Session 14

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  1. 4:42:23 PM) AC[GM]: == Session #14 ==
  2. (4:43:26 PM) AC[GM]: Last session Nessa was the last mare standing, although she was blinded by a flash of light.  Arcadia, Green, and Shimmer had fallen unconcious.
  3. (4:44:29 PM) AC[GM]: When the light clears from Nessa's eyes she's all alone in the airlock with Green's body.  Arcadia and Shimmer are gone.
  4. (4:45:09 PM) ***Nessa blinks before squinting and inspecting her surroundings...
  5. (4:45:16 PM) Nessa: ... as she wonders what just happened.
  6. (4:46:07 PM) AC[GM]: She's left with the distinct smell of burning ozone and a painful throbbing in her temples.
  7. (4:47:29 PM) ***Nessa wonders if this matches any experiences she's had previously...
  8. (4:47:36 PM) AC[GM]: Probably not.
  9. (4:48:09 PM) ***Nessa looks around for a camera, or one-way observation glass
  10. (4:48:53 PM) AC[GM]: It's the same room as before.
  11. (4:49:23 PM) ***Nessa checks Green's vitals, then...
  12. (4:49:30 PM) AC[GM]: She's alone with her stuff and the body of the large tribal mare they met yesterday.  The speakers bing pleasantly.
  13. (4:49:54 PM) ***Nessa thinks this is... probably not good.
  14. (4:49:56 PM) AC[GM]: "Decontamination complete.  Please retrieve all belongings and proceed through the door to meet your party.
  15. (4:50:01 PM) AC[GM]: *party."
  16. (4:52:18 PM) ***Nessa puts her PipBuck on first, donning her clothes and other equipment while she waits for it to give her some diagnostic info on what may have happened to her.
  17. (4:52:27 PM) ***Nessa also observes Green worriedly...
  18. (4:52:52 PM) AC[GM]: Green's vitals are alright.  Her breathing and pulse are steady.  The big mare is simply down for the count.
  19. (4:54:14 PM) Nessa: "Jeez..." Nessa mutters under her breath, then shuffles Green onto her back so they can exit the room together. Why'd the heaviest mare have to be the one that passed-out...
  20. (4:57:22 PM) ***Nessa heads for the door, the weight of the party both literally and figuratively on her back.
  21. (5:02:45 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa staggers under the weight of her bulky companion, then tips over sideways dropping her back on the floor with a whump.
  22. (5:03:17 PM) ***Nessa unghs...
  23. (5:03:21 PM) AC[GM]: It doesn't seem like carrying the menacing tribal is really an option for even the well trained Ranger.
  24. (5:03:42 PM) ***Nessa then checks to see if Red Alert is operational. She may be of some use in this situation... :I
  25. (5:04:46 PM) AC[GM]: Red Alert's eyes are dark.
  26. (5:06:28 PM) ***Nessa hrmmms, concerned, as Green's unconsciousness persists and her options dwindle...
  27. (5:06:42 PM) ***Nessa guesses she'll have to go alone, then.
  28. (5:07:47 PM) ***Nessa tries to give Red Alert some standing orders to protect Green before she heads for the airlock door, equipment in tow.
  29. (5:11:18 PM) Nessa: "Helluva day..." dark pink pone mutters to herself.
  30. (5:12:17 PM) AC[GM]: The door makes the same powerful hissing hydraulic sound as the external door, wheel spinning before the door swings open.  A musty scent hits her nose, like an old house that's been shut up for a very long time.  The air here is still cool on her coat, but not icy like the outside.  There's very little moisture at all.
  31. (5:13:12 PM) AC[GM]: The dome is barely lit; far above a vicious storm swirls outside whatever material it is that makes up the city's covering and a few large curved bars suspended in the air glow dimly in place of Celestia's sun.
  32. (5:13:50 PM) ***Nessa is in awe, but also deeply suspicious.
  33. (5:14:37 PM) AC[GM]: Behind her is the dome.  Before her are blocks of medium rise apartment buildings with a broad boulevard running down the middle.  A circular road passes right in front of Nessa, just off the sidewalk, stretching left and right.
