Deferment (Days 1 - 2)

Sep 30th, 2012
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  1. It has been 8 days since the portal first opened and I'm still not sure what to think. A fair number of of fans just up and left to be changed on day 1 but I've been a bit more reserved. I mean its a little too perfect. My biggest hangup is why they would do something like this and so sudden? Don't they realize that there's some issues with mass transforming humans into ponies? I can't see them getting anything good out of the exchange. Maybe I'm just being cynical or maybe buying into the rumors too much. People are saying that we're being brainwashed and there's going to be a war. I know it sounds silly but still, it’s scary to think about.
  3. Thinking about all this it makes me wonder why I volunteered to come to camp 4. I'm not actually ready to be transformed I'm not sure when that will be, maybe never, but they were surprisingly accommodating when I asked to learn more about the process. So here I am. I get to learn all I want about this and they get a human face around the camp. I suppose I'm lucky to have lived so close to where the portal opened. The portal actually isn't in Camp 4 but its close enough you can see it if you squint a little. Honestly the thing gives me a bit of a headache to look at I'm not entirely sure why. Apparently Camps 1, 2, 3, and 5 are on the other side in Equestria. Camp 6 is being built in DC, last I heard it was almost finished. I'm guessing they plan on building more soon but I haven't really had the chance to ask.
  5. I just moved in this evening really. After nightfall anyway. Hardly anypony was awake and a tour wasn't really feasible. Aside from a single guard at the gate and a pair of ponies who helped me carry my things I didn't see anyone. Apparently a fair number of the ponies live in camp 1 on the other side. Apparently most find it more comfortable back home and I suppose if I lived a short walk from a magical portal I might be inclined to agree. A bit of a letdown but I guess it makes sense. At least the three I met that night were friendly enough. For one of the ponies, an older filly, I was actually the first human they ever met.
  7. I probably didn't even need their help carrying my things. I didn't bring much with me, a few changes of clothes, this sketchpad which wasn't going to be used since I can't draw, washing supplies and a few useless electronics. I probably should have seen this coming but there isn't a single outlet in my room and as far as I know there's no electricity on the base. I suppose it's good that I brought the sketchpad, I can at least use this to write it. Though I suppose paper is something I could just ask for. Not a big deal either way.
  9. The cabin itself isn't too bad if a little small. It appears it was made for two ponies to share so the ceiling is a bit low but there's more than enough floor space. At least the bed is long enough or I am short enough to lay on it comfortably. Unfortunately I didn't really get the chance to ask many questions. The only thing they told me is that the two ponies in change here were Princess Cadence and with Rarity as a second in command. I was a little surprised to hear that the two of them would be here. I kind of expected to hear two names I didn't recognize but I suppose it’s better this way, maybe? If I'm lucky I'll be able to meet them both tomorrow and get started. That is assuming I'll ever be able to fall asleep.
  11. --------------------
  13. I suppose I’ll call that last entry Day 1 even if there wasn’t much day to it. Otherwise it would have to be day 0 and that sounds too nerdy and pretentious. But anyway, Day 2. I got a grand tour of the place today. The place actually looks more like a summer camp than anything else. I suppose it’s all the wood building and grass as opposed to concrete and dirt. No transformations were actually taking place today apparently they alternate days for transforming and rehabilitating. I was a little confused why they couldn’t do both at once since I had heard the transformation process was supposedly simple. That’s when I met the last batch of volunteers.
  15. I guess I had thought that it would be a simple little spell. First a human, then a little spell, then *poof* a pony! But I guess it wasn’t that simple. The new ponies in the infirmary looked absolutely terrible. Some looked sick, like they hadn’t slept in months or like they were going to vomit. Half the pegasi were missing a lot of feathers leaving them with sickly looking half skeletons of wings. The others, well, had a different sort of problem. Some just seemed to be staring blankly at the ceiling while others seemed to be shaking uncontrollably. One woke up and started screaming that he couldn’t feel anything.
