obama has left the room.
  587. Hayshaker1800: hey sonic
  588. Hayshaker1800: m/45/ky
  589. Mama1981dom has entered the room.
  590. Sonic6412: hey
  591. Sonic6412: 32 m cali
  592. rosalindal1 has left the room.
  593. britty lauren: Hi Todd.
  594. UserDiva9302 has entered the room.
  595. Sonic6412 has left the room.
  596. britty lauren: TODD LEFT.
  597. Hayshaker1800:   missing those 32 days
  598. firesturgon has entered the room.
  599. UserDiva9302 has left the room.
  600. ed1: indeed
  601. RR220022 has entered the room.
  602. Mama1981dom has left the room.
  603. Hayshaker1800:  how old ru  ed
  604. ed1: 28
  605. Kela Edan: ed is 40
  606. x     monyca has entered the room.
  607. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome monhoca :-)
  608. CoralReef10304: when new york signed a bill , for same sex marriage. the world is going to the dogs
  609. RR220022: any    cute  females here  from nyc
  610. britty lauren: I MISS TODD.
  611. ed1: you take that back z!
  612. RR220022: who  here is from NY
  613. Kela Edan: u know im kidding with you leif
  614. RR220022: britty   where are ya  from?
  615. shorebrd21 has entered the room.
  616. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome Matt :-)
  617. britty lauren: Not from NY, faggot.
  618. ed1: what about todd do you miss?
  619. ed1: his epic battle with hi kill me ;p
  620. Hayshaker1800: your just  reaching the days of prestige  ed
  622. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Deltron 3030 :: Time Keeps On Slipping
  623. Feminine Rant has entered the room.
  624. britty lauren: LOL.
  625. britty lauren: Wow, RR.
  626. britty lauren: You're super cool.
  627. crawling: brittybakka
  628. MooseGTFO: I reported you too
  629. crawling: come in bored
  630. crawling: :l
  631. RR220022: HEHEHEH
  632. MooseGTFO: i am offended
  633. MooseGTFO: Big Pun - Capital - You Ain't A Killer [4:14]
  634. Feminine Rant: the hilton in London cost 518 a night, in NYC, its 457.
  635. crawling: hi moose
  636. britty lauren: k
  637. vYv RooT vYv: shuf
  638. vYv RooT vYv: ` Play-Mode: Shuffle
  639. RR220022 has left the room.
  640. MooseGTFO: hi
  641. MooseGTFO: Big Pun - Capital - Tres Leches (triboro Trilogy) (feat. Prodigy & Inspectah Deck) [4:19]
  642. Feminine Rant: if I ever meet Putin im going to kick him in the danglies, how can he support Assad?
  643. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© A Tribe Called Quest :: Luck Of Lucien
  644. CitrF has left the room.
  645. MooseGTFO: to say fuck you to america
  646. XxOlds78xx has entered the room.
  647. MooseGTFO: MERICAAAA'
  648. Feminine Rant: indeed Moose
  649. Dragant316 has entered the room.
  650. Dragant316: Hello!
  651. Feminine Rant: and kudos for having a clue
  652. crawling: omg moose actually said hi and not "dont type to me junkbox"
  653. crawling: lolol
  654. MooseGTFO: yea
  655. MooseGTFO: it was out of pity
  656. crawling: :-(
  657. crawling:
  658. MooseGTFO:
  659. crawling: lol
  660. MooseGTFO: fuyckouttahere junkbox
  661. crawling: bahaha
  662. MooseGTFO: r
  663. MooseGTFO: Louis Logic - Meeveryone - Playing For Keeps (feat. Mdusu) [3:28]
  664. Feminine Rant: low self esteem
  665. rockstar8FL has left the room.
  666. aquire has entered the room.
  667. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome Patrick :-)
  668. Feminine Rant: you are better than that
  669. MooseGTFO: i saw a commerical today on fox
  670. aquire: sup
  671. XxOlds78xx: 25/m
  672. MooseGTFO: from some israel committee
  673. MooseGTFO: saying to support the invasion of iran
  674. MooseGTFO: lol
  675. Feminine Rant: dont laugh when folks put you down, stand up and say fck off, im better that that
  676. MooseGTFO: shit is bout to go down
  677. MooseGTFO: r
  678. MooseGTFO: Neek The Exotic - Prelude - Turn It Out (ft. Fortune) (prod. Large Professor) [3:17]
  679. firesturgon has left the room.
  680. Feminine Rant: if you watch fox, you will always be in fear of something going down
  681. Feminine Rant: that it the MO
  682. Sjjj1994 has entered the room.
  683. Feminine Rant: like in the Bush days, keep em stupid and scared
  684. MooseGTFO: its defintly real
  685. MooseGTFO: lol
  686. MooseGTFO: it will happen
  687. MooseGTFO: sooner than later
  688. XxOlds78xx has left the room.
  689. Feminine Rant: you live in fear
  690. MooseGTFO: after the elections
  691. MooseGTFO: expect a war with iran
  692. Masterman960 has entered the room.
  693. MooseGTFO: im glad though
  694. MooseGTFO: need new entertainment
  695. Feminine Rant: you are so fox stupid to believe that crap
  696. MooseGTFO: iraq/afghanistan is so yesterday
  697. MooseGTFO: lol you dont believe that a conflict with iran
  698. MooseGTFO: is immenant?
  699. MooseGTFO: cmon now
  700. MooseGTFO: be real
  701. MooseGTFO: lol
  702. crawling: gime cookie
  703. aquire has left the room.
  704. crawling: :-(
  705. Dragant316 has left the room.
  706. crawling: COOKIE I SAY COOKIE
  707. crawling: !!!!!!!!!!
  708. britty lauren: COOOOOOOOKIE.
  709. MooseGTFO: israel aint going to let that shit fly
  710. Feminine Rant: do the nervous lols" make it more believable?
  711. crawling: britt
  712. Superwrnch4 has entered the room.
  713. crawling: lets go knock a nga out
  714. crawling: for some cookies
  715. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Dr. Octagon :: General Hospital
  716. crawling: >:o
  717. HonestMale23 has entered the room.
  718. MooseGTFO: Big Punisher - Yeahbaby - New York Giants [3:30]
  719. Feminine Rant: use multiple new sources, not one that is so slanted its mostly bull
  720. x     monyca: FML a new fire started today in colorado
  721. MooseGTFO: i dont even watch fox news
  722. MooseGTFO: lol
  723. x     monyca: really close to home
  724. MooseGTFO: you got me fucked up
  725. MooseGTFO: js
  726. Feminine Rant: you just said you did
  727. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Diamond D :: kcuF What U Heard
  728. Superwrnch4 has left the room.
  729. x     monyca: i think mother nature is trying to tell us something
  730. MooseGTFO: i had it on this morning
  731. vYv RooT vYv: Hey Monyca
  732. NYBAGELS2 has entered the room.
  733. Feminine Rant: how very fox of you to flip flop ;-)
  734. MooseGTFO: during a commerical break of mike and mike
  735. x     monyca: sup charlie
  736. Feminine Rant: right
  737. MooseGTFO: lol
  738. x     monyca: im sad:-(
  739. Feminine Rant: lol
  740. x     monyca: i dontlike mountains on fire!Q
  741. NYBAGELS2: gxgc
  742. vYv RooT vYv: are you in harms way?
  743. o2 euph: israel won't do shit
  744. MooseGTFO: you''re a liberal?
  745. MooseGTFO: lol
  746. o2 euph: they're picking on a country that doesn't even have guns
  747. o2 euph: they're nothing but bitches
  748. x     monyca: no but my mountains :-(
  749. NYBAGELS2: jkhy
  750. CoralReef10304: why let others come into the usa, when the usa citizens can't  live a decent life.
  751. MooseGTFO: lol euph
  752. MooseGTFO: wtf you talking about
  753. MooseGTFO: picking on a country with no weapongs
  754. NYBAGELS2: vnksdv
  755. MooseGTFO: lol
  756. MooseGTFO: theyre developing nuclear weapons
  757. DWL Sin: lol
  758. o2 euph: palestine
  759. NYBAGELS2: oopz
  760. DWL Sin: only people israel can bully is palestine
  761. HonestMale23 has left the room.
  762. DWL Sin: and they have a hard time doing that
  763. Hayshaker1800: excuse me, but would it be impolite to have a fudge  cicle
  764. MooseGTFO: bullying?
  765. DWL Sin: yuh
  766. MooseGTFO: if they were left alone they wouldnt have to
  767. DWL Sin: rofl
  768. DWL Sin: actually
  769. NYBAGELS2: gtry
  770. Feminine Rant: give me your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free
  771. MooseGTFO: I KNOW
  773. DWL Sin: israel invaded palestine
  774. MooseGTFO: RIGHT?
  775. MooseGTFO: lol
  776. MooseGTFO: no
  777. MooseGTFO: they were given it
  778. DWL Sin: not the other way around
  779. MooseGTFO: by england
  780. MooseGTFO: lol
  781. DWL Sin: lol @ given
  782. Feminine Rant: oh wait, the rep hate everyone who isnt white, never mind huddled masses
  783. MooseGTFO: yes
  784. NYBAGELS2: kill the arabs asap
  785. DWL Sin: you are dumb as rock son
  786. MooseGTFO: GIVEN
  787. MooseGTFO: lol
  788. MooseGTFO: wtf
  789. MooseGTFO: rofl
  790. MooseGTFO: google world war 2 bro
  791. MooseGTFO: lol
  792. NYBAGELS2: amzn
  793. alexrod0119 has entered the room.
  794. DWL Sin: israel wasn't even jew land
  797. DWL Sin: during that period
  798. alexrod0119 has left the room.
  799. NYBAGELS2: kill all muslims asap
  800. MooseGTFO: after world war 2
  801. MooseGTFO: was given to the jews
  802. MooseGTFO: lol
  803. MooseGTFO: by england
  804. DWL Sin: israel was
  805. DWL Sin: not palestine
  806. Cnursing27 has entered the room.
  807. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Public Enemy :: She Watch Channel Zero_!
  808. MooseGTFO: mhm
  809. Cnursing27: 32 f md
  810. NYBAGELS2: israel is your master
  811. MooseGTFO: Big Punisher - Yeahbaby - Off With His Head [4:06]
  812. Feminine Rant: hardly
  813. aznjessiz has left the room.
  814. x     monyca: theres too many shades of blue
  815. x     monyca: in here
  816. firesturgon has entered the room.
  817. Feminine Rant: 50 shades of blue
  818. NYBAGELS2: israel is your master
  819. MooseGTFO: everyone is jocking my fresh
  820. CoralReef10304: keep making excuse's about nationalitys. why didn't they help their country to help them???
  821. x     monyca: lol..
  822. MooseGTFO: js
  823. x     monyca: are you going to write a porn book
  824. x     monyca: called
  825. Feminine Rant: NYB, you are not a very bright person, why so full of hate?
  826. x     monyca: 50 shades of blue]
  827. NYBAGELS2: hate?
  828. Feminine Rant: NYBAGELS2: kill all muslims asap
  829. apricots has left the room.
  830. Feminine Rant: yes, hate
  831. NYBAGELS2: asap
  832. camrekaloha has entered the room.
  833. Feminine Rant: why so hateful?
  834. Cnursing27 has left the room.
  835. NYBAGELS2: asap
  836. MooseGTFO: Asap Rocky - Peso (prod. By Asap Ty Beats) [2:50]
  837. Feminine Rant: just stupid i guess
  838. MooseGTFO: a$ap
  839. NYBAGELS2: a
  840. firesturgon has left the room.
  841. NYBAGELS2: s
  842. MooseGTFO: x
  843. MooseGTFO: g
  844. NYBAGELS2: a
  845. vYv RooT vYv: ` Paused: She Watch Channel Zero_! By: Public Enemy 3:49 / 28x
  846. NYBAGELS2: p
  847. Mama1981dom has entered the room.
  848. Hayshaker1800: is anyonedo any of you like brutal sex
  849. NYBAGELS2: c
  850. Feminine Rant: i like my self, i dont have to be beaten to dig sex
  851. Feminine Rant: i think hitler liked that though
  852. Feminine Rant: lot of self loathing going on there though
  853. x     monyca: hitler liked getting his stash pulled
  854. x     monyca: during naughty time
  855. MooseGTFO: Schoolboy Q - H&c - Blessed (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [5:10]
  856. CoralReef10304: why do some only think about sex. it's a one two three and your out
  857. Feminine Rant: i wouldnt know
  858. MooseGTFO: i would
  859. Feminine Rant: is that how you feel coral?
  860. NYBAGELS2: penalties for early withdrawal
  861. Feminine Rant: you had sex with hitler mouse?
  862. MooseGTFO: mhm
  863. MooseGTFO: tons-o-buttsex
  864. Feminine Rant: isnt that charming
  865. NYBAGELS2 has left the room.
  866. Feminine Rant: i didnt realize you were gay
  867. MooseGTFO: dont judge me
  868. Feminine Rant: im not
  869. o2 euph: hitler didn't like gingers
  870. i pwnt text: ginga nigga
  871. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Public Enemy :: She Watch Channel Zero_!
  872. i pwnt text: sfd
  873. x     monyca: loll
  874. firesturgon has entered the room.
  875. Nine3452 has entered the room.
  876. x     monyca: hitler did hate gingers
  877. x     monyca: and everyone who wasn't blonde and blue eyed
  878. CoralReef10304: sex doesn't make you happy, you just have another  one to feed
  879. Nine3452 has left the room.
  880. i pwnt text: hitler
  881. x     monyca: coral\
  882. i pwnt text: woulda said
  883. DWL Sin: hitler hated everyone lol
  884. i pwnt text: i was hottest guy on aol
  885. x     monyca: sex makes me happy
  886. i pwnt text: if aol was back then
  887. i pwnt text: hes a faggot
  888. i pwnt text: like moose
  889. MooseGTFO: Schoolboy Q - H&c - Hands On The Wheel (feat. A$ap Rocky) [3:17]
  890. Feminine Rant: i enjoy my sex life, it certainly adds to my happiness
  891. MooseGTFO: ;[
  892. MooseGTFO: so mean nooka
  893. x     monyca: i agree with pwnt
  894. x     monyca: wait, just kidding
  895. x     monyca: i didnt know that was nooka
  896. MooseGTFO: /)_-
  897. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Busdriver :: Avantcore
  898. x     monyca: i disagree
  899. i pwnt text: monyca
  900. i pwnt text: u saying im hottest guy on aol?
  901. Feminine Rant: if its not adding to your happiness, perhaps you are doing it wrong
  902. Hayshaker1800 has left the room.
  903. x     monyca: no, but i do say you're the grossest..fattest...saddest guy on aol
  904. x     monyca: no joke
  905. x     monyca: and i feel bad for you
  906. i pwnt text: lol
  907. ignore chris has entered the room.
  908. i pwnt text: ha
  909. i pwnt text: ha
  910. i pwnt text: ha
  911. i pwnt text: rofl
  912. MooseGTFO: weed n brews
  913. MooseGTFO: weed n brews
  914. Feminine Rant: why is that funny?
  915. MooseGTFO: life for me is just weed n brews
  916. x     monyca: hes laughing away the pain
  917. ignore chris: life for me
  918. x     monyca: dont judge
  919. ignore chris: is just
  920. MooseGTFO: 8-)
  921. ignore chris: weed and brews
  922. MooseGTFO: coolface
  923. x     monyca: just weed
  924. reread: back
  925. ignore chris: all the hos flock to ya
  926. ignore chris: when your name is q
  927. ignore chris: am i faded
  928. x     monyca: and, judge judy recorded
  929. ignore chris: hell ya its true
  930. Feminine Rant: give your self a hug, you are good enough and smart ehough and gosh darn, i dont know why, but these folks like you
  931. x     monyca: i love when judge judy hates on everyone
  932. MooseGTFO: Schoolboy Q - H&c - Oxy Music [3:48]
  933. Feminine Rant: lot of hate in this room
  934. Feminine Rant: interesting
  935. Blacqbeauty13 has entered the room.
  936. Feminine Rant: so angry and so young
  937. x     monyca: not just in this room fem
  938. Mama1981dom has left the room.
  939. x     monyca: in the whole world
  940. x     monyca: there is a lot of hate
  941. Feminine Rant: you kids have a great night, remember to love your self,
  942. Feminine Rant has left the room.
  943. x     monyca: buy grandma
  944. ignore chris: lol wtf did i come into
  945. x     monyca: bye
  946. x     monyca: fuck
  947. x     monyca: chris, callate
  948. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Freestyle Fellowship :: Once Again
  949. ignore chris: feminine should run for prez
  950. Justmeingirard has entered the room.
  951. i pwnt text has left the room.
  952. LlrK7 has entered the room.
  953. firesturgon has left the room.
  954. CoralReef10304: the onlyt thing you learn in college, is how to spend your money on weeds
  955. Hide Behind SNs has entered the room.
  956. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome nooka :-)
  957. ttrainer1940 has entered the room.
  958. ttrainer1940 has left the room.
  959. MooseGTFO: i gots muh hustle dogggggggggggggggggggggg
  960. MooseGTFO: i gets muh hustle offffffffffffffff
  961. Packersfan9 has entered the room.
  962. MooseGTFO: oxycontin heroawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  963. Hide Behind SNs: moose
  964. CoralReef10304: nookie lol lol
  965. MooseGTFO: crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  966. Hide Behind SNs: they hide son
  967. MooseGTFO: hide wut
  968. Hide Behind SNs: nigga
  969. MooseGTFO: dafuck ya talking bout
  970. ignore chris:
  971. Packersfan9 has left the room.
  972. x     monyca: i learned a lot more in college coral
  973. Hide Behind SNs: use ya nogin
  974. x     monyca: the fuck you talking about
  975. ignore chris: even tho im on an AOL screename on AOL
  976. ignore chris: and met this guy on AOL
  977. soupers1111 has entered the room.
  978. Justmeingirard has left the room.
  979. x     monyca: and...
  980. x     monyca: let him fondle you?
  981. MooseGTFO: Schoolboy Q - Light Years Ahead (sky High) (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [4:11]
  982. mento:
  983. soupers1111 has left the room.
  984. Hide Behind SNs: moose what mp3 player
  985. Dchibklyn has entered the room.
  986. x     monyca: hey jer
  987. x     monyca: sup?
  988. Hide Behind SNs: is that majeks?
  989. Dchibklyn has left the room.
  990. MooseGTFO: none yo beezwax kid
  991. camrekaloha has left the room.
  992. x     monyca: lol
  993. LAKE  LOVER 47 has entered the room.
  994. mento: sup mon mon
  995. DWL Sin: nah moose coded that
  996. x     monyca: nice picture
  997. DWL Sin: in asm
  998. x     monyca: lucky girls!!!
  999. ignore chris: that guy has a nice fro
  1000. mento: im sayin
  1001. MooseGTFO: sin speak troofz
  1002. ABprosk8er has entered the room.
  1004. ignore chris: kinda jealous
  1005. Hide Behind SNs: nigga is using majeks
  1006. LAKE  LOVER 47:  Good Evening Ladies  59/M/NC
  1007. Hide Behind SNs: i know it
  1008. bad girl swag has entered the room.
  1009. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome jaime :-)
  1010. MooseGTFO: WRONG
  1011. Hide Behind SNs: shock3?
  1012. MooseGTFO: WRONG
  1013. ignore chris: its freezas
  1014. Masterman960 has left the room.
  1015. MooseGTFO: WRONG
  1016. ignore chris: empee
  1017. MooseGTFO: WRONG
  1018. ignore chris: yeah you lie
  1019. MooseGTFO: WRONG
  1020. ABprosk8er has left the room.
  1021. DWL Sin: 8-)
  1022. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Diamond D :: Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop
  1023. MooseGTFO: Sean Price - Monkey - Peep My Words [2:31]
  1024. DWL Sin: badgirl fag
  1025. LAKE  LOVER 47 has left the room.
  1026. Hide Behind SNs: lol
  1027. MooseGTFO: my stomach is fuckin bubbling
  1028. ignore chris: winamp
  1029. ignore chris: wot
  1030. MooseGTFO: brb
  1031. ignore chris: winamp or empee
  1032. ignore chris: which
  1033. Hide Behind SNs: i miss
  1034. MooseGTFO: Moose CCOMZ 2.7.9
  1035. Hide Behind SNs: bad boy has swag
  1036. Hide Behind SNs: pimp ass sn
  1037. DWL Sin: winamp + jonplug
  1038. MooseGTFO: brb
  1039. DWL Sin: =
  1040. Hide Behind SNs: hella better than
  1041. DWL Sin: pwnage
  1042. bad girl swag: Play nice, Sin.
  1043. DWL Sin: :-)
  1044. DWL Sin: I am nice
  1045. Hide Behind SNs: bad girl swag
  1046. DWL Sin: :-(
  1047. mento: i like winamp
  1048. bad girl swag: Fibber.
  1049. DWL Sin: nope
  1050. Hide Behind SNs: girls
  1051. Hide Behind SNs: dont have swag
  1052. Hide Behind SNs: women
  1053. Hide Behind SNs: w/e
  1054. x     monyca:
  1055. x     monyca: :-(
  1056. Hide Behind SNs: fuck im tired
  1057. Hide Behind SNs: been up over 50 hours
  1058. mento: yo house finna burn down?
  1059. x     monyca: probably not
  1060. x     monyca: but it really sucks
  1061. x     monyca: like, 10 fires in co
  1062. bad girl swag: Well, you DEFINTELY have no swag, whatsoever.
  1063. x     monyca: why us?
  1064. x     monyca: WHY!?
  1065. mento: u b livin in co. or ca.?
  1066. x     monyca: colorado
  1067. Hide Behind SNs: who u talking to
  1068. bad girl swag: Cause you're the biggest fruit up in this bitch.
  1069. Hide Behind SNs: swag?
  1070. bad girl swag: You.
  1071. mento: scariest picture on the net
  1072. mento:
  1073. Hide Behind SNs: my swagga
  1074. Hide Behind SNs: stay strong
  1075. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Brand Nubian :: Hold On
  1076. bad girl swag: Is nonexsistent.
  1077. MooseGTFO:
  1078. MooseGTFO:
  1079. x     monyca: UGH
  1080. MooseGTFO: ^mon
  1081. x     monyca: that lady is scary
  1082. MooseGTFO: OON FIYAH
  1083. Hide Behind SNs: yo moose
  1084. MooseGTFO: wutnga
  1085. mento: FIYUH GUTCHU HIYA
  1086. Hide Behind SNs: show me
  1087. Hide Behind SNs: that casey anthony
  1088. Hide Behind SNs: ass
  1089. x     monyca: we on fireee up in here
  1090. x     monyca: its burning hot
  1091. x     monyca: we on fireee
  1092. MooseGTFO: i dont got that shit saved brah
  1093. Hide Behind SNs: u know what im talkin bout
  1094. MooseGTFO: NOGO
  1095. Hide Behind SNs: ooo
  1096. o2 euph: bad girl swag, didn't you date some british guy
  1097. bad girl swag: I'm have an hour to kill.
  1098. o2 euph: you can't talk about swag if you date brits
  1099. bad girl swag: I do.
  1100. bad girl swag: Pft.  He's awesome.
  1101. Hide Behind SNs: bad girl swag
  1102. mento: better take off all your clothes monyca
  1103. bad girl swag: Shaddap.
  1104. Hayshaker1800 has entered the room.
  1105. Hide Behind SNs: you shoulda
  1106. mento: nelly said so
  1107. Hide Behind SNs: done
  1108. x     monyca: lol..
  1109. Hide Behind SNs: bad girL swag
  1110. Hide Behind SNs: would give ya sn
  1111. Hide Behind SNs: more swagga
  1112. x     monyca: ive been lounging around nakedinmy house for like an hour now
  1113. x     monyca: with the AC on
  1114. bad girl swag: That looks fuckin retarded.
  1115. x     monyca: it's fucking HOT
  1116. CoralReef10304: now congress has the future college students, pay for their on learning. BUT THE ILLEGALS GET IT FOR FREE
  1117. bad girl swag: Of course you would suggest it.
  1118. Hide Behind SNs: u a newb
  1119. Hide Behind SNs: son
  1120. MooseGTFO: post pics
  1121. bad girl swag: Retard.
  1122. Hide Behind SNs: girl*
  1123. MooseGTFO: we dont believe you
  1124. MooseGTFO: Sean Price - Monkey - Brokest Rapper You Know [1:34]
  1125. MooseGTFO: Sean Price - Monkey - Boom Bye Yeah [3:06]
  1126. DWL Sin: 8-)
  1127. x     monyca: i love bonobo
  1128. DWL Sin: 8-)
  1129. DARRYLTorrance has entered the room.
  1130. DWL Sin: la
  1131. DWL Sin: di
  1132. DWL Sin: da
  1133. DWL Sin: 8-)
  1134. MooseGTFO: Sean Price - Monkey - Onion Head (feat. Tek) [3:01]
  1135. x     monyca: DWL, callate
  1136. x     monyca: sin
  1137. x     monyca: callate
  1138. DBLOOM42 has entered the room.
  1139. bad girl swag: Sin, didn't you get into a fight?
  1140. bad girl swag: Where's the video?
  1141. x     monyca: lets see
  1142. x     monyca: you lose
  1143. DBLOOM42 has left the room.
  1144. Hayshaker1800: HOWDY
  1145. DBLOOM42 has entered the room.
  1146. DBLOOM42 has left the room.
  1147. Nine3452 has entered the room.
  1148. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Biz Markie :: Spring Again
  1149. Nine3452 has left the room.
  1150. x     monyca: i hate the show...the big bang theory
  1151. x     monyca: they need to change their stupid ass theme song
  1153. Nicole W213 has entered the room.
  1154. bad girl swag: I love that show.
  1155. DWL Sin: BOOOOOOOM
  1156. Hide Behind SNs: dude
  1157. bad girl swag: BANG
  1158. bad girl swag: Not boom.
  1159. Hide Behind SNs: breaking bad
  1160. Hide Behind SNs: is coming soon
  1161. Hide Behind SNs: chea
  1162. x     monyca: jan 15
  1163. Hide Behind SNs: gonna be bad ass
  1164. x     monyca: exact
  1165. x     monyca: WOOOOOOOOO
  1166. Nicole W213: hi room
  1167. MooseGTFO: january 15th huh
  1168. x     monyca: i bet, jesse and walt are going to turn on eachtoher
  1169. x     monyca: or something..
  1170. MooseGTFO: thats pretty far still
  1171. x     monyca: july
  1172. LlrK7: hi nicole
  1173. x     monyca: fuck
  1174. MooseGTFO: DERP
  1175. MooseGTFO: DERP
  1176. MooseGTFO: DERP
  1177. x     monyca: july 14
  1178. Hide Behind SNs: breaking bad
  1179. x     monyca: 15
  1180. x     monyca: lol
  1181. Hide Behind SNs: ?
  1182. Nicole W213: hi L
  1183. x     monyca: july 15 breaking bad is coming out
  1184. MooseGTFO: r
  1185. x     monyca: i done fucked up
  1186. MooseGTFO: Big Boi - Sirlucious - Tangerine (feat. T.i. & Khujo Goodie) [4:14]
  1187. Hide Behind SNs: yes
  1188. x     monyca: and, true blood isn't that great so far this season..
  1189. x     monyca: it sucks
  1190. x     monyca: i just want to see naked people
  1191. MooseGTFO: Big Boi - Sirlucious - General Patton [3:12]
  1192. Hide Behind SNs: i wanna sex katy perry
  1193. x     monyca: only if she saw you though
  1194. x     monyca: she'd probably yell rape........
  1195. Hide Behind SNs: dude
  1196. x     monyca: from the instant she saw you
  1197. CoralReef10304: MONY WHO THOUGHT YOU THAT
  1198. Hide Behind SNs: she was with russell brand
  1199. Hide Behind SNs: lol
  1200. Hide Behind SNs: look at that fool
  1201. x     monyca: yea, and hes pretty good looking
  1202. Hayshaker1800:  VA  VA VA VOOM
  1203. Hide Behind SNs: niggas ugly  as fuck
  1204. x     monyca: and has an accent
  1205. x     monyca: chicks dig accents
  1206. x     monyca: feel me?
  1207. x     monyca: with your vag and all
  1208. x     monyca: you understand
  1209. Hide Behind SNs: shes pwnting
  1210. Hide Behind SNs: him
  1211. Hide Behind SNs: on this shit
  1212. x     monyca: holes used to be my favorite book
  1213. Hide Behind SNs: im listeing to
  1215. Hide Behind SNs: listening*
  1216. x     monyca: the movie holes is great too
  1217. MooseGTFO:
  1218. MooseGTFO: ^
  1219. MooseGTFO: nook
  1220. MooseGTFO: whatchyu know boutz datz
  1221. britty lauren: hi
  1222. IWiLlNoTdIE689: 26,m,pa
  1223. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Freestyle Fellowship :: Once Again
  1224. Hide Behind SNs: what is that thurr
  1225. Hide Behind SNs: son
  1226. Hide Behind SNs: im to lazy
  1227. Hide Behind SNs: to grab mouse
  1228. Hide Behind SNs: son
  1229. Hide Behind SNs: inform a nooka
  1230. crawling: olol
  1231. x     monyca: lol crazy stupid love is a good movie
  1232. x     monyca: hahaha
  1233. DWL Sin: LISTEN
  1235. DWL Sin: RIGHT NOW
  1236. DWL Sin: :-)
  1237. britty lauren: I'll piss on you.
  1238. Hide Behind SNs: moose bro
  1239. Hide Behind SNs: i dont like your taste in music son
  1240. DWL Sin: I know you want me to piss on you
  1241. Hide Behind SNs: or rap i mean
  1242. mento: i gotta figure out how to collect this free money
  1243. Hide Behind SNs: we totally different
  1244. mento: unemployment
  1245. mento: stickin it to the man
  1246. x     monyca: ..
  1247. x     monyca: just get a job
  1248. x     monyca: you bum
  1249. mento: i have one
  1250. Hide Behind SNs: you always paste link
  1251. x     monyca: lol
  1252. Hide Behind SNs: and i dont like
  1253. mento: :-)
  1254. Hide Behind SNs: urr time
  1256. x     monyca: then why are you terying to get unemployment?
  1257. Hide Behind SNs: i agree
  1258. mento: free money?
  1259. Hide Behind SNs: coral
  1260. MooseGTFO: thats half of outkast brah
  1261. mento: i get paid under the table
  1262. MooseGTFO: how can you not like outkast
  1263. MooseGTFO: wtf
  1264. x     monyca: yea..that comes out of our pockets?
  1265. Hide Behind SNs: thats not outkast was it
  1266. mento: hey
  1267. x     monyca: cabron!
  1268. DARRYLTorrance: who voted for OBAMA?
  1269. mento: ive paid money to the IRS since i was 14
  1270. MooseGTFO: it was big boi
  1271. ignore chris: big boi and andre 3k
  1272. x     monyca: i voted for mccain
  1273. ignore chris: is outkast
  1274. ignore chris: newb
  1275. DARRYLTorrance: not me
  1276. mento: fk voting..
  1277. mento: lol
  1278. mento: you guys think that makes a difference
  1279. mento: smh
  1280. MooseGTFO: these children just dont knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  1281. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Guru Feat. Dee C. Lee, Gus Da Vigilante, Courtney Pine & Dennis Mitchell :: Choice Of Weapons
  1282. x     monyca: i thought he looked like the devil..
  1283. x     monyca: with his black eyes
  1284. x     monyca: he looks like satan
  1285. Hide Behind SNs: ooo
  1286. MooseGTFO: Outkast - Aquemini - Aquemini [5:18]
  1287. Hide Behind SNs: i glanced so quick
  1288. x     monyca: so therefore, i voted for satan
  1289. MooseGTFO: sure you did
  1290. DARRYLTorrance: satan is in every humanbeing
  1291. mento: "I can see Russia from my back porch"
  1292. MooseGTFO: brb
  1293. Hide Behind SNs: big boi
  1294. x     monyca: mento, why not vote? it does make a difference son.
  1295. x     monyca: how you think presidents win?