  34. (5:15:19 PM) AC[GM]: There are trees, leafless, and grass, brown, not totally dead but dead for the winter like in climates much milder then the one raging outside.
  35. (5:15:26 PM) ***Nessa fiddles with her PipBuck, using her EFS to help her look around for any "welcoming party" sent to meet her.
  36. (5:18:19 PM) AC[GM]: There are no arrows, friendly or hostile, in the immediate area.  
  37. (5:18:31 PM) AC[GM]: There are street signs, and a large map board
  38. (5:19:09 PM) ***Nessa checks to see if she's still receiving numbers station broadcasts.
  39. (5:20:08 PM) AC[GM]: She is!
  40. (5:21:12 PM) ***Nessa -- alas -- doesn't think she has time for those.
  41. (5:21:42 PM) ***Nessa heads off to walk through the streets and look for inhabitants.
  42. (5:22:15 PM) ***Nessa doesn't forget to close the door behind her, if it hasn't already closed!
  43. (5:22:34 PM) ***Nessa then walks to the right.
  44. (5:24:24 PM) AC[GM]: It has closed all by itself!
  45. (5:28:31 PM) AC[GM]: She finds the roads aren't marked for vehicles, but seem to have been painted for hoof traffic or perhaps bicycles.
  46. (5:29:31 PM) ***Nessa hmms and keeps her eyes and ears peeled for signs of recent habitation.
  47. (5:31:41 PM) AC[GM]: All of the buildings have been shuttered for quite some time.  Not in a disorderly fashion either; windows have had metal shutters pulled down, doors blocked, hydrants are even flagged with 'DRY' signs.
  48. (5:32:31 PM) Nessa: "Odd," Nessa remarks to herself as she continues walking for a while.
  49. (5:33:23 PM) AC[GM]: The air is unnaturally still, quiet, no birds, no wind, not even the rustle of grass, nothing but her hooves striking soft-feeling pavement.
  50. (5:34:30 PM) ***Nessa sighs as she pauses, taking a look at her PipBuck to try and get a sense of the scale of this place.
  51. (5:35:08 PM) AC[GM]: It stretches beyond the local map, but fits within the regional map without much zooming out.
  52. (5:35:21 PM) AC[GM]: Several miles across in diameter, she could guess without much effort.
  53. (5:35:52 PM) ***Nessa turns towards the airlock and Green and backtracks.
  54. (5:37:00 PM) AC[GM]: There's a dull, low, 'whuff' somewhere in the mid distance and a puff of air hits her leg.  The ground comes alive with fluttering pieces of paper that had apparently collected out of site in gutters, sideways, and maybe even roofs.
  55. (5:37:12 PM) AC[GM]: Several smack off Nessa's barrel with a rustle.
  56. (5:38:31 PM) ***Nessa grabs a couple and brings them up to give them a look.
  57. (5:41:08 PM) ***Arcadia makes a low, grumbling groan as she slowly regains conscious thought, though her limbs and eyelids still refuse to move at her urging... Leaving her alone, with only her thoughts for the first time in... Ever.
  58. (5:44:08 PM) AC[GM]: They all say the same thing: EVACUATION NOTICE FOR RINGS A THRU D EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY by order of City Manager Cinnamon Prance and Captain Shaker
  59. (5:45:03 PM) Nessa: "Evacuation--?" Nessa repeats to herself, then looks around and picks-up the pace, heading back towards the airlock.
  60. (5:47:05 PM) AC[GM]: Whatever happened, it doesn't look like there was any panic.
  61. (5:47:55 PM) ***Nessa is very, very curious.
  62. (5:48:28 PM) AC[GM]: She's back at the airlock door.
  63. (5:49:10 PM) ***Nessa tries to get it open.
  64. (5:49:54 PM) AC[GM]: It beep-beeps at her.
  65. (5:50:19 PM) AC[GM]: "Unauthorized access.  Please see the State Patrol district office for access, Colonel."
