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  1. (12:28:02 PM) schemekc: Andrew Breitbart dead at 43
  2. (12:28:05 PM) schemekc: good riddance
  3. (12:30:19 PM) schemekc: "The term "patriot" is tossed around like a frizzby today, but few could wear it as well as Breitbart could. Had he been alive during the American Revolution, he would have been in the thick of it with Franklin,  Adams, Jefferson, Wasington et al.  America is deeply wounded with his loss"
  4. (12:30:20 PM) schemekc: HAHAHAHHAHA
  5. (12:30:22 PM) schemekc: HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA
  6. (12:31:40 PM) Josh Leap: I'm having trouble figuring out why this Andrew guy deserves my scorn.
  7. (12:31:44 PM) Josh Leap: 43's too young, shame.
  8. (12:31:48 PM) schemekc: "Leftist's are destined to embrace anarchy and chaos. It is a losing strategy. The peaceful warriors (conservative movement and Tea Party Patriots) will prevail at taking America back from the leftist infested Obama Regime."
  9. (12:31:48 PM) schemekc: LOL
  10. (12:31:57 PM) schemekc: Breitbart was another worthless scumbag yellow journalist
  11. (12:32:22 PM) schemekc: He purposely cut video and manufactured evidence on his "news" sites
  12. (12:32:30 PM) schemekc: He made up completely fake news
  13. (12:32:49 PM) schemekc: and he was paying people to try and tap the phones of Congress members Watergate style
  14. (12:32:51 PM) Josh Leap: It's activism. Whether I agree with what he did or not, he did more for what he believed in than I ever will in my life, lol.
  15. (12:32:56 PM) schemekc: presumably for members of the Republican party
  16. (12:33:01 PM) schemekc: It's not activism
  17. (12:33:04 PM) schemekc: He is not an activist
  18. (12:33:10 PM) Josh Leap: I don't see anything about tapping phones.
  19. (12:33:42 PM) schemekc: http://gawker.com/5548327/james-okeefe-guilty-in-phone-tap-caper
  20. (12:33:45 PM) schemekc: Breitbart employee
  21. (12:34:23 PM) schemekc: and that's the only time he's been caught
  22. (12:34:27 PM) schemekc: that's nothing to say he hasn't done more
  23. (12:34:32 PM) schemekc: though it's not to say he has
  24. (12:34:54 PM) Josh Leap: Probably deserved jail then, I don't see anything that makes me want to celebrate his death though.
  25. (12:35:04 PM) schemekc: I'm not celebrating his death
  26. (12:35:08 PM) Josh Leap: "good riddence"
  27. (12:35:08 PM) Josh Leap: lol
  28. (12:35:10 PM) schemekc: I'm saying that nothing of value was lost.
  29. (12:35:19 PM) schemekc: It's better for the world that people like him are dead
  30. (12:35:30 PM) schemekc: Condolences to his family, sure
  31. (12:35:50 PM) schemekc: But the man is part of what's wrong with the narrative created by media in this country
  32. (12:35:51 PM) Josh Leap: meh, I don't think I'm qualified to discern that.
  33. (12:35:57 PM) schemekc: I think i am.
  34. (12:36:12 PM) Josh Leap: celebrating your political opponents deaths is part of the rhetoric that blah blah blah badsauce
  35. (12:36:13 PM) schemekc: I know you have a "let it be" ethos, but I don't
  36. (12:36:21 PM) schemekc: It's not a matter of politics
  37. (12:36:29 PM) schemekc: I'd be perfectly happy if the guy who made DailyKOS died
  38. (12:36:38 PM) schemekc: This isn't left or right shit
  39. (12:36:39 PM) schemekc: It's not politics
  40. (12:36:45 PM) schemekc: It's about the poisoning of the media that happens
  41. (12:37:04 PM) schemekc: The man did many blatantly illegal things in order to try to influence people, and he got away with it (until dying)
  42. (12:37:07 PM) Josh Leap: In this instance, it's not a matter of my let it be ethos, I just think life is more valuable than you do.
  43. (12:37:25 PM) schemekc: 7 billion people on the planet, people die every day
  44. (12:37:29 PM) schemekc: At least today, one of them was someone who deserved to die
  45. (12:37:42 PM) Josh Leap: sure, and very rarely does another person's death make me happy.
  46. (12:37:58 PM) schemekc: By your logic, not a single person's death should make you unhappy
  47. (12:37:58 PM) Josh Leap: shit this guy did, meh, such superficial crimes.
  48. (12:37:59 PM) schemekc: or happy
  49. (12:38:23 PM) schemekc: And if your logic is "well they have to have personally crossed me in some way," that's a legitimate view, but that's exactly what I'm saying
  50. (12:38:30 PM) schemekc: He has crossed me because I have to put up with fucking bigots who listen to his lies
  51. (12:38:40 PM) schemekc: I have to put up with them voting based on this anger, which is in turn based on lies
  52. (12:38:47 PM) Josh Leap: you're drawing a lot of conclusions about my opinions!
  53. (12:38:54 PM) schemekc: I'm not drawing any
  54. (12:38:58 PM) schemekc: I was offering my interpretations of what you said
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