  1296. mento: i cant vote
  1297. mento: since felon
  1298. x     monyca: lol...
  1299. x     monyca: like my bf too
  1300. x     monyca: losers.
  1301. x     monyca: jk
  1302. DARRYLTorrance: like the flintstones
  1303. mento: no doubt
  1304. DARRYLTorrance: devil on one sode and an angel on the olther side
  1305. mento: Ever watch the zeitgeist?
  1306. mento: there's a trilogy
  1307. x     monyca: nope
  1308. x     monyca: is it greaT?
  1309. mento: Changes your mind about Govt. and Monetary system
  1310. DARRYLTorrance: usa is going to be over taking very soon
  1311. mento: its def. an eye opener
  1312. DARRYLTorrance: just a matter of time
  1313. mento: doubt that
  1314. mento: maybe china will
  1316. mento: since they own all of our debt
  1317. DARRYLTorrance: time always tells
  1318. mento: more money thats created, the more debt we are in
  1319. mento: because money is created out of thin air
  1320. mento: zeitgeist explain that
  1321. ignore chris has left the room.
  1322. DARRYLTorrance: if the Bible says it
  1323. DARRYLTorrance: its gona happen
  1324. DARRYLTorrance: Rev
  1325. Emmasnowflake1 has entered the room.
  1326. x     monyca: the bible shmible
  1327. GrandmaB38 has left the room.
  1328. DARRYLTorrance: is happing this very day
  1329. mento: its called zeitgeist - addendum
  1330. mento: thats the one you wanna watch
  1331. x     monyca: is it onnetflix?
  1332. mento: about the monetary system
  1333. mento: no its a free movie
  1334. mento: there's 3 but the first two are the ones you wanna watch
  1335. Happyfoot12345 has entered the room.
  1336. mento: the 3rd is called moving forward..  kinda boring
  1337. Nicole W213 has left the room.
  1338. mento: they;re all about 2 hours long
  1339. mento: 2-3 hours
  1340. Happyfoot12345 has left the room.
  1341. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Digable Planets :: The Art Of Easing
  1342. Sjjj1994 has left the room.
  1343. x     monyca: hmm
  1344. DARRYLTorrance: earthquakes are happing now then ever before in my short 48 yrs in this world
  1345. x     monyca: sounds like a lot of time to invest
  1346. Sjjj1994 has entered the room.
  1347. reread: heeey
  1348. reread: :]
  1349. x     monyca: lol
  1350. x     monyca: i thought it said retard
  1351. x     monyca: for a second..
  1352. reread: dats me
  1353. reread: :B
  1354. x     monyca: sup ass face?
  1355. reread: nfn much shit breath
  1356. x     monyca: tonight..i shall pray
  1357. x     monyca: for no more fires
  1358. x     monyca: and for rain
  1359. x     monyca: i never pray
  1360. red717lady has entered the room.
  1361. x     monyca: darryl, will you pray with me?
  1362. x     monyca: actually, wil everyone in the crash pad pray conmigo?
  1363. red717lady: 54 f south florida
  1364. CoralReef10304: :-)
  1365. DARRYLTorrance: in what way may I ask?
  1366. reread: sure
  1367. CoralReef10304 has left the room.
  1368. Amymikeo1 has entered the room.
  1369. reread: dear god
  1370. MooseGTFO: Outkast - Atliens - Two Dope Boyz (in A Cadillac) [2:42]
  1371. reread: no fire
  1372. reread: more rain
  1373. reread: amen
  1374. red717lady has left the room.
  1375. SugarThighs has entered the room.
  1376. SugarThighs: Hello
  1377. DARRYLTorrance: who makes the sun rise daily?
  1378. x     monyca: in what ways are ther?
  1379. x     monyca: god?
  1380. Amymikeo1 has left the room.
  1381. DARRYLTorrance: cause without it there would be no life
  1382. DARRYLTorrance: and you cant put a price on the sun
  1383. DARRYLTorrance: its priceless
  1384. IKnoUCIt4 has entered the room.
  1385. x     monyca: quiero pizza
  1386. MooseGTFO: Common - Res - I Used To Love H.e.r. [4:38]
  1387. Skygazr62 has entered the room.
  1388. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Deltron 3030 :: National Movie Review
  1389. Emmasnowflake1 has left the room.
  1390. DARRYLTorrance: Everything on this earth is made for a reason.
  1391. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Souls Of Mischief :: Shooting Stars
  1392. o2 euph: monyca, nooka will pwnt you with his text
  1393. o2 euph: REAL FUCKING TALK
  1394. MooseGTFO: Ryan Reynolds Officially Cast As The HIGHLANDER
  1395. IWiLlNoTdIE689 has left the room.
  1396. MooseGTFO: smh
  1397. MooseGTFO: /)_-
  1399. DARRYLTorrance: Visible Man Expressing the Invisible God
  1400. x     monyca: i think euph and nooka are lovers
  1401. Hide Behind SNs: euph my nigga
  1402. Blacqbeauty13 has left the room.
  1403. x     monyca: or..nooka IS eph
  1404. Hide Behind SNs: we use to hate each other
  1405. x     monyca: euph
  1406. Hide Behind SNs: actually
  1408. x     monyca: and..
  1409. MooseGTFO: euph is rio
  1410. DWL Sin: I heard moose owned euph
  1411. x     monyca: you know
  1412. Hide Behind SNs: i always tried to be cool
  1413. MooseGTFO: l
  1414. MooseGTFO: ol
  1415. Hide Behind SNs: with euph
  1416. Hide Behind SNs: then one day
  1417. Nightchick has entered the room.
  1418. Hide Behind SNs: he started hating on me
  1419. DWL Sin: Euph talks shit about you more than moose son
  1420. Hide Behind SNs: lol
  1421. DWL Sin: he isn't your friend
  1422. DWL Sin: gtfo
  1423. x     monyca: euph=nooka?
  1424. DWL Sin: you have 0 friends nooka
  1425. DWL Sin: irl
  1426. x     monyca: has any one ever thought of thaT?!
  1427. IKnoUCIt4 has left the room.
  1428. DWL Sin: and online
  1429. DWL Sin: lol
  1430. Hide Behind SNs: irl
  1431. Hide Behind SNs: u right
  1432. Skygazr62 has left the room.
  1433. Hide Behind SNs: i ran them off
  1434. x     monyca: no, they ran off
  1435. x     monyca: on their own
  1436. DWL Sin: and now you try to buy them on the internet
  1437. DWL Sin: thats not how friendship works son
  1438. DWL Sin: lol
  1439. Hide Behind SNs: nah man
  1440. Elpasojohnny1953 has entered the room.
  1441. Hide Behind SNs: i got friends on the net
  1442. Hide Behind SNs: that get no paper from me
  1443. Hide Behind SNs: at all
  1444. reread: lol
  1445. SugarThighs has left the room.
  1446. FC62DSchmidt has entered the room.
  1447. DWL Sin: Do you?
  1448. DWL Sin: name some
  1449. DWL Sin: lol
  1450. cellblock334 has entered the room.
  1451. Hide Behind SNs: well you are one of them bro
  1452. Hide Behind SNs: didnt you know?
  1453. DWL Sin: LOL wtf
  1454. Hide Behind SNs: lol
  1455. Hide Behind SNs: we cool son
  1456. DWL Sin: We're friends and I wasn't aware of it?
  1457. DWL Sin: damn
  1458. Hide Behind SNs: me and jeff
  1459. Roiishere has entered the room.
  1460. DWL Sin: Next thing I bet moose will be your friend
  1461. DWL Sin: lol
  1462. Hide Behind SNs: are super cool
  1463. Elpasojohnny1953 has left the room.
  1464. firesturgon has entered the room.
  1465. Hide Behind SNs: me and moose tight
  1466. Hide Behind SNs: he act gay tho
  1467. reread: i'll be your friend
  1468. Hide Behind SNs: sometimes
  1469. reread: :3
  1470. Hide Behind SNs: show me pics
  1471. vYv RooT vYv: ` ¨˜°º© Vitamin D Feat. Samson S, Blak, Sho-Nuff, D-Uneek, B-Self, H-Bomb, Wordsayer & I-Self :: Side 1
  1472. DWL Sin: ROFL
  1473. Hide Behind SNs: if youre hot chick
  1474. reread: haha
  1475. DWL Sin: you and moose tight?
  1476. Hide Behind SNs: and we can be hella tight
  1477. DWL Sin: Sounds homo
  1478. vYv RooT vYv has left the room.
  1479. Ajudy62 has entered the room.
  1480. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome HKM :-)
  1481. Hide Behind SNs: lol
  1482. Hide Behind SNs: nigga
  1483. Hide Behind SNs: where hkm
  1484. Hide Behind SNs: at
  1485. Ajudy62: u still here
  1486. Hide Behind SNs: ya aladin brother
  1487. DWL Sin: nooka go buy todd sn son
  1488. MooseGTFO: Common - Sweet [3:37]
  1489. Packersfan9 has entered the room.
  1490. Ajudy62: retodd has a lil girl now
  1491. Ajudy62: did u hear
  1492. Ajudy62: ROFL
  1493. FC62DSchmidt has left the room.
  1494. Ajudy62: try to say he had kids
  1495. reread: there
  1496. Roiishere has left the room.
  1497. Sjjj1994 has left the room.
  1498. Ajudy62: .seen retodd
  1499. ChatBOT dlb: HKM I've seen ReTODD 1 hour, 2 minutes, 35 seconds ago in room: 'A Place To Start - The Crash Pad'.
  1500. Ajudy62: .weather 33313
  1501. ChatBOT dlb: Lauderhill, FL - Temperature: (77.6ºF); Condition: (Light Rain); Humidity: (90%); Pressure: (29.77in [Rising]); Wind-Direction: (WSW); Wind-Speed: (1.0mph).
  1502. Hide Behind SNs: why hot chick
  1503. Hide Behind SNs: send ugliest dude
  1504. Hide Behind SNs: on aol
  1505. Hide Behind SNs: pic
  1506. x     monyca: do you pretend to be so many people in 1 roomM?
  1507. Hide Behind SNs: sup with that?
  1508. x     monyca: i wanna make some pretend friends too..........................................................................
  1509. reread: lol
  1510. crawling has left the room.
  1511. Ajudy62: monyca stfu
  1512. Ajudy62: u ugly twat
  1513. LS2TONY: yawn
  1514. Hide Behind SNs: huh?
  1515. Hide Behind SNs: nigget what?
  1516. x     monyca: judy
  1517. Ajudy62: ooh look its Lista
  1518. x     monyca: i will bitch slap you
  1519. reread: hi tony
  1520. x     monyca: in the face
  1521. reread: {:
  1522. x     monyca: with my cock
  1523. Ajudy62: with that
  1524. LS2TONY: hey babe
  1525. Ajudy62: ROFL @ i do believe it
  1526. x     monyca: and leave a mushroom stamp
  1527. Ajudy62: u got a cock
  1528. Ajudy62: u tranny
  1529. x     monyca: on ur face
  1530. Hide Behind SNs: monyca
  1531. Packersfan9 has left the room.
  1532. Hide Behind SNs: smoke and mirrors
  1533. LS2TONY: what are u doing?
  1534. Hide Behind SNs: i guess
  1535. crawling has entered the room.
  1536. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome lar, you have 01 message.
  1537. Hide Behind SNs: call me
  1538. crawling: .read msg
  1539. ChatBOT dlb: lar you currently have 01/10 message.
  1540. ChatBOT dlb: HKM (1:24:56 PM | 6/26/2012): what is he ganna do? get owned again and then deny it? lol @ also having a kid
  1541. Hide Behind SNs: chris angel
  1542. crawling: LoL
  1543. Hide Behind SNs: david blaine
  1544. reread: mindfreak
  1545. reread: such a crock
  1546. DWL Sin: :-)
  1547. DWL Sin: :}}
  1548. crawling: Nooka
  1549. DWL Sin: :D
  1550. DWL Sin: :F
  1551. DWL Sin: reread shush
  1552. DWL Sin: yo nooka
  1553. Hide Behind SNs: sup lar
  1554. crawling: lets go to olive garden'
  1555. DWL Sin: crawling was talking shit about you
  1556. reread: i never shush
  1557. Hide Behind SNs: u down in fl
  1558. DWL Sin: smack that bitch
  1559. Ajudy62: LOL
  1560. reread: do you not know me at all?
  1561. crawling: rolfrfolrfolrfolrfol
  1562. Ajudy62: he would eat everything
  1563. Hide Behind SNs: come to nc
  1564. Hide Behind SNs: we can hit the one
  1565. Ajudy62: they got breadsticks free
  1566. Ajudy62: they would have to close
  1567. Hide Behind SNs: on independence
  1568. Ajudy62: cuz mofo would eat everything
  1569. firesturgon has left the room.
  1570. Hide Behind SNs: i want salad
  1571. Hide Behind SNs: and breadsticks
  1572. Hide Behind SNs: then carpet ride
  1573. Ajudy62: fatboy u didt get those lb via salad
  1574. Hide Behind SNs: back to the crib
  1575. Hide Behind SNs: from sin
  1576. Ajudy62: what u really want
  1577. Hide Behind SNs: and hakim
  1578. Ajudy62: is MEAT
  1579. Ajudy62: why r u lying
  1580. Ajudy62: we all know u want meat
  1581. Hide Behind SNs: waiting for my text?
  1582. reread: mmm salad
  1583. Hide Behind SNs: yeah so gay son
  1584. Ajudy62: salad=rabbit food
  1585. Hide Behind SNs: -gayest dude on aol
  1586. reread: chicken caesar salads are not for rabbits
  1587. Hide Behind SNs: i have no cigs
  1588. Hide Behind SNs: fuck me
  1589. reread: i have a whole pack
  1590. Hide Behind SNs: they are at the tel
  1591. reread: :}
  1592. Hide Behind SNs: lucky u
  1593. reread: newport 100s methol
  1594. Hide Behind SNs: do you have a lucky one?
  1595. Ajudy62: what he meant to say was
  1596. Hide Behind SNs: too?
  1597. reread: yeaaabuddy
  1598. reread: yep
  1599. reread: still in there
  1600. Stang112782 has entered the room.
  1601. Hide Behind SNs: flip that one ova
  1602. reread: i always do that lol
  1603. Ajudy62: Hide Behind SNs:  i have no fags
  1604. Ajudy62: Hide Behind SNs:  fuck me
  1605. Hide Behind SNs: i dont do that
  1606. Stang112782: anyone wanna im me 30m
  1607. Hide Behind SNs: chicks do that shit tho
  1608. Hide Behind SNs: always
  1609. reread: menthol*
  1610. reread: i can spell
  1611. Ajudy62: reread who r u kidding u smoke girly stuff
  1612. Hide Behind SNs: i dont do 100s
  1613. Ajudy62: like capri
  1614. Hide Behind SNs: to long
  1615. Ajudy62: and virgin slim
  1616. reread: want a pic of em right now
  1617. reread: next to our chat?
  1618. reread: lol
  1619. Stang112782 has left the room.
  1620. Hide Behind SNs: nigga i smoke ports
  1621. Hayshaker1800: BA  BA BA BOOO
  1622. Hide Behind SNs: all day
  1623. Hide Behind SNs: urr day
  1624. Hide Behind SNs: sawp?
  1625. MooseGTFO: nigga u smoke dicks
  1626. MooseGTFO: all day
  1627. MooseGTFO: sup
  1628. Hide Behind SNs: nigga u ride my dick
  1629. Ajudy62: just as moose does
  1630. Ajudy62: ya
  1631. Hide Behind SNs: like its your 9 to 5
  1633. Ajudy62: watch him get mad now
  1634. Ajudy62: he is about to do his simpleton move
  1635. Ajudy62: R
  1636. Ajudy62: R
  1637. Ajudy62: R
  1638. Ajudy62: go on
  1639. Hide Behind SNs: im mad chill bro
  1640. SingleMOM4Help has entered the room.
  1641. Hide Behind SNs: today
  1642. MooseGTFO: Dj Honda - H2 - Travellin' Man (featuring Mos Def) [5:16]
  1643. Hide Behind SNs: ive been up mad long
  1644. Ajudy62 has left the room.
  1645. Hide Behind SNs: well over 50 hours
  1646. MooseGTFO: why would i be mad?
  1647. Hide Behind SNs: dude
  1648. Hide Behind SNs: hot chicks on aol
  1649. Hide Behind SNs: send me pics
  1650. Hide Behind SNs: but yet
  1651. Hide Behind SNs: im the fatest
  1652. Hide Behind SNs: ugliest
  1653. Hide Behind SNs: brokest
  1654. Hide Behind SNs: dude on aol
  1655. Hide Behind SNs: sup with that
  1656. Elpasojohnny1953 has entered the room.
  1657. crawling: lol
  1658. bad girl swag: *dumbest
  1659. Hide Behind SNs: bad girl swag
  1660. Hide Behind SNs: that sn
  1661. Hide Behind SNs: looks dumb
  1662. Hide Behind SNs: with the L
  1663. Hide Behind SNs: in girl
  1664. Elpasojohnny1953 has left the room.
  1665. bad girl swag: You look dumb.
  1666. LlrK7 has left the room.
  1667. Hide Behind SNs: dude im seeing two chats
  1668. Hide Behind SNs: real talk
  1669. Hide Behind SNs: my eyes are jacked the fuck up
  1670. Hide Behind SNs: from being up so long
  1671. Hide Behind SNs: i need  new sn
  1672. Hide Behind SNs: fuck
  1673. Hide Behind SNs: bad girl swag
  1674. Hide Behind SNs: help me come up with eLite one
  1675. reread: for the non newport believer:
  1676. RESALES100 has entered the room.
  1677. SingleMOM4Help has left the room.
  1678. o2 euph: nice empty box
  1679. Hide Behind SNs: rofl
  1680. mento: photoshopped
  1681. o2 euph: find that outside?
  1682. Hide Behind SNs: lol
  1683. bad girl swag: Fingerfuckyourass
  1684. reread: haha theyre full
  1685. bad girl swag: That's eLite.
  1686. Hide Behind SNs: i wish i had a 100
  1687. Hide Behind SNs: it would hit the spot
  1688. RESALES100 has left the room.
  1689. reread: they'll be empty by tmrw though
  1690. reread: womp
  1691. Hide Behind SNs: im not spending money on cigs tho
  1692. x     monyca: lalalala
  1693. Hide Behind SNs: when i got like 8 packs
  1694. x     monyca: lalalalalaa
  1695. Hide Behind SNs: at the tel
  1696. Mama1981dom has entered the room.
  1697. britty lauren: Hi.
  1698. x     monyca: loving u
  1699. bad girl swag: 15 mins to go..
  1700. reread: i got em for free today from a coworker i did filing for
  1701. x     monyca: is easy cause your beautiful
  1702. britty lauren: Tel?
  1703. Ajudy62 has entered the room.
  1704. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome HKM :-)
  1705. reread: usually bout 6.50 a pack every other day tho
  1706. Hide Behind SNs: to lazy
  1707. britty lauren: What's a tel?
  1708. Hide Behind SNs: to type to hotel
  1709. Ajudy62 has left the room.
  1710. Hide Behind SNs: the tel
  1711. IKnoUCIt4 has entered the room.
  1712. Hide Behind SNs: lol
  1713. FC62DSchmidt has entered the room.
  1714. britty lauren: Why do you always have a hotel room?
  1715. Zgg68277 has entered the room.
  1716. Hide Behind SNs: huh?
  1717. x     monyca: please raiN!!!1
  1718. britty lauren: ?
  1719. Hayshaker1800 has left the room.
  1720. mento: brb
  1721. Hide Behind SNs: ive been at momma dukes
  1722. firesturgon has entered the room.
  1723. Hide Behind SNs: crib
  1724. britty lauren: Yah.
  1725. Hide Behind SNs: for like 3 years
  1726. firesturgon has left the room.
  1727. Hide Behind SNs: ballin hard
  1728. Hide Behind SNs: lol
  1729. Hide Behind SNs: money got long
  1730. Zgg68277 has left the room.
  1731. britty lauren: I've seen you mention hotel rooms like 237842389 times.
  1732. Hide Behind SNs: sittin hurr
  1733. reread: why don't you just get your own apartment?
  1734. IKnoUCIt4 has left the room.
  1735. Hide Behind SNs: yeah momma dukes
  1736. britty lauren: Right?
  1737. Hide Behind SNs: kicked my ass to the curb
  1738. britty lauren: Makes sense.
  1739. Hide Behind SNs: so i relocated
  1740. Hide Behind SNs: to the tel
  1741. britty lauren: Smart mama.
  1742. sofa king adorbs has entered the room.
  1743. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kasi :-)
  1744. reread: extended stay?
  1745. Hide Behind SNs: its a pimp lil setup
  1746. Hide Behind SNs: if you was my momma
  1747. Hide Behind SNs: would kick me out
  1748. Hide Behind SNs: britty?
  1749. britty lauren: Yes.
  1750. Hide Behind SNs: damn girl
  1751. Hide Behind SNs: if you was my momma
  1752. reread: why did she kick you out?
  1753. FC62DSchmidt has left the room.
  1754. Hide Behind SNs: fucking chat ad
  1755. Hide Behind SNs: jacking me up
  1756. Hide Behind SNs: if you was my momma
  1757. Hide Behind SNs: id still be breast feeding
  1758. Hide Behind SNs: sawp?
  1759. Hide Behind SNs: "ew"
  1760. Hide Behind SNs: "yuck"
  1761. Hide Behind SNs: :-X
  1762. reread: hah
  1763. sofa king adorbs: ...can't breast feed after getting a boob job
  1764. reread: he can pretend
  1765. lady: hey kimazon :-)
  1766. x     monyca: i always wondered sofa
  1767. x     monyca: thanks for confirming
  1768. x     monyca: i kinda wanted to get a boob job
  1769. crawling has left the room.
  1770. reread: hey ang :}
  1771. x     monyca: because my sister told me i have mosquito bites
  1772. JMK005 has entered the room.
  1773. theresa12867 has entered the room.
  1774. reread: how are you?
  1775. theresa12867: hey
  1776. deloreansrule81 has entered the room.
  1777. theresa12867: ;-)
  1778. lady: really good, you?
  1779. britty lauren: Yes you can.
  1780. reread: same
  1781. reread: :}
  1782. lady: i didn't know you had gotten a boob job, and you can still breast feed after a boob job.
  1783. JMK005 has left the room.
  1784. deloreansrule81 has left the room.
  1785. LS2TONY: i'll own u all
  1786. britty lauren: Lol. Who told you that?
  1787. lady: as long as the milk ducts are intact
  1788. britty lauren: ^
  1789. Itz adkd has entered the room.
  1790. britty lauren: Ty.
  1791. lady: but if the nipple's been repositioned, which sometimes occurs.. then you can't.
  1792. Itz adkd has left the room.
  1793. x     monyca: hmm..
  1794. x     monyca: do you guys have boob jobs?
  1795. Crackerjack2825 has entered the room.
  1796. Hide Behind SNs: reread:  usually bout 6.50 a pack every other day tho
  1797. twang has entered the room.
  1798. Hide Behind SNs: tf
  1799. twang: hi
  1800. Hide Behind SNs: like 4 bucks here
  1801. Blacqbeauty13 has entered the room.
  1802. lady: i dont.. but i have a few friends who have.
  1803. Hide Behind SNs: 4 and some change
  1804. Hide Behind SNs: nc
  1805. Hide Behind SNs: son
  1806. firesturgon has entered the room.
  1807. Hide Behind SNs: tobacco
  1808. firesturgon has left the room.
  1809. Mama1981dom has left the room.
  1810. Crackerjack2825: hey room. :-)
  1811. twang: hello ang =)
  1812. Hide Behind SNs: grow in my state
  1813. twang: my fav aimer
  1814. RSportzGurl has entered the room.
  1815. lady: hey brent :-)
  1816. lady: what're you up to?
  1817. britty lauren: I do.
  1818. twang: not much
  1819. RSportzGurl: hello people
  1820. twang: watching full metal jacket
  1821. Crackerjack2825: hey gurl
  1822. reread: which brent are you?
  1823. lady: my favorite movie!
  1824. RSportzGurl: hi hi
  1825. twang: the good looking one
  1826. Crackerjack2825: whats up?
  1827. twang: ;]
  1828. RSportzGurl: nothing
  1829. sofa king adorbs: I go to school for nursing, and was taught that after you get one,  you cannot. Guess that's only here.
  1830. Crackerjack2825: same here.
  1831. reread: they're 6 something here, hide behind
  1832. reread: they're almost 8 back in philly
  1833. Hide Behind SNs: lady:  as long as the milk ducts
  1834. CHILLPYRO has entered the room.
  1835. Hide Behind SNs: tf
  1836. reread: as in "brent plays"?
  1837. Hide Behind SNs: ducts?
  1838. twang: nope
  1839. Hide Behind SNs: ima have to google
  1840. twang: brent as in mosh
  1841. Sjjj1994 has entered the room.
  1842. Hide Behind SNs: that one
  1843. reread: k i don't know you then
  1844. RSportzGurl: cj ur age please
  1845. twang: who are you?
  1846. Crackerjack2825: 28
  1847. reread: kimmie
  1848. lady: yes ducts.. how else you think the milk gets to the nipple
  1849. twang: nope doesnt ring a bell
  1850. reread: nopeee
  1851. sofa king adorbs: through your utters
  1852. Hide Behind SNs: ive heard of duct
  1853. shorebrd21: just looked it up
  1854. Hide Behind SNs: but never with breasts
  1855. Hide Behind SNs: iunno
  1856. shorebrd21: ang is right
  1857. RSportzGurl: i am 25
  1858. reread: milk ducts are real
  1859. reread: promise lol
  1860. shorebrd21: move on lol
  1861. twang: milk duds are better though
  1862. reread: heck yes
  1863. britty lauren: Milk duds are better.
  1864. RSportzGurl: this sux my IM does not work
  1865. reread: cept they hurt your teeth after a while
  1866. reread: ):
  1867. sofa king adorbs: you know what are better then milk duds
  1868. sofa king adorbs: cow tails
  1869. sofa king adorbs: caramel chews
  1870. sofa king adorbs: yummmm
  1871. Crackerjack2825: milk duds rule
  1872. reread: mr. goodbar is where it's at
  1873. Nightchick has left the room.
  1874. lady: lol brent
  1875. twang: i like watchamacallits
  1876. lady: you know that call of booty thing on fb?
  1877. twang: lol
  1878. twang: yea
  1879. lady: that was my idea 2 years ago
  1880. twang: i shared it
  1881. lady: >:o
  1882. x     monyca: ughh..does anyone know how to download a song from youtube for free?
  1883. twang: brilliant!
  1884. x     monyca: my friend showed me once..
  1885. x     monyca: but
  1886. x     monyca: i forget
  1887. Hide Behind SNs: yeah
  1888. x     monyca: some website or something?
  1889. Hide Behind SNs: i got u
  1890. Hide Behind SNs: sec
  1891. lady:
  1892. ChatBOT dlb has left the room.
  1893. Hide Behind SNs:
  1894. Hide Behind SNs: ang
  1895. Hide Behind SNs: suck
  1896. Hide Behind SNs: girl
  1897. lady: uh no i just use it but okay
  1898. lady: dick
  1899. Crackerjack2825: i hate overacted movies.....
  1900. twang: jesus christ..
  1901. LS2TONY: me>*
  1902. twang: some people never give up
  1903. Hide Behind SNs: data told me bout it
  1904. Hide Behind SNs: love that site
  1905. Hide Behind SNs: rippin
  1906. x     monyca: gracias lady
  1907. twang: i use this dude one time... and now he wants a full time job
  1908. Hide Behind SNs: off youtube all day
  1909. x     monyca: and..nooka
  1910. x     monyca: i guess
  1911. ed1 has left the room.
  1912. Hide Behind SNs: i was to slow
  1913. Hide Behind SNs: no sleep
  1914. Hide Behind SNs: im on E
  1915. x     monyca: go to sleep
  1916. Hide Behind SNs: nah
  1917. Hide Behind SNs: fuck it
  1918. Hide Behind SNs: rather monitor shit
  1919. reread: tireddd
  1920. Crackerjack2825 has left the room.
  1921. Hide Behind SNs: if i had a cig
  1922. Hide Behind SNs: id wake up
  1923. JasmineTour has entered the room.
  1924. Hide Behind SNs: 100 would be good
  1925. Hide Behind SNs: i couldnt do those all day tho
  1926. reread: i need a nap
  1927. lady: welp brb i have to check on dinner.
  1928. Hide Behind SNs: ang always eating
  1929. Hide Behind SNs: so is lar
  1930. sofa king adorbs: L O L
  1931. lady: uh no im not, i ate once today
  1932. lady: at about 2
  1933. Hide Behind SNs: u gonna get fat on me
  1934. lady: idc
  1935. Pokerface has entered the room.
  1936. lady: brb
  1937. sofa king adorbs: "get" gat
  1938. reread: welp i'm gonna go
  1939. IKnoUCIt4 has entered the room.
  1940. sofa king adorbs: fat*
  1941. sofa king adorbs: she already is.
  1942. reread: cya later
  1943. reread: :}
  1944. Blacqbeauty13 has left the room.
  1945. Hide Behind SNs: ang
  1946. Hide Behind SNs: aint fat
  1947. lady: oh elle
  1948. reread has left the room.
  1949. lady: i mean kasi
  1950. lady: im sry ur jellin
  1951. sofa king adorbs: LOL @ brb
  1952. sofa king adorbs: fail.
  1953. lady: brb tho
  1954. sofa king adorbs: you suck at checkin on dinner
  1955. IKnoUCIt4 has left the room.
  1956. JasmineTour has left the room.
  1957. twang has left the room.
  1958. RSportzGurl: i already had dinner
  1959. Hide Behind SNs:
  1960. Hide Behind SNs: i like that
  1961. Hide Behind SNs: no im not a fucking faggot
  1962. Hide Behind SNs: i like the lyrics
  1963. sofa king adorbs: hide
  1964. x     monyca: i lost my check card today
  1965. sofa king adorbs: who are you
  1966. x     monyca: it sucked..
  1967. shorebrd21: wtg
  1968. x     monyca: i wanted some tokyo joes
  1969. x     monyca: and i was denied
  1970. Hide Behind SNs: i dont reveal
  1971. Hide Behind SNs: who i am
  1972. Hide Behind SNs: i hide
  1973. Hide Behind SNs: behind sn
  1974. RSportzGurl: that is a pain to cancel ur check card
  1975. Kybriar1 has entered the room.
  1976. Hide Behind SNs: and dont show pics
  1977. Hide Behind SNs: sup?
  1978. ChatBOT dlb has entered the room.
  1979. ChatBOT dlb: Bot has entered 'A Place To Start - The Crash Pad'.
  1980. sofa king adorbs: aka hideous
  1981. x     monyca: not really..but it is a pain to not have your card
  1982. x     monyca: feel me?
  1983. Hide Behind SNs: -ugliest dude on aol
  1984. Kybriar1 has left the room.
  1985. Hide Behind SNs: i look like hkm
  1986. Hide Behind SNs: a little bit
  1987. RSportzGurl: well u bvetter hope no charges r made
  1988. sofa king adorbs has left the room.
  1989. crawling has entered the room.
  1990. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome lar :-)
  1991. GUYJR99 has entered the room.
  1992. ForeverWlcm2 has entered the room.
  1993. GUYJR99: sup room
  1994. ForeverWlcm2 has left the room.
  1995. o2 euph has left the room.
  1996. krissy is happy has entered the room.
  1997. Nine3452 has entered the room.
  1998. krissy is happy: :-)
  1999. Sjjj1994: sportzgurl you didn't answer me
  2000. GUYJR99: 31m
  2001. Tbpnink has entered the room.
  2002. krissy is happy has left the room.
  2003. RSportzGurl: huh?
  2004. robot horror has entered the room.
  2005. Garyf27 has entered the room.
  2006. GetLostPlease has entered the room.
  2007. Sjjj1994: yep
  2008. Nine3452 has left the room.
  2009. GetLostPlease has left the room.
  2010. RSportzGurl: answer what?
  2011. Sjjj1994: my im
  2012. o2 euph has entered the room.