  66. (5:50:59 PM) Nessa: "Guh..."
  67. (5:52:27 PM) AC[GM]: There is a keyboard and terminal.  Nessa could attempt to hack her way through.
  68. (5:53:22 PM) ***Nessa wonders if it's worth the risk, but -- of course -- if it gives her a clue to Arcadia and Shimmer's whereabouts...
  69. (5:53:35 PM) ***Nessa tries the terminal.
  70. (5:55:14 PM) AC[GM]: It beep-beeps!
  71. (5:55:18 PM) AC[GM]: "Incorrect password."
  72. (5:56:02 PM) ***Nessa makes a choked sound...
  73. (5:56:21 PM) ***Nessa wonders if that's curtains for access to this terminal.
  74. (5:57:10 PM) AC[GM]: It seems to be for now!  It only displays a 'Call Computer Science Department?' above a WXC logo
  75. (5:57:31 PM) ***Nessa sighs.
  76. (5:58:48 PM) ***Nessa guess she'll try that if she can't find her way.
  77. (5:59:09 PM) ***Nessa then goes and walks around to the left, looking for a map
  78. (6:00:58 PM) AC[GM]: She's already seen one!  Right across from where she left the airlock
  79. (6:01:36 PM) ***Nessa inspects. How much ground do "rings A through D" cover?
  80. (6:02:53 PM) AC[GM]: Approximately half the facility.  Most of it is marked 'residential' with little colored blobs of 'services'
  81. (6:03:44 PM) ***Nessa checks to see what's left with those excluded, then.
  82. (6:07:40 PM) AC[GM]: The inner rings, E through H.  E is also marked residential, F and G are marked 'industrial and research'.  H is marked 'Government'
  83. (6:08:17 PM) ***Nessa mms and plots a course to the city center, then.
  84. (6:10:51 PM) ***Nessa writes a message on the public map in pencil, not wanting to leave Green without direction, should she wake up.
  85. (6:11:25 PM) ***Nessa adds her name and the date to the brief set of directions, then heads off towards the inner rings.
  86. (6:11:48 PM) AC[GM]: The roads seem clear and in good condition.
  87. (6:13:02 PM) ***Nessa trots along.
  88. (6:14:35 PM) AC[GM]: She makes time fairly well...
  89. (6:16:55 PM) ***Nessa is glad to be out of the snow and in warm clothes, but the near-total silence and the emptiness...
  90. (6:17:29 PM) Nessa: Seeing a destroyed ruin is one thing, but a futuristic city abandoned in an orderly evacuation is another.
  91. (6:19:38 PM) AC[GM]: The hum of the ventilators is more distant now but they provide some background noise.  At each intersection she passes, street signs point off towards different venues.  Resteraunts, businesses, shops, labs.
  92. (6:20:43 PM) ***Nessa keeps her eyes on the prize.
  93. (6:29:30 PM) AC[GM]: She reaches closer and closer.
  94. (6:30:04 PM) ***Nessa slows down a little and listens for signs of activity and habitation...
  95. (6:30:07 PM) AC[GM]: Until she runs across a large set of concrete barriers across the road!  The signs are facing the other way.
  96. (6:30:21 PM) ***Nessa hmms.
  97. (6:33:59 PM) ***Nessa thinks she could try climbing over...
  98. (6:34:26 PM) Nessa: ... but it might be better to just follow them until she finds a proper entrance.
  99. (6:35:01 PM) AC[GM]: They're right across the road.  The sidewalks are blocked by lighter metal fences.
  100. (6:36:18 PM) ***Nessa wonders if these are left-over from the evacuation...
  101. (6:36:46 PM) AC[GM]: There's a big blank metal sign back facing her muzzle that might reveal the answer if she stepped around.
  102. (6:37:59 PM) ***Nessa looks.
  104. (6:39:47 PM) AC[GM]: Is stretched across in large letters.  However, the area in front of her looks little different from the one behind.  The houses aren't shuttered, though, and there are some bicycles sitting by steps and curtains in windows.
