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Oct 10th, 2017
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  1. This sentiment of wrongness is still strongly shared by the second member of the house, Diamond Rose, if for slightly different reasons. In the week since she’d been gifted the headphones, ‘the Associates’ as she’d come to refer to them, had drifted into the library on two other occasions. And of course, they had set up shop right behind her every single time! Each and every instance had them gabbing away at a distinct volume for hours on end, and yet not one librarian had ever stepped up to do anything. While fury is a rather distant emotion to the even-keeled young woman, this gaggle of girls is certainly pushing her to the limit!
  3. As such, the headphones have basically become a consistent part of her library routine. Associates come in, headphones go on, and no interruptions until her phone alarm goes off a few hours later. It’s certainly not a perfect system, but at least it lets her study in relative peace. And, it just so happens, that today is the third time the Associates have decided to crash the once peaceful location.
  5. Not wasting any time, Diamond pulls on her headphones as the group is settling in, before they get too engaged in one another. The girl’s ears ring with the unusual hiss and buzz that quickly fades into the background of her music. With her research in front of her, the redhead starts scanning the page of the book and scribbling notes on her paper. Occasionally she will make small notes along the margin, authors, page numbers, shorthand inquiries, anything that will fit.
  7. When not writing, her fingers slide close to her mouth, and she alternates between working the tip of the pen against her lower lip, and tapping her thumbnail against her teeth. She catches herself several times, but no matter how often she tries to stop, her hand keeps drifting in the same general direction, and she finally has to take a break in order to collect herself.
  9. Closing her eyes, she leans back and lets loose a weary, but contained, sigh. The already faint, artificial light of the library struggles to bleed through Diamond’s eyelids, and the studious woman can already feel the weigh of the past week bearing down on her. Sure, it’s a lot easier to sleep when Cadence’s cries are muffled, but the cups don’t stop the floor and walls from quivering under the pair’s lovemaking, or reduce the heady stink of their couplings.
  11. And, perhaps more concerning, Cadence and Shining Armor seem to have been going at it more often than before. The pair had always been more on the open side, with long, lingering kisses that bordered on inappropriate. But now, they were much more unabashed, mouths open against one another, their tongues rolling without the slightest hint of shame. To say nothing of the oral scene that Diamond is very sure she nearly walked in on, had she come home just a few moments earlier.
  13. The red-head moistens her soft lower lip before biting down on it as she recalls her friend’s smeared lipstick, mascara and eye liner. How she had made small talk with Diamond while her hand rested with a practiced grace on the obscene bulge straining against her boyfriend’s pants, occasionally sliding a finger down the impressive length.
  15. With a shaky breath, Diamond forces her eyes open and admonishes herself. Now is certainly not the time to get caught up in those sorts of memories. In fact, it would be better if she could forget the scene all together! As she moves to sit up however, a flash of color akin to washed out cotton candy pops at the corner of her eye. Turning, the redhead finds herself staring into a pair of big blue eyes that would put the sky itself to shame on a clear day.
  17. The two stare at one another for a moment before the pink-haired girl’s lips start working, enthusiastically mouthing a dozen different words a minute and quickly overwhelming the already frazzled co-ed. Diamond lifts a hand in an attempt to get her to stop, but the girl chatters on unfazed. Eventually the redhead sighs removes her headphones.
  19. “-and so, I like saw you over here and was like, OMG I totally know that girl, but I couldn’t remember your name, so this is literally the most embarrassing thing I’ve done all day. I hope you appreciate it.” Extending her hand, the chatty girl smiles. “Lily Lace.”
  21. Looking first down at the extended hand, then back up at the cheery co-ed it’s attached to, Diamond can only force a smile and swallow her sigh. Best to end this as quickly as possible. Taking the hand, she gives a quick shake. “A pleasure. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some studying to do.”