  2013. RSportzGurl: my IM is not working
  2014. RSportzGurl: how r u?
  2015. Tbpnink has left the room.
  2016. Sjjj1994: oh its not
  2017. DEMtTop has entered the room.
  2019. Elpasojohnny1953 has entered the room.
  2020. o2 euph: sjj get the fuck out of here capt save a ho
  2021. o2 euph: this isn't a dating site
  2022. x     monyca: ughh its so hot
  2023. Sjjj1994: im good
  2024. GUYJR99 has left the room.
  2025. RSportzGurl: coolio
  2026. x     monyca: and im sad that there iss o many fires in colorado :-(
  2027. Pokerface has left the room.
  2028. Hide Behind SNs: coolio
  2029. CHILLPYRO has left the room.
  2030. Hide Behind SNs: nigga
  2031. DEMtTop has left the room.
  2032. RSportzGurl: how was ur day?
  2033. Hide Behind SNs: im cooler than 2 below
  2034. DoNkaMentAA has entered the room.
  2035. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome Frank :-)
  2036. Hide Behind SNs: fo sho
  2037. Garyf27 has left the room.
  2038. Hide Behind SNs: dont blow my high
  2039. DoNkaMentAA has left the room.
  2040. Hide Behind SNs: cause im to horna
  2041. Hide Behind SNs: hornay*
  2042. o2 euph: i think aol makes me lazy
  2043. Hide Behind SNs: Nelly - Thicky Thick Girl
  2044. o2 euph: when i look in the chat i don't do shit after it
  2045. Hide Behind SNs:
  2046. Hide Behind SNs: sadf
  2047. Sjjj1994: 02 you was borned lazy
  2048. Hide Behind SNs: my girl
  2049. Hide Behind SNs: need 3 meals a day
  2050. Hide Behind SNs: thicky
  2051. Elpasojohnny1953 has left the room.
  2052. Hide Behind SNs: thicky
  2053. RSportzGurl: sj how was ur day?
  2054. Hide Behind SNs: thicky
  2055. o2 euph: sjjj, hows the hunt for chicks online
  2056. Hide Behind SNs: thick
  2057. o2 euph: working out good for you so far?
  2058. Rpb123456 has entered the room.
  2059. Sjjj1994: good sportz
  2060. bad girl swag has left the room.
  2061. Garyf27 has entered the room.
  2062. Sjjj1994: yours
  2063. x     monyca: moose
  2064. Rpb123456 has left the room.
  2065. x     monyca: should change his name
  2066. x     monyca: to goose
  2067. RSportzGurl: i was busy this morning
  2068. x     monyca: i dont knowwhy i just though about this
  2069. IKnoUCIt4 has entered the room.
  2070. IKnoUCIt4 has left the room.
  2072. o2 euph: REAL FUCKING TALK
  2073. Garyf27 has left the room.
  2074. o2 euph: WILL PWNT*
  2075. Sjjj1994: yea me to
  2076. RSportzGurl: i was at hanger all morning
  2077. Hide Behind SNs: nah son
  2078. Hide Behind SNs: ang
  2079. Hide Behind SNs: pwnted me
  2080. mento: word
  2081. Hide Behind SNs: and im scurred
  2082. Hide Behind SNs: now
  2083. Hide Behind SNs: she stole my magic stick
  2084. x     monyca: dude, euph
  2085. x     monyca: callate
  2086. Hide Behind SNs: swag gone
  2087. Hide Behind SNs: son
  2088. deloreansrule81 has entered the room.
  2089. Hide Behind SNs: ima steal bad girl swag
  2090. theresa12867 has left the room.
  2091. Hide Behind SNs: swags
  2092. o2 euph: you don't want her swag
  2093. o2 euph: she dates english guys
  2094. o2 euph: may aswell date a ginger
  2095. o2 euph: probably smarter than english guys
  2096. Hide Behind SNs: swag gone son
  2097. IKnoUCIt4 has entered the room.
  2098. Hide Behind SNs: gonna take a day
  2099. Hide Behind SNs: to get it back
  2100. IKnoUCIt4 has left the room.
  2101. RR220022 has entered the room.
  2102. Elpasojohnny1953 has entered the room.
  2103. Chrlsglenn1983 has entered the room.
  2104. Nine3452 has entered the room.
  2105. INVIERNO AZUL1 has entered the room.
  2106. LS2TONY: lotta jiggaboos in here tonight
  2107. Nine3452 has left the room.
  2108. RR220022 has left the room.
  2109. Janice7608 has entered the room.
  2110. MICHIGANLEGGSMAN has entered the room.
  2111. mento: jigga what
  2112. INVIERNO AZUL1 has left the room.
  2113. MICHIGANLEGGSMAN has left the room.
  2114. Elpasojohnny1953 has left the room.
  2115. mento: kate upton is a very talented individual
  2116. LS2TONY: shes so fine.
  2117. x     monyca: who is that
  2118. RGPell has entered the room.
  2119. x     monyca: i dont remember
  2120. LS2TONY: ...
  2121. mento:
  2122. swag jew cori has entered the room.
  2123. mento: ^^
  2124. LS2TONY:
  2125. x     monyca: ok
  2126. x     monyca: she is hot
  2127. mento: tony watch that
  2128. RGPell has left the room.
  2129. LS2TONY: is it the kat daddy vid?
  2130. mento: nope
  2131. mento: but it has that in it
  2132. LS2TONY: standby.
  2133. mento: best part is 1:14
  2134. LS2TONY: brb fapping
  2135. JustStayKewl has entered the room.
  2136. mento: lol
  2137. RSportzGurl: how is everyone?
  2138. Hide Behind SNs: how do they get
  2139. DCSexyChocolate1 has entered the room.
  2140. x     monyca has left the room.
  2141. swag jew cori: how is everyone?
  2142. Hide Behind SNs: that shit
  2143. DCSexyChocolate1: hey
  2144. Hide Behind SNs: how is fapping
  2145. Hide Behind SNs: jacking off
  2146. DCSexyChocolate1: whats up room
  2147. LS2TONY: yeah, the pool scene is super hot
  2148. DCSexyChocolate1: do ppl even still use aol?
  2149. JustStayKewl: X X ~ ~ X X   ../{~~ Honeymoon Suite - New Girl Now [early version] (1983 - CAN) [AOR, Melodic Rock] - YouTube
  2150. swag jew cori: jacking off
  2151. LS2TONY: i seen it on my news feed
  2152. swag jew cori: hahahahahahahahah
  2153. mento: because whats the sound that you make when you jack off
  2154. Hide Behind SNs: .urban fapping
  2155. ChatBOT dlb: Def: To jack off or masturbate. Exp: Man i was fapping last night and totally jizzed all over my hands.
  2156. JustStayKewl: X X ~ ~ X X   ../{~~ Honeymoon Suite - New Girl Now [early version] (1983 - CAN) [AOR, Melodic Rock] - YouTube
  2157. Hide Behind SNs: shits stupid
  2158. mento: the sound that you make... goes
  2159. mento: like
  2160. LS2TONY: suprised they show her nipples
  2161. mento: fap fap fap
  2162. swag jew cori has left the room.
  2163. JustStayKewl has left the room.
  2164. GrandmaB38 has entered the room.
  2165. DCSexyChocolate1 has left the room.
  2166. GrandmaB38 has left the room.
  2167. LS2TONY: set as desktop background yes plz ty
  2168. Jackny814 has entered the room.
  2169. BigMook126 has entered the room.
  2170. BigMook126 has left the room.
  2171. GrandmaB38 has entered the room.
  2172. mento: paused at 1:19
  2173. mento: and. Fav'd
  2174. Jackny814 has left the room.
  2175. lady: :-D
  2176. sofa king adorbs has entered the room.
  2177. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kasi :-)
  2178. heart manda x has entered the room.
  2179. RSportzGurl has left the room.
  2180. heart manda x has left the room.
  2181. mento: kasi from va
  2182. ChatBOT dlb has left the room.
  2183. GrandmaB38 has left the room.
  2184. Hard2lmpress has entered the room.
  2185. Hard2lmpress: 26f
  2186. LS2TONY: SUP
  2187. sofa king adorbs: maybe
  2188. mento: hey buddy
  2189. sofa king adorbs: ?
  2190. shorebrd21 has left the room.
  2191. LS2TONY: ¿
  2192. mento: < jer
  2193. sofa king adorbs: idk a jer
  2194. mento: what about a jeremy
  2195. jesus  im   sexy has entered the room.
  2196. robot horror has left the room.
  2197. sofa king adorbs: no
  2198. LS2TONY: what about a jeremiah?
  2199. ABprosk8er has entered the room.
  2200. ABprosk8er has left the room.
  2201. Hard2lmpress has left the room.
  2202. Zepfan1987 has entered the room.
  2203. mento: yeah
  2204. perllma has entered the room.
  2205. Xx CinNiCoLe xX has entered the room.
  2206. mento: not kasi from virginia then
  2207. Sunandfungirl02 has entered the room.
  2208. Sunandfungirl02 has left the room.
  2209. perllma: Hi all, I know this is a crazy question, but do you get your nails done? (I need advice)
  2210. LS2TONY: yea
  2211. ChatBOT dlb has entered the room.
  2212. ChatBOT dlb: Bot has entered 'A Place To Start - The Crash Pad'.
  2213. ABprosk8er has entered the room.
  2214. LS2TONY: oh joy bots here
  2215. jesus  im   sexy has left the room.
  2216. DoNkaMentAA has entered the room.
  2217. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome Frank :-)
  2218. Sjjj1994 has left the room.
  2219. DoNkaMentAA: 8-)
  2220. perllma has left the room.
  2221. firesturgon has entered the room.
  2222. firesturgon has left the room.
  2223. ABprosk8er has left the room.
  2224. DakotaGL27 has entered the room.
  2225. Kimbrita60 has entered the room.
  2226. Kimbrita60 has left the room.
  2227. teabaggin mofos has entered the room.
  2228. teabaggin mofos has left the room.
  2229. LS2TONY: ..
  2230. Imjonnytoo has entered the room.
  2231. Imjonnytoo: evening everyone!  6'3"/Male Wash DC
  2232. RYUREIALUCARDX69 has entered the room.
  2233. awe has entered the room.
  2234. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome Shy :-)
  2235. awe: kill
  2236. awe: ›› chat ad was pwned
  2237. Xx CinNiCoLe xX has left the room.
  2238. Hide Behind SNs: thats what i  think
  2239. Sjjj1994 has entered the room.
  2240. Hide Behind SNs: when i see shy
  2241. Imjonnytoo has left the room.
  2242. Hide Behind SNs: kill
  2243. Hide Behind SNs: murda
  2244. DakotaGL27 has left the room.
  2245. RYUREIALUCARDX69 has left the room.
  2246. shannabeIIe has entered the room.
  2247. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome hobelle :-)
  2248. Xem0014 has entered the room.
  2249. Katherinefla001 has entered the room.
  2250. Lu7Gnzl has entered the room.
  2251. LS2TONY has left the room.
  2252. MooseGTFO: Outkast - Atliens - Wailin' [feat. Cee-lo Green] [1:58]
  2253. Xem0014: hi ppl  
  2254. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi has entered the room.
  2255. Lu7Gnzl has left the room.
  2256. DARRYLTorrance has left the room.
  2257. RPayne4484 has entered the room.
  2258. DARRYLTorrance has entered the room.
  2259. Sweetchitty1 has entered the room.
  2260. MooseGTFO: Outkast - Stankonia - Ms. Jackson [4:30]
  2261. MooseGTFO: im sorry ms jacksonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  2262. MooseGTFO: ooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  2263. MooseGTFO: i am foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal
  2264. Sweetchitty1:                                     JESUS SAVES SINNERS                                
  2265. Katherinefla001 has left the room.
  2266. Sjjj1994 has left the room.
  2268. Zepfan1987 has left the room.
  2269. DARRYLTorrance: AMEN
  2270. Sweetchitty1 has left the room.
  2271. Sjjj1994 has entered the room.
  2272. RPayne4484 has left the room.
  2273. Xem0014 has left the room.
  2274. SeRrAcInG98 has entered the room.
  2275. SeRrAcInG98 has left the room.
  2276. cellblock334 has left the room.
  2278. sofa king adorbs has left the room.
  2279. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: Hello Everyone
  2280. Sjjj1994: hello
  2281. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: ;-)
  2282. Sjjj1994: hey
  2284. PJones5863 has entered the room.
  2285. alexrod0119 has entered the room.
  2286. firesturgon has entered the room.
  2287. alexrod0119 has left the room.
  2288. such goId has entered the room.
  2289. alexrod0119 has entered the room.
  2290. firesturgon has left the room.
  2291. ABprosk8er has entered the room.
  2292. ABprosk8er has left the room.
  2293. Sjjj1994: =-O
  2294. Crackerjack2825 has entered the room.
  2295. alexrod0119 has left the room.
  2296. ABprosk8er has entered the room.
  2297. ABprosk8er has left the room.
  2298. Crackerjack2825: hey. anybody awake in here?
  2300. Mikelr6 has entered the room.
  2301. Archangel 6 30 has entered the room.
  2302. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: i know right
  2303. Sjjj1994 has left the room.
  2304. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: i'm awake. .
  2305. Mikelr6 has left the room.
  2306. Archangel 6 30 has left the room.
  2307. Crackerjack2825: seems like every room i've been in there's thirty people there and nobody's talking
  2308. swag cori has entered the room.
  2309. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome cori :-)
  2311. swag cori: yodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???
  2312. sofa king adorbs has entered the room.
  2313. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kasi :-)
  2314. sofa king adorbs: im seriously
  2315. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi:
  2316. sofa king adorbs: rofl'ing right now
  2317. KpLovegirls has entered the room.
  2318. DWL Sin: kasi
  2319. DWL Sin: send me money
  2320. Crackerjack2825: you got that right
  2321. PJones5863 has left the room.
  2322. mento:
  2323. sofa king adorbs: how desperate are chicks these days?
  2325. Crackerjack2825: i can't speak for all chicks, but I'm not desperate.
  2326. alexrod0119 has entered the room.
  2327. DWL Sin: Stop lying crackerjack
  2328. Crackerjack2825: shut dillweed
  2330. sofa king adorbs: where is lady at?
  2331. DWL Sin: wtf
  2332. DWL Sin: who is that
  2333. Crackerjack2825:
  2334. DWL Sin: who are you crackerjack
  2335. Crackerjack2825: who are you?
  2336. DWL Sin: idk
  2337. firesturgon has entered the room.
  2338. deloreansrule81 has left the room.
  2339. DoNkaMentAA has left the room.
  2341. Crackerjack2825: they said that 50 years ago darryl
  2342. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: what the hell is "DARRYL" talking about ??
  2343. DWL Sin: in 50 years we won't use fossil fuel
  2344. perllma has entered the room.
  2345. DWL Sin: so why even save it darryl
  2346. perllma: Hi all, I know this is a crazy question, but do any other women get their nails done? (I need advice)
  2347. joejwz has entered the room.
  2348. DWL Sin: you retardddddd
  2349. Archangel 6 30 has entered the room.
  2351. Crackerjack2825: i don't. some do, but not me
  2352. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi:
  2353. DARRYLTorrance: WHO GIVES A SHIT
  2354. DARRYLTorrance: DO YOU?
  2355. joejwz has left the room.
  2356. Archangel 6 30 has left the room.
  2357. Crackerjack2825: apparently she does
  2358. CPlayer1961 has entered the room.
  2359. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: PERLLMA what kind of advice do you need
  2360. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: nvrmd i seen you private chat me
  2361. perllma has left the room.
  2362. Crackerjack2825: i used to get mine done
  2364. Crackerjack2825: SPEECH, not speach
  2365. CPlayer1961 has left the room.
  2366. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: lol
  2368. Crackerjack2825: hey, you're the one that can't spell, not me
  2369. awe has left the room.
  2370. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  2371. DARRYLTorrance: at least I not a BOT
  2372. Crackerjack2825: wow, throw the bot insult to a real live ever will I go on?
  2373. lucrativeminds has entered the room.
  2374. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome enza :-)
  2375. DARRYLTorrance: even a BOT  has freedom of speech
  2376. firesturgon has left the room.
  2377. Crackerjack2825: unfortunately
  2378. DARRYLTorrance: more then us humans do
  2379. unc has entered the room.
  2380. DARRYLTorrance: looks like
  2381. Crackerjack2825: darryl, did you go to college anywhere?
  2382. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: lol @ crackerjack
  2383. sofa king adorbs has left the room.
  2384. unc has left the room.
  2385. Nine3452 has entered the room.
  2386. SweetClass011 has entered the room.
  2387. Nine3452 has left the room.
  2388. DARRYLTorrance: I don't answer to no JACK
  2389. SweetClass011 has left the room.
  2390. Crackerjack2825: apparently not then
  2391. PnkZeppln has entered the room.
  2392. PnkZeppln: hey ladies...any one wanna chat?
  2393. swag cori has left the room.
  2394. Crackerjack2825: get your panties out of a twist, darryl. it was just a question
  2395. DARRYLTorrance: what does collage get a person
  2396. DARRYLTorrance: eternal life?
  2397. ChatBOT dlb has left the room.
  2398. Charliee99999 has entered the room.
  2399. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: im confused
  2400. Crackerjack2825: collage gets them nothing. COLLEGE gets you an extra fifty grand a year
  2401. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: cant we all just get along
  2402. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: lol
  2403. alexrod0119 has left the room.
  2404. Cass113081 has entered the room.
  2405. Crackerjack2825: darryl's trying to sound smart....and failing miserably
  2406. Z44MIKE has entered the room.
  2407. DARRYLTorrance: what did it get michel jacksin?
  2408. DWL Sin: darryl
  2409. DARRYLTorrance: but six feet under?
  2410. DWL Sin: I suggest you learn english
  2411. DWL Sin: then come again
  2412. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: smdh
  2413. lucrativeminds: stop being mean to everyone
  2414. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: lol
  2415. DWL Sin: I'm not mean
  2416. DWL Sin: its true
  2417. Crackerjack2825: we're not being mean to EVERYONE
  2418. DARRYLTorrance: i suggest you stop JUDGING
  2419. Crackerjack2825: just darryl
  2420. Repo Games has entered the room.
  2421. lady: 8-)
  2422. DARRYLTorrance: and gert a life
  2423. Repo Games: howdy
  2424. Crackerjack2825: hey repo
  2425. such goId has left the room.
  2426. DWL Sin: darryl
  2427. DWL Sin: you are confused man
  2428. PnkZeppln has left the room.
  2429. DWL Sin: put the bible down
  2430. DWL Sin: read another book
  2431. Badassbutch13 has entered the room.
  2432. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: darryl has been mean to everyone so far
  2433. Crackerjack2825: nowhere in the Bible does it say get a life
  2434. firesturgon has entered the room.
  2435. Charliee99999: hi all
  2436. Badassbutch13 has left the room.
  2437. DARRYLTorrance: bible is the best selling book around
  2438. Crackerjack2825: hey charlie
  2439. firesturgon has left the room.
  2440. Badassbutch13 has entered the room.
  2441. Badassbutch13 has left the room.
  2442. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: lmaooo @DWL
  2443. Charliee99999: hi crackerack
  2444. Dargonsfire2011 has entered the room.
  2445. firesturgon has entered the room.
  2446. Dargonsfire2011 has left the room.
  2447. DWL Sin: Bible is free son
  2448. JRJ3boyz has entered the room.
  2449. DWL Sin: that shit isn't selling
  2450. joejwz has entered the room.
  2451. britty lauren: Hi.
  2452. JRJ3boyz has left the room.
  2453. Crackerjack2825: yep. go to any hotel in the country and get one off the nightstand
  2454. Charliee99999: hi britty
  2455. Crackerjack2825: hey britt
  2456. DARRYLTorrance: nothings free
  2457. ChatBOT dlb has entered the room.
  2458. ChatBOT dlb: Bot has entered 'A Place To Start - The Crash Pad'.
  2459. britty lauren: Hola.
  2460. DARRYLTorrance: except life
  2461. sofa king adorbs has entered the room.
  2462. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kasi :-)
  2463. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: where is everyone from
  2464. Crackerjack2825: life is NOT free
  2465. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi:
  2466. lucrativeminds: life isnt free
  2467. Charliee99999: florida
  2468. DARRYLTorrance:
  2469. britty lauren: My nose itches.
  2470. Miken1379 has entered the room.
  2471. DWL Sin: life is costly
  2472. Miken1379 has left the room.
  2473. lucrativeminds: that means ur going to kiss a fool
  2474. DWL Sin: probably the most expensive thing
  2475. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: what part of florida @Charliee
  2476. sofa king adorbs: R
  2477. sofa king adorbs: O
  2478. DWL Sin: she already kissed nooka
  2479. sofa king adorbs: F
  2480. sofa king adorbs: L
  2481. DWL Sin: hello kasi
  2482. DARRYLTorrance: who pays for the sun that rises daily?
  2483. Charliee99999: daytona area
  2484. Crackerjack2825: Navy, Marines, Army, National Guard, sorry if I leave anyone out, I don't meant to. Ask those people if life is free
  2485. sofa king adorbs: Hi sin
  2486. DARRYLTorrance: tell me
  2487. DWL Sin: darryl you are a retard
  2488. joejwz has left the room.
  2489. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: oh okay @charliee
  2490. DARRYLTorrance: and your an ass holew
  2491. DWL Sin: you think because the sun rises you will be alive?
  2492. sofa king adorbs: so I guess the new thing on AOL is to sell yourself
  2493. sofa king adorbs: so much for being a "lady"
  2494. greytrafficlight has entered the room.
  2495. DWL Sin: try going a month without food
  2496. DWL Sin: see how that works for you
  2497. sofa king adorbs: ang
  2498. DARRYLTorrance: your shit stinks just as bad as mine'
  2499. greytrafficlight: hi 27fnj
  2500. DARRYLTorrance: SO SHOUT UP
  2501. lady: haha
  2502. sofa king adorbs: how much I gotta pay to see the pic of your vagina with a vase in it?!
  2503. DWL Sin: darryl its okay man
  2504. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: lollol @DWL Sin
  2505. lady: shes so jealous omg
  2506. DWL Sin: put the bible down
  2507. Crackerjack2825: hi grey
  2508. lady: so now im not only fat
  2509. crawling: hi beautiful angelaaaaaaaaaa
  2510. lady: im a fat aol prostitute LOLOLOLOL
  2511. greytrafficlight: lol hi
  2512. crawling: angela
  2513. lady: i love elle she cracks me up
  2514. crawling: u BBW
  2515. lady: hay lar <3
  2516. DARRYLTorrance: put you hand down
  2517. crawling:
  2518. crawling: ;x
  2519. britty lauren: How can you be a prostitute on AOL?
  2520. sofa king adorbs: Ask Ang
  2521. britty lauren: I'm confused.
  2522. sofa king adorbs: she knows all about it.
  2523. sofa king adorbs: (;
  2524. greytrafficlight: not with much profits lol
  2525. lady: hahaha
  2526. lady: im starting to think shes obsessed
  2527. britty lauren: I did cam shows. I'm a prostitute.
  2528. lady: :o
  2529. britty lauren: :-(
  2530. britty lauren: Fuck!
  2531. DARRYLTorrance: a
  2532. DARRYLTorrance: duck
  2533. sofa king adorbs: Is Nooka supporting your crackhead habbit?
  2534. lady: LOL
  2535. DWL Sin has left the room.
  2536. DWL Sin has entered the room.
  2537. New Mexico has left the room.
  2538. lady: shes so jealous omfg i love it
  2539. crawling: lolololol
  2540. lady: such a compliment
  2541. robot horror has entered the room.
  2542. firesturgon has left the room.
  2543. lady: :D
  2544. sofa king adorbs: oh look, she's speechless.
  2545. crawling: ang
  2546. sofa king adorbs: nothing to say back
  2547. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi: lol @ try going a month w/out food and see how that works for you DWL you're hilarious
  2548. New Mexico has entered the room.
  2549. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome katie :-)
  2550. crawling: share the dope yo
  2551. lady: bahaha
  2552. robot horror has left the room.
  2553. Archangel 6 30 has entered the room.
  2554. DWL Sin: darryl
  2555. DARRYLTorrance: yea
  2556. REDTBIRD1978 has entered the room.
  2557. DWL Sin: you think god will keep you from going hungry
  2558. Archangel 6 30 has left the room.
  2559. DWL Sin: ?
  2560. Z1137 has entered the room.
  2561. lady: lar i'll hella share my crack rock with you
  2562. lady: bring your ass
  2563. DWL Sin: Lemme know how thats working out
  2564. DWL Sin: quit your job
  2565. DARRYLTorrance: we all in the same boat
  2566. crawling: oh word
  2567. crawling: :-)
  2568. DWL Sin: I'm not in any boat son
  2569. lucrativeminds: crack kills
  2570. DWL Sin: I'm on dry land
  2571. DWL Sin: far from sea
  2572. DARRYLTorrance: thank again
  2573. sofa king adorbs: you're right Enza.
  2574. DWL Sin: thank what
  2575. greytrafficlight has left the room.
  2576. Zcam11 has entered the room.
  2577. sofa king adorbs: wonder if thats what killed her husband..
  2578. DWL Sin: sex sells
  2579. DARRYLTorrance: your body is 99% water
  2580. DWL Sin: she does it for the cash
  2581. lady: never had a husband
  2582. Z44MIKE has left the room.
  2583. lady: try harder lol
  2584. lady: :D
  2585. DWL Sin: not 99
  2586. Billybadass69 has entered the room.
  2587. DWL Sin: but nice attempt
  2588. Charliee99999 has left the room.
  2589. JHB13152 has entered the room.
  2590. Archangel 6 30 has entered the room.
  2591. lucrativeminds: i should have killed my ex
  2592. Zcam11 has left the room.
  2593. sofa king adorbs: L
  2594. sofa king adorbs: O
  2595. lucrativeminds: then i wouldnt have to work
  2596. sofa king adorbs: L
  2597. DWL Sin: bones aren't water son
  2598. sofa king adorbs: enza
  2599. sofa king adorbs: then you could sit on AOL
  2600. Crackerjack2825: i heard on a commercial it's mor like 67%
  2601. sofa king adorbs: all day
  2602. DWL Sin: body is about 75-80% of water
  2603. sofa king adorbs: and sell yourself
  2604. lady: LOL
  2605. DWL Sin: depending on the person
  2606. lucrativeminds: nobody would buy
  2607. lady: its kind of awkward how obsessed with me this broad is
  2608. lucrativeminds: but i could try
  2609. lady: but again, complimentary.
  2610. sofa king adorbs: and get on call of booty and find your next boyfriend
  2611. REDTBIRD1978: Water or Beer
  2612. Archangel 6 30 has left the room.
  2613. DWL Sin: hmm
  2614. Crackerjack2825: beer
  2615. DWL Sin: next bf
  2616. Billybadass69 has left the room.
  2617. DWL Sin: damn :-(
  2618. lady: LOL
  2619. lady: dont cry sinc
  2620. LlrK7 has entered the room.
  2621. DARRYLTorrance: well mine is 99%
  2622. Crackerjack2825: jack daniels would be better
  2623. lucrativeminds: i always get killed on call of duty
  2624. crawling: LoL
  2625. lady: enza wont dump you for xbl boys
  2626. DWL Sin: hmm
  2627. DWL Sin: is this true enza?
  2628. lucrativeminds: they dont even give me chance
  2629. lucrativeminds: xbl?
  2630. GuitarTeacher79 has entered the room.
  2631. JHB13152 has left the room.
  2632. mento: stay away from clan ir8p
  2633. DWL Sin: xbox live
  2634. DWL Sin: i think
  2635. GuitarTeacher79: 33/m/orange county cali
  2636. firesturgon has entered the room.
  2637. DWL Sin: thats what xbl is
  2638. lucrativeminds: oh
  2639. lucrativeminds: no
  2640. firesturgon has left the room.
  2641. lucrativeminds: i have psn
  2642. PUTTER2125 has entered the room.
  2643. mento: me2
  2644. lucrativeminds: my user name is knigknocker
  2645. New Mexico: I have bpd
  2646. mento: bi polar disorder?
  2647. DWL Sin: huh
  2648. lucrativeminds: whats that
  2649. New Mexico: BIG PENIZ DISEASE
  2650. lady: enza i didnt know you played cod
  2651. lucrativeminds: yeah i play on playstation once in awhile
  2652. lady: ohhh
  2653. LlrK7: i have small penis disease
  2654. New Mexico: I play cod, but i SUCK.
  2655. REDTBIRD1978 has left the room.
  2656. New Mexico: =[
  2657. lady: that sucks if you played on xbl i'd play with you :-)
  2658. sofa king adorbs: she's the other gf that you were cryingabout online
  2659. lucrativeminds: me to nm
  2660. BernaB81 has entered the room.
  2661. New Mexico: haha.
  2662. New Mexico: I die in like 2 sec:-[
  2663. lucrativeminds: my son has xbox
  2664. lucrativeminds: but i dont allow him online with it
  2665. BernaB81: Hi, anyone from Chicago?
  2666. lucrativeminds: me too
  2667. sofa king adorbs: O'hare
  2668. GuitarTeacher79: any ladies from cali
  2669. firesturgon has entered the room.
  2670. lucrativeminds: but i think its my name
  2671. Crackerjack2825: not me. I've been to chicago
  2672. lucrativeminds: i should change it
  2673. DWL Sin: this is boring
  2674. lucrativeminds: =)
  2675. lucrativeminds: ur boring
  2676. lady: my son plays on xbl occasionally but
  2677. New Mexico: sup dillon
  2678. BernaB81: ok
  2679. New Mexico: >:]
  2680. lady: i dont let him play with anyone he doesnt know irl
  2681. DWL Sin: sup tx kt
  2682. New Mexico: nm jC u
  2683. lucrativeminds: yeah
  2684. sofa king adorbs: dont want him to follow in his mothers addictions
  2685. DWL Sin: hmm
  2686. New Mexico: bein tx kt
  2687. New Mexico: livin life
  2688. lady: its MY xbox lolol
  2689. DWL Sin: dang
  2690. lucrativeminds: my son plays on playstation with my nephews
  2691. DWL Sin: kasi on the paint hardcore
  2692. lady: ya same here
  2693. New Mexico: you know how I do.
  2694. LlrK7 has left the room.
  2695. DWL Sin: girl going in
  2696. DWL Sin: lol
  2697. CPlayer1961 has entered the room.
  2698. lady: well not his nephew
  2699. lady: his friend
  2700. lady: s
  2701. GuitarTeacher79: i have yet to come in this room when it doesnt suck
  2702. GuitarTeacher79: lol
  2703. lady: i mean my nephews ****
  2704. ICyuNvMuRDaMaMi has left the room.
  2705. lady: he doesnt hve ps3 tho he has a ps2 and a wii
  2706. Foxracn4r6 has entered the room.
  2707. lucrativeminds: my son is gone on vacation with his daddy
  2708. Foxracn4r6: 23/m/va/pics/cam...IM me to
  2709. Crackerjack2825: i'm not a game player so I'm lost as to what they're talking about
  2710. lucrativeminds: i miss him
  2711. BernaB81 has left the room.
  2712. lucrativeminds: =(
  2713. sofa king adorbs: wouldn't want your son to be crying over a girl he met on xbl that already has a gf
  2714. sofa king adorbs: but then again you'd be able to comfort him
  2715. lady: elle so AIMGRY
  2716. sofa king adorbs: being that you know all about that
  2717. lady: LOLOL
  2718. GuitarTeacher79 has left the room.
  2719. lady: love it
  2720. lucrativeminds: hey dillon
  2721. DWL Sin: Hi Enza
  2722. lucrativeminds: did my name aimgry
  2723. DWL Sin: huh
  2724. lucrativeminds: did i get tos'd too many times
  2725. lucrativeminds: remember that name
  2726. firesturgon has left the room.
