みずしま レオナ — form :: -leoshi ❥ love letter

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  1. "↻ REWIND
  3. — username :
  4.        ❈ -leoshi
  6. — slot :
  7.        ❈ pretty u
  9. — back up slot :
  10.        ❈ mansae
  12. — password :
  13.        ❈ seventeen
  15. — face claim :
  16.        ❈ jeon hee-jin :: heejin — 희진 ❥ LOOΠΔ
  18. — back-up face claim :
  19.        ❈ jo ha-seul :: haseul — 하슬 ❥ LOOΠΔ
  21. ↻ A
  23. — name :
  24.        ❈ mizushima leonna :: 미즈시마 레여나 :: みずしま レオナ
  26. — nickname/s :
  27.        ❈ leon :: 레연 :: レオん — usually her friends, it's a shortcut for her name
  28.        ❈ disappointment :: 실망 :: しつぼう — herself mostly, self-given nickname whatsoever
  29.        ❈ lion :: 사자 :: ライオン — her friends whenever she gets mad, usually she has an angel face on but can kick your ass whenever agitated
  30.        ❈ princess :: 공주님 :: ひめ — love interest, because of her princess-like features and manners, also because she's docile
  31.        ❈ angel :: 천사 :: でんし — herself, claims herself as an angel because she's 'holy' and 'innocent' as she says
  33. — date of birth :
  34.        ❈ 29 :: 05 :: 1999 ー may 29, 1998
  36. — birthplace :
  37.        ❈ hiroshima, honshu island :: japan (にっぽん)
  39. — hometown :
  40.        ❈ jeongseon, gangwon-do :: south korea (대한민국)
  42. — age :
  43.        ❈ 20
  45. — nationality :
  46.        ❈ japanese ❥ にほんご
  48. — ethnicity :
  49.        ❈ korean ❥ 한인 — asian
  51. — height :
  52.        ❈ 157 cm.
  54. — weight :
  55.        ❈ 49 kg.
  57. ↻ HARD CARRY
  59. — personality :
  60.                                 × ❝i have quite the twists and turns regarding my persona,❞ ×
  62.        「 sensitive 」 ::
  63.                  ❈ leonna is a fragile girl. insults affect her quite easily, yet she prefers not to show it to the public- and even to her close friends. they just hurt her, but she isn't the type to cry about it. with her sensitiveness, she still outlooks to an optimistic side, so for an instance, whenever someone does hurt her feelings, she sees it as a way for her to improve her well-being. thus, why she is hardly seen sad or angry, she is someone who is quite the optimist. leonna tends to laugh off whenever things affect her, just to mask that she isn't really hurt. getting to the roots of her sensitiveness to the point where she'll tell you about everything that she feels will be a challenge to anyone.
  65.        「 princess-like 」 ::
  66.                  ❈ her manners are definitely top-notch though. this female has the elegance and grace, in contrast to her looks. you'll never see her with her back-slouched ever, even if she's such in a confusing state of mind, her posture is always there. she has amazing etiquette both in public and private to add that, if you act quite impolite and show disrespectful manners, prepare to be given a lecture from her, she won't let that pass through, ever. in addition to this, she isn't used to dirty places and mainly focuses on beauty appeals, intricate designs are her aesthetic. also, she doesn't scold just like that, she'll scold you with grace and finesse, and will most likely refrain from shouting if it's a minor manner.
  68.       「 ambiverted 」 ::
  69.                  ❈ it really depends on the atmosphere plus the mood if she's up for some fun and adventure, or just plainly wants some alone time doing nothing. if she's with her friends, the approachable aura is there; as she tends to laugh and smile often when she's with companions. whenever she's alone though, she's quiet and reserved, she'll throw some small smiles here and there, but she wouldn't really reveal her mischievous side. she has that really soft approach, so you'd think she's innocent and quiet, though once she's comfortable with someone- beware, she's a firecracker. to add that, she looks out to the real world, disdaining the sugar-coated, fluffy, and filled with fantasies universe, the part of the world where people find horrid, not the shallow part where you only see the good bits of the world.
  71.       「 antisocial」 ::
  72.                  ❈ she would prefer to stay at home, either watching an anime series or drawing or whatever, than socialize and interact. she never finds bliss in mingling, unless the latter is the first one to approach her. if she does find a person with the same likes and interests, she does initiate the conversation at times. but overall, when it's not mandatory, leonna wouldn't dare to socialize- in fact, she claims that she's allergic to humans, and would only ever socialize when told to.
