Sarah's new home

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  1. [11:37] *[user]CaramelBunny[/user] Sarah sighed a bit, she was finally done getting everything at least into her new apartment. The bunny stretching a bit as she set that last box down. She at least had the furniture in place. SHe just really needed the little things unpacked and put up. GRanted, she didn't really care at the time, she was exhausted really. She finally left that retail job she hated, having a little bit of  retirement money and a good bank account cushion for a good while, she sighed and soon flopped down onto the couch she had. Sighing a bit as she relaxed there, looking up at the ceiling, granted she also had to worry about what she was going to do now that she wasn't going to be working. The rabbit herself dressed in a blue t-shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts, even just leaving her door open for the time, even knowing she should go over to close and lock it.
  3. [11:43] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] walked in, bringing a wrapped gift.  She wore a tight pair of jeans that showed off her enormous bulging cock and balls while her shirt struggled to conceal her breasts.  She looked at her new neighbor, waving as her bulge spread down her leg thanks to her hardening girldick.  “Oh my!  My new neighbor is the same bunny on those candy commercials!?  I must say, it’s been a while, been doing well since they stopped airing?”
  5. [11:46] *[user]CaramelBunny[/user] Sarah's ears twitched a little bit as she sat up and seeing the skunk girl walk in, thoguh her eyes widened as she saw that bulge in those jeans and even as it started to spread."Oh.. um.. yeah hey there."Her cheeks darkening now."Yeah I'm your new neighbor, Sarah, its nice to meet you."she smiled."though.. I mean, I did work retail for a little bit after those stopped airing but more or less retiring on the money for now."
  7. [11:53] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] blushes, star struck as she is.  She hands her the box, a genuine but almost devious smile on her face.  “Sorry for bathing in.  Why don’t you take this retirement gift as an apology for my rudeness?”  Her cock was now starting to give her jeans a true test, her third leg going down that right leg starting to rip the denim prison it was contained in.
  9. [11:55] *[user]CaramelBunny[/user] Sarah herself took the box after a little bit, granted it didn't change where her eyes were glued and onto that cock. Biting her lower lip as she nodded a bit, watching as htat length was really wanting free and out of that tight prison."I.. oh its fine. Not a bother at all, since i left my door open."
  11. [11:59] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] smiles as she sees her new neighbor eying her dick.  Unsurprisingly, given that it literally made a few new holes in her pants.  When the bunny opened the package she smiled a bit more devilishly, her whole foot-long slab of girl meat ripping those jeans even more as the denim clung for real life.  In the box was an XXXL cockvore-grade condom.  “I figured since you’re retiring, and you’ve been my celebrity crush since I was a kid, would you be willing to... ‘sign an autograph’ one last time?”
  13. [12:02] [user]CaramelBunny[/user]: Sarah soon pried her eyes away, knowing it was rude to stare even if she didn't think that the other girl minded at all after all. Though her cheeks went near crimson seeing that condom."Oh.. oh I um.."She swallowed hard."Y.. you want.. you want me to bea  trophy and permanently retire?"She swallowed hard as she squirmed a bit. Her eyes drifting back to that cock as she was thinking about it.
  15. [12:07] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] nods, her cock throbbing through the ripped denim as she pulled it out and lost her pants.  Just a shirt and sneakers now as her musky orbs have off an alluringly pungent aroma of her pheromones.  “Yep!  I figured it would be the best way to show my love and for you to show your love to your fans!  If you want, I could just shoot the load you make down my own throat and you can be a part of me forever~”
  17. [12:10] *[user]CaramelBunny[/user] The rabbit whimpered a bit as her legs pressed torgether seeing that cock fully revealed to her."I.. I can.. can't really say no to such a devoted fan now can I? And.. um.. well dea.. dealers choice rather you want me as a trophy or want to just double churn me down to sit on that wonderful chest and hips of yours of course."she whimpered and soon handed the condom back to the skunk for if she wanted to use it or not."Though.. I mean.. I can give one last ride if you would like or did you want to go ahead an.. and get to the main event as it were?"
  19. [12:12] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] smiled as her cock bounced with joy.  “Let’s get on with it, shall we?  I think adding that caramel-flavored cream you’ll be to me and sucking myself off sounds way better.  Maybe I’ll just spit a bit into the condom?  Just, why don’t you autograph my balls and the condom, just in case?”