  2727. DWL Sin: my other sn
  2728. DWL Sin: got tos
  2729. lucrativeminds: i should try to remember my password
  2730. DWL Sin: had to make a new one today
  2731. DWL Sin: :-(
  2732. Archangel 6 30 has entered the room.
  2733. lucrativeminds: u suck
  2734. Heyjeff2007 has entered the room.
  2735. DWL Sin: swankiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  2736. Archangel 6 30 has left the room.
  2737. PaperShapeHearts has entered the room.
  2738. Z1137 has left the room.
  2739. PaperShapeHearts has left the room.
  2740. PUTTER2125 has left the room.
  2741. Nine3452 has entered the room.
  2742. lady: :-D
  2743. Crackerjack2825 has left the room.
  2744. lucrativeminds: speaking of s/n's
  2745. Foxracn4r6 has left the room.
  2746. DWL Sin: hmph
  2747. lucrativeminds: im still mad @ u
  2748. DWL Sin: me 2
  2749. lucrativeminds: ur mad at me?
  2750. DWL Sin: ya
  2751. firesturgon has entered the room.
  2752. sofa king adorbs: ang
  2753. sofa king adorbs: did you tell your son
  2754. lucrativeminds: why?
  2755. DWL Sin: cant tell
  2756. sofa king adorbs: that dinner was provided by nooka tonight
  2757. lady: LOL
  2758. lady: i bet she fucking dreams about me
  2759. lady: and rubs her ugly beat up clit
  2760. lady: thinking about me
  2761. lady: what a weirdo
  2762. lady: hahaha
  2763. sofa king adorbs: don't get our vagina's mixed up
  2764. Hide Behind SNs: damn girl
  2765. sofa king adorbs: I don't stick vases in my pussy
  2766. sofa king adorbs: like you
  2767. lady: never have
  2768. lady: but if i ever felt like it, thats really my business LOL
  2769. Archangel 6 30 has entered the room.
  2770. DWL Sin: dang
  2771. Human Cookie has entered the room.
  2772. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome bitchboy :-)
  2773. Archangel 6 30 has left the room.
  2774. Human Cookie: yo sin
  2775. Human Cookie: was just at smokey park
  2776. Human Cookie: where u at son
  2777. BatmanNC2 has entered the room.
  2778. Human Cookie: u still in ur parents basement spamming?
  2779. lady: clearly this girl is upset/jealous over me.. im not even typing in her direction but she cant stop thinking about me.
  2780. BatmanNC2: hey
  2781. DWL Sin: YEAH SON SPAMMING 24/7
  2782. Hide Behind SNs: man i thought you aladin ass niggas
  2783. DWL Sin: HARDCORE
  2784. lady: its awkward but again, it's sort of a compliment
  2785. Hide Behind SNs: rode the carpet
  2786. Hide Behind SNs: together
  2787. lady: when someone thinks about you that much
  2788. lady: lol@ rode the carpet
  2789. AwesomDimples has entered the room.
  2790. Human Cookie: yo nooka
  2791. Masterman960 has entered the room.
  2792. Human Cookie: u should think about sin
  2793. sofa king adorbs: whats awkward is you being so desperate to sell yourself on AOL
  2794. Human Cookie: he rides the carpet
  2795. AwesomDimples has left the room.
  2796. Human Cookie: LOL
  2797. lady: haha
  2798. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: nooka
  2799. lady: still goin on
  2800. Trucker bob 711 has entered the room.
  2801. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: cut that aladdin
  2802. sofa king adorbs: but I guess when you're a broke bitch, gotta do what you gotta do.
  2803. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: talk out
  2804. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: kid
  2805. lucrativeminds: well if its just a bud vase-nbd
  2806. lucrativeminds: lol
  2807. crawling: its alright ang
  2808. lady: girl im sorry you are so jealous of me
  2809. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: seruious shit vagina neck
  2810. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: serious*
  2811. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: lol
  2812. crawling: lollolol
  2813. lady: idk what to tell ya though
  2814. Nine3452 has left the room.
  2815. crawling: i get $ too
  2816. crawling: ;x
  2817. crawling: so
  2818. Trucker bob 711: hi all any girls from the charlotte area
  2820. crawling: i guess we both
  2821. crawling: hoes
  2822. crawling: ROFL
  2824. lady: LOL
  2825. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: #IGETItT
  2826. lady: back when elle found out r0cky used to give me money
  2827. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: :P
  2828. lady: she was so jealous and mad
  2829. britty lauren: !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2830. BatmanNC2 has left the room.
  2831. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: ROFL
  2832. lady: she blew his phone up constantly and im'd him constantly asking him all kinds of shit about me
  2833. crawling: im sure shes hittin up nookas IMS
  2834. crawling: for some cash flow
  2835. Trucker bob 711 has left the room.
  2836. BrenicksLost has entered the room.
  2837. lady: LOL
  2838. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: lar hits it up
  2839. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: 2
  2840. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: =x
  2841. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: jk
  2842. crawling: ima warn nooka
  2843. BrenicksLost: hi all
  2844. crawling: brb
  2845. crawling: ROFL
  2846. sofa king adorbs: Ang
  2847. sofa king adorbs: your dead husband didn't leave you any money?
  2848. lady: hahaha
  2849. lady: you're so weird girl
  2850. crawling: woow
  2851. crawling: isnt that a lil extreme
  2852. sofa king adorbs: oh i forgot
  2853. crawling: even for aol
  2854. lady: i dont even talk to you or about you, yet you're obsessed with me.
  2855. sofa king adorbs: junkies don't get life insurance.
  2856. lady: i kinda feel sorry for you haha
  2857. New Mexico: YU SO OBSESSED W/ ME
  2858. Human Cookie: sup to trav
  2859. New Mexico: O00O0OO
  2860. New Mexico: sing to her ang
  2861. lady: and i dont get how you think that would upset me
  2862. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: sup eazy
  2863. lady: it wasnt me
  2864. Human Cookie: whas pimpin
  2865. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: chillen home
  2866. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: bored
  2867. lady: but keep trying, weirdo. you're just making yourself look pathetic haha.
  2868. Human Cookie: just got back in
  2869. DBLOOM42 has entered the room.
  2870. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: nice
  2871. Human Cookie: went joy ridin
  2872. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: hear u on that
  2873. Human Cookie: got a new bitch aka ride
  2874. New Mexico: lol....
  2875. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: wa kindda
  2876. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: ride
  2877. Human Cookie: triked out lexis IS
  2878. Human Cookie: 250
  2879. sofa king adorbs: I look pathetic yet, you're worst then texas kt over here
  2880. sofa king adorbs: least she goes to cl
  2881. Human Cookie: fast as fuq
  2882. New Mexico: Lexus jw
  2883. lady: worse****
  2884. lady: elle, stop being so mad.
  2885. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: pic?
  2886. sofa king adorbs: worst*
  2887. lady: it's not my fault you are the way you are.
  2888. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: sup elle
  2889. DWL Sin: lol worst is correct
  2890. lady: srsly
  2891. lady: :D
  2892. o2 euph: that's not elle
  2893. Human Cookie: tomorrow after i pick shawdy out of work im a shoot some up on FB
  2894. DWL Sin: euph would know that
  2895. sofa king adorbs: euph.
  2896. DWL Sin: lolol
  2897. sofa king adorbs: let her think that.
  2898. sofa king adorbs: (;
  2899. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: ohh
  2900. New Mexico: im not tx kt :-)
  2901. o2 euph: lol i've said like 50 times it's not her
  2902. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: thats kasi
  2903. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: or something
  2904. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: ?
  2905. New Mexico: BTW.
  2906. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: QT
  2907. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: sup
  2908. New Mexico: sup
  2909. lady: then elle's in her ims telling her what to say
  2910. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: :p
  2911. New Mexico: ;P
  2912. lady: cause every insult she attempts
  2913. New Mexico: wot it do.
  2914. Human Cookie: sin shut ur face
  2915. o2 euph: elle hates kasi
  2916. lady: is an elle repeat
  2917. sofa king adorbs: euph again
  2918. lady: thats probably an act
  2919. sofa king adorbs: she's too dumb
  2920. lady: elle is good at acting remember?
  2921. sofa king adorbs: to comprehend.
  2922. o2 euph: maybe you're just obsessed with elle
  2923. lady: :-)
  2924. DWL Sin: how do you know all this euph
  2925. DWL Sin: ROFL
  2926. crawling: lol
  2927. Human Cookie: go make some some chicken curry
  2928. o2 euph: can't stop thinking about her
  2929. Human Cookie: :-)
  2930. lady: its kind of sad
  2931. DWL Sin: DANG
  2932. sofa king adorbs: Ang is jealous of Elle
  2933. New Mexico: euph knows everything
  2934. DWL Sin: euph defends his GF
  2935. New Mexico: about everyone
  2936. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: lady is crazy
  2937. New Mexico: DUH
  2938. o2 euph: lol because kasi talked to mickey
  2939. DWL Sin: OH shit
  2940. sofa king adorbs: because Elle got more money off of AOL
  2941. lady: that this kasi elle person is obsessed with me
  2942. sofa king adorbs: then Ang is getting
  2943. o2 euph: so elle hates her
  2944. DWL Sin: lmao
  2945. sofa king adorbs: Keepp trying Ang
  2946. crawling: lollololololololl
  2947. lady: no she/you didnt
  2948. crawling: kasi
  2949. crawling: i hear that was u trollin me on TC
  2950. crawling: :/
  2951. suspend Trav has entered the room.
  2952. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome skeemr :-)
  2953. sofa king adorbs: you'll eventually get there.
  2954. lady: i made thousands off aol bro, elle made 10k off euph and thats it
  2955. crawling: why u troll ppl
  2956. lady: hahaha
  2957. suspend Trav: boom
  2958. lady: :D
  2959. o2 euph: elle did get more money than you
  2960. sofa king adorbs: Lar, I have no idea what you look like
  2961. crawling: KINDA LOOPY GIRLLL
  2962. MooseGTFO: lol
  2963. DWL Sin: lol
  2964. sofa king adorbs: nor do I care.
  2965. Human Cookie: Is elle related to BRat from
  2966. o2 euph: she's scammed more people than me
  2967. Human Cookie: ?
  2968. Human Cookie: ?
  2969. Human Cookie: ?
  2970. crawling: alright
  2971. DWL Sin: 10k is thousands though?
  2972. lady: no she didnt
  2973. crawling: u got angela to troll
  2974. o2 euph: yeah she did
  2975. DWL Sin: Isn't it?
  2976. crawling: im not important
  2977. crawling: :-(
  2978. Human Cookie: seems like it
  2979. lady: i made plenty of money off aol throughout the years
  2980. suspend Trav: i thing angela is upset
  2981. o2 euph: you just don't know what else she's done
  2982. DWL Sin: 1 = thousand
  2983. MooseGTFO: thoe thilly
  2984. Masterman960 has left the room.
  2985. DWL Sin: > 1 thousands?
  2986. DWL Sin: dunno
  2987. suspend Trav: i can't knock her though
  2988. suspend Trav: she real
  2989. suspend Trav: scamming dudes
  2990. suspend Trav: for $$$
  2991. DBLOOM42 has left the room.
  2992. suspend Trav: nice
  2993. sofa king adorbs: Ang so desperate she turned to Nooka
  2994. suspend Trav: and sn's
  2995. lady: you dont know what ive done either. and this isnt a pissing contest. this girl is obsessed with me, and its cute.
  2996. suspend Trav: don't 4get the sns
  2997. DBLOOM42 has entered the room.
  2998. suspend Trav: LOL
  2999. MooseGTFO: /)_-
  3000. Ipra56 has entered the room.
  3001. suspend Trav: :-)
  3002. lady: >:]
  3003. sofa king adorbs: how do you make money ang?
  3004. suspend Trav: j33tl33to
  3005. o2 euph: i know if you're getting money from nooka you haven't done much
  3006. lucrativeminds: i got 0 thousands
  3007. lady: i prostitute on aol elle
  3008. Janice7608 has left the room.
  3009. DWL Sin: sry enza
  3010. lucrativeminds: wtf am i doing wrong
  3011. crawling: She didnt turn to nooka, nooka offered.
  3012. DWL Sin:
  3013. lucrativeminds: ?
  3014. lady: i didnt ask nooka for money LOL
  3015. crawling: would u pass up money?
  3016. crawling: i doubt it.
  3017. crawling: thirsty girl
  3018. o2 euph: i've passed up money before
  3019. MooseGTFO: Outsidaz - Nightlife - Don't Look Now [3:25]
  3020. crawling: get some wataaaaaaaaaaa
  3021. sofa king adorbs: I work for my money, I have a great job.
  3022. DWL Sin: I would pass up money
  3023. DWL Sin: from someone online
  3024. DWL Sin: lol
  3025. sofa king adorbs: I don't let the government support me
  3026. sofa king adorbs: or some man
  3027. o2 euph: some people like to earn money on their own
  3028. lady: girl i really dont care
  3029. sofa king adorbs: I'm independent.
  3030. DWL Sin: yep
  3031. lady: thats the difference
  3032. DBLOOM42 has left the room.
  3033. lady: you care about me and my life
  3034. Ipra56 has left the room.
  3035. sofa king adorbs: the difference is
  3036. lady: i dont care about yours
  3037. lady: carry on though, weirdo. its cute.
  3038. Hide Behind SNs: -not man
  3039. sofa king adorbs: you aren't a lady
  3040. DBLOOM42 has entered the room.
  3041. crawling: sup nooka
  3042. Hide Behind SNs: -hottest guy on aol
  3043. lady: and you're mad
  3044. DBLOOM42 has left the room.
  3045. lady: point?
  3046. lucrativeminds: -has to work hard for my money
  3047. sofa king adorbs: o0o0o mad.
  3048. crawling: Enlighten the chat on how me and Ang prostitute for money.
  3049. crawling: rolfrolf
  3050. DWL Sin:
  3051. lady: lololol
  3052. sofa king adorbs: Lar
  3053. DWL Sin: :P
  3054. JHB13152 has entered the room.
  3055. Hide Behind SNs: -hottest man on aol
  3056. sofa king adorbs: no one cares about you
  3057. sofa king adorbs: only ang.
  3058. Pokerface has entered the room.
  3059. crawling: oh
  3060. Hide Behind SNs: slippin
  3061. lucrativeminds:
  3062. crawling: :-(
  3063. sofa king adorbs: continue dating losers (;
  3064. crawling: damn angela
  3065. lady: dang thats awkward
  3066. crawling: you got all the att.
  3067. crawling: :-(
  3068. OutlandishGuy77 has entered the room.
  3069. lady: :-(
  3070. crawling: RoF
  3071. lady: im sry, you can has.
  3072. JHB13152 has left the room.
  3073. firesturgon has left the room.
  3074. jeffvolsfan12 has entered the room.
  3075. sofa king adorbs: brb
  3076. jeffvolsfan12 has left the room.
  3077. sofa king adorbs: gotta see what elle wants me to say next
  3078. lady: dude my dinner was so good
  3079. crawling: mine too!
  3080. DWL Sin: wish I had dinner
  3081. sofa king adorbs: lady can finally afford steak
  3082. DWL Sin: fucking shit sucks
  3083. sofa king adorbs: thanks to nooka
  3084. DWL Sin: madd broke :-(
  3085. Archangel 6 30 has entered the room.
  3086. lady: pork chops LOL
  3087. fatal face error has entered the room.
  3088. lucrativeminds: mine was too
  3089. DWL Sin: bumming it
  3090. lucrativeminds: i had shrimp primevera
  3091. crawling: I had taco bell
  3092. Hide Behind SNs: sin nigga
  3093. DWL Sin: homeless and all
  3094. DWL Sin: :-)
  3095. lucrativeminds: nom nom
  3096. crawling: courtesy of nooka
  3097. crawling:
  3098. crawling: rofl
  3099. Hide Behind SNs: u pan handaling?
  3100. KpLovegirls has left the room.
  3101. PUTTER2125 has entered the room.
  3102. DWL Sin: yeah
  3103. lady: almost out of dental floss (i typed dinner floss at first for some reason)
  3104. Hide Behind SNs: im out
  3105. Hide Behind SNs has left the room.
  3106. DWL Sin: sitting at the subway corner
  3107. DWL Sin: lol
  3108. PUTTER2125: your mom is out
  3109. Pokerface: lol
  3110. Archangel 6 30 has left the room.
  3111. o2 euph: do neither of you even see anything wrong with taking money from nooka?
  3112. DWL Sin: idk
  3113. DWL Sin: lol
  3114. BrenicksLost has left the room.
  3115. o2 euph: both of you have said he's like mentally retarded
  3116. o2 euph: but you can both use him for money?
  3117. DWL Sin: nooka is slow in the head
  3118. o2 euph: what kind of shit is that
  3119. sofa king adorbs: Euph
  3120. DWL Sin: would feel guilty taking that nigga money
  3121. o2 euph: i know lar doesn't know any better
  3122. Pokerface: I don't think he's used for money
  3123. sofa king adorbs: you're wasting your time
  3124. DWL Sin: dude sits online all day
  3125. DWL Sin: have no friends
  3126. o2 euph: she was talking about spending the money on drugs
  3127. DWL Sin: and shit
  3128. sofa king adorbs: this bitches are desperate
  3129. DWL Sin: so yeah
  3130. Pokerface: He so chooses to give his money away freely.
  3131. o2 euph: that shit isn't going for no court shit
  3132. Pokerface: That's his choice.
  3133. willedthing has entered the room.
  3134. Pokerface: If he was mentally deficient he would be in a facility.
  3135. DWL Sin: lol
  3136. DWL Sin: euph going hard
  3137. o2 euph: and it's fine to just take it from him?
  3138. DWL Sin: wait what?
  3139. sofa king adorbs: ang "worked" for it
  3140. sofa king adorbs: she worked her pussy
  3141. DWL Sin: nooka sent money to lar
  3142. DWL Sin: to buy crack?
  3143. XxOlds78xx has entered the room.
  3144. lady: haha
  3145. DWL Sin: wtf
  3146. Garyaken4 has entered the room.
  3147. lady: im sure nooka wouldnt have minded if i did
  3148. sofa king adorbs: with her dead husbands ern.
  3149. o2 euph: lol nah he sent her money
  3150. o2 euph: and lar was bragging about going to buy drugs
  3151. lady: LOL
  3152. o2 euph: even though she told nooka it's for court shit
  3153. DWL Sin: llmao wtf
  3154. willedthing: bored jim ma any girls im
  3155. DWL Sin: she lied to nooka
  3156. DWL Sin: so he would send her money?
  3157. o2 euph: no one said did he mind ang
  3158. lady: me?
  3159. DWL Sin: damn
  3160. o2 euph: i said do you not see anything wrong with taking money from someone like that
  3161. o2 euph: guy clearly has problems
  3162. lady: i didnt do anything for him
  3163. lady: ya'll are crazy
  3164. XxOlds78xx has left the room.
  3165. Human Cookie: I need to start ao dating chicks
  3166. Human Cookie: maybe i'll be famous
  3167. DWL Sin: you should ao date nooka
  3168. DWL Sin: he will give you money
  3169. Pokerface: Taking and Him GIVING are 2 different things.
  3170. willedthing: any girls im
  3171. Human Cookie: ROFL
  3172. DWL Sin: fucking bitch made faggot
  3173. lucrativeminds: everyone should ao date nooka
  3174. Pokerface: Nothing wrong with accepting a gift.
  3175. lucrativeminds: wtf
  3176. DARRYLTorrance: ftw
  3177. Human Cookie: why u typing about ur best friend lik ethat?
  3178. sofa king adorbs: ang probably pimps out her son
  3179. lady: hahaha
  3180. lady: girl is so mad
  3181. sofa king adorbs: go get on xbl
  3182. Muhlott1935 has entered the room.
  3183. Garyaken4 has left the room.
  3184. lady: cracking me up
  3185. sofa king adorbs: find a girl with some money
  3186. lucrativeminds: the only thing about accepting shit from someone
  3187. sofa king adorbs: because If not we can't eat
  3188. DWL Sin: eh idk
  3189. lucrativeminds: is because that person might think it means something else
  3190. DWL Sin: thats exactly what nooka thinks
  3191. DWL Sin: lol
  3192. o2 euph: yeah, nooka probably thinks he's cool with those 2
  3193. DWL Sin: nooka was like
  3194. lady: im "cool" with nooka
  3195. o2 euph: and i'd bet anything they make fun of him in ims
  3196. DWL Sin: "I like her"
  3197. Master6411 has entered the room.
  3198. Pokerface: That's the problem of the gifting person, Enza.
  3199. DWL Sin: and what not
  3200. lady: nah we dont make fun of him lol wtf
  3201. o2 euph: lol yeah right ang
  3202. DWL Sin: lol really?
  3203. Pokerface: A  fool will be a fool regardless.
  3204. lady: uh we dont.
  3205. DWL Sin: lar makes fun of nooka
  3206. DWL Sin: all the time
  3207. DWL Sin: wtf you talking about
  3208. DWL Sin: lol
  3209. willedthing has left the room.
  3210. Master6411: evening all female here
  3211. OutlandishGuy77: hi all
  3212. XShovelhoarseX has entered the room.
  3213. lady: not to me she doesnt
  3214. XShovelhoarseX has left the room.
  3215. OutlandishGuy77: 28 and live in Southern Cal here
  3216. o2 euph: you've made fun of him yourself
  3217. o2 euph: in here
  3218. lucrativeminds: i dont know i just wouldnt ever accept a gift or handout from someone
  3219. crawling: lol.
  3220. lady: yeah and hes made fun of me
  3221. lucrativeminds: especially someone online
  3222. lady: lol who carse
  3223. sofa king adorbs: ang is more bipolar then elle is
  3224. Master6411: outanddishguy hi i female here
  3225. Pokerface: And if he was again ' Mentally incomp " He would be in a facility.
  3226. lucrativeminds: but thats just me
  3227. sofa king adorbs: more two faced
  3228. ABprosk8er has entered the room.
  3229. sofa king adorbs: and you'd think with two faces
  3230. o2 euph: nah i think elle is bipolar
  3231. sofa king adorbs: one of them would be pretty
  3232. o2 euph: but ang is just 2 faced
  3233. sofa king adorbs: but nope.
  3234. lady: LOL
  3235. o2 euph: that's why i've never liked her
  3236. PUTTER2125: use one of her faces to suck cock
  3237. sofa king adorbs: she acts like her shit don't stink
  3238. DWL Sin: explain euph
  3239. lady: who cares dude
  3240. sofa king adorbs: but bitch your on aol
  3241. sofa king adorbs: just like all of us
  3242. lady: you can think what you want
  3243. DWL Sin: I wants to nose moar
  3244. Master6411: 35 F/ RI imme to chat and trade pictures
  3245. lady: and elle jr/kasi whoever this weird obsessed broad is
  3246. lady: i feel for her
  3247. DWL Sin: how did you come to this conclusion
  3248. Human Cookie: nooka u call us carpet riders but ur a wanna be niggah true?
  3249. sofa king adorbs: you're jealous of me
  3250. DWL Sin: nooka left son
  3251. sofa king adorbs: because I make my own money
  3252. Human Cookie: ur like a burnt pera
  3253. DWL Sin: you typing to yourself
  3254. lady: yes thats why i sit here and talk about you/think about you
  3255. Human Cookie: oh
  3256. Human Cookie: lol
  3257. sofa king adorbs: I don't have to beg men on AOL for money
  3258. lady: constantly
  3259. lady: you got me
  3260. MooseGTFO: /)_-
  3261. lady: :'(
  3262. Human Cookie: guess u skared him
  3263. Human Cookie: :o/
  3264. sofa king adorbs: you came at me when I first got online
  3265. sofa king adorbs: and thought you could talk shit to me
  3266. sofa king adorbs: wrong.
  3267. lady: no i didnt you little weirdo
  3268. MooseGTFO: Packfm - Ifhr - Wanna Know (ft. Deacon The Villain) [3:19]
  3269. lady: you hopped on my tits
  3270. lady: and stayed perched
  3271. Heyjeff2007 has left the room.
  3272. DWL Sin: euph son
  3273. sofa king adorbs: just because I didn't know people were so desperate to sell screennames
  3274. DWL Sin: you just can't call someone 2face
  3275. DWL Sin: and not give reasons for doing so
  3276. lady: desperate to sell sns LOL
  3277. o2 euph: lol she knows the reasons though
  3278. Warpainter337637 has entered the room.
  3279. lady: i dont know the reasons
  3280. Muhlott1935 has left the room.
  3281. sofa king adorbs: oh my bad
  3282. o2 euph: she "forgot" she didn't like the person though
  3283. sofa king adorbs: correction
  3284. o2 euph: it's cool
  3285. lady: he says its cause i talked about manda
  3286. sofa king adorbs: beg* for screennames
  3287. o2 euph: no
  3288. lady: behind her back
  3289. Human Cookie: sin wtf u talkin bout 2 face
  3290. lady: or something
  3291. o2 euph: you talked about elle
  3292. Human Cookie: ur the one
  3293. DWL Sin: lol
  3294. lady: elle didthe same shit
  3295. Human Cookie: that would sell out
  3296. lady: weirdo
  3297. o2 euph: then like 20mins later i linked her
  3298. Human Cookie: ur best ao buddy
  3299. Human Cookie: for a quicky
  3300. SoCaliBeach21 has entered the room.
  3301. Pokerface: Sofa,  You just seem jealous you didn't get any money out of the whole transaction.
  3302. o2 euph: and you were all like "ELLE
  3303. sofa king adorbs: they acted like bf's
  3304. Pokerface: I mean rlly.
  3305. o2 euph: you sat talking shit for like an hour
  3306. Pokerface: WTFux
  3307. MooseGTFO: lol@this
  3308. DWL Sin: lol
  3309. lady: elle did the same thing LOL
  3310. lady: no i didnt
  3311. lady: you're mistaken
  3312. o2 euph: but you didn't know that
  3313. o2 euph: no i'm not
  3314. DWL Sin: moose does the same shit
  3315. lady: you said it was cause of manda
  3316. lady: now ur saying its cause of elle
  3317. Human Cookie: what ever happen to that smut elle?
  3318. DWL Sin: so i'm gonna have to say that nigga is 2face
  3319. o2 euph: manda?
  3320. lady: and honestly who cares
  3321. Human Cookie: she still alive?
  3322. MooseGTFO: hilarioous how often elles name is brought up in here
  3323. MooseGTFO: lol
  3324. o2 euph: why would i care about manda
  3325. lady: you said i talked shit about manda
  3326. lady: then i was nice to her
  3327. MooseGTFO: lol sin
  3328. MooseGTFO: yea
  3329. sofa king adorbs: moose
  3330. MooseGTFO: but i admit it
  3331. o2 euph: you have done that before
  3332. MooseGTFO:
  3333. sofa king adorbs: elle pimpin' you know?
  3334. lady: but anyways i dont care
  3335. MooseGTFO: axebout me
  3336. DWL Sin: w/e moose fuck out
  3337. ABprosk8er has left the room.
  3338. sofa king adorbs: now*
  3339. o2 euph: but you sat talking about someone
  3340. DWL Sin: thought we were bffl
  3341. DWL Sin: until I found out
  3342. o2 euph: then acted cool with them
  3343. lady: you can think waht you want
  3344. DWL Sin: madd 2faced
  3345. MooseGTFO: ;-)
  3346. SoCaliBeach21: f 21 ca
  3347. o2 euph: i don't think it
  3348. lady: yes elle did that for months
  3349. DWL Sin: lol
  3350. o2 euph: i was right here when you done it
  3351. PUTTER2125: 2face people do that o2 euph
  3352. MooseGTFO: i never did you dirty brah
  3353. o2 euph: but you didn't know that
  3354. MooseGTFO: you just think i did
  3355. C3H8LP has entered the room.
  3356. DWL Sin: you didn't know she did that though
  3357. MooseGTFO: lol
  3358. DWL Sin: euph told you
  3359. sofa king adorbs: ok
  3360. lady: oh well
  3361. DWL Sin: she did that
  3362. suspend Trav: niggas still on
  3363. DWL Sin: you was doing it
  3364. suspend Trav: this
  3365. suspend Trav: elle
  3366. DWL Sin: before you knew
  3367. suspend Trav: shit
  3368. suspend Trav: afk
  3369. DWL Sin: she was doing that
  3370. Pokerface: lol@this
  3371. sofa king adorbs: time for me to hop of this bitch's jelly rolls
  3372. SoCaliBeach21: gosh why the fighting
  3373. DWL Sin: kasi gtfo
  3374. DWL Sin: bitch
  3375. DWL Sin: run
  3376. DWL Sin: like a pussy
  3377. lady: bout damn time, hard to breathe LOLOOL
  3378. sofa king adorbs: LOL
  3379. sofa king adorbs: figure I'd give her time
  3380. crawling: lollolol
  3381. sofa king adorbs: to try and make some more money
  3382. PUTTER2125: a fat bitch hopping off another fat bitch?
  3383. C3H8LP has left the room.
  3384. sofa king adorbs: for dinner tomorrow night
  3385. Randal602 has entered the room.
  3386. crawling: damn ang
  3387. lady: lol
  3388. crawling: ;x
  3389. crawling: get to work
  3390. crawling: ~>
  3391. SoCaliBeach21: a fat bitch hopping off another fat bitch? ????
  3392. crawling: folroflrolforf
  3393. lady: i'm trying!
  3394. DWL Sin: lol kasi isn't fat
  3395. Randal602 has left the room.
  3396. PUTTER2125: a skinny bitch hopping off a fat bitch will do
  3397. Human Cookie: dillon
  3398. SoCaliBeach21: lol putter
  3399. DWL Sin: she will just bounce off?
  3400. Human Cookie: whens the last time u left ur house?
  3401. lucrativeminds: my tummy hurts
  3402. DWL Sin: i don't leave my house
  3403. DWL Sin: dont have a house son
  3404. DWL Sin: homeless
  3405. lucrativeminds: he is shackled in the basement
  3406. lucrativeminds: of a homeless shelter
  3407. DWL Sin: I'm using library computer
  3408. SoCaliBeach21 has left the room.
  3409. Nomind108 has entered the room.
  3410. sofa king adorbs has left the room.
  3411. DWL Sin: i sneak in when they're about to close up
  3412. Human Cookie: yea i feel yah on a payphone with a calculater jacked up typing huh
  3413. DWL Sin: and hide
  3414. Human Cookie: hobo
  3415. Human Cookie: :X
  3416. Warpainter337637 has left the room.
  3417. Warpainter337637 has entered the room.
  3418. Archangel 6 30 has entered the room.
  3419. o2 euph: juhsten, did you change your ip yet
  3420. Nomind108 has left the room.
  3421. DWL Sin: LOL
  3422. ShernDavis has entered the room.
  3423. CuteSkirt08 has entered the room.
  3424. MooseGTFO: dont ddos me bro
  3425. Archangel 6 30 has left the room.
  3426. MooseGTFO: Packfm - Ifhr - Wanna Know (ft. Deacon The Villain) [3:19]
  3427. DWL Sin: LOL @ euph
  3428. Miken1379 has entered the room.
  3429. o2 euph: lol i done it on juhsten a few nights ago
  3430. DWL Sin: euph wtf
  3431. MooseGTFO: poor guy
  3432. o2 euph: guy was talking about me for some crazy reason
  3433. ShernDavis has left the room.
  3434. DWL Sin: why so short son
  3435. jmodest81 has entered the room.
  3436. o2 euph: kept keeping ims about him
  3437. DWL Sin: dude ur literally lik 4'6"
  3438. lady: man i was just watching this tv show
  3439. DWL Sin:
  3440. DWL Sin: looool
  3441. lady: where this broad was like 355 lbs
  3442. lady: extreme makeover
  3443. CuteSkirt08 has left the room.
  3444. DWL Sin: euph is that you son
  3445. Randal602 has entered the room.
  3446. o2 euph: yeah old pic though
  3447. crawling: damn ang ;x we need to do that
  3448. fatal face error has left the room.
  3449. mento has left the room.