  74.         「 angel in disguise 」 ::
  75.                  ❈ yes, it's a surprise, because whenever you meet her, she will approach you all nice and innocent, having an embodiment of an angel. she will come off as quiet and reserved at first, but when she grabs the chance, i bet you, she has topics every time. she's only ever open to brief parts of her feelings, if you're her close friend, she'll rub tons of fact about herself to your face, and likewise, you'd think that she's a really open person, in fact, those are only bits of her life, she isn't comfortable with exposing too much. if you're a close friend of hers, she would probably roast you without shame as well, however of course, she knows her limits. she understands every sexual innuendo there is, just in secret though. however, when she's with her friends, she'll throw innuendos at random circumstances, and won't even feel ashamed. here's a fact though, if you're her love interest and if you fight back to her innuendos with the same humor, it's no doubt she'll get pretty flustered. humble at first, although narcissistic at the end, she can rub her achievements without feeling guilty at all, this results her being overly cocky and obnoxious. she knows her limits though, and refrains to go overboard (but fails).
  77.         「 demanding 」 ::
  78.                  ❈ what she wants, is what she gets. with her cute face, elegance, and height, no one can believe that this fluffball can be a fury ball of rage. always wants attention towards her. she will fight to get what she wants, she is just incredibly too persistent; don't even try to argue with her, she'll do anything just to prove that she's right. she'll even act cutely in order to allure people and follow her demands, that's how you know how much she wants something. lowkey possessive actually, especially with possessions and her significant others, not the possessive type where she's like, "don't go near her, you're mine." but instead, "awe that's cute! you want to go with her? that's fine~ you're still mine though, right? okay?" like in a cutesy way, so at least you get the hint. plays innocent very well, she can tantalize you with her looks. she also wants to have attention 24/7.
  80. — background :
  82.         「 unusual 」 ::
  83.                  ❈ leonna's life wasn't those cliché, carefree childhood that most individuals underwent. she wasn't under the happy mask of smiles and laughters, but wasn't the opposite either. it wasn't somber to say so the least. having a doll-like face and structure might make you think that it made life difficult for a person like mizushima leonna. everyone that had laid their eyes on her petite figure merely would have an assumption of her being a non-living entity — but instead of getting offended, she somehow found it as a way of compliment about her looks plus personality, it wasn't until she realized that they only wanted her body — and that realization only hit her when she started getting comfortable and having a talk-to-talk session with her love interest.
  85.         「 sheltered 」 ::
  86.                  ❈ lived in japan but her parents were thinking of moving to south korea, but the idea is still tentative of migrating. some say that her youth was 'wasted' by doing nothing but learning etiquette, manners, doing traditions, everything that a woman compromises of. however, it wasn't like leonna minded — for her, it was perfectly normal, she grew up in an atmosphere like that, so she'd obviously find comfort in it. as a child, leonna lacked social contact, developing her weak social skills. these years made her fluent in japanese, however, she was korean, so her parents taught her korean so at least when they do move there, she has the ability to communicate to korean residents. then she met her grandparents who just came back from the states when she was seven, who taught her english accordingly.
  88.         「 expectations 」 ::
  89.                  ❈ her parents had quite the standards with her achievements, this had also resulted in making her despise losing, she liked winning, and even takes pride in it. an imaginative and creative mind was always in this individual, although it may not show due to her quietness — her mind already has a lot to say, it's just that she prefers to keep it, in hopes to not form a sort of quarrel. she was a talkative one during her younger days, and was actually outgoing and adventurous; not to mention that she was fearless. right after when she discovered fanfictions and dank memes, we can say that she kind of distanced herself from the outside world, immersing herself in literature and the boundaries of the internet, her parents actually got concerned because of the lack of interaction she was getting, so they still try to make her the least formidable and ladylike by bringing her during business trips (even if she hated it). they didn't really budge about what her interests are, as long as she's safe plus she keeps a high grade
  91. — habit/s :
  92.         ❈ eye-fucking her love interest when she sees him with glasses
  93.         ❈ puffing her cheeks
  94.         ❈ mentally judging people 24/7
  95.         ❈ swearing (when people aren't around/only to her close friends)
  97. — hobby/ies :
  98.         ❈ drawing traditionally/digitally
  99.         ❈ writing/reading smut
  100.         ❈ watching anime
  102. — trivia/s :
  103.         ❈ i. secretly has a daddy kink
  104.         ❈ ii. has a folder in her notes filled with smut and her kinks, don't ask why
  105.         ❈ iii. her phone gallery is 80% dank memes
  106.         ❈ iv. she likes throwing sexual jokes here and there but whenever her love interest inflicts them back, she's openly vulnerable which ends up in her getting too flustered to fight back. she also eye-fucks her love interest whenever she sees him with glasses.
