Dog Days

Feb 4th, 2019
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >A couple of days ago you were derping around outside of Ponyville
  3. >Apparently there was a place where a guy could dug up gems the size of your first like ten minutes out of town
  4. >Gems where weren't anywhere near as expensive as they were back home, but you kinda wanted one anyway
  5. >At least you could pretend you were fabulously wealthy for a few minutes
  6. >So, it was in that mindset that you had set out with a shovel and a dream
  7. >You had found the place where ponies dug up gems
  8. >You had even dug up some sapphires the size of apples
  9. >Unfortunately--or fortunately; you weren't a philosopher-- something else had found you
  10. >From what some ponies had told you, a creatures called diamond dogs lived underground around this place
  11. >They were supposed to be these hulking, stinking, slobbering monsters that kidnapped and enslaved ponies to haul mine carts full of gems
  12. >A pack of diamond dogs had found you, one of the bigger packs around here you guess, but they really weren't any of those things
  13. >They came up to about your chest, with cute floppy ears and black, wet noises
  14. >They were all different colors, mostly greys and dark browns, but all of them wore vests with pockets filled with gems
  15. >The one that ponies kinda got right was the whole kidnapping thing
  16. >The second the doggos saw you you had been jumped and carried off
  17. >While they were pretty small, they were very strong for their size, so you really hadn't been able to put up much of a fight
  18. >You hadn't really been kidnapped and forced into slave labor though
  19. >No one strapped you to a mine cart or anything
  20. >The dogs just kind of brought you into a cave and had you clean up and cook for them
  21. >Meat mostly, though they seemed to really like the mushrooms that grew in some of the caves
  22. >On occasion you had also been tasked with helping bathe the dogs at one of the many underground hot springs that littered these caves
  23. >This had turned into an everyday thing after just how dirty they got digging and shit
  25. >The dogs seemed to really like being scrubbed and brushed, which meant that you were usually in your "bathtub" an hour or two a day
  26. >They also seemed to really appreciate just how clean you were able to get the cave
  27. >You were trying your hardest to get them to wipe their fucking paws before they came into the cave but one step at a time you guessed
  28. >With all of the bathing, you had noticed a few things about the dogs
  29. >One, they were all females
  30. >Two after a good bath and a brushing their fur was pretty soft
  31. >Three, the doggos had tits
  32. >That third thing had made your autism rear its ugly head
  33. >Dogs were supposed to have teats, not boobs
  34. >Like a bunch of teats
  35. >For a good two days you had been kind of upset about it if you were being honest, but eventually you had gotten over it
  36. >A dog wasn't supposed to have boobs, but it also wasn't supposed to walk on two legs and talk
  37. >Ponies weren't supposed to fly, or use magic, or lift celestial objects
  38. >It was just this fucky world you guess
  39. >If you thought about it too hard you'd pop a blood vessel, so you weren't just gonna think about it at all
  40. >It had been about two weeks since they had brought you down here
  41. >No pony had come to find you you guess
  42. >They probably didn't even know you left
  43. >Lil' friendship loving bastards
  44. >After a long day of cleaning, cooking, and bathing for you and hunting and digging for the dogs, you all were getting ready for bed
  45. >The gems that had been dug up for the day was sitting in a pile at the corner of the cave along with gold and had looked like silver
  46. >You and about two dozen dogs were lying on a bunch of furs and moss, all snuggled together
  47. >the moss and fur was surprisingly comfortable
  48. >It was springy
  49. >The cave was pretty chilly though, which was where the dogs came in
  50. >They were all around you, a mass of warmth and fur
  51. >You had one of the bigger dogs--the alpha from what you were able to gather-- holding your head against her chest
  53. >A large, powerful paw was running itself through your hair
  54. >Another paw was placed in the middle of your shoulder blades
  55. >You could hear her club-like tail thudding against the ground with each happy wag of her tail
  56. >She was loudly sniffing the air, quietly murmuring in that weird, throaty, barky language of hers
  57. >You had an arm draped over the dog, tired but not tired
  58. >Many of the other dogs seemed to be in a similar boat, since you could hear talking and feel bodies moving all around you
  59. >You nuzzled your face into the alpha's coat
  60. >The dog smelled like herbs and honey, a product of the weird soap that they made down here
  61. >The alpha let out a growl, pressing more of her body against you
  62. >With that shifting, something brushed against your face
  63. >Turning your head, you saw a nipple staring back at you
  64. >While the alpha wasn't the most voluptuous in the pack, she still had a nice rack on her
  65. >Honestly, after seeing itty-bitty teats on ponies for like a year any kind of breast was awesome
  66. >You stared at that fuzzy boob for a moment before picking your head up
  67. >The alpha's breathing hitched as you wrapped your lips around her nipple
  68. >Her tail wagging stopped, and the claw running through your hair gripped your head
  69. >You knew her grip was strong enough to crush rocks, but she was being very careful, even as your tongue swirled around the sensitive nub
  70. >She barked, nuzzling the top of your head
  71. >The hand draped over her began caressing her side, slowly making its way down her slender form
  72. >You let go of her nipple to lick and bite at her boob
  73. >Her back arched, letting you get at her other tit
  74. >All around you, you could ear dogs sitting up to sniff the air
  75. >You ignored them, grabbing a handful of ass as the alpha let out a yip
  76. >She shifted, rubbing her thighs together as her belly heaved
  77. >A earthy, slightly sweet aroma began to fill the air
  78. >You continued to lick and suck until the dog's chest was slick with saliva
  80. >Only then did you lift your head to look at her
  81. >Her tongue was lolling out of her mouth as she panted
  82. >A small, pleased smile was on her face as she stared at you with half-lidded eyes
  83. >"Play?" she asked in her thick accent
  84. >You leaned up, giving her cheek a kiss
  85. "Play," you agreed , sitting up
  86. >An excited murmur rose up from the pack
  87. >Dogs got up, pulling off their vests and tossing them away
  88. >They began to grope each other, some kissing
  89. >You didn't pay any of them any mind though, sitting up and staring down at the alpha
  90. >Her smile widened as she rolled onto her belly, presenting her ass to you
  91. >"Play?" she asked again, wiggling her hips
  92. >While their boobs were nice, where the diamond dogs excelled in was their lower bodies
  93. >Each had a round, firm bubble butt and a pair of legs that made the term thunder thighs seem redundant
  94. >You must have looked dazed because she laughed, giving you a wink as she lifted her hips
  95. >She bounced her ass against your chest, cheeks clapping
  96. >She did this two more times before you got the idea and got two handfuls of it
  97. >The alpha let out a groan as your fingers dug into her posterior, claws digging into the moss and furs
  98. "Look at that thing," you murmured to yourself, hefting her cheeks
  99. >You fondled and squeezed, clapping her cheeks together and spreading them apart
  100. >Her sex looked sorta like a pony's
  101. >A weird, alien mixture between a human's pussy and an animal's
  102. >The alpha was soaked, her arousal running down her thighs
  103. >Everyone in the pack could smell it, if the barking was any indication
  104. >Even your weak nose got a smell of it
  105. >She whimpered, wiggling her hips again
  106. >"Lick?" she asked hopefully
  107. >Another thing that the dogs really like that had brought into with you was the art of oral sex
  108. >Apparently the idea had never occurred to them, and now you had given them a taste Hue they couldn't get enough of it
  109. "Lick," you said, leaning down
  110. >You dragged your tongue up the length of the alpha's slit
  112. >The dog's bark turned into a loud, long moan
  113. >She pressed her rump backwards, her cheeks swallowing your face
  114. >One of your hands reared back to slap the dog on the rump
  115. >She moaned
  116. >As you continued to lick, savoring the alpha's taste, you felt paws, and tongues, exploring your body
  117. >You hummed, hips jerking as tongues lapped at your cock
  118. >As much as the dogs liked you eating them out, they seemed to like blowing you just as much
  119. >It had been a bit dodgy at first, what with the bit fangs and all, but you were happy to say that you had made cocksuckers out of the whole lot
  120. >You nuzzled your face deeper between the alpha's ass as someone popped your cock into their mouth and began sucking as two tongues bathed your balls
  121. >The alpha's ass tensed as you found her clit
  122. >The tip of your tongue circled around it slowly, gently
  123. >Those thunder thighs clamped around your head as she let out a howl
  124. >For a second, the world was a mass of fur, barking, and fangs
  125. >You found yourself on your pack, the alpha straddling your legs
  126. >Her teeth were bared as she grinded her sex against your cock, a far off, hazy look in her eye
  127. >You reached up to play with a nipple
  128. >Someone out of the corner of your eye licked your face
  129. >"We fuck now," the alpha said
  130. >You grinned
  131. >It had been two weeks since you had been kidnapped
  132. >And you know, you were really starting to like it here
  133. "Yeah, we fuck."
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