  3450. crawling: since fat n ugly  :-(
  3451. lady: i know DOOD
  3452. DWL Sin: looool
  3453. lady: lar can you leave the chat
  3454. lady: so i can talk bad about you
  3455. DWL Sin: stand up next to a meter stick son
  3456. ohare has entered the room.
  3457. crawling: yeah brb
  3458. lady: and then pretend we are bff later
  3459. o2 euph: i don't think she can leave the chat ang
  3460. o2 euph: her head is right up your ass
  3461. Know1wuvsme has entered the room.
  3462. lady: hahaha
  3463. crawling: LOL
  3464. lady: dang
  3465. Warpainter337637 has left the room.
  3466. Warpainter337637 has entered the room.
  3467. Know1wuvsme: i wanna live forever please tell us how lets isolate the alien
  3468. lady: hows it smell up there
  3469. lady: jw
  3470. crawling: like
  3471. crawling: porkchops
  3472. crawling: ROFL
  3473. lady: MMM
  3474. jmodest81: does anybodykeystyle anymore
  3475. Know1wuvsme has left the room.
  3476. lady: lar can you remove your head from my ass
  3477. lady: i wanna sit down
  3478. crawling: yeah
  3479. crawling: anything for u
  3480. crawling: master
  3481. crawling: LOL
  3482. lady: haha
  3483. Videospiel 05 has entered the room.
  3484. lady: oh i got my kindle fire
  3485. crawling: did u
  3486. crawling: awesome :-)
  3487. o2 euph: really though neither of you see anything wrong with taking money from someone that's clearly mad slow?
  3488. lucrativeminds: only person i talk bad about is sin
  3489. britty lauren: Hi.
  3490. lucrativeminds: =X
  3491. Warpainter337637 has left the room.
  3492. lady: to be quite honest euph
  3493. DWL Sin: I know you talk bad about me
  3494. DoNkaMentAA has entered the room.
  3495. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome Frank :-)
  3496. lady: absolutely not
  3497. DWL Sin: when I'm not here
  3498. crawling: well for starters, im paying him back
  3499. lucrativeminds: lol
  3500. o2 euph: lol stfu lar
  3501. DWL Sin: lol lar
  3502. crawling: lol
  3503. DWL Sin: don't lie
  3504. lady: i dont think hes slow for one
  3505. lucrativeminds: i talk real bad
  3506. DWL Sin: you aren't paying anyone back
  3507. o2 euph: you don't?
  3508. lady: hes got issues but hes not slow
  3509. o2 euph: just a few days ago you said he's slow
  3510. DWL Sin: you don't think nooka is slow?
  3511. crawling: i am im putting in work for him
  3512. DWL Sin: really?
  3513. DWL Sin: lol
  3514. o2 euph: the money changed your mind?
  3515. lady: i was joking you weirdo
  3516. DWL Sin: Yeah money does a lot of things
  3517. lady: and he sent me money way before that
  3518. DWL Sin: lol
  3519. DWL Sin: I don't think you was joking though
  3520. lady: since you know everything
  3521. o2 euph: who said he did
  3522. lady: nah i was joking
  3523. o2 euph: i said a few days ago you called him slow
  3524. o2 euph: now he's not slow
  3525. lady: anyways as i said
  3526. DWL Sin: might be the paypal charge back
  3527. lucrativeminds: how much he give u
  3528. lady: i dont see an issue with it, and when he told me he liked me
  3530. lucrativeminds: -just wondering
  3531. DWL Sin: that made her mind changed
  3532. lady: i told him he could have his money back
  3533. lady: and he refused so fuck it
  3534. DWL Sin: lol
  3535. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3536. o2 euph: you shouldn't have took it in the first place?
  3537. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3538. DWL Sin: you don't need someone permission
  3539. lady: but again no reason to explain myself
  3540. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3541. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3542. lady: who cares what you think
  3543. DWL Sin: to send them money on paypal
  3544. DWL Sin: do you?
  3545. lady: nope
  3546. lady: i told him no
  3547. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3548. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3549. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3550. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3551. Videospiel 05 has left the room.
  3552. DWL Sin: so you c an send the oney back
  3553. Xo MishiePoo xo has entered the room.
  3554. OutlandishGuy77 has left the room.
  3555. lady: yep and he said he'd just send it back
  3556. lady: so :shrug:
  3557. Videospiel 05 has entered the room.
  3558. jmodest81: you think you smoke weed?dude i was born baked,i've hit more bowls then Kellogg's Corn Flakes
  3559. Pokerface: Taking and recieving a gift are 2 different things. AGAIN
  3560. o2 euph: so send it back
  3561. Pokerface: Js
  3562. DWL Sin: try it and see
  3563. lady: yall just mad he didnt send yall money
  3564. Xo MishiePoo xo has left the room.
  3565. lady: i really dont care either way
  3566. DWL Sin: lol?
  3567. lady: i spent it
  3568. DWL Sin: mad nooka didn't send me money?
  3569. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3570. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3571. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3572. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3573. DWL Sin: why would I want nooka's money
  3574. o2 euph: some of us have self respect ang
  3575. ohare: dang
  3576. lady: dude who cares
  3577. o2 euph: we do things on our own
  3578. lady: lol
  3579. ohare: email was blocked
  3580. crawling: rofl.
  3581. lady: everyone is a judge lolz
  3582. lady: oh well :-)
  3583. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3584. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3585. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3586. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3587. DWL Sin: lol like you don't judge people
  3588. DWL Sin: gtfo
  3589. Xo MishiePoo xo has entered the room.
  3590. lady: sure i do
  3591. lady: so judge me all you want
  3592. PUTTER2125: bitch you have just being diagnosed with compulsive LYING
  3593. lady: idgaf
  3594. MooseGTFO: Packfm - Ifhr - Wanna Know (ft. Deacon The Villain) [3:19]
  3595. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3596. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3597. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3598. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3599. crawling: >.
  3600. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3601. Videospiel 05 has left the room.
  3602. lady: your opinion of me, some random ass aoler, will not change the way i feel about myself
  3603. Pokerface: lol
  3604. lady: or how i sleep at night
  3605. Pokerface: Haters GON hate
  3606. Pokerface: x=
  3607. Done1501 has entered the room.
  3608. lady: but the level of care you are expressing is a bit concerning.
  3609. Xo MishiePoo xo has left the room.
  3610. Videospiel 05 has entered the room.
  3611. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3612. o2 euph: i can change how you sleep at night
  3613. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3614. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3615. MooseGTFO: /)_-
  3616. Done1501 has left the room.
  3617. o2 euph: done it before the last time you tried to get smart
  3618. Pokerface: ROFL
  3619. lady: you seem hella mad
  3620. Iiinspiredfuture has entered the room.
  3621. DWL Sin: lol
  3622. MooseGTFO: lolllllll
  3623. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3624. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3625. o2 euph: i'm not mad
  3626. lady: if you are so concerned why dont you give him some money
  3627. lady: you really seem mad
  3628. DWL Sin: euph playing hardball cricket now
  3629. DWL Sin: dang
  3630. MooseGTFO: rofl
  3631. Pokerface: Aw man this gonna be somethin
  3632. lady: yah cause his emotions
  3633. Pokerface: >:o
  3634. lady: are taking over
  3635. o2 euph: why would i be mad
  3636. MooseGTFO: cricket playing fgt
  3637. lady: i have no clue
  3638. crawling: this is the most entertainment i seen
  3639. crawling: all day
  3640. lady: but you sure seem mad
  3641. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3642. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3643. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3644. crawling: >.>
  3645. o2 euph: lol i can't stand cricket
  3646. DWL Sin: lol doubt euph is mad
  3647. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARCK
  3648. o2 euph: i'm not, but when you talk back to ang you're always mad & obsessed
  3649. o2 euph: ALWAYS
  3650. DWL Sin: Oh
  3651. lady: nah
  3652. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3653. DWL Sin: So when she talks shit about people
  3654. lady: just when you keep going on daily
  3655. lady: like kasi/elle
  3656. DWL Sin: and randomly jump on them
  3657. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3658. DWL Sin: she isn't mad
  3659. DWL Sin: got it
  3660. lady: shits awkward
  3661. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3662. DWL Sin: when someone else does it
  3663. lady: she sure is lolz
  3664. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3665. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3666. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3667. DWL Sin: they're mad
  3668. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3669. o2 euph: yeah,  when she does it it's cool
  3670. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3671. Human Cookie: Sins New Pics
  3672. o2 euph: but do it to her and you're mad & obsessive
  3673. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3674. jmodest81: i'm not mad...
  3675. DWL Sin: LOL
  3676. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3677. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3678. DWL Sin: euph why so mad son
  3679. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3680. lady: hahaha i dont go on about anyone on the daily bro, you're so confused
  3681. crawling: B U R P
  3682. jmodest81: i'm glad with gladlock
  3683. PUTTER2125 has left the room.
  3684. lady: lar your burp smelled like my asshole
  3685. o2 euph: you've never done it on anyone daily?
  3686. Bmankwd01 has entered the room.
  3687. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3688. lady: better go brush and rinse
  3689. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3690. lady: just sayin
  3691. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3692. jmodest81: goku
  3693. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3694. jmodest81: just super saiyen
  3695. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3696. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3697. DWL Sin: gofu
  3698. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3699. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3700. crawling: olollol
  3701. jmodest81: tofu
  3702. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3703. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3704. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3705. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3706. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3707. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3708. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3709. crawling: x video
  3710. crawling: what a weirdo
  3711. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3712. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3713. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3714. MooseGTFO: SUCK MY DICK
  3715. MooseGTFO: SUCK MY DICK
  3716. lady: yo whats up with the dick clark chat spamming
  3717. jmodest81: killer tofu
  3718. MooseGTFO: SUCK MY DICK
  3719. MooseGTFO: SUCK MY DICK
  3720. MooseGTFO: SUCK MY DICK
  3721. MooseGTFO: SUCK MY DICK
  3722. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3723. Randal602 has left the room.
  3724. PUTTER2125 has entered the room.
  3725. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3726. DoNkaMentAA: darryl please go die
  3727. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3728. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3729. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3730. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3731. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3732. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3733. Videospiel 05: SUCK MY DICK
  3734. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3735. DARRYLTorrance: DICK CLARK
  3736. MooseGTFO: they say raps changedddddddddddddddddddd
  3737. PUTTER2125: CLARK KENT
  3738. MooseGTFO: they wanna know how i feeeel bouddit
  3739. jmodest81: suck my dick clark
  3740. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3741. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3742. o2 euph: i downloaded some mgk cds
  3743. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3744. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3745. o2 euph: guy fucking sucks
  3746. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3747. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3748. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3749. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3750. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3751. DARRYLTorrance: LOOL
  3752. MooseGTFO: lol
  3753. o2 euph: waste of my hd space
  3754. MooseGTFO: for once
  3755. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3756. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3757. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3758. MooseGTFO: i agree with you
  3759. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3760. MooseGTFO: on music
  3761. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3762. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3763. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3764. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3765. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3766. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3767. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3768. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3769. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3770. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3771. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3772. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3773. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3774. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3775. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3776. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3777. MooseGTFO: Machinegun Kelly - Chip Off The Block [2:49]
  3778. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3779. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3780. DARRYLTorrance: LOLL
  3781. MooseGTFO: BRAP
  3782. MooseGTFO: BRAP
  3783. DWL Sin: I don't download music
  3784. MooseGTFO: BRAP
  3785. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3786. DWL Sin: waste of time
  3787. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3788. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3789. DWL Sin: fuck that shit
  3790. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3791. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3792. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3793. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3794. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3795. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3796. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3797. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3798. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3799. DWL Sin: darryl torrance stfu
  3800. MooseGTFO: you call reggaetron
  3801. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3802. MooseGTFO: or w/e the fuck you listen to
  3803. MooseGTFO: music?
  3804. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3805. DARRYLTorrance: FU'
  3806. o2 euph: i download music and put it on my ipod
  3807. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3808. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3809. o2 euph: then never listen to the ipod anyway
  3810. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3811. DWL Sin: reggaetron? lol?
  3812. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3813. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3814. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3815. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3816. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3817. MooseGTFO: cant even understand what theyre saying
  3818. MooseGTFO: idk wtf it is
  3819. DWL Sin: i have an ipod
  3820. DWL Sin: 80gb
  3821. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3822. DWL Sin: didn't touch it
  3823. MooseGTFO: some pitch black negros
  3824. DWL Sin: in like 3 years
  3825. DWL Sin: lol
  3826. MooseGTFO: speaking a language
  3827. o2 euph: i think mine is like 32
  3828. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3829. MooseGTFO: i dont understand
  3830. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3831. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3832. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3833. o2 euph: i don't even know, i use it like once a year
  3834. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3835. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3836. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3837. PUTTER2125: 80 gig sucks
  3838. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3839. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3840. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3841. o2 euph: keep putting music on it then never use it
  3842. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3843. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3844. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3845. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3846. DWL Sin: moose who "sings" the songs for the type of music you listen to
  3847. DWL Sin: do tell
  3848. DARRYLTorrance: LOL
  3849. DARRYLTorrance: FU
  3850. DWL Sin: since I listen to "negros"
  3851. DWL Sin: lol
  3852. lucrativeminds: im really upset that vampire diaries is over
  3853. MooseGTFO: pitch black
  3854. Bmankwd01 has left the room.
  3855. MooseGTFO: yes you do
  3856. lucrativeminds: whatever shall i do
  3857. MooseGTFO: and i dont listen to many "singers"
  3859. bbtshemale has entered the room.
  3860. DARRYLTorrance: IS YOURS?
  3861. DWL Sin: darrly
  3862. DWL Sin: heres my name
  3863. DWL Sin: Darryl Wilson
  3864. DWL Sin: 814 Sartori Aveune
  3865. MooseGTFO: Packfm - Ifhr - Nasty [2:37]
  3866. DWL Sin: Torrance, CA 90501
  3867. DWL Sin: there
  3868. britty lauren: >:o
  3871. DWL Sin: darryl
  3872. DWL Sin: leave the chat son
  3873. DWL Sin: asap
  3874. DARRYLTorrance: SAY THAT AGAIN
  3875. PUTTER2125: bitch you slim shady
  3876. lucrativeminds: im hungry
  3877. DARRYLTorrance: DONT KNOW YOU
  3878. DWL Sin: me 2
  3879. lucrativeminds: where is nooka
  3880. lucrativeminds: jk
  3881. lucrativeminds: lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo
  3883. lady: LOL
  3884. PUTTER2125: you mental
  3885. DWL Sin: nooka busy spamming
  3886. DWL Sin: to get some more money to send
  3887. PUTTER2125: lie too much
  3888. o2 euph: i don't think he's even spamming right now
  3889. o2 euph: just selling accounts
  3890. lady: nah i dont think he is
  3891. DARRYLTorrance: DWL Sin has most of the same letters of may name LOL
  3892. o2 euph: who cares what you think though
  3893. DWL Sin: lol
  3894. o2 euph: random ass aoler
  3895. lady: haha
  3896. lady: touche
  3897. PUTTER2125: you got served
  3898. DWL Sin: dang
  3899. DWL Sin: euph went hard
  3900. lady: niggas be gettin heated
  3901. lady: on aoL
  3902. DWL Sin: bout to tell nooka to pay me
  3903. DWL Sin: to be his friend
  3904. o2 euph: no one is getting heated
  3905. DWL Sin: wont take his money though
  3906. PUTTER2125: your moms be getting heater
  3907. o2 euph: lol he really will send you money
  3908. DWL Sin: lol dont want it
  3909. DWL Sin: I don't take money from people son
  3910. o2 euph: and you know idiots like ang will abuse that shit hardcore
  3911. DWL Sin: I work for mine
  3912. o2 euph: then when he sees he fucked up they're not going to help him
  3913. DARRYLTorrance: lier
  3914. MooseGTFO: lier
  3915. DWL Sin: I wonder if nooka was in jail
  3916. DWL Sin: how many of the people he sent money to
  3917. MooseGTFO: Packfm - Whut - I Can't Win [4:57]
  3918. DWL Sin: would write him
  3919. DARRYLTorrance: your a sinner just like everyone else
  3920. o2 euph: 0
  3921. MooseGTFO: your
  3922. DWL Sin: not even visit
  3923. ohare: no one cares when you're in jail
  3924. ohare: lol
  3925. DWL Sin: just write
  3926. PUTTER2125: dejavu on that ass
  3927. DWL Sin: oh
  3928. DWL Sin: but they care
  3929. Videospiel 05: Nigga bitches have fat asses
  3930. DWL Sin: when you send money
  3931. DWL Sin: hmmm
  3932. ohare: they dont care even then
  3933. lady: lol idiots like ang take advantage
  3934. DWL Sin: lol
  3935. PUTTER2125: Videos=racist
  3936. lady: if i was taking advantage i'd take more money cause hes offered
  3937. DARRYLTorrance: deja vu
  3938. lady: repeatedly
  3939. DWL Sin: show proof
  3940. DWL Sin: or it didn't happen
  3941. o2 euph: taking it once was even abusing it
  3942. o2 euph: you know the guy has problems
  3943. DWL Sin: :-)
  3944. PUTTER2125: lady you just keep spreading that vagina now
  3945. lady: we all have problems homie
  3946. DARRYLTorrance: I have thouse too
  3947. o2 euph: would you like it if some chick online does that on your son some day
  3948. DWL Sin: lol
  3949. o2 euph: i doubt you would
  3950. DWL Sin: he meant
  3951. lady: i didnt take advantage of him
  3952. PUTTER2125: keep poppin kids out
  3953. DWL Sin: nooka has mental issues
  3954. PUTTER2125: from aol dudes
  3955. DWL Sin: he isn't very clever
  3956. DWL Sin: slow in the head
  3957. o2 euph: she knows what i meant
  3958. lady: and if my kid had money and wanted to send it to someone, well its his money.
  3959. DWL Sin: doesn't think about what he's doing
  3960. DWL Sin: that sort of things
  3961. lady: hes actually quite intelligent
  3962. o2 euph: ok, so if your kid ends up with mental problems
  3963. lady: hes just got some other shit going on
  3964. jmodest81: on these keystyles i''ll kill yo type,ya'll dudes are softer then carebears in a pillow fight
  3965. PUTTER2125: bitch prolly got her kid caged up
  3966. lady: mental as in?
  3967. lady: nooka isnt retarded
  3968. o2 euph: and wants to send some random chick online money you're going to be like "cool do it"
  3969. o2 euph: lol nooka is def retarded
  3970. DWL Sin: lol how long have you known nooka?
  3971. lady: i would tell him to be cautious
  3972. DWL Sin: just curious
  3973. lady: of course
  3974. lady: but you cant tell a 30 year old man how to spend his money
  3975. o2 euph: sure you can
  3976. DARRYLTorrance: every human has a mental problem
  3978. o2 euph: when the 30 year old man has the same iq as a 9 year old
  3979. lady: he doesnt
  3980. Pokerface: I think anyone with ' mental problems ' would be in a mental hospital...
  3981. DWL Sin: where you think
  3982. DWL Sin: nooka was last week
  3983. DWL Sin: when he wasn't on aol?
  3984. DARRYLTorrance: lack of LOVE
  3985. PUTTER2125: poker yes, and all killers are in jail
  3986. Pokerface: he is a man.. he can do with what he pleases with his money.
  3987. Pokerface: :-)
  3988. PUTTER2125: IDIOT
  3989. DoNkaMentAA: a date
  3990. PUTTER2125: poker yes, and all killers are in jail
  3991. DARRYLTorrance: and full of HATE
  3992. PUTTER2125: IDIOT
  3993. o2 euph: nooka does have mental problems
  3994. Videospiel 05: TIGER WOODS HAS A BIG COCK
  3995. o2 euph: ask anyone who knows him
  3996. o2 euph: even ask him
  3997. lady: obviously
  3998. o2 euph: he will probably tell you he does
  3999. lady: so do i, so do a lot of people
  4000. lady: doesnt make him stupid
  4001. DWL Sin: nooka isn't very smart
  4002. o2 euph: you're saying nooka is smart?
  4003. DWL Sin: and if someone take advantage of that
  4004. DWL Sin: its sad
  4005. lady: he's actually not stupid as i said
  4006. lady: i spoke to him quite a bit
  4007. DWL Sin: didn't say he's stupid
  4008. o2 euph: so would you call him normal
  4009. lady: if he gets over the aol weirdness
  4010. Miken1379 has left the room.
  4011. DoNkaMentAA: sending a random chick money on aol = dumb
  4012. DWL Sin: where did I mention the word "stupid"
  4013. o2 euph: or like under normal
  4014. DARRYLTorrance: id rather be stuped then be a smart ass
  4015. lady: intellectually
  4016. sofa king adorbs has entered the room.
  4017. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kasi :-)
  4018. lady: he's normal
  4019. o2 euph: lol stfu
  4020. DWL Sin: I said he isn't very smart
  4021. o2 euph: no he's not
  4022. o2 euph: not even close
  4023. lady: but i think he's like
  4024. DWL Sin: nooka is normal?
  4025. DWL Sin: lol
  4026. sofa king adorbs: okay
  4027. lady: well hes on meds and what not
  4028. o2 euph: she's lying
  4029. DoNkaMentAA: okay
  4030. lady: no im not
  4031. DWL Sin: maybe normal where you're from = stupid everywhere else
  4032. o2 euph: trying to defend the fact she knows she's wrong
  4033. PUTTER2125: DoNkaMentAA:  sending a FAT random chick money on aol = dumb
  4034. sofa king adorbs: if you don't have money for dinner tomorrow Ang you suck.
  4035. PUTTER2125: sending a FAT random chick money on aol = dumb
  4036. jmodest81: so what the fuck is up guys
  4037. lady: LOL
  4038. o2 euph: she shouldn't have took that money and she knows it
  4039. lady: i got dinner
  4040. DWL Sin: wb kasi
  4041. jmodest81 has left the room.
  4042. testing cash has entered the room.
  4043. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome cash :-)
  4044. DWL Sin: lol
  4045. sofa king adorbs: thanks sin!
  4046. testing cash: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4047. lady: but kasielle can you paypal me
  4048. sofa king adorbs: Frank
  4049. lucrativeminds: cashy <333
  4050. testing cash: zing
  4051. testing cash: zing
  4052. lady: for next week?
  4053. DWL Sin: how many people did you take money from ang?
  4054. DoNkaMentAA: Kasi
  4055. DWL Sin: online people
  4056. testing cash: supperz enza
  4057. DWL Sin: nooka, r0cky
  4058. sofa king adorbs: thought you were going to bed?
  4059. DWL Sin: who else
  4060. MooseGTFO: HAI JEEFREY
  4061. testing cash: ding
  4062. lady: 2 i think
  4063. MooseGTFO: ~!*~!*KISSES*~!*!~*
  4064. testing cash: ding
  4065. DoNkaMentAA: im not tired :-(
  4066. testing cash: ding
  4067. DWL Sin: I think more than 2
  4068. lady: i've given aolers money though
  4069. MooseGTFO: Packfm - Whut - Clik Clak & Spray [4:10]
  4070. DARRYLTorrance: what makes one person better then the next?
  4071. DWL Sin: didn't alania or w/e
  4072. DoNkaMentAA:  was watching met game
  4073. testing cash: hello moosie
  4074. PUTTER2125: that makes you mental
  4075. DWL Sin: send you money too
  4076. MooseGTFO: Packfm - Whut - Spell It With A K [2:54]
  4077. Pokerface: If you have mental problems.  You seek mental help. Whether inpatient or outpatient.  You don't sit online sending women money.
  4078. DoNkaMentAA:  they pissed me off
  4079. lady: no lol wtf
  4080. o2 euph: lady:  intellectually  lady:  he's normal
  4081. o2 euph: what do you think about that jeff
  4082. o2 euph: she's talking about nooka
  4083. lady: hes not stupid
  4084. DWL Sin: lol you asking jeff
  4085. DWL Sin: if he thinks
  4086. lady: hes just crazy
  4087. DWL Sin: nooka is normal?
  4088. DWL Sin: lolol
  4089. DWL Sin: wrong person to ask son
  4090. lucrativeminds: pokerface not all mental problems are resolved by locking a person away
  4091. Pokerface: Therefore he's not ' mentally challenged ' he has not been even seen by a docotor as of yet.
  4092. o2 euph: he's not smart enough to be called stupid
  4093. o2 euph: and you know it
  4094. DWL Sin: nooka about to get a retard blast
  4095. DWL Sin: from jeff
  4096. DWL Sin: lol
  4097. lucrativeminds: some are issues such as lack of social skills
  4098. testing cash: lmao
  4099. lady: lol dude ive talked to him, he can hold an intelligent conversation
  4100. lucrativeminds: lack of judgment of character
  4101. lucrativeminds: and so on
  4102. DWL Sin: actually
  4103. DWL Sin: nooka said himself
  4104. sofa king adorbs: and some have issues like being lazy and not wanting to work for a living
  4105. DWL Sin: he has no friends in real life
  4106. sofa king adorbs: so they sell themselfs on AOL
  4107. DWL Sin: so go figure
  4108. Pokerface: I think you all are just over-imho mad@the fact that someone got money for doing absolutely nothing.
  4109. PUTTER2125: pokerface, are you his siamese twin to know all of this
  4110. lucrativeminds: so a person can have mental problems without being in an institute
  4111. DARRYLTorrance: what do we take with us when we all leave this world???
  4112. DWL Sin: how many of you here have no friends in real life?
  4113. lady: hell yeah kasi
  4114. lady: all day eryday
  4115. lucrativeminds: < has no friends
  4116. testing cash: lol here's how normal nooka is
  4117. ohare: i got a couple
  4118. Human Cookie: sin you need some IRL friends
  4119. DoNkaMentAA:  do facebook friend count ?
  4120. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   i treat the females
  4121. DoNkaMentAA:  jk
  4122. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   that deserve
  4123. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   respect
  4124. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   very nice
  4125. Human Cookie: lemme take ou ou tto the clubs
  4126. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   i treat them like ladies
  4127. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   buy them
  4128. Human Cookie: :-)
  4129. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   sns
  4130. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   cell phones
  4131. DARRYLTorrance: are smartness?
  4132. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   help with bills
  4135. sofa king adorbs: hate to see what your son is like on "bring your kid to work day" Ang
  4136. testing cash: LOL
  4137. DWL Sin: lol so wait
  4138. sofa king adorbs: probably like
  4139. PUTTER2125: LMAO
  4140. DWL Sin: he didn't only send ang money?
  4141. sofa king adorbs: take notes.
  4142. lady: hahah i know kasielle
  4143. Human Cookie: sup 2 jeff
  4144. DWL Sin: he bought her cellphone
  4145. lady: i just sign him on a leet
  4146. DWL Sin: and pay her bills
  4147. DWL Sin: ?
  4148. testing cash: sup eazy
  4149. Human Cookie: sin i got loot
  4150. Human Cookie: i'll pay
  4151. lady: he sent me 700 bux
  4152. DWL Sin: pay what
  4153. Human Cookie: let me take u out
  4156. Human Cookie: for drinks
  4157. lucrativeminds: human paypal me 2k
  4158. DWL Sin: nah son
  4159. sofa king adorbs: 700? thats it
  4160. Human Cookie: u down?
  4161. Human Cookie: leave ur house man
  4163. lucrativeminds: its the in thing to do
  4164. sofa king adorbs: man you're a cheap bitch
  4165. lucrativeminds: thanks
  4166. lucrativeminds: =)
  4167. lady: hahahaha
  4168. DWL Sin: I don't move like ang
  4169. Human Cookie: get a IRL gf
  4170. DWL Sin: I don't take people money
  4171. Human Cookie: i'll get u laid
  4172. lady: so wait
  4173. DWL Sin: ask ang out
  4174. Human Cookie: 19+
  4175. DWL Sin: she might let you take her out
  4177. MooseGTFO: Packfm - Whut - The ufck [2:07]
  4178. lady: im an internet prostitute but since i only got 700
  4179. lady: im a shitty cheap internet prostitute?
  4180. sofa king adorbs: don't buy Ang flowers
  4181. Pokerface: Just for your information.  Normal PPL don't sit on aol and spam all day and argue about things in chatrooms like you people do either.
  4182. Human Cookie: i dont ao date
  4183. lady: i love the logic
  4184. PUTTER2125: no you just fat
  4185. sofa king adorbs: just buy the vase
  4186. DWL Sin: got a car off r0cky too
  4187. DWL Sin: don't forget that
  4188. PUTTER2125: and he just stupid
  4189. o2 euph: you should have said so far in that ang
  4190. sofa king adorbs: she'll know what to do with it
  4191. Pokerface: People actually work.
  4192. sofa king adorbs: (;
  4193. lucrativeminds: he gave u 700 bucks
  4194. testing cash: LOL a car
  4195. testing cash: wtf
  4196. o2 euph: we all know you're going to ask for more money
  4197. Pokerface: That's what NORMAL ppl do.
  4198. lucrativeminds: holy shit
  4199. DWL Sin: gave r0cky some false sense of a relationship that didn't exists
  4200. Pokerface: So I guess you are all abnormal.
  4201. lady: nah im not
  4202. lady: lol
  4203. o2 euph: yeah right
  4204. DWL Sin: and got him to send money
  4205. lucrativeminds: i thought u were talking about like 40 bucks for pizza or something
  4206. DWL Sin: buy car
  4207. lady: ya he gave me 700 bucks
  4208. DWL Sin: and other shit
  4209. o2 euph: yeah she took 700 from a retard
  4210. lady: uh LOLOLOL
  4211. Human Cookie: sin and euph are brothere from diff mothers
  4212. testing cash: lol we all know the queen of hand outs
  4213. Human Cookie: weird
  4214. o2 euph: and sits there saying "LOLOLOL"
  4215. testing cash: let's not beat around teh bush here
  4216. testing cash: lol
  4217. Human Cookie: jk
  4218. lady: you all seem so upset
  4219. lady: cause a dude on aol sent me money
  4220. DWL Sin: lol
  4221. sofa king adorbs: wonder what her occupation says on fb
  4222. testing cash: lmao who sent you money
  4223. Human Cookie: iady u seem upset cause ur not a male
  4224. lady: nooka
  4225. testing cash: rofl
  4226. testing cash: rofl
  4227. testing cash: that's awesome
  4228. lucrativeminds: cash send me cash
  4229. Pokerface: Again,  Taking is someone breaking in your house/Account and jacking your money.
  4230. lucrativeminds: im broke
  4231. DWL Sin: lol jeff
  4232. lucrativeminds: =(
  4233. DWL Sin: thats not awesome son
  4234. o2 euph: don't you think you should like support yourself ang
  4235. testing cash: lol why
  4236. o2 euph: you're like what 35-36
  4237. Pokerface: Accepting a gift from a mentally competant person is not taking.
  4238. sofa king adorbs: Euph
  4239. DWL Sin: taking things from people who aren't mentally sound
  4240. lady: human cookie, sometimes i wish i was a male
  4241. Pokerface: It is recieving.
  4242. sofa king adorbs: she supports her crack addictions
  4243. lady: but i'm not upset about it
  4244. testing cash: i'd milk that moron for all he'd hand out
  4245. DWL Sin: is actually abusing the stupid
  4246. testing cash: lol
  4247. Pokerface: Learn the difference.
  4248. sofa king adorbs: thats all she knows how to support
  4249. Human Cookie: i believeu
  4250. DWL Sin: nah
  4251. lady: i'm not milking him lolol
  4252. DWL Sin: couldn't do that nigga that
  4253. DWL Sin: hes not smart
  4254. testing cash: to nooka?