  107.         ❈ v. she has small hands and sensitive gums plus teeth. thus why she dislikes too cold or too hot food, and despises the fact that her hands are always getting called cute. but even though they are small, she's good at using them ;))).
  108.         ❈ vi. isn't awkward with males at all if they start to befriend her and if she's comfortable with them. with her sweetness and gentleness, she tends to attract boys but never really minds them unless they seem a fun individual to be with. sometimes causes her significant other to emanate jealousy.
  109.         ❈ vii. with her literate preface, she can write a well-plotted smut in english anytime.
  110.         ❈ viii. a very light drinker. can't drink and when she does, she gets drunk very easily.
  111.         ❈ ix. is actually really popular on instagram, has around 700,000 followers due to her looks and selfies. plus her approachable aura in the internet.
  112.         ❈ x. her ideal type is someone who can be a cute, fluffy hamster but daddy material at the same time. probably someone who's possessive and overprotective of her. passionate and can keep up with her sense of humor, hardworking as well. can be dominant and lastly, looks good with glasses.
  113.         ❈ xi. multilingual ::
  114.                      ❈ japanese ❥ にほんご :: semi-fluent
  115.                      ❈ korean ❥ 한국어 :: fluent
  116.                      ❈ english :: fluent
  117.                      ❈ chinese ❥ 中文 :: basic
  119. — like/s :
  120.             ❈ pastel colors
  121.             ❈ kpop music converted into piano
  122.             ❈ love live! school idol festival (a rhythm game)
  123.             ❈ swimming
  124.             ❈ dank memes
  125.             ❈ board games
  126.             ❈ smut in english
  127.             ❈ english literature
  128.             ❈ cute and fluffy things, regardless of how dangerous they are
  129.             ❈ love interest wearing glasses
  131. — dislike/s :
  132.             ❈ doing chores
  133.             ❈ imperfection
  134.             ❈ dirty places
  135.             ❈ losing in board games
  136.             ❈ waking up way too early
  137.             ❈ children
  138.             ❈ being ignored
  139.             ❈ cliché and badly written fanfictions
  141. ↻ JUST RIGHT
  143. — love interest :
  144.         ❈ kwon soonyoung :: 호시 — hoshi
  146. — back up :
  147.         ❈ choi seungcheol :: 에스큽스 — s.coups
  149. — nickname/s for him :
  150.         ❈ daddy
  151.         ❈ hoeshit
  152.         ❈ soonyoung-kun (because you know she knows japanese and same with him and stuff yeah)
  153.         ❈ prince (because she's 'unintentionally' the princess whatsoever)
  155. — how you two met :
  156.         ❈ it was when soonyoung was practicing choreography for their upcoming release inside a room. one of the teachers said that this 'mizushima leonna' person was supposed to give him criticism regarding his moves and all. he heard of this leonna person due to her popularity around the campus (being one of the most elegant and poised students, of course she'd gain attention). the teachers trusted leonna to give feedback to soonyoung because of her middle-class background plus the fact that she's a perfectionist and is a painstakingly meticulous person. leonna knew soonyoung as well due to his popularity also, but she was never desperate to know him.
  158.         ❈ once leonna entered the room, she bowed politely at soonyoung who was just at the middle of his practice, saying a greeting and then proceeding towards an empty seat to begin the judging. 'fuck he's hot‘ was the first thing that appeared in leonna's mind once she first laid eyes towards soonyoung this close, she indeed had seen him, but she never knew that this is how he truly looked like up close. therefore at that point, she quite understood the idea of the other female students swooning over him. if she didn't need to keep such a classy and elegant profile, she might've swooned over him too.
  160.         ❈ after soonyoung showed her, you can say that leonna was a but starstruck on how sharp and smooth his moves were. she gave him a small smile, before saying all her feedback. although leonna does admit he might fit her ideal type, whenever she's giving a constructive crticism, she doesn't let those things faze her. once she was finished, she just ended it with a 'you're doing well enough, just keep up the good work and a little tweaks here and there would be perfect. no wonder you're the leader of the performance unit'.
  162.         ❈ after that, soonyoung approached where leonna was sitting and offered a hand to her. taken aback, leonna shook it nevertheless and gave him a heartwarming smile after, as they both introduced themselves. that smile made soonyoung's heart skip a beat — as if he could read through it. although with leonna's classy profile, somehow he knew that there was more to her. she's not all that elegant and poised probably, there's just something in her aura that made soonyoung want to know her better. but he didn't know what.