  105. (6:39:57 PM) ***Nessa guesses it's in reverse. She's already in the FORBIDDEN ZONE.
  106. (6:40:06 PM) ***Nessa hops the barrier.
  107. (6:42:45 PM) AC[GM]: She lands with less impact then she'd expect from a highway surface.
  108. (6:43:23 PM) ***Nessa shakes her hooves out two at a time before continuing on.
  109. (6:43:46 PM) Nessa: It looks like she's headed in the right direction... probably.
  110. (6:47:25 PM) AC[GM]: She's still headed inwards!
  111. (6:48:51 PM) ***Nessa has a pretty clear image of the map in her mind, and that's supported by her PipBuck. She heads for Ring H; the government sector.
  112. (6:52:12 PM) AC[GM]: Her march continues through empty houses that give way to solid looking labs, also without sign of occupancy.
  113. (6:52:25 PM) AC[GM]: Her Pip-Buck does pick up life ahead, however.
  114. (6:52:59 PM) ***Nessa approaches cautiously, hugging whatever walls or cover happens to be present.
  115. (6:55:33 PM) AC[GM]: She can follow along the brown shrubs and concrete walls of the industrial buildings, but the street is coming to an end.
  116. (6:56:45 PM) ***Nessa just wants to peek first. Smartpon is wary, still.
  117. (7:00:26 PM) AC[GM]: There are half a dozen ponies watching her corner in heavy looking security armor, several have saddles, and the rest are unicorns with strange devices around their horn bases.
  118. (7:01:25 PM) ***Nessa frowns, checking her EFS for signs of hostility from them...
  119. (7:01:52 PM) Nessa: ... and the devices at the bases of the unicorns' horns are of interest to her as she watches from her possibly concealed position.
  120. (7:05:20 PM) AC[GM]: They're not hostile.
  121. (7:05:52 PM) AC[GM]: The fact that one of the unicorns, with chevrons painted on her pauldron, waves Nessa towards them, would seem to eliminate the second posibility.
  122. (7:06:07 PM) AC[GM]: "Alright miss, come on over."
  123. (7:06:31 PM) Nessa: "Mm," Nessa grunts to herself as she walks over.
  124. (7:06:59 PM) Nessa: "Hi," she addresses the heavily armed and armored group.
  125. (7:09:12 PM) AC[GM]: They beckon her behind the barricade!  It seems she's reached the exact center of the city, a taller tower that stretches up towards the apex of the dome.  
  126. (7:09:25 PM) AC[GM]: "Hiya," the armored stallion nods, "You rang us earlier?"
  127. (7:10:15 PM) Nessa: "Yep. Went through decon," Nessa says. "Half my friends vanished and the remaining one is either asleep or comatose."
  128. (7:13:08 PM) AC[GM]: "Yeah, the decon can do that to your brain.  Something to do with how radiation effects your brain," the stallions replies, "The other two, well, we'll try to get you abck with'em soon, but..."
  129. (7:13:18 PM) AC[GM]: He looks fairly stern, "You know one of them was a changeling, right?"
  130. (7:13:40 PM) Nessa: "I suspected," Nessa says. "After she stuck to the roof without casting a spell."
  131. (7:13:41 PM) AC[GM]: "Had they been acting differently recently?  Possibly after disappearing for a few hours unexpectedly?"
  132. (7:15:55 PM) Nessa: "There weren't many instances where she might've gotten replaced while we were on the road," Nessa says. "So it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that she might've been a changeling from the moment we grouped-up."
  133. (7:17:11 PM) Nessa: "So... what did you hit us with, exactly?" Nessa asks.
  134. (7:19:32 PM) AC[GM]: "Well... Alright then," he says without sounding very surprised.  The stallion shrugs, "High power sterilization spell.  The doctors say it can cause someponies to experience extreme nausea or black outs if they've been exposed to a lot of radiation."
  135. (7:20:40 PM) AC[GM]: "As for your friends, they've both been flagged for their, um, irregularities.  The administrator would like to speak with you all once they've been totally cleared.  Your... Royal friend seems to be having a bit of, trouble."