  21. [12:17] [user]CaramelBunny[/user]: Sarah whimpered a bit."Aww.. al.. alright."sHe was more just trying to think about it all. Soon taking a bit of time as she went over and grabbed a quick-dry sharpie."Oh.. um.. of course."She soon came back over, and soon signing that condom. Then after wards getting down to her hands and knees, near nuzzling into taht cock a little bit as she signed her name along those balls. Soon after, she leaned over and kissed along the base of that cock."W.. want me to go feet, head or.. or ass first?"She soon started to strip down, that top coming off and soon those shorts with her panties soon after and tossing them all to the side eagerly.
  23. [12:22] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] giggles as that marker tickles her balls.  “Say, why don’t we just fuck first.  I want to hear my idol howl about how much she needs to retire in my spunk spheres~!”  Her balls jostled as she picked Sarah up pressed her cock tip against the bun’s wet, pussy.  She intended to fuck her quickly, maybe inflate her with skunk Spunk before she shoved her down her penis one last time.  “Mind if we do this quickly?  Standing?  Loving all the same, of course~”
  25. [12:25] [user]CaramelBunny[/user]: Sarah almost nodded immediately at that, helping to stand up and shuddered a bit as she felt that cock press against her."Of.. of course. That.. that's fine. I.. I'm looking forward to getting to my re.. retirement home."She shuddered as she ground down against that cock head. Only helping to smear those juices along that cock head.
  27. [12:28] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] pushes in, her cock that was once bent downward now lifting the bunny up as it formed a bulge in her tummy.  She managed to take all twelve inches like a true champ, even if it meant she couldn’t get her feet on the ground.  Yvette pinned her against the wall, using it as traction to thrust in and out with ease.  “Glad to hear you’re as excited as I am, my love!  I’m sure your thick rump and thighs will make you a much bigger load than someone would expect from a cute little thing like you~!”
  29. [12:35] *[user]CaramelBunny[/user] Sarah nodded a bit as she shuddered and panting out, letting out a deep moan as she felt that cock pressing into her. Kicking her feet as she nodded a bit, her mouth hanging open in a heated pant and moan as that cock started to thrust in and out of her. Her arms coming up and wrapping around Yvette's shoulders as her elgs came up and around her a little bit."I.. I hope so.. I.. I really hope you love churning me down."Her folds gripped eagerly along that cock as it worked inside of her.
  31. [12:40] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] grunted as she thrust in one last time and cried in orgasm.  Her spunk shot out in copious ropes, leaving Sarah potbellied by the end of it all.  When they’re both sitting down, her cock removed from the bunny, she gives her a deep kiss on the lips, slipping her tongue in her mouth as she slid her large paws into her cock.  It clamped down hard, but comfortably snug and continued to yank her inside.  “Tanks for this, Sarah.  Getting to add my childhood crush to me and also unload her into a condom?  Well, you just made my dream come true.  I’d wanted to do this ever since puberty~”  she kissed her again.  “Thank you for being my new load of bubbling, thick nut cream~!”
  33. [12:45] *[user]CaramelBunny[/user] Sarah let out a squeal as that cock thrusts in and soon poured that seed deep inside of her. Shuddering a bit as she felt that stomach swelling out. Shuddering as she was soon lifted up and soon leaning into that kiss as she murred out softly, Whimpering as she felt that cock slip around her feet and starting to pull her in. Nodding a bit."Of.. of course. I..  on god.. I'm.. I';m realy doing that."She bit her lowe lip as she nodded."I.. I really.. really hope you enjoy me.. me squirming while I do."
  35. [12:47] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] holds her meal close as her cock greedily feasts on the sweet caramel rabbit.  “Oh... oh how I will, Sarah!”  She plants another kiss on her, swallowing up her calves and knees as her toes tickle the entrance to her balls.  “You’re gonna make such a good load!  I bet it’ll be enough to keep a trophy and swallow some!”
  37. [12:49] [user]CaramelBunny[/user]: the rabbit whimpered as she let out a yelp as she squirmed a bit more feeling her swallowed down."A.. A.. alright sounds.. sounds wonderful.'she whimpered as she felt her just slowly swallowed down more and more into taht cock, that rear wriggling and pulling down into that cock."Oh.. oh I.. I can't believe I'm doing this."
  39. [12:53] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] yips a bit as she sucks in her egregiously thick thighs with a lurid [b]SCHLRRRRRRRRRK![/b]  “b-believe it, Sarah!  You’d gonna be my sperm!  I hope you’re enjoying this...  I can’t really let people go when my balls are this hungry...”  [b]GRRRRRRRLK![/b]. Those hefty, womanly testicles of hers released those ominous noises to remind the lagomorph just how final this decision she made was.  Already her feet were softening,  feeling fur fall off before she lost feeling in her toes as they melted off of her body in gooey chunks and bubbles away inside those deadly spunk spheres.