  4255. o2 euph: lol i don't think she could even support that
  4256. testing cash: pft
  4257. Human Cookie: at times we wish sin were a male as well
  4258. testing cash: get fucked
  4259. testing cash: i'd bleed him dry
  4260. testing cash: lol
  4261. sofa king adorbs: oh true
  4262. Human Cookie: :X
  4263. testing cash: idk why else girls come on here to be honest
  4264. lady: srsly yall are starting to hurt my feelings
  4265. lady: i might actually cry
  4266. testing cash: if i was a chick on here that's all i'd do
  4267. Videospiel 05 has left the room.
  4268. lady: crocodile tears
  4269. o2 euph: that is all they do
  4270. Human Cookie: you';re like an ele chick
  4271. testing cash: way too many morons on here
  4272. lady: oh wait, i dont give a fuck
  4273. Wise fiber has entered the room.
  4274. sofa king adorbs: i tried
  4275. DWL Sin: lol for someone who doesn't give a fuck
  4276. DWL Sin: you spent most of the argument
  4277. lady: its funny tho
  4278. sofa king adorbs: juhsten wasn't worth nothing
  4279. DWL Sin: trying to convince everyone
  4280. DWL Sin: you don't give a fuck
  4281. sofa king adorbs: thats why Im taking notes from Ang
  4282. DWL Sin: seems like you do give a fuck
  4283. lady: im not trying to convince you of anything
  4284. testing cash: "tell em what you gotta say"
  4285. lady: its called aol chatting
  4286. lucrativeminds: cash is makin me wanna sign off
  4287. sofa king adorbs: but I just can't stoop so low to talk to someone like r0cky
  4288. DWL Sin: lol okay
  4289. PUTTER2125: bitch please you fat aol chatter
  4290. testing cash: "yo juhsten this is nooka man"
  4291. lucrativeminds: jk
  4292. sofa king adorbs: i couldnt even pretend to like his ass
  4293. testing cash: "fuckin nooka"
  4294. lucrativeminds: i get my own money
  4295. lady: FAT AOL CHATTER loloolol
  4296. testing cash: :proceed to rock back and forth and increase volume and aggression"
  4297. lady: no that was to "justin"
  4298. lady: aka null
  4299. testing cash: lol
  4300. testing cash: ohhh
  4301. lady: not that freaky dude who looks like he dont shower
  4302. testing cash: idk him
  4303. testing cash: lol
  4304. Pokerface: I heard Qns blvd is the perfect place to run over muslims.
  4305. Pokerface: Just a side note.
  4306. Pokerface: Carry on.
  4307. sofa king adorbs: you act like you shower
  4308. Human Cookie: dont hate on nooka he;s the next best eminem
  4309. Human Cookie: rapper
  4310. lady: i do on occasion
  4311. sofa king adorbs: only time you shower is when you get money to pay your bills from aolers
  4312. DWL Sin: lol
  4313. testing cash: i've heard of the null kid but idk him, i thought it was to that juhsten kid
  4314. testing cash: lol
  4315. DWL Sin: his rap name is
  4316. DoNkaMentAA: qns blv is more jewish ?
  4317. DWL Sin: tripp
  4318. lady: haha
  4319. DoNkaMentAA:  isent it
  4320. lady: you're such a liar kasielle
  4321. DWL Sin: yeah quens blvd is jew central
  4322. DWL Sin: esp
  4323. DWL Sin: forest hills
  4324. DWL Sin: area
  4325. MooseGTFO:
  4326. lady: you told me you were going to stop riding my fat rolls
  4327. DoNkaMentAA:  yea
  4328. MooseGTFO: lul
  4329. DWL Sin: lol
  4330. lady: i guess you can't help yourself :*
  4331. DoNkaMentAA: im scared of them
  4332. DoNkaMentAA:  they just freak me out
  4333. PUTTER2125: you fat aol person
  4334. ohare has left the room.
  4335. Ajudy62 has entered the room.
  4336. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome HKM :-)
  4337. Ajudy62: about time
  4338. Ajudy62: mofos
  4339. DWL Sin: I dont think people gets run over often on qblvd much anymore
  4340. Pokerface: Nah.  Any part of queens is alright really.  Small side streets.  No witness's
  4341. DWL Sin: they delay all the traffic lights
  4342. sofa king adorbs: I like how she still thinks I'm Elle.
  4343. Human Cookie: how the fuck u gonna ask someone to drop u home if ur ballin
  4344. Human Cookie: ?
  4345. Ajudy62: Pokerface STFU
  4346. DWL Sin: its red longer now
  4347. Pokerface: IDK the SINS that can BE COMMITTED
  4348. Ajudy62: u 2dollar twat
  4349. Pokerface: In qns
  4350. PUTTER2125: LMAO
  4351. o2 euph: she's going to call you it forever now
  4352. lady: i like how you think about me constantly
  4353. crawling: hkmmmm
  4354. o2 euph: she's not going to admit she's wrong
  4355. Ajudy62: larrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4356. Ajudy62: euph i heard u setup a fucking CC forum
  4357. lady: lol i would admit i was wrong but i don't think i am
  4358. lady: :shrug:
  4359. Ajudy62: and got 24ppl busted
  4360. Ajudy62: true=
  4361. DWL Sin: ROFLL
  4362. DWL Sin: euph snitching hardcore
  4363. o2 euph: lol snitched on them all son
  4364. Ajudy62: ya
  4365. DWL Sin: I heard he snitched on nooka
  4366. o2 euph: you are wrong
  4367. Ajudy62: nigga setup a forum and honeypotted mofos
  4368. DWL Sin: and jeff too
  4369. Ajudy62: and busted them all
  4370. o2 euph: elle wouldn't be in this chat without sitting on the phone with 3/4 of the room
  4371. sofa king adorbs: unlike you or Elle
  4372. lady: thats actually kinda funny
  4373. o2 euph: that's a fact
  4374. sofa king adorbs: I support myself
  4375. sofa king adorbs: I have a job
  4376. sofa king adorbs: and don't ask men for other money
  4377. sofa king adorbs: not even my boyfriend
  4378. DWL Sin: Kasi don't speak of job son
  4379. lady: word kasielle
  4380. lady: i don't care about your life
  4381. DWL Sin: That is not a common term around here
  4382. sofa king adorbs: thats right...they have no clue what a job is
  4383. sofa king adorbs: LOL
  4384. lady: you're the one caring about mine homegirl
  4385. sofa king adorbs: I'll get online in like 20 years and Ang will still be on here pimpin' out her ole cottage cheese vagina for some cash
  4386. testing cash: lmao euph
  4387. lady: is it possible to like.. somehow put an android os on a kindle fire? prolly a stupid question.
  4388. o2 euph: ask nooka
  4389. testing cash: only room she'd be in is a poker chat
  4390. o2 euph: since he's so smart
  4391. sofa king adorbs: LOL
  4392. lady: kasielle, lol i've never pimped out my vagina
  4393. sofa king adorbs: since they are "cool."
  4394. testing cash: lol ang you think that's elle?
  4395. lady: thats nasty
  4396. lady: i really dont know
  4397. lady: but its funny to call her kasielle
  4398. DoNkaMentAA: its not elle  lol
  4399. MooseGTFO: Packfm - Whut - Whutduzfmstand4 [4:30]
  4400. testing cash: lol true
  4401. sofa king adorbs: Frank.
  4402. sofa king adorbs: Don't waste your time
  4403. sofa king adorbs: Several people have told this dumb bitch
  4404. lady: :-D
  4405. testing cash: kasielle do you have pics?
  4406. DWL Sin: lol
  4407. testing cash: lol
  4408. lucrativeminds: lol @ kasielle
  4409. lucrativeminds: i seen kasi's pix
  4410. lady: its actually not a bad name
  4411. lady: kasielle...
  4412. lucrativeminds: she is cute
  4413. o2 euph: ang, do an iq test and post the results in here
  4414. testing cash: yeah i'm j/k i've seen that sn a lot of times before
  4415. testing cash: i know its not elle
  4416. sofa king adorbs: but enza is way hotter.
  4417. DWL Sin: LOL euph
  4418. DWL Sin: link =
  4419. Ajudy62:
  4420. DWL Sin: i'll take the test
  4421. DWL Sin: :-)
  4422. testing cash: iq test?
  4423. testing cash: hang on
  4424. lady: is there a legito nline iq test or w/e?
  4425. testing cash: i'll get ya one
  4426. Ajudy62: u cant take IQ test online
  4427. lady: legit online*
  4428. DWL Sin: sure you can hkm
  4429. testing cash: gotta enter your cell number at the end though
  4430. lady: cause most online iq tests are bs
  4431. Ajudy62: no u cant
  4432. Ajudy62: maybe 1 part
  4433. testing cash: don't worry abotu that subscription you're signing up for
  4434. Ajudy62: there is vocal
  4435. testing cash: it's all good
  4436. o2 euph: i think some send you an email now jeff
  4437. testing cash: lol
  4438. testing cash: yeah?
  4439. testing cash: lol
  4440. sofa king adorbs: okay
  4441. lady: i not signing up for any subscription
  4442. sofa king adorbs: nanight time
  4443. lady: wtfack
  4444. sofa king adorbs: gotta get sleep before my
  4445. DoNkaMentAA: night
  4446. testing cash: lol
  4447. lady: night kasielle
  4448. sofa king adorbs: job in the morning
  4449. lady: dont dream about me too much
  4450. PUTTER2125: bitch you already got the jelly, let me put it in your butt and take out the peanut butter
  4451. testing cash: i used to kill those iq's on aim
  4452. DWL Sin: oh shit
  4453. lady: wake up with wet panties and all
  4454. DWL Sin: almost forgot to
  4455. DWL Sin: update blog
  4456. o2 euph: i think it was peerfly had an offer that sends you the email
  4457. Wise fiber has left the room.
  4458. DWL Sin: tonight
  4459. DWL Sin: rofl
  4460. DWL Sin: brb
  4461. lucrativeminds: i hate when that happens
  4462. lucrativeminds: =X
  4463. Ajudy62: blog?
  4464. testing cash: clear made 2k in one day off iq quizzes one time
  4465. suspend Trav has left the room.
  4466. suspend Trav has entered the room.
  4467. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome skeemr :-)
  4468. lady: me too enza :-(
  4469. suspend Trav has left the room.
  4470. suspend Trav has entered the room.
  4471. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome skeemr :-)
  4472. testing cash: he made over 2k that day
  4473. sofa king adorbs: who has a blog?
  4474. lady: thats why i stopped wearing panties to bed
  4475. ohare has entered the room.
  4476. testing cash: and that was only @ $5 a conversion
  4477. o2 euph: they used to bank
  4478. testing cash: lol yeah they did
  4479. o2 euph: i remember ringtones being like $17 a submit
  4480. testing cash: lotta places stopped carrying em them
  4481. o2 euph: and you got crazy conversion ratios on them
  4482. testing cash: yeah dude that was teh best
  4483. testing cash: yeah
  4484. o2 euph: started blocking services
  4485. lucrativeminds: i wish i really understood the language u guys talk
  4486. o2 euph: and now it's lame
  4487. sofa king adorbs has left the room.
  4488. testing cash: that's what i really made my first money on was ringtones
  4489. DWL Sin: lol
  4490. testing cash: had a fb bl spim method that used to convert those like 1:10
  4491. DWL Sin: nooka is the king of spam son
  4492. lady: Mr Crowley
  4493. DWL Sin: nigga said
  4494. testing cash: yeah he taught me
  4495. DWL Sin: he on a
  4496. DWL Sin: 700 cap
  4497. DWL Sin: but he made 1100
  4498. DWL Sin: that day
  4499. testing cash: i paid him $325
  4500. DWL Sin: :-)
  4501. lady: who is testing cash?
  4502. testing cash: and he tutored me for 2 weeks
  4503. testing cash: lol ang
  4504. Z1137 has entered the room.
  4505. lady: i'll teach you
  4506. Ajudy62: some noob name ADAM
  4507. testing cash: who
  4508. testing cash: wha
  4509. testing cash: where
  4510. lady: for a measley $700
  4511. lady: via paypal
  4512. testing cash: lmao hkm
  4513. Ajudy62: paypal me
  4514. Ajudy62: leme verify those money is legit
  4515. crawling: Jeff
  4516. testing cash: adam
  4517. testing cash: sean
  4518. testing cash: jason
  4519. testing cash: tim
  4520. crawling: you missed retodd
  4521. testing cash: w/e
  4522. Ajudy62: u think u got 700
  4523. crawling: saying he has a kid
  4524. crawling: LOLOL
  4525. Pokerface has left the room.
  4526. Ajudy62: buts its not real
  4527. testing cash: lol i didnt "miss" him
  4528. testing cash: but that woulda been pretty funny
  4529. crawling: oh man
  4530. Ajudy62: .seen retodd
  4531. ChatBOT dlb: HKM I've seen ReTODD 3 hours, 48 minutes, 8 seconds ago in room: 'A Place To Start - The Crash Pad'.
  4532. Ajudy62: oh
  4533. crawling: and he said he pulled all the hot girls out of this chat
  4534. lady: welp i gotta go clean up my kitchen and then play mw3
  4535. DWL Sin: .seen bitchboy
  4536. ChatBOT dlb: Sorry DWL Sin you are not a registered member yet. You must be registered on Bot to use this command.
  4537. testing cash: lol hkm you wanna laugh at something
  4538. DWL Sin: oh ho
  4539. DWL Sin: unlock that hkm
  4540. StephShock81 has entered the room.
  4541. lady: ya'll have fun :-)
  4542. MooseGTFO: Ran Reed - Architect - Tell Me (1995) [3:59]
  4543. testing cash: some of nooka's brillance from earlier
  4544. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   i treat the females
  4545. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   that deserve
  4546. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   respect
  4547. StephShock81: hi everyone
  4548. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   very nice
  4549. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   i treat them like ladies
  4550. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   buy them
  4551. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   sns
  4552. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   cell phones
  4553. testing cash: BitchSlapAng:   help with bills
  4554. Ajudy62: wtf
  4555. MooseGTFO: Ran Reed - Architect - Schemes (1997) [3:50]
  4556. testing cash: lmao
  4557. DWL Sin: .reg sin
  4558. ChatBOT dlb: DWL Sin nick sin is currently secured from allowing any additional registration at this time. If your owner of this username who original registered this nick. Then please use previous SN that is currently registered on Bot with that nick to unsecure it and then try again. If you need any help or can't access any pervious old SNs then please contact an Bot-Admin to unsecure the nick.>.
  4559. testing cash: deadass son
  4560. Ajudy62: no wonder he is virgin
  4561. testing cash: i was crying earlier
  4562. DWL Sin: ...............
  4563. Ajudy62: .mkusr sin, dwlsin
  4564. ChatBOT dlb: HKM new SN: dwlsin has been registered and added to nick sin as requested.
  4565. DWL Sin: k
  4566. testing cash: i'm like nooka you fuckin mope
  4567. Ajudy62: buy cellphone?
  4568. Ajudy62: lol who did he buy cellphone for
  4569. DWL Sin: no idea
  4570. Ajudy62: what bills did he pay?
  4571. DWL Sin: prolly for one of these hos to call him
  4572. Ajudy62: phone bills?
  4573. testing cash: .mkusr sherry, dwlsin
  4574. ChatBOT dlb: Sorry cash but you don't have Bot-Admin (CL2) status to access this command for security reasons.
  4575. testing cash: lol
  4576. Ajudy62: so he could PB
  4577. testing cash: who knows
  4578. DWL Sin: .rnusr cash, nookajr
  4579. ChatBOT dlb: sin as requested nick cash has been renamed to nookajr.
  4580. MooseGTFO: Ran Reed - Architect - The Fastlane (1995) [4:13]
  4581. testing cash: lmao
  4582. Ajudy62: these chicks r MILKING him
  4583. Ajudy62: for every penny he got
  4584. lucrativeminds: lol
  4585. testing cash: .remname
  4586. Ajudy62: sin i bet if u make a new SN
  4587. Ajudy62: and pretend to be a girl
  4588. Ajudy62: he would paypal u
  4589. DWL Sin: dont need to
  4590. DWL Sin: if I tell nooka
  4591. DWL Sin: to paypal me money
  4592. DWL Sin: he would
  4593. DoNkaMentAA: hes better off just byunig a hooker
  4594. DWL Sin: he isn't very bright
  4595. testing cash: .rnusr sin, tawneys watching nigga
  4596. DWL Sin: lol
  4597. ChatBOT dlb: Sorry nookajr but you don't have Bot-Admin (CL2) status to access this command for security reasons.
  4598. britty lauren: Mmm.
  4599. Ajudy62: brb
  4600. o2 euph: he would send anyone in here money
  4601. testing cash: ROFL
  4602. o2 euph: maybe not jeff
  4603. Z1137 has left the room.
  4604. o2 euph: but anyone else
  4605. DWL Sin: yeah not jeff
  4606. soIdier has entered the room.
  4607. DWL Sin: cause jeff snitch on him
  4608. testing cash: it happens
  4609. britty lauren: Way to go, Jeff.
  4610. testing cash: what you want me to say
  4611. suspend Trav has left the room.
  4612. britty lauren: Jeff.
  4613. PUTTER2125: bitch.
  4614. o2 euph: i'd send jeff money to just to keep opening disputes
  4615. britty lauren: I like saying that name in my head.
  4616. o2 euph: get his account fucked up
  4617. britty lauren: Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.
  4618. testing cash: lol euph
  4619. DWL Sin: lol
  4621. britty lauren: Sounds weird that way.
  4622. testing cash: i remember data got into nooka's paypal
  4623. britty lauren: Like, a dinosaur.
  4624. testing cash: when they had their lil problem a lil while back
  4625. RingGo69 has entered the room.
  4626. DWL Sin: britley stfu b4 kasi comes here andbeat you down
  4627. o2 euph: i think you pay like $20 if you lose a dispute
  4628. DoNkaMentAA: britt knock knock
  4629. CPlayer1961 has left the room.
  4630. o2 euph: if it's done from a cc
  4631. RingGo69: hi 15 f im me
  4632. britty lauren:  I'm sure, Sin.
  4633. testing cash: lol paypal is a joke anyway
  4634. DWL Sin: paypal is gay
  4635. britty lauren: I don't fight via Internet.
  4636. testing cash: they were raping me on charges every week
  4637. britty lauren: Saaaaaaaaaaaahry.
  4638. suspend Trav has entered the room.
  4639. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome skeemr :-)
  4640. britty lauren: SKEETER.
  4641. testing cash: ahh finally
  4642. o2 euph: you need a paypal though
  4643. o2 euph: i'd be fucked without one
  4644. testing cash: aigth i'm out
  4645. DWL Sin: yeah
  4646. testing cash: yeah that's true
  4647. DWL Sin: i use paypal
  4648. testing cash: i still use it, but i get my money direct deposit now
  4649. DWL Sin: i use it to send money to internet girls
  4650. DWL Sin: ie: euph
  4651. o2 euph: i never leave anything in mine now
  4652. DWL Sin: lol
  4653. DWL Sin: only reason euph uses paypal
  4654. DWL Sin: to send money ;x
  4655. o2 euph: i think there's like 350 in it though
  4656. testing cash: i just have mine backed up on an acct
  4657. DWL Sin: lol
  4658. testing cash: so i dont ever leave shit in there really
  4659. DWL Sin: this nigga
  4660. DWL Sin: offered me
  4661. lucrativeminds: i want money
  4662. Master6411 has left the room.
  4663. DWL Sin: free server
  4664. DWL Sin: for life
  4665. DWL Sin: plus any domain I want
  4666. PUTTER2125: oh please you a sucker
  4667. testing cash: lol sin
  4668. DWL Sin: lol
  4669. DWL Sin: dont have use for that shit yet though
  4670. testing cash: shoulda blasted off it
  4671. lucrativeminds: sin shut up and go to bed
  4672. lucrativeminds: so i can talk bad about u
  4673. lucrativeminds: =)
  4674. Ajudy62: enza MILF=
  4675. testing cash: oh yeah i forgot you pee sitting down now
  4676. testing cash: lol
  4677. Ajudy62: send sone pix
  4678. lucrativeminds: i dont have pix
  4679. Ajudy62: well take it
  4680. testing cash: hkm i got her nudes
  4681. lucrativeminds: lol
  4682. testing cash: i'll hook ya up later
  4683. DWL Sin: lol why would I want to blast it off
  4684. testing cash: LOL
  4685. Elpasojohnny1953 has entered the room.
  4686. lucrativeminds: lmao @ cash
  4687. Ajudy62: no shit jeff=
  4688. lucrativeminds: how dare u
  4689. testing cash: j/kkkkkkkkkkkkk
  4690. Ajudy62: u nerd
  4691. testing cash: ;x
  4692. testing cash: or am i
  4693. DWL Sin: i will have legit use for it
  4694. testing cash: ...................
  4695. lucrativeminds: jeff is my bff <3
  4696. DWL Sin: some time in the future
  4697. testing cash: LOL
  4698. testing cash:
  4699. DWL Sin: running shell
  4700. testing cash: lol sin
  4701. DWL Sin: durrr
  4702. DWL Sin: :-)
  4703. Human Cookie has left the room.
  4704. Ajudy62: oh shit eazy was here
  4705. DWL Sin: pretty soon maybe
  4706. Human Cookie has entered the room.
  4707. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome bitchboy :-)
  4708. Ajudy62: did u niggas fight=
  4709. Human Cookie has left the room.
  4710. Bmankwd01 has entered the room.
  4711. DWL Sin: eazy was in fl
  4712. DWL Sin: didn't you know?
  4713. Ajudy62: wtf
  4714. testing cash: tf outta here
  4715. DWL Sin: he was in fl for that day
  4716. DWL Sin: rofl
  4717. Bmankwd01 has left the room.
  4718. testing cash: my little sister was out and about man
  4719. testing cash: wtf
  4720. testing cash: someone's gotta let me know when that kid gets out of ny
  4721. DWL Sin: Eazy trying to ask me out
  4722. Ajudy62: how old is ur sister son=
  4723. DWL Sin: on a date now
  4724. testing cash: lol hkm i was j/k
  4725. Ajudy62: oh
  4726. DWL Sin: llllol
  4727. Emrico111 has entered the room.
  4728. DWL Sin: it was a pedo joke hkm
  4729. testing cash: eazy likes em young
  4730. testing cash: LOL
  4731. DWL Sin: you cuntface
  4732. Ajudy62: dude i heard u ride 4miles
  4733. testing cash: lmao
  4734. Ajudy62: to date 12years old
  4735. testing cash: here we go
  4736. Ajudy62: true story=
  4737. Ajudy62: LOL
  4739. DWL Sin: Yeah
  4740. testing cash: i might stick around now
  4741. DWL Sin: lol
  4742. Ajudy62: invite eazy
  4743. Ajudy62: he will tell ya
  4744. testing cash: nah i gotta dip
  4745. lucrativeminds: yeah might as well
  4746. Emrico111 has left the room.
  4747. sunburst has entered the room.
  4748. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kayla :-)
  4749. sunburst has left the room.
  4750. sunburst has entered the room.
  4751. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kayla :-)
  4752. sunburst:  battering ram · busted; (a place to start - the crash pad)
  4753. sunburst:  stats; elapsed time (10.47s) · attempts (21)
  4754. DWL Sin: nooka will own him
  4755. testing cash: i'll just snoop on api
  4756. sunburst:  battering ram beta; (by crypt, terminating)
  4757. testing cash: lol
  4758. sunburst:  exit; (290), ttl chats; (9), ttl rams; (60,651)
  4759. lucrativeminds: sins wives come out at nite
  4760. DWL Sin: he can't stick around
  4761. Ajudy62: brb
  4762. sunburst: .hdiead
  4763. sunburst: .hidead
  4764. sunburst: `© chat ad: hidden
  4765. lucrativeminds: i was on sins s/n yesterday
  4766. lucrativeminds: then he changed the pw
  4767. lucrativeminds: when his wifey imed me
  4768. lucrativeminds: =)
  4769. testing cash: lol subclassed?
  4770. DWL Sin: ROFLLL
  4771. testing cash: lmao
  4772. DWL Sin: I want that sn
  4773. DWL Sin: but that bitch
  4774. DWL Sin: won't give it up
  4775. testing cash: tf does she need it for now
  4776. DWL Sin: I wonder how she even got the sn subclassed
  4777. testing cash: she had it forever
  4778. DWL Sin: its on her permie too
  4779. testing cash: long as i could remember
  4780. DWL Sin: I bet if euph asked her for it
  4781. DWL Sin: she would give him
  4782. lucrativeminds: sin has mad wives
  4783. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: BRIT
  4784. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: BRIT
  4785. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: BRIT
  4786. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: BRIT
  4787. lucrativeminds: he is like that guy on the TLC show
  4788. testing cash: lol
  4789. o2 euph: i used to have the info for it
  4790. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: sup cashtro
  4791. o2 euph: from when vinny reset her
  4792. lucrativeminds: lol
  4793. testing cash: wassup brosef
  4794. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: chilling boss
  4795. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: wbu
  4796. testing cash: same same
  4797. suspend Trav has left the room.
  4798. sofa king adorbs has entered the room.
  4799. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kasi :-)
  4800. sunburst: yall boring as hell.
  4801. sofa king adorbs has left the room.
  4802. sofa king adorbs has entered the room.
  4803. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kasi :-)
  4804. testing cash: bout to get to bed soon actually
  4805. DWL Sin: lol
  4806. lucrativeminds: hi kasi
  4807. DWL Sin: kasi can't stay away
  4808. lucrativeminds: cant sleep boo?
  4809. DWL Sin: she keeps coming back
  4810. DWL Sin: for more
  4811. testing cash: lol she wanted in bad
  4812. sofa king adorbs: juhsten called
  4813. DWL Sin: ;x
  4814. DWL Sin: lolol
  4815. sofa king adorbs: had to give him my undivded attention
  4816. DWL Sin: awww
  4817. lucrativeminds: he sending cash?
  4818. o2 euph: get $700 worth of sns from him
  4819. testing cash: LOL yeah see if that was elle it wouldn't have been just juhsten
  4820. DWL Sin: when you heard he has a 18 yrs old gf
  4821. DWL Sin: you got jelly
  4822. DWL Sin: poor kasi
  4823. sofa king adorbs: lmfao
  4824. sofa king adorbs: im kiddin'
  4825. sunburst: `© plus deadmau52x
  4826. sofa king adorbs: he's texting me.
  4827. lucrativeminds: dont make sin jealous kasi
  4828. DWL Sin: lol
  4829. DWL Sin: cash
  4830. lucrativeminds: he is in awe with u
  4831. DWL Sin: werent you two bffl
  4832. DWL Sin: wot happened
  4833. RingGo69: hi 15 f im me
  4834. testing cash: lol nothing really but it's nto like she doesn't talk plenty of shit behind my back
  4835. sofa king adorbs: and no I can't sleeep
  4836. sofa king adorbs: im gonna regret it in the morning
  4837. sofa king adorbs: :-(
  4838. DWL Sin: you act like thats something strange son
  4839. testing cash: or didn't* anyway
  4840. DWL Sin: shit happens here all the time
  4841. lucrativeminds: just call out and tell nooka
  4842. lucrativeminds: he will pay u
  4843. testing cash: lol exactly
  4844. sofa king adorbs: LOL
  4845. testing cash: i'm not makin a big deal about it
  4846. RingGo69 has left the room.
  4847. soIdier: hm
  4848. DWL Sin: lol
  4849. AQK has entered the room.
  4850. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome bitchboy :-)
  4851. AQK has left the room.
  4852. testing cash: LOL
  4853. testing cash: you did that sin?
  4854. DWL Sin: .hlu sunburst
  4855. ChatBOT dlb: Sorry sin the nick sunburst that you selected is not a known member. Please select a valid nick and then try it again.
  4856. DWL Sin: .slu sunburst
  4857. ChatBOT dlb: sin SN: sunburst is registered under kayla's nick.
  4858. DoNkaMentAA: :gets popcorn:
  4859. sofa king adorbs: who is sunburst?
  4860. DWL Sin: .slu sunburst
  4861. ChatBOT dlb: sin SN: sunburst is registered under kayla's nick.
  4862. DWL Sin: duh
  4863. DoNkaMentAA: nom nom nom
  4864. testing cash: smh
  4865. testing cash: seriously?
  4866. lucrativeminds: brb its boxer time
  4867. testing cash: LOL
  4868. sofa king adorbs: va kayla?
  4869. sofa king adorbs: the one that told travis
  4870. sofa king adorbs: he needed to pick either her or me
  4871. sofa king adorbs: LOL
  4872. u Iove skillz has entered the room.
  4873. DWL Sin: oh shit
  4874. u Iove skillz: werd
  4875. testing cash: uh oh
  4876. DWL Sin: its about to get real in here
  4877. DWL Sin: dangggg
  4878. u Iove skillz: im eating david sunflower seeds
  4879. DoNkaMentAA: ^5 sin
  4880. u Iove skillz: they are money
  4881. DoNkaMentAA: 8-)
  4882. sofa king adorbs: i like ranch sunflower seeds
  4883. u Iove skillz: werd
  4884. sofa king adorbs: have you tried them?
  4885. u Iove skillz: i copped these new seeds
  4886. u Iove skillz: they;rwe called
  4887. DWL Sin: kasi on a rampage tonight
  4888. u Iove skillz: jumbo david seeds
  4889. testing cash: lol sin
  4890. u Iove skillz: u have to get the JUMBO
  4891. u Iove skillz: seeds
  4892. testing cash: goin in
  4893. testing cash: callin out kayla bad
  4894. DWL Sin: not me son
  4895. testing cash: kayla where you at
  4896. DWL Sin: kasi doing all that callin out
  4897. DWL Sin: lol
  4898. testing cash: nah i know i was agreeing
  4899. u Iove skillz: kayla is suckin muh balllllllz
  4900. o2 euph: kasi comes in and goes hard then leaves
  4901. DWL Sin: yeah she sucks
  4902. DoNkaMentAA: kasi is ninja
  4903. DWL Sin: kinda like the r0cky
  4904. DWL Sin: r0ck*
  4905. u Iove skillz: rofl
  4906. testing cash: lol @ ninja
  4907. DWL Sin: rock*
  4908. u Iove skillz: jeff
  4909. testing cash: 3rd tiems the charm sin
  4910. testing cash: times*
  4911. DWL Sin: lol
  4912. britty lauren: Hmm
  4913. sofa king adorbs: can you smelllll-el-el-elelelelELLLL
  4914. testing cash: as i fuck it up
  4915. testing cash: smh
  4916. testing cash: lol
  4917. u Iove skillz: ^jeff
  4918. o2 euph: rock is coming back soon
  4919. testing cash: sup skillz
  4920. u Iove skillz: wherer r u
  4921. o2 euph: rock vs brock at wrestlemania
  4922. u Iove skillz: ltns
  4923. sofa king adorbs: whats up with this aj chick
  4924. DWL Sin: lol
  4925. britty lauren: Jeffykins.
  4926. sofa king adorbs: think shes on cm punk side?
  4927. DWL Sin: i think rock would fuck him up
  4928. lucrativeminds: rock is kinda sexy in that movie mysterious island
  4929. testing cash: i dont come on a bunch really
  4930. DWL Sin: didn't brock lesner get fucked up
  4931. sofa king adorbs: i hope rock does eff him up
  4932. lucrativeminds: -just saying
  4933. DWL Sin: in ufc
  4934. u Iove skillz: i gotcha
  4935. o2 euph: i think she wants to fuck kane
  4936. u Iove skillz: u in florida?
  4937. o2 euph: that was a good movie enza
  4938. sofa king adorbs: ew
  4939. testing cash: of course
  4940. britty lauren: Hmm.
  4941. lucrativeminds: i liked it too
  4942. britty lauren: >:i
  4943. DWL Sin: yeah okay movie
  4944. u Iove skillz: i miss florida
  4945. britty lauren: >:o
  4946. DWL Sin: what other movie is out
  4947. DWL Sin: thats good
  4948. britty lauren: I MISS FLORIDA TOO.
  4949. o2 euph: yeah sin, lesnar got owned in ufc
  4950. testing cash: 21 jump street
  4951. u Iove skillz: lauren
  4952. o2 euph: and went back to wwe
  4953. testing cash: is that any good?
  4954. sofa king adorbs: magic mike is coming out
  4955. u Iove skillz: do u wanna goto florida with me
  4956. testing cash: i d/l'd it earlier
  4957. sofa king adorbs: if only it were in 3D
  4958. o2 euph: first wee there he legit punched cena in the mouth
  4959. o2 euph: bust him open
  4960. o2 euph: he's my hero now
  4961. o2 euph: first week*
  4962. DoNkaMentAA: wtf is magic mike
  4963. DWL Sin: lol
  4964. lucrativeminds: i cant wait for titanic 3d to come out
  4965. britty lauren: I lived there for 20 years, Skillz.