  136. (7:21:56 PM) Nessa: "Arcadia *is* trouble. You'll have to be more specific," Nessa says.
  137. (7:23:03 PM) AC[GM]: The stallion shrugs, "The magical isolation room seems to have disoriented her pretty bad.  Dr. Cloudburst is getting ready to bring her up to the mayor's office, but they might be a bit."
  138. (7:23:31 PM) Nessa: "Hmm..."
  139. (7:25:10 PM) Nessa: "Probably because she's psychic," Nessa says.
  140. (7:26:15 PM) Nessa: "I'm her physician, so I'll need to speak to this Dr. Cloudburst," Nessa says.
  141. (7:27:02 PM) AC[GM]: "Yeah, that's what the doctor said," the stallions looks impassive, "She'll be at the meeting.  If you're ready to come along?"
  142. (7:27:45 PM) Nessa: "As I'll ever be," Nessa says, nodding.
  143. (7:28:29 PM) AC[GM]: The stallion jerks his head for Nessa to follow, then heads up the steps,  The rest of the team remain at their posts.
  144. (7:28:54 PM) ***Nessa goes along.
  145. (7:29:27 PM) Nessa: "So. Where are the inhabitants, besides yourselves? I saw the evacuation notices on my way in," Nessa says.
  146. (7:29:55 PM) AC[GM]: The lobby is quiet, their hooves are the loudest sound as they clack on smooth polished marble towards the elevator bank, set up like any pre-war skyscraper but without the rubbish or smell of raiders.
  147. (7:30:04 PM) AC[GM]: "I'm not authorized to tell you that."
  148. (7:30:47 PM) Nessa: "Hm. Not the kind of answer a doctor likes to hear," Nessa says.
  149. (7:31:04 PM) Nessa: "Why are you authorized to tell me, then?" she asks.
  150. (7:31:08 PM) Nessa: What are you*
  151. (7:37:53 PM) AC[GM]: The stallion seems as nonplussed as Nessa, "That we're going to get in the elevator and go see the Administrator."
  152. (7:39:18 PM) Nessa: "Guess that's enough for now," Nessa says, giving him a slightly appraising look.
  153. (7:39:34 PM) Nessa: ... and there's a lot Nessa can tell about someone's health at a glance.
  154. (7:39:35 PM) AC[GM]: He steps into the elevator car, turning to face outward.
  155. (7:40:10 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer and Arcadia have reunited in another elevator somewhere within the building.  Shimmer's escort leaves them with a nod.
  156. (7:41:33 PM) AC[GM]: They're escorted by a tall, slight mare.  Wearing very little other then an abbreviated, very tight jumpsuit in pastel pink and white, with shiny metallic patches interrupting her coat she looks rather pleased with herself.  Her coat is a pleasant, complimentary peachy yellow with a seafoam mane. "Ah!  You're awake!  I was afraid that old machine might have fried your brain!"
  157. (7:41:52 PM) AC[GM]: The elevators rise upward it feels like to Nessa, Shimmer, and Arcadia.
  158. (7:42:33 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa can tell the stallion is reasonably healthy.  He has no visible genetic defects or signs of illness, other then what looks like a lack of sleep.
  159. (7:42:34 PM) ***Shimmer seems extremely nervous and quiet. She keeps a bit of distance between herself and her friends...unsure really how they would react to...well what she was.
  160. (7:42:47 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer and Arcadia are together.
  161. (7:42:52 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa is in a different location.
  162. (7:43:30 PM) AC[GM]: The doctor hums a familiar old tune along with the elevator speakers
  163. (7:43:30 PM) AC[GM]: >
  164. (7:43:46 PM) ***Arcadia flicks her ears at that comment, her mind reaching for those of her friends in an instinctive reaction. "Cybernetic? That's... Different."
  165. (7:45:40 PM) AC[GM]: She can find Nessa and Shimmer!  Green seems to be... Asleep.  Dreaming of misery and woe being inflicted upon her enemies no doubt.