  165. — why did he fall for you?
  166.         ❈ days have passed right after soonyoung and leonna's first meeting, they'd talk in the hallways, sharing a few sentences here and there, however, none really attempted to long a conversation, maybe because they were both shy? who knows. anyway, it was one day (or night) when soonyoung was still inside the campus to practice. oddly, he saw the room he usually practices on had its lights open, what made him curious is that nobody really goes to that room except him because well, it is specialized for him only, so the fact that it was lit made him a bit bewildered.
  168.         ❈ through the glass, he could decipher that a student was inside the room, although he can't really recognize who the student was, due to the glass being not clearly visible (you see those kind of glass in shower room thingies? the one you drape a curtain over in the shower, yeah. that was the type of glass in the room.) he opened the door, afraid of making any noise that could disturb the person inside. so when he entered, he immediately knew it was leonna, on her laptop, editing something.
  170.         ❈ afraid to startle the now tired girl, he sat beside her — with leonna still oblivious that soonyoung was already beside her. he mumbled a light 'hey', catching the female's attention. it was obvious she was tired and was lacking rest, but she still managed to flash soonyoung a cute smile which made his heart skip a beat once again.
  172.         ❈ he asked her what she was doing and she responded that the school made her edit some things for an upcoming event, nonetheless actually help with seventeen's visuals and graphic designs, of course — being one of the advanced students regarding these stuff, she immediately agreed. however, she didn't know that it would be this tiring for her to actually work until the moon rises. with a chuckle, she even told soonyoung she brought a onesie and a sleeping bag because she might end up sleeping inside the school just to do these works — at least that's what one of the school staffs said, and leonna does believe that it might be true.
  174.         ❈ soonyoung felt pity for her because she has to sleep inside the campus just to finish her work, and besides that, seventeen also has to do something with it. what most  caught his attention and made him fall for her was her dedication and effort into making this project, she was actually really passionate like him for dancing and her with graphic design, as if it was her whole world. this caught him off-guard, because he never knew such a reserved and calm person would work her butt off. therefore, not thinking twice, he decided to sleep in the campus as well.
  176.         ❈ leonna, astonished and flustered, asked him if he even had some pajamas and a sleeping bag, soonyoung took something out from a cabinet in the room, his pajamas and sleeping bag. leonna couldn't really retort since the room eventually 'belonged' to soonyoung, therefore she needed to just go on with everything we wishes.
  178.         ❈ with that one night inside the campus though, it was as if leonna and soonyoung already knew each other for a long time. they were being really playful inside the room clad with their nighttime outfits. what soonyoung couldn't believe was that there was more in this poised facade of leonna, he realized that they have the compatibility which just made soonyoung completely fall head over heels for her. as if she wasn't the mizushima leonna with a reserved aura, as if she was a different kind of person — having fun, loud, energetic, hyper- every personality trait of hers was revealed to soonyoung in such a short span of time, and with that, he felt honored because he got to know leonna's true side shortly. therefore with this, he started falling for her — and it was quite quickly, honestly.
  180. — how is he when he is around you?
  182.                 ❈ beginning ::
  183. *      soonyoung never found her intimidating even with that aura of hers and would always try to speak to her. the way that she criticized him filled with honesty but not to the point of degrading someone caught his attention, and you'll rarely see that people. soonyoung wasn't this type of person, but something in him just persisted to know her better, so he still decided to go on with the flow. she seemed like she had a promising personality, she was pretty much nice and chill towards him. therefore he's all nice and open towards her as well, he has heard some things regarding leonna, her close friends talking about how hyperactive she is — therefore this also made him become desperate in knowing her.
  185.                 ❈ middle ::
  186. *      a few weeks passing they start to act normally and have conversations about their daily lives from time to time, other things being talked about when mandatory. he ends up trying to endure all her bullshit (a.k.a memes) but she just won't stop, so he'd either try to make her become flustered (to make her flustered is to tease her sexually lol) if it takes to make her stop sending pointless memes, which actually succeeds. he's filled with teasing and would accompany her frequently to her destinations.
  188.                 ❈ end ::
  189. *      his thoughts are pretty much bombarded with her. their conversations honestly last up to around three AM, if not, they'd actually betray sleep just to talk to each other, they've stirred up some rumors that they have a thing with each other along the way, but nothing too serious. he has started becoming clingy, cute, and possessive, a sucker for pda with her. he'd be playful to her wherever, not even caring when the other students tease them of being a couple. since she's an individual with such a radiant aura and open approach, she attracted other students along the way. so he'd always be beside her most of the times to shoo the other males away.