  4966. sofa king adorbs: as;dkf;a
  4967. sofa king adorbs: FRANK!
  4968. u Iove skillz: lauren
  4969. sofa king adorbs: its a movie
  4970. u Iove skillz: wat part
  4971. britty lauren: Where in FL are you going?
  4972. sofa king adorbs: where
  4973. britty lauren: Destin.
  4974. sofa king adorbs: channing tatum
  4975. u Iove skillz: destin?
  4976. sofa king adorbs: and matthew mcconahey
  4977. britty lauren: Yes.
  4978. u Iove skillz: sounds boring
  4979. sofa king adorbs: strip
  4980. lucrativeminds: he is sexy too kasi
  4981. DoNkaMentAA: oh ghey
  4982. britty lauren: Near Panama City Beach.
  4983. lucrativeminds: in dear john
  4984. britty lauren: Too bad it's not.
  4985. sofa king adorbs: omg
  4986. sofa king adorbs: yes
  4987. u Iove skillz: well
  4988. lucrativeminds: when he picks her up in the rain
  4989. sofa king adorbs: I didn;t like Amanda though
  4990. u Iove skillz: if you cant get laid in panama city beach
  4991. u Iove skillz: on spring break
  4992. lucrativeminds: and they slide to the floor
  4993. lucrativeminds: sooo sexy
  4994. u Iove skillz: youre def busted
  4995. sofa king adorbs: I wish they woulda picked a different girl
  4996. sofa king adorbs: to play that part
  4997. britty lauren: I didn't go to PCB often. It's hella dirty.
  4998. DWL Sin: hmph
  4999. sofa king adorbs: Seyfried or something like that
  5000. DWL Sin: any good movie out
  5001. testing cash: aight i gotta quit bullstuffin and get this shit going
  5002. lucrativeminds: sin
  5003. u Iove skillz: sin u wanna go swimming in florida
  5004. u Iove skillz: with the fishes
  5005. DWL Sin: i watched carl today
  5006. DWL Sin: that movie
  5007. DWL Sin: is fucking sick
  5008. testing cash: it's been very fun kiddies
  5009. DWL Sin: hillbilly shit
  5010. testing cash: have a nice night
  5011. lucrativeminds: bye jeffy
  5012. lucrativeminds: =)
  5013. testing cash: bye hun
  5014. u Iove skillz: jeff
  5015. sunburst: `© couch earl sweatshirt ft. tyler, the creator8x
  5016. u Iove skillz: r u still spammin
  5017. testing cash: skillz
  5018. testing cash: nah
  5019. u Iove skillz: werd
  5020. testing cash: gave it up for lent
  5021. u Iove skillz: i gave up
  5022. britty lauren:,+Florida&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1366&bih=624&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=IoDqT8vhLOHi2QWp5rmvAQ
  5023. testing cash: k pzzzzzz
  5024. britty lauren: ^^^^^^^
  5025. testing cash has left the room.
  5026. britty lauren: Looksie.
  5027. lucrativeminds: lent was over like 3 months ago
  5028. lucrativeminds: lol
  5029. G533534 has entered the room.
  5030. britty lauren: Most gorgeous place evar.
  5031. lucrativeminds: project x was ok
  5032. G533534 has left the room.
  5033. DWL Sin: hmph
  5034. u Iove skillz: did anyoner see
  5035. u Iove skillz: chernobyl diaries
  5036. britty lauren: no
  5037. u Iove skillz: i hurd it was good
  5038. britty lauren: You people talk about the gayest shit.
  5039. Jim02122 has entered the room.
  5040. britty lauren: Movies.
  5041. britty lauren: Weird crap.
  5042. lucrativeminds: -yawns
  5043. u Iove skillz: smh@ luaren
  5044. britty lauren: borrrrrrrrring.
  5045. u Iove skillz: lets talk about how imma piper uy
  5046. u Iove skillz: in yer ass
  5047. britty lauren: :-(
  5048. Elpasojohnny1953 has left the room.
  5049. lucrativeminds: sin
  5050. lucrativeminds: did u like gone?
  5051. rrr g0d has entered the room.
  5052. sunburst: `© heilig tokio hotel11x
  5053. lucrativeminds: he must be busy talking to his wife
  5054. lucrativeminds: lol
  5055. u Iove skillz:  he dont have one
  5056. lucrativeminds: yes he does
  5057. u Iove skillz: nah
  5058. soIdier: -_____-
  5059. u Iove skillz: blow dolls dont count
  5060. lucrativeminds: he has like 4 of them
  5061. lucrativeminds: all named nancy
  5062. lucrativeminds: lol
  5063. rrr g0d: `4 m.p3 pro vr user: mickey load: 30
  5064. britty lauren: c
  5065. britty lauren: c
  5066. britty lauren: c
  5067. rrr g0d: C
  5068. rrr g0d: C
  5069. rrr g0d: C
  5070. britty lauren: >:o
  5071. britty lauren:
  5072. rrr g0d: SUPZ
  5073. sunburst has left the room.
  5074. u Iove skillz: he has a blowup miley cyrus doll
  5075. britty lauren: nuthin'
  5076. TeckguyJr has entered the room.
  5077. rrr g0d: Wat u doin
  5078. britty lauren: buying stuff onlines
  5079. soIdier: gossip
  5080. soIdier: smh
  5081. u Iove skillz: i heard about sin
  5082. soIdier: sup mik
  5083. rrr g0d: Werd i got another LV belt today
  5084. u Iove skillz: he plays with blowup dolls
  5085. rrr g0d: Brown
  5086. u Iove skillz: g0d
  5087. u Iove skillz: u copped a fake one
  5088. lucrativeminds: lol
  5089. rrr g0d: skillz dont type to me
  5090. rrr g0d: u got no skillz
  5091. u Iove skillz: smh@ fake LV belts
  5092. u Iove skillz: u lame ass puop
  5093. u Iove skillz: get a real LV belt
  5094. u Iove skillz: broke ass bum
  5095. DWL Sin has left the room.
  5096. rrr g0d: ALL my lv belts are real
  5097. u Iove skillz: im sure
  5098. rrr g0d: nothin fake like you
  5099. soIdier: mickey blows men
  5100. soIdier: x=
  5101. rrr g0d: who r u soldier
  5102. u Iove skillz: nigga when you spend 700 on a pair of evidence
  5103. soIdier: lmao
  5104. u Iove skillz: u holler@ da kid
  5105. u Iove skillz: k?
  5106. rrr g0d: LOL skillz
  5107. rrr g0d: go bak to buddah inc
  5108. soIdier: get ur attn?
  5109. u Iove skillz: i got a pair of evidence
  5110. soIdier: haha
  5111. u Iove skillz: u momo
  5112. u Iove skillz: 7 billz
  5113. soIdier: < mob
  5114. rrr g0d: SUP mobby
  5115. u Iove skillz: BREITLING COST YER LIFE!
  5116. Jesus8luvs8u has entered the room.
  5117. rrr g0d: skillz show ur belts
  5118. soIdier: nm man
  5119. soIdier: bored no fat fux in here to troll
  5120. u Iove skillz: YSL BELT BUCKLE!
  5121. rrr g0d: and hold a sign saying its buddah inc for life
  5122. rrr g0d: skillz=fat
  5123. u Iove skillz: NIKKA FUCK BELTS
  5124. u Iove skillz: I GOT THE YSL BELT BUCKLE
  5125. u Iove skillz: AND HERMES
  5126. rrr g0d: u got nothin
  5127. rrr g0d: stfu
  5128. u Iove skillz: HERMES ALL DAY
  5129. u Iove skillz has left the room.
  5130. rrr g0d: bye
  5131. soIdier: da fux u ppl talkin bout
  5132. soIdier: a new game?
  5133. rrr g0d: nah LV belts
  5134. rrr g0d: lol
  5135. Jesus8luvs8u: Hermes?
  5136. soIdier: pokeman playin fgts
  5137. soIdier: >:o
  5138. PUTTER2125: yor mom
  5139. rrr g0d: Britt stop shoppin online
  5140. rrr g0d: get ur lambo
  5141. rrr g0d: and lets go to the mall zon
  5142. soIdier: word,  whats a lambo w/ a louie V
  5143. sofa king adorbs: i got approved for my first credit card the other day
  5144. sofa king adorbs: gonna build me some credit
  5145. sofa king adorbs: hollla'
  5146. GEISTSONVACATION has entered the room.
  5147. sofa king adorbs: unlike Ang I don't build my credit via AOL
  5148. soIdier: congrats to becoming one with the sheep
  5149. rrr g0d: Louie v is my shyt
  5150. rrr g0d: :-)
  5151. Jesus8luvs8u has left the room.
  5152. soIdier: -___- is ang even here?
  5153. GEISTSONVACATION has left the room.
  5154. soIdier: why do ppl talk sht bout ppl who aren't even here?
  5155. rrr g0d: ioi
  5156. soIdier: like go watch some tv.
  5157. soIdier: tfux
  5158. rrr g0d: Time to smoke a blunt and wait for skillz
  5159. rrr g0d: brb
  5160. StephShock81 has left the room.
  5161. Jim02122 has left the room.
  5162. rrr g0d: `4 max b ; cops come thru
  5163. Dirtieone has entered the room.
  5164. sofa king adorbs: that must be one of ang's supporters
  5165. sofa king adorbs: and "lady" is in the room.
  5166. JHB13152 has entered the room.
  5167. firesturgon has entered the room.
  5168. sofa king adorbs: so you sir, go watch some tv.
  5169. Trioxin has entered the room.
  5170. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome Kay :-)
  5171. TeckguyJr has left the room.
  5172. soIdier: listen ho, idk you or your sofa but just because someone's ' sn ' is in a room doesn't mean they are reading your text.
  5173. soIdier: therefore, why type it?
  5174. soIdier: is it to get carpal tunnel or to make yourself feel as if you are bigger than you truely are?
  5175. sofa king adorbs: last time I checked
  5176. sofa king adorbs: we were in a chat room
  5177. RosaCano515 has entered the room.
  5178. sofa king adorbs: and I can say
  5179. soIdier: i don't quite understand your gripes.  srsly.
  5180. sofa king adorbs: or type rather
  5181. Trioxin: Never a dull moment.
  5182. sofa king adorbs: whatever I please
  5183. crawling: hi
  5184. soIdier: You can.  Point is.  You look stupid.
  5185. soIdier: SOFA KING
  5186. soIdier: :D
  5187. sofa king adorbs: thats your opinion
  5188. sofa king adorbs: and to me
  5189. sofa king adorbs: thats worthless
  5190. crawling: You're still typing about Ang?
  5191. RosaCano515 has left the room.
  5192. sofa king adorbs: so, I shall continue
  5193. crawling: You really need to let it go.
  5194. soIdier: ya,  well idk you.
  5195. crawling: Holy shit.
  5196. crawling: rofl
  5197. soIdier: so to ME
  5198. JHB13152 has left the room.
  5199. soIdier: you're worthless.
  5200. soIdier: k bai.
  5201. soIdier: :-)
  5202. crawling: >.
  5203. SaSSiIiIPRiNceSS has entered the room.
  5204. sofa king adorbs: Lar really wants someone to type to her.
  5205. crawling: Somebody needs to meet rosie palms :l
  5206. rrr g0d: `4 tupac ; so many tears
  5207. TeckguyJr has entered the room.
  5208. SaSSiIiIPRiNceSS has left the room.
  5209. crawling: Yeah
  5210. crawling: I'm lonely.
  5211. crawling: :-(
  5212. soIdier: LOL rosie palms.
  5213. firesturgon has left the room.
  5214. soIdier: you said that yest i think
  5215. crawling: yea
  5216. Trioxin: So, anyone else alive?
  5217. soIdier: i never heard that before yest.
  5218. TeckguyJr: hi ppl
  5219. crawling: i am i ammmmmmmmmmmm
  5220. shannabeIIe: nope
  5221. DoNkaMentAA: -dead
  5222. TeckguyJr: craw get a dog
  5223. TeckguyJr: lol
  5224. Akire4480 has entered the room.
  5225. sofa king adorbs: she has one
  5226. Trioxin: It's like the Wild West here when a fight goes down everyone goes completely silent
  5227. sofa king adorbs: he's in jail though
  5228. sofa king adorbs: ;/
  5229. TeckguyJr: lol
  5230. Akire4480: 32 f texas
  5231. Jim02122 has entered the room.
  5232. Trioxin: Someone else better be here
  5233. soIdier: what is this thing
  5234. TeckguyJr: hi ak
  5235. Trioxin: Knock knock
  5236. Akire4480 has left the room.
  5237. GEISTSONVACATION has entered the room.
  5238. soIdier: an why does IT care or think it KNOWS so much about everyone?
  5239. crawling: lol yeah my bf is in prison so what
  5240. Jim02122 has left the room.
  5241. AMZNY has entered the room.
  5242. sofa king adorbs: I thought soldier was Jake.
  5243. sofa king adorbs: :-(
  5244. Trioxin: Why the hell is there a rapper on Conan?
  5245. crawling: atleast hes not an bf
  5246. o2 euph: i'm sure he's proud of you lar
  5247. TeckguyJr: craw fer how long?
  5248. o2 euph: ripping retards online off
  5249. sofa king adorbs: LOL
  5250. crawling: yeahh im not ripping anybody off
  5251. o2 euph: sure you are
  5252. soIdier: Why would you think I was Jake?
  5253. sofa king adorbs: she once was comparing the two on here
  5254. o2 euph: i was here when you were talking about buying drugs
  5255. crawling: are you just that salty cause someone ripped yuou off?
  5256. Trioxin: Anyone know this guy?
  5257. Trioxin: Big Krit?
  5258. o2 euph: no
  5259. o2 euph: i've been ripped off way before elle was around
  5260. sofa king adorbs: that was my mistake, soldier.
  5261. o2 euph: i just don't like when people like you and ang take advantage of people
  5262. crawling: oh well i told nooka ill put in work to make up for it/
  5263. o2 euph: lol what work?
  5264. o2 euph: nooka doesn't even do any work himself
  5265. Trioxin: Behind every great here, there is great sacrifice
  5266. sofa king adorbs: her stealin' more stuff
  5267. o2 euph: he runs automated bots
  5268. Trioxin: hero8**d8f8afd8
  5269. soIdier: You have made about 5 since i've been in here ' Sofa King '
  5270. soIdier: May as well just stfu nao.
  5271. sofa king adorbs: my name is Kasi
  5272. soIdier: :D
  5273. crawling: we actually have an idea that we're going to try out
  5274. britty lauren: Hi.
  5275. o2 euph: i have an idea too
  5276. soIdier: IDC what your name is.
  5277. crawling: hey brittbakka bb
  5278. o2 euph: get a job and give him his money back
  5279. soIdier: Did I ask you for your name?
  5280. sofa king adorbs: never said you did
  5281. rrr g0d: `4 03. nas ; carry on tradition
  5282. o2 euph: do you want to end up like ang?
  5283. soIdier: Did I say ' SOFA KING " Hi whats your name?
  5284. sofa king adorbs: yet I'm so worthless you continue to type to me
  5285. crawling: he hasnt given me any $ euph
  5286. sofa king adorbs: LOL
  5287. soIdier: Did I?
  5288. o2 euph: you said he did
  5289. AMZNY: Hi Ladies  NY here
  5290. crawling: i said he will help me out with something
  5291. o2 euph: no
  5292. crawling: but im goin to put in a lil work for it
  5293. o2 euph: you said earlier you were going to pay him back
  5294. crawling: ask him if he sent me $
  5295. crawling: yeah
  5296. crawling: when he does
  5297. crawling: i will
  5298. crawling: wtf?
  5299. crawling: get out of my business rofl
  5300. britty lauren: Hi Larbakka
  5301. o2 euph: then why did you say you got $$ too
  5302. o2 euph: earlier
  5303. DoNkaMentAA: sending nude pics is not work lol
  5304. britty lauren: Yes it is.
  5305. o2 euph: it's a chat when you put all the info in here people talk about it
  5306. DoNkaMentAA: is not
  5307. o2 euph: that's life
  5308. crawling: cus i was going along with what everyones been saying
  5309. britty lauren: Is so.
  5310. crawling: lol
  5311. o2 euph: you were the one that said it though
  5312. soIdier: Only way I would gaf bout what some dude did with his Money is if he owed  me Money.
  5313. o2 euph: no one else
  5314. soIdier: Js.
  5315. soIdier: -___-
  5316. o2 euph: lol nah mob
  5317. rrr g0d: this shit wack
  5318. britty lauren: Soldier. Let's be BFFs.
  5319. o2 euph: it's not cool to rip some guy off that has mental problems
  5320. rrr g0d: r
  5321. rrr g0d: `4 n/a ; 18-juelz_santana-taking_over_your_radio_(feat._depp_unkasa_deniro)
  5322. britty lauren: We can hang out.
  5323. britty lauren: Eat FroYo.
  5324. rrr g0d: ren juelz santana - taking over your radio
  5325. rrr g0d: `4 renamed: 18-juelz_santana-taking_over_your_radio_(feat._depp_unkasa_deniro)
  5326. rrr g0d: `4 to: juelz santana - taking over your radio
  5327. soIdier: Why is he not locked away in some assylum then bro?
  5328. rrr g0d: r
  5329. rrr g0d: `4 n/a ; 04 the world is yours
  5330. soIdier: I mean wtfux
  5331. Trioxin: Yeah, taking advantage of the mentally challenged is just straight up wrong, and everyone knows that.  DAMN.
  5332. crawling: again, if somebody OFFERS to help you out...
  5333. rrr g0d: r
  5334. rrr g0d: `4 juelz satana ft john depp ; drama fold
  5335. soIdier: I saw the cops there and all.
  5336. crawling: ur not ASKING them to do it
  5337. soIdier: I DID SEE THAT MUCH
  5338. crawling: how is that
  5339. crawling: ripping a person off?
  5340. britty lauren: When did Nooka become a retard?
  5341. crawling: just saying.
  5342. o2 euph: you could say no?
  5343. o2 euph: you know he's slow
  5344. o2 euph: you ang ang
  5345. o2 euph: and(
  5346. o2 euph: and*
  5347. britty lauren: I mean.. yah, he's stupid. But.. mentally challenged?
  5348. o2 euph: you both said it in here
  5349. crawling: hes really not slow tho
  5350. sofa king adorbs: Euph
  5351. britty lauren: Lol.
  5352. o2 euph: yeah britt he really is
  5353. sofa king adorbs: you're wasting your time.
  5354. TeckguyJr: craw ill help u out
  5355. o2 euph: not even like lying about it
  5356. AMZNY has left the room.
  5357. rrr g0d: yall take aol to serious
  5358. o2 euph: ask anyone who knows him, he's on meds and shit
  5359. britty lauren: How much $$ is he hanging out?
  5360. britty lauren: Jc.
  5361. britty lauren: Jw.
  5362. o2 euph: ang said she got $700
  5363. sofa king adorbs: thousands.
  5364. DoNkaMentAA: bout tree fiddy
  5365. britty lauren: Hmm.
  5366. soIdier: Yo, Honestly .. I have to just be straight up honest.  Any internet person SANE or INSANE offered me 700 bux.. I'd take it.
  5367. o2 euph: you can be sure lar is going for around the same
  5368. soIdier: Idk.
  5369. crawling: dude i only asked him to help me out with a small amount.
  5370. crawling: like 200
  5371. britty lauren: Brb, IM'ing Nooka.
  5372. o2 euph: but i thought you didn't ask
  5373. o2 euph: he offered
  5374. crawling: i need 500.
  5375. britty lauren: I need a new purse.
  5376. rrr g0d: ROFL britt
  5377. soIdier: I'd feel like a fool not to.
  5378. crawling: he did offer
  5379. britty lauren: Hella bad.
  5380. britty lauren: Brb.
  5381. GEISTSONVACATION has left the room.
  5382. crawling: i said if ur gna do it
  5383. crawling: do half
  5384. rrr g0d: get new rims
  5385. o2 euph: but you just said you asked
  5386. crawling: not whole
  5387. rrr g0d: while u at it
  5388. o2 euph: which is it
  5389. o2 euph: he offered or you asked
  5390. britty lauren: My rims are 2 expensive.
  5391. crawling: a lil bit of both
  5392. crawling: get off me
  5393. crawling: rofl
  5394. rrr g0d: tru
  5395. o2 euph: can't be both
  5396. o2 euph: it's one or the other
  5397. soIdier: Yo mick .. What would you do if some looney broad said YO
  5398. sexywoeman has entered the room.
  5399. soIdier: I wanna PP you 700 bones?
  5400. soIdier: You would say NA?
  5401. TeckguyJr: craw a thousand is good round number i can help u
  5402. rrr g0d: i'll say ok send=
  5403. DoNkaMentAA: id say fuck off
  5404. soIdier: Or say oh gee . TYVM
  5405. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: sup mickey
  5406. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR: boss
  5407. rrr g0d: Nothin cuzzo
  5408. soIdier: word
  5409. rrr g0d: watts good
  5410. britty lauren: Hellz ya.
  5411. suspend Trav has entered the room.
  5412. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome skeemr :-)
  5413. o2 euph: there's nothing cool about ripping retards off
  5414. suspend Trav: just here
  5415. suspend Trav: man
  5416. suspend Trav: chilling
  5417. rrr g0d: Tru
  5418. britty lauren: Except everything.
  5419. crawling: yall sit here n make fun of him all day
  5420. suspend Trav: BRIT
  5421. britty lauren: You go, Lar!
  5422. suspend Trav: BRIT
  5423. o2 euph: so what
  5424. suspend Trav: BRIT
  5425. suspend Trav: BRIT
  5426. suspend Trav: BRIT
  5427. o2 euph: do i ask him for anything?
  5428. britty lauren: HAAAAAAY
  5429. suspend Trav: HIGHHHHHHHH
  5430. suspend Trav: :P
  5431. soIdier: Euph,  Maybe im missing a piece of the story bro ..
  5432. o2 euph: nooka offered me shit before and do you know what i said
  5433. sexywoeman has left the room.
  5434. o2 euph: i said no
  5435. DoNkaMentAA: just rename the chat nooka
  5436. TeckguyJr has left the room.
  5437. soIdier: How did he get ripped off?
  5438. soIdier: Was he promised anything?
  5439. soIdier: Was he asked?
  5440. suspend Trav: i like teh chat name nooka
  5441. suspend Trav: whynot
  5442. suspend Trav: =x
  5443. o2 euph: lol well mob he came in here and these 2 jokers used to talk shit about him
  5444. sofa king adorbs: euph
  5445. PUTTER2125: fuck noka lets talk obama
  5446. o2 euph: they found out he has money
  5447. sofa king adorbs: who is soldier?
  5448. o2 euph: and now they act like he's their bff
  5449. suspend Trav: soider is
  5450. o2 euph: that's mob
  5451. suspend Trav: mob
  5452. suspend Trav: yeah
  5453. suspend Trav: lol
  5454. o2 euph: even though lar & ang still talk shit about him
  5455. o2 euph: and say he's slow
  5456. crawling: umm i never called him slow
  5457. o2 euph: they're letting him send them money
  5458. crawling: show me that.
  5459. o2 euph: yeah you did
  5460. suspend Trav: angela is a gold digger
  5461. rrr g0d: cc
  5462. rrr g0d: `4 chat text: cleared
  5463. crawling: when?
  5464. suspend Trav: js
  5465. rrr g0d: `4 mac miller ; live free
  5466. Eyankieatheart has entered the room.
  5467. o2 euph: you've said it like 100 times
  5468. suspend Trav: JS
  5469. o2 euph: at least
  5470. o2 euph: you talked mad shit about him
  5471. suspend Trav: angela needs $$ to buys sns
  5472. suspend Trav: euph
  5473. suspend Trav: =x
  5474. crawling: yeah we used to AOL beef in the chat for lulz
  5475. Eyankieatheart has left the room.
  5476. o2 euph: no
  5477. crawling: i never hated the kid wtf.
  5478. o2 euph: first time i heard about the money was after he got swatted
  5479. o2 euph: when you brought it up
  5480. soIdier: Well,  That maybe some sort of MORAL or ETHICAL dispute.  I just don't understand the ripping off part.
  5481. sofa king adorbs: ang is a cheap aol prostitute.
  5482. o2 euph: and you've done it since then
  5483. soIdier: I heard he said..
  5484. soIdier: HEY
  5485. rrr g0d: cc
  5486. rrr g0d: `4 chat text: cleared
  5487. soIdier: Can I send you 700 bux?
  5488. suspend Trav: angela pb's nooka
  5489. soIdier: Dude.
  5490. suspend Trav: dead ass
  5491. suspend Trav: =x
  5492. soIdier: I'd take 700 from any of you for nothing.
  5493. suspend Trav: each session $100
  5494. soIdier: I wouldn't gaf.
  5495. o2 euph: i doubt that's the real way of if trav
  5496. soIdier: Then call you slow.
  5497. suspend Trav: true euph
  5498. britty lauren: Hmm.
  5499. suspend Trav: =x
  5500. o2 euph: ang said to him to dispute it and take his money back
  5501. suspend Trav: i would pb brit
  5502. suspend Trav: if she paid me $100
  5503. o2 euph: he said no you can send it back
  5504. suspend Trav: each time
  5505. suspend Trav: js
  5506. britty lauren: k
  5507. o2 euph: but she didn't
  5508. suspend Trav: ;P
  5509. o2 euph: she spent it
  5510. sofa king adorbs: Does she even have a job?
  5511. suspend Trav: no whey brit
  5512. suspend Trav: i was jk
  5513. suspend Trav: =x
  5514. suspend Trav: x=
  5515. britty lauren: :-(
  5516. suspend Trav: angela scams
  5517. suspend Trav: aolers
  5518. suspend Trav: For LOOT
  5519. o2 euph: if you ask me that's ripping someone off
  5520. sofa king adorbs: well duh
  5521. suspend Trav: yeah it is euph
  5522. sofa king adorbs: I know that much
  5523. suspend Trav: lar is messsed up
  5524. sofa king adorbs: pimps out her son
  5525. suspend Trav: man
  5526. sofa king adorbs: on xbl
  5527. sofa king adorbs: too
  5528. suspend Trav: MESSED UPPPPPPP
  5529. DoNkaMentAA: how do people fall for her scams
  5530. soIdier: Wait as long as I known ang she would never promise anything as far as PB even for money ..
  5531. suspend Trav: pretty girls show boobies
  5532. crawling: trav u messed uppppppppppp
  5533. suspend Trav: lmao
  5534. suspend Trav: ,3
  5535. soIdier: But he said to send it back ..
  5536. suspend Trav:
  5537. soIdier: When?
  5538. soIdier: That day?
  5539. sofa king adorbs: Lol @ soldier
  5540. soIdier: An she didn't?
  5541. o2 euph: i don't know when
  5542. sofa king adorbs: "knowing" someone.
  5543. o2 euph: just know she told him to dispute it
  5544. suspend Trav: .weather 11208
  5545. ChatBOT dlb: Brooklyn, NY - Temperature: (69.4ºF); Condition: (Clear); Humidity: (49%); Pressure: (29.77in [Steady]); Wind-Direction: (South); Wind-Speed: (0.0mph).
  5546. MNPackerFan12 has entered the room.
  5547. o2 euph: and he said no just send it back
  5548. o2 euph: but she didn't send it back
  5549. rrr g0d: .weather 1001
  5550. ChatBOT dlb: Sorry rrr g0d you are not a registered member yet. You must be registered on Bot to use this command.
  5551. soIdier: Ya.  " knowing " .. Like I don't know YOU SOFA KING
  5552. rrr g0d: blah
  5553. PUTTER2125: .weather 1001
  5554. ChatBOT dlb: Sorry PUTTER2125 you are not a registered member yet. You must be registered on Bot to use this command.
  5555. britty lauren: .weather 1001
  5556. ChatBOT dlb: Sorry Brittykins the zipcode 1001 that you've selected is invalid.
  5557. britty lauren: ...
  5558. o2 euph: .mkusr mickey, rrr g0d
  5559. ChatBOT dlb: euph new SN: rrrg0d has been registered and added to nick mickey as requested.
  5560. rrr g0d: ty
  5561. soIdier: But euph .. How long after was this?
  5562. suspend Trav: brit CUT it
  5563. suspend Trav: =x
  5564. britty lauren: k
  5565. rrr g0d: .weather 1001
  5566. ChatBOT dlb: Sorry mickey the zipcode 1001 that you've selected is invalid.
  5567. rrr g0d: wtf
  5568. britty lauren: .....
  5569. suspend Trav: jakaty
  5570. o2 euph: does it matter how long after?
  5571. rrr g0d: .weather 10001
  5572. soIdier: I mean you know .. You get some money .. Espec a woman ..
  5573. ChatBOT dlb: New York, NY - Temperature: (71.1ºF); Condition: (Clear); Humidity: (41%); Pressure: (29.77in [Steady]); Wind-Direction: (West); Wind-Speed: (0.0mph).
  5574. rrr g0d: df;lsk
  5575. britty lauren: it's got to be 5 digits
  5576. britty lauren: LOL
  5577. o2 euph: it would be a few days at the most
  5578. rrr g0d: LOL
  5579. soIdier: You spend it.
  5580. crawling: kasi dont u have fake pics or something according to like 90% of aol?
  5581. rrr g0d:
  5582. Foxracn4r6 has entered the room.
  5583. soIdier: Well,  Then that's his fault no?
  5584. suspend Trav: kasi
  5585. Foxracn4r6: 23/m/va/pics/cam...IM me to
  5586. soIdier: It's gone.
  5587. suspend Trav: CAM Up
  5588. suspend Trav: DEN
  5589. ohare: lol
  5590. suspend Trav: CAM THEF UCK UP
  5591. suspend Trav: KASI
  5592. o2 euph: but he's legit retarded
  5593. soIdier: Few days?
  5594. rrr g0d: im fake
  5595. rrr g0d: who wanna cam
  5596. britty lauren: me2
  5597. suspend Trav: me
  5598. suspend Trav: 2
  5599. o2 euph: yeah at the most
  5600. suspend Trav: lets c4m uP
  5601. o2 euph: could have been the same day, i don't know
  5602. rrr g0d: `4 n/a ; 15 money is my hctib
  5603. rrr g0d: ok lets cam
  5604. soIdier: Bro,  You PP me 700 right now.  Gaurantee you in 45 mins it's spent and overnight delivery.
  5605. soIdier: You know the deal.
  5606. suspend Trav:
  5607. suspend Trav: ^
  5608. suspend Trav: logon
  5609. soIdier: I'm being neutral.
  5610. rrr g0d: i cant
  5611. MNPackerFan12: aany ladies in here car to IM me
  5612. rrr g0d: im fake zon!
  5613. soIdier: Just trying to understand the whole beef.
  5614. crawling: she wont get on cam trav.
  5615. suspend Trav: i bet
  5616. suspend Trav: ;x
  5617. o2 euph: beef is you don't take money from people you know are slow
  5618. o2 euph: they talked shit about him
  5619. suspend Trav: u didn't fix ur cam
  5620. MNPackerFan12 has left the room.
  5621. suspend Trav: lar
  5622. LuvRu4me57 has entered the room.
  5623. suspend Trav: ?
  5624. o2 euph: and more than likely still do
  5625. suspend Trav: me and jess was waitin for u
  5626. rrr g0d: man this fkin tat hurtin
  5627. suspend Trav: for mad longg
  5628. rrr g0d: like a bish
  5629. suspend Trav: ;/
  5630. crawling: nookas talked shit about me too
  5631. o2 euph: so what
  5632. o2 euph: did he ask you for money?
  5633. crawling: idc it was all in good fun
  5634. suspend Trav: did he send it lar
  5635. suspend Trav: ?
  5636. suspend Trav: fwd me some
  5637. crawling: no but he asked me to help him out with a project
  5638. suspend Trav: ohh
  5639. o2 euph: lol stfu
  5640. soIdier: Euph,  If that were true most Business's would not function.  Car salesman take money from slow PPL all day.