  166. (7:46:18 PM) AC[GM]: "I've been told, yes!" the doctor stands about at Arcadia's chin height, stopping humming to answer.
  167. (7:47:00 PM) Shimmer: " alright Arcadia?" Shimmer asks quietly
  168. (7:47:41 PM) AC[GM]: "It's a rather involved story, but I've been that way for a long time so it seems natural enough to me.  No doubt as normal as having a horn and wings does to you," she remarks over Shimmer's whispered inquiry.
  169. (7:47:56 PM) ***Nessa rides the elevator. Her mind is full of a jumble of questions-- multiple threads crossing and tangling and interacting as she makes decisions. Might look like chaos to Arcadia, or it might be that Nessa's brain operates in a weird way.
  170. (7:48:58 PM) ***Arcadia nods to them both, easing out a low glow from her horn. "I'm... As normal as ever. A little disoriented, very confused, but my magic works and I'm whole and hale."
  171. (7:49:43 PM) ***Shimmer seems a bit relieved. It's clear that Shimmer was a bundle of nervous even as she was normally hard to read her body language gave plenty away.
  172. (7:50:07 PM) AC[GM]: It takes almost the whole song for Shimmer and Arcadia to reach the top.  The doors open on an office furnished almost as thickly as their employer's but in a completely different fashion.  Whereas Two Gears' place of business was finished in heavy, dark woods and plush furniture much of this anteroom seems to be wood veneer and plastic.
  173. (7:50:17 PM) AC[GM]: The chairs are bizarrely shaped, but seem oddly comfortable.
  174. (7:51:54 PM) AC[GM]: A stallion sits behind the desk with his head down looking at a glowing blue jumble above the desktop.  "Ah, the guests and Doctor Cloudburst.  Take a seat, we're waiting for Corporal Cinch and your friend."
  175. (7:52:34 PM) ***Arcadia blinks and looks around. "It looks like this room is made of plastic..." She says flatly. "It's strange."
  176. (7:54:38 PM) ***Shimmer takes her seat and nods. "It...might be just part of the decor..."
  177. (7:56:18 PM) AC[GM]: "You're from the wasteland," the doctor murmurs, softer, since the room seems to amplify sound as she steps ahead towards the banks of chairs, "You've no doubt noticed how difficult it is to acquire natural resources that aren't hopelessly warped by weather or radiation."
  178. (7:56:49 PM) AC[GM]: The elevator bell dings in Nessa's car.  The door opens on the same scene, no populated by strangers and her friends milling about in the middle of the floor.
  179. (7:59:19 PM) ***Shimmer is more tense as she sees Nessa because she was the one the stallion had confirmed knew her identity...
  180. (8:25:03 PM) AC[GM]: The trio is reunited!
  181. (8:25:11 PM) AC[GM]: And waiting in somepony's office again!
  182. (8:25:31 PM) ***Shimmer is quite quiet and incredibly nervous!
  183. (8:26:39 PM) AC[GM]: The police officer waits for Nessa to exit before following.
  184. (8:26:44 PM) ***Nessa is stolid, next to a stolid stallion.
  185. (8:27:16 PM) ***Nessa steps towards Shimmer and Arcadia and a mare she doesn't know... who appears to have metal rather than skin in some places.
  186. (8:27:34 PM) Nessa: "You two okay?" Nessa asks Shimmer and Arcadia, looking quite serious.
  187. (8:28:47 PM) AC[GM]: Her escort meanders behind, closer to the metal skinned mare.  "/Doctor/," he address her, verbally adding air quotes around the title.  "Viable genetic material," she replies, much colder then Shimmer and Arcadia are used to.
  188. (8:29:26 PM) ***Shimmer swallows and says dryly. "y...yeah...just kind of nervous...t...thanks for the concern." She relaxes a little bit.
  189. (8:30:14 PM) Nessa: "Mm," Nessa responds, taking note of the hostility between the policebuck and the... cybermare?
