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  1. was walking down the street, still digesting that slutty croc while rubbing his gut. He was looking around for a bar to get a drink and spotted one in the distance. As he got to the entrance he made his way inside and went to sit at a booth and waved the bartender for a beer. The rest of the day, he drank a few beers while relaxing and breaking down his beer with some booze. As he drank his beer, his stomach gurgled loudly as it made its work on the croc, with the stomach no longer squirming but being a big round belly. Once night came, he payed his tab and took his leave. As he walked out the door, his stomach was smaller, still gurgling and Flint let out one last belch. Uuuooorrrrp! It echoed throughout the empty streets and he tasted the croc, jizz and beer in that burp. "Mmmnff......looks like the croc is gone." He said while licking his lips and patting his pudgy gut. "Going to the gym first thing in the morning to work you into my muscles and ass." Flint slaps his gut and continues down the street sidewalk. The inn he was going to was a long distance away and while walking, he felt a rumble and shift in his gut, a force in his anus. "Uh oh....gotta find a bathroom now...." Flint then looks around, trying to find a store nearby to release the croc out. "Hmmmm...." Flint then reached into his pocket and pulled out his pocket watch, he opened it and it was an hour past midnight. "Nothing is open right now....damn....wonder if I'll make-" Flint's speech was cut short from another rumble in hit gut and the force became more powerful in his anus. "Nope, definitely not going to make it. He looks around again, sees a alley way with a dumpster. He power walks to the alley, entering it and moves his way to the side of the dumpster. He looks around once more to make sure nobody is around and then started to squat. He lowered his pants and jock strap and started to take a few quick breaths. He felt as the waste was coming closer to his tail hole and lifted his tail. His pucker began to slowly open and a brown log peeked out, spreading his ass cheeks apart and slowly slides out, plopping right onto the ground, filled with scales and bones. Flint gave a grunt to force more of his waste out. "Hnnng!..." He winces and pushes, making another big log slide out his anus, again, filled with some scales and bones. He get's a relief after that one and following behind, the rest slides out naturally and easy, making loud slimy sounds as it escaped his ass and loud plopping sounds as it lands. He clenches and pushes, trying to push out the rest. He gives one big final push, making his face turn red, a big steaming log finally follows out his ass with the croc's skull pushing out along with it, making a very loud plop below the rex. He clenches a bit more to make sure no left over waste is on his anus and slides his pants back up. He turns around and admires his work a bit, looking at the skull that's looking right back at him. He bends over and pics it up and gives it a few more looks with a grin. "Heh, put you where you belong you worthless so called 'predator'. This is a good look for you now." Flint then takes his leave, tossing the skull into the dumpster, as he leaves the steaming pile of shit, to sit there, probably forever and forgotten in a dark, cold alleyway. Flint then starts to whistle a tune, followed by another thunderous, bubbling burp, that echoed throughout the streets. Uuorrrrrrrrrp!!
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