Last Night, I tasted death

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  1. Last night I went to sleep as normal, after bingeing through novels and videos. I would have liked to sleep as soon possible. But, two things prevented me. The first was the fear of what tomorrow entails. The second was the fear of permanently having my eyes closed and being in a state of suspended animation for eternity. Let alone the fears I have of the afterlife. As I was going to sleep, I closed my eyes and felt like I was floating in suspended animation. However, a state of panic immediately consumed me as though I was about to die. In other words, I felt like my sense of self or existence was going to disappear. Like I was diving deep into oblivion. I woke up in this state of panic and tried gasping for air. Perhaps due to being in this state of panic, I felt like I couldn’t even get a breath in. My body felt heavy, and I could barely lift my arm. If this is what death is like, then I really am not looking forward to it. Kind of like in the movies when the dying person looks up in a state of fear and is gasping for their last breath. Alas, immortality is only a pipe dream and faith is probably the only best option. Regardless, I steeled myself and drank some water on my bedside before deciding to dive deep into sleep again. Thankfully, this time I woke up. Though, it was already late into the evening. Maybe 4pm? Or 5pm? Somewhere around there. I forgot.
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