  190. (8:30:17 PM) AC[GM]: The heavily armored police stallion takes a seat in the corner and removes his helmet.
  191. (8:31:11 PM) AC[GM]: The peachy mare doesn't seem hostile, more neutral.  She shoots Nessa a pleasant smile!  "Ah, the third of our concious guests!  Welcome!  Have a seat, or don't.  I doubt the Administrator will keep us waiting long."
  192. (8:31:14 PM) Nessa: "Who might you be?" Nessa asks before her glances cross the threshold into impolite staring.
  193. (8:31:56 PM) AC[GM]: "Dr. Cloudburst, WXC Biology.  A pleasure to make your acquaintance."
  194. (8:31:59 PM) ***Arcadia nods towards Nessa. "I'm okay. I do believe that we're not just guests here though..."
  195. (8:32:46 PM) AC[GM]: "You're certainly not prisoners," the doctor says, sounding hurt.
  196. (8:33:03 PM) Nessa: "I'm Necessary Force," Nessa introduces herself. "I trust you've been keeping good care of my patients?"
  197. (8:33:21 PM) ***Shimmer smiles a bit at the doctor. "Believe me...if they waned us hurt...they would have...probably done worse then they already did."
  198. (8:33:55 PM) AC[GM]: "There wasn't anything for me to do, really.  Just basic biomagical screening to make sure they weren't going to melt us all with balefire!" she chirps pleasantly.
  199. (8:34:15 PM) ***Nessa nods.
  200. (8:35:09 PM) ***Arcadia rolls her eyes, though a smile graces her lips. "Oh, I'm not saying you have bad intentions, not at all. Just that you dint consider us just guests here."
  201. (8:36:20 PM) AC[GM]: The doctor's fairly helpful in her replies, despite significant glares from the two stallions in the room, "If you were intruders here, Saddle Cinch wouldn't have let you in."
  202. (8:37:01 PM) Shimmer: "wait..balefire?" She blinks> " would we do that? is that a normal concern?"
  203. (8:37:30 PM) AC[GM]: She mimes a horn roughly Arcadia's size.
  204. (8:37:38 PM) Nessa: "You're a mutant and a changeling... who might also be a mutant," Nessa says.
  205. (8:37:39 PM) Arcadia: "To be fair, some alicorns are capable of summoning balefire."
  206. (8:38:58 PM) Shimmer: "holy crap they are?" she blinks.
  207. (8:39:05 PM) AC[GM]: "Curious!  I've had some thoughts on the origin and usage of Taint before the war, my suppos-" the doctor just barely gets started with her high energy ramble before the door whirrs open.  A tall, gray maned stallion with a large drooping mustache looms over the room with an imposing presence.
  208. (8:39:26 PM) AC[GM]: She changes tracks mid-sentence "-e the Administrator is ready to see us!"
  209. (8:39:31 PM) Shimmer: "oh...umm no...I'm...not a mutant..." She frowns. "'re the umm being able to metabolize radiation thing...that is natural to my hive..."
  210. (8:41:31 PM) AC[GM]: The Administrator beckons the group of mares towards his office door. "Ladies, please come in.  Hold my calls, Warren," he rumbles at the secretary, then jerks his head at the policecolt, "You too, Corporal."
  211. (8:42:49 PM) ***Nessa walks towards the office.
  212. (8:43:07 PM) ***Shimmer idly wonders about the biomagical scanning as she gets up and walks in. She wondered if that told them all about her magic...
  213. (8:43:54 PM) ***Arcadia huffs, stepping after the administrator with all the grace that an alicorn possesses
  214. (8:45:26 PM) ***Shimmer is holding herself with almost her usual confident grace! She was very relieved her friends hadn't hated her.
  215. (8:46:11 PM) AC[GM]: He gestures aside with a hoof, "Have a seat."
  216. (8:46:44 PM) AC[GM]: There are three couches facing a central, low desk with a cushion on the floor behind it.  Two are L shaped in the corners and one central section directly in front of the desk.
  217. (8:46:56 PM) AC[GM]: The Administrator lays down behind the desk.
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