  5641. o2 euph: what could you help a spammer with
  5642. suspend Trav: wat project?
  5643. soIdier: Even as a spammer..
  5644. soIdier: You make money off people being slow.
  5645. soIdier: So to be real honest ..
  5646. o2 euph: doesn't make it right though mob
  5647. suspend Trav: LAR IS EVILLLLLLLLLL
  5648. suspend Trav: #BOYCOTT LAR
  5649. suspend Trav: =x
  5650. soIdier: It's the way the world gos round.  May not be right.
  5651. crawling: :-(
  5652. soIdier: I do understand that.
  5653. suspend Trav: lol
  5654. Iiinspiredfuture has left the room.
  5655. soIdier: But it is the way the cookie crumbles bro.
  5656. suspend Trav: BOYCOTT BRITT
  5657. suspend Trav: #
  5658. suspend Trav: and
  5659. suspend Trav: yeah
  5660. o2 euph: yeah but they sit acting like it's cool
  5661. o2 euph: it's far from cool
  5662. suspend Trav: FAR FROM IT
  5663. britty lauren: k
  5664. rrr g0d: u kno pauly cuzzo
  5665. crawling: What I find to be hypocritical is, you're saying Im taking advantage of a "retard"
  5666. suspend Trav: yeah yeah
  5667. suspend Trav: mick
  5668. crawling: Yet... you don't know if he's mentally challenged 1.
  5669. crawling: 2, you're making fun of him
  5670. crawling: as we speak
  5671. crawling: so
  5672. crawling: wtf?
  5673. Foxracn4r6: 23/m...IM me to chat
  5674. o2 euph: 1) yes i do
  5675. crawling: How does that work?
  5676. o2 euph: 2) i don't ask him for shit
  5677. suspend Trav: 3) i like pb
  5678. o2 euph: 3) i say it to him daily
  5679. o2 euph: 4) i've done it for YEARS
  5680. suspend Trav: years
  5681. suspend Trav: !
  5682. o2 euph: 5) i turned down shit he offered me
  5683. suspend Trav: !!!!
  5684. suspend Trav: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5685. suspend Trav: read the text and weep
  5686. suspend Trav: LAR
  5687. o2 euph: how is that being a hypocrite?
  5688. crawling: So you don't think that when people got him to make a video and uploaded it to piss off ppl and have cops come to his house was fucked up?
  5689. crawling: because he's "mentally challenged"
  5690. crawling: ?
  5691. sofa king adorbs has left the room.
  5692. rrr g0d: `4 juelz santana ft rabb ; birds flyin in
  5693. suspend Trav: LMAO
  5694. jesus  im   sexy has entered the room.
  5695. o2 euph: yeah that was fucked up
  5696. lucrativeminds: ok good nite everyone
  5697. o2 euph: you think i agree with that?
  5698. lucrativeminds: =)
  5699. rrr g0d: cc
  5700. rrr g0d: `4 chat text: cleared
  5701. crawling: I thought it was fucked up.
  5702. o2 euph: bye enza
  5703. lucrativeminds has left the room.
  5704. firesturgon has entered the room.
  5705. jesus  im   sexy has left the room.
  5706. firesturgon has left the room.
  5707. EatMyAnusPlz has entered the room.
  5708. Emrico111 has entered the room.
  5709. suspend Trav has left the room.
  5710. JPswm01 has entered the room.
  5711. Lola Killjoy has entered the room.
  5712. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome HOLA :-)
  5713. JPswm01: 28 m pa pics
  5714. Emrico111: hola
  5715. Lola Killjoy: ...
  5716. lady: lol
  5717. lady: o_o
  5718. soIdier: My bad.
  5719. lady: he didnt ask me to send shit back
  5720. o2 euph: you said he did
  5721. o2 euph: like an hour ago
  5722. lady: i did not
  5723. lady: you weirdo
  5724. o2 euph: lol you're so full of shit
  5725. o2 euph: if sin was online i'd bring him back in here
  5726. soIdier: Eh,  I'm js man.  Best thing to do Euph is to grab your boy and let him learn his lesson.
  5727. o2 euph: you said "he said just send it back"
  5728. o2 euph: we asked why didn't you
  5729. JPswm01: tos
  5730. soIdier: Tell him to stop being a suck-a.
  5731. o2 euph: and you said "i spent it"
  5732. rrr g0d: `4 nas ; drunk by myself
  5733. soIdier: Na mean?
  5734. lady: i did not
  5735. o2 euph: ok, we will see when sin signs back on
  5736. WGenova has left the room.
  5737. lady: i said i would send it back
  5738. sunburst has entered the room.
  5739. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome kayla :-)
  5740. lady: and he said
  5741. sunburst:  battering ram · busted; (a place to start - the crash pad)
  5742. lady: if i did
  5743. sunburst:  stats; elapsed time (58.29s) · attempts (120)
  5744. lady: he woudl send it back to me
  5745. lady: learn to read bro
  5746. sunburst:  battering ram beta; (by crypt, terminating)
  5747. sunburst:  exit; (291), ttl chats; (9), ttl rams; (60,771)
  5748. sunburst: aw too bad the stupid bitch is gone
  5749. o2 euph: that's not what you said
  5750. lady: sure i did
  5751. sunburst: i would've confronted her about her bullshit
  5752. lady: scroll up
  5753. o2 euph: i'm going to write a chat logger just for you
  5754. lady: or wait i can i am on aim
  5755. JPswm01 has left the room.
  5756. sunburst: too bad the stupid fake bitch didn't do shit by lying to him about who i'd been on cam with. ;-)
  5757. suspend Trav has entered the room.
  5758. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome skeemr :-)
  5759. BiTCH iTs SKEEMR has left the room.
  5760. Z44MIKE has entered the room.
  5761. Z44MIKE has left the room.
  5762. hookedlikewhoa has entered the room.
  5763. soIdier: who the king mattress person?
  5764. Lola Killjoy has left the room.
  5765. soIdier: wtf is that thing?
  5766. DoNkaMentAA: where did that burst come from
  5767. MooseGTFO: from the sun
  5768. MooseGTFO: DADUM
  5769. MooseGTFO: CH
  5770. soIdier: sup moose
  5771. sunburst: just stupid bitches sticking their noses where they shouldnt be.
  5772. soIdier: lbz
  5773. DoNkaMentAA: must be a full moon , people be mad tonight
  5774. MooseGTFO: thup
  5775. sunburst: oh, im livid.
  5776. sunburst: `© phone numbers wiz khalifa39x
  5777. MooseGTFO: Ran Reed - Architect - Respect The Architect (1996) [3:18]
  5778. EatMyAnusPlz has left the room.
  5779. smushabIe has entered the room.
  5780. MooseGTFO: Ran Reed - Architect - The Fastlane (1995) [4:13]
  5781. Emrico111 has left the room.
  5782. MooseGTFO: Ran Reed - Architect - Lost Souls (1997) [4:30]
  5783. rrr g0d: r
  5784. rrr g0d: `4 n/a ; 11 life is what you make it
  5785. MooseGTFO: Ran Reed - Architect - The Pro (1998) [2:37]
  5786. sunburst has left the room.
  5788. soIdier: lol mickeys like
  5789. rrr g0d: smd zon
  5790. soIdier: whateva
  5791. soIdier: r
  5792. rrr g0d: ioi
  5793. soIdier: r
  5794. smushabIe has left the room.
  5795. rrr g0d: i dont even read the room
  5796. MooseGTFO: Ran Reed - Architect - Wack Tapes (1996) [4:08]
  5797. rrr g0d: r
  5798. rrr g0d: `4 juelz satana ft john depp ; drama fold
  5799. rrr g0d: r wale
  5800. rrr g0d: `4 rick ross ft wale, meek mill ; bag of money
  5801. soIdier: yo
  5802. soIdier: remember that song
  5803. soIdier: from juelz santana
  5804. rrr g0d: which
  5805. soIdier: kill yaself
  5806. rrr g0d: ya
  5807. soIdier: i forget the name
  5808. soIdier: it was like
  5809. soIdier: raw tho
  5810. Emrico111 has entered the room.
  5811. rrr g0d: what album was it on
  5812. lady:
  5813. rrr g0d: c juelz
  5814. rrr g0d: `4 17/349 5% matches for: juelz
  5815. soIdier: it was i think on a mix
  5816. Panthersmusic636 has entered the room.
  5817. soIdier: ' commit that commit that '
  5818. soIdier: ' suicide '
  5819. BadACR6062 has entered the room.
  5820. LuvRu4me57 has left the room.
  5821. rrr g0d: pathermusic
  5822. soIdier: ' take a .45 and bang kill yaself '
  5823. rrr g0d: gtfo
  5824. BadACR6062: Hi Lady
  5825. NetKix has entered the room.
  5826. soIdier: lol everytime i see that nooka kid type
  5827. Panthersmusic636: god  almight   netflix g0d you still here.. you temred self  iight?
  5828. soIdier: i think of that song
  5829. soIdier: go look for that sht
  5830. soIdier: its lol
  5831. o2 euph: show the rest, where you said you spent it
  5832. bbtshemale has left the room.
  5833. BadACR6062 has left the room.
  5834. rrr g0d: panther music
  5835. rrr g0d: shutup
  5836. Emrico111 has left the room.
  5837. Panthersmusic636: fake 02 euph how did you  fix clone ?
  5838. MooseGTFO: lol you 2 are still going on about that?
  5839. rrr g0d: p juelz
  5840. rrr g0d: `4 17/349 5% matches for: juelz
  5841. MooseGTFO: goodlawd
  5842. Panthersmusic636: netflix g0d  whew  bubblola
  5843. MooseGTFO: Random Axe - The Hex [3:03]
  5844. rrr g0d: Rockaway Roit Squad
  5845. rrr g0d: =>
  5846. NetKix has left the room.
  5847. Ynks933 has entered the room.
  5848. MooseGTFO: risk retention reporter
  5849. DoNkaMentAA has left the room.
  5850. Panthersmusic636: until the IQ of ths room gets over 95  ::blame g0d:: outa here  :POOF::
  5851. rrr g0d: my bitch bad
  5852. soIdier: lol
  5853. Panthersmusic636 has left the room.
  5854. rrr g0d: Lookin like a bag of money
  5855. lady: i did spend it. dumbass.
  5856. lady: that has nothing to do
  5857. lady: with the fact he told me to keep it
  5858. Trioxin: I need to meet a rich cougar
  5859. Ajudy62 has left the room.
  5860. lady: but okay lol
  5861. o2 euph: yes it does
  5862. WGenova has entered the room.
  5863. lady: uh no it doesnt he sent it to me
  5864. rrr g0d: money is money
  5865. lady: for the sole purpose of me spending it
  5866. o2 euph: you said you told him to dispute it
  5867. lady: cause he said
  5868. rrr g0d: `4 styles p ft sheek louch ; uh ohh
  5869. Trioxin: What is the state to meet rich cougars?
  5870. o2 euph: he told you just send it
  5871. lady: since i wont talk to him on the phone
  5872. gdninja1 has entered the room.
  5873. o2 euph: did you send it?
  5874. gdninja1: 35 m DE ladies im me for roleplay
  5875. lady: he did not ever say send it LOL
  5876. soIdier: Point is bro how many days passed til he asked for it back .. If that was the case?  Euph,  You say 3?
  5877. lady: dude he sent it to me
  5878. lady: to spend
  5879. soIdier: I spend my PP money in an hr
  5880. o2 euph: are you on crack
  5881. lady: and then when i wouldnt talk to him on the phone
  5882. lady: he goes I'll do a chargeback then you'll call me
  5884. soIdier: I mean how you figure?
  5885. lady: and i said
  5886. Trioxin: Come on guys
  5887. lady: do it then
  5888. Trioxin: Don't leave me hangin
  5889. Waddup brahhhhhh has entered the room.
  5890. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome juan :-)
  5891. lady: and he said no i was joking
  5892. lady: retard
  5893. ohare: its not a state
  5894. MooseGTFO: daps juan
  5895. MooseGTFO: wuzhood
  5896. Hyllas has entered the room.
  5897. ohare: just the places you go
  5898. ohare: cougar hangouts
  5899. Waddup brahhhhhh: hello junior
  5900. o2 euph: that's not what you said earlier
  5901. Trioxin: Hook it up with the best ideas
  5902. Waddup brahhhhhh: nothing just got done playing black ops
  5903. o2 euph: going to log this chat 24/7
  5904. rrr g0d: juan is Soft ZON
  5905. lady: who cares dude
  5906. ohare: hmm
  5907. o2 euph: use php to post it on a site in realtime
  5908. lady: i have the whole chat logged i never once said
  5909. lady: "he said send it back"
  5910. lady: you just dont read right, not my problem
  5911. Trioxin: If you have the secret cougar locations, divulge
  5912. rrr g0d: cc
  5913. rrr g0d: `4 chat text: cleared
  5914. Trioxin: DIVULGE
  5915. rrr g0d: r
  5916. rrr g0d: `4 16 ; foolin around (prod big jerm)
  5917. rrr g0d: r
  5918. rrr g0d: `4 nas ft the game ; hustlers
  5919. Waddup brahhhhhh: i shall put my middle finger up mickeys brown eye
  5920. Phrantic1 has entered the room.
  5921. lady: k
  5922. o2 euph: i can read fine
  5923. MooseGTFO: mmmmm
  5924. rrr g0d: ROFL
  5925. MooseGTFO: can i watch?
  5926. Waddup brahhhhhh: yes
  5927. lady: i'll post the whole chat, sad that you care so much
  5928. MooseGTFO: hot
  5929. Waddup brahhhhhh: take picture
  5930. Waddup brahhhhhh: of umbrella
  5931. lady: needs a hobby or something
  5932. Trioxin: ohare I've talked to you before
  5933. MooseGTFO: l
  5934. Settlement has entered the room.
  5935. MooseGTFO: o
  5936. MooseGTFO: l
  5937. lady: but one sec
  5938. MooseGTFO: dude
  5939. ohare: ya
  5940. MooseGTFO: swear...
  5941. MooseGTFO: everytime i talk to you
  5942. rrr g0d: Skillz
  5943. Waddup brahhhhhh: lolllll
  5944. MooseGTFO: you bring up that unbrella pic
  5945. o2 euph: lol you're like 35 getting money from retards
  5946. rrr g0d: is that u
  5947. Waddup brahhhhhh: aye
  5948. Waddup brahhhhhh: its epic
  5949. lady: and you're caring
  5950. o2 euph: i think you need the hobby
  5951. MooseGTFO: i think that pic has impacted you
  5952. lady: wots your point
  5953. MooseGTFO: turned you fgt
  5954. lady: blahh blahh blahh ang ang ang
  5955. Waddup brahhhhhh: lollll
  5956. Waddup brahhhhhh: def not fggt
  5957. lady: damn im glad i affect you
  5958. Foxracn4r6 has left the room.
  5959. MooseGTFO: prolly got your own pics now
  5960. rrr g0d: r
  5961. rrr g0d: `4 mac miller ; class president
  5962. MooseGTFO: of an umbrella in yer asshole
  5963. Settlement: someone termed my other sn
  5964. rrr g0d: r
  5965. o2 euph: don't try be smart ang
  5966. rrr g0d: `4 n/a ; 01 i love life, thank you (prod. brandun deshay) 1
  5967. Ajudy62 has entered the room.
  5968. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome HKM :-)
  5969. Settlement: ;/
  5970. lady: i am smart
  5971. rrr g0d: Wat sn
  5972. soIdier: Dude,  Why the hate.
  5973. Settlement: uioveskillz
  5974. lady: you care too much dawg
  5975. Settlement: they reset it
  5976. lady: get over me
  5977. rrr g0d: U got chat susp
  5978. o2 euph: that smart you can't get your own money
  5979. rrr g0d: u didnt get term
  5980. Settlement: na
  5981. lady: brb game
  5982. rrr g0d: yea
  5983. Settlement: i got logged off
  5984. Settlement has left the room.
  5985. rrr g0d: ^
  5986. lady: it is my own money homie
  5987. lady: he gave me it
  5988. lady: therefore its mine
  5989. lady: brb
  5990. soIdier: Where's nooka anyway? He's fun to troll
  5991. soIdier: /;
  5992. Ynks933 has left the room.
  5993. Trioxin: soidier sup
  5994. o2 euph: he signed off
  5995. soIdier: supz
  5996. crawling: lol. hes not home
  5997. rrr g0d: r
  5998. rrr g0d: `4 nas ; hold down the block
  5999. Z44MIKE has entered the room.
  6000. rrr g0d: r
  6001. crawling: hes at a hotel
  6002. rrr g0d: `4 nas ; my way
  6003. rrr g0d: r
  6004. rrr g0d: `4 rick ross ft wale, meek mill ; bag of money
  6005. kaitlonh has entered the room.
  6006. rrr g0d: r
  6007. rrr g0d: `4 nas ; one mic
  6008. soIdier: no wifi @ the hotel?
  6009. Z44MIKE has left the room.
  6010. crawling: nah i dont think so
  6011. Ajudy62: he dont need wifi
  6012. Xx CinNiCoLe xX has entered the room.
  6013. Ajudy62: if he had brain
  6014. soIdier: o blah.  I better find some movies to watch.
  6015. Ajudy62: he would use his cell
  6016. crawling: hkmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6017. soIdier: Ya
  6018. kaitlonh has left the room.
  6019. soIdier: I tether .. rooted
  6020. crawling: o.o
  6021. soIdier: XD
  6022. rrr g0d: hkm salam gandu
  6023. o2 euph: i don't think his cell lets him online with his laptop
  6024. Ajudy62: sup son
  6025. o2 euph: he said some shit about he's getting one
  6026. rrr g0d: nothin
  6027. FireinNCFurnace has entered the room.
  6028. soIdier: wireless tether ... rooted GB
  6029. soIdier: frw
  6030. Ajudy62: if he has data plan he can be online
  6031. Waddup brahhhhhh: mmm cindy
  6032. Waddup brahhhhhh: my beautiful
  6033. soIdier: ftw*
  6034. Ajudy62: lol he just dont have a clue
  6035. crawling: Dude.
  6036. crawling: jon
  6037. crawling: u r gay
  6038. soIdier: Ya you can even do it wired like a newb
  6039. soIdier: /;
  6040. crawling: js
  6041. MooseGTFO: Random Axe - The Hex [3:03]
  6042. Waddup brahhhhhh: yes?
  6043. Waddup brahhhhhh: lolll
  6044. Waddup brahhhhhh: why am i gay?
  6045. o2 euph: lol he really doesn't have a clue that's why these chicks take advantage of him
  6046. crawling: idk  lol
  6047. Ajudy62: true euph
  6048. Waddup brahhhhhh: o ok
  6049. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: hello dear
  6050. MooseGTFO: Random Axe - The Karate Kid [1:02]
  6051. Phrantic1 has left the room.
  6052. rrr g0d: r
  6053. rrr g0d: `4 juelz santana ; here we are
  6054. rrr g0d: r
  6055. rrr g0d: `4 n/a ; 02 the cross
  6056. rrr g0d: r
  6057. MooseGTFO: Big Krit - 4evanaday - 4evanaday Theme [3:06]
  6058. rrr g0d: `4 styles p ; make millions from ent
  6059. Waddup brahhhhhh: when are we going to practice making babies?
  6060. rrr g0d: r
  6061. rrr g0d: `4 mac miller ; castle made of sand
  6062. JCrwdraven has entered the room.
  6063. rrr g0d: r
  6064. rrr g0d: `4 tupac ; keep ya head up
  6065. soIdier: I need to find an ISP w/ female NOOKAS
  6066. MooseGTFO: 4eva n a day
  6067. MooseGTFO: day
  6068. MooseGTFO: day
  6069. MooseGTFO: day
  6070. MooseGTFO: day
  6071. MooseGTFO: day
  6072. soIdier: to take advantage of
  6073. soIdier: FTW
  6074. crawling: lol
  6075. FireinNCFurnace has left the room.
  6076. crawling: female nookas?
  6077. crawling: o god
  6078. o2 euph: alania is like the only chick i've ever heard of that sends guys money
  6079. MooseGTFO: make a female sn
  6080. MooseGTFO: im nooka
  6081. MooseGTFO: profit
  6082. Ajudy62: who is alania
  6083. MooseGTFO: 8-)
  6084. soIdier: word
  6085. soIdier: Info =
  6086. o2 euph: some chick that used to come on aol
  6087. Waddup brahhhhhh: lolll
  6088. MooseGTFO: lol alania was going to send me money before
  6089. crawling: she  comes on sometimes still
  6090. MooseGTFO: and i didnt even talk to that bitch
  6091. Ajudy62: ROFL @ moose
  6092. Ajudy62: cute story
  6093. MooseGTFO: thx brah
  6094. rrr g0d has left the room.
  6095. o2 euph: i remember z was going to buy you shit
  6096. soIdier: ill cam for 100
  6097. Ajudy62: fucking queer
  6098. MooseGTFO: rofl
  6099. soIdier: ;D
  6100. Ajudy62: we both know
  6101. o2 euph: i forget what though
  6102. Ajudy62: u got scammed
  6103. MooseGTFO: that was just weird dood
  6104. MooseGTFO: she was showing me shirts or someshit
  6105. MooseGTFO: weird
  6106. MooseGTFO: lol
  6107. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: lol
  6108. Ajudy62: moose gf=
  6109. MooseGTFO: 4 eva n a day
  6110. Ajudy62: jk single faggot
  6111. MooseGTFO: day
  6112. MooseGTFO: day
  6113. MooseGTFO: day
  6114. MooseGTFO has left the room.
  6115. soIdier: ya i got a stalker off of here for a while
  6116. Ajudy62: rage quit oh
  6117. soIdier: need to wear that condom
  6118. soIdier: :[
  6119. MooseGTFO has entered the room.
  6120. ChatBOT dlb: Welcome fuckupayme :-)
  6121. Ajudy62: wb
  6122. MooseGTFO: lol yea bro
  6123. MooseGTFO: i cant get models
  6124. MooseGTFO: like you
  6125. MooseGTFO: rofllllllllll
  6126. Ajudy62: ikr
  6127. Ajudy62: maybe fake azns
  6128. MooseGTFO: "i date models"
  6129. MooseGTFO: -hkm
  6130. MooseGTFO: rofl
  6131. Ajudy62: how did that go for ya
  6132. gdninja1 has left the room.
  6133. Ajudy62: lol he finds it hard to believe
  6134. MooseGTFO: such a fuckin tool
  6135. Ajudy62: ppl dont date models
  6136. MooseGTFO: rofl
  6137. Ajudy62: thats why u got scammed son
  6138. Ajudy62: u look like a faggot
  6139. JCrwdraven has left the room.
  6140. crawling: hey moose u kno a chick ipirateyoursouls
  6141. MooseGTFO: no id ont think that
  6142. Ajudy62: u have no car
  6143. MooseGTFO: just think that about you
  6144. MooseGTFO: rofl
  6145. Ajudy62: u ant afford shit
  6146. MooseGTFO: no
  6147. Ajudy62: why would any girl be with u?
  6148. MooseGTFO: never saaw that sn in my life
  6149. MooseGTFO: why
  6150. Ajudy62: lol u got a girl; on aol
  6151. ohare: mob dont like you date tpt
  6152. Ajudy62: even then she was fake
  6153. Ajudy62: ROFL
  6154. crawling: o  she was talkin bout u in aim chaft
  6155. Ajudy62: how did that go for u dude
  6156. crawling: chat'
  6157. Ajudy62: fake azn aja white girl
  6158. MooseGTFO: pirate?
  6159. MooseGTFO: lesbian kayla?
  6160. crawling: yea her
  6161. MooseGTFO: oh yea
  6162. MooseGTFO: wtf
  6163. Ajudy62: kayla?
  6164. MooseGTFO: why was she talking about me
  6165. MooseGTFO: lol
  6166. Ajudy62: that ipirate girl?
  6167. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: dunananana
  6168. MooseGTFO: stfu hkm
  6169. MooseGTFO: back to your corner
  6170. crawling: rofl cus she said some sht n i said o god u remind me of moose
  6171. Ajudy62: stfu faggot
  6172. crawling: so then she started talkin shit on u
  6173. MooseGTFO: lollllllll
  6174. Ajudy62: moose u will die a poor ginger
  6175. crawling: rofl
  6176. firesturgon has entered the room.
  6177. Ajudy62: lol @ 10dollar bonds
  6178. MooseGTFO: l
  6179. MooseGTFO: o
  6180. MooseGTFO: l
  6181. MooseGTFO: Big Krit - 4evanaday - 4evanaday Theme [3:06]
  6182. MooseGTFO: Jon
  6183. MooseGTFO: whats out
  6184. MooseGTFO: thats new
  6185. Waddup brahhhhhh: wot
  6186. Ajudy62: jon?
  6187. MooseGTFO: i need new music
  6188. Waddup brahhhhhh: im looking now
  6189. Waddup brahhhhhh: i havent been looking
  6190. Ajudy62: who the fuck is jon
  6191. crawling: r u sure shes a lesbian
  6192. Jcswed has entered the room.
  6193. Waddup brahhhhhh: getting new xv album now
  6194. crawling: i think she pretends
  6195. MooseGTFO: mhm
  6196. MooseGTFO: dike
  6197. Ajudy62: she=24
  6198. crawling: she was sendin pics of some guys body
  6199. Jcswed has left the room.
  6200. crawling: like
  6201. Ajudy62: she said
  6202. crawling: oo i missthat
  6203. soIdier: That's why you keep the nude vids and middleman all convo logs.
  6204. MooseGTFO: lol i have a pic in my image shack from foreever ago
  6205. Ajudy62: which state she is in=
  6206. MooseGTFO: of her on tc
  6207. soIdier: When them hos wanna talk sht
  6208. MooseGTFO: with her ass out
  6209. soIdier: pft
  6210. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: wtf
  6211. MooseGTFO: r
  6212. MooseGTFO: Little Brother - Minstrel - Watch Me [4:19]
  6213. MooseGTFO: r
  6214. MooseGTFO: Tribe Called Quest - Br&l - Keeping It Moving [3:38]
  6215. crawling: lol shes like 90 lbs soaking wet
  6216. MooseGTFO: boom
  6217. Waddup brahhhhhh: cindy
  6218. MooseGTFO: bap
  6219. MooseGTFO: boom
  6220. MooseGTFO: boom
  6221. Waddup brahhhhhh: lets tc
  6222. MooseGTFO: bap
  6223. Waddup brahhhhhh: :-*
  6224. soIdier: ew moose
  6225. Ajudy62: moose
  6226. Ajudy62: post her pix
  6227. Ajudy62: leme c this iprate ho
  6228. Waddup brahhhhhh: new xv mixtape sounds good though
  6229. MooseGTFO:
  6230. MooseGTFO: ^
  6231. MooseGTFO: l
  6232. MooseGTFO: o
  6233. MooseGTFO: l
  6234. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: i look too much like a zombie atm
  6235. MARKM724 has entered the room.
  6236. MooseGTFO: aint got pics of her
  6237. MooseGTFO: r
  6238. MooseGTFO: Mac Miller - Bsp - Pa Nights [3:03]
  6239. Waddup brahhhhhh: so do i
  6240. Waddup brahhhhhh: soooo what
  6241. MooseGTFO: r
  6242. MooseGTFO: Beatnuts - Massacre - Watch Out Now [2:54]
  6244. Ajudy62: wtf
  6245. GuitarTeacher79 has entered the room.
  6246. Ajudy62: thats not even sexy ass
  6247. Ajudy62: fatfuck
  6248. Waddup brahhhhhh: the fkrs today when i was playing basketball at the gym
  6249. MARKM724: Hi
  6250. Waddup brahhhhhh: all made me guard this fkn guard
  6251. crawling: rofl thaats her moose?
  6252. Waddup brahhhhhh: swear i always end up stuck doing that
  6253. MooseGTFO: mhm
  6254. GuitarTeacher79: can anyone im me as a test ive been having problems...
  6255. Ajudy62: ima go harass her now lar :P
  6256. crawling: her ass is horrendous.
  6257. crawling: rofl
  6258. MARKM724 has left the room.
  6259. Ajudy62: she gannabe like
  6260. Ajudy62: "omg"
  6261. Waddup brahhhhhh: kid was pretty good,shouldve asked what college he plays at
  6262. Ajudy62 has left the room.
  6263. MooseGTFO: RLY JON?
  6264. firesturgon has left the room.
  6266. GuitarTeacher79: if i try to im someone it wont send it
  6267. MooseGTFO: TELL US MOAR
  6269. lady: where do i upload chat to?
  6270. GuitarTeacher79: so if someone could just send me a test instant message i would appreciate it!
  6271. Waddup brahhhhhh: it wos
  6272. MooseGTFO: a little place called...
  6273. MooseGTFO: assssssssssspen
  6274. Waddup brahhhhhh: he had a good jump step
  6275. soIdier:
  6276. MooseGTFO: RLY?
  6277. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: wait jesus whose ass is that
  6278. Waddup brahhhhhh: was hard to guard since he was a guard
  6279. crawling: LOL moose
  6280. MooseGTFO: was he like...
  6281. BadDaddy13 has entered the room.
  6282. jmodest81 has entered the room.
  6283. Waddup brahhhhhh: mine cindy
  6284. MooseGTFO: jon stockton
  6285. MooseGTFO: from the corener?
  6286. crawling: ipirateyoursouls: godddddddd
  6287. MooseGTFO: in nba jam?
  6288. crawling: ipirateyoursouls: seriously
  6289. BadDaddy13 has left the room.
  6290. Waddup brahhhhhh: john
  6291. Waddup brahhhhhh: you mean
  6292. MooseGTFO: same shit
  6293. Silwanowi has entered the room.
  6294. crawling: ipirateyoursouls: im goin to bed
  6295. Waddup brahhhhhh: rofll
  6296. MooseGTFO: ;-)
  6297. NOCK ur face OFF has entered the room.
  6298. Waddup brahhhhhh: niiice
  6299. Waddup brahhhhhh: going to aim her now
  6300. Ctrnoel has entered the room.
  6301. jmodest81 has left the room.
  6303. GuitarTeacher79 has left the room.
  6305. Waddup brahhhhhh: so cindy stop looking like a zombie
  6306. Ctrnoel: good evening
  6307. Silwanowi has left the room.
  6308. Waddup brahhhhhh: so we can tc
  6309. MooseGTFO: Beatnuts - Stonecrazy - Do You Believe [3:19]
  6310. soIdier: i like em w/ hips n rearends bro
  6311. soIdier: no stix
  6312. soIdier: wtfux moose
  6313. soIdier: ;[
  6314. Waddup brahhhhhh: is she ugly?
  6315. MooseGTFO: best beatnuts track
  6316. Waddup brahhhhhh: she looks pastey white
  6317. Waddup brahhhhhh: yuuck
  6319. Ctrnoel has left the room.
  6320. soIdier: na 90 lbs is stix
  6321. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: been a rough week
  6322. Waddup brahhhhhh: hah working alot?
  6323. soIdier: i wanna grab some hips /;
  6324. crawling: yea my man likes me thick
  6325. crawling: i told him im on a diet hes like
  6326. crawling: thats fine if u wanna but pls stay thick
  6327. crawling: rofl
  6328. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: going thru orientation, plus dude and i broke up
  6329. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: havent gotten much sleep  
  6330. Waddup brahhhhhh: oh
  6331. Waddup brahhhhhh: whyd you break up with him?
  6332. soIdier: idk you BUT let me make this clear.  there's a difference between (thick) voluptuous and fat.
  6333. soIdier: some or most women
  6334. soIdier: don't know that.
  6335. Xx CinNiCoLe xX: i didnt break up with him... he didnt wanna do long distance
  6336. crawling: im not fat
  6337. soIdier: Lol
  6338. Waddup brahhhhhh: ohh ok
  6339. crawling: i got some chunk im not perfect but im not fat.
  6340. MooseGTFO: Ab-soul - Control - Double Standards [4:21]
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