  41. [12:56] *[user]CaramelBunny[/user] Sarah  let out a yelp at that suck in from that cock, shuddering a bit as she kicked a little bit."Oh.. oh fu.. fuck I.. I'm going.. going to be cock.. cock food. and.. and I am. I.. I don't know why but.. but I can't help but love the idea that I.. I'm going to be nothing but a load your going.. going to keep and show off."she whimpered out as she felt her feet slowly losing feeling."Oh.. you.. your balls are.. are already working my feet.. I.. I don't think I'm going to even be able to squirm when I get down there."
  43. [13:00] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] feels her heart pounding as she lovingly embraces her bunny food.  “Yes!  And soon you’ll be adding to those balls and even my whole body as well!  I love you, Sarah!  I can’t tell you how much this means to me!  Give yourself up!  Become the bunny spunk slurry you were born to be!  Let me have you forever, my love~!”  Now those feet were dripping away off the bunny’s ankles, which were already a heady gelatinous sludge further liquify in gas her mass was decondensed from pudge and thick bunny flesh into a thick and creamy caramel-flavored pool of skunk sperm.  She took up the girl’s hips, confirming just how impossible the chance of escape was.
  45. [13:02] *[user]CaramelBunny[/user] Sarah just nodded a bit, her hands slipping downa nd pressing agianst htat cock head as it got to her hips, fully entrapping her wanting to make sure she couldn't try and get out."I.. I love you too. Please.. please ma.. make me down into that bunny cock snot I want to be. I.. I want to be nothing but caramel cum for.. for you to enjoy."she whimpered, unable to even kick her feet and that was just oh so better, knowing that she was almost going to instantly churn up."Ma.. make sure you.. you let everyone know I.. I'm in that condom, wha.. what you put in atleast."
  47. [13:06] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] slurps you here torso in about a minute, feeling her thighs liquify as her hips are dunked into that ballbatter that used to be her.  Yvette grabs the condom, reading the name on it and involuntarily swallowing harder, up to the bunny’s chest.  She gives her one last sloppy and overly loving kiss, pulling away with a spit trail as her cock begins to eat up the last of her neck and crawls up her head.  “Thank you.  I love you so much, Sarah... or should I call you spunk now?”  Her tone was wobbly with love, not nearly as devilishly teasing as one would expect.
  49. [13:11] [user]CaramelBunny[/user]: Sarah was panting, her lower half was softening almost as soon as it slipped in, those thighs losing form with that fur sloughing off of her as they were slowly deposited in, she wasn't even going to curl in this sack! Panting and shuddering as what was slipped in and churning into mush, granted her bones were slwoly just settling at the bottom of that sludge shew as churning into. Lenaing inot that kiss the best she could, nodding even as her cherst and soon her head was swallowed up."Sp.. spunk, nut. nut sludge what.. what ever you want. I.. I don't care.."she whimpered, granted soon just those ears were poking out and soon after there ywere swallowed down even as she was deposited into that sac, bulging out in her shape, granted that was slowly going down, her fur gone now as her body softened, her torso taking a litlte bit of time as she barely able to let out a moan as that sack was working her down fairly quickly and that form smoothing out inside those balls of Yvette's.
  51. [13:20] *[user]Yvette Polis[/user] shivered with compassion.  She felt and even heard one last, lovingly ominous [b]BLWUUURRRRRRRRRRRKKK![/b]  “Thank you, nutsludge~”  With that, the skunk had finished off her childhood crush.  She was nothing but a slurry of caramel-flavored reproductive material.  Slipping the condom on, and spraying ropes upon ropes as her sac barely shrunk.  Bits of bone shot out, including the bunny’s skull as it got stuck coming out her tip, cum pourin and shooting through her mouth and eye sockets as the pressure built up and shot it out.  With a condom the size of a garbage bag signed by the very celebrity that was filling it out, Yvette slipped it off and held her cock shut with one hand, deciding to tie it off a bit later.  Shooting up between her breasts, her cock spit a few tiny ropes into her chin before she got her mouth around it and let loose.  Ropes of that viscous sludge filled out her belly, finally leaving Her with a bit of cum in her balls and a potbelly larger than the one she had given her cream-stuffed meal.  After a minute of catching her breath and feeling that extra cum in her nuts convert to cock and nut flesh, she tied off the condominium and walked home.  She never bothered to take her ruined pants with her.  Everyone knew why she never had many neighbors as it was
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