  191. — how are you around him?
  192.                 ❈ beginning ::
  193. *       leonna acted nice and would greet him here and there, she hid the fact that she actually had taken a liking to soonyoung starting from the day she was assigned to judge him, the way that he was so passionate about dancing made her heart flutter in excitement already. plus, it was a surprise to her that he could actually fit her standards, which are quite high and unreachable according to her. leonna tried her best to hide the fact that she had taken a liking to soonyoung, having a need to keep that high profile of hers.
  195.                 ❈ middle ::
  196. *       at times even — he'd be the only reason as why she'll have that smile creep upon her face. she'd acted more casual to him, updating him on stuff on what she does on a daily basis. her day would immediately brighten up when she sees him, and she'd approach him whenever he's there, stirring up a conversation, at this point, they're unlikely to shut up, maybe even inseparable. being that person who falls easily, she already knew she had developed feelings for him, but she chose to keep it a secret from him and everyone else she knew.
  198.                 ❈ end ::
  199. *      might be gone randomly because they talk 25/8, most likely having sleepless nights of endless talking to each other, her feelings obviously increased, she is moreover fully open and would most likely spoil him. leonna would get surprised whenever soonyoung would approach her and get all possessive, it's as if they were a couple, of course leonna didn't take this personally, since they are pretty much best friends at this point, it would be normal for him to send things like this. soonyoung became clingier too her, even becoming possessive of her towards the other seventeen members. even with this though, leonna is planning on confessing soon.
  201. — what will be the status in the end?
  202.                 ❈ lovers/couple :----)
  206. — slot closest to and why?
  207.                 ❈ mansae ;;
  208.                           ❈ because leonna is quite multilingual, she's close to her because of the lack of fluency 'mansae' has regarding korean, she's always there to help her translate stuff. she's also the first person where leonna had revealed her true side to, and they became close due to the fact that leonna's helpful to her in terms of speaking and languages. mansae is also open about leonna's true personality therefore that's why they are one of the most closest duo.
  210. — slot least closest to and why?
  211.                 ❈ jam jam ;;
  212.                           ❈ it's not because leonna hates 'jam jam' or something, it's because 'jam jam' is a person who's shy and actually is intimidated by leonna a lot because leonna has a straight face most of the time, and her aura is cool and reserved, making 'jam jam' distance herself from her, afraid that leonna might scold her — with leonna though, she's afraid that if she might get close to 'jam jam', she might infiltrate her mind because for all so we know, leonna was never innocent in the first place. but she does approach 'jam jam' when she gets the chance, as if treating her as a smol child.
  214. — suggested scenes w/ the other slots :
  215.                 ❈ school sleepover!
  216.                 ❈ where they all got detention for some reason
  217.                 ❈ where they tried practicing one of seventeen's choreographies and songs, each of them portraying as their love interest
  218.                 ❈ where they played board games!
  219.                 ❈ fast q&a regarding their love interests
  221. — suggested scenes w/ love interest :
  222.                 ❈ where they were both alone and soonyoung decided to mess with leonna. so he put alcohol in her water and knowing that she was a light drinker, he wanted to find out what would happen if a person like leonna gets drunk. so when she did get drunk, she started calling soonyoung,'daddy' and other r-18 stuff that turned soonyoung on. (kill me pls)
  223.                 ❈ where they played board games and every time someone loses, the loser has to strip one piece of clothing
  224.                 ❈ where soonyoung gave leonna a ring with the shape of a star because 'hoshi', and soonyoung has a ring with the shape of a moon because the stars and moon work together in harmony.
  225.                 ❈ where soonyoung found all leonna's kinks inside her notes in her phones and decided to tease her about it
  226.                 ❈ where leonna lost her shit when soonyoung wore glasses
  228. ↻ NEVER EVER
  230. — did i forget something?
  231.                 ❈ at this point, i think you didn't HAHAHAHA anyway i just want to say ashkldjfjsms i love this af aND SLOT BC IM A SUCKER FOR THESE KIND OF SLOTS so i hope u like my form !! its currently 2:17 AM where i am so i need to sleep but whatever HAHAHAHA so i hope u excuse some typos i made bc im pretty much half-awake but dont hesitate to holler at me when i did bc i will correct them !!
  233. — tips on how to arrange my schedule, to better updating etc.
  234.                 ❈ i think having a schedule would help. but the most convenient tip i'd give is using the time you're free on trying to progress each chapter! don't overwork yourself though !!
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