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  5.                 <p><strong><u><img src="images/education11.jpg" alt="" width="828" height="27" /></u></strong><br /> <strong><br /> The University of Texas School of Law Austin, TX</strong><br /> Doctor of Jurisprudence - December 2006</p>
  6.                 <ul>
  7.                     <li>Editor-in-Chief - Texas Hispanic Journal of Law &amp; Policy</li>
  8.                 </ul>
  9.                 <p><strong>The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC</strong> <br /> Bachelor of Arts in Economics - May 2000<br /> Bachelor of Arts in Political Science - May 2000<br /> <br /> <strong><u><img src="images/cert1.jpg" alt="" width="828" height="27" /></u></strong><br /> <strong><br /> The University of Texas at Brownsville Brownsville, TX</strong> <br /> Certified Public Manager - Institute of Public Service - November 2010</p>
  10.                 <p><strong><u><img src="images/exp1.jpg" alt="" width="828" height="27" /></u></strong> <br /> <strong>The Gracia Law Firm Brownsville &amp; Beeville, TX</strong> <br /> <em>Sole Proprietor - Lead Attorney </em>March 2012 - Present</p>
  11.                 <ul>
  12.                     <li>Represent clients in criminal defense, family law, and civil matters</li>
  13.                     <li>Handle court proceedings: motions to revoke, motions to adjudicate, plea matters, contested hearings, and trial</li>
  14.                     <li>Oversee staff of four individuals a multi-county area</li>
  15.                 </ul>
  16.                 <p><strong>Cameron County District Attorney&rsquo;s Office</strong> <strong> Brownsville, TX</strong><br /> <em>Assistant District Attorney - Felony 2nd Chair</em> October 2009 - March 2012</p>
  17.                 <ul>
  18.                     <li>Assigned to 107th District Court - Prosecutor of felony crimes including, but not limited to: Murder, Burglary, Sexual Assault, Drug and Aggravated offenses</li>
  19.                     <li>Present cases to grand juries for indictment</li>
  20.                     <li>Responsible for all pre-trial matters including plea bargains, sentencing negotiations, and evidentiary hearings</li>
  21.                     <li>Counsel and review cases with law enforcement, probation officers, victims, and witnesses</li>
  22.                 </ul>
  23.                 <p><em>Assistant District Attorney - Misdemeanor 1st Chair</em> March 2009 - October 2009</p>
  24.                 <ul>
  25.                     <li>Assigned to County Courts at Law #1 and #2 as lead prosecutor of misdemeanor crimes</li>
  26.                     <li>Supervised 2nd Chair Prosecutor, Investigator, and Paralegal and delegated work to effectively run courts</li>
  27.                     <li>Prepared and led three cases to jury trial</li>
  28.                 </ul>
  29.                 <p><em>Assistant District Attorney - Misdemeanor 2nd Chair </em> November 2008 - March 2009</p>
  30.                 <ul>
  31.                     <li>Assigned to County Court at Law #3 - charged with screening, filing, and prosecuting misdemeanor crimes</li>
  32.                     <li>Tasked with case research, arguing protective orders and motions to suppress</li>
  33.                     <li>Assisted 1st Chair prosecutor by coordinating with support staff and prosecuting one trial</li>
  34.                 </ul>
  35.                 <p><strong>The Honorable Hilda G. Tagle, United States District Court Judge Brownsville, TX</strong> <br /> <em>Judicial Intern </em> May 2005 - July 2005</p>
  36.                 <ul>
  37.                     <li>Drafted an order in response to a summary judgment motion involving an employment discrimination dispute</li>
  38.                     <li>Observed trial and general court proceedings on a daily basis</li>
  39.                     <li>Met research deadlines assigned by judicial clerks</li>
  40.                 </ul>
  41.                 <p><strong>Office of United States Representative Solomon P. Ortiz Washington, DC</strong><br /> <em>Legislative Assistant</em> January 2003 - May 2004</p>
  42.                 <ul>
  43.                     <li>Researched legislation involving education, labor, civil service, and taxation (including Social Security)</li>
  44.                     <li>Provided written responses to constituent inquiries concerning Congressional matters</li>
  45.                     <li>Analyzed proposed legislation and its effects on constituents</li>
  46.                     <li>Conducted meetings with elected officials, policy makers, and lobbyists to discuss district concerns</li>
  47.                 </ul>
  48.                 <p><em>Special Projects/Grants Director</em> November 2001 - May 2004</p>
  49.                 <ul>
  50.                     <li>Spearheaded the creation of the Singapore Congressional Caucus, which fostered eventual passage of the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement</li>
  51.                     <li>Served as the Representative&rsquo;s liaison to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, thus ensuring that South Texas legislative concerns were addressed at the national level</li>
  52.                     <li>Tracked judicial nominations and emergency declarations for the district</li>
  53.                     <li>Wrote letters of support and researched grant funding opportunities for constituents</li>
  54.                 </ul>
  55.                 <p><strong>The City of Port Isabel Port Isabel, TX</strong><br /> <em>Economic Development Corporation Director </em> September 2000 - November 2001</p>
  56.                 <ul>
  57.                     <li>Administered the daily operation of the P.I.E.D.C. with a yearly budget of $326,000</li>
  58.                     <li>Applied for and secured awards on 8 grant applications totaling over $800,000</li>
  59.                     <li>Directed the expansion and retention of businesses in Port Isabel</li>
  60.                     <li>Served as city liaison for both the Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce and the local business community</li>
  61.                     <li>Interacted with area development boards, councils of government, and various state and federal agencies</li>
  62.                 </ul>
  63.                 <p><strong>National Center for Policy Analysis Dallas, TX</strong><br /> <em>Research Assistant/Intern</em> August 1999 - December 1999</p>
  64.                 <ul>
  65.                     <li>Researched and analyzed the effects of various public policy initiatives on the U.S. economy</li>
  66.                     <li>Provided written reports to agency staff</li>
  67.                     <li>Published article in the <em>Valley Morning Star</em> on the functionality of the light rail system in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex</li>
  68.                 </ul>
  69.                 <p><strong><u><img src="images/lic1.jpg" alt="" width="828" height="27" /></u></strong></p>
  70.                 <ul>
  71.                     <li>Admitted to the United States District Court for the Southern District Of Texas - 2011</li>
  72.                     <li>Admitted to Texas Bar - 2008</li>
  73.                 </ul>
  74.                 <p><img src="images/languages.jpg" alt="" width="828" height="27" /></p>
  75.                 <ul>
  76.                     <li>English: Fluent</li>
  77.                     <li>Spanish: Proficient in speaking &amp; comprehension</li>
  78.                 </ul>
  79.                 <p><img src="images/prof1.jpg" alt="" width="828" height="27" /></p>
  80.                 <ul>
  81.                     <li>Cameron County Bar Association - Member - 2008 - Present</li>
  82.                     <li>Brownsville Convention &amp; Visitors Bureau - 2013 - Present</li>
  83.                     <li>Brownsville Public Improvement District Committee - Former Chairman - 2010 - 2011</li>
  84.                     <li>Council on Legal Education Opportunity - Former Fellow - 2004</li>
  85.                 </ul>
  86.             </div>
  87.         </div>
  88.     </div>
  89. </div>
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