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  1. Key: BorisTheSovietLoveHammer
  2. Character: Ada
  3. Race: Spirit Doll
  4. Alignment: Neutral-Good
  5. Applying For: Technology; Gravity Machine
  8.     Ada sighed as she continued to walk through the plains. The girl looked down at her clothing, which had recently been roughed up by the combined fights of Yahiko a strange human, two Saiyan children and another Spirit Doll like herself. One of those she lost, but that didn't matter to her. Ada only did it as a hobby. It helped fill the void of her pointless existence... her lack of family... of friends... motivation... direction...
  10.     The Doll let out another sigh. She was alive, sure, but she wasn't living. She knew it, and anyone who talked to her could tell. It was why she didn't give her name out, so they wouldn't be depressed if she just stopped being there. But for some reason, even more pressing than her own impending doom was the dark cloud that had begun to hang over the other fighters on Earth. Some missed their home, others struggling to keep up with stronger people, and still others felt a little like she did: Empty. For a few moments, she cursed her creator. Who would be so cruel as to give life without giving that life purpose? Ada let out a light chuckle at her mother's stupidity. Though it was quickly forgiven. She hadn't known what she was doing in the first place... which was the problem with most people.
  12.     Then, a thought popped into her head: You don't, but they could. The Spirit Doll slowed to a stop, her feed leaving small imprints in the grass as she stood there. Her brow furrowed, betraying the usual stoic expression on her face. Her sapphire eyes searched the soil beneath her feet for answers. Could she help them? How? She was far from being a teacher. Her strength lied within her infinite flight. It allowed her much more flexibility in combat. In that same breath, it prevented her from training with people, only battling them with the intent of victory. She could help them, if she had the motivation, but how? If she couldn't do it physically, she'd have to do it some other way. Her mind? Yes, that's it. But how?
  14.     “I could make something.” She let out. The girl looked up into the sky as if she were watching her words fly away from her. What could she make? It'd have to be something that could challenge them. Like her, they were far too powerful for conventional machines to help. Simulation machines and even normal sparring were child's play. Even with weights, which slowed them down- Ada's eyes widened. It was weights. She wasn't sure how, but it had something to do with weights. Heavier weights? No, that's dumb. Something that makes everything heavier. “Gravity.”
  16.     Despite her enthusiasm and excitement, the actual process of working out the math and preparing the parts took a year. She thought herself lucky that her creator had created her with such levels of sentience, or else she might not be able to do it. Even still, she thought her task might be impossible. But, finally, everything was laid out before her: The casing, which included the panels and wiring needed to input instructions and have what is produced follow those instructions, including a special ordered motherboard. She assisted with its creation, but only on a base level, actually creating the material was not in her hands, but still, she felt partially responsible for its existence. Next was the containment cube, which would house and extract from the power source: A nuclear cell. It was stable, though there had been many accidents through it's creation, forcing her to relocate her home several times, both due to deformation of land and fear of harming locals.
  18.     The process of assembling the machine was relatively quick, as it was small compared to most creations of its level of processing power, use and cost. However, due to the delicate nature of its power source and the destructive nature of its product, it took almost three months to fully assemble. Each wire carefully attached and tested hundreds of times, assembling and disassembling each time an error was discovered until it was corrected. Once it was fully assembled, she grinned, something she often did not do. Hurriedly, Ada turned to go alert the others of her creation. With it, she could create a training environment that would bring those around her to their fullest potentials, whilst making it seem like those not from her planet were within the bounds of their own atmosphere.
  20.     She stopped when she reached the door, staring at the metal in thought. But what if it didn't work? Or worse, what if it DID work, and it was too much for them to handle. Licking her lips, Ada turned and walked over to the machine. She punched in a few numbers: A factory setting password, and began to turn the dial up to five times Earth's gravity. She slowly slid her hand down to the button, before pressing it. It whirred for several seconds, before a red field suddenly expanded from it. She was caught off guard. For some reason, she never imagined how it would look. Hell, she never tried to figure it out. “Is it wo-” She started to herself. Suddenly, the area around her became... denser. It was slow at first, but began to build until it was too much. The powerful woman attempted to resist, gritting her teeth at the sudden pain and force put against her body. She stumbled forward, each agonizing step more difficult than the last. As she collapsed, her hand slapped the button, causing the field to fade and the machine to switch off. Ada lay on the ground, half groaning, half chuckling at her own destructive creation.
  22.     This wasn't something that should be taken lightly. But more importantly: She had done it.
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