PvM supplies

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  1. Ice Nihil
  2. Blood Nihil
  3. Shadow Nihil
  4. Steel Titan+scroll
  5. Yak+scroll
  6. Sara Brew
  7. Aggro Potions
  8. Saradomin Brews
  9. Onyx Bak bolts
  10. Ruby Bak Bolts
  11. Diamond Bak Bolts
  12. Sara Pages
  13. Guthix Pages
  14. Arma Pages
  15. All Runes
  16. Super PRayer Renewal
  17. Spiritual Prayer
  18. Sailfish
  19. Blubber
  20. Kwuarm Incense
  21. Lantadyme Incense
  22. Mech Chins
  23. Cannonballs
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