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Dual Core - Beginning of The End (Lyrics)

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Nov 30th, 2011
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  1. *It's the start of the end*
  2. *It's the beginning of the end* x4
  4. First thing's first,
  5. you'll be seeing a trend
  6. start with the background, leads to the end
  7. another youth story, it's about to unfold,
  8. but this time, this one's closer to home
  9. more than bad intensions and just malicious purpose,
  10. alone and growing up, almost felt I was a burden,
  11. you had a short fuse, here I am a short circuit,
  12. we all have flaws, and I know nobody's perfect,
  13. trouble from the start, it shouldn't be a shocker,
  14. glued to computers ever since I was a toddler,
  15. tryin to boot DOS on a blank screen then,
  16. remember me stuffing floppies in our old IBM,
  17. you came home from work and reacted so quick, floor covered with five and an quarter inch disks,
  18. don't worry yet, the drives were never broken,
  19. wait until I started with the phone line in Poland
  21. *It's the start of the end*
  22. *It's the beginning of the end* x4
  26. Now I'm online, tempted by the options, but I'm a teenager with plenty other problems,
  27. chemical inbalance, body goin through the changes,
  28. life in the questionable mindset stages,
  29. my friends online, they were hackin' for fun, and provided acceptance,
  30. at home I had none
  31. inspired programmer who noticed a draw,
  32. viruses,
  33. spammers,
  34. I coded it all
  35. Began to make a name, everybody wants a copy,
  36. compress it, encrypt it, save it to a floppy
  37. Slackspace swapped, there were more crazy tricks,
  38. I was servin' up wares on a 486
  39. Kept it all a secret, none of it pronounced,
  40. and the ISP called and suspended our account,
  41. couldn't give it up, had to bypass restrictions,
  42. yes, there is a substance, but it's different from addiction
  44. *It's the start of the end*
  45. *It's the beginning of the end* x4
  46. *It's not looking good, I just..I just..I just keep screwing up..What am I doing?*
  48. My life was a wreck, almost burned to the ground,
  49. but the case was dismissed, before the verdict was found
  50. A new person now, look, I turned it around
  51. So if I made a change, you can learn to be proud
  52. You got me through highschool, it wasn't a breeze,
  53. 6 years in college and I finished my degrees
  54. shifted to the right track, kicked it into gear,
  55. took the skills I developed and I made it a career
  56. average joe citizen, my record is clear
  57. benefits and wage, pay my taxes every year
  58. I'm sorry sorry that the gray hair will never be undone,
  59. but at least, you can now just be happy for your son
  62. *It's the start of the end*
  63. *It's the beginning of the end* x4
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