Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. Sun begins to cut down trees not ulitizing any of his techniques as he wish to do this in honor of Wukong the old fashion way. Trees were quickly chopped down and and placed bring to theupon cartwheels that his son would bring to the area, As he worked he begins to tell them a little bit of Sun wukong and what he stood for. Sun was old after all, Old people like to go on and on about stories.
  3. "Wukong was a monkey born from stone, He gained immortality through his own strength and wage war upon the heavens! His strength is to be recongized by many. Each attempt to kill him only serve to make him stronger, It took Guanyin to seal him away beneath a mountain but eventually he was set free to do his journey....!" The foundation and stone tiles were created, Sun had chosen red and gold tapesteries to decorate the temple as he knew those two colors were favored by Wukong.
  5. The walls were raised up built by hand through stacking stone upwards, His sons moved various statues of the Monkey god to their correct location and he assisted them in so they wouldn't break something by mistake. Eventually Xiao appeared and he was sent off to do work. He made his son take the rocks from the clearing and begin to fashion them into brick.
  7. Sun begins on creating supports for the temple so it could support it's own weight. He made sure it was physically sound enough to survive an attack begin to decorate it soon with various of candles and fireplaces. He made sure there was rooms for monks and priestess who dedicated their lives to Wukong to stay within and sleep. The old man takes another moment to look over what was done before moving on to the next step.
  9. "Thank you for helping this old man with this task....Nuwang, Wuxian, You both aren't mine but I'm glad to have watched you both grow into fine young women...You each remind me of my eldest daughter....Before I lost her many years ago." His attention shifts to his sons. "Learn from this old man's mistake. All men walk their path alone one day. Our training prepare us for that day...But that does not mean your path will not converge with another, Others will follow you be it through love or shared ideals, Do not walk ahead, considering your actions carefully before you proceed less you wish to to lose something of value." He climbs to the rooftop of the temple and begins to fashion the shingles and roof. A careful proccess that would take him some time to finish.
  11. Sun watched over the young workers from afar directing them if they had any questions. He begins to relax slightly as he was happy to spend time with others that didn't relate to work. His nieces and his sons helping him to construct a temple for Wukong. The only thing that could make this better if his last son and wife was here as well. Wufan was sent off to help his lazy brother and Sun had finally finished off the roof.
  13. The old monkey male leaps off landing on the ground with ease. He surveyed his work. The extra lumber from the forest technique that was used a few years ago came into good use and with the extra hands a job that would take a good week by himself only took half a day. He was pleased with the results. He starts to move about the temple lighting the candles as he prepares for the opening rites.
  15. He writes a few words in Chuuka in a slip of paper creating a talisman. It did not have power but he imbues it with his own light given to him by his god. He delcares his intention as he burns the slip of paper "Dai sheng! I, Sun Gohan have build this temple in your name. Thank you for Guiding my fist for many years...! These children have assisted me, My sons and Nieces. They will protect Chugoku when I grow feeble. Bless them, Victorious Fighting Budha. Watch over them as they have the potential to be great."
  17. He sprinkles the ashes of the burned talisman upon his sons one by one. This was a thank in a way as Sun was technically able to perform these. Though one shouldn't expect anything to come from it. It was something mostly of good nature and for good fortune. Through helping in this temple and these individual growing further. He hopes they each gain the attention of others of the dragon bless and be given chances to become strong.
  19. "Thank you, Though remember, Gods do not help you simply because you pray to them. They help you when you -act-. The dragon bless will not help those who cannot help themselves. Many gods won't."
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