  17. I was quickly escorted out of the building. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to have been there yet. Later in the day I was given an official apology by Rarity herself but a but at the time I was really shaken up. I half thought about sprinting to ineffectual perimeter fence jumping over it and running to the nearest town. Probably would have too if somepony hadn’t stopped me and calmed me down. Apparently the transformation wasn’t as easy as I expected. Biologically most were fine mentally though… Apparently the human mind doesn’t take kindly to being shoved into a miniature equine very well. Pain, nausea, loss of sensation. All kinds of things happened to recently transformed ponies. Some did better than others. Those who did worst ended up in the infirmary. Apparently 85% of them turned out a bit more normal.
  18. As if to prove their point they introduced me to At that point I was introduced to a few of these who been transformed the last cycle and were recovering much more quickly. They seemed a little bit stressed but they assured me it was due to getting used to 4 legs. Some were still having a bit of difficulty getting used to the new diet. In particular unicorns seemed to be having the most trouble. They didn’t have a full explanation for that. My gut tells me that this is probably overexertion from trying to use their magic when they aren’t even fully used to their own body. Of course I know next to nothing about magic and shit. I guess I’ll learn more about that as time goes on I suppose. I guess its new for the transformers as well as the transformees in that regard. You can only do so much testing without subjects.
  20. The ones from the most recent cycle didn’t seem quite as adjusted but compared to the ones in the infirmary it was still much more comforting. In fact, with these ponies it was almost comical watching them stumble about on +2 legs. One in particular kept trying only to use their back legs. Two steps forward, they’d fall on their face, right themselves, and start over again. I guess I hadn’t really thought about the whole two to 4 legs being a problem before but I guess if your mind is still treating your front limbs like hands you’re not going to associate them with walking are you?
  21. Lunch was ‘interesting’. And by interesting I mean you put food in front of 200 newly transformed ponies and try to get them to eat all you’re really going to get as a mess. If I ever do get changed I’m going to miss hands and silverware. At least I didn’t look too odd picking through my salad with my fingers. I never really considered myself much of a salad person but for some reason it was a lot better than usual. Not sure if it was due to the fact that at least I didn’t have to plunge my face into the bowl or if Equestrian vegetables and fruits actually make that much of a difference. Unfortunately I also found it to be highly disagreeable with my stomach. I’ve had cramps all afternoon. I may check with the doctors if it doesn’t get better.
  23. Of course at the end of the day I got to see off the last group as they left to make room for new ponies. A few who were still having issues were going to stay another cycle but most were going to go through the portal and go through further rehabilitation. Pegasai and Unicorns were a danger to themselves until they learn to fly/magic. Not too many Earth ponies in this batch but they would also get more training though I have to wonder what for. I hear that Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Applejack are helping to run those camps. I have to wonder how Fluttershy is even qualified to teach anyone to fly. Kept that bit to myself though.
  25. Of course Rarity was at the sendoff. It was after the ceremony that she offered her apology. It wasn’t that they were hiding it but she regretted having it sprung on me like that. She didn’t want that to be what people thought of the camps. She mentioned that the process isn’t perfect but just because it wasn’t pleasant didn’t mean that we shouldn’t fear it. If the public knew about the small fraction that struggles through the transformation it might not be allowed at all. I couldn’t say I understood completely. Couldn’t they just take it slower? Surely the process could be improved maybe have transformees go through some sort of therapy first.
  27. I did manage to ask about why they were doing the whole changing thing for us though and so suddenly. I was a little surprised when she told me straight that she couldn’t tell me but it was in our best interest. It made me a little nervous actually. I kind of wish she would have made something up. I couldn’t exactly think up a follow up question to that. The rest of the conversation was just filled with meaningless small talk I hardly remember but it all left me a little rattled. I mean she seemed nice but that question is going to bother me until I can get an answer. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to speak with Princess Cadence.
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