  23. “Yeah, sure, I’ll let you get back to the book in just a minute,” Lily reaches over and pushes Diamond’s things a bit further back along the desk. Not bothering to contain her sigh this time, the redhead turns to the other girl and raises an eyebrow. Still undeterred, Lily’s hand goes out again and taps at the metal cups resting on her neck. “You have got to tell me where you got those headphones because they’re the absolute best shade of pink. I mean, I just saw them and thought that they were tries chick, and that I had to get a pair for myself.”
  25. “Oh, uh, they were a gift from a friend, so I’m not entirely sure where she got them,” Diamond says with an uncomfortable smile. Seeing that Lily seems intent on waiting for an answer, the redhead reaches into her bag and pulls out the packaging she had held onto, just in case she did get the chance to return them. “You can take a look, if you like.”
  27. “Thanks,” Lily says in a sing-song tone as she snatches the box and begins scanning it for the appropriate information. As she does, Diamond finds herself asking a question that she immediately regrets. “So, you said that the headphones were, what again?”
  29. “Uh, tries chick? Duh?” Lily giggles and rolls her eyes. “It’s, like, some kind of foreign phrase that means super classy, like, classier than three women at once? It’s pretty much the greatest compliment a girl can get.”
  31. “I see, well, thank you,” Diamond nods her head, while internally she’s left screaming that this girl is an absolute idiot. After a few minutes more, Lily deposits the box back on the table and flashes a smile.
  33. “M’kay, thanks. I think I got it.”
  35. “Good.”
  37. Diamond heaves a relieved sigh as she turns back to her books. But then the childish intonation echoes in her ears again. “There’s just, like, one thing that’s weird.”
  39. Taking a deep breath, the redhead lets it out slowly and turns back to Lily. “Which is?”
  41. “Well,” the blue-eyed bimbo purses her lips and frowns. “It’s just that those headphones say silver on the packaging. And they’re totally not.” Diamond glances down at the weighty ear covers around her neck. As she considers them, Lily continues. “I mean, are they like, special edition or something? Because I really want that particular color and if the only way to get them is through an online seller, I want to know.”
  43. Pressing her lips together in a thin line, Diamond looks down at the packaging in Lily’s hands again. After a moment of consideration, she looks up. “I noticed that too. It seems a little unusual, but I can’t say for sure one way or another. After all, they were a gift.”
  45. Lily makes a small, distressed sound and pouts. “But that doesn’t answer my question at all!” After a few seconds more of sulking, she brightens and smiles again. “In that case, could you ask your friend where she got them? You can tell me next time we see each other.”
  47. “I’m not going to make a habit of seeing you,” is what Diamond wanted to say, but instead it came out like this: “Sure, I think I can do that!” Complete with fake smile.
  49. “Great! Well, I’ll see you around, uh,” Lily’s uncertain note hangs in the air for a long while, the gears behind her eyes slowly turning as she struggles to remember a name she was never given. With a fair amount of reluctance, the redhead smiles from her seat and finally gives herself up.
  51. “Diamond Rose.”
  53. The girl’s face brightens immediately. “Oh right! Gawd, I can be such a ditz sometimes. Bye, Di!”
  55. And with that the associate minces back over to mingle with her own kind. Diamond lets loose a heavy sigh and looks over her scattered workstation. It’s going to take a little while to get things back the way she wants, not to mention the time already lost from the airhead interaction earlier. As she’s setting up her desk again, the redhead happens to look towards the front of the library and see the old librarian who booted her out before scowling in her direction. Like she were the one doing something wrong, being loud and inconsiderate!
  57. “Well, I suppose that’s enough for today,” she tells herself. Stacking the books up on the desk, she gathers her things and shoulders her bag. As she walks past the Associates table, Lily waves, and Diamond finds her hand wobbling back and forth as well, much to her chagrin. Gripping the shoulder of her bag tightly, she hurries out the library, before she can be influenced any further by the airhead.
  59. One ditz in her life